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"Going to the football game next
"Xo : I've quit going to football game
"Why ? "
"Because I allowed myself to beco
excited over them last fall , and I fou
out this summer that I had nearly ruii
my golf accent/ '
A Fixture.
Mrs. Kawler How do you like yi
new girl ?
Mrs. Homer She's a jewel. But
isn't a new girl. We've had her nearl ;
The Belgians are great p'gcon bree
ers , and oue of the choicest birds of tl
kind is the true Antwerp carrier , whi
is comparatively rare.
Safe , Sure and Speedy.
No external remedy ever yet devisi
has so fully and unquestionably met the
three prime conditions as successfully i
Alleock's Plasters. They are safe becau ;
'they ' contain no deleterious drugs and a
manufactured upon scientific principles >
medicine. They are sure because nothir
'goes ' into them except ingredients whu
are exactly adapted to the purposes f <
which a plaster is required. They a ;
epccdy in their action because their med
cinal qualities go right to their work <
relieving pain and restoring the natun
end healthy performance of the functioi
of muscles , nerves and skin.
Allcock's Plasters are the original an
genuine porous plasters and like mo :
meritorious articles have been extensive )
Imitated , therefore always make sure an
get the genuine Allcock's.
Uncle Jerry.
"There's lots of men , " said Uncle Jen-
Peebles , "who are so blamed keerful c
their reppytations that they don't neve
Lave time to look after their souls. "
PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to cure an
case of Itching , Blind , Bleeding or Protrui
'ins Pllec In 6 to 14 days or money refundei
Presents In Safe Place.
A youug millhand Laving lost hi
sweetheart through his own hotheadec
folly first threatened to commit suicidi
and then became vulgarly insistent ii
his demands for the return of the pres
ents he had given her.
"What good will they be to you i :
you're goln' to drown yourself in t
mil ] pond ? " she scoffed.
"Never you mind ; I want then :
back , " he replied evasively. *
"Well , I'll see that you have them1
the girl reluctantly agreed.
But five days passed and the young
man still bemoaned the loss of the for
feited trinkets. Once more he requested -
, ed their return.
"Oh , lad , I wish you'd stop worryin'
kne , " sighed the girl , anxious by now
{ for a reconciliation. "I've given t'
jpresents up long since. They're wait
ing for you at t' bottom o' t' mill pond ,
itied up in a red handkerchief ; you
an't help but see 'em when you jump
Hn. "
i Then the humble young man apolo
gized and the quarrel was. patched up ,
iln the old sweet way. London Tit-
Corporate Greed.
Elevator Boy Tyte-Phist & Co. have
raised yer pay a cent an hour , have
they ?
Office Boy Yes , but I have to work
longer hours. Old Tyte-Phist has chang-
, d the regulator of the clock so it rung
slower. Chicago Tribune.
( Of tlie Food tliut Restored Her to
"My food was killing me and I didn't
/know / the cause , " writes a Cole , youag
lady : "For two years I was thin and
sickly , suffering from indigestion and
inflammatory rheumatism.
"I hud tried different kinds of diet ,
mlain living , and many of the remedies
[ recommended , but got no better.
f ! "Finallj- , about five years ago , nioth-
, er suggested that 1 try Grape-Nuts ,
( and I began at once , eating it with a
little cream or milk. A change for the
better begun at once.
"To-day I um well and am gaining
( Weight and strength all the time. I've
gained 10 pounds in the lust five wee/cs
and do not suffer any more from indi
gestion and the rheumatism is all gone.
"I know it is to Grape-Nuts alone
rthut I owe my restored health. I still
eat the food twice a duy und never tire
of it. " Name given by Postum Co. ,
B.tUle Creek , Mich.
The flavor of Grape-Nuts is peculiar
to itself. It is neutral , not too sweet
and has an agreeable , healthful quali
ty that never grows tiresome.
One of the sources of rheumutism is
ifroiu overloading the system with acid
'material ' , the result of imperfect diges
tion and assimilation.
As soon as improper food is ahandon-
ed and Grape-Nuts is taken regularly ,
digestion is made strong , the org.ins do
their work of building up good red
blood cells and of carrying awuy the
excess of disease-making material from
'the ' system.
The result is a certain and steady re
turn to normal health and mental ac
tivity. "There's a reason. " Read the
little book , "The Road to Wellviile , " la
"A wise fflutn will make more opportunities
than he finds. " Francis Bacon ,
CHAPTER XV. ( Continued. )
Thus far the Signorkia. I most beg
call special attention to the closing H
of bar narrative. But before I rel
the very startling occurrence to wh
she refers , we must return to the t
racks , where , it will be remembered , n :
tcra were in a rather critical conditi
When the officers saw their mess ro
suddenly filled with armed men , t
heard the alarming order issued by
Cokrael , their attention was effectuc
diverted from me. They crowded toge
er on one side of the table , facing
Colonel and his men on the other. .
siated by the two men sent to my aid
seized the opportunity to push my v
through them and range myself by
side of my leader. After a momer
pause the Colonel began :
"The last thing we should desire , g
tlemen , " ha eaid , "is to resort to for
But the thne for explanation is she
The people of Aureataland have at 1
risen against the tyranny they hava
long endured. General Whittingham 1
proved a traitor to the cause of freedo :
he won his position in the name of 1
erty ; ha has used it to destroy liber
Th3 voice of the people haa declared h
to hare forfeited his high office. 1
people have placed in say hand the swc
of vengeance. Armed with this migl
sanction , I have appealed to the arc
The army has proved true to its tra
tiona true to its character of the p
tecfcor , not tbe oppressor , of the peep
Gentlemen , will you who lead the an
take your proper place ? "
There was no reply to this moving t
peal. He advanced closer to them , a
went on :
"There is no middle way. You are pi
riots or traitors friends of liberty
friends of tyranny. I stan4 here to ofl
you either a traitor's death , or , if y
will , life , honor and the satisfaction of j
your just claims. Do you mistrust t
people ? I , as their representative , he
offer you every just due the people 01
you debts which had long been paid b
for the greed of that great traitor. "
AB he said tbis he took from his m <
some bags of money , and threw them i
the table with a loud chink.
Major DeChair glanced at the bags , ai
glanced at his comrades , and said :
"In the cause of liberty , heaven forb
we should be behind ! Down with t ]
tyrant ! "
And all the pack yelped in chorus !
"Then , gentlemen , to the head of yemen \
men , " said the Colonel , and going to tl
window , he cried to the throng :
"Men , your noble officers are with us
A cheer answered him. I wiped ir
forehead , and eaid to myself , "That's VK
over. "
I will not weary the reader with or
further proceedings. Suffice to say T
marshaled our host and marched down t
foe Piazza. The news had spread b
aow , and in the dimly breaking moroin
light we saw the Square full of people-
nen , women and children. As we marcl
id in there was a cheer , not very heart
a cheer propitiatory , for they did nc
enow what we meant to do. The Colon ?
nade them a brief speech , promisin
reace , security , liberty , plenty and al
: he goods of heaven. In a few sten
vords he cautioned them against "treacli
ry , " and announced that any rebellioi
igainst the Provisional government wouli
aeet with swift punishment. Then h
tested his army in companies , to kee ]
eatch till all was quiet. And at last bj
aH :
"Now , Martin , come back to the Goldei
louse , and let's put that fellow in a safi
ilace. "
"Tes , " said I , 'and have a look for thi
loney. " For really hi the excitement i
eemed as if there was a danger of th (
jest important thing of all being for
The dawn was now far advanced , anc
s we left the Piazza , we could see th <
Jolden House at the other end of the
venue. All looked quiet , and the sen
ries were pacing to and fro. Drawing
earer , we saw two or three of the Presi
ent'a servants busied about their ordi-
ary tasks. One woman was already re
loving Johnny Carr's life-blood with a
lop and a pail of water ; and a carpentei
the front door ,
: as at work repairing
itanding by it was a doctor's brougham ,
"Come to see Carr , I suppose , " said I ,
Leaving our horses to the care of the
ten who were with us , we entered the
ouse. Just inside we met the doctor him-
ilf. He was a shrewd little fellow , nam-
1 Anderson , generally popular , and , al-
lough a personal friend of the Presi-
snt's , not openly identified with either
olitical party.
"I have a request to make to you , sir"
2 said to McGregor , 'about Mr. Carr. "
"Well , is he dead ? " said the Colonel.
[ f he is , he's got himself to thank for
The doctor wisely declined to discuss
lis question , and confined himself to
ating that he was not dead. On the
ratrary he was going on nicely.
"But" he went on , "quiet is essential.
id I want to take him to my house , our
: the racket. No doubt it is pretty
net here now , but "
The Colonel interrupted :
he give his parole not to es-
"My dear sir , " said the doctor , "the
an couldn't move to save his life and
s's asleep now. "
"You must wake him up to move him , I
ippose , " said the Colonel. "But you
ay take him. Let me know when he's
jll enough to see me. Meanwhile , I hold
iu responsible for his good behavior. "
"Certainly , " said the doctor. "I am
ntent to be responsible for Mr. Garr. "
"All right ; take him and get out. Now
r Whittingham ! "
"Hadn't we better gat the money first ? "
id I.
"I must have a bit of od. I've taeted
dwng for twelve hoars. "
One of the servants , hearing bhn , saH :
"Breakfast can be served in & juoraent ,
. " And he nwbeted ne is * to htye
dining room , where we eoon bad an
oellont meal. When we had got shroi
most of it , I broke the silence by askii
"What are yon going to do with hin
"I should like to shoot him , " said
"On what charge ? "
"Treachery , " he replied.
"That would hardly do , would it ? "
"Well , then , embezzlement of pul
funds. "
We had a little talk about the Pr <
dent's destiny , and I tried to persui
the Colonel to milder measures. In fa
I was determined to prevent such a m
der if I could without ruin to myself.
"Well , we'll consider it when we've s <
him , " said the Colonel , rising. "We
wasted an hour breakfasting it's se >
o'clock. "
I followed b4m aiong the path , and
entered the little room where we had 1
the President. The sentries were K
there , each seated in an armchair. Tl
were not asleep , but looked a lit
"All right ? " said the Colonel.
"Tea , excellency , " said one of the
"He is there in bed. "
He went into the inner room and beg
to undo the shutters , letting in the ea ;
sun. We passed through the half-open
door and saw a peaceful figure lying
the bed , whence proceeded a gentle sno
"Good nerve , hasn't he ? " said the Co
"Tes ; but what a queer nightcap , * *
said , for the President's head was swal
ed in white linen.
The Colonel strode quickly up to t
"Done ! " be cried. "It's Johnny Carr
It was true ; there lay Johnny. E
excellency WHS nowhere to be seen. T
Colonel shook Johnny roughly by t
arm. The latter opened his eyes and sa :
sleepily :
"Steady there ! Kindly remember I' '
a trifle fragile. "
"What's this plot ? Where's Whittin
ham ? "
"Ah , it's McGregor , " said Johnny wi
a bland smile , "and Martin. How are yo
old fellow ? Some beast's hit me on t ]
head. "
"Where's Whittingham ? " reiterated tl
Colonel sarsgeiy shaking Johnny's an
"Gently I" said I ; "after all , he's a si (
man. "
The Colonel dropped the arm , ar
Johnny said sweetly :
"Quits , isn't it , Colonel ? "
The Colonel turned from him , and sa !
to his men sternly :
"Have you had any hand in this ? "
They protested vehemently that the
were as astonished as we vrere ; and
they were , unless they acted consummati
ly. They denied that anyone had entere
" '
the outer room or that any"'sound ha
proceeded from the inner. They had ker
vigilant watch , and must have seen an
intruder. Both the men inside were th
Colonel's personal servants , and he belie\
3d in their honesty , but what of thei
ngilance ? Carr heard him sternly ques
tioning them , and said :
"Those chaps aren't to blame , Colonc !
[ didn't come in that way. If you'll tak
i look behind the bed you'll see anothe
loor. They brought me in there. I wa
-ather queer and only half knew wha
vas up. "
We looked and saw a door where h
said. Pushing the bed aside , we openei
t , and found ourselves on the back stair
ase of the premises. Clearly the Presi
lent had noiselessly opened this door am
; ot out. But how had Carr got in with
ut noise ? The sentry came up , saying
"Every five minutes , sir , I looked an <
; aw him on the bed. He lay for the firs
lour in his clothes. The nest look , h <
viis undressed. It struck me he'd beer
> retty quick and quiet about it , but ]
bought no more. "
"Depend on it , the dressed man was the
) resident , the undressed man Carr
Vhen was that ? "
"About half-past two , sir ; just aftei
he doctor came. "
"The doctor ! " we cried.
"Tes , sir ; Dr. Anderson. "
"Tou never told me he had been here. '
"He never went into the President's
ate General Whittingham's room , sir ;
ut he came in here for five minutes , tc
et some water , and stood talking with us
ar a time. Half an hour after he came
i for some more. "
We began to see how it was don * . That
rretched little doctor was in the plot ,
omehow or other lie had communicated
'ith the President ; probably he knew of
de door. Then , I fancied , they must
ave worked something in this way. The
octor comes in to distract the sentries ,
hile his excellency moves the bed. Find-
ig that they took a look every five min-
tes , he told the President. Then he
'ent and got Johnny Carr ready. Re-
irning , he takes the President's place
Q the bed , and in that character under-
ses an inspection. The moment this is
per he leaps up and goes out. Between
lem they bring in Carr , put him into
ad , and slip out through the narrow
) ace of open door behind the bedstead.
7"hen all was done , the doctor had come
ick to see if any suspicion had been
"I have it now ! " cried the Colonel.
That doctor's done us both. He couldn't
t Whittingham out of the house with-
it leave , so he's taken him as Carr !
windled me into giving my leave. Ah ,
ok out if we meet , Mr. Doctor ! "
We rushed out of the house and found
tis conjecture was true. The man who
irported to be Carr had been carried
it , enveloped in blankets , just as we sat
> wn to breakfast ; the doctor had put
m into the carriage , followed himself ,
id driven rapidly away.
"Which way did they go ? "
"Toward the harbor , sir , " the sentry re-
The harbor could be reached in twenty
inutes' fast driving. Without a word
e Colonel sprang on his b&rse ; I imi-
ted him , and we galloped aa hard as-
could , everyone making way before our
rions charge. Alas ! we were too late.
t we drew rein on the quay we saw ,
\t & * ife cot to oea , and sailing before
* stSS brcroe , Jofemiy Carr's llrtl * ym <
T 4th the Anreataland flag floating d
antfy at her mast-head
\ We gazed at it blankly , with neve
word to say , and turned our horses' hen
Our attention was attracted by a en
group of men standing round the toi
Btsnol post. As we rode up , they heel
! scattered , and we saw pinned to the p
a sheet of note paper. Th rcon wae w :
ten m a well-known hand :
"I , Marcus W. Wbfttingbam , Part
dent of the Republic of Anreatnla.
hereby oiSsr a reward of five thousand i
Ian ? and a free pardna to ftnr person
poreons assisting in the capture , dead
alive , of George McGregor ( tete Ook *
hi < he Anreatnland army ) and John M
tin , bank manager , and I do farther p
claim the said George McGregor and Jc
Martin to be traitors and rebels agai
the Republic , and do prooounce their li'
forfeited. Which oontence let every lo ;
citizen observe at his peril.
Truly his was pleasant !
The habit of reading having penetr
ed , as we are told , to all claases of 1
community , I am not without hope tl
some who peruse this chronicle will
able , from personal experience , to undi
stand the feelings of a man when be fii
finds a reward offered for his appreht
sion. It is true that our police are r
in the habit of imitating the Presiden
naked brutality by expressly add !
"alive or dead , " but I am informed th
th law , in ease of need , leaves the alti
native open to the servants of justice.
am not ashamed to confess that my spir :
were rather dashed by his ezcellencj
Parthkin shot , and I could see that t
Colonel himself was no less perturb *
The escape of Fleance seemed to Me
beth to render his whole position unsal
and no one who knew General Whittin
ham will doubt that he was a more da
serous opponent than Fleance. We bo
felt , in fact , as soon as we saw the whi
sail of The Songstress bearing our enen
out of our reach , that the revolutic
could not yet be regarded as safely accoi
plishcd. But the uncertainty of our te
ure fit power did not paralyze out ene
gies ; on the contrary , we determined
make hay while the eun shone , and ,
Aurentaland was doomed to succumb on <
more to the tyranny , I , for one , was v-ei
clear that her temporary emancipatk
might be turned to good account.
Accordingly , on arriving again at t3
Golden House , we lost no time in inst
tuting a thorough inquiry into the stai
of the public finances. We ransacked tl
house from top to bottom and found notl
ing ! Was it possible that the Preside *
had carried off with him all the treai
ure that had inspired our patriotic e
forts ? The thought was too horn We. Tl
irawers of his escritoire and the safe the
stood in his library revealed nothing t
sur eager eyes. A foraging party , du
patched to the ministry of finance ( when
sy the way , they did not find Don Antt
lie or his fair daughter ) , returned wit
: he discouraging news that nothing wa
risible but ledgers and bills. In dee
lejection I threw myself into his excel
eucy's chair with the doleful reflect-ioi
; hat this pleasure seemed all I was likel ;
: o get out of the business. The CoJonc
itood moodily with his back to the fire
) lace , looking at nie as if I were respon
; ible for the state of things.
At this point in came the Signorina
Vc greeted her gloomily , and she was a
tartled as ourselves at the news of th <
'resident's escape ; at the same time . '
bought I detected an undercurrent of re
ief. When , however , we went on t <
ireak to her the nakedness of the land
he stopped us at once.
"Oh , yon stupid men , you haven't look
d in the right place. I suppose you ex
ected to find it laid out for you on th <
ining room table. Come with me. "
.We followed her into the room when
! arr lay. He was awake , and the Sig-
orina went and asked him how he waa
'hen she continued :
"We shall have to disturb yon for a
iw minutes , Mr. Carr. "
( To be continued. )
"So you are the gentleman who runs
lints to the Home Gardener' ? " said
ae fair caller in the newspaper office.
Do you obtain your material from
jcperiments in your own garden ? "
"Oh , I haven't any garden , " replied
ie sallow young man with the pen be-
md his ear. "I live in a flat"
"Tou don't say. Well , perhaps the
mtleman who writes 'Hints on Reat-
ig Flats' could give me some good ad-
ice from his experience in apartment
ouses ? "
"Oh , he doesn't live in an apartment
ouse. He lives in the country. "
Rnre Treat.
"Some great physician tells us ,
e woman in the green waist , "that
ting beef puts a person in a bad hu-
ar. Does it put your husband in &
d humor ? "
"I should sny not , " sighed the little
) man with the tj-pewriter Ink on her
igers. "My husband is a poet and
is so tickled when we can afford
al beef that he is in a good humor
r a whole week. "
TJie Fac :
"At last the time came , " said thf
ctic explorer , "when our sole sup
s' of food consisted of a few canned
: tails and i-lckled pigs * feet"
"Then , " said his hearer , "you wow
deed reduced to extremities. " Bo&
n Trasscript.
JTotv Tlier Bon't Spenlc.
Clara Don't be surprised if Wlllte
pleigh proposes to you to-n'rght.
Maude Gracious ! Do you think fee
il ?
Clara Sure I do. When I refused
tn last night he said he didnt caw
lat became of him. Chicago Newa
Two of a Kind.
"George ! "
"Yes , darling. "
"Don't you think that the best frnita
romance are the wedding date and
; bridal pair ? " Baltimore American ,
Siagteton So you don't believe hi ff
marchieal form of govexaaent ,
WeddBTlv I shouM Day uatl
17 I married an orpbaa. '
Evidence of the use the general p
lie is making of the great Library
Congress is to be found in the record
visitors to the building during the 1
fiscal year. The visitors numbei
about 812,000. This was a daily av
age of 2,243 in the SG2 days on wh
the library was open to the public. 1
only days on which the great bro :
doors were closed throughout the tw >
ty-four hours were July u , the fune
day of John Haj * , July 4 and Chrl
mas. Almost a double force is requii
for the building , which is open virtu
ly day and evening the year aroui
The largest number of visitors in 'a day was o,2S4 , in April , and t
smallest 444 , on one of the hottest dn
ia July. An idea of the size of this
brary may be obtained from the stat
tics for last year , which showed a gn
in the number of volumes of 34,01
bringing the number of books on t
racks up to 1,379,244. This tctfal
books , pamphlets , maps and charts a :
pieces of music added last year w
& 1,3S5.
* . . *
- - - !
Some of the postal improvements n
vocated in Cortelyou's annual repc
are the parcels pos * , postal savin
bank , postal telegraph and telephor
abolition of railway speed subsidu
additional subsidies to South Aineric !
and Australian steamers , low-rate pc
tal notes and the creation of a ne
office , that of deputy postmaster 'ge
eral , with permanent tenure , wl
would act as a sort of business ma
ager for the entire service , besides ce
tain reforms in salaries and account
The Postmaster General takes the hij
ground that postmasters should not 1
appointed as rewards for political a
tivity. As to the deficit , he says he
less concerned about that than aboi
efficiency of administration and thinl
it unreasonable to charge any 01
branch of the service with responsibi
ity for the deficit.
A plan for holding and fievelopin
: oal lands in the Indian Territory bi
longing to the government has bee
nade public by Secretary Hitchcock. .
large corporation * is to be formed , i
, vhich the Indian tribes and the go
irnment are to control the stock , th
nines to be operated by employes o
eased on a royalty. It will be the firs
ime in our history that the governmea
lecoines a stockholder in a private coi
wration. The life of the company i
0 be twenty-five years , with option o
: outinuauce or sale at the end of tha
> eriod , the directors to be the Presi
lent of the United States , Secretariei
if the Interior , Treasury and Com
aerce and Labor , Commissioner of In
.iau Affairs and a member of each o
he Choctaw .and Chickasaw tribes.
- - -
v "
Senator Hale of Maine made th <
eclaration that two-thirds of the rev
nues of the government are now de
oted to the payment of inheritances
com past wars and expenditures foi
iiture wars. ' He called attention tc
le arguments of the army promoters
[ iaz it was no use to have an army
nltss you have guns and fortifications ,
ad now that $100,000,000 had been
ppropriated for sea coast fortifica-
ons , the argument was , "what is the
se of .having guns and fortifications
oless you have men ? " Thus , lie said ,
was the constant pressure of the
: my to aggrandize itself first for men ,
ten for guns and then guns and then
en. On account of this vast expense ,
snator Hale said it was impossible to
it appropriations for the marine , lor
ver and harbor improvements and for
iblic buildings.
Secretary of War Taft in his report
1 the Philippines asks Congress to
pport an agricultural bank by author
ing the Philippine government to
larantee a dividend of 4 per cent on
0,000,000 , tbis being the plan which
oved so successful under Lord Cromer
Egypt He says the business condi-
> ns in the islands , especialy in the
gar and tobacco industrials , continue ,
.d that the storm of last year de-
royed $4,000,000 worth of the hemp
> p. Work is proceeding on a syistem
.water supply for Manila and on the
iverage system. The complete paci-
ation of the Island of Luzon Is re-
rted with the capture or surrender
the ladrone leaders , the only disor-
r now being in Leyte and Samar.
_ - _
Che House adopted a resolution in-
: sed by Miller of Kansas , directing
i bureau of corporations to investl-
: e the causes of the high price of
aber , and particularly whether this
due to the existence of a combina-
n in the form of a trust or other-
; e. The house also called upon the
Tetary of the Interior to give an ac-
mt of all public lands withdrawn or
erred from entry.
n a recent report of the bureau ot
-igation it is shown that 93 per cent
the enlisted men In the navy are
ive-born Americans , and that dur-
the year forty-three per cent of the
a qualified for re-enlistment did re-
ist It is highly desirable that the
a behind the gun be a man of ex-
ience , and it is best that thp man
> may be called upon to fight snould
born under the flag that floats above
The great artist returned sudden./ ,
' 'lit- !
and discovered that nis neighbor's -
tie boy had covered has masterpiece
with black paint.
"Great Scott , lad ! " gasped the artist -
tist , "what fiave you done ? Don't you
know that was my wonderful canvas
entitled The Sunset ? * You have ruin
ed it"
The boy seemed repentant for a mo
ment ; then a brilliant thought pos
sessed him.
"No , it Isn't ruined , " he hastened to
reply. "You can sell It Just tell them
the sun has gone down. " Minneapolis
T2ie Heart Was Badly -Affected When
the Patient Besnu Tlninsr
Doan's Kidney Pills.
Mrs. Elizabeth Maxwell , of 415
West Fourth St. , Olympia , Wash. ,
says : "For over
three years I
suffered with a
dropsical condl-
. tlon without being -
, ing aware that
'it was due to
kidney trouble.
The early stages
were principally
backache and
bearing down
pain , but I went
along without worrying much until
dropsy set In. My feet and ankles
swelled up , my hands puffed and bfr-
came so tense I could hardly close
them. I had great difficulty in breathIng -
Ing , and my heart would flutter with
I the least exertion. I could not walk
I far without stopping again and again
to rest. Since using four boxes of !
' Doan's Kidney Pills the bloating has1
gone down and the feelings of dis
tress have disappeared. "
Sold by all dealers. 50 cents a box.-
Foster-Mllburn Co. , Buffalo , N. Y.
Edivard's Myriad Subjects.
The King of England has in Asia
! more than 300,000,000 subjects ; in
America , 7,500,000 ; in Africa about !
43,000,000 , in Australasia over 5,000-
000 and in Europe over 42,000OOOJ
Classifying them broadly by religions ,
there are 208,000,000 Hindus , 94.000-1
000 Mohammedans , 58,000,000 Christ
tlans , 12,000,000 Buddhists and 23.000.J
000 of various pagan or non-Christian ,
How's This ?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward foi
any case of Catarrh than cannot be cured
by Hall's Catarrh Core.
F. J. CHENEY & CO. , Toledo , O.
We , the undersigned , have known F. JJ
Cheney for the fast 15 years , and bellevd
him perfectly honorable In all business
transactions and financially able to carry ;
out any obligations made by his firm.
Wholesale Druggists , Toledo , O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally ,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent
free. Price 73c per bottle. Sold by all
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Her Complaint.
Nell Oh , he makes me tired. He's
always trying to kiss me.
Belle But you told me you liked him
so much you wouldn't mind if he did
kiss you.
Nell That's Just It He's "alwaya
trying" and doesn't get any further.
Philadelphia Ledger.
Take LAXATIVE BkOMO Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money If It falls to cure.
B. W. GROVE'S signature Is on each box. 25c.
Business Judgment.
"Are you the proprietor of this store ? "
asked the young man with the sample
"I am , " said the -druggist. "Is there
anything "
"Have you any clerks besides that
young man behind the counter ? "
"No , sir. "
"Then I can't do business with you. I
am introducing a preparation guaranteed
to make thin people plump , but you are
too skinny here to handle it. Sorry.
Good day. " Chicago Tribune.
The Portuguese attempted to establish
cattle farming in Newfoundland in 1553 ,
bat all traces of the animals they import-
ad Lave been lost.
Patient Cured of Ataxia Gives the
Entire Credit to Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
Mrs. S. C. Wellock , of 114 Cleveland
ivenue , Everett , Mass. , the wife of-
m employe in the government works
it Chelsea , says :
"I had been troubled with nervous-
less for ten years and the disease
cept growing on me. Then I learned
hat I was suffering from locomotor
itaxia. I had terrible tremblings In
ay right leg which would get rlgidi
, nd when this happened in the street
uad to stand still until it passed
.way to keep from falling. My right
: rm felt as if a thousand needles were
irlcking it. The sheet touching my
; nee in bed would nearly cause me
0 scream out with pain and both
: nees were so weak I could hardly
"I had to use a. cane and be helped
bout by my son. Then the pain be
an to settle in the calves of my legs
nd the muscles became numb and
uivered constantly. The cords un-
er my knees seemed to be drawn up
[ ght and the terrible shooting pains
1 my legs would nearly drive me in
ane. My toes became numb and at
mes would prickle as If needles were
eing thrust Into them. My eyes be-
ame doll and black spots floated be-
3re them. My heart waa very weak.
"My attention was called to Dr.
niliams' Pink Pills and I bought sev-
ral boxes right away and soon felt
jlief. I waa so pleased that I kept
a taking them until they cured me
atlrely , and I have had no symptoms
' . the trouble for over a year. "
Dr. Williams' Pink Fills are sold by
1 druggists or sent , postpaid , on re-
slpt of price , 50 cents per box/ sis
ires $3.50 , by tfce Dr. Williams Meo1 *
ine Company , Sohenectady , N. Y.
ocoklefc , entitled "Nervous Dia-
* * sent free on request. *