The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, May 13, 1897, Image 8

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fiOBEET taOOD Editor and Publisher
Official Paper of Cherry Coun
ty Nebraska
100 JPer Yenr in Advance
I mill ii i i
Entered t t he Post olllce at Valentine Cherry
county Nebraska ns Socond claas matter
- I II I Ml I
Thfetpaper will be mailed regularly
to itsjfinbscribers until a definite order
Co discontinue is receired and all ar
rears xire paid in full QSgiJ
Adyerismg rate3 50 cents per inch
per nvonth Hates per column or for
long time ads made known on appli
catio7i to this office
3he Democrat consistent with its
course all along has been actively eu
jgaged in showing up the frauds goul
mitted by the recount of the vote
cast last fall on tho amendment to the
constitution relating to the number of
premejudges In this work it has
had the sympathy of every honest man
in the county regardless -of politics
The newspaper boys of the Sixth
district are taking an active interest in
the meeting of representatives of the
press to be held here on June 5 as the
following clippings show In a pri
vate letter Ross L Hammond the
genius of the Fremont Tribune and
one of the brightest editors in the
state says
I beg to assure you it will give me
great pleasure to attend the proposed
meeting if I can gel away at that time
I bfclieve the step the Sixth district
editoJ js are taking is one that may be
made productive of good to the craft
Below are a few comments on the
meeting by editors Moie have baen
received and will appear later
We have accepted the invitation
and will get there or ubnstf the
walking is good The idea of such a
meeting is a good one and deserves to
be aided and attended by every nev s
paper man inthe district Aiwwonii
Star Journal
An interesting enterLainment and
program will -be prepared by winch the
boys of the juiiU will became more
closely fralernnliyed for the good of
the press It it- to be hoped that the
organization will means of ac
complishing much good Uotiieiibiirr
We are in hearty sympathy with the
movement to rurni an organization or
the publishers of the Sixth
- ii t - v is
nwuoiu3micuuuuui me yapc Sional district and rrovicieuee per-
to show up these frauds simply for the mittmg the Lyon of fhe ti ibe of Judea
purpose of casting odium upon the
populist party as has been insinuated
by sfrtne stnnU bore politicians If
that board lmvl been composed en
tirely of democrats this paper would
shave kickeil still ha tiler than it has
The persons who committed the fraud
should nt be respected because of
their political faith P O Hedlund
the republican member exposed the
iworkings of tho committee and 3Ir
will be ureseut and lend his voice and
personal good will toward making the
meeting a success foumul
It is a commendable movement and
oughii to meet witi Im encourage
meat of every puohljer m Uie dis
trict In tliee dna when organiza
tion counts tor everything and in
dividualism counts tor nothing the
1 press cant dj better than jjet together
and organize for mutual benefit and
protection A ilia i tec Hi ij
Xoihiug oohUcal i connecfed with
v nllliyilMM
Kowlby the democrat lost all right to l its rgnxuMiiuii auu Ua iuvitation ev
tends to repuhlioiuu poiiuust auu
t t
the name ol leiiersons partv bv his - r
1 Inn
dtmoerutie poohshers vaieiu
Tht Western Xuws last week in an
-endeavor to shield tho recount board
tries to lay tlie bi iine for the frauds at
the feet of the various county clerks
and says -That theve was taupering
ftWith the ballots no one seems to -deny
ibut that the tampering- should seem
onore glaring in repnblicans counties
4a wherein hangs a tale True to its
principle ot protecting every man
who is unjustly dealt with this paper
-must combat the above statement
lor a long time lieinert has main
tained a discreet silence on this ques
tion but now that he has been smoked
out his action only exemplilies the old
proverb that fools rush in etc
Senator Mutz endeavored to take this
-same position but he discreetly retired
and confessed his inability to locate
Xhe fraud If the fraud was most
glaring in republican counties why is
it that in Brown county which as re
publican with a republican clerk the
ivote changed was so small The can
vassing boards found 331 votes for
and 98 against the amendment and
the recount is given at6S9 for and 100
against a very slight change compared
with Cherry county while in Keya
Paha which is populist with a popu
list clerk the change was from 169 for
and 107 against to SGI for and 25
against Senator Mutz confesses that
a change of 40 votes was made in his
Own precinct The thing most notice
able is that more changes were made
in the counties first counted than in
ithose which came later
Does Reinert impugn the honesty of
our county clerk Does he mean to
jsay that George Elliott changed or
aided or ahetted the change of Cherry
countys vote on amendment
What a picnie the democrats ot
Nebraska should have next fall A
republican treasurer steals over 500
000 A populist legislature assists in
a fradulent count of ballots Demo
crats shoHld capture every office in
sight unless they are of the Bowlby
Pzaak E Moores the republican
mayor elect of Omaha has practically
admitted that he is a defaulter hy
turning over to the county treasurer
111800 of school inoney illegally held
by bijn wheu he was clerk of the dis
trict court It is said that this action
will debar him from taking the mayors
chair as the state laws and constitu
tion prohibit defaulters hohting public
tine boys nae maae ample arrange
ments to ee that no newspaper man
pays cent for expenses their
guests Ifroiu present iuUeiMons we
think we will ue there Ktaruvy
AH who attend will be royally en
tertained and the proposition set forth
for a ijixthdistrict press association is
a good one The uewspaper meu of
Valentine are entitled to commenda
tion for originating the idea aud for
the complete airangeuwntfe made for
the meeting ou Juue 5 liiere is no
doubt that the meeting will be well
attended Journal
It is hoped a good organization will
be effected at this meeting Forty
years ago iu 1S57 the writer joined
Philadelphia typographical Union Jtfo
2 and our experience from that time
to this has been that these fraternal
associations are a power tor good If
possible to cut loose from business the
Tribune will be represented at the
Valentine meeting next month
Crawford Tribune
The Valentine Colonels have made
a move that should receive the en
couragement of all the pencil push
ers iu the district The clause in the
invitation in which all who attend
are assured gratuitous food and drink
water w infer- should go a long
way toward making the initial meet
ing a success It nothing uuforseen
occurs a representative of the Sun will
enjoy Valentines hospitality June 5
Whitman Sun
This is a move in the right direc
tion The editors of the other con
gressional districts ofsthe state should
organize on the same day at some
point in their respective localities the
whole to form a state organization
The Sun extends its best wishes to
those who shall meet at Valentine on
June 5 and the visiting brothers
should not overlook the fact to kindly
remember Editors Barker Keinert and
Good in their efforts in preparing for
them such a good time ONeill Sun
We acknowledge invitation of The
Republican Western News and The
Valentine Democrat of Valentine
Nebraska to meet witn them at an ed
itorial convention of the Sixth con
gressional district at Valentine June
5th As an inducement they promise
us a plenty of good things to eat We
observe that Geo H Reinert is secre
tary Robert Good treasurer and W S
Barker president of the association
It would afford much pleasure to meet
with them either in the convention
hall or at the table and we will cer
tainly try to he present But what
puzzles us is how that Mr Good got
to be treasurer in a terrible combine
of which Reinert and Barker are sec
retary and president respectively It
would seem that Robert has a decided
advantage Newport Republican
Fhi8 office is in receipt of a neatly
gotten up invitation to tittend a meet
ing of the editors and publishers of all
newspapers in the Sixth Nebraska dis
trict to be held in Valentine June 5th
The object af the nieeti js to form
v4 i
a Press Association composed of the
editors above mentioned and to fur
nish pleasure and rest to the boys of
the quill The citizens of Valentine
have made arrangements to defray the
hotel bills of every newspaper man
who will attend and a royal good time
is anticipated The craft is badly in
need of organization in this section
and the siigoesrim will met with th
approval of every editor in the north
west The idea originated with J B
Good of the YArKvnxii Diojockat
and he has enlisted the cordial co-operation
of AV iS Jrkr of the Hepnb
licau and Geo II iReinerr of the
Western Xewa chadron lhonrder
Col F C Aiuswuyih of the War
Department has compiled some curi
ous and apparently fairly reliable sta
tistics of mortality among the surviv
ors of the TJnion armies in the civil
war Te finds that there are now
I U95fc28 survivors This number will
decrease as follows
-1 tVV -
-4 j W v -
J A J v r
10 10
- 0
Therefore according to Ccl Ains
worlii eighty years after the war and
forty eight jais irosn the present
time the last survivor will be depart
At present there are about 700000
survivors on the roll This loaves
005000 who might be added A good
percenrauo of Mu ui probnbiv will I e
added under the present administra
In addition to siJrvors tiiere are
21i000 wid ws fe m ibe roll to
K o o llMii r 4l rl nll
Over the Xevaila deserts a lot
lifiTv is fiii irl lyiiwli i2 Wd
by doubling the price 1his will not
add a cent to the governments rev
enue but will increase the
- - himw ir
t y i
- - - r
lira miTaaw
mrrWi 1 wi
Now is the time to subscribe 100
j Mrs Nell rXiUI Mfofi visited
with Mi i AiiOviiisvin Monday find
went to -Arabia on the afternoon train
Object Is to get the best ric Cant abject To Us helping Wevt is to sell goorisait prict s to see her sister AU Hitrley
iods for the lowest possible figure you We will do it for that will retain cutfomers x f oy w
To comparison withanyone either in regard to price or quality of goodsgwe sell Try us when in need of
w w T fS L J ADMD
m r v n - rifj mr t l a nv n ts
i3 in jil ii i vUnrv of hOTpte ding j
in the building- called- a- court- house
formerly occupied bv him as a
tory and has moved his paraphernalia
into the new building on Virginia
street I t i i
pW r ff ilJ
The Longpine Chautauqua will be
held August 0th to 1 th inclusive A
K Goudy former state superintendent
of schools will have charge of the pro
gram Arrangements are being made
to have one day devoted to the press
A vming man in Ainsworlh oJIVis a
dollar prize lor bn t wrai propo
al of mania dirjrted tn irim by i
young lady Ciris wiih mtvipv -id
netter look out An editor
recently made a roi osirion of Ihd
sort acevpjed the f nuosaJ ol t rieii
widow and then fuwd iivr tor 55t00
ositnaes when he refused to marry I
This ollic is in reeip1 of sx
volumes of ttie Diplomatic Corros
uondence of tne Ameiicun levolu
tiou 1hrouh the couilevy of ton
tjressmati W Ii Greene luv which the
honor able gentleman has our utmost
thanks This work was edited hy
Francis Wharton under the direction
ot congress and is
tion to our hbrarv
Arthur JJowring ol Merriman
broiher i Oonduetor Uiruv wtuU
ritlin a broncho lat UVjre55av vi
thrown Iroin lis jot y je eeiwd a
broken j bouiuVr but la imnroviny
rapitily undr the cjmv r Jr Fhune
The Daues eoonfy t ni
tual pniteotive asMieianon mt r id ih
otjcji oj JJ p Ifist S tunay
lormed a tf mporaiy fvviiozaion ant
the roiiowii ojVwi iis
lann nresidfj at 15 F Pman Pecin
tary Vm irei r A r oili
er meeting v ill be hfhl tomorrow to
perf cr a permanent oruuz uion
DowJf County Journal
Foi ice
Three big sorrt s
hotm K atei anl Ul whit
terms lo suit iSiyr - - or im xivi
vVil kjI a lot mil- t - fir 0J e
per buftif faJ V J3 as
j i IL ltOift iili Or
Si lOOOfOO aunoiUy a proprialed i
i L
j JfOt I i J I
rv io i ii t we
iH il fjiu - tiMt ptuil we nvtxf
irom f to rents per pound ill rn fi ri
tor Jones proposes u put a fluty of i j arrivir t at oox i iiy it
cents tier pound on this artieM there- r tnioi si r -
uiatcm eouiiCiiiiiN i
VWSt tiilUis rJfiiiJTo fvi V
i t i
ijaves w
hid lus iica pivny 5idly tmrnea re T j
cemly winie tnonUevif vim th jail PiJiri 4HSRgQai
G II Cornell has vacated the room iiM fej MW
i t i t
V fflf
idSS H RraSEl1
n rvi
- a
s T rnriRJi rafiiT
u ntu rfiu
wr rAu I
t r
ill ha
iiite per cwr UJ ton v rtunl trok Mote ali of Cjtr
To v iMiM - mr j fi Shannon uf Cody Xbr
I t tiiii i e
i c - it
fjecfiao C3
t i
t rJ
a r i s
i liissa 9C
In fiiTdsfiozi to tsi line
G yocerfcA vJiieTi I lercntStj
opened at a ofel obi
jflfsin Street J trill h imufter
carry a atoeft of rivfiuiiH
Xjuu JSihbimsi KeeZlcn find
Thread Iitttii JVceA7
i m I-
i i
at cvNKii xkhAsjca
AtftrVKSji P
i A - LXCIlPi SU N V
IT S Lund omcc atVatPitine Noli r
Ajril -it isrr f
Notice i h nby tiv n
sttlk r lias liii d notii c of his intonitim to
makfi iinsI roof ii siaijjort of hU ctmui md
that mud proof will lift madi lfire lCei tpr
and Iti feiror at Valeutine tlr ou Jnsm
14tli VA7 iz
William O Dell ot Pullman Xebr
Fid 0301 the and aSfwli Sc 2S tjj
2t R
I In names the foHowinji witnesses to prove hi
eontimioua rtiidoucu upon uni cnltivatioa of
said land vi
lsin Loniis of Mullen Xbr Hirtiere
Koers Joeli Culbertson and Sanuid Mcyieitu
ot Pullman Nybr
U lt i il GLOVIJK Ketcistcr
Sorlcs Ove ralli Underwear its Land Ofiica Valentine vbri
April L 1W71
eSf iittd If VHtiHtflltiil -7 Nti is herein ptvori tlrit the fottowinr
iiaaifi filoti iiotkt of mtOiitidii tn
Fscjt califirc of rffisy fnfde
niaK tJJiiil nrooi m support u Ins ouuni
tint sid proot vii be tiuitia n lin flie ittucr
or icritrarValeutint Neo mi tuncTll 1307
John L Dallard of Cody Xehr
lid VV7 for the s Sw 17 1 n art i
Ml loiii lln fiilouiil r VaiiVNVS u nmvp
JIIU jtr ETveil ii i aiit ctiHivattuii
i LH i i j m Joisatu ivud a
ii iii avu -- cwoiii rimer L U Shaonon Iemv r Molliitiy
hop iVrd
ltd JV17 Jor tle ns vv tidjiust Jn e3lTp
I ft iiaiiK H the foHmvmx i prtvgiw
riiiiui rsdtii o itpnii a i eiiitiuon of
j t yd UlVi frviii
Klfv itt i Vlfk - m i t r
j i r iovin
fiui OflSat Valentsne br
Ar i
t Xolo1 clvnn tint Hi ir Wi lv r
n iinivint r iiu a iM ntfr nitf nUtit
tiitiUiiiiRiipii the irsjyr or
I Vnet fi V ilynthi oi SiiVTV
l u of Film- ivr tCtli r
Imp- ipijiiin So 7 7 for lliy ji uul
iwi rv i i p zi I a
lit- Ii lift-
ariVf in Sluix I liy WMiiiJi to - lsrjf 1rJ1 Im
price of soap and other arlielw the J nw i with ouritamM avin 1 - 5 n i7 fr ft- irr and soat j Mi i Anderson of Jlrownle Xebr
Dakois tiiviKl licii t Hif Neil i
nrineinal comnosition of wlweh is ni hvay ovr aloux nv dssiorhfmy i wiifpsri -a
borax Nevadaha a total popula
tion of 4r00 Thus to benetir i feu
700000GQ -people ranst pay double the
present pniee for soap This is cer
tainly a tax on cleanliness
The editor of the Rushville Standard
would make a first class republican
Tie says
Every dollar taen out of Sheridan
county ami spent at the Trans- Missis
sippi Exposition will have i bard time
to get back into circulation in this
The World HeraM of Monday May
10 says the Peruvian government will
cease the coinage of silver after that
date and restrictions are placed upon
the importation of bullion It is
stated that these new regulations are
made to check if possible the rapid
depreciation of Peruvian silver
The senate committe which had
charge of the Dingley bill made 1200
amendments thereto The reciprocity
clause was entirely stricken out
Nebraska Children Home Society
The above named society seeks to
save the homeless aud dependent child
ren of the state The work is looked
after by local advisory boards which
are appointed by the state superintend
ent Rev E P Quivey Ou May 2 a
local board was organized for this dis
trict with Rev S W Holsclaw as pres
The children are received by Super
in tendent Quivey but all correspond
ence with him must be done through
the local board It seems to us that
there can be no work nearer the Mas
ters heart than this the finding of
Christian homes for homeless children
The annual electiou of officers of
ilionechadaza Lodge 192 A F A
M will be held at Masonic Hall Val
entine Nobr Saturday May 151 Rt
730 p m All members tire cordially
requested to be present as that and
other important business is to bo trans
acted W W Thompson Sec
J T JvKuiuy W M -
inovA im
The Georgia rnveriuv tirabuiosj I
curtain being up overt s o houri
entertainment Marled with a rm h an1
wound no the same wav
Xoficci of Annual Jlcvlimj
Notice is hereby given ihat tin
annual ueeting of the dtock holders of
the Valentino Building and Loan
Association will be hed at the Couniy
Judges Office in Valentine a
on Tuesday evening May IS 1897 at
730 p m It is the earnest eequeit
of the directors to have each and every
Stockholder present at this meeting
W E Haley Secretary
5aJoJra5a Falls
We arc very glad to hear from Us once
Parties from the west end of the eennty
camped near the falls last Monday uiilir They
had been to Valentine to make linal proof on
their claim
Wl Meltendorf and wife spent Sunday on
the river
Lou Mosher is visiting in tiiis vicjnity
Mr Query of Valentine was out in search of
his horses Suaday
II Grooms and F fleece have been imploring
their plates by way of sfctJe trees
J A Adamsou has been breaking hnmehos
this week
it rooms is convalescing slowly
of his relations K lib Ia would itl iiiii uo
Vhit do you all aaj -- - j
Well Mr Editor we wisbjou a plcasaut sail
Aoveinot r I
lllii imv n ii liMi vi it- -- m n ih vt r
Prof J O Deatty S iiuiday night
organized a chorus class of about 50
persons the mealing being held in the
M E church Prof JeJVrs was un
able to be present at the first meeting
owing to ill health The class meets
every evening at 8 and some of the
members give promise of developing
very good voices The class will give
a public recital on May 22
U S Land OHice Valentine Nebr t
April iu 1S07
Notice Is hereby given that
Louisa Grant formerly Iouisa Salzmanu
of Ihovnlee Netir has tiled notice ot intention
to lraiictinai proof befm s le Register or Ke
celwrat 11s oilic in Valentine Xe7jrask i on
Saturday Mu JHfb day of May t7 on timber
culture application Tmi 7i7l for the witieJi skc
lie and nel tiee S Tp 7n l3w
Site names as witnesses John Hainan John
JlalzHiHii Peter H Kouertie and John O Kane
of Hrwwnlee ebr
ltt J 8 C It G LOVER- Register
U S Laud OOiey Vntelft Vebr t
JirU21 1f17
J Nofn e is i co tU it Jrn s A avUmiii
I nf I API -It liriv fIfi friiM nf iritifn
fciaimnijyof cuwmant will be rakeu uviore
ou the matrimonial sea and ali tuo luppineaS District Court of Sarpy County
his eartii affords for you and your bride xius t j is wfiiac tn Pajlium Nt bniska on June- U
is tlw csinicsl vW nS a viti JJvuCov iiS7 C It GLO VKR Kcg Xer
- his Itdfinns upon ainl euKivaMini
tfrt its ftniUnr t V vV V
Ailanz Miriui t loan ilnrv Vm
Mif fonv Lr aiat tustaw Wcmtler nil of
Ma M Mi in Hit niaJU r o ftftoir j
Inifi u i i u
1 r --
gave a very criniiaoieninstrei show iu To tin riiisui said i iate raiam tartui or nrowniee jvetir
Vol Jlt I Tiiat 1 Vltl s at till-
f ji it i t - 1 ieiy c r i e i
Cornel HaJl last prsaay the i rnt ite m in alcor ne in srid t o auv Jl1sLfcrl -VV - v se
work of Al Watt end uu ami thuiilffi
of he juggler being esend wur0 TSUlS SPV I
of commendation Theshow wa j TlW it ir f - l
Siderabiv belTer lhms Ih oniinaiv rti irf iit i wij Voir from sid ii tij L y U 1 - tvitr
- 4ViianhH3KliUavirMJA tlW P Laiai Vr t
he At UTCWt April l lsi j -
- Comuvhitsi Nolu i Khtjrt liyicivviKtiatljnn J W Vrx
I j i iuuitii wtiMiiii jiiut Jiis ii t iiiinn ik
tt nrinsj u an i prooi nror tbe lifter
or Kver i Iii- i i ViJ iirt iMrn cv
r Tir i
FlNAL NOTICES cm SsiMrfi y lln asM - lv of var ISC m
l rrirtieauplicinoii NoT7Tfortlie iiwr i S
i iMinmMHamI iffilni ws iii tinal proof t e T To P 7 v
noli of wlili li rn r In Tub DvMtiruvy wlil j iJu Tinf as lotin Harrsin watdo
Miymil any K Crart lvcIIr suid Enuis 11 Vaul
error m o Liio or spelling nanus ifr ail of nrownhvplir
tntlielanrt Testimin ol Ilainmil will b taken tvifir
ollice and this otli so eonrction can lu made th ctfrt of tin- IiNtnut wmrr for xhjun
maniM ui mjtM
V S Land Oiii je Valentine JCeli i
Xotii o is boreliy given tuat Frank C liuson
of ParinY hnuTji Iowa Im tilnd tiorlt t of Mi i
niteutien io make linal proof beforeilie Iteister
r iVe er r 1ms in anitin Se on
j i tiTinty rt iil ofiii e m whatooni wtL iiittjron on
j iay -v nvt
i t iS
c n clov Ufier
C S IjpzwI oaice Valenl
Nonec w l ereby fiv i tiia 1
ic il fcv timber til s 11 iniul vethr U - notkv of b jf itlia ti
tmv jippiiatioa 747 1 lor the sei rii c 1 Tp make hn d pro it siiphii of his riaitn
11 ii s w said iirinjf willb iraietcior il inic or
If- nam as ivitnes John J Jailard KefervraL Vateiitine Xebr on May ah 13 it
Ilenrv naJiard William O Mallard and Johii i vizi
iviiniiy lonr Jr by MarySefnacek his
eli nl Mm- IK Jnet foi ri of wiih eonniy at v- a4 arenr of ICenjedv NV
his oli o in GleiiWo id Iowa ru lime I l i7 Jr
J 0 C K OLOVEU t ier -- - - fartlie swi S Vi Ti ft ttw
la- ISIS M IlIOWillC Wl4l TjI tpV
- hi n szdeiKe upoi and ccitivatfoit
V s tAvi orricK Vi l i j MiviJtAll1 Mii trs
aiiii c ic T r A - - 4 -
Noti e hereby qivon that the foilo viir
named settler has tiled notb of his intention
io make linai proof in support of his flami and
Ihat said proof wilt be made before Kegi tT am
Kewivpr at Vniline ebrnslM on rune I lilt
Ui7 vi
join M Clarkson of Sparks Xebr
H K No 04 Jl for the nwU See a Tp 34n K 2w
He named the following vitnesse to prov
ing cont niinus residence on and cnliivation of
Yr- dcriek Smith of Port Xiobrara Nebraska
KijhuiM birn Newton J Uroonis Perry
riWsa rioter all ofSparKS Xebr
15 Ji U It G LO VEE irtsister
Wilkerson and Saifo ii J Spain till of ini dv
Ncbi iica U K iViil uUr
U S Land Ofiice V br
Aprth jI7
NVhcei1 berc by triveu rIowiu
named settler yut aI1 notice of his iau iou v
make lirul proof m of bis Suba a id
thar said pny will bs efon tlj t j Msc
or Rtcciwraf Valentine Neo oa May 17 1V7
Iiiohard Osburn of -Sparks Xeb
IT E No CSOl for iSi j vH ht o ir Tp n It
2 w
He namns tbe following witnesses fo prove hi
contimmiw residence njioa and cnltivatua of
baid irnil viz
Charles Maxwell of Valuntine Xebr nivt
ettu Johnson Aarou V Grooms ami John
Groamyr orsparl Nebr
t i w n il glover i ier
Noli or
u S Land DIKce Valentine Nebraska-
Complaint having been enfrearVhKfteo
l yjrimji walker acninvt Edwan IMon Ur
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