Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, November 30, 1905, Image 5

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    Business Locals ;
. 'You will find a hearty welcome |
at the Chicago House. 38
Halldorson's photos 1 , 2 , 3 ,
and 5th of each month.
When you come to town , stop
at the Chicago House. 38
Comfortable rooms , clean beds
- and all you want to eat at the Chi
cago House. 38
- The next number of the lucture
course will be Franklin Pierce
Jolly. The lecture-entertainment
combines wit , pathos.and joy and
humor of life , humorous recitations
and impersonations. At Church's
opera house , Dec. 5 , 1905.
The Lonp Valley Hereford Eanch.
Brownlee , Nebr ,
Prince Boabdel
131693 and Curly
Coat 112261 at bead
of berd. Tbe blood
of Fowler. Anxiety.
Lord Wilton and Sir
Gladstone predomi
nates in my herd.
I can fill orders lot bulls of all ages at any
time. Ranch feur miles north-west of Brown-
lee , Nebr.
Office over the grocery deparment
of T. C. Hornby's store.
Will ' be in Rosebud agency July
. 3rd , Oct. 2nd and Jan. 1 , 1904.
{ liege , Nebr.
Tubular wells and windmills.
First-class Shop in Every Respect-
Kau de Quinine Hair Tont . < * < > M utar liu
Tonic , Herbicide anil Ook - ' PawJmiT < 'u
, Try Pompeian Face Massage C
Physician and Surgeon
Office at Quigley & Chapman's
Drug Store. Nights The Don-
oher residence. Cherry Street.
City Deliyeryman ,
Trunks , valises and packages hauled to and
- from the depot and all parts ot the City.
Dr ; Q. 0. Sturdevant , (
Office over Daveiitort's Store West Entrance tI
Valentine , Nebraska. h
G. H. HALL , M.D.
Physician aatd Surgeon. J
Office and residence over T. C. Hon- (
by's store. a
Valentine , - Nebraska. as ab
Practices in all State Courts.
1 Xmas Gifts '
| Father
A Fountain Pen
Razor Strop
Shaving Mug
Military Set
Smoking Set
Hair Brush
Clothes Brush
Cigar or Tobacco Jar
I We have many things suit-
for him. Look our stock
over. We will help you
select if you wish.
More Local.H
John West is in town.
Thanksgiving ball at Church's
hall this evening.
Eev. Morgan's daughter is recov
ering from typhoid fever.
M. F. Harrington was in the
city last week during court.
Bruce Moore , of Cody , was a
Valentine visitor last Friday.
S. S. Joice , of Gordon , was in
the city last week on business.
Miss Inez Pettycrew has been vis
iting friends in Ainsworth the past
B. J. Hoffacker spent several
days in town the past week on
D. A. Hancock was in the city
last Saturday from his ranch down
the river.
C. H. Jacobson , of Enlow pre
cinct , was a juror at the last term
of court.
Fred Cumbow was up from
Marsh lake last Friday and re
turned Saturday.
Prof. Searson's lecture will be
given in the opera house Friday
night. Admission free. Come ,
Mrs. A. Husband of .Des Momes ,
la. , an aunt of Miss Kortz , has
been visiting here and at Simeon
the past two weeks.
O. D. Carey came down from
the Rosebud boarding school last
week and will take his vacation of
a few wejeks as gardener.
The Episcopal ladies in their
chrysanthemum sale and pumpkin
feast report § 13 .57 as the pro
P. R. Wadsworth , one of the U.
S. land office inspectors , and J. B.
Leader of Woodlake were the
champion high five players last
week during Joe's stay in the city
as a juror.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Freeman ,
whe were former residents here in
the earlier days but now of Beatrice
this state , have been here the past
week visiting at the home of Geo.
Cyphers in this city.
Henry Carter has returned from
Cody where he has been spending
the past summer with his son , W.
H. Carter , and expects to remain
here during the winter. His health
has been very good recently.
Mrs. J. P. Bryan , a sister of
James Irwiu , was down here from
Casper , Wyo. , visiting her brother
and his wife the past week. She
had been down in Iowa visiting a
sister and stopped here on her re
The regular monthly business
meeting of the Ep worth League
will be held at the home of Mrs.
S. K. Imes next Monday evening ,
Dec. 4. After the business of the
evening is transacted , a social time
is planned. All the leaguers and
their friends are invited to be
present and enjoy a social evening.
Come to the supper and bazaar
Wednesday evening , Dec. 13 , at
Church's hall. There will be
chicken pie and all the other good
things to eat and you can select
your Christmas gifts from the
fancy and useful articles to be sold
at the booths.
A young man who gave his name
as J. D. Sharp , came to us last
Thursday when we were very busy
and got prices for printing 50 or
100 , 7x10 , railroad time table cards
with business ads around it and
blank space for a few telephone
numbers. He accepted our offer
verbally and wrote a letter as a
statement of the fact to present to
the people in soliciting business.
It later came to our knowledge that
he was showing a larger card to the
people and obtaining orders under
misrepresentation and we refused
to be a party to the scheme and in
formed him that he must make his
word good with the people by pay
ing for the size card he was
promising them. Upon tliis he
went down to the State Bank where : ,
he tried to sell his orders , but fail
ing to work Mr. Sparks who first j
telephoned us , he then went to the
Republican ofifce and ordered the ;
small cards 'printed there which was
done , ( Mr. Barker knowing nothing ;
ot his promises to the people ) and , , ;
the schemer skipped out. j i
State vs Peter Ladeaux and
Frank Morrison , Korse stealing
former plead guilty , sentenced to
three years in the penitentiary.
State vs Wm. LeLacheur , cattle
stealing dismissed by state.
State vs Frank Hoffman et al ,
selling liquor without license , two
cases both dismissed by state at
defendant's cost.
State vs Louie Wilson and Clar
ence Frazier , murder former dis
missed , latter found guilty of man
slaughter and sentenced to four
years in the pen.
Walter S. Selby vs Chas. Dot-
son et al , foreclosure dismissed.
Geo. H. Hornby vs J. L. Ash-
burn , foreclosure receiver dis
Gardner H. Folsora , adminis
trator , application to sell real es
tate confirmed.
Henry E. Chamberlain vs Cher
ry county , petition in equity
In the matter of the estate of
Titis J. Taylor , deceased , action ,
tolsell real estate confirmed.
Amanda B. Hornback , execu
trix , vs C. C. Stinchcomb et al ,
foreclosure confirmed.
Standard Cattle company vs D.
C. Sullivan , replevin suit error ,
dismissed at plaintiff's cost.
Elizabeth Brown vs Henry
Brown , divorce granted.
Hayden Kichards vs Mary Rich
ards , divorce continued.
John Mclthon vs W. 0. Me-
Elroy , action to quiet title strick
en from docket.
Stcphin Coleman vs Benjamin
Pierson. damage suit demur con
fessed and plaintiff has leave to
file amended petition in 60 days.
John Green vs Perry Lawson ,
damage suit defendant has leave j
to withdraw demur and file an
swer instanter.
Frank Cronin vs Ernest B. Wil
son et al , foreclosure defendant
defaulted , decree for plaintiff for
$ IOJ:1 , interest at 10 per cent.
Robert Quisenberry vs Dora
Quisenberry , divorcepassed. . "
Bank of Monroe vs Zella Blod-
gett , foreclosure decree for plain
tiff , § 23.25 , tax lien foreclosure.
Second case , ditto , decree fon
Alfred Stees vs Wm. Erickson
et al , application for appointment
of receiver defendants have leave
to withdraw demur and file motion
Isaac M. Rice vs A. L. Parrott
et al , tax lien foreclosure decree
for plaintiff for § 189.
Valentine Building & Loan As
sociation vs Matie Graham et al ,
foreclosure special appearance ,
motion to strike petition from files
overruled , defendant to answer in
30 days.
Benjamin Lansing vs Gottfried
Schmitt , foreclosure By agree
ment of counsel injunction made
perpetual , damages waived , de
fendant to pay costs.
Chas. W. Lamont vs J. T. Gal
loway , foreclosure passed.
First National Bank of Valen
tine vs Cherry county , appeal
motion withdrawn , plaintiff to file
petition by 9 a. m. on 2 th.
Alfred Lewis vs Cherry county ,
appeal motion withdrawn , plain
tiff to file petition on 24 = th.
Tollerton & Stetson vs Harry
Godfrey , attachment passed.
Grace Bovee vs Fred Bovee and
Ed W. Hans 'vs Nora Hans , di
vorces both granted.
State vs Thomas Nelson et al
defendants to answer in 60 days ,
plaintiff to reply in 30 days there
Enlow Cattle company vs M. B.
Ganow et al application to revive
judgment , order of revivor as
against M. J. Gates as administra
H. M. Henley vs Caroline E.
Rathburn et al motion special
appearance of all defendats sus
tained , plaintiff excepts. I
Elizabeth J. Monnier vs George \
W. Monnier , divorce decree of (
absolute divorce granted , plaintiff t I
to have custody of daughter Carrie
and defendant to have custody of
all boys .until further order of the
court , defendant to pay costs.
Soda Crackers
anything you choose milk ior instance or alone.
At fevery meal or for a munch between meals , when
you feel the need of an appetizing bite to fill up a vacant
corner , in the morning when
you wake-hungry , or at
night just before going to bed. Soda crackers are so
light and easily digested that they make a perfect food at
times when you could not think of eating anything else.
But as in all other things , there is a difference in sod
crackers , the superlative being
Uneeda Biscuit
a soda cracker so scientifically baked that all the nutri
tive qualities of the wheat are retained and developed
a soda cracker inwhich all the original goodness is
preserved for you.
Program for Cherry County
An 0fiutl < m of TViiehers.
Music . NeKie Easlcy.
Invocation . . . .Itev. M. Waterman
Quiz on Psychology . Futmaii. ,
H. D. Heist.
Quiz . Methods of Teaching as
given by Miss Florence Nelson.
Pa er . The Te-vcher as a Citizen
i'earle Arnot.
FRIDAY , 7:30 : P.M.
Music . Orchestra
Address of Welcome . Rev. Morgan
Response . . . Frank West
Lecture . Prof. J. W , Seareon
Mu-ic . Nellie JEasley
SATURDAY , 9 00 A. M.
Opening Exercises . Edythe Klingaman
Paper . WritingVertical or Slaut-Whi ch ?
Discussion . Mrs. Etta Pettycrew
Recitation . / . . Aunt Eliza on Boys
xizzie Ilohson.
Paper . Are our 8th Grade Country Students
Ready to Enter 9th. . . . Miss Eva , Walker
Ta'kon ' Education . Prof. J. W. Searsou
Paper . The Country School Its Resources ,
Educational , Social , Ethical. . . Lillian Nelson
Recitation . Alice McLean.
S \-TURD A.Y , 2:00 P. M.
Song . Four Girls nnder direction of
Laura Pcttijohn.
Paper . School Discipline
Carl Ziuc.
Paper . Language Methods
Florence smith ,
Song . Primary Room
Round Table . Joys and Troubles of the New
Teacher II w the Joys Miy be Increased
and the Troubles Lessened . Mrs.
Geiw Mo sman ,
Reading . ; . . . . Selected
Miss Venia Marie Keller.
Certillcates Under the New l.a\v. . . .Lulu Kottz
Discussion .
Poems Suited to Various Grades , CoraThackrey
Song . Nellie Easley , with accompanimen
All friends of education are
urged to lend their presence at
these meetings.
Co. Sapt.
Mrs. P. H. Young , of Simeon , is
visiting lier folks at Merriman this
week. Mr. Young has been in town
several days making windmill tow
ers for his ranch.
The U. S. weather bureau re
port for the week ending Nov. 29 :
Daily mean temperature 29 ° was
1 ° below the normal. Highest
temperature 57 ° on the 23 , and
the lowest2 ° on the 29 , gives
a range of 59 ° .
We are prepared to make real
estate loans on Farm and Ranch
properties at a fair and conserva
tive valuation. Call and see us.
32 At First National Bank.
The Keeney Sfcock Co. played afc
Church's opera house three nights
this week to good audiences , consid
ering the extremely severe weather.
The performances were very good
and especially in the play , "A Man
of the People. The specialties be
tween acts were new and clever.
Statistics prove that the chances of your dying of
Throat or Lung Troubles , are 9 to 1.
Waste no time , but cure your Disease with
FOR coHsoRpnoi , mws AND GOLDS
the only strictly scientific LungSpecific in existence.
Positively guaranteed to help 'or money refunded.
Saved tfae Freaciicr ,
Rev. 0 , D. Moore of Hapersville , N. Y.s writes : "I
had a fearful cough for months , which nothing : would
relieve , until I took DP. King's New Discovery for
Consumption. It cured my cough and saved my life. "
Prices , 5Oc and $ I..OO Trial Bottles Free
Reduced prices on ready-to-wear
Hats , commencing Monday , Nov.
Don't forget that Frank Fischer
carries the best and most complete
line of Heating Stoves and Eanges
on the market. Also at the most
reasonable prices. 4i
Every man owes It to hlmseif and his family
to master a trade or profession , iiead tlie dis
play advertisement of the six Mo-se Schools of
IVIegrapl'y. in this issue and learn liow easily a
young man or lady may learn telegraphy acd
be assured a posilion. <
We are making a specialty of
Carbon Platinos. Order the good
goods and you get them. .Remem
ber that our Photos are guaranteed
and that re-sittings are given when
necessary. HALLDORSQS. 29
For Sale Good 6 room house
and lot on Hall street , good stable , j
Inquire at this office.
Report of school district No. 20
for month ending Nov. 24. Num- ,
ber of pupils enrolled 10 , number
of days actually taught 20. Those i
neither absent nor tardy were Mae"
and Charley Spain. Those tardy
but not absent were Nels Rowley ,
Josie Bennett , Loyd and Anna
Dotson. Number of visitors 3.
Catholic Church
BIlt ait
On Sunday next , mass will be
said here at 10:30 : a , , m. Catechism
class at three OCOCL in the after- ,
neen. The next Catholic service I
will be held here on the day of
Annually , to fill the new positions created by
Railroad and Telegraph Companies. We
ivaut Youne Men anu Ladies of good habits to
We furnish 75 per cent of the operators and
Station Agents i America. Our six schools
ar * * the'Hrtrpst exclusive Telegraph Schools
In The World. tablished 20 years aLd en
dorsed b > all le dinti hallway Officiate.
We execute aS2 > 0 bond to every student to
fur-ish Him or her a position paying from
? 40 to SCO a month in .states past of the Rockv
Mountains , or from § 75 to SlOOa month in
state * wvsr of the Rockies , immediately up
on graduation.
htudenis c m enter at any time. No vaca
tions. For full information regarding any
of our Scnotils write direcc to our executive
oflice at Cincinnati , u. Catalogue free ,
The Morse School of Telegraphy ,
Cincinnati. O Buffalo.
Atlanta , Ga. LaCrosse , Wis.
Texarkana , Tex. SanFraaciaco.Cal ,
A friend cf tho hom
A Toe of the Trust
Complies with the Pure Food Law *
of oil States.
Frank Fischer's line of Heating
Stoves and Ranges is the largest
and besb to be found in the city.
This line is open for inspection
and the prices are most reasonable.
For sale Four thoro-brd Ches
ter White boars. WM. EPKE ,
Crookston , Neb ,