Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, September 24, 1903, Image 1

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    Tiftorioal Sooltty
[ '
Heating Stoves , Cast and Steel Ranges
"We now call your attention to our large and complete - & >
| plete line of Heating Stoves , Hard Coal Burners &J
i and Steel Eaugee , which we now have on our fo
floors ready for inspection. We are glad to say , & >
4 ? and can prove what we say , that we have the best &
49 line of stoves that lias ever been offered to the
< ? people of this part of the country.
W Prices and Quality Guaranteed.
< ?
* ? "We are also sole agents for the " .Retort Jewel5' , a ftft
stove which has been improved upon by men who
have had years of experience in the stove busi
tf ness and ip therefore the best "JRetort" stoveon
4 * ? the market , a good one which is especially adapt
I ed to the cheaper grades of soft coal , handled by
? our dealers here. We are also sole agents of the
"Cole's Hot Blast" etoves. If you need a stove
4 ? call and see us.
4 $
r sw g r a a' ! '
Winter Wraps and Clothing
Take away the dread of cold weather.
The BEST Styles and fit in Ladies Jackets ,
Ready and Tailornade Suits and Overcoats
For fall and winter wear.
Caps and Gloves for a chilly drive ,
& ? ? SStSffiW&W JVJiiflS ? K.l
Our Tin and Sheet Iron work can't be beat. A ftft ftft
first class tinner and good material to work with. ftft
* ? Guns and Ammunition ftft < *
Haymakers Tools ftft
1 ? Undertaking. &
4 * General Hardware , Stoves and Rang- *
| es. Iron Beds , Springs , Mattresses and a
Furniture , windmills and Pumps ,
< ? ' W
HHE OWL SALOON Proprietor.
$ T p % Sole Agents for
Ale and Porter , And FRED KRUG'S BEER
Choicest Wines and Cigars ,
First-class line of Steaks , Roasts
f Dry Salt Meats , Smoked
Chartered as a State Bank Chartered aa a National Bank
June 1 , 1884. August 12. 1002 , <
Valentine , Nebraska.
( Successor to )
cxf Va3.en.tlTx © .
OA.PITAL PAID IN o A General Banking
Exchange and
Collection Business
C. H. CORNELL , President. J. T. MAY , Vice-President.
M. V , NICHOLSON , Cashier.
Local Weather Record
U. 8. Department of Agriculture
Weather Bureau )
Valentine , Nebraska , week ending 6 a. IP , ,
September 23.1903 ,
Maximum temperature 91 degrees on the 21th
Minimum temperature , 28 degrees on the 17th.
Mean temperature. 59.4 degrees , which is 3. o
degree below the normal.
Total precipitation , 0.00 inch , which isO 21 inch
below the normal.
Official in Charge.
J. C. Rounds is in town.
John Grooms was a visitor in
town Tuesday.
Wm. Shelbourn was up from
the Snake last week.
Don't forget the county conven
tion next Monday , Sept. 28th
D. M. Sears and Mr. Hale , of
Kennedy , were in town yesterday.
The Valentine Bottling Works
puts up the finest kind of soft
drinks. 17
Walter Meltendorff is digging a
cellar and will build an addition on
the rear of his saloon.
Len Bivens has returned from
his visit with relatives end is again
at his work in the Red Front.
_ *
The Schromm Bros. , of Arabia ,
were in town Monday getting bills
printed for their sale Oct. 10th.
Mr. Clark , a printer for some
time on the Spring view Herald ,
called on us Tuesday looking for
a job.
Wm. Caton and wife are at Judge
Towne's. The Judge has been
sick again but is up and around
P. V. VanKorstran was in the
city the first of the week. He is
working in the hay fields near
Mr. Holcomb , father of the Mis
ses Holcomb who are teachers in
our school , has come up to make
his home with them.
The grounds around the school
house are being improved with a
fence and walks. It is not safe to
have children playing in the open
J. R. Nelson , wife and little girl
were here last week from Mexico ,
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Hudson.
Mr. Nelson is a brother to Mrs.
Chas. Sherman and wife return
ed from Moscow , Idaho , last Sat
urday morning and have decided
to remain in Valentine , as nothing
he has seen since leaving here last
spring suits him better.
The Newport Eagle has sus
pended publication and Robert
Good has gone to Kansas to look
up a new location. Mrs. Good and
little one have gone to her parents
in Long Pine. Newport Republi
E. W. Thode , manager of the
T. L. Pool of Big White river ,
brought in eight or nine hundred
head of cattle and shipped out a
train load of 18 cars Monday and
16 cars Tuesday. They expect to
bring in some more next week.
H. S. Savage has sold the Star
livery barn to Chas. Sherman who
takes possession next Monday.
Mr. Savage will go to Tacoraa ,
Wash. , about Nov. 1st to engage
with his father in running a saw
mill. He has made many friends
here during his stay who will re
gret his leaving.
Thomas Hudson was in from
Sparks last Friday and informs us
that his house was struck by light
ning on Friday night , the llth ,
just after he and his wife had re
tired and were shocked by the
stroke. Mrs. Hudson was con
fined to her bed several days and
was helpless but has now recov
A. Osgood , better known to
many of the boys around town as
Snowball , was in town this week.
He has been cooking for E. W.
Thode of the T. L. Pool on Big
White river.
D. A. Melton , one of the pion
eer farmers of North Table was in
town last Friday and called at our
office to set his subscription a year
ahead. He is a man of little pre
tensions , but can be depended upon
as a good citizen. He tells us that
G. P. Crabb and family are doing
well in their new home in Wash
ington and that Mrs Crabb is hav
ing better health than she ever had
Oscar Graeff , the 11 year old
son of A. S. Graeff living near
Britt , was sick with malarial fever
last Saturday and was unable to
go to the old settlers picnic at Britt
which caused him considerable dis
appointment as he saw so many
people going. He had practiced
running expecting to compete for
the prize in one of the foot races
which very likely he'd have won ,
but there will be other chances for
him to run yet. Dr. Dwyer went
out Saturday night to see him and
Sunday left him much better.
The old settlers picnic at Britt
last Saturday was a success. About
500 people gathered to talk over
old times and enjoy a day together
in sport. They came from the
surrounding country 15 to 20 miles
around and met as a great family
with greetings and social conver
sation. The day was perfect and
the program was carried out as
billed without a jar or discord.
Music was furnished by the Mc-
Ilhon family for the dancers which
was highly appreciated by everyone
who heard them play. The purse
ball game between the Valentine
nine and the boys on the Table re
sulted in a draw , the score standing
8 to 8 tallies in 7 innings. The
was divided and everyone was hap
py. The horse races were entered
by several contestants. 1st money
was won by the best horse or best
rider and they started off first dash.
Smaller sports and dancing closed
the day and the people went home
satisfied with having spent an en
joyable day. Every available rig
in Valentine was used and some
stayed at home for want of trans
Full more we'd ' write in verse or rhyme
Jn praise of all that is aublime
If we could rhyme and verses fix
We'd ' write this up and sign it , Bix.
The editor and boy were there
To swell the crowd of people where ,
They all are cheerful playing ball
And people courteous to all.
We'd like to write about the game
Because we umpired for the same ,
We'd mention those that plaj'ed base
But hang it , we dent know them all.
We'd ' also bring in every name
Of those who came to see the game
Or spent the day upon the ground
In s&amug handa or walking 'round ,
We'd ' speak of Hahn , Broad and Britt ,
Of Sanner , Spratt , Graeff , Searby ,
Hetc ,
Of Pettycrew , Dunn , Mcllhon
And G Pi Crabb who now is gone.
Of Hooper , Fowler , Granger , Hull ,
And Harper , Jackson , Sparks , Gas-
kell ;
Then Hobson , Kellogg , Taylor , Ward ;
Green , Higgle , Walcott and his Pard
There's Melton , Tackett , Johnson ,
Zarr ;
Judge Towne and Tracewell were
net there.
Thompson , Archer , Polen , Reece
Segar , Hershey and John Neiss.
Bullis , Kimbell , Bishop , Black ,
Miller , Becker farther back ;
Hubbard , Collett , Kalbringer ,
Kelley , Salmon , Hilsinger.
Stetter , Fischer and Laport.
Yank O'Bryan Davenport ;
Eaton , Brosius , Smith McCrea ,
We'll name some more some other
. day ,
4 ?
4 ?
Children's Cloaks 1
Eiderdown , Flannel , Corduroy , handsomely trimmed and
made in latest styles for children. Ranging in price
43 from § 1.25 to § 8.00 g
Women's Outing " Flannel Gowns
4 ? From . , . 1.00 to 1.25S >
4 ? Eiderdown Dressing Sacques & >
Jj All colors. From 1.00 to 1.25 | J
4 Dressier and more elaborate 1.50 to 3.50 fc >
4 ? Dress Skirts &
2 Everything to be desired. Good quality , style and make.f
4 $ Some extra large and extra small sizes in skirts. All & >
4jj prices. 2 *
S *
Sorosis Petticoats
43 Best petticoat made. Inspect our line when you w ?
4 ? good quality and right prices i >
4J Boudoir Slippers & >
tfO * *
o Dainty and serviceable 1.75 J
Davenport & Thacher
i *
Our Spring Goods
fa fcj
are now in and we are prepared to figure with you in any
thing you may need in our lines. We sell everything
kept in a first-class General Store at prices which are
right. If yon are in need of an.y
Farming Implements
let us figure with'you.
Our Groceries
Are best for GOOD LIVING. You get satis
faction from Good Groceries and we get satis
faction in furnishing them. We give you the
best in quality at a price you are willing to pay.
: W. A. Pettycrew , General Merchandise ,
r < rr < rd < rirfrre r v
Sweeps , Loaders and Bakes .
And in fact everything needed in the hay field.
Corn Harvesters , Shredders and Potato
Almost household necessities.
Eclipse Windmills , Gasoline Engines ,
Pumps , Cylinders and Well Pipe.
O33. © SS ! F oot TOTTSTOX- OOSO ? .
Lumber for Corrals.
Lime , Plaster , Stucco and Hair when
you are building.
We want you to know that we have everything usually
kept in our line. Come in and feel at home.
L. C. SPARKS , Manager.
1)0 ) YOU WANT A
The place to get the best Windmill , also pumps and Tanks.
First door south of the Douoher Bouse.
Highest cash price paid for Hides and Furs.
S.MOON - - . Valentine ,