Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, June 29, 1905, Image 5

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All cattle branded Q-j orH3
on left side or hip or Q
on left side or hip ; also all horses
branded Q on left jaw or hip ,
are the property of the ERICKSON
CATTLE COMPANY and in the cus
tody of the undersigned , as Re
ceiver of said company.
I will be grateful for informa
tion that will lead to the recovery
of any strays , or where a person
has gone to any trouble or expense
in recovering said cattle or horses ,
I will pay a suitable reward for
the return of the same.
C. H. CORNELL , Receiver ,
Valentine , Nebr.
Strayed or Stolen.
From 12 miles southeast of Rose
bud , one 3-year old bay gelding ,
weight about 900 pounds , branded
JL on left hip. Liberal reward
for recovery. Address
Ed. F. REID ,
224 : Rushville , Neb.
The Loup Valley Ilereford Ranch.
Brownlee , Nebr ,
Prince Boabdel
131603 and Curly
Coat 1122C1 at head
of herd. The blood
of Fowler. Anxiety.
Lord Wilton and Sir
Gladstone predomi
nates ID my herd.
I can fill orders foi balls of all ages at any
time. .Ranch feur miles north-west of Brown-
lee , JSebr.
Office over the grocery deparment
of T. C. Hornby's store.
Will be in Rosebud agency July
3rd , Oct. 2nd and Jan. 1,1904 : .
Rioge. Nebr.
< \
Tubular wells and windmills.
. . Hall . , M. D.
lbjslciiin and Surgeon.
All calls promptly attended to day
or night. Drugs and Phar
maceuticals furnished.
Wood -
/i Jarb'er *
First-class Shop in Every Respect Qulnthe Hair Tonic , Golden Star Bair
TbnlCfHenjIcide and Coke's Dandruff Cure.
Try.Pompeian Face Massage Cream
Physician and Surgeon
Office at Quigley & Chapman's
Drug Store. Nights The Don-
oher residence , Cherry Street.
Dr. Q. 0. Sturdevant , .
Office over Daventcrt's Store Wesl Entrance
Valentine , Nebraska.
City Deliveryman ,
Trunks , valises and packages hauled to and
from the depot and all parts of the City.
Contractor and Build
er in Brick or Stone
Valentine , - Nebr.
THIehacl Anfirelo'ii Work.
.Tllchael Aiigelo relied almost entirely
upon form the form of tlie figure and
jr of the draperies. He told Pope Julian
jrf II. , when the latter requested him to
f paint the celling of the Sistine chapel
at Rome , that he was not a painter ,
but a sculptor ; yet , after he had shut
himself tip for four years from 1503
to 1512 and the scaffold was removed ,
a result had been achieved which Is
Without parallel in the world. Very
wonderful Is the work which Michael
A&gelo spread over this vast area of
10,000 square feet The fact that
th'ere are 343 principal figures , many
of colossal size , besides a great num
ber of others introduced for decora
tive effect , and that the creator of this
vast scheme was only thirty-three
when he began his work all this la
marvelous , prodigious , and yet not so
marvelous as the variety of expression
in the figures of which Jeremiah Is on *
ly one figure In a small side arch.
Charles H. Caffin in St Nicholas.
To act with common sense according
to th * moment Is the best wisdom I
Sam Hudson was in town Tues
James Dahlman and Frank Cur
ry are in town.
Robert Lee was in town yester
day on business.
George Dew , of Chesterfield
was in town yesterday.
Jake Stetter returned yesterday
from the Gillaspie ranch.
D. W. Parmelee , the Cut Meat
trader , was in town yesterday.
D. W. Armstrong : , of Cody , was
in the city the first of the week.
D. L. McLean of Rosebud , was
a city visitor the latter part of last
M. F. Clynes came in from his
ranch yesterday , and today went
up to Rosebud.
Dr. E. S. Furay , the popular
Cody physician , was a Valentine
visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Emma Dennis returned
this week from Norden to visit a
few days in the city ,
THE DEMOCRAT recently re
ceived a postal card from Father
Ferdinand Lechleitner at Rome.
A number of Valentine people
attended the sale at Crookston last
Saturday. The stock brought
good prices.
The sale of the effects of the late
S. L. Ellis yesterday at Simeon
was well attended and fair prices
were realized.
C. S. Gould returned from his
eastern visit yesterday morning.
Mrs. Gould and Johnnie remained
for a longer visit.
Miss Mary Cumbow came up
from TVoodlake Monday to attend
the junior normal. She recently
closed a successful term of school.
Miss Allie Cyphers , after at"
tending school at the Lincoln Busi
ness college for the past winter , is
now working in W. E. Haley's
real estate office.
A. Morey and wife have gone
back to their old home in Illinois
for a visit where they will spend
several weeks among , , old time
friends and relatives.
TV. J. Ward has been seriou&ly
ill with rheumatism for. some time
and intends to go to Hot Springs
for treatment. TVe sincerely hope
for his speedy recovery.
Grant Boyer and Frank Riggle
have H. M. Cramer's house com
pleted , except the painting and
putting in two windows , and in
vited the editor to inspect it
yesterday which we did and found
it done in a very creditable manner.
Jas. Quigley and M. F. Clynes
of Valentine , T. B. Irwin of
Gordon , P. G. Cooper and J. F.
Connell of Crawford , and M. P.
Morton of Fairfax , S. D. , drove
up to Rosebud today to be on
band at the opening of bids for
the issue cattle tomorrow.
TVm. Maier and Walt Meisner
came up to Valentine from Wood
Lake last Monday while waiting
for the belated passenger and
spent several hours with friends.
We understand that they have sev
eral contracts on hand and are
kept busy. Mr. Maier informs us
that his family is enjoying good
Wm. F. Brown , of Crookston ,
received a letter from his sister ,
Mrs. Shetrow , in White Pigeon ,
Mich. , this week , stating that her
husband was dead and their father
Wm. Brown had been quite sick.
Mr. Brown started this morning
with the purpose of bringing botk
his father and sister back with
him. Mrs. Shetrow formerly lived
near Crookston.
Jas. Nolan and wife and Mrs.
Ella Ellis came to town from Sim
eon last Friday and Mrs. Nolan
departed for her home north of
Harrison , Neb. , on the passenger.
Mr. Nolan will remain to assist
Mrs. Ellis in closing up the estate
of the late S. L. Ellis when Mrs.
Ellis and children will accompany
him home for a two weeks visit
and will go from there to join her
father's family atJMoscow , Idaho.
It has rained nearly every day
the past three weeks. The country
is full of water.
Last Thursday an altercation
between Charles Price and his
wife resulted in the latter firing
four shots at him , the last striking
him in the back. The bullet lodg
ed about an inch and a half be
neath the skin , having struck a
bone and flattened. Dr. Lewis
cut it out , and except for the pain
Price was not seriously hurt.
Yesterday evening , June 28 ,
1905 , at the home of the groom's
mother , Frederick TV. Buechle
was joined in marriage to Miss
Nettie Heth , Rev. A. T. Carpenter
officiating. A large number of
friends and relatives were present
and after the ceremony the guests
were invited to a splendid repast.
THE DEMOCRAT extends congratu
Frank Curry & Go's , contract to
furnish 4977 heifers to the govern
ment for issue cattle having failed
to go through because of Secre
tary Hitchcock's demanding that
the cattle be delivered , while the
bureau of animal industry required
the cattle to be dipped which nec
essarily delayed delivery and sub
jected the contractor to a penalty
of $1,000 per day , consequently
they chose to forfeit the contract
and new bids were invited by the
government through Agent Mc-
Chesney at Rosebud. Bids are to
be opened and considered tomor
row at Rosebud.
The Latter Day Saints are hold *
ing tent meetings in the west part
of town. Their meetings have
been well attended , considering
the damp weather and dark nights *
Elders D. M. Rudd and J. M.
Stubbart are doing the preaching.
These elders represent the Re
organized church of Jesus Christ
of L. D. S. , the headquarters of (
which are at Lamoni , la. This
church has nothing to do with the
Latter Day Saints or "Mormon"
church of Utah , but to condemn'
their follies. Meetings every
evening and Sunday at 11 o'clock.
All are invited.
The U. S. weather bureau re
port for the week ending June 28 ,
shows extremes of temperature
respectively : 75 ° on the 28th ,
and 45 ° on the 22nd , a range of
30 ° . The mean for the week was
59 ° and the normal 69 ° , a loss
of 10 ° . The low temperature and
lack of sunshine during this period
have not helped crops very much.
The precipitation is probably un
precedented in amount , the total
being 3.38 , and the normal 0.78 ,
and excess of 2.6 inches. The-
lowland crops more or less have"
almost been drowned out for the
time being. The winds have been
aigher than usual and exceptional
ly high on the 22nd , when the
velocity reached its maximum of
30 miles per hour on the 22nd.
Thunder storms occurred every
day except one.
The summary from Nebraska
section weather bureau shows as
follows : The past week has been
cold and wet with several severe
lail and rain-storms which serious
ly damaged small grain in small
areas. The mean daily tempera
ture averaged 30 ° below normal
in southern counties and 8 ° below
in northern. The rainfall occurred
mostly in heavy thunder-storms
and was above normal in nearly
all parts of the state. It exceeded
an inch in all except a few north
eastern and northwestern counties.
In most of the central counties it
ranged between 2 and 4iaches. .
Winter wheat is ripening rapidly
and the harvest has begun in
southeastern counties. Wheat
has rusted some in the regions of
heavy snowfall but not enough to
cause a material injury to the crop.
In general , the damage by Hessian
fly seems to be less than was ex
pected and the crop now promises
to be better than seemed probable
earlier in the season. Spring
wheat and oats have grown well
and improved in condition. Po
tatoes continue to grow well. The
wet weather delayed alfalfa har
vest and damaged considerable of
A friend of the fiom
A foe of the Trust
Oompliea with the Pure Food Laws
of all States.
the crop in western counties.
Clover.and timothy are being cut.
The prospects in most parts of the
state is for a large hay crop. Corn
is small but has grown well the
past week except in northern
counties where the low tempera
ture has been unfavorable.
At 9 o'clock yesterday evening ,
June 28 , 1905 , Miss Lizzie Hayes
and II. A. Daniels were united in
marriage at the home of Sam
Hudson near Simeon. The bride
entered on the arm of her father
and was met by the groom under
a canopy of white flowers where
the impressive ring ceremony was
performed by Eev. Cumbow. A
large company of guests present
showered congratulations upon
the happy couple. Many valuable
and beautiful presents were re
ceived. Both the bride and groom
have resided in this county for a
number of years and are well and
favorably known. THE DEMO
CRAT extends best wishes.
Catholic Church Announce
On Sunday next , mass will be
said here at 10:30 : a. m. Catechism
class at 3 in the afternoon.
\cbrusku JliiMt Keep Th 5 Off
Year Election * .
Lincoln , Neb , June 22.In an
opinion filed this morning , the
judges of the supreme court de
clared the biennial election law un
constitutional and void.
The judges say that it attempts
to extend the time of constitutional
officers , and this is clearly beyond
tliG power of the legislature.
The biennial law , enacted by
"piejast legislature , the bill being
introduced by Warner , sought to
'do awao with .the off year elec
tions. World Herald.
The officers to be elected this
fall are as follows :
In the state :
One supreme court judge.
Two regents of state university.
In the county :
County treasurer.
County clerK.
Register of deeds.
County judge.
County assessor.
Kennedy Items.
A. McAlevy has put in a phone
over at his place.
The hay flats are flooded with
water this year.
Pretty near everybody around
Kennedy are going up to Gillas-
pies to spend the Fourth.
Ben Bachelor is helping John
Bachelor dip and brand his cattle.
We hear that Ben Steadman
and Ben Bachelor have crowded
Frank Kime out of all of his pas
ture room this year.
Ernest Wilkinson and Ben
Steadman was down on the river
at a dance at Mr. Burge's place
last Friday night.
We hear that Frank Kime run
the Piercy boys out of Lone Tree
the other day , but such is life in
the far west.
The Irish at Brownlee are pret
ty good fighters , but they can't
come up to some of the boys
around Kennedy.
Once upon a time there was a
poor hog went to a lady's house to
get fed and the lady fed him good
and he thought he would go again ,
but the second time he got boiling
water. NEW COMER.
Ont of Hafrm'0 Avar.
"What the deuce are you doing on
the top of that tree , Mike ? Don't you
know that It's being cut down ? " Mike
Yes , your honor. The last tolme ye
had a tree cut down It fell on top of
me , and , begorra , Oi'll be safe this
tolme ! London Tit-Bits.
A Great Separator
There is a best in ev r thin ? . It must be
FECTIVE MOST SIMl-LE. By actual com
parison in actual use.
The Sharpies Tubular Separator
Has proved it has these points in its favor.
That's what puts it away ahead of all other sep
arators that's why I sell it. Get hold of facts.
VV. W. MORRISSEY , Valentine , Neb.
We will find quick buyers for any
Land , Live Stock or
any other property you have ready for market.
wxite TJjsuJLols. . . So © TJs.
Cherry County Land & Live Stock Co
First class line of Steaks , Roasts ,
Dry Salt Meats Smoke 1
Breakfast Bacon.
Highest Market Price Paid for Hogs.
Easy Running , Easy Washing , Clean Skimming ,
The Simplest is tlie ISest.
Nothing to get out of order and will last a life time ,
llecommended by all who have used them.
A practical machine sold on easy terms by
16 8 y.ft r D A IV/I ID VALENTINE ,
All lands of wood work done to order. Stock tanks made in all sizes
Valentine , - Nebrask a
New Styles in Ladies Fancy Shirt Waist Patterns ,
A. JOHN & CO. ,
Dry Goods g Notions
Special Prices on Winter Underwear and Hosiery ,
9 Sole Agents for
Ale and Porter , And FRED KRUG'S BEER
Choicest Wines and Cigars ,
I have buyer for Nebraska farms.
If you want to sell , list with me or
write for particulars. 47
Heist Bldg. Kansas City , Mo.
For feed or livery call on the
Eagle Livery. Commercial trade
a specialty. We have some good
second hand buggies and harness
for sale. Call and see us.
From my place near Valentine
about middle of.May , one 2-year
old sorrel horse colt , white stripe
in face , branded Qi on left shoul
der. 2i MARK D. CYPHERS.
Rice writes insurance.
I Halldorson & Barnett , your pho
tographers. Office open the 1st
to 6tb , inclusive. _
FOR SALE ; City Hotel , lot
and building. Price § 1000.
18 C. H. CORNELL , Agent. -
FOR SALE : 7 room house. Acre
lot. Nice lawn and fine trees.
9 P. F. Snioy s.
She-boy-gan Wigwam Hosiery
for boys and girls , ladies and mis
ses at Miss Martins. 22
In posing subjects for a photo ,
the greatest care is necessaryJike -
wise in finishing. The retouching
ranks next , and the soft . lighting.
We employ only experts at all
branches of the photo-making , con
sequently we can give you the best
and the latest. Look for our regu
lar dates.