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I. M. RICE Editor and Proprietor.
ISntered at the postoilice at Valentine , Cherry count } ' , Nebr. . as Second
Glass Matter.
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J i-00 in advance ;
- Per -Vear
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Co. .
j § L30 when not pad } in advance.
chcrHni innc J § 1-50 lerTear in advance ; paper dis-
bUbSCripUonsj -j continucd al expiration if not renewed.
A I * . * * , . r > - . - J l c per inch each is 5ue ; by contract 12ic.
Advertising ( Transicnfc arj 2oc per inch ; locals lOca line.
Foreign rates for stereotyped advertising , 3 months or longer 10 cents
per inch , net.
Local notices , obituaries , lodge resolutions and socials for revenue
5 cents per line each insertion.
THURSDAY , MAY 1-1 , 190S.
Last week we published
an article on "W. J. Bryan ,
copied from the Ainsworth
Star-Journal , a republican
newspaper , but published
by a man , John M1. Cotton ,
whom people generally rec
ognize to be a fair minded
man. He may be a republican
in name but he is a progres
sive republican of the west
ern type who believes thai-
Mr. Bryan started the re
form movement and that
many republicans were
ready for the reform wave
long ago.
The people of the west
should not be blind folded
any longer by the money
kings of the east. Western
people ought to know what
is right in government. The
republican party as it is
managed by the money
sharks , stock brokers , manu
facturers and railroads will
not furnish the kind of gov
ernment we want. The
money sharks want the
banks of the country to is
sue money and the govern
ment to issue bonds of in
debtedness upon which they
issue money to the banks to
the extent of the bonds
which the banks loan the
same as other money.
It is money because the
government is back of it but
we are paying interest on
the bonds. The banks con
tend that they are not mak
ing much out of the deal be
cause they have to pay a
premium on the bonds.
Is this right ?
Brother Cotton does not
think so and neither do you.
Well , it's republican gov
ernment according to the
money sharks and they used
to boast that we had the
best banking system in the
world Who for ? The mon
ey sharks ? They did the
boasting and try to uphold
the system yet.
If we believe it is wrong
we ought to say so with our
vote. We ought to do more.
We ought to talk it over
with our neighbors. They
know the system is wrong
but they invariably say in
answer : "Plow arc we go
ing to help it ? " or "what
can we do about it ? " One
tiling they can do about it is
to say what you believe
about it to your neighbors
and keep a talking about
this double dealing business
of making the government
back the banks and then is
sue bonds to sell to the
banks for mon ; " and then
issue the face vlue of the ]
bonds back to the banks in
money and they pay the
banks interest on the whole
How do you like the idea
of our government borrow
ing money from a bank , then
giving all back but the
premium paid on the bonds ,
then -pay interest on the face
of the bonds ?
That's the money shark's
way and they also want to
control the volume of mon
ey so as to keep up the rates
of interest and they , having
the money , of .course want
to enhance its value.
The corporations arc a
good thing for our country
in many ways for they can ,
by combining capital , put
greater machinery to work ,
as in mining coal or gold or
manufacturing on a large
scale , but they also combine
with other corporations to
keep up the price on manu
factured articles that we
need that everybody needs
and upon which we pay
them a tariff for protection
against the competition of
foreign countries. T h e
manufacturers of foreign
countries must pay this tar
iff to sell their goods in our
country and consequently ,
the lower price for which
they must sell , doesn't bene
fit-us , for we really pay this
tariff , enabling our "infant
industries" to grow and
keep on growing on our hard
earned money.
Is tliis right ?
This is the manufacturers
kind of republican govern
ment , but it doesn't suit Io
wa. Iowa has the western
idea , and so has Bro. Cot
ton. We've all got more
or less of the fever and we'd
ought to begin to talk to our
neighbors about it. It's our
business. How will it ever
be corrected if the people
who pays the tax doesn't
object ? We're not in favor
of it. But that's not enough.
We've got to tell somebody
that we're not. Tell our
congressmen , our senators.
Of course , that may not do
any good , but if they don't
do something we could re
place them with men who
will do something for the
western idea for the pee
The stock brokers , by pay
ing a margin or small per
cent of the whole , may run
the price of the Farmer's
gi'ain or stock or any other
property on the exchange ,
to the highest prices when
they have the lion's share to
sell , or to the lowest figure
when they want to buy.
Tom Lawson has exposed
them and we'll not further
discuss the stock brokers
The railroads -combine
with other corporations to
fix the value of everything
we have to sell or that we
must buy , that must depend
upon shipping for its mark
et. They want the biggest
haul and generally get it
Their rates are often in com
petition with other railroads
but we don't want two lines
of railroad built between
towns simply for competi
tion. There is often need
for but the one and we want
the rates right so that we
! can ship at the same rates as
a big corporation gets. We
want coal hauled as cheaply
as they haul it to other
places. We dent want to
pay more for hauling coal
, from Wyoming than Omaha
I people pay. We want our
; coal and hay rates looked
into by the state railway
: commission , but they tell us
I that it is inter-state traffic
and they can't touch it.
It's the western idea and
i we are all interested in it.
We ought to talk it. Don't
leave it all to the newspa
pers. They can't vote for
you. They can't speak for
you. You must speak for
yourself. It means that
! your vote is likely to go the
. way you talk and it will ac-
| complisli something. Talk
to your neighbor and study
the question. It's not a
crime to ask for information
if you can't find what you
want , and if your neighbor
can't tell you , keep asking
about these things. When
you know it's a hard one for
the "stand-patters" and the
ulet well enough alone" fel
lows , follow it up with a
heavy broadside that will
let them know that you arc
going to'take up the west
ern idea. It's Mr. Bryan's
way. It was his idea years
ago and he's growing strong
er. There are new men join
ing the ranks and they arc
republicans who believe in
"the Western idea , " "the
Iowa idea ; " some say it is
Koosevelt's idea , and it is
Mr. Bryan's idea.
( From the Holt Co. Democrat. )
* "JfTafb is nominated 1 shall
vole for Br.van" seems to be a
strong republican slogan in Ne
braska at this time.
Kepublican papers are all demo
cratic on the tarili question insofar
as it effects their personal inter
ests.Vood pulp and print pa
per should be on the free list" is
their constant cry-
The democrat is a 1 ways glad to
exchange with any Nebraska pa
per that maintains an editorial col
umn wherein the original views of
the editor are set forth. Be these
opinions good , bad or mediocre ,
they are the main mast of the ship.
A stream cannot rise above its
source , arid a newspaper cannot
rise above the intellect and origi
nal ideas of its editor. A newspa
per without an editorial column is
like a stream without a source ,
and are but a burden to our mail.
It is only such papers that we have
refused to exchange with , until
this defect is remedied.
Mrs. Frank Brnyton and son
Donald leave tomorrow for a sum
mer visit with her parents at Chico ,
Editors Meet in Valentine
Saturday , June 6th.
Don't forget that the editors
meet in Valentine this year
the first Saturday in June. There
will be thirty or forty persons
here to visit with us on that day.
We are expecting them and are
making preparations to have them
well entertained. We expept to
get out the programs this week
and t if the subjects don't suit the
editor who is asked to respond he
can choose some other subject and
take" his preference. If the sub
ject you think of is not represent
ed in the final program , you will
be expected to bring the matter
up at our regular business session
and discuss it.
We want this meeting to be
highly beneficial to every member
who attends. It may be that you
have something that you would
like brought up for discussion or
you have discovered something
that would be of interest to the
fellowcraft. Don't hesitate to
spring it. There may be some
one who has learned the thing you
want to know. Bring up the ques
tion and many of us will profit by
hearing a matter discussed that we
never thought of , either questioner
or answer. In other words come
loaded with information and be
generous with it , When you go
home we shall expect you to tell
that you saw Valentine , and for
fear that some of the visiting
brethern might get oil' the train
and lose the town , we will see that
some one meets you at the train.
We'll have a ball game during
the afternoon if we can get the
boys "together so that you can get
out and walk around some and
wake up. Who has a team that
will volunteer to play Valentine
on Saturday , the 6th of June ?
Lastly don't forget to come and
unload your mind and get better
acquainted with each other and
with our town. You will be the
guests of the Valentine Commer
cial club while you are in our city
and they will entertain you.
( Ilushville Standard.
None but the plutocrats are op
posing W. J. Bryan. All good
American citizens want him and
they will have him regardless of
the plutes and the foreign mud-
skulls who come over to this coun
try and make asses of themselves
by attempting to instruct the
Americans how to vote.
There has been some housecleaning -
cleaning about the Standard prem
ises , both at the house and the of
fice , for the past couple of weeks.
It is over now and we are begin
ning to feel at ease once more , but
here's how we felt while the stuff
was on.
My eyes and nose are filled with
dust ,
My face begiimed with smut ;
My fingers are all badly smashed ,
My mouth is full of soot.
My knees are both stuck full of
tacks ,
My back is broke with pain ,
My temper , too , is milled up
We're cleaning house again.
Presbyterian Church.
The services the coming Sunday
will be as follows :
Morning subject 'They That
Wait Upon the Lord. "
C. E. at 7 p. m. , topic ' 'Being
a Christian at Home and in
School. " Isa. , 54:13 :
The evening preaching service
will be omitted to allow members
to attend the baccalaureate ser
vices , conducted by Rev. Wells.
Monday , the 18th , at S p , m. ,
Pastor-elect J. Robert Beale will
be installed. To assist in this ser
vice other ministers will be pres
ent. Rev. Edgar Clark of Gordon
will preside and deliver the ser
mon. Rev. Thomas Price of
Ilushville will deliver the charge
to the pastor , and Rev. Samuel
Light of Stuart will deliver the
charge to the congregation. These
services are free to all and all will
be welcome.
Many new sidewalks are being
started all over town and give our
town a rough appearance just now.
C. B. BACHELOR , Propr.
Fresh Salt and Cured Meats , Fish , Oysters ,
Vegetables , Pickles , Lird. We buy poultry ,
butter and eggs and all kinds of live stock.
; all or Phone 88.
Valentine Nebraska
Will interest you. We liaye them in
many styles and patterns at different
prices. Come and see them. Don't
you want a Sewing Machine ?
| New Home , New Royal and other Good Makes ,
Prices that you are willing to pay for
a good machine. Call and see them.
, N
The only genuine and absolutely
reliable substitute for tea
and coifee is
the new food beverage gives life , health , vigor , joy ,
comfort and beauty , and is highly recommended
for nerve endurance , and building up the constitu
tion. It is a pleasant beverage and contains great
nutritive and invigorating qualities. Has the re
freshing properties of fine tea , the nourishment of
the best cocoas , a tonic and recuperative force pos
sessed by neither , and can be used in all cases
where tea and coffee are prohibited.
Eggo's Fruit Halt is a great health reviver.
A laxative and thirst quencher. Effervescent'
so delicious to drink that a child likes itHas all
the properties of a Sedlitz Powder and more , and
is recommended in all cases of indigestion , consti
pation and headache. Removes impurities from the
blood and can be used freely without causing in jury
Manufactured by
OMAHA , U. S. A.
The above preparations may be had from all
Grocery and Drug Stores.
B51f// /
public opinion is unerring , public confidence sel
dom misplaced. The true worth of every business
concern to the community in which it operates is
fixed by its clientele , the value-giving power of ev
ery commercial institution may be determined by
the amount of patronage it receives. The people |
have unmistakably proclaimed their confidence in
The Stock Exchange.
5 7
and its m el hods , by bestowing upon it a far greater
patronage than that accorded any other place in
Valentine , Where the major portion of the fair ,
the impartial , discriminating public buys its Liquor
and Beer , must be a good place for You , the in
dividual , to trade.isitThe Stock Exchange-when
you need anything in our line.