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w p m - Hv M M A N D E R STARTS
un iimiev cno jieapi
ii u iiyro riiii i lmlbl
4HrQ5Sams Soldier Bbys Will Not
Participate In the Present
y Action In China
Berlin Special According to a dis
Jtch received by the German Navy
league the situation ivy China is crit
ical The dispatch adds that Chang
Xeih Hong who advised the empress
dowager to enroll the Boxers in the
army has been appointed governor of
the new Chinese capital Sian Fu
It Js further asserted that many Chi
nese have been decapitated at Chian
Kan province of Kiang Su
Finally it is asserted that General
Sian Tuan Si has raised his army to
40000 men
Washington D C Special In di
xect opposition to the implied wishes of
the United States Count von Walder
see the German commander-in-chief
In China has sent an expedition to
Bao TingFu and his action may cause
consequences in the southern provinces
which the authorities fear to contem
Believing that foreigners and their in
terests can best be protected by bring
ing about the early return of peace
Secretary Hay has sent to the French
and other governments his reply to the
French proposal in which he states
that the president would be pleased to
see the negotiations begun immediately
upon the usual verification of creden
At the end of his note the secretary
etates that the president believes that
the governments of Franceand other
powers will see in the reserves -we have
made here no obstacle to the initiation
of negotiations yon the lines suggested
and hef hopes that it will be found
practicable to begin such negotiations
at an early day
To guard against delay by discus
Bion the president has indorsed the
suggestion of the Hussion government
that In case of protracted divergence
of views the matter of the indemnity
which China must pay might be com
mended to the consideration of the in
ternational court of arbitration of The
In the demand of Li Hung Chang
for the return of the 278000 seized by
American marines at Tien Tsin they
authorize the purpose of the Chinese
commissioners to offset the claims for
indemnity to be made by the powers
by counter claims for the damage to
private and government property which
was not in accord with the rules ot
There is no intention on the part ot
this government to participate in any
further military expeditions and it will
deprecate action of this character on
the part of other powers
Wit Ting Fang the Chinese minister
asserts that there is no danger of an
uprising in Southern China and has so
assured -Secretary -Hay The authorities
fear however that unless something is
quickly done to support the position of
the viceroys who have so successfully
held their people in check there may
be an outbreak It is proposed by this
government to insist that the viceroys
receive appropriate reward for their
American Minister Tells of
Feeling In Germany
Washington D C Special An
drew T White the American ambassa
dor to Germany had conferences with
the president and with Secretary Hay
today preparatory to returning to his
post in Berlin next week
Mr White in an interview said that
having been so long absent from Ber
lin he could not give the latest phase
of opinion there regarding the Chinese
matter but that when he left it was
felt by some of the brightest people he
met that the course pursued by the
United States was wiser than that
adopted by Ihe European powers One
of the longest headed men in the diplo
matic corps had congratulated him
upon the fact that while the other pow
ers almost universally had lost hope
and were ready to proceed at once to
the most extreme measures on the sup
position that the diplomatic corps in
Pekin and indeed the whole foreign
population there had been murdered
the American government had been pa
tient and wise and it was due to this
attitude that the United States had
been the first to communicate with Pe
king and was really the power that
saved the -foreigners there Events
since then Mr White pointed out have
justified completely this view
To the quotations from a hostile ele
ment in the German press in the morn
ing papers Mr White attributed no
special importance f saying that the
papers quoted had been the most viru
lent enemies of the United States all
throughout the Spanish war and at all
The ambassador expressed the opin
ion that in spite of some friction be
tween the various powers an ultimate
fair understanding- concerning China
was altigether probable As to the set
tlement othe differences finally he be
lieved that ttfe international arbitra
tion tribunal reated by The Hague
conference afforded exactly the means
which will be needed to adjust all the
secondary questionsbetween China and
xe other nations directly concerned
Tx of Answer Jn Which ParfaJ
Acceptance itfade
Washington X C Special Tho
q the state department to- the
French note relative to the basis of ALL SOUTH AFRICAN STATES
A 1 - Art i - Li J - V -
me uninese negotiation was maae pub
lic today It reads
From the Secretary of State to the
French Charge d Affaires Sent to Mr
Thiebaut October 9 1900 Memoran
dum The government of the United
States agrees with the republic of
France is recognizing as the object to
be obtained from the government nt
China appropriate reparation for the
past and substantial guarantees for the
-- a J -
The president is glad to perceive in
the basis of negotiation put forward in
the memorandum of October 4 the spirit
that has animated the declarations
heretofore made by all the powers inter
ested and would be pleased to see the
negotiations begun immediately on the
usual verification of credentiaJs It
may be convenient to enumerate the
classes of the memorandum and add
-some observations dictated by the at
titude of the United States in the pres
ent circumstances
First The punishment of the guilty
parties who may be designated by the
representatives of the powers at Pekin
The Chinese government has already
indicated its intention to punish a
number of those responsible for the re
cent disorders The representatives of
the powers at Pekin may suggest ad
ditions to that list when negotiations
are entered upon -
Second The continuance of the inter
diction - bgainst the importation of
arms It is not understood that this
interdiction is to be permanent and the
duration of it and the details of its
regulation seem a proper method of
negotiation by the negotiators
Third Equitable indemnities for the
governments corporations and private
individuals This is an object desired
by all the powers The Russian gov
ernment has suggested that in case of
protracted divergence of views this
matter might be commended to the con
sideration of the International court of
arbitration of The Hague The presi
dent thinks this suggestion worthy of
the attention of the powers
Fourth The organization in Pekin of
a permanent guard for the legations
The government of the United States is
unable to make any permanent engage
ment of this nature without the au
thorization of the legislative branch
but in the present emergency we have
stationed in Pekin an adequate lega
tion guard
Fifth The dismantling of the forts at
Taku The president reserves the ex
pression of his opinion as to this meas
ure pending the receipt of further in
formation in regard to the situation in
Sixth The military occupation of two
of three joints on the road from Tien
Tsin to Pekin The same observation
which has been made in reference to
No 4 applies also to this proposition
The president is unable to commit the
United States to a permanent partici
pation in such occupation but he thinks
it desirable that the -powers shall ob
tain from the Chinese government the
assurance o their right to guard their
legations in Pekin and to have the
means of unrestricted access to them
whenever required
The president believes that the gov
ernments of France andthe other pow
ers will see in the reserves we huve
here made no obstacles to the initiation
of negotiations on the lines suggestec
and he hopes it will be found practica
ble to begin such negotiations at an
early date v
Washington October 10 1900
Neck Was Broken But He
LauKhed andJoked
New York Special For six hours
Conrad J Lang of 561 West Fifty first
street walked talked laughed and en
joyed himself with his family in ignorance
rance that his skull was fractured and
his neck broken
It was when he retired and his pillow
pressed upon the broken bone of his
neck that it was known he was Injured
at all Then he died
Lang was a truckman Last night he
fell from his truck and landed m the
back of his neck and head and was for
a time unconscious Before an ambu
lance could be sent for he sprang up
declaring he was all right except for a
slight headache
He worked an hour and then went
home One of the small bones of the
neck had been chipped pff The pres
sure of this on the spinal cord when
he laid down killed him
Policeman Tries To Make Arrest
and a Fight Follows
Havana Special At Matanzas yes
terday a Cuban policeman interfered
with two members of the Second cav
airy The quarrel culminated in a gen
eral fight between the police and soK
diers who arrived on the scene simul
taneously After the police had shot
Trooper Furey of D troop one other
soldier and one civilian and a number
of troopers of D troop tried to break
into the gun room to get their wea
pons but the quick action of Captain
Frederick Foltz of I troop in forming
troops Li and M in skirmish order
made it impossible for the excited cav
alrymen to pass
Lieutenant Willard is said to have
been slightly hurt while endeavoring
to quiet the men The troopers declare
they will have revenge and Colonel
Harry E Noyes has ordered all con
fined to barracks The feeling is vers
strong between the Cubans and thf
is v6Xjdi JTs rf
nd thgee wounded
- 4 1 f
- -
i -
BH Mill
Bi iv
De Wets Armies Well Organized
and Even Plan An Invasion
of Cape Colony
Grand Rapids Mich Special P
Louter special commissioner
of the South African republics to the
United States today received a letter
from Secretary de Bruyn of the Boer
envoys now in Holland containing the
first reliable and definite information
of the plans of President Kruger which
has been made public
The letter says that President Kru
ger will leave Delagoa boy on the
Netherlands warship Gelderland early
in October and thus he -has probably
already embarked He will be taken
to Holland where the envoys are
awaiting him At what port he Xvould
land Mr Wessels did not state
In regard Id the intimation in British
newspapers that English warships may
be sent in pursuit Mr Wessels said
the envoys were in a position to state
officially that any such action by Eng
land would be accepted by the Nether
lands as a direct declaration of war
and the little Dutch nation would act
President Kruger bears a commission
from the Boer republics but exactly
what it is not even the envoys know
They suppose however that he Will
endeavor to secure intervention by one
or all of the European powers to the
end that the individuality cl the repub
lics shall notbe annihilated
The envoys have preceded their presi
dent to several of the continental coun
tries and have found among the people
a uniform and almost unanimous pro
Boer sentiment which they hope will
be potent enough to force action by
the respective governments
And added Mr Wessels this let-
ter says they hope for more assist
ance from the United States than from
my of them
Mr Wessels in his interview also
states that the reports of large num
bers of Boers immigrating to America
were unfounded
I am the only accredited representa
tive of the Boers in thi3 country he
said and ifthere was anything in
these stories in Minnesota and Dakota
for land being acquired for settlement
by my countrymen I would know it
The Boers will never leave South Af
rica Their cause is not lost and they
will keep fighting till they win
General Dewets armies are well or
ganized and are operating not only in
the Transvaal but in the Free State
not many miles- from Bloemfontein
and are even planning to invade Cape
The reports thatLord Roberts send
amount to nbthing You need not be
surprised if there is a rebellion in the
whole of South Africa before the year
is out The only reason the Cape Colo
nists didhiot join us at the outset was
because they had no arms and nei
ther they nor we expected war and
were unprepared
Mr Wessels also took occasion to de
ny indignantly the assertion that Web
s ter Davis is in the pay of the Trans
vaal republic
His course in this country is actu
ated by motives of humanity only I
think I am well enoughacquainted with
the affairs of our republic to assure
you that he has never received a cent
from the Boers for his services in their
behalf said Mr Weasels
Mr Wessels received a letter today
from Charles D Pierre consul general
of the Transvaal with headquarters at
New York telling of the arrival of a
partfy of twelve American citizens who
with 300 others were captured by the
British at Johannesburg on July 13 and
shipped in cattle cars to East London
200 miles away It was in the dead
if winter and tte party suffered se
verely during its six days journey from
nunger and cold Later they were sent
to Holland and from there ordered to
America under penalty of arrest
Much Fighting Yet To Be Done
Manila Special The approach
the time for mustering out the olunteers
now in service in the Philippines is
causing much uneasiness Commenting
on the situation the Manila Times re
publican says editorially
There are no soldiers to spare Hun
dreds of towns are not garrisoned and
whole islands are not even explored
Even with 60000 men the army was un
able to protect the peaceful inhabitants
Hardly a day passes- without some
crime against the friendlies being com
mitted Here in Manila there are
troops enough but just outside the
gates five shocking butpheries have
taken place within a week In almost
every townover which flies the Ameri
can flag ar families in daily dread of
assassins bullets As soon as a native
becomes friendly he is a marked man
To deprive the Philippines of half the
troops in the next fe months would
invite the recurrence of Gie rebellion
ices from Ley
te show considerable fighting has been
going on in that islandthis month On
the west coast the rebels have been re
turning in the absence of the Ameri
cans 3n expeditions and are terrorizing
the inhabitants On bctober 5 thirty
Americans attacked a rorce of forty five
rebels in Camarine province and killed
ten The Americans had two Kiuea
A Most Terriple Accident Befalls ft
Family In Nebraska
The dead
The injured
Mrs Bartenbachs
Mrs Bartenbachs 4-year-old brother
Holbrook Neb Special This is in
brief the havoc wrought here by a lone
engine on -the Burliigton Missouri
River railrbad The victims wereVaught
in a farm wagon at a crossing and
the demolition was wrought in the
twinkling of an eye
No more dramatic climax to a trag
edy could grow out of the most fertile
imagination for Mrs Bartenbach and
her companions were returning from a
coroners inquest over the remains of
Charles Bartenbach her husband who
two days before was shot and killed by
Herman Kfelbach Mrs Bartenbachs
Bartenbach went on a murderous
rampage and tried to kill his wife
when Kielbech took the part of his sis
ter The coroners jury had just ex
onerated Kielbech but he did not re
turn in the wagon thereby escaping
the fatethat befell the others
The engineer did not see the wagon
until it was fairly across the railroad
track He tried to slow down but was
too near to make a successful stop
Springing from his cab the engineer
grabbed Mrs Bartenbachs little girl
just as she was about to be ground to
death v
With the killing of Bartenbach and
the tragedy on the rail five corpses are
laid but in the little undertaking shop
in Holbrook and the whole countryside
is shocked Much excitement prevails
and many of the devout religious en
thusiasts of this community look upon
the havoc wrought by tihe lone engine
as a visitation of retribution from Prov
idence despite the fact that the killing
of Bartenbach is regarded as justifia
ble homicide i
Filipino Justices ReportedTo Have
Become Clvilzed
Manila Special The administra
tion of Manilascivil courts by Filipino
civil agent sis now attracting public
attention more than ever and has
brought to the Taft commissions atten
tion With requests for rectification
The courts are composed of four jus
tices of the peace and four primary
courts The magistrates are1 Filipinos
and it has developed that the incum
bents are failures as magistrates of jus
tice Complaints against the existing
courts are unending Natives and for
eigners1 dread litigation knowing the
facts in the case
Charges have been filed and evidence
is in the hands of the authorities which
it isclaimed will show the magistrates
have been guilty of corruption and mal
feasance in office One magistrate was
suspended on suspicion of criminal
abuse and attempt at fraud
The monthly collection of fines of the
four native justices is estimated at
6000 The amount collected by the
primary courts for the same period is
much greater The eight magistrates
persistently ignore the regulations es
tablished by the authorities for the su
pervision of commitments and the ac
countability of moneys They deposit
less than 100 dollars monthly and are
alleged to appropriate the balance of
their collections
It is further claimed that the magis
trates are in collusion with the native
police in compromising offenses on the
basis of cash for freedom and that
in many cases magistrates who com
mitted nien to jail over a year ago are
now liberating them the explanation
being the effectiveness of a habeas cor
pus and the designation of a special
officer to investigate the cases resulting
in the freedom of many persons ille
gally committed as prisoners
It is said there are over fifty estab
lished Instances where prisoners have
bought their freedom from the guards
conveying them between the court
room and the jail
Serious charges of favoritism have
already been made against the civil
branch of Manilas supreme court The
members of the Taft commission are
disgusted with the condition of the
courts and intend to substitute honest
Americans from the United States hav
ing a knowledge of Spanish for the na
tive magistrates but they are hard to
secure The commission will then in
stitute drastic reforms needed in the
case of the entire judiciary
Cudahys Sell Their Tank Line To
StandardOII Co
Wabash Ind Special The stupen
dous task of destroying an industry
representing an outlay of 2000000 five
years ago was begun today in the re
moval of the six inch pipe line which
starts in Nottingham township Wells
county and runs westward 150 miles to
the oil refineries at Momence 111 The
pipe will be used in new lines to Lima
O and Indiana oil will go east after
this year instead of west Five hun
dred men will be employed till midwin
ter In the work
The abandonment of the fine which
was built by Michael and John Cudahy
is said to be due to its purchase by the
Standard Oil company to compete with
which it was constructed Through the
transfer of the property the Cudahys
are said to have cleared 1000000 each
The Kankakee refineries wlirbe closed
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