Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1900-1930, March 05, 1903, Image 7

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Miss Rose Peterson , Secretary Park-
dale Tennis Club from
, Chicago , experi
ence advises all young girls who have pains
and sickness peculiar to their sex , to rely on
Lydia E * Pinldiam's Vegetable Compound *
How many beautiful young1 girls develop into worn , listless and hopeless
women , simply because sufficient attention has not been paid to their physical
development. No woman is exempt from physical weakness and periodic
pain , and young girls /just budding- into womanhood should be carefully
guided physically as well as morally.
If you know of any youncr lady who is side , and needs motherly
advice , ask her to write to Mrs. Pinkliaia at liyiin , Mass. , who will
give lier advice free , from a source of knowledge winch is uii-
equaled in the country. Do not hesitate about stating- details
which one may not like to talk about , and wkiclit are essential
for a full understanding- the case.
fliss Hannah E. flershon , Collings-
wood , N. J. , says :
"I thought I would , write and tell you
that , by following your kind advice , I feel like
a new person. I was always thin and delicate ,
and so weak that I could hardly do anything.
Menstruation was irregular.
"I tried a bottle of your Vegetable Com
pound and began to feel better right away. I con
tinued its use , and am now well and strong1 , and
menstruate regularly. I cannot say enough for
what your medicine did for me. "
How firs. Pinkham Helped
Fannie Kumpe.
Mus. PINKHAM : I feel it is my duty to
Tmte and tell you of the benefit I have derived from your advice and
the use of Iiydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound. The pains
in my back and womb have all left me , and my menstrual trouble is
corrected. I am very thankful for the good advice you gave me , and I
shall recommend your medicine to all who suffer from female weakness. "
Miss FANXIE KUMPE , 1022 Chester St. , Little Rock , Ark. ( Dec. 16,1900. )
.Lydia E. Pinkhain's Vegetable Compound will cure any
\voman in the land who suffers from womb troubles , inflamma
tion of the ovaries , kidney troubles , nervous itability , nervous
prostration * and all forms of woman's special ilifa.
Beware of the man with a grievance.
He may make good.
Industry is something the lazy man
idmires in the other fellow.
Even the comparatively sober have
DO objection to the gold cure.
; The bitterest controversies are
osually based on trifles.
About all that is necessary is to be
ible to rise to the occasion.
Ills a fact that S.ilzer'8 seed Bare found to
moro gardens and on morefarms than
any other In America. There Is tf
reason for this. We own and op-
crate over 5000 acres for the produc
tion of onr choice seed a. In order to
I ' Induce-yon to try them TTCmake
the following unprecedented oft or :
P FOP 1G Cents Postpaid
K 25 lorti wonderful onlonc ,
25 ort elrpnnt cablxpc ,
16 tori * cngnintrnteirroU ,
5 peering letlnee Tarittie * !
5 rare Inseloos radl > h ,
SO tpIendlJ brtl torn ,
76 gloriously bracUCul Bowci
In all dO Uinds positively f omishinR
baslielsof cliamiing flowers and lots
and lots of choice vejrtables , togeth
er witli our nreat catalogue telling all
abont Macaroni Wheat , Itilllun ol. ,
lor Grn. s , Teoslnte , Bromns , Ppeltz ,
etc. , all for only ice. Initampsand
"Us notice.
' Oulon need at bnt COe. m peond.
La Crosse , Wis.
J99 The Genuine TOWER5
It is made of the best
natersaJs. in black or yellow.
fully ouirante ; d. and sold by
relnble dealers everjwhere.
is prepared for sufferers from
rasal catarrh who use an
atomizer Jn spraying thedis
eased membranes. All th
healing and soothing proper
ties of Cream Balm are retain
ed in the new preparation. It
does not dry up the secretions j
prioe.includlnR sprayincr tub *
TOR. AtdrupRists or Ely Bros. .
66 Warren 8t , N. Y. , maU ii
What 10 Learn.
Learn to laugh. A good laugh is
better than medicine.
Learn to attend strictly to your own
business a very iuiporant point.
Learn to tell a story. A well told
story is as welcome as a sunbeam in a
sick room.
Learn the art of saying kind and
encouraging things , especially to the
Learn to avoid all ill-natured re
marks , and everything calculated to
create friction.
Learn to k"eep j'our troubles to your
self. The world is too busy to care
for your ills and sorrows.
Learn to stop croaking. If you
cannot see any good in this world ,
keep the bad to yourself.
Learn to hide your aches and pains
under a pleasant smile. ! No one cares
whether you have the earache , head
ache or rheumatism.
Learn to greet your friends with a
smile. They carry too many frowns
hi their own hearts to be bothered
with any of yours. Christian Life.
Honors For Colonial Mayors.
King Edward has conferred the
title of lord mayor on the mayors of
Melbourne and Sydney in Australia.
The turn of the mayors of Montreal
and Quebec and Toronto should come
next year ,
Kmjr Udwnrd a Linguist.
King Edward is able to speak Hin
dustani , and during the coronation
he addressed the Indians in their na
tive language when they were review
ed at Buckingham palace.
A Four Cornerea JFiglit.
Jim and Lou Sraizer , of near Paris ,
killed a bald eaule under unusual cir
cumstances a few days a jo. It at
tacked a Mg turkey. "While it and the
turkey were fighting , some crows at
tacked the eagle. Theeajile clung to
the turkey with its talons while it
beat off the crows with its hack and
winqs. The contest was getting in
teresting when one of the Smizers
fired into the fluttering hunch and
killed the eagle. It measured seven
ty-eight inches from tip to tip. Kan
sas City Journal. .
Cliicken onp.
After plucking a foul carefully , clean
the skin with a wet cloth , remove the
pin-feathers and singe off the hairs ;
then wipe the bird with a wet cloth ,
and cut the flesh in small pieces , sep
arating the bones , but not breaking
them so fine as to endanger their re
maining in the soup after straining it.
Che head and feet are to be skinned
and scalded after cutting off the beak
and claws , and the heart , liver and
gizzard properly cleaned and put into
the soup. Allow a quart and a pint
of water to each pound of chicken , si ml
season rather below the taste , be
cause the quantity of soup will be less
ened by boiling. Cover the soup ket
tie , place it at one side of the lire
where it will boil gently for several
hours until the meat falls apart ; UK-
soup will then be ready to strain , re
moving the bones , and finish for the
table by the addition of some delicate
dumplings , such as batter-flakes or
egg-barley dumplings.
Floor Stain.
Floors that are stained and oiled are
easily kept clean. The material costs
very little , and any one can apply it.
For an oak stain , take raw sienna , adil
i little umber to it , and mix half a pirn
af linseed oil and one quart of turpeu
tine. A tablespoonful of Japan dryei
put into the turpentine will make n
iry quickly. A cheap dark brown stain ,
which is better for old floors than : i
lighter color , is made by mixing om-
fourth of a pound of permanganate of
potash in one quart of water. Apply
with an old paint brush , and give the
Boor two coats if one does'not make it
iark enough. After the floor is stained
give it a coat of boiled linseed oil. 11
the oiling is repeated every spring ui
fall , your floor will always look well.
Whole-Wheat Ureatl.
Dissolve a cake of compressed yeast
In a gill of lukewarm water. Pour into
a bowl a pint of milk and stir into tlm
i pint of boiling water , add a teaspoon
ful each of salt and sugar , and when
the mixture is bloodwarm add the dis
solved yeast. Stir in a quart of whole
wheat flour or enough to make a bat
ter. Beat for ten minutes , adding to
ward the last enough whole-wheat
flour to make a dough that can be
kneaded. Turn upon a floured board
and knead for ten minutes and set to
rise with a towel over it. At the end
of three hours knead for five minutes ,
make into loaves , knead each of these
for two -minutes and set to rise for
about an hour before baking in a steady
C re of Lamps.
Buy the best oil.
Fill the lamps by daylight.
Lamps should be kept well filled.
Never attempt to light a lamp that is
only partly filled.
Keep the oil can closed and in a cool
Lamps to be carried should be of
aietal and have handles.
See that any hanging lamps you may
nave are securely hung.
When buying lamps select those in
which the end of the burner is consid
erably elevated above the body of the
'amp. '
Watch your wicks closely , and change
iem before they become too short.
If burning oil gets upon the floor ,
another with woolen blankets or rugs.
KRSS a la Cr me.
Boil twelve eggs fifteen minutes.
Line a dish with very thin slices of
bread and fill with layer of eggs cut
in slices , strewing them with a little
grated bread , pepper and salt ; rub a
quarter 01 ! a pound of butter with two
tablespoonfuls of flour , put it in a
saucepan with a tablespoonful of
chopped parsley , a little onion grated ,
salt , pepper and half a pint of milk or
cream ; when hot pour over the eggs ;
cover the lop with grated breadcrumbs
and put It in the oven , let it heat thor
oughly and brown.
Corned Hecf Hash.
Put in a large frying-pan one ounce
of butter ; when hot add four ounces
of potatoes and six ounces of corned
beef , botii cut in three-sixteenths of ,
an inch squares. Season with pepper
and nutmeg and fry , slowly inclining
the pan so that the hash assumes the
shape of an omelet. When a fine
color drain off the butter , and turn it
on to a long dish the same as an ome
Choco'ate Caramels.
Put together in a porcelain-lined
saucepan two pounds of brown sugar ,
a half-pound of good chocolate broken I
into bits , and a cup of cold water.
Boil until a little dropped in cold wa
ter hardens ; stir in two teaspoonfuls
of vanilla and two tablespoonfuls of
butter , turn into buttered pans and
vut into squares.
.Lemon Butter Fauce.
Put a large tablespoonful of cornstarch -
starch , two heaping tablespoonfuls of
granulated sugar , a pinch of salt , the
grated rind of a lemon and the juice of
an ounce of butter and the yolks of
two eggs in a saucepan and beat them
together until smooth and light ; then
add quickly a pint of boiling water ;
and cook until it begins to thicken.
Taffy Apples. in
.Make a thick sirup of sugar and a
very little water. Do not stir while
boiling. When It threads , take off the
fire and In five minutes dip the apple *
In It Set on paper to drip and dry.
Strikes You Any Time.
Never know when
or where backache
pains will strike you.
The Kidnej's will go
wrong , and when
they do , the first
warning is generally
through the back. Do
not fail to help the
K i d ne y s w hen
they're sick. Neglect
means many serious
ills ; 'tis only a short
step from common
backache to Rheu
matic pains , urinary
disorders , Dropsy ,
Diabetes , Height's
Disease. D o a u ' s
Kidney Pills cure all ills of the kidneys
and bladder. Head this testimony. It
tells of a cure that lasts :
Mr. A < W. Lutx , carriage wood work
er , of 109 17th avenue , Sterling , 111. ,
says : "After procuring Doau's Kidney
Pills in the month of November , 1807 ,
I took a course of the treatment which
cured me of backache and other annoy
ances due to over-excited or weakened
kiduej's. During the three years which
have elapsed , I have had no occasion
to retract one word of my statement
made at that time. I now unhesitat
ingly and emphatically re-indorse the
claims made for Donn's Kidney Pills.
A FltEE TRIAL of this great L'id-
ney medicine which cured Mr. Lutz
will be mailed on application to any
part of the United States. Address
Foster-Milburn Co. . Buffalo , N. Y.
For sale by all druggists , price 50
cents per box.
Must be Healthy T < n\n.
Norfolk , England , lias four centena
rians two men and two women.
Thousands of Americans for AVest-
crii Canada.
"There Avill be thousands of Ameri
cans coming up here in the spring , ' '
was the remark made by a farmer from
the vicinity of Langdon , North Da
kota , when he arrived in Winnipeg ,
Manitoba , the capital of Western Can
ada , a few days since , lie was the
advance guard of a large body who are
following him , and he has already in
vested in several farming sections for
himself and others and purposes to
take up his permanent abode in this
country. Lie went on to say : "Plun-
dreds are coming from my district
alone. I know this to be a fact , for
many of them are neighbors of mine.
The chief topic of conversation with
the farmers is the coming immigra
tion in the spring. "
' 'The impression general in the part
of Dakota where I live that farmers
can get from 10 to 15 cents more a
bushel for wheat on the American side
of the line than on the Canadian has
not prevented people from turning their
eyes to Canada' as a place to live in.
They know they can get land in this
country which is every bit as fertile
as that in Dakota at about one-quarter
the price. It is safe to say that the
exodus from Dakota into Canada this
year will exceed the expectations of oil
Canadians. "
The Government has established
agencies at St. Paul , Minn. ; Onuha ,
Neb. : Kansas City , Mo. ; Chicago , 111. ;
Indianapolis , Ind. ; Milwaukee , Wis. ;
Wausau , Wis. ; Detroit , Sault Ste.
Marie and Marquette , Mich. ; Toledo ,
Ohio ; Watertowu , S. D. ; Grand Forks ,
N. D. , and Great Falls , Mont , and the
suggestion is made that by addressing
any of these , who arc the authorized
agents of the Government , it will be
to the advantage of the reader , who
will be given the fullest and most au
thentic information regarding the re
sults of mixed farming , dairying ,
ranching and grain-raising , and also
supply information as to freight and
passenger rates , etc. , etc.
Town With Short Name.
The shortest name possessed by any
town or village in Great Britain is
Oa , the name of a village in Islay.
Metes Car Rnce ICourse.
Berlin will shortly possess a motor
car race course 938 yards long.
In Honor of IVet. .
One of the new engines for the Cape
railway is to he christened De Wet.
Denounces Christian Sci nee.
Preacihng on Christian Science at
Norwich , England , Dean Lefroy re
ferred to its teachings as "raving
nonsense. "
Time .From Moon to M on.
The time from new moon to new
moon is twenty-nine f days , twelve
hours , forty-four minutes and two
and eighty-seven hundredths seconds
Through and Through.
New Bedford , Mass. , March 2. At
G&S First street , this city , lives a very
happy man. His name is Ulric Levns-
seur and he certainly has good reason
to feel glad and proud.
Mr. Lerasseur has been sick for a
long time with general weakness a'nd
a sore pain in his back. At the last he
got so very bad that he could not walk
without great misery. Now he is well
and in speaking of this wonderful
change in him he says :
"I believe it to be my duty to tell
everybody how I was cured. I was so
weak that I could not stoop , in fact , I
was unable to walk without great pain.
began taking Dodd's Kidney Pills
and after a two months' treatment 1
am well and sound again.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills are a God-sent
remedy. I will always praise them for
their wonderful cure of my case. They
cured me through and through. I am
as strong and able a man now as I
ever was. "
Agriculture in Gr nt Britain.
The agricultural returns of Great
Britain for 1902 show that the total
under crops and grass was 32,387,765
acres' ' , a decrease of 29,480 compared
with 1901.
Many School Children Are Sickly.
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders for
Children , used by Mother Gray , a nnrse
Children's Home , New York , Break up
Gelds in 24 hours , cure Constipation ,
Feverishnesa , Headache , Stomach Trou
les. Teething Disorders , move and rej ;
iilate the bowels and Destroy Worms.
Sold by all druggists or by mail , 25c.
Sample mailed FREE. Address Allen S.
Olmsted. Le Roy , N. Y.
of the Skin and Blood
HUMOURS , Skin Humours , Scalp Humours , Bab )
BLOOD and every kind of Humour from Pimples to
Scrofula , with Premature Loss of Hair , may now be speedily ,
permanently and economically cured by Cuticura Resolvent , greatest
of Blood and Skin Purifiers , assisted by the external use of Cuticura
Ointment and Cuticura Soap.
Thousands of the world's best people have found instant relief
and speedy cure by the use of Cuticura Resolvent , Ointment and
Soap in the most torturing and disfiguring of ITCHING , BURN
Thousands of Tired , Fretted Mothers , of Skin-Tortured and
Disfigured Babies , of all ages and conditions , have certified to almost
miraculous cures by the Cuticura Remedies when the best medical
skill has failed to relieve , much less cure.
Cuticura Treatment is local and constitutional complete and
perfect , pure , sweet and wholesome. Bathe the affected surfaces
with Cuticura Soap and Hot Water to cleanse the skin of Crusts and
Scales and So ten the Thickened Cuticle , dry without hard rubbing ,
and apply Cuticura Ointment freely to allay Itching , Irritation , and
Inflammation , and Soothe and Heal , and lastly take Cuticura
Resolvent to Cool and Cleanse the Blood , and put every function in
a state of healthy activity.
To those who have suffered long and hopelessly from Humours
of the Blood. Skin and Scalp , and who have lost faith in doctors ,
medicines , and all things human , Cuticura Remedies appeal with a
force hardly to be realized. Every hope , every expectation awakened
by them has been more than fulfilled. More great cures of Simple ,
Scrofulous , and Hereditary Humours are daily made by them than
by all other Blocd and Skin Remedies combined , a single set being
often sufficient to cure the most distressing cases when all else fails.
CUTICURA REMEDIES are sold throughout the clvllUed world. PRICES : Cuticura Resol-
vert , 50c. per bottle ( in the form of Gborolate Coated Pills , 2 > . per vial of GO ) .
Cuticura Ointment , 50c. per bo\ . and Cutleiira Soap , lioc. per cake- . Send for the great
work. "Iluaonrs of the Blood. Skin .ind Scalp , and How to Cure Tlieui , " Ol Pages , 300 Dis
eases , with Illustrations , Testimonials , and Directions in nil languages , inihiding Japanese
and Chinese. Uritish Depot , 27-28 Charterhouse Scj. , London. K. C. I-'roueli Depot. 5 Rue -
de la I'aix , Paris. Australian Depot. R. Towns & Co. , Sydney POTTER DRUG AND CilKUl-
ICAL CORPORATION , Sole Proprietors. Huston. U. S. A
3Ia < ltm Fatti's Talio aii.
" MadameePatti , it is said , preserves
as a talisman the boots she wore at
her debut over forty years ago.
Jatr Lioo ey Socketed
The human jaw is very loosely sock
eted in the skull , so that it is often
dislocated by the mere act of yawn
Sometimes it is hard to distinguish
between envy and emulation.
If > attracting more attention than
any other district In the world
Area unu > r Crop In 1002 1,987,330 Acre * .
Yield in JD03 117a3a,7i 4JJn8hel * .
Abundance of Water ; Fuel , Plentiful. Cheap Bnlld *
intr Muterin I ; Good Gn - 3 for j natures and Hay.n f ertili
oil. a sufficient ramfall , and a climate giving a $
assured aud adequate Beacon of growth , llomexteat
Lands of 1GO Acres Free , the only charpe being SU
entry. Clo e to Churches , Schools , etc. ; Bailuruyg tap
all se tied districts.
S nd for Atlns and other literature to Superin
tendent of Immierntion. Ottawa , Canada , or tc
W. V. Bennett. 801 New York Life Bldg. , Oaiaha.
vcK tfco authorize * ! Canadian GovbranJTt IB * " " *
* " - - - - *
Over 2,000.000 people are now buy
ing goods from us at , wholesale
prices savins 15 to 40 percent on every
thing they use. You can do it too.
"Why not &sk us to send you our 1,000-
page catalogue r it tells the story. Send
15 cents for it today.
The house that tells the truth.
a Bbl.
-Lnrse : t erowergof Seed Potatoe * In America.
erj : zer r-
\VUcon In a yield of 74Q bn. per o. Prlf e
dirt cheap. Mammoth need book and ram pie of
TeoMnte , Speltz. JIacnronJ Wheat , G& bu. per
a. , Gluut Clover , etc..upon receipt of 10c postage.
Use For
The first electrical fire engine rim
with power secured by tupping street
railway or electric light wires is in
successful use in Kouen. France.
ISest TJIUH to Wo k.
Tolstoy believes thnt tte best time
lor literary work is between 9 a. in. fc
and 3 p. in. , and he seldom writes at
other times.
"What Luck ! "
LJBBY X-tTNCHEONS made ready m a
few monfents. The Wafer Sliced Smoked
Beef , Pork and Beans. Veal ! Loaf , Potted
Chicken , and lota of peed things to eat.
Are U. S. Government Inspected
Keep in the house for emergencies for
suppers , for sandwiches for any time
when you want something jrood and want
it quick. Yon simply turn a .key and
the can is open. An appetizing lunch ia
ready in an instant.
Libby , McNeil ! & . Libby"
Chicago , III..U.S.A.
"Write for cur free booklet "JIow to Make
Good Things to Eat"
Found reliable
Catalogue free. J. J. n. R rceory & So *
Marblchesul , llant.
oar Medicines. Tol-
let Preparations and Flavoring Extracts.
tmutac-ion gpnrantsed or money xefnnded , LIB-
? MIipOMMl6S10NS. Fair deal ln r. _ Write at one * .