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is the opening < * day of the
and for four days there will be
A K \
as well as
consisting of Balloon Ascensions , High Dive , Slide * for Life and
many others , ,
The committee has gone to great expense to gather attractions and promises you more
for your money than you ever had. There will be something doing all the time.
/ Admit to all . baH games and . races 75c.
Good for rr. votes for Carnival Queen. /
1 *
Single admission to ball games and races 25c.
Children , 7 to 13 years old , lOc ; under 7 years oid free.
Don't forget each season ticket is good for 75 votes for Carnival Queen who will
be presented with a beautiful Gold Watch and Chain worth $50.
From the Center of Things
Lincoln , Ivebr. , Sept. ( Spec
ial Correspondence ) Mr. Bryan's
"fortune75 continues to work a lot
of people. County Assessor Miller
of Lancaster county is daily in re
ceipt of letters asking him about
Mr. Bryan's assessment , and he
has been compelled to &et out
mimeographed replies in order to
keep up with the correspondence.
Chairman of republican commit
tees are the most numerous in
quirers. This year's assessment
rolls show Mr _ . Bryan to be pos
sessed of taxable property in the
amount of 887,000. About twenty
per cent of this is charged up to
The Commoner. % The Commoner
has no printing plant , its tangible
property being confined to a couple
of safes , a dozen typewriters , a
.few desks and tables and three or
four rugs. The two automatic
mailing machines are operated un
der lease. Something like thirty
tons of print and wrapping paper
are kept on hand. Replying to
"Joe" Cannon's charge that he is
a nillionarewho made his million
selling "wind and ink , " Mr. Bry
an at OIney , Illinois , last week ,
took the public into his private re
sources , lie calculated that he
was possessed of propery worth
perhaps § 125,000 , but in order to
be well within the mark said he
would call it § 150,000. He then
told how he made it , and asked
Speaker Cannon to take the pub
lic into his confidence and explain
how he had become a millionare
on a salary of § 5,000 a year every
year since 1861 , with the excep
tion of two years. It is generally
admitted that Cannon will be kept
busy dodging Mr. Bryairssspeech
during the rest of his campaign
for re-election
The. Nebraska republican state
committee has ; irr"jed to have
Myron T. Ilcrrick o Ohio speak ]
in Lincoln soon , and his .speech
will be devoted to opposing the
bank deposit guarantee plank of
the democratic platform. As soon
as as the announcement was made
the democratic state committee
arranged to have Senator Owen
of Oklahoma speak , on the samev
day possible , in support of that
policy. It is in no violation of
'confidence ' to say that if the re
publican committee wants to make
.it a joint debate between Herrick
and Owen there will be no difficul
ty so far as the democratic com
mittee is concerned.
On Labor Day 3000 union workingmen -
ingmen in Lincoln paraded the
streets. When the parade passed
under the Taft banner on 0 street
there was not the ghost of a cheer.
But when the parade went by the
Lincoln hotel , the front of which I
is ornamented with a huge portrait !
of Bryan , the ckeers we'e loud
and long. Several unions paused
in the line to givel three cheers
j for the next president. "
i Of course this is only a straw.
At Youngs-town , Ohio , one of
the chief centers of the Steel trust
and the Tube trust , 10.000 steel
workers paraded before Taft , But
the Rteel and tube mills declared a
holiday "on pay" and the em
ployes were , given to understand
that they were expected to parade.
At the central point of the parade
an enthusiastic republican specta
tor shouted : "Three cheers for
Taft ! " But the cheering was de
sultory. Then some one in the
line shouted : "Three cheers for
Bryan. " and immediately thous
ands of men were cheering , wav
ing banners and flinging there hats
in the air. The Associated Press
did not report this , but the local
papers did.
The bee liner from Mr. Bryan's
bat in the direction of Joseph G. j
Cannon has already been scored at
republican headquarters as "too
hot to handle. "
Mr. Taft declares that some of
the Dingley schedules should be
revised upwards. The sugar trust
has just added another twenty cents
per hundred pounds to the price
of its product. Presumably the
sugar trust has seen to it that its
schedule shall be included among
those to be "revised upwards. "
The way to get rid of Cannon is
to get rid of Cannon.
Before Illinois could get rid of
the infamous Allen law. Joe Can
non and his brother grabbed off a
rich slice of the pickings that the
Allen law meant to provide.
The way to get rid of Cannon is
to elect a democratic house.
Tire Financial Age , published in
New York , says of the guaranty
of brink deposits :
Mr. Bryan's financial scheme of
guarantee of bank deposits which
is not his originally , but an appro
priated idea is doubtless good in
times of piping peace in country
districtsbut it isn't of great con
sequence as an issue , for any state
has a right to adopt it , and while
we don't think much of it as a
panacea of banking ills , the re
publican party will no doubt ac
cede to the wishes of the people if
they over demand it as a large
majority. " But how big must a
majority be before the republican
bosses acquiesce ? Does anyone
doubt that a huge majority of the
people have been demanding tariff !
revision for six or eight years ? I
Does anyone doubt that an over
whelming majority of the people i
demand popular election of senators - j
tors ? Yet republican bosses have 1
steadily refuse to even consider j i
tariff revision until "after elec
tion , " and the republican national
convention by a vote often to one
turned down a plank favering ,
popular election of senators. The
party dependent upon the protec
ted trusts for a huge portion of its
campaign funds will not revise the
tariff in the interests of the con
sumers. And naturally that that
same party's bosses will be a long
time in seeing a majority in favor
of a law that is opposed by the
great banking firms whose mem
bers are inextricably mixed up
with those same tariff protected
trusts and industries.
"National" Banks.
No institution should be author
ized by law to use the word "Na
tional , " as part of its name , unless
backed by the guarantee ot the
national government. When the
government creates banks and
authorizes them to do business un
der the name of "national" banks ,
the use of the name carries with it
the implication that the govern
ment stands back of the institutions
bearing it , and it should be a mat
ter of national pride to see to it
that their obligations will be met
as promptly as those of the gov
ernment itself.
At present the government
guarantees a part of the obligations
of national banks , that is , the notes
issued by them. Why not guar
antee the other class the deposits
and make such institutions worthy
to use the word "national" as part
of their names ? A man who holds
a bank obligation for deposits is as
much entitled to protection as Jhe
man who holds its notes. The
democratic platform proposes that
he shall have it. The republican
platform is silent on that proposi
tion , and its candidates opposed to
it. Where do you stand ?
Mr. Taft thinks that the fear of
their depositors Jias a great deal to
do with keeping bankers from the
"exploitation and manipulation of
bank assets , " Mighty few bankers
have been hurt by their depositors ;
as a rule it has been the depositors
that have been hurt.
With the wide-spread alarm at
the disappearance of our forests ,
with the prices out of sight and still
climbing , the wisdom of a protec
tive tariff on lumber is very easily
seen by the lumber trust.
New Train Service To Huron ,
Aberdeen and Oakes.
Pullman standard sleeping car
daily via the Chicago & North
Western Ky. between Omaha ,
Sioux City & Aberden. Daily train
service Omaha to Huron , Aber
deen and Oakes , with direct con
nections to all points in North Da
kota , northern Minnesota and the
Canadian northwest. For partic
ulars apply to any agent , Chicago
& North Western Ky. 362
Weather Data.
The following data , covering a per
iod of 1 ! ) years , have been complied
from the Weather Bureau records at
Valentine. Nebr. They are issued to
show the conditions that have pre
vailed , during the month in question ,
for the above period , of years , but
must not be construed as a forecast
of the weather conditions for the
coming mcnth.
Mean or normal (52 ( °
The warmest month was that of 18 ! ) "
with an average of 70 °
The coldest mouth was that of 1902
with an average of oS °
, The highest was 102 ° on ! ) , 1901
The lowest was 21 ° on 24 , Ih93
Average for month 1 32 inches.
Average number of days with .01
of an inch or more 6
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 4 0(5 ( inches in 1901.
The least monthly precipitation
was 0.08 inches in 1893.
The greatest amount of precipita
tion recorded in any 24 consecutive
hours was 1 37 inches on 7.1901.
The greatest amount of snowfall
recorded in any 24 consecutive hours
( record extending to winter of 1884-85
only ) was .09 inches on 15 190s
Average number of clear days , 14
partly cloudy , 10 ; cloudy , 6.
WIND. ' ,
The prevailing winds have been
from the S.
The average hourly velocity of the
wind is 11 miles.
The highest velocity of the wind
was 48 miles from the N on 3,1SS9.
j. j. MCLEAN ,
Observer Weather Bureau.
Snake. River Items.
Eugene Ralya of Burge , went to
Sioux City last week to attend the
fair and to visit a few weeks.
Last Sunday a big picnic was
held on the fiver near trie mouth
of the Snake in honor of Miss Maud
Ealya's birthday. About 60 people
ple were present and enjoyed them
selves with games and sports.
Swings and hammocks were much
in evidence. A good dinner was
Miss Gladys Ralya of the Rake
ranch is visiting relativef and
friends on the Snake for a few
Wm. Bell is building a house
for Mr. Peterson.
John Porath is putting down a
well for H. A. Davis on the snake.
Oscar Buechle had the misfor
tune to have one of his best horses
ruined by backing into the knife
, of a corn sled , cutting the tendon
in his hind foot.
Mrs. Len Parkers mother Mrs.
John Red fern , visited them last
J. R. Taylor a graduate of Chicago
cage veterinary College will be at
Bishop's barn every Saturday. 328
Parties are hereby notified not
to camp on or graze their stock
on section M and Ei of sec. 15 , tp.
33 , r. 2S. ELAVOOD D. HETII.2D f
II. S. Weatlicr Ifinrcan Report
for week Ending Sept. LA.
Daily mean temperature 73 ° .
Normal 69 ° .
Highest 96 ° ; lowest 50 ° .
Precipitation .02 of an inch.
Total precipitation from March
1st ( the crop season ) to date was
14.17 inches and the average for
same period for 20 years is 17.8SB
The temperature continues to
soar above the normal and unless
an early frost intervene will give
us an excellant corn crop. The
rainfall continues to hold back and
shows a seasonal lack little short
of 4 : inches.
Contest Notice.
U. S. Land unite , Valentino. Nebraska ,
September S. 190 .
A sufficient contest affidavit having been liled
in this oilice bv Henry Honts , contestant ,
against homestead entry No. 14125-0463 , made
November 2,18i , for Lots 3-4. bE'.iSW 4 and
SW iSE . section 13. Township 2s , Range-8 ! ,
by Annie-Kemp , eontestee. in which it is all -
l izod that .said Annie K-mp has wholly aband
oned SHi-l hum and the land is not settled WIOH
nor cultivated in good faith and claimant has
not established residence thereon , and she lias
failed to cure her laches to this date , and said
alleged abandonment took place more than si\
Months prior to the expiration of five years
from the tune of tiling upon the same.
And said alleged absence wat not due
to her employment hiithe army , navy or marine
corps ot the United States as apmate soldier ,
tfttlcer , s aman or marine during tlie wir with
Spain or during any other war in which the
United States may be engaged.
Said parties art ; hereby Lotilied to appear ,
respond and oiler evidence touching saia allega
tion at lOo'elock a. m on October 20. U)0b ) before
the register and receiver at the United States
hand Ollice m Valentine. Nebr.
The -aid contestant having in a proper affi
davit filed Septembers , 1908 set forth facts which
.show that alter due diligence personal'Serviee
of this notice cannot be made it is herebvorder
ed and directed that such notice be given by
due and proper publication"
ii 4 E E. OLSON , .Receiver.
15urge , Xebr.
Tubular wells and windmills ,
me up by Telephone.
PerCwt. Per Ton.
Bran , sacked § 1 15 $22 00
Shorts , sacked 1 25 2i 00
Corn , sacked 1 50 29 00
Oats , sacked I160 31 00
Chop Corn , sacked 1 55 30 00
Chop Feed , sacked 1 60 31 00
Land and Feeding Co.
3artlett Richards 'Pres Will G Comstock , V. P.
Chas C Jamison Sec&Treas
Cattle branded on
any part of animal ;
ajso tne following
brands :
horses branded tdt
Range between
Gordon on the if.E
&M. V.R. R. ard
ayannis on M. R. R. In Northwestern
Metzger Bros. ,
Rolfe Xebr
Cattle branded
anywhere on left
Earmark , square
crop right ear.
Horses have
same brand on
eft thigh.
Range on Gordon and Snake Creek ? .
A Reward of 5250 will be paid to any person for
i'lformation leading to the arrest and linal
conviction of any person or persons stealing
e : > ttle with above brand.
Jos. Bristol
brara m-1 i 'ur
miles * M. > > I ' Ft.
I.Niol > ra-a
t horses and
cattle branded
fiB connected on
left hip or side as
shown ID cut
R M Faddis& Co
llilgli. ,
Horses branded
on lelt
| or thigh.
Some Some branded
branded on riglic thigh
on left or shoulder.
or thigh
P. H. Young.
Simeon. Nebr.
Cattle branded
as cut on left side
SomeQ.Yon left
on left jaw of
V horses.
Range on Gordoa Creek north of Simeon ,
Albert Whipple & Sons
Rosebud S , D.
Cattle branded
SOS on left aide
OSO-11 right side
Some cattle also
have a 4on neck
Some with A. on
left shoulder and
some branded
with two bars
across hind quar-
Som Texas
cattle branded S O on left side and some
on left side.
Horses branded SOS on left hip. Some cattle
branded AW bar connected on both sides and
l ft. hin of horsfli.
N. 6. Eowley
Kennedy , - Nebraska.
Same as cut on left ,
3ide and hip , and on
left shoulder of her
ses. Also ;
left side
F 4on left side.
Some cat-
t ! brand
ed husk-1 mg peg ( either side up ) on
left side or hip. p on left jaw and left shoulder
of horses. U
, on left hip of horses.
on left jaw of horses
C. P. Jordan.
Rosebud , 3D
Horses and cattle
same as cut ; also
CJ BE JJ on right
Range on Oak and
Butte creeks.
A liberal reward
for information
leading to detection
of rustlers of stock
bearing any of these brands.
Brownlee , Neb.
Cattle branded a *
in cut on left
side. Some
branded K. T Y
on left hip. Range
on North Loup
river , two miles
west of Brownlee
Pullman , Nebr
Cattle branded JY
on rightside
Horses branded JY
on right shoulder
Reasonable reward
for any information
leading to the re
covery of cattle
strayed from my
Sawyer Bros.
Oasis , Nebr.
G. K. Sawyer has
charge of these
cattle. Horses
I > Son left shoul
der. So
left side.
Horses j
same left thigh.
Range on Snake
St Frarcis Mis
sion. Rosebud.
S. D.
Cattle branded
as in-cut ; hores
f-nme on les
'high. Range be
tween Sprinsr ( "k
and Little White
D. M. Sears.
Kennedy , Nebr.
Cattle branded
as 011 cut.left side
Some on left nip.
Horses same on
left shoulder.
Range Square
Roan Brothers
Woodlake Neb
Lnki and Crook
ed Lake.
Pat Peiper
Simeon Nebr. \