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And a True Story of How the Vegetable Compound
Had Its Birth and How the "Panic of ' 73" Caused
it to be Offered for Public Sale in Drug Stores.
, Tli is remarkable woman , whose
inaiden name was Estes , was born in
Lynn , Mass. , February 9th , 1819 , com
ing from a good old Quaker family.
For some years she taught school , and
"became known as a woman of an alert
and investigating mind , an earnest
seeker after knowledge , and above
all , possessed of -wonderfully sympa
thetic nature.
In 1843 she married Isaac Pinkham ,
a builder and real estate operator , and
their early married life vas marked by
prosperity and happiness. They had
four children , three sons and a
In those good old fashioned days it
was common for mothers to make
their own home medicines from roots
and herbs , nature's own remedies
calling in a physician only in specially
urgent cases. By tradition and ex
perience many of them gained a won
derful knowledge of the curative prop
erties of the various roots and herbs.
Mrs. Pinkham took a great interest
in the study of roots and herbs , their
characteristics and power over disease.
She maintained that just as nature so
bountifully provides in the harvest-
fields and orchards vegetable foods of
all kinds ; so , if we but take the pains
to find them , in the roots and herbs
of tb.9 field there are remedies ex
pressly designed to cure the various
ills and weaknesses of the body , and
it was her pleasure to search these out ,
and prepare simple and effective medi
cines for her own family and friends.
Chief of these was a rare combina
tion of the choicest medicinal roots
and herbs found best adapted for the
cure of the ills and weaknesses pecu
liar to the female sex , and Lydia E. Pink-
ham's friends and neighbors learned
that her compound relieved and cured
and it became quite popular among
All this so far was done freely , with
out money and without price , as a
labor of love.
But in 1873 the financial crisis struck
Lynn. Its length and severity were too
much for the large real estate interests
of the Pinkham family , as this class
of business suffered most from
fearful depression , so when the Centen
nial year dawned it found their prop
erty swept away. Some other source
of income had to be found.
At this point Lydia E. * Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound was made known
to the world.
The three sons and the daughter ,
With their mother , combined forces to
Hadn't Burnt , | Mnch.
Elderly Relative ( to schoolgirl )
Amanda , you are looking pale. You
must not be too ambitious. Tell me
the truth , now ; haven't you been burn-
Ing the midnight oil ?
Miss Amanda ( her paleness all
gone ) Wby , yes , auntie. But but
not much ; we turned the lamp down
Very low indeed. Detroit News.
5 Tons Grass Hay Free.
Everybody loves lots and lots of fodder
for hogs , cows , sheep and swine.
The enormous crops of our Northern
GrownPedigree Seeds on our seed farms
the past year compel us to issuo a spe
cial catalogue called
This is brim , full of bargain seeds at bar
gain prices.
ind receive free sufficient seed to grow 5
tons of grass on your lot or farm this
runner and our great Bargain Seed Book
With its wonderful surprises and great
bargains hi seeds at bargain prices.
Remit 4c and we add a package of Cos-
IOOB , the most fashienable , serviceable ,
beautiful annual flower.
John A. Salrer Seed Co. , Lock Draw-
tor C. , La Crosse , Wis.
South America has about twice the
area and about one-half the population
of the United States.
restore the family fortune. They
argued that the medicine which was
so good for their woman friends and
neighbors was equally good for the
women of the whole world.
The Pinkhams had no money , awl
little credit. Their first laboratory
was the kitchen , where roots and
herbs were steeped on the stove ,
gradually filling a gross of bottles.
Then came the question of selling
it , for always before they had given
it away freely. They hired a job
printer to run off some pamphlets
setting forth the merits of the medi
cine , now called Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound , and these wer
distributed by the Pinkham sons in
Boston , New York , and Brooklyn.
The wonderful curative properties of
the medicine were , to a great extent ,
self-advertising , for whoever used it
recommended it to others , and the de
mand gradually increased.
In 1877 , by combined efforts the fam
ily had saved enough money to com
mence newspaper advertising and from
that time the growth and success of
the enterprise were assured , until to
day Lydia E. Pinkham and her Vege
table Compound have become house
hold words everywhere , and many
tons of roots and herbs are used annu
ally in its manufacture.
Lydia E. Pinkham herself did not
live to see the great success of this
work. She passed to her reward years
ago , but not till she had provided
means for continuing her work as
effectively as she could have done it
During her long and eventful expe
rience she was ever methodical in her
work and she was always careful to pre
serve a record of every case that came to
her attention. The case of every sick
woman who applied to her for advice
and there were thousands received
careful study , and the details , includ
ing symptoms , treatment and results
were recorded for future reference , and
to-day these records , together with
hundreds of thousands made since , are
available to sick women the world
over , and represent a vast collabora
tion of information regarding the
treatment of woman's ills , which for
authenticity and accuracy can hardly
be equaled in any library in the
With Lydia E. Pinkham worked her
daughter - in - law , the present Mrs.
Pinkham. She was carefully instructed
in all her hard-won knowledge , and
for years she assisted her in her vast
To her hands naturally fell the
direction of the work when its origina
tor passed away. For nearly twenty-
five years she has continued it , and
nothing in the work shows when the
first Lydia E. Pinkham dropped her
pen , and the present Mrs. Pinkham ,
now the mother of a large family , took
it up. With women assistants , some as
capable as herself , the present Mrs.
Pinkham continues this great workand
probably from the office of no other
person have so many women been ad
vised how to regain health. Sick wo
men , this advice is "Yours for Health"
freely given if you only write to ask
for it.
Such is the history of Lydia E. Pink-
barn's Vegetable Compound ; made
from simple roots and herbs ; the one
great medicine for women's ailments ,
and the fitting monument to the noble
woman whose name it bears.
" * * - * *
The good fairy brought an ingotof i
lead and an ingot of gold and laid/ /
them down before him.
"Choose ! " she said , simply.
The child thought a moment and/ /
chose the lead.
"It's no heavier to carry , it's Just 3.
good to eat , and it won't make every- )
body hate me ! " quoth he.
The good fairy laughed.
"You can be happy without any helpi
from me , " she chirped , aad flew away.
The Little "Woman.
Little Girl I want to get a mitten ,
please , an' charge it to me mother.
Shopkeeper A mitten ? You mean a
pair of mittens , sissy.
Little Girl No , just on'y one ; one
that's suitable for a boy that's going
to propose an' be rejected. Philadel
phia Ledger.
Slater Liked Him.
"Have yon any reason to believe that
your sister likes me , Willie ? "
"Course she does. Just yesterday I
heard her say , 'Nobody could help likin'
the dear old easy mark. ' " Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
During the year 1904 Slain exported
more than $12,000,000 worth of rice.
Teakwood is second in value.
Is the short , sure , easy cure for
I * penetrates to the seat
10 1 4
A * * tnr >
KJtieumatism /
< torture , and relief
promptly follows.
Price , 25c. and 5Oc.
Permanent Aan Hopper.
We all know what a bother It Is to
have to leave pressing work to empty
the ash hopper , and how hard It Is to
lift the ashes out , it produces consid
erable vexation , too , when the wife
wants the hopper emptied and filled ,
and husband thinks he hasn't time to
do it If wife has it to empty , as
many do , why not make one that she
can empty in a few minutes , without
any lifting ? Here Is the plan of ours ,
which holds about three barrels. The
cut explains itself. The upper end is
made separate , boards fastened togeth
er by means of cleats , and sets inside
or on top of sides , and top cleat ex
tends beyond Inner edges of posts , and
by raising up with lever comes through
notches in posts , thus taking whole end
out of hopper. We use a hollow tree
for trough , and if desired the whole
can be roofed over , and made to last
almost a lifetime. C. E. Pleas.
Cost of Feeding : .
The Massachusetts experiment sta
tion kept track of the cost of feed eat
en by three farm horses for five years.
The feed consisted of hay , corn , oats
and other common feeding stuffs. The
cost of the ration averaged from 18 %
to 24 % cents per head daily. At the
Oklahoma station Kaffir corn.was used
quite extensively. With Kaffir corn
and ordinary corn at 20 cents a bushel ,
oats 25 cents , bran 25 cents per 100
pounds , the average cost of a work
horse's daily ration was 17 cents. If
all horse owners understood how good
oats are for horse feed there would
be better horses in the country. Corn
is almost unfit for the hard worked
horse. If you feed oats the horses may
not look quite so fat , but they will be
In better condition. They will have
more life and feel more like working ,
and it is a settled fact that they will
do more work during the season by a
great deal , enough more that it will pay
well to feed on oats. Farm Home.
Good "Water Trough for Hoer.
A correspondent of Practical Farmer
says : I am herdsman at the Oklaho
ma Agricultural College , and have used
the following for more than a year to
water hogs and sheep. Take a good
barrel , paint it heavily with tar or
lead. Bore ainch hole in side of
barrel 5 inches from bottom and a 1-
inch hole In top ; then make a box 2
feet square and G inches deep ; put bar
rel in box , put a plug in lower hole and
fill barrel with water by pouring in
top. Make an air-tight plug , coat both
ends with tar , drive in top hole tight ,
remove lower plug and box will fill to
top of lower hole and remain there
until barrel is empty. The barrel must
be absolutely air-tight Best to place
on a floor for hogs.
A New Movement in Education.
The Missouri State Board of Agri
culture in with the
co-operation Agri
cultural College has Just Inaugurated
a new educational campaign. Lectur
ers are being sent to the country school-
houses in various parts of the State to
speak to the children and parents upon
practical problems of farming. Usually
two lectures are given at each place ,
one in the afternoon and one at night.
In many places 75 to 100 fanners at
tend the meetings , often going miles
over muddy roads. The funds in the
hands of the board are not sufficient to
enable it to send lecturers to every
schoolhouse , but the enthusiasm with
which the farmers receive the Instruc-
tion leads to the belief that Missouri
is beginning a new era in agricultural
Maple Sugar Information.
A very good source of information
on the maple sugar Industry In all its
phases Is Included In n Government
bulletin entitled "The Maple Sugar In
dustry , " by Messrs. W. F. Fox and W.
F. Hubbard. It can be obtained from
the United States Department of Ag
riculture. The material Is a little out
of the ordinary line , Including experi
ence and dlrectio . on locating and
planting a sugar grove , the care of a
mature grove , besides all the usual ma
terial relating to sugar and syrup man-
nfacture and a general account of the
location and condition of the Industry
In this country.
Farm Income * in Canada.
One speaker at Montreal during a
recent session of the Canadian tariff
commission said that the average farm
in Huntingdon County represented an
investment of $5,000. On such a farm
there would be twelve cows of a total
value of $420. Two cows would fatten
two pigs and four calves. The revenue
from the milk and milk products of
twelve cows amounted to about $420 a
year ; from the two pigs and four
calves , $100. They would sell vo
beeves at $40 each. From the sale of
horses , one in two years , apples and
small stuff , there would be another
$100. The produce of the farm eaten
annually by a family of six was esti
mated at $180 ; therefore there was a
total revenue of $840 a year. To work
such a farm required the services of
two men and one woman , worth in all
a value of $456 and their board at $ G
a month. Then there would be expendi
ture for blacksmith's service , harness ,
and various items of wear and tear , to
amount to $100. Thus , the total ex
pense reached the sum of $772 , which ,
deducted from a total revenue of $840 ,
left a balance of $68. Another speaker
gave the balance sheet of an average
dairy farm , showing receipts of $1,205
and expenditures of $563 , leaving $690
for living , clothing , education , excur
sions , etc.
Stupendous Farm "Wealth.
The wealth production on farms In
1905 reached the highest amount ever
attained by the farmer of this or any
other country , "a stupendous aggre
gate of results of braia and muscle
and machine , " amounting in value to
$6,415,000,000 , an excess over last year
of $256,000,000. The wealth produced
on farms in 1905 exceeds that of 1904
by 4 per cent , that of 1903 by 8 per
cent and that shown by the census fig
ures for 1899 by 36 per cent Should
there be no relapse from his present
position as a wealth producer three
years hence the farmer will find that
the farming element , about 35 per cent
of the propulation , has produced an
amount of wealth within ten years
equal to one-half of the entire national
wealth produced in three centuries.
A Portable Stoclc Fence.
The frame of this portable fence is
made 12 feet by 3.5 feet , of 1 by 6
inch lumber , that will not twist or
warp. The pieces are securely nailed
at the corners. Wire fencing is stretch
ed over the frame and well stapled.
The hurdle is made of three pieces of
the same material as is used In the
frame. Nail them together as illustra
ted and cut a notch in the crosspiece
at the bottom to receive one of the
tongues on the fence frame ; the other
tongue rests in the crotch formed by
the two upright pieces. Farmers' Bul
Potato Eyes Mailed.
Many of the seedsmen mail potato
eyes put up in plaster , so that they
will reach planters in good shape. The
eyes are taken out of the tubers with
a knife made expressly for that pur
pose , which carries a pretty good-sized
piece of the potato. They are quite
sure to grow and make a fair crop re
gardless of the small beginning. This
is a cheap means of getting started in
new .varieties or of obtaining pure
stock from some of the standard varie
One hundred eyes , assorted to in
clude a half dozen sorts , may be or
dered packed in one box. These will
cost about $1 , with charge prepaid.
The cost is hardly worth mentioning
when compared to the advantage of
having some pure stock of known va
rieties. They are not mailed until
danger of freezing is past
Curing : Hamm.
Hog raising has declined so much in
some sections that farmers are reduced
to the purchase of the coarse and
chemically treated hams sold in the
markets. These are far inferior to
farm raised , corn and milk fed hogs\ \
of the smaller breeds with the hams
cured in the old-fashioned manner. A
plan still practised Is to hang the hams
In a barrel which connects by a con
duit with a great hole in which are
burned large quantities of cobs. The
cobs make a very clean , wholesome
smoke and there is no danger of fire , as
Ln the use of the ordinary smokehouse.
Care of Stock.
The care of stock takes precedence
of other kinds of work at this season ,
rhe animals are now in their winter
quarters and wholly dependent on the
awner or caretaker. Their present con-
lition and future usefulness will large
ly correspond with the carefulness and
jood judgment exercised in their favor
luring the corning few months. Com
fortable stables , judicious feeding and
kindly treatment are things that will
my right along. American Cultivator.
Farm Note * .
To pour drops from a bottle moisten
the edge.
A good way to destroy a bad habit
> r practice is to get something better
: o take its place.
It Is not best to let any dealer se-
ect the best lambs from the flock and
eave the culls behind.
There is an old notion that a cow
vill fail in her milk when fed on pump-
cins ; but there is no truth In the the-
> ry. .
Sore Throat Develops Into Bromchitis.
Mrs. Addie Harding , 121 W. Brighton
Ave. , Syracuse , N. Y. , writes : "I hare
been a user of Peruna for the past
twelve years. With m it is a cure pre
ventive of colds and many other ilia ,
Mrs. Addie Harding : .
"Two or three times a year I am
troubled with my throat , a kind of raw
feeling , turning to bronchitis. I have
had the services of my physician in each
case. Two years ago , when I felt a
spell coming I tried Peruna to check
it , and to my delight was not troubled
with the smothered and choking fealing
and never have been since. I can check
it every time with Peruna , "
"You say that Miss Strucoyle's father
will make her a wedding present of his
most valuable gusher ? "
"Yes. "
"And do you love her very much ? "
"Indeed , I love her well ! " Cleveland
You Can Get Allen's Foot-Ease FREE.
Write to-day to Allen S. Olmsted , Le Roy ,
N. Y. , for a FREE sample of Allen's Foot-
Ease , a powder to shake Into your shoes.
It cures tired , sweating , hot , swollen , acb-
Ing feet. It makes new or tight shoes easy.
A certain cure for Corns and Bunions. All
Druggists and Shoe stores sell It. 25c.
At the Stores.
Customer ( who has fallen downstairs )
Help ! I've broken my leg.
Shopwalker Yes , sir , you'll find
crutches , bandages , etc. , on the fourth
floor , front. Birmingham ( England )
The Archaeological Society in Constan
tinople has recently obtained the Sultan's
permission to begin excavations at Ephe-
In the Alarra-Cloclc Belt.
"Oh ! " exclaimed the possible boarder ,
in disappointment , "so this is an alarm
clock neighborhood ! What a pity. The
room is pretty. I like it , but I could
never stand all those clocks. "
| "Oh , but there isn't an alarm clock
, in the house , " the landlady protested.
"All our people are late risers. They
don't need to be called. "
"But those people in the flats that
back up against this house do , " said the
boarder. "I know the conditions as well
as if I had lived here. I've been in
many other places just like it. I like
your room , but an alarm clock block is
too hard on my nerves. "
The landlady sighed as the prospective
boarder picked his way down the dark
"What a crank , " she said. "I didn't
dare tell him the last boarder left on
account of those clocks. "
and ? consider
1jma < jf of the best
Blrs. Virginia Cavlnnn.
Chronic Catarrh of Throat and Lung *
Mrs. Virginia Caviana. room 82 , Cam
bridge Block , Portland , Ore. , writes :
"Iwas a sufferer with catarrh of tho
throat and lungs for a long time before
Peruna was recommended to me. I gava"
it a trial , although I thought at the Um
itwould be just like other medicines
and do me no good. I was pleased to
find that my irnproYemeBt began in less
than two weeks and continued until I
was entirely well. I gained nearly 15
pounds , have a splendid appetite and am
grateful for what your medicine has doot
for me. "
In buying a cough medicine , re
member the best cough cure ,
's Balsam
costs no more than any other kind.
Remember , too , the kind that
cures is the only kind worth any-
Every year thousands are saved
from a consumptive's grave by
taking Kemp's Balsam in time.
Is it worth while to .experiment
with anything else ?
Sold by all dealers at 250. and 500.
is the amount that many
farmers will realize from
their wheat crop this yeal
will be the average yield of wheat
The land that this was grown on cost many o\ \
the farmers absolutely nothing , while those wh
wished to add to the 160 acres the Governmenj
grants , can buy land adjoining at FROM Sfl
TO SIO AN ACRE. Climate splendid , school !
convenient , railways close at hand , taxes low ,
For " 2Otti Ceritui-y Canada" pant
phlet and full particulars regarding rates , etc ,
Apply fo info matiou toStpe Lnt-nd ntof Immisrr *
tion , O tarrn , Cunndu , or to . T. Holmes. 316 Jackcoa
St. . St. Paul. M nn. , and J. M. McLachlan. Box IIS
Wntertown.So.Dakota , Authorized Governnceat AgenU
Plooaa say where you eaw this advertisement.
That Delightful Aid to Health
Toilet Antiseptic
Whitens the teeth purifies
mouth and breath cures nasal
catarrh , sore throat , sore eyes ,
and by direct application cures
all inflamed , ulcerated and
catarrhal conditions caused by
feminine ills.
Paxtine possesses extraordinary
cleansing , healing and germi-
cidal qualities unlike anything
else. At all druggists. 50 cents
The R. Paxton Co. , Boston , Mass.
A Certain Onto far FeverlnkReM ,
CouBtlpatUn , H c a da ch e ,
Stomach Trestle * , Teetkti
. . . tUB rdeXf -
Mother Gray. Worai * . Tb " "
" 35 < rtfc
ren * HotBe , 8 n pl aiited FRBK ,
- - - \ . i. OLMSTED. L n y. il Y.
UMthaQreat English Remedy
Safe , Sure , ETfcctiTC. 50c.81.
PRUSSmta , or 93 Henry SC , Brooklj
plefue ay you oaw ska avartlsaiaanl
In tiu paper.
S. C. N. U. - - No. 11 1908
Sale Ten Million Boxes a Year.