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Pull Text of the Resolutions Adopted by the Na
tional Convention at Kansas City
OTjO HE official text of the platform n
l adopted by the Democratic national
v convention at Kansas City is as
follows i
We the representatives of the Democratic
party of the United States assembled In na
tional convention on the anniversary of the
adoption of the declaration of Independence
do reaffirm our faith In that Immortal proc
lamation of the inalienable rights of man
and our allegiance to the Constitution
framed In harmony therewith Uy the fathers
of the republic We hold with the United
States Supreme Court that the declaration
6t Independence is the spirit of our govern
ment of which the Constitution is the form
and letter
We declare again that sill governments In
stituted among men derive their Just powers
from the consent of the governed that any
government not based upon the consent or
the governed Is a tyranny and that to im
pose upon any people a form of government
of force Is to substitute the methods of im
perialism for those of a republic
We hold that the Constitution follows the
Hag and denounce the doctrine that an ex
ecutive or Congress deriving their existence
and their powers from the Constitution can
exercise lawful authority beyond it or in
violation of it i -- a sz
We assert that no nation can long endure
half republic and half empire and we warn
the American people that imperialism
abroad will lead quickly and inevitably to
despotism at home
Denounce Porto Kican Law
Believing in these fundamental principles
we denounce the Porto Itlco law enacted by
a Republican Congress against the protest
and opposition of the Democratic minority
as a bold and open violation of the nations
organic law and a llagrant breach of the
national good faith
It imposes upon the people of Torto Rico
a government without their consent and
taxation without representation
It dishonors the American people by re-
Sudlating a solemn pledge made in their be
alf by the commanding general of our
army which the Porto Ricaus welcomed to
ft peaceful and unresisted occupation of their
land It doomed to poverty and distress a
people whose helplessness nppeals with pe
culiar force to our justice and magnanimity
In this the lirst act of Its imperialistic pro
gram the Republican party seeks to com
mit the United States to a colonial policy
Inconsistent with republican institutions and
condemned by the Supreme Court in numer
ous decisions
Demands Good Faith with Cuba
We demand the prompt and honest fulfill
ment of our pledge to the Cuban people and
the world that the United States has no dis
position nor intention to exercise sovereign
ly jurisdiction or control over the island of
Cuba except for its pacification
The war ended nearly two years ago pro
found peace reigns over all the Island and
still the administration keeps the govern
ment of the island from its people while Re
publican carpetbag officials plunder its rev
enues and exploit the colonial theory to the
disgrace of the American people
We condemn and denounce the Philippine
policy of the present administration It has
involved the republic in unnecessary war
sacrificed the lives of many of our noblest
sons and placed the United States previous
ly known and applauded throughout the
world as the champion of freedom in the
false and un American position of crushing
rwlth military force the efforts of our former
allies to achieve liberty and self government
The Filipinos cannot be citizens without
endangering our civilization they cannot be
subjects without imperiling our form of gov
ernment and as we are not willing to sur
render our civilization or to convert the re
public into an empire we favor an imme
diate declaration of the nations purpose of
give to the Filipinos lirst a stable form of
government becoud independence and
third protection from outside interference
such as has been gheu for nearly a century
to the republics of Central and boutn
Scores Philippine Policy
The gredy commercialism which dictated
the Philippine policy of the Republican ad
ministration attempts to justify it with the
plea that it will pay but even this sordid
and unworthy plea fails when brought to
the test of facts The war of criminal ag
gression against the Filipinos entailing an
annual expense of many millions has al
ready cost more than any possible profit that
could accrue from the entire Philippine trade
for years to come Furthermore when trade
Is extended at the expense of liberty the
price is always too high
We are not opposed to territorial expan
sion when it takes in desirable territory
-which can be erected Into States in Union
and whose people are willing and fit to be
come American citizens We favor trade
expansion by every peaceful and legitimate
But we are unalterably opposed to the
seizure or purchase of distant islands to be
governed outside the Constitution and
whose people can never become citizens
Holds Imperialism Paramount
We are in favor of extending the republics
Influence among the nations but believe that
Influence should be extended not by force
and violence but through the persuasive
power of a high and honorable example
The importance of other questions now
-pending before the American people Is in no
wise diminished and the Democratic party
takes no backward step from its position on
them but the burning issue of imperialism
growing out of the Spanish war involves the
very existence of the republic and the de
struction of our free institutions
We regard it as the paramount issue of
the campaign
The declaration In th Republican platform
adopted at the Philadelphia convention held
In June 1000 that the Republican party
steadfastlv adheres to the policy announced
In the Monroe doctrine Is manifestly insin
cere and deceptive
This profession Is contradicted by the
avowed policy of that party In opposition to
the spirit of the Monroe doctrine to acquire
and hold sovereignty over large areas of ter
ritory and large numbers of people in the
eastern hemisphere
Must Uphold Monroe Doctrine
We Insist on the strict maintenance of the
Monroe doctrine and in all its integrity both
in letter and in spirit as necessary to pre
vent the extension of European authority on
this continent and as essential to our
premacy in American affairs
At the same time we declare that no
American people shall ever be held by force
in unwilling subjection to European au
We oppose militarism It means conquest
abroad and intimidation- and oppression at
home It means the strong army which has
ever been fatal to free institutions
It is what millions of our citizens have
fled from In Europe It will impose upon our
peace loviug people a large standing army
and an unnecessary burden of taxation and
a constant menace to their liberties
A small standing army and a well disci
plined State militia are amply sufficient in
time of peace This republic has no place
for a vast military service and conscription
When the nation is in danger the volunteer
soldier is his countrys best defender
The National Guard of the United States
should ever be cherished In the patriotic
hearts of a free people Such organizations
are ever an element of strength and safety
For the first time in our history and co
evil with the Philippine conquest has there
been a wholesale departure from our time
honored and approved system of volunteer
We denounce It as un American undemo
cratic and un republlcan and as a subver
sion of the ancient and fixed principles of a
free people
Trusts Are Scored
Private monopolies are Indefensible and
-Intolerable They destroy competition con
trol the price of all material and of the fin
ished product thus robbing both producer
and consumer
They lessen the employment of labor and
arbitrarily fix the terms and conditions
thereof and deprive individual energy and
email capital of their opportunity for bet
terment r
They are the most efficient means yet de
ivlscd for appropriating the fruits of indus
ixy to the benefit of the few at the expense
of toe many and unless their Insatiate greed
Is checked all wealth will be aggregated in a
few hands and the republic destroyed i
hi - SsfBi SSS
The dishonest paltering with the trust evil
by the Republican party in State and na
tional platforms Is conclusive proof of the
truth of the charge that trusts are the legit
imate product of Republican policies that
they are fostered by Republican policies
that they are protected by the Republican
administration In return for campaign sub
scriptions and political support
Pledge War on Monopoly
We pledge the Democratic party to an un
ceasing warfare In nation State and city
against private monopoly in every form
Existing laws against trusts must be en
forced and more stringent ones must be en
acted providing for publicity as to the af
fairs of corporations engaged to interstate
commerce and requiring all corporations tp
show before doing business outside of the
State of their origin that ithey have no wa
ter in their stock and that they have not
attempted and are not attempting to mon
opolize any branch of -business or the pro
duction of any articles of merchandise and
the whole constitutional power of Congress
over Interstate commerce the mails and all
modes of Interstate communication shall be
exercised by the enactment of comprehen
sive laws upon the subject of trusts
- To Amend Trust Laws
Tariff laws should be amended by putting
the products of trusts upon the free list to
prevent monopoly under the plea of protec
The failure of the present Republican ad
ministration with an absolute control over
all the branches of the national government
to enact any legislation designed to prevent
or even curtail the absorbing power of trusts
and illegal combinations or to enforce the
anti trust laws already on the statute books
proves the insincerity of the high sounding
phrases of the Republican platform
Corporations should be protected In all
their rights and their legitimate interests
should be respected but any attempt by cor
porations to interfere with the public affairs
of the peojle or to control the sovereignty
which creates them should be forbidden un
der such penalties as will make such at
tempts impossible
AVe condemn the DIngley tariff law as a
trust breeding measure skillfully devised to
give the few favors which they do not deserve
and to place upon the many the burdens
which they should not bear
We favor such an enlargement of the
scope of the interstate commerce law as will
enable the commission to protect individuals
and communities from discriminations and
the public from unjust and unfair transpor
tation rates
The Plank
We reaffirm and indorse the principles of
the national Democratic platform adopted
at Chicago In 1895 and we reiterate the de
mand of that platform for an American
financial system made by the American peo
ple for themselves which shall restore and
maintain a bimetallic price level and as
part of such system the Immediate restora
tion of the free and unlimited coinage of sil
ver and gold at the present legal ratio of 11
to 1 without waging for the aid or consent
of any other nation
Wo denounce the currency bill enacted at
the last session of Congress as a step for
ward in the Republican policy which alms to
discredit the sovereign right of the national
government to issue all money whether coin
or paper and to bestow upon national banks
the power to issue and control the volume of
paper money for their own benefit
A permanent national bank currency se
cured by government bonds must have a
permanent debt to rest upon and if the bank
currency is to increase with population and
business the debt must also increase The
Republican currency scheme is therefore a
scheme for fastening upon the taxpayers a
perpetual and growing debt
Demand Retirement of Bank Mote3
We are opposed to this private corporation
paper circulated as money but without legal
tender qualities and demand the retirement
of the national bank notes as fast as govern
ment paper or silver certificate can be sub
stituted for them
We favor an amendment to the Federal
Constitution providing for the election of
United States Senators by direct vote of tha
people and we favor direct legislation
ever practicable
We are opposed to government by injunc
tion we denounce the blacklist and tavor
arbitration as a means of settling disputes
between corporations and their employes
In the interest of American labor and the
uplifting of the workingman as the corner
stone of the prosperity of our country we
recommend that Congress create a depart
ment of labor in charge of a secretary with
a seat In the cabinet believing that the ele
vation of the American laborer will bring
with it increased production and Increased
prosperity to our country at home and to our
commerce abroad
We are proud of the courage and fidelity
of the American soldiers and sailors In all
our wars we favor liberal pensions to them
and their dependents and we reiterate the
position taken in the Chicago platform in
1895 that the fact of enlistment and sen ice
shall be deemed conclusive evidence against
disease and disability before enlistment
AVe favor the immediate construction own
ership and control of the Nicaragua canal by
the United States and we denounce the in
sincerity of the plank in the national Re
publican platform for an isthmian canal in
face of the failure of the Republican major
ity to pass the bill pending in Congress
AVe condemn the Hay Pauncefote treaty
as a surrender of American rights and in
terests not to be tolerated by the American
Pledge to Territories
We denounce the failure of the Republican
party to carry out its pledges to grant State
hood to the Territories of Arizona New Mex
ico and Oklahoma and we promise the peo
ple of those Territories immediate Statehood
and home rule during their condition as Ter
ritories and we favor home rule and a Ter
ritorial form of government for Alaska and
Porto Rico
We favor an intelligent system of Im
proving the arid lands of the West storing
the waters for purposes of iriigation and the
holding of such lands for actual settlers
Ae favor the continuance and strict en
forcement of the Chinese exclusion law and
its application to the same classes of all
Asiatic races
Jefferson said Peace commerce and
honest friendship with all nations entan
gling alliances with none
AVe approve the wholesome doctrine and
earnestly protest against the Republican de
parture which has involved us in so called
politics including the diplomacy of Europe
und the intrigue and land grabbing of Asia
and we especially condemn the Ill concealed
Republican alliance with England which
must mean discrimination against other
friendly nations and which has alreadv
stilled the nations voice while llbertv is
being strangled in Africa
Pro Boer Plank
Believing in the principles of self-government
and rejecting as did our forefathers
the claim of monarchy we view with indig
nation the purpose of England to overwhelm
with force the South African republics
Speaking as we do for the entire American
nation except its Republican office holders
and for all free men everywhere we extend
our sympathies to the heroic burghers in
their unequal struggle to maintain their lib
erty and independence
We denounce the lavish appropriations of
recent Republican Congresses which have
kept taxes high and which threaten the per
petuation of the oppressive war levies
AVe oppose the accumulation of a surplus
to be squandered in such barefaced frauds
upon the taxpayers as the shipping subsidy
bill which under the false pretense of pros
pering American shipbuilding would put un
earned millions into the pockets of favorite
contributors to the Republican campaign
AVe favor the reduction and speedy repeal
of the war taxes and a return to the time
honored Democratic policy of strict economy
in governmental expenditures
Believing that our mest cherished institu
tions are in great peril that the very exist
ence of our constitutional republic is at
stake and that the decision now to be ren
dered will determine whether or not our chil
dren are to enjoy those blessed privileges of
free government which have made the Uni
ted States great prospeious and honored we
earnestly ask for the foregoing declaration
of principles the hearty support of the
American people regardless of
previous party affiliations J
Machine for Making the Heat of the
Snn Pump Water
Many Inventors have experimented
with the suns heat with various ob
jects in view and some have succeed
ed In making it produce steam and
electric power but not to much profit
Now however it appears that William
Calver of Washington has invented a
machine for doing practical work in
the arid districts He is about to set
up one of his sun power machines in
Arizona near Phoenix and digwells
His plan is to make the Intense heat
of that hottest part of the United
States develop the power to pump up
water enough to irrigate ail the barren
Everybody knows what a transfor
mation a little water makes on a des
ert producing an oasis of tropical ver
dure while all beyond this watered
space is desolation and death It is
usually so expensive to drill wells and
pump the water on a desert that it
does not pay to reclaim the waste land
But If the overabundance of sunshine
on the desert can be utilized the prob
lem is solved
Mr Calvers machine consists of a
set of big mirrors and lenses by which
he focuses the suns rays as a boy does
with a burning glass The heat which
can be generated by Mr Oalvers ma
chine is said to be equal to a furnace
for a 500 horse power boiler
With such a power as this available
wherever one sees fit to set up his plant
it is easy to see how well drilling and
water pumping can be done on a large
scale Geologists have found in recent
years that our southwestern deserts
have almost numberless subterranean
streams flowing at depths varying
from twenty five to 250 feet below the
dry parched surface of the earth So
there need be no lack of water if the
borings are intelligently directed
The amount of arid lands which lie
in Arisona New Mexico Oklahoma
Texas and Colorado is estimated to be
at least 500000000 acres This is ren
dered useless by the need of water
and the reclamation of this land would
add billions of dollars to the wealth of
the country
In many sections of Colorado and
other States in which irrigation is used
the best farming lands in the country
are those which were formerly worth
less and are now artificially watered
and the very finest crops in the land
are grown there
Everything Connected -with tlie Cere
monies Is Decked in Red
The Chinese place a significance upon
every color and in connection with a
wedding red obtains a deep rooted
mysterious importance the next bridal
color in value being gold At a betroth
al the bridegroom elect sends his
sweetheart a pair of bracelets fastened
together with a piece of red ribbon or
cord The bride and bridegroom drain
two winecups at the wedding which
are also connected by a red cord In
Northern China the attendants wear a
tall felt hat and each hat has a red
feather stuck upright in it The attend
ants also carry the wedding presents
A sedan chair bears the bride herself
In South China a sedan most wonder
fully gilded is used by the wealthy
classes and it is decorated with what
appears at first sight to be brilliant in
laid stones but which are in reality the
glossy feathers of the king fisher A
handsome cloth of glowing red with
trimmed borders is also thrown ovei
the chair In the case of the poorer
classes red is also the prevailing bridal
color and a chair of ordinary carved
wood painted a bright red is used
Above the door of the chair a kind of
charm is placarded or hung upon a red
cloth The chair itself is sent by the
bridegroom accompanied by what cor
responds to our best man This func
tionary brings with him a letter written
in yellow or gold upon red paper pray
ing the lady to enter and take her place
Men dressed all in red and carrying
red parcels containing the presents fall
into the procession Other bearers car
ry boards and banners inscribed in
golden letters upon a red ground These
banners tell the pedigree of both par
ties Behind the bearers come other at
tendants with long poles on which are
hung very handsome lanterns The
bridal veil is of bright crimson hue
and her dress regal gold and scarlet
Wide World Magazine
Singing Before the Queen
There is much ceremonial connected
with an appearance of a singer before
her majesty The most brilliant occas
ion is of course the Buckingham pal
ace concert when royalty entertains all
the dukes and duchesses and visiting
potentates in London The singer re
ceives her invitation some weeks in ad
vance of the occasion and for this af
fair a small set sum is given and no
souvenir of the entertainment is pre
sented At her majestys country places
the artist is treated more informally
The queen has a little chat with her
after the entertainment and presents
the artist with a jewel in memory of
her appearance Womans Home Com
Asking and Receiving
The tramp had been unsuccessful and
returned to the road from the house
empty handed
Aw he growled that womans no
good I asked her for bread and she
gave me a stone
Thats nothin said his companion
I tackled one yisterday for bread and
Bbe gimme a broom handle
m blned the reaen for this is that vre sell Ttie
U get thousands of Dooole nslncr It to teatffj and
German Physician on the Northern
Mans Foe in the Tropica
A consular report from Frankfort
summarizes the recent lectures in which
Dr Robert Koch the most eminent of
bacteriologists developed his theory in
regard to malaria The cable dis
patches have stated that he lays upon
mosquitoes the sole responsibility for
human sufferings from this disease
but this was only one of many inter
esting points in the lecture Malaria
said Dr Koch is the most serious of
all obstacles encountered by northern
races attempting to colonize the tropics
and real success will never be attained
until it has been vanquished The mal
ady in various degrees of severity ex
ists in all parts of the world and its
exciting cause is always a parasite in
the human blood The alternate rise
and fall of the patients temperature
corresponds exactly with the changing
number of these parasites and by ex
amination of the blood the progress
and stage of the disease can be defi
nitely ascertained
He has further succeeded in dem
onstrating the exact moment for the
effective administration of quinine
which does not kill the microbe but
definitely checks and limits Its power
of reproduction This discovery was
highly important for as a result of it
the physician can with reasonable cer
tainty provide that the disease shall be
cured and not run to a fatal result Just
as there is no locality exempt from ma
laria so there is no race immune to it
Negroes living on the coasts of tropical
countries are practically so but ne
groes of the same race from the moun
tainous districts coming to the coast
are suscpetible to the fever The former
have according to the opinion of Dr
Koch acquired immunity through
slight malarial attacks during infancy
or youth But as there is naturally
produced immunity it must be possi
ble he says to produce an artificial one
The essential step in combating the
disease is for the patient to leave imme
diately the malaria infected district
and be protected against mosquito
bites by prophylactic doses of quinine
Dr Koch believes that through his
studies of malarial disease in the local
ities where its most intense and viru
lent forms prevail the way has been
opened to new lines of study and new
limits set to the dangers of the disease
itself He closed his address with these
words To overcome this malady is
equivalent to the peaceful conquest of
the most beautiful portions of the
globe New York Times
When the Latter Could Not Get a
When the court martial that Don
Alessandro OReilly the second Span
ish governor of Louisiana in 17G9 had
organized brought in a verdict of death
against Lafreniere and six of his com
panions as the leaders of the Louisiana
revolutionists against the authority of
Spain to which country Louis XV of
France had ceded the colony OReilly
sought in vain among whites and
blacks in Louisiana for a man who
would perform the abhorrent work of
serving as hangman at the execution
of the patriots Not a man of the col
ony says the New Orleans Picayune
would answer the call In this emer
gency OReilly was compelled to as
sign the congenial task of slaughter
ing the helpless Creoles and Frenchmen
to regular Spanish soldiers whom be
had brought with him from Spain and
instead of being hanged Lafreniere
and the others were shot to death by
a platoon of grenadiers in a space of
ground near the site of the present
United States mint in New Orleans
which at that time was in the rear of
the military garrison of the post
The failure of OReilly to secure a
hangman in the case of these unfortu
nate men recalled to old French resi
dents of New Orleans of that day the
interesting story of Jeannot an Afri
can slave of the Mississippi Company
or Company of the West which fifty
years previously had control of the col
ony of Louisiana under a charter
granted by the Regent of Orleans The
company offered Jeannot his freedom
on condition that he would act as hang
man of the colony Jeannot appeared
to agree to the proposition but he af
terwards repaired to a secluded place
and cut off his right arm with a hatch
et By this self inflicted mutilation
Jeannot avoided the repulsive duties of
hangman of the colony but he also lost
his opportunity for freedom However
the agents of the company not know
ing in what way to utilize Jeannot as
a laborer appointed him as overseer of
all the slaves belonging to it Poor
Jeannot was rewarded for his sense
of humanity and conscientiousness by
receiving the respect and esteem of
all the inhabitants oi the colony during
the rest of his life
Music Appreciated
Mrs Tnumpp Hardie Did you ask
Mrs Nextdoor if my piano playing dis
turbed her baby
Servant Yes mum and she said the
baby liked it and she was much obliged
to you for playin so much
Miss Thumpp Hardie Did she real
Servant Tes mum She said it
saved her th trouble of poundfn on a
tin can New York Weekly
No Illiterate Bancs
Denmark claims that there is not a
single person in her domain who can
not read and write
In tlie rost year than all othriT dealers com-
EST RAUCe bom in Htnneaxiolis as ve can
scH K for less money than other dealers ask for
on Jnferiortalte of Rosge Tbeso Bames are no experiment with lis as we have sold this one
Sma3sE fcSfcasssssaassr s
8AiSk7wSS 134 Krto Range oveaSMtd hih closet 23173
wuSSSTbaSmveo Ranee reservoir plain top it 75
SffitiiSS30 Ranged reservoir high riielf Z7I75
Specialty Stove catalosuo free No 145-6-hole ltanRe reservoir high closet ooO
Teaching the Alphabet
This method was employed by m
bright young mother Instead of an
swering her little ones eager inquiries
about the symbols on her blocks by a
mechanical repetition of their names
she made up a play which should fa
miliarize the child with the letters as
Individuals First she bought a large
box of blocks of all shapes and sizes
then selecting twenty six small cubes
she painted the letters on them and
put them all in a box by themselves
Showing this to the child she told her
that these persons all belonged to one
family called the Alphabet family
There were Mother A and twenty five
children and a father c who was
away on a voyage and would not be
back for some time The childs im
agination seized the Idea with avidity
and on the first day he learned with
ease the names of the mother and four
children Afterward he was limited
to learning two new names each day
until the number was complete Upon
the introduction of eacb new member
of the family they built him a house
of other blocks just the shape of him
self and then drew his likeness upon
paper Each letter had a tale of his
own adventures to relate and many
were the evolutions he was put
through Within a fortnight the 3-year-old
child was constructing new
characters by putting letters together
and the rapidity and ease with which
he proceeded to spell was surprising
Womans Home Companion
No matter what ails you headache to a
cancer you will never get well until your
bowels are put right Q AS CARETS help
nature cure you without a gripe or pain
produce easy natural movements cost
you just 10 cents to start getting your
health back CASCARETS Candy Ca
thartic the genuine put up in metal
boxes every tablet has C C C stamped
on it Beware of imitations
Gets It
Silas Saunders Josh Markby Is one
uv them fellers whos always tryin ter
git somethin fer nothin
Rube Rahway How does he make
Silas Saunders Oh He usully gits
nothin fer somethin Puck
Do Tour Feet Ache and Burn
Shake into your shoes Allens Foot
Ease a powder for the feet It makes
tight or new shoes feel easy Cures
Corns Bunions Swollen Hot and Sweat
ing Feet At all druggists and shoe
stores 25c Sample sent FREE Ad
dress Allen S Olmsted LeRoy N Y
Poor Vintage
In looking over his early essays he
came across one he had written when
at college qn Old Wine
Well he said as he waded through
its stilted sentences I am everlast
ingly sure this hasnt improved with
Carters Ink Is Used by the
greatest railway systems of the United
States They would not use It if It wasnt
the best
Not His Fault
Lady indignantly That parrot we
bought of you hadnt been in the house
a day before it began to swear dread
Dealer But you insisted maam on
getting one that would be quick to
learn Life
Halls Catarrh Cure
Is a constitutional cure Price 75 cents
Her Opportunity
She How dreadful These bargain
rugs dont match our chairs
He Youll have to return them
She No indeed Ill get a lot of new
chairs Detroit Free Press
Pisos Cure is the best medicine we
ever used for all affections of the throat
and lungs Wm O Endsley Vanburen
Ind Feb 10 1900
Behind the Scenes
Ham Lett Are there any long waits
in the piece you are now playing
Sue Brett Rather Ive been waiting
ten weeks for a chance to look at my
Mrs WlnsloWs Soothim ormjr ror Children
teething so tens the sums retraces inflammation
allays Dam cures wind colic 23 cents a bottle
It Gilds Her Charms
They say the Philadelphia stenog
rapher who has just inherited 50000
is very plain
She cant be with all that money
Cleveland Plain Dealer
-I--- - - -
KINDS OF 5PUHTINC CQDDS t P7 yeato aa us two
cents and harvs xn mail von rtvb
ot comjuote
doctored with two of
thmbest doctors In the city
for two years and had mo
relief until I used thm
PInkham remedies
My trouble was ulcer
atlen of the uterus I suf
fered terribly could not
sleep nights and thought
sometimes that death
would be such a relief
To day I am a well wo
man able to do my own
work and have notapalnm
I used four bottles of
Lydia E PInkhams Vege
table Compound and three
packages of Sanative
Wash and cannot praise
the medicines enough-
634 Pine St Easton Pa
Mrs PInkham advises
suffering women without
Lydia B PInkham Med Co Lynn Mass
Newline via Coun
cil Bluffs Fort
Dubuque and
ng cars sleeping cars free reclining chair cars
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Best Cough Syrup Tastes Good UEe
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Parlor Magic
A feat which any one can perform with
little or no practice is that of placing
fourteen matches upon a table and lift
ing them all up upon one of the
matches This is how it is done Pick
out one match the one that has the
flattest surface and then place six of
the other matches about one fourth
each across the first one each of the
six being parallel to each other and the
thickness of a match distant from each
other Next place six other matches
one fourth each across the first match
but from the other side all parallel and
in the spaces left by the arrangement
of the first six matches Now take the
fourteenth match lay it over the
twelve matches where they intersect
and by carefully lifting match No 1
and holding match No 14 in place you
will accomplish without difficulty the
feat Womans Home Companion
At the Wrong Door
Madam I am soliciting for home
charities We have hundreds of poor
ragged children like those at your gate
Sir those children are mine and
the slamming of the door could be
heard in the next street
Great Wheat Granaries
The British government is discussing
the feasibility of building national
granaries and storing vast quantities
of wheat against the emergencies of
war or famine
What makes you look that way There
certainly must be some good reason for it If
your tongue is coated if you are bilious if
your head aches if your food rests heavy on
your stomach and if you are constipated
then the whole trouble is with your liver
What you need is a good liver pill an easy
liver pill a purely vegetable liver pill You
need a box of Ayers Pills thats what you
need These pills cure constipation bilious
ness dyspepsia and sick headache
25 cents a box All druggists
I always keep a box of Ayers Pills on hand There is no pill
their equal for a liver regulator Long ago they cured me of liver
complaint and chronic constipation S L Spellman Colambus
3nio May 31 1900
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