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ROBERT GOOD Editor and Prop
British Steamer Caught Trying to
Run the Blockade at Santiago
t -with a Cargo of Coal Cruiser St
v Paul Slakes the Capture
Treaty with France Concluded
The reciprocity negotiations with France
have come to a successful conclusion
They were conducted under the third
clause of the tariff act of 1897 The com
mercial arrangement thereunder was
signed Saturday by Cambon French am
bassador and Kasson special plenipoten
tiary of the United States The agree
ment will lake effect June 1 when the
French minimum rate upon products of
the United States exported to France will
take effect
The agreement makes the following
tariftarrangement in favor of the United
States Manufactured and prepared pork
meats reduced from 100 francs to 50 per
100 kilos about 200 pounds lard and
components 40 francs to 25 table fruit
canned meats dried or pressed fruits
common woods logs paving blocks
staves hoops apples pears crushed or
dried at minimum French rate
The deductions on behalf of France are
Argols to pay 5 per cent brandies or
other spirits 5175 per gallon There is no
reduction on champagnes
Troops at Gulf Points Ordered
Break Camp
The military invasion of Cuba has be
gun Unless the orders of the war de
partment miscarried at an early hour
Monday morning the troops that have
gathered at the gulf ports began to break
camp and march aboard transports wait
ing to carry them to the enemys terri
tory About twenty five of those ships
the biggest and fastest that could be ob
tained suitable for the purpose have
been gathered ready to receive the
troops How many troops started
where they look ship where they are
bouud are questions which the directing
spirits of the campaign refuse positively to
answer Nothing of the details of this
first movement can be learned There is a
suspicion that the start will bo made from
Tampa and mobile and it is probable in
such case the fleets of transports will con
verge at Key West to pass under the
convoy of the warships which Admiral
Sampson has provided to insure the safety
kf the troops during the passage across the
Florida straits against attack at thehands
of some stray Spanisji cruiser or gunboat
British Steamer Caught Trying to
liun the Blockade
The British steamer Kestormel was
brought to Key West Monday as a prize
having been captured trying to run the
Santiago blockade with coal As the Ke
stormel was brought into the harbor the
British flag was flying at half mast She
was leaking badlj She is owned by the
Bestormel Steamship CompapJstnrdiffT
She was capturedby JfTauxiliary cruiser
St Paul Kestormel was captured
vnVuTe very guns of Morro Castle San
jriago de Guba at 6 a m May 25 She
carried 2400 tons of the best Welsh coal
from Cardiff presumably for Cerveras
fleet A blank shot brought her to four
four miles from port
Governmcntto Prove Indians Burned
at Scwark Were Innocent
A United States marshal at Guthrie Ok
lahoma has under arrest a young Semi
nole Indian earned Hargo who has con
fessed to being themurderer of Mrs Laird
for whoseideath young Sampson and Mc
Geisy were burned to -death by a white
mob near Newark I I last January
The government has all along -maintained
that the two Indians burned to death were
innocent and will mow prove it Hargo
was captured in the Gh3ckasaw Nation
after an exciting chase of twent3r two
days Nearly 203 men are under indict
mentforjparliaipatingin the burninjj of
Sampson and McGeisy
Harvest Hands -in demand
Prom presentindcations it seems -certain
that extremely high wages will ibe
paid in the vicinitycf Newton Kan ifer
hands during the harvest -season The
jfarmersare oueriugrl per day for a mat
with ateain andhavte sot beenable to se-
cure many borae of jtke farmers have a
standing offer of 3250 a day for harvest
hands but the men are Jiolding out for
higher wages -Some say that the wages
of harvest hands may go s high -as 3 a
day andv6 a day for a man ssuth ateam
Big Baltimore Blaze
Thenar barn at Irvington a suburb of
Baltimore and X83 Mboz -or winteit cars
stored there of the Consolidated Railway
Company were burned Monday night
lailing a loss of 5250000 fully insured
Blue and Gray March Together
Union and Confederate veterans marched
together in the parade at Denyer and deco
rated the soldiers graves in the various
Six Drowned
While the miners were working in the
Kaska William colliery near Pottsville
Pa a large body of water Was struck and
six were drowned They are William
3Iorgan William Deer Martin Nalochis
Peter Durkin Paul Koscinski Wennele
Mississippis New Senator
Gov McLaurin of Mississippi has ap
pointed Congressman William V Sullivan
to tlnvUnited States senate to succeed the
jjate tSenJtor Walthall
9 j4L9nmit lm Jfwsw7y 1 J
rciArtHtone and Disraeli Sleep
tntimummMnmngpi MwjlwiMMwnmF
by Side in Westminster
In Westminster Abbey London where
statesmen rest the
Englands greatest
body of Gladstone was entomed Saturday
with the ceremonies of the nation he
served and the church he loved The
grave is beside that of his lifelong adver
sary Disraeli whose marble effigy looks
down upon it decked with the regalia
Gladstone refused Two possible future
kings of Great Britain wept beside the
commoners coffin and all the nobility and
learning of the state surrounded it though
the wish of the deceased had been for sim
The official funeral tlie ursc since mat
of Lord Falmerston was rendered an im
posing spectacle by the magnificence of
the building in which it was solemnized
The Prince of Wales and the Duke of York
were at the head of the coffin and rang
ing behind them were the Marquis of
Salisbury the Earf of Kimberly A J
Balfour Sir William Vernon Harcourt
the Duke of Kutlaud Lord Rosebery and
Mr Gladstones two old time friends
Baron Rendel and George Armistead
Within the chancel stood the dean of
Westminster and beside him were gath
ered the cathedral clergy the archbishop
of Canterbury and the scarlet and white
surpliced choir filling the chapel
A Hundred Children More or Less
Hurt in Denver
A serious accident occurred Saturday
afternoon at City Park Denver by which
nearly 100 children ranging in age from
mere babies to 12 and 14 years were more
or less severely injured A temporary
grand stand had been erected for Memo
rial Day exercises and on this 1200 chil
dren had been gathered for the rehearsal
Suddenly a large section of the grand
stand gave way carrying its load of terri
fied little ones to the ground in some in
stances a distance of thirty feet Many
were caught beneath the falling timbers
and about forty were severely hurt while
scores were painfully scratched and
bruised Twenty of the most seriously
injured were taken to St Lukes Hospital
while the others were conveyed to their
homes in all parts of the city It is not
believed that any fatalities will result from
the accident
Member of a Utah Posse Wounded
and a Bandit Killed
Two men entered the Spring ville Utah
bank Saturday and at the point of a pistol
compelled the cashier to hand over 4000
The robbers then mounted their horses
and disappeared A large posse overtook
the robbers and the bandits opened fire
wounding a man named Allen The posse
returned the fire killing one of the rob
bers and compelling the other to sur
render Half of the stolen money was re
covered It is supposed the robbers are
members of the Robbers Roost gang of
Gen Shafter Instructed to Embark
Troops at Once
Orders have at last gone forward to Maj
Gen Shafter at Tampa to embark the
the regulars and a few of the nnjgt efficient
volunteers on board gathered at
that place andifis aggressive military
niovemjvhich has been frequently pre-
WTicted and as often delayed for one cause
or another will be accomplished before the
end of this week The strongest units of
Admiral Sampsons reorganized squadron
will convoy the expedition and cover its
landing at a point now definitely settled
One Liife for Three
The jury in the case of Edward C Flan
agan at Atlanta Ga returned a verdict
of guilty and the murderer was sentonced
to be hanged June 24 Flanagan is over
0 years old and was in love with the
11-year-old daughter of F C Allen and
possessed of the idea that the family was
persecuting him he opened fire on them
while they were at supper December 81
1898 killing old Mr Allen the grand
mother and Miss Ruth Slack a visitor
Convention Recommends Reform
The third annual conference of the se
ries instituted for the scientific investiga
tion of the negro pioblem attended by
many prominent colored educators from
various parts of the country at Atlanta
Ga adopted resolutions looking to reform
in conducting churches negro secret so
cieties small beneficial societies death
benefit societies and suggesting that co
operative business efforts among negroes
be encouraged
St Louis Packing House Sold
One of the biggest transfers of packing
house interests ever imade in St Louis was
completed -when D JL Quirk turned over
the East St Louis
Packing and Provision -Company on the
east side of the river tosthe Chicago Pack
ing and PtoYisionCompany The purchase
vas arranged for in Chicago the price be
ing intheaieighboriiood ofa half million
Cannot Blockade Their Honor
Castalar Republican leader in Spain in
anSaterview OiE the subject of aa alliance
is qwted as declaring ike favots Spains
isolation He lecommaitds a of
resignation now and the greatest pru
dence economy and energy in the future
After tdk the Yankees may blockede our
islands but they cannot blockade our
iincse Destroy American Misetoii
ijccording to a special dispatch from
Slra5hai the American mission at Tung
Chou near Wu Chou province of Quaa g
Seo oit the Ilongkiang has been looted
and burked by a mob in a riot that brake
out against the foreign element It is be
lieved tuafc the American missionaries
Murder of American Missionaries
The governor xif Sierra Leone cables to
the colonialoffice In London that the Rev
and Mrs McGrew tfie American mission
aries were massacred about May 8 at
Tajama near the scene Of the other mas
Prominent Omaha Men Charged
with Embezzlement
Hon W F Bechel and T K Sudbor
rongh were arrested at Omaha May 27
charged with embezzling several thousand
dollars from the Pacific Express Company
Bechel was auditor and Sudborrough was
his assistant of the company until a few
months ago when they resigned Pres
ident Morseman resigned at the same time
Those interested in the prosecution assert
that the company books show that 200
000 has been misappropriated Bechel
and Morseman are men of high standing
Bechel is chairman of the city coun
cil and a politician of influence The
shortage is said to have resulted
from the political death of the company
For years the Pacific Express Company
has been a clearing house for kindred cor
porations handling lobby funds at the leg
islature Thousands of dollars have been
spent in this manner during the past few
years This was no secret The new
management that has secured control of
the Pacific Express Company growing out
of the sale of the Union Pacific has pushed
the investigation to the present point
Caught in the Second Story of Their
Home and Unable to Escape
The residence of A Richter of Iron
Mountain Mich was destroyed by fire
the other night Two childien a boy aged
9 and a girl aged 11 were burned to a
crisp and two others aged 4 and 6 a girl
and a boy were so badly burned that they
will die It is not known how the fire
originated but the firemen suspect that
it was caused by the explosion of a lamp
in an incubator Richter and his wife
and nine small children occupied sleeping
apartments on the second floor The chil
dren were first aroused before an alarm
had been given Seven managed to escape
and five of them uninjured but two of
them were fatally burned Richter and
wife escaped by jumping through a win
dow the former having his arm so badly
cut by glass that he came uear bleeding to
Warehouse Destroyed Involv
ing a Loss of 300000
Henderson Johnsons warehouse and
contents at Pittsburg Pa were entirely
destroyed by fire Sunday involving a loss
of about 150000 partially insured Th3
building which was a four story brick
was filled with hay grain and river sup
plies An addition to the building located
in the rear of the main building was also
burned together with its contents Hirsch
Bros Co vinegar dealers had an office
in the main building and a large amount
of vinegar stored in the warehouse Their
loss is estimated at 40030 fully insured
Frequent and Violent Rainstorms
Prevailing in Cuba
The rainy season is just beginning in
Cuba and the fleet of warships and news
paper dispatch boats have experienced bad
weather during the past week with fre
quent and violent rainstorms The new
cruiser New Orleans formerly the Ama
zonas excites the admirtfuOTTof all naval
men durincLsvmesent cruise on account
a fighting ship
greater portion of his corps including t5i ner speed and apparant effectiveness as
Four Dons for Two Yankees
The gunboat Woodbury arrived at Key
West Sunday bringing Hayden Jones and
Charles Thrall newspaper correspondents
captured by the Spaniards and exchanged
for Col Cortijo Surgeon Major Julian and
two Spanish servants captured by the
United States tleet on the steamer
Russia Struck With Oregons Record
Irvin W Scott of the Union Iron Works
San Francisco has gone to St Petersburg
to consult with the Czars government re
garding the building of Russian war ships
He received word from St Petersburg con
gratulating him on the performance of the
Oregon and asking him to go to that city
Weekly Bank Statement
The New York weekly bank statement
shows a reserve increase of S000000
loans increased 8000000 specie increase
4500000 deposits increase 15000000
The banks now hold 53700000 in excess
of legal requirements
Chicago Cattle common to
9300 to 550 hogs shipping
300 to 450 sheep fair to choice 250
to 465 wheat No 2 red 166 to 170
corn No 2 33c to 34c oats No 2 c
to 28c rye No 2 65c to 66c butter
choice creamery 15c to 16c eggs fresh
9c to 10c potatoes common to choice
60c to 70c per bushel
Indianapolis Cattle shipping 300 to
525 hogs choice light 300 to 450
wheat No 2 119 to 121 corn No 2
white 36c to 37c oats No 2 white 33c
to 35c
St Louis Cattle 300 to 550 hogl
300 to 490 sheep 300 to 425
wheat No 2 125 to 127 corn No 2
yellow 30c to 32c oats No 2 29c to 30c
rye No 2 60c to 61c
Cincinnati Cattle 250 to 550 hogs
300 to 450 sheep 250 to 475
wheat No 2 red 129 to 131 corn No
2 mixed 37c to 38c oats No 2 mixed 31c
to 33c rye No 2 61c to 63c -
Detroit Cattle 250 to 550 hogs
325 to 450 sheep 3250 to 450
wheat No 2 147 to 149 corn No 2
yellow 39c to 40c oats No 2 white 34c
to 36c rye 63c to 65c
Toledo Wheat No 2 red 145 to
147 corn No 2 mixed 36e to 3Sc oats
No 2 white 30c to 32c rye No 2 62c to
64c clover seed 325 to 335
Milwaukee Wheat No 2 spring 13S
to 141 corn No 3 37c to 38c oats No
2 whte 31c to 33c rye No 1 64c to 66c
barley No 2 50c to 54c pork mess
1175 to 1225
Buffalo Cattle 300 to 550 gs
300 to 475 sheep 300 to 4S0
wheat No- 2 red 149 to 151 corn No
2 yHow 3Sc to 41c oats No 2 white
35c to 36c
New York vvattle 300 to 525- hogs
300 to 460 sheen 300 to 500j
wheat No 2 red 150 to 154 corn No
2 3Sc to 40c oats No 2 white 33c to
34c butter creamery 14c to 16c eggj
in ton -
II iLSjf a - v
fc X
For five hours on Monday the Senate
had the war revenue measure under dis
cussion The entire time was occupied by
Mr Chilton Dem Tex Mr Lodge
Rep Mass and Mr Turley Dem
Tenn While Mr Lodge confined him
self to a discussion of the proposed tax
on corporations and bank deposits strong
ly urging that such taxes be not imposed
Mr Chilton and Mr Turley covered pret
ty fully the general features of the bill
No action of any kind was taken upon the
bill The day in he House was devoted
chiefly to the consideration of District of
Columbia legislation - Two bills of minor
importance affecting the volunteer mili
tary was passed A bill authorizing the
construction of a railway bridge across
the Missouri river at Quindaro Kan by
the Kansas City Northeastern and Gulf
Railway Company was passed
The Senate spent most of the day Tues
day in discussion of the war revenue
measure Paragraphs relating to corpor
ation taxes were under consideration
Speeches were made by Mr Frye of
Maine Mr Piatt of Connecticut and Mr
Lindsey of Kentucky
In the Senate on Wednesday Mr Hale
of Maine reported an appropriation bill
to supply deficiencies in pensions and for
other purposes As reported the bill car
ries 8498405 of which 8075872 is
for pensions and the balance for the army
navy and courts After a brief discus
sion of that featuie of the measure which
makes possible temporary appointments
of clerks without civil service examina
tion it was passed Discussion of the
war revenue measure was resumed Mr
Stewart of Nevada and Mr Allen of Ne
braska made speeches against a bond is
sue Mr Caffery of Louisiana argued
against the proposed tax on corporations
and upon motion the McBnery amend
ment was laid on the table by a vote of
36 to 10 The Senate then passed bills
granting additional powers to railroads
created by laws of the United States and
operating lines in Indian territory and ap
pointing commissioners to revise the stat
utes relating to patents trade and other
marks and trade and commercial names
Mr Lacy of Iowa from the Committee
on Public Lands called up and the House
passed the House bill granting certain
lands to the territory of New Mexico for
common school coltege university char
itable institutions public buildings irri
gation and Rio Grande river improvement
purposes Pursuant to an arrangement
the House then listened to eulogies upon
the late Senator J Z George of Missis
Consideration of the war revenue bill
was continued in the Senate on Thursday
speeches upon it being made by Mr White
of California and Mr Teller of Colorado
A bill was reported by Mr Sewell pro
viding for the employment of retired army
officers during the present war It was
passed Mr Money of Mississippi being
recognized presented the resolutions upon
the death of Mr Walthall The eulogies
were pronounced by Mr Money Mr
Hawley of Connecticut Mr Berry of Ar
kansas M Proctor of Vermont Mr
Crtrman of Maryland Mr Cannon of
Utah Mr Cockrell of Missouri Mr Bate
of Tennessee Mr Pasco of Florida and
Mr Pettus of Alabama The House pass
ed a resolution directing the Secretary
of War to prepare and submit plans and
estimates for the improvement of Aran
sas Pass channel and harbor Texas A
bill providing for the sale of unallotted
lands of the Pottawattamie and Kicka
poo Indians in Kansas and a bill amend
ing the law for times and places for hold
ing terms of United States courts in Idaho
and Wyoming were also passed Mr
Cannon of Illinois called up the pension
deficiency bill as amended and passed by
the Senate and after discussion the
House concurred in the Senate amend
ments to the bill The Senate amend
ments to the bill granting additional pow
ers to railroad companies operating lines
in the Indian territory were concurred in
A roll call upon the amended bill to
amend internal- revenue laws relating to
distilled liquors was pending when the
House adjourned
Soon after the Senate convened on Fri
day Mr Carter reported from the Mili
tary Affairs Committee a bill providing
for a second assistant Secretary of War
to be named by the President and to re
ceive a salary of 4000 The bill was
passed Discussion of the war revenue
measure was then resumed and speeches
were made by Messrs Teller of Colorado
Nelson of Minnesota Cockrell of Mis
souri and Gorman of Maryland These
measures were passed Donating a con
demned cannon to the thirty second na
tional encampment G A R providing
for a survey of the harbor at Sheboygan
Wis and extending the time for the com
pletion of the Fort Smith and Western
Railroad In the House a yea and nay
vote was taken upon the bill to amend the
internal revenue law relating to bondage
and outage periods of distilled spirits The
bill passed 132 to 65
Directed Court Amusements
Down to the reign of Henry Till
and occasionally since a Lord of Mis
rule was appointed to direct the
amusements of the English court dur
ing the holidays He presided over
the festivities prepared the games di
rected the sports and saw that the
court was kept properly amused dur
ing Christmas week The office was
considered highly honorable and the
Lord of Misrule was generally some
wealthy nobleman who was willing to
spend money lavishly in promoting
the gayeties of the court It is of rec
ord that during the reign of Elizabeth
Essex as Lord of Misrule spent in
one Christmas season 15000 of his
own money on the court games
Weight of the Average Baby
The average baby boy weighs seven
pounds and the dear little new girl a
trifle over six pounds When they
have attained the full development of
manhood they should weigh twenty
times as much as at birth That will
nake the average voter balance 140
poinds and his gentle sister 125
pounds Mr Baby if he can be in
duced o stand up straight will measure
inches and Miss
ure one oot tfigbt
Baby one idpt si inches in height on
her birthday v
New Invention Which Mankind Will
Greatly Appreciate
Does there exist a man who has never
struggled wl th a Tefractory stovepipe
This new invention will do more for the
maintenance of peace and quiet than
anything else The illustration repre
sents a device designed to facilitate
securing a stovepipe in position and
holding the pipe so that there will be
no danger of soot blowing through the
joints into the room says the Scientific
American The improvement has been
patented by Jerome Jones of Kansas
City Mo Upon the thimble held in the
chimney wall and opening into the
flue Is riveted an approximately
U shaped metallic bar whose middle
portion extends across the inner end of
the thimble and forms a support for
the hook of a screw rod whose other
end is engaged by a cross piece secured
to the Inside of a short pipe section
loosely fitting in the thimble and pro
jecting outward to receive the end of
the stovepipe The inward movement
of the short section is limited by a bead
which abuts against the inner edge of
a ring shaped cover engaging the outer
face of the chimney thus forming a
tight joint and in the outer end of this
6ect m are bayonet slots to be engaged
by short pins on the inner end or tne
stovepipe there being a handle or
thumb piece on the short section by
which the latter may be conveniently
turned to bring the parts into engage
ment When the stove is taken down
the short section and ring cover as well
as the stovepipe are removed and the
screw rod Is utilized to hold in place an
outer cover which rests with its edge
against a packing on the outer face of
the chimney
A Mothers Note Book Can Be Made a
True Romance of Human -Nature
Florence Hull Winterburn writing of
keeping A Mothers Note Book in the
Womans Home Companion claims this
in favor of such a record
It is chiefly for her own instruction
and guidance that a motifer needs to
keep some kind of nursery note book
For the refreshment of her memory
when patience is likely to fail and for
the reawakening of dulled sympathy
with childish moods as well as for the
enlightenment of others to whom she
may choose to Impart her experiences
the results of her labor will more than
repay her for the trouble taken She
need follow no rules nor even attempt
to make regular entries unless she has
inclination for the task Facts bearing
upon physical variations are extremely
valuable and It is wise to note the
weight and growth of a child at regu
lar intervals to ascertain whether he is
devloping normally Even more import
ant are observations upon his general
health temperament disposition and
the use he makes of his faculties Al
though the mother herself may not be
aware of the standard he should attain
her statement of facts may give the
clue to a physician when puzzling
symptoms show themselves Often
deafness and defects of vision might
be prevented if the early signs of their
coming on had been heeded A single
Incident in a persons life may give the
keynote of his character
Can You Solve This Puzzle
An old Hindoo fakir owned a circular
plot of ground on which were 12G dago
bus or sacred cherry trees Dying he
left this plot of ground to be divided
1 m
Urn -
equally between his six sons and in
such manner that each son should have
on his section exactly twenty one
cherry trees How was it done
Too Deep for Him
Customer Can you recommend this
parrot to be a good talker
Dealer I can indeed It was the
sole companion of a Boston lady for
three years
Customer Well I dont think it
would suit me at all
I Dealer Why not Its the best talker
I have in the place
Customer Very likely but I havent
time to consult a dictionary every time
jit speaks
What are your friends sentiments
fen civil service inquired Senator Sor
jgnums acquaintance He cant tell
lyet was the reply He doesnt know
he is going to get the place ho
Is after ox not Washington Star
- - -
I -
The delay in the departure of the troops
for Manila was not only due to the diffi
culty of obtaining transports on the Pa
cific coast but also to the inability of the
quartermaster commissary and ordnance
departments to secure the necessary sup
plies Those who have complained about
the tardiness of the Government in re
enforcing Admiral Dewey should remem
ber that these troops are going to a coun
try where they can obtain nothing except
tropical food which would bring them
down with disease and cause the death of
many if eaten before they were fully ac
climated It was therefore necessary to
provide at least six months rations for
20000 men and a simple calculation will
demonstrate what that means The
troops are provided with all the meats
breads vegetables tea coffee sugar and
other groceries and in fact all of the
necessaries of life enough to last them
for half a year if they were cast away
upon a desert island or beyond the reach
of re enforcements In addition to the
commissary stores required the ordnance
department was called upon to provide all
the arms and ammunition clothing tents
etc which 20000 soldiers might need un
der any contingency for the next six
months Under ordinary circumstances
supplies purchased for shipment to Ma
nila would have lasted the entire United
States army a year
There is no excuse for the advance in
the price of food products because of the
war Of course wheat and other bread
stuffs have advanced in all the markets
of the world because of the short crop
in other countries but in New York
Washington and other cities of the East
meats have advanced from 2 to 5 cents a
pound and provisions aud table vegetables
in a corresponding manner There is no
scarcity of either there is no interrup
tion in the trade the market gardens ia
this part of the country never produced
more abundantly than this spring and
there is no unusual demand The market
men have simply taken advantage of the
war as an excuse to increase prices and
charge G cents instead of 5 for a head off
lettuce and 35 cents instead of 25 for a
bunch of asparagus The butchers say
they are not to blame for the advance ini
beef and mutton because they have to
pay more to the wholesalers
The Iowa delegation contains the prize
orators of the House of Representatives
For dramatic effect and impressive elo
quence nobody can beat Mr Cousins for
high flights of oratory and scholarly argu
ment Dolliver is unsurpassed in a rough
and tumble debate David B Henderson is
the equal of any man upon the floor andi
for satire vituperation and malediction
Col Hepburn is superior to any man who
has been in Congress for years The Iowat
delegation is also distinguished because
it furnished more men for the Union army
than any other State delegation in Con
gress Mr Clark was a private in the
Nineteenth infantry Col Henderson lost
a leg while colonel of the 4Gth regiment
Mr Lacey was a lieutenant of the 33t
Iowa Mr Hull was a captain of the 23d
and Mr Hepburn a lieutenant in the 2d
Iowa cavalry and Mr Perkins a private
in the 31st infantry
The second call issued by Presidenf
McKinley will raise the volunteer army to
200000 men and the whole army to 279-
500 men The army reorganization bill
authorized the increase of the regular
urmy to 62000 men and in addition to
the 200000 volunteers there will be three
cavalry regiments with 3000 rough rid
ers from the West ten infantry regiments
of immunes with 10000 men and 35005
in the engineers corps making a grand
total of 278500 men in the United States
army It is the intention to at once send
an army of from 75000 to 100000 mem
to Cuba since there can be no danger to
the transports from the Spanish fleet bot
tled up in the harbor at Santiago de Cuba
There will also be a larger army sent to
Manila to hold the Philippine Islands - -There
will be no experiments made there
The prediction is freely made at the
War Department that within two weeks
there will be 50000 troops on Cuban soiL
They will land in the east and west of
Havana and possibly on the sonth coast
in the vicinity of Cienfuegos The imme
diate invasion of Porto Itico is not only
being seriously considered but is now al
most under way There are political asTV
well as military reasons for this step
The administration still looks for a sud
den collapse of the war by proposals of
peace on the part of Spain made under
the thin guise of European intervention
The administration has determined that
Porto Rico must be one of the fruits of
victory but to bring that about it is deem
ed necessary that the United States
should effect a landing in the island be
fore the treaty of peace
Admiral Sampson is a religious man
He is a member of the Presbyteriaii
Church of the Covenant in this city andc
the Mens Society which is a literary
club connected with the church He was
always regular in his attendance during
the several years that he was stationed
in Washington and took a great deal of
interest in philanthropic work After he
was placed in command of the squadron
the Mens Society sent him a telegram of
congratulation and confidence to which
he returned quite a touching answer
Commander Washburn Maynard of the
cruiser Nashville and Lieutenant Com
mander McCrea executive officer of the
Machias are also members of the same
When a person files an application for
rmployment under the Government he is
required to fill out a blank and amon
other things is asked the question How
long do you intend to remain in Govern
ment employ The other day the com
missioner of patents in looking over a
bunch of applications for appointments
as messenger found one filed by a boy IS
years old who in the blank opposite the
above question had written All my life
tf possible Ill bet you that boy is from
Ohio he remarked as he threw the atw
DlicatiOn over the chief clerk -
- V