Western news-Democrat. (Valentine, Neb.) 1898-1900, February 23, 1899, Image 11

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    What does your mirror say ?
Does it tell you of some little
streaks of gray ? Are you
pleased ? Do your friends of
the same age show this loss
of power also ?
Just remember that gray
hair never becomes darker
without help , while dark hair
rapidly becomes gray when
once the change begins.
will bring back to your hat
the color of youth. It never
fails. It is just as sure as
that heat melts snow , or that
water quenches fire.
It cleanses the scalp also
and prevents the formation of
dandruff. It feeds and nour
ishes the bulbs of the hair
making them produce a luxu
riant growth. It stops the
hair From falling out and gives
a fine soft finish to the hair
as well.
Wo have a book on tlio Hair and
Scalp which you taay obtain free
Ujitm request.
If you do not obtain all the benefits
voa "oipcctcrt from the use of the
Vizor , w rite the Doctor ubont It.
Address , DU. J. C. AVER
Lowell , iilaas. i
BSacSs isy
Price 60 centa ot all druggists or K. P. Hall & '
Nashua. N. II.
Keeps both rider and siJJIe per
fectly dry in the hardest storms.
Substitutes will disappoint. Ask for
Pommel Slicker-
18 7 Fish Brand
it it , entirely new. If not for sale in
your town , write for catalogue to
jj A. J. TOWER. Boston. Mass.
SaUcr's Seeds are Warranted t Prodnw.
* Mabloi Lulber , Eut Troy , I' . aitoniined the world !
bv pravi ne 2iO lu.heli BIp Four O&ts ; J. Brelder
Mlialrolt , Wli. , 173 buiheli Barley , and H. Lovejoy.
Red Winir , Minn. , by crowing 3rO bushels Salitr'i Cori
. doubt write them. \ \ nl.h
| j > er acre. If you e to gain
I J frJO neir cnitomers , hence Mill tend on trial
110 pV : . of rare farnf t di , Ef It Bush , Rape for Sheen
I-- $3,000Corn , "Big Four Cat. , " Btardlew Barley , i
" " out Tcermli yiildln ; 7 tons hav ptr acr on
, oil , etc. , " 40c. Wheat , " ii eluding our
mimaioth Seed CaUlogae. ttlling all about our /
Fam S ed , etc. , U mailed jou upon receipt ,
ofbut IOc. pottace , pontively worth 410.tlf
. "
& 100,000 bbli. S tdl'
. $1 SUandupabbl. 25
pf ] i. earlteit Vegetable
eat Field
of Western Canada ,
their vastness and pi
uetiveness and the bi
expanse of the Gras
plains east of the Ro
Mountains , as well as
bountiful row ards for
of the husbandman ,
\ \ hat impressed the V
COIIMM Kihtors on their trip through that com
last SHIUUUT. Free homes can be had there ,
' - obtained from tbe Department of
uterior , Ottawa , Canada , or K. liartholomew ,
Bth St. , Des loiues. Iowa , Agt. for Gov't of Cans
A Good Carder
I * u pleasure anil n profit Grocery's seed boofc
reds a riiihi bcelnnlns fitpvnry's Seed Insure
must successful en'lliii ; C- / ' > < . <
Jas. .1.11. Ore orv .v . > . sic.nf . . :
v i'redioaiuent.
Dude ( { ' street giimiu ) Wbat i
you lookiat ?
Gamin i , . .xing at his interrogatoi
Nuthin * .
Dude doesn't know wbetUer to \
mad or not. Harlem Life. . . _
Hevvard Offered i'or Merrill's It
It is not generally known that a
ward was once offered for Senator }
rill's life. He told the story him
at a meeting of the Vermont His tor
Society about four years ago. "In
early days of the late war , " he s
"my picture was put forth by a n
newspaper , with ai advertisement
Coring a reward for me. dead or al
af $25. That was usually offered
the recovery of runaway slaves. T
described me as 'a person who u-c
be expected to have been the autho
"Yankee Doodle" rather than of the
fernal tariff of 1SG1. ' The picture v
of course , pleasing to the old mas
of the South , being after the manne
Hogarth , and I have not learned thr
has been made immortal by presei
tion in any of their historical societ
It will be for posterity to say , if pos
ity should ever trouble itself to
anything , whether or not Vermou
made a mistake in not .surrendering
for the ? 23 Virginia reward. " Pi
burg Dispatch.
The Princess of Wales never car
any money about with her. It was
so long ago that the princess , on
tempting to enter an entertainment
cognita , found herself without th
shillings required to pay the enlni
Disagreeable February.
The discomforts of this month can
jscaped by taking advantage of the i
.or excursions of the Louisville and Xj
rille Railroad to one o the many plea ;
-cports of the South. This line offers
surpassed facilities for reaching the ci
n the South , the winter resorts of
jenntit'ul gulf coast , " of Florida , of C
"ornia , and of the West Indies. W
U. P. Atmore , General Passenger Ag
Louisville , Ky. , for folders descriptiv >
Florida or the gulf coast.
A Go ii ! "iliiti , Indeed ,
"Kve-u in geography the bencfu
plans of nature appear , " remarked
"Do they ? " asked Mr. Pcrkasic.
"Well , consider for yourself the
suit if the CViarics were near
Island. " Detroit Journal.
Io\vto Avoid Shrinking Umlcrwc
No greater personal discomfort car
; > erne than the wearing of undorv
ivhich is hardened and drawn up in w ;
ng. Yet if care be given the work
rouble m.iy be prevented. Impure s
md too hot water are responsible
imch of the ruin wrought in wasl
ivoolen and silk goods. When read :
) esiu , fill a tub half full of warm wn
u which dissolve a fourth of a bai
[ very soap ; wash the articles througl
insp and squeeze , but do not wring. II
m the line , while still damp press wit
lot iron. By this washing the garmt
yill remain soft and white.
Feminine Sisterliness.
"What made you lose your place
the line ? "
"Because I wasn't going to be kits
> y the lieutenant right after he smsi
3d that odious , peppermint chew
Bagley girl ! " Cleveland Plain Dea
How's This !
We oiler One Hundred Dollars reward for
ae of Catarrh that cannot be cured by II
F. J. CIIKXF.Y & CO. . rroi > < = . . Toledc
We the undersigned have Iviionn F. J. Clu
or the last 15 years , and lvjlie\e him perk
lonorable in all business transactions and lii
ially able to carry out any obligation mini
lioir linn.
Vr.sT&Tiu.\x. Wholesale Druc t * , Toledi
VAI.DING , KIXXAX & JlAitvix. Whole
) rti { : ; ! sts. Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally. HP
ircctly upon the blood and iniicons surface
lie system. IMico 7."c per bottl" . Sold bj
) rtiiivts. ; Testimonials fiee.
Natural Tootlip eks.
Toothpicks prepared by Nature
L product of Spain and Mexico. A ct
taratively small plant in Kew Gardi
vas estimated to have 17,000 , ant
arge specimen in the same place co
lave had no less than fil.OOO.
t. Jacobs Oil cures Rheumatism.
5t. Jacobs Oil " Neuralgia.
5t. Jacobs Oil " Lumbago.
5t. Jacobs Oil " Sciatica.
5t. Jacobs Oil " Sprains
> t. Jacobs Oil " Bruises.
ic. Jacobs Oil " Soreness.
" . Stiffness.
> t. Jacobs Oil
> t. Jacobs Oil " Backache.
" Muscular Aches.
> t. Jacobs Oil
A Cunning Youth.
Auntie A penny for your thought !
Little nephew I was thinking tha
. ' kept quiet and pretended to be tin
ng you'd wonder what I was think
ibout , and say just what you c
jimme the penny !
To Cure a Cold in One Day
'ake Laxative Broino Quinine Tablets.
.riigirSsts refund the money if it fails toci
3c. The genuine has L. B. Q. on each tnlj
More for Her Money.
"I hear that your daughter has br
u off her engagement with the con
s it true ? "
"Yes ; she ran across a chance to
. duke at the same figure. "
Piso's Cure for Consumption has In
. godsend to me. Win. B. McClell
Chester. Fla. . Sent. 17. 1S95.
A Thoughtful Man.
"And did the smell of powder sc ;
ou , dear ? " she asked.
"No , darling , " replied her hero. '
he first smell of powder I thought
ou. " Philadelphia North Americai
The Public Awards the Pnlm to Hale'a Hone :
orohound and Tar as a cough remedy. Of lragg ;
Pike's Toothache Drops Cnro in one Minute.
Cleverrst Horses.
The broad-headed horses are the cl
rest. In the British household ca %
y the horses with broad forehe :
2arn their drill nacre rapidly than
Mrs. WuiHiv's SOOTUINI ; STHOP lor Child
etluiiK : sottfiis the KUQIK. reauces inflsininati
' i * ' -Till r- . ir' - ; . . Itf. . ( ' -"t-i i bOr.tl
WANTED. Case of bad hnalth that RTP'A-N'S i
ot beucllt. Send 5 cents to Rlpaus Chemical i
tew York , for 10 samples and 1.000 testimonials.
He Saw Too Much.
.Taggs My dear , you are getting b
jr looking as you grow older. Yc
cauty appears to have doubled.
Mrs. Jaggs That will do , Mr. Jag
ou've been drinking again !
How n Sleuth Managed to Get an
mission Under l-ifiicnltics.
"I had to resort to a queer ruse
to get an admission from a man I
after , " said a private detective. ' 'T
had been some trouble at a club
twoen two young men. One thrc
glass of wine into the other's i
The other did not resent the iusul
he should have done. When his fa
heard of it he threatened to disinl
hi ? son unless he whipped the man
had thrown the wine in his face ,
father was a member of the same
and he made a wager of a wine su
that his son could and would whit
other fellow. Soon after this the
met the man who had insulted him
whipped him. The fight occurred
prominent street , and as two of
' with hii
young man's friends were
the time , there was talk of an ac
against them and his father for
spiracy. Our agency was rctaiue
get the evidence needed.
"It was decided that it would be
essary to get an admission from
father of the young man who had n
the assault. I was told to get ii
tried many ways and failed. lie
not know I was a detective. He
known me for a number of years ,
thought I was engaged in other v.
I had another plan to get from
what 1 wanted. I told him a . '
York publication was having the a
written up and illustrated. I sa
had seen the picture of the light w
had been prepared for it. lie
pleased at the publicity that the l
was to get , for the story of the a
at the club had been printed ant
wanted it known that his son
avenged the insult. I intimated
if he cared to see it I thought I c
get him the picture that had been
pared for publication. lie was engi
see it.
"I had a frieud , a newspaper ai
who made me a picture. He mm
faithful copy of the street scene w
the fight occurred and he made a
likeness of the figures in it. The
ture showed one man stealing up
hind another and striking him froir
rear. Behind him were two other i
who were supposed to have accoi
nie < I him to see fair play. The fa
was thought to have been in the nc
borhood , but as he wasn't seen he
left off the picture. I took the pic
to the father , lie examined it c
"Who are these two men5 he as
pointing to the two onlookers.
" 'They are the two Blacks who \
along with your sou to see that bo
fair play , ' I told him.
" 'That's all righthe laid ; 'but
is this ? ' pointing at the man who
striking at the other from behind.
" 'Why , that's jour son , ' I told :
' "That's a lie ! ' he exclaimed ,
son stood right in front of him am"
him squarely in the face. I told
to do that aud stand up in front of
all the time. I went along to see
he would do it. I was right across
street and the two nieu who were
my son were close enough to set
that happened. They will tell you
he didn't hit him from behind ,
faced him fairly and whipped him
ly. That was the way we- made i
to do. If that's printed I'll whip
mail who made it. '
"It wasn't printed. Nor was t :
any court proceeding taken on ncc <
of the alleged conspiracy. The
concerned in it on both sides got
gether and settled it out of com-
nttsburg News.
Ram's Horn Sounds a Warning ? '
to the Unredeemed.
devil's rocrui
- * - - station.
id does
pour II is w
into dirty cap
The best bei
riptn where
b i g g e st thi
Life is Ihelj
ness of built
d \v o 11 i
house of olerr
Auger closes the eyes o reason
soon as it opens the mouth.
Faith sings on , wheu reason sigh :
says "God doesn't care. "
God gives us uiouutaiu views that
may discover lowland dangers.
Blessing comes from doing what
Jou't want to do for Christ's sake.
In proportion as you say , "I am
my own , " all things become yours.
Ananias warns every man win
inxious to get a reputation for libe
: ty.
Bequest of Valuable Engraving
Scbultess von Meiss , a wealthy
sen of Zurich , Switzerland , who rec
y died , left a valuable collection of
Cravings to the Polytechnic Instil
) f Zurich. It comprises 12,000 pie
ill of the first rank , and some of tl
jxtremely rare , such as ' 'The Betrot
Fewess , " by Rembrandt. The gi
Dutch master is represented by
oieces , Lucas de Leyde by 138 ,
jrecht Durer l y 111 , aud Schoenga
> v S9.
' What's that button you're w <
ng ? " asked the young thing ; "not S
> f the American Revolution ? " " >
; aid the Major ; "I should think not.
iroud of that button. It is the insigi
lie outward and visible sign of
argest military society in the Un3
Sialcs. "What's its name ? " "Society
he First Man Up San Juan Hill
Philadelphia Press.
Too many men mistake gall for a
The pay days of those who work
eve are uncertain.
Not a Lawyer.
If all uewspriper stories are tru
lawyers meet with many reverses
tjheir attempts to browbeat feminii
witnesses. One of the latest exampl
comes from the Cleveland Leader.
"Now , " saiu the lawyer who was co
ducting the cross-examination , "yt
will please state how and where yc
first met this man. "
"I think , " said the lady with tl
sharp nose , "that it was "
"Never mind what you think , " inte
rupted the lawyer. "We want fac
here. We don't care what you thin
' listen to wh ;
and we haven't time to
you think. Now please tell us whe
and when it was that you first met th
man. "
The witness made no reply ,
"Come , come , " urged the lawyer , '
demand an ans.vcr to the question
have put. "
"The witness will please answer tl
question , " said the court , in impressh
"Can't , " sflid the lady.
"Why not ? "
"The court doesn't care to hear wh ;
I think , does it ? "
"No. "
"Then there's no use a-questionii
me any further. I am not a lawyer ,
can't talk without thinking. "
So they called the next witness.
Our Policy of Territorial Kxpansioi
Amiexntionists are advocating the add
tion of Canada to this cor.ntry , and thin
it can be accomplished in a peaceful mainer
nor without exciting a quarrel with Enj
land. Stit-h questions call * for the wise
statesmanship , jnst as dyspepsia , const
pntiou , liver and kidney diseases call f <
a reliable remedy like Hosteller's Stou
ach Bitters. _
Cmiicse Impersonator Is Surprise *
Fen Chang Ma' , the great Chines
fi male impersonator , now in No
York , went behind the scenes and 'nl
the greenroom during a visit to tl
Ca-siuo theater , and with all the strau ;
things he saw he wns most surpris3
to learn that the chorus girls wei
really women and not female imj'p
senators like bnusclf , as he has ! in
In "Winter Use Allen's Foot-Ens !
A powder to be shaken into the shoe
During winter your feet feel uucornfoi
able , nervous , and often cold and dam
If you have perspiring , smarting feet <
tight shoes , try Allen's Foot-Ease.
warms and rests the feet and maki
walking easy. Cures swollen ar
sweating feet , blisters and callous spot
Relieves corns and bunions of all pa !
and is a certain cure for chilblains ar
frost bites. Try it to-day. Sold by a
druggists and shoe stores for iiac. TrS ;
package mailed FREE. Address Allc
B. Olmsted. Le Roy. N. Y.
Chance ,
"Pardon me , madam , but your hat
on crooked. "
"Just back from the Philippines ,
suppose , sir ? "
"Why do you suppose so ? "
"Because the style has changed i
your absence. " Cleveland Plain Dea
er. _
Oh , That Delicious Coffee !
Costs but Ic. per Ib. to grow. Salz <
has the seed. German Coffee Berry , pk
luc. ; .Java Coffee pkg. 15c. Salzer's No
American Chicory lf > e. Cnt this out a 11
hond Ific. for any of above packages
send oOf. and get all 3 pligs. and gre ;
Catalogue free to .JOHN A. SALZE
SEED"CO. . , La Crosse. Wis. Ic. u
About the Sixe of It.
Willie Say , pa , what's an impressioi
1st ?
Pa An impressionist , Willie , is a
artist who gives one the impression thr
he soils more pictures than he can pain
Chicago News.
"Will Get There.
It is deep down to the sciatic nervt
but St. Jacobs Oil will get there by vi
orous rubbing , and will soothe the al
fected nerve and drive out the torment
ing pains. The worst cases have bee ;
promptly cured.
Giving ; Them the Uenelit.
"They say the Wiggleharas have i
skeleton in their closet. "
"Nonsense ! There isn't a closet ii
their flat that is big enough to hold :
skeleton which would be worth nolle
ing. "
Many North I'ole Scekerw.
Since the beginning of the sixteenth
century sixty-nine explorers of the arc
tic regions are mentioned by name In
the history of north polar expeditions.
It has been estimated by authorities
that half of those who went to the
north never returned , but of the num
ber of men composing these different
expeditious there is no positive infor-
Mrs. Ijany try's Glares.
The Emperor of Germany has just
purchased a number of blooded mares
bred and trained by Mrs. Langtry. Mrs.
Langtry likewise sold a mare to the
French Government for $12,000 , so that
It would seem that the ex-actress is
doing distinctly better as a breeder of
horses than on the stage.
Restored to Health by-Pe-ru-na.
Hon. Thomas C. Fletcher , the noted war
Governor of the State of Missouri , Is a great
friend of Pe-ru-ua. He writes :
The Pe-ru na Drug M'f'g Co. , Columbus ,
Ohio :
Gentlemen For years I have been al'Heted
with chronic catarrh , which has gone
through my whole system , and no one
knows the torture and misery I have passed
through. My doctor has prescribed various
remedies , and 1 have never found any relief
until 1 was persuaded by a friend to use Dr.
llartmau's Pe-ru-na. After the use of one
bottle I feel like a new man. It also cured
me of a dropping I had In my throat , and
built my system up generally. To those who
are suffering with catarrh I take pleasure in
recommending your great medicine. Very
respectfully , Thomas C. Fletcher.
Everything that affects the welfare of the
people is a legitimate subject of comment
to the real statesman. The statesman Is
not a narrow man. It is the politician who
is narrow. The true statesman looks out
on the world as It is. and seeks , as far as
Is In his power , to remedy evils and encour
age the good.
l hese extreme nervous disorders were
treated with wonderful success by the dis
coverer of Dr. Williams PinK Pitts for PMe
People , previous to his discovery bemd or e
ed to the public generally. This remeay is
the only Known speciric in ma.ny dise es
that.untU recent ye rswere pronounced in
curable. Ytercsthe \ proof ;
James Crocket , a sturdy old Scotchman living in Detroit , Mich , at 88
Montcalru St. , was cured ot I.ocomotor Ataxia by these pills. For many
years he has been n chief engineer of one of those big pat-senger palace
steamers plyiiig upon the great lakes. This is a position of great respon
sibility and the anxiety causes a treat nervous strain. Mr Crocket says :
"For fifteen years I watched the bitf engines and boilers without a single I
accident , ami only noticed that I was getting nervous. Suddenly without
warning I was taken sick , and was pro -trated. I had the best of physi
cians but grew gradually worse. At a council of doctors , they said I had
nervtms prostration , and had destroved my whole nervous "system and
would never recover. For three VC.MS I was unable to move from my bed.
The doctor said 1 had locomoUjr ataxia , and would never be able to walk
"The pains and suffering T csperieaced during those years are almost
indescribable The Inend that came to see me bid mf good-bye when
they left me and I was given up. T'- doctors said nothiug more could be.
21 ' done. My wife- kept rcadiug to me. articles about Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People.Vfinalh decided to try thuu. The first box gave me
relief. I continued to u e them for about two years before I could get
strength enough to walk. I am neatly seventy-five years old and there is
not a man in this citv that can KicL hig'.icr'or walk further than lean
and to-dav I owe my present j nd ' iHh to Dr Williams' I'ink Pills for
Pale People for they saved my 1. , . ' . ' it Lzening A'eivs.
The . ,50 cents
Genuine p .r box
&re sold at all
only in druggists
P&tK&des or sent
Like direct
1- ! This by m&il.
Address the b'MtorciNE. COMPANY , SchenccUdy ,
To Have Pleasure.
Of course , we live to have pleasure
nnd to avoid pain , and that Is why ao
many use St. Jacobs Oil to cure i : eu-
malism , quickly and surely to get rid
nt it. It is the best cure.
Not Tnkintr It , Pcrhupn.
Customer ( handing over the mou-T )
This mixture will cure the grip , -vlll
it ?
Druggist It will knock It every time1 ,
ma'am. We sell more of this stuff ta
grip patients than all other kinds put
Customer You're a new prescription
clerk , aren't you ? What has beoo * . ; ofi
the young man who generally st.uida
behind this counter ?
DruggistHe's down with tt * < >
l \ 11 \ \ v inVi \\rawv ) \J
WASHINGTON. U. C. , De < - . R , l < - <
The Pe-ru-na Drus MTg Co. , ( V
Ohio :
Gentlemen I've often heard of your r
medicine and have persuaded my wife , who
has been much of a sufferer from ttarrh ,
to try Pe-ru-na , and after using uno buttl *
she has wonderfully Improved. It has
proved nil you have claimed for It , and X
take pleasure in recommending It to anyona
who Is alllicted with catarrh. Yours.
V/m. YoungblooiS.
Auditor for the Interior.
Catarrh In Its various forms Is rapid'y be
coming a national curse. An iir.tl- : ! ) t.e < j
remedy has been discovered by Dr Hart-
man. This remedy has been thoroughly ;
tested during the pact forty years. 1'rom-
inent men have come to know of its \tuea
and are makl'ng public utt rnnres . : , the
subject. To save the country wo n > ' . . s.ive
the people. To save the people \\c ruuat
protect them from disease. The iftoaae
that is at once the most prevalent and stub ,
born of cure is catarrh.
And this ad , and v.c will send you this bignew 1S39
] "
; style , 210 Ib. high-grade Reservoir Coal and "Wood
i Cook Stove by freight C. O. ! > . , subject to cxurr.i
I nation , examine it at j our freight depot , and it found
' perfectly batlsfactory and the greatest stove bargain
] you over caw or heard of. pay the freight
le-3 H.OO sent with order , or $13.SO and
freight charges. Freight amounts to ne-ct to
nothing compared writli wh.it you sa'ie in price
Will ship this stove cither from foundry at Keokul : ,
la. , or Chicago , depeudmi ; where you live and t.n
freight on the btovo will average 81.25 for each SUO
miles from cither point.
is size No. S , oven Is 18x19x11.
It is isado from very best
pit ? iron , in very latest full Kococo design , oven
nearly square , lias e-tra large flues , heavy covers ,
heavy linings and Riatea , heat reflector , handsome nickel
plated oven ehelf , heavy tin lined oen doora , handsome nickel
plated front , name plntes , o-.en door panel * , nickel towel rod , Larr
nickel tea pot holder. CKb'irn patent o > en door kicker , mounted on largo handsome Rococo "
. Estra "Woo : f rata
ewinc feed. >
cemented oven top ,
lined reservoir
Stacdlsh porcelain ;
large , deep , genuine "
Burner. "We isaufa a 'vritton
Frce.so it can bo instantly changed from a Coal Burner to a perfect "
binclmpr guarantee with e\ery stove , we tiuaranteu it to reach v u in perfect condition. "Wo can furiiioji any
DON'T DELAY. VTo wilMnvo you < iO OO.
parts wanted in years to coma. ORDERTO-DAY.
SEARS , KOEB13CK & CO. ( inc. ) , CH8CAGG , SLE. .
A Skin of Beauty is a Joy Forever.
. T. FE1.1X GOCttALD'P OlilTAfc
HeniovesTan. PiiBi.les. Frcctle * ,
' 1'utchw , I'nLf.cil bkin
- -
* ti r- * e. T.1 > K\A ' - diseases. i nrl tv < * rT bior.i" ! * on
Luiuly , aiui < lcflec
iificuor. . It haa
8t < i' S tie tit : cl 19
veaif , r.i. < l n BO
harnii'nivip t .r e it
to be jure it IM } > rcp-
criy izibir. Accept
no ijim' rut of
Mliaiai nan-c Lr L.
A. Knjr < ti ! to a
la ; j > f tLr -"iit-ton
( c va * ' " " "Aayou
vtfifaxvi Ir cthtm ,
1 rf"Oir.iprr. l ' ( lour-
f oud f ! * if n > r. < < tlia
ott L-nrn.fii ) of all
the ( -km { t'pora-
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Fancy Goods Dealers In the U. S. , Cana 'as ard Eurcf .
FERD. I. HOPKINS , I'rop'r , 57 Great Jones St. . N Y.
FOR 64
. We wish to pain this rear 200C < ]
new customers , and hence oiler '
1 Pkg. 13 Day Radish lOc I
. 1 Pkp. Early HIpe Cabbcg * 10o i
jjl | J srlisst Ked Beet . . . HJo i
Long Lishtn'g Cncurab r 30o i
SalzerVBest JUttace 15c
_ Californio FicTomato. 20o '
1 ' Early Dinner Onion lOo !
3 " Brilliant FiowetScodi 15o
Worth $1.00 , for 14 Cii.
Alxwe 10 pkc ? . , trorth SI ft ) , we Trill' '
Plant and Seed Catalogue upon receipt - I
ceipt otthis , notice and 1'Ic postage
We invite jonr trade ard know when
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ion Seed 680 and no a II * . Potatoes - '
[ toes at $1.20 a bbl. Catalouae '
nlono 5 centfl.o O. N.
I JOHN A. 9A.LZEI1 SEED CO. . las Crc eWJa.
For S mctny colmol so > > l"-l i' ! . _ The
' JSt-aruli Light , " by K. loyers , 1-J2 pages ;
the "Seed Sower. " by A. K. Movers 1"2 pajies-
tlie "SaciPd Sonus. No. l , " 200 pages , by Mr. D.
Sankey. Granaliau and Stobbins. 1'riccs 25
cents , by mall 35 cents encli. Write for cata
logues of ne\v slieet music , books ami folios at
new prices. Address.
If. P. Dean Sheet Mnsic Store , Sioux City , I
S. C. N. U. - . - - 8-99
Best Cough Syrup. TasteaGood. Use
la time. Sold