The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, December 24, 1896, Image 7

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The Cause of Tthoumatism
Thacause of rheumatism is lactic acid in
the blood To this acid are due the aches
and pains the swollen joints the sharp
agonizing twinges Rheumatism affects
JUe limbs arms back and hips causing
misery day and night stiffness of the
joints lameness swellings agony Jtneu
matism can be cured only by purifying the
oioou uo n t wasie time ana money on
liniments or o iier applications Do not
dally with unknown medicines Cure
rheumatism at once surely safely
promptly permanently by purifying
the blood with Hoods Sarsaparilla
Thousands of cures of this and other
blood diseases conclusively prove
that Hoods Sarsaparilla has wonderful
curative power The great merit of noods
Sarsaparilla has given it the first place
among medicines It is the reason for its
wonderful cures 1 is the explanation of
Its enormous sales Hoods Sarsaparilla
stands not only npon its record of cures in
the past though this is unequalled by any
other medicine but it is todav curing
thousands of cases of catarrh rheumatism
scrofula dyspepsia and many other blood
diseases It is today the medicine which
the people take to give them health
strength pure blood good appetite and
digestive power
After a man has made a pleasant al
lusion to the days when he courted his
wife there Isnt anything she will re
fuse to do for him Atchison Globe
5100 Howard 8100
The readers of this paper wW be pleased
to leam that there 1b at leaat one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure
in all Its stages and that 1b Catarrh
Halls Catairb Cure 1b the only positive euro
now known to the medical fraternity Catarrh
being a constitutional disease requires a con
stitutional treatment HiiILb Catarrh Cure is
taken internally acting directly upon tha blood
nnd mucous surfncoB of the system thoreby
destroying the foundation of the disease and
giving the patk ut Btvtnth by building up the
countitition and aRsiBting nature in doing its
work The proprietors have 2a inuch faith in
Up curativo povern that they offer One Hundred
TollarB for any case that it foils to euro Send
fc4ibt of tcaimonialB
AddreH r T CHENEY CO Toledo O
J3SHold by DruggiBts 75a
Astronomers suy tliat tnere is every
reason to believe that human life on
Mars is much like it is on this earth
You Want a JParm
We have lifty miles west of Houston at
Chetcivitle the best tract in Tex s High
prairie well drained abundant rainfall
good soil low prices and eay terms Write
and receive Look Fertile Farm Lands
lree and information as o cheap excur
sions and lree tare Address Soutiikrx
Tkxas Colonization Co John
hlm Mgrv 110 itialto Building Chicago
Puss familiar name for cat was
once pers the Persian name for the
fiame animal
The Northwestern New Express
Every night at 8 for Kansas City and St
Loiis H C Cheyney General Agent
Sioux City Iowa
A harbor and a railroad on the island
of Reunion cost 13500000 instead of
Pisos Cure for Consumption is our only
medicine for coughs and colds Mrs C
Beltz 439 8th ave Denver Col Nov 8
The leg bones are very hard and
white and are used for handles of pock
et and table cutlery
Gladness Comes
With a better understanding of the
transient nature of the many phys
ical ills which vanish before proper ef
fortsgentle efforts pleasant efforts
rightly directed There is comfort in
the knowledge that so many forms of
sickness are not due to any actual dis
ease but simply to a constipated condi
tion of the system which the pleasant
family laxative Syrup of Figs prompt
ly removes That is why it is the only
remedy with millions of families and is
everywhere esteemed so highly by all
who value good health Its beneficial
effects are due to the fact that it is the
ane remedy which promotes internal
cleanliness -without debilitating the
Cr trans on -which it acts It is therefore
all imoortant in order to iret its
Lficial effects to note when you pur
f tchase thatyou have the genuine article
Iwhich is manufactured by the California
LFig Syrup Co only and sold by all rep
utable druggists
If in the enjoyment of good health
and the system is regular then laxa
tives or other remedies are not needed
If afflicted with any actual disease one
may be commended to the most skillful
physicians but if in need of a laxative
iien one should have the best and with
the ell informed everywhere Syrup of
Figs stands highest and is most largely
used and gives moieneral satisfaction
Memories of the Terrible 8tnrzn It
South Dakota Sixteen Ycare Ago
According to certain weather wise
acres in the Northwest the coming
winter will be an unusually severe one
in that region It is to be hoped how
ever that no such winter as that of
1880 In South Dakota will ever again
visit that State The story of that
time Is full of Interest especially to
those unfamaliar with its details
Wednesday Oct 13 1880 was in
Southern Dakota a typical northwest
ern fall day Rain fell during the
day The next day the weather was
rather pleasant but threatening Fri
day the 15th a change occurred and
snow began to fall This continued
almost steadily until the following Sun
day night when it cleared off Mon
day snow again fell and from thai
time on snow storms were of frequent
occurrence during the whble winter
On Nov 19 the ice which had been
running for some time in the Missouri
river suddenly formed an ice bridge
and became so solid during the nighl
that crossings could be made with
safety the following day As the re-
suit of the almost constant fall ol
snow and hifjh winds huge drifts were
formed some of them Trom 20 to 30
feet deep In many places fences and j
trees were buried completely out of l
sight and only the tops of telegraph
poles were visible This necessitated
in some instances the propping up of
the wires to keep them out of the snow
In the new portions of the territory
there were few herds of cattle but in
the southern counties thousands oi
animals perished Along the Mis
souri river hundreds of deer antelope
and other wild game became foun
dered in the vast drifts and were kill
ed clubs In many instances being tlit
instruments of destruction All tht
railroads were blockaded and some oi
them did not begin operations agaiL
until the following June
So great was the quantity of snow
and moisture that fell during the win
ter that every lake bed was filled t
the brim The result was that crops
for several seasons following were
enormous But the hardships experi
enced by the settlers on the prairie
and the Inhabitants of the prairie
towns was insignificant compared with
the disasters which befell the resi
dents of the towns alonjr the Mis
souri river when the floods came the
following spring Since the spring of
18G2 the spring break up of the
Missouri river had not been attended
with any disaster save in isolated
cases and it was therefore not strange
that the settlers on the bottoms had
been lulled into a false sense of secur
ity and regarded the stories handed
down in regard to great inundations
of the past as the mere vaporings of
chronic exaggerators But it was a
terrible awakening and for ten days
the Missouri river valley for hundreds
of miles was covered with a seeth
ing torrent of water and ice which
brought ruin to thousands and death
to scores
A Market for Toads in England
Toads are sold In London and in
many other parts of England at six
pence a dozen
Of all the means of ridding an in
fested garden of slugs and other pests
there is nothing to touch a judicious
regiment of toads They will keep the
worst garden clear of insect enenies
for any length of time and in view
of this the toad trade has sprung up
At evening the toad catchers set out
and along the banks of streams and
under hedgegrows they find the little
brown slug killers walking solemnly
in straight lines on the prowl for
worms and beetles The wily catcher
lifts them one by one and stows them
in his sack and if he knows anything
of the ways of wild things he will fill
all his receptacles in an hour Three
or four dozen may be taken in an even
ing almost anywhere even on flamp
stead Heath Florists and private peo
ple with large gardens buy the toads
at sixpence a dozen
American Feet Are Growing
It is a fact that the feet of American
women are growing larger Devotion
to athletic exercise is the cause and
some one is daring enough to say that
the dainty delicate little Cinderella
feet that find ample room in No 1 and
No 2 slippers will be unknown twenty
years from now Any exercise that
keeps one on the feet for any great
length of time will surely broaden and
flatten the foot nnd a years steady
course in a gymnasium will show a re
markable increase in the size of th
ra mm
The Blue and the Gray
Both men and -women are apt to feel a little
blue when the gray hairs begin to show Its
a very natural feeling In the normal condition
of things gray hairs belong to advanced age
They have no business whitening the head of
man or woman who has not begun to go
down the slope of life As a matter of fact
the hair turns gray regardless of age or of
lifes seasons sometimes it is whitened by
sickness but more often from lack of care
When the hair fades or turns gray theres no
need to resort to hair dyes The normal color
of the hair is restored and retained by the use of
Ayers Hair Vigor
Ayers Cureboofc a story of cures told by the cured
i6i j w aycr iof Lowell aiass
Ict Republicans Consider
When Congress Is asked to enter on
reckless legislative methods simply for
the purpose of annoying the Democratic
party and showing the alleged superi
ority of the Republicans let them con
sider that the numerical strength of
both parties at the last election was
so evenly balanced in the entire nation
that if one man out of every fifty had
changed his opinion the big popular ma
jority over which the Ohio majors sup
porters crow so much would have been
wiped out of existence
In addition let Congressmen remem
ber that the abuse heaped at the Demo
cratic party in its platform during the
late campaign and even to day is un
adulterated misapprehension of a most
reckless character The mere fact that
the declarationa put forth 4jy the Chi
cago convention received the indorse
ment of nearly one half the voters in
the face of an exercise of the- corporate
wealth of the country on the other side
such as was never seen before ought
to convince them that the vituperation
was unjustifiable and that it will be ad
visable to treat these declarations with
a great deal of serious consideration
Let them take the planks of the last
Democratic platform one after another
and let them try to study them as a
guide and warning for they will find
nothing there that needs to be recalled
and apologized for by those who framed
them There may have been mistakes
of policy but the principles are all
right when rightly and reasonably in
There is a declaration against return
ing to the McKiiiley tariff which was
voted down so emphatically in two suc
cessive elections and there is also a
declaration that the best way of pro
tecting American labor is to prevent
the importation of foreign pauper labor
to compete with it It will be an evil
day for the Republicans on which they
ignore the truth of these two proposi
Then the Democracy demands econ
omy in Government expenditures It is
against the extravagance that tries to
conceal itself under the cloak of patri
otismusing the noblest sentiments of
the nation to hide the rapacity of mo
nopolists and contractors Its declara
tion against government by injunc
tion is very much akin to the forego
ing It has been denounced as being
anarchistic but it is in truth nothing
more than a protest against the public
authorities acting as the catspaws of
the big corporations
These are great questions and entirely
worthy of the most serious most re
spectful treatment If those who be
lieve them to be the most important
now at issue are treated contemptu
ously and reviled those who are guilty
thereof will surely meet their proper
Cuttinjr Off Their Own Noses
It now seems that since the goldbugs
of Wall street have succeeded in seating
their candidate in the presidential
chair they will endeavor to punish
those States which rolled up handsome
majorities for Mr Bryan in the recent
An idea of the sentiment existing
may be imagined from the following ar
ticle which appeared a few days ago in
the WU Street Daily News
It is no exaggeration to say that the
States which in the last election support
ed Bryan free silver and repudiation of
honest obligations will have a hard time
of it in floating new securities or ne
gotiating loans in New York or for that
matter in any part of the East The Chi
cago platform and the people who sup
ported it have given capital a shock from
which it will take a long time to recover
Repudiation as advocated by the States
giving their full vote and support lo
Bryan is sufficient to deter capital from
in any way becoming financially interest
ed in them and henceforth they had bet
ter give New York the go by when
money is wanted We know of no con
certed movement to boycott the securi
ties of the Bryan States but from con
versation with leading bankers and brok
ers we do know that a bitter feeling of
antagonism prevails and the disposition
is general to have nothing to do with
This may seem like a terrorizing
threat in the eyes of Wall street but
a careful study of the census of 1S90
showing the estimated wealth of the
various States will convince anyone
that the dog will wag the tail and not
the tall the dog as the financial inter
ests of Wall street think
Even the threat of such a movement
would encourage the combination of all
the capital west of the Alleghenies in
building up all sorts of manufacturing
industries now patronized in the East
and instead of the West being boycot
ted by the East the East would be boy
cotted by the West
It would prove to be a case of
cutting off their own noses to spite
themselves They fail to recognise the
fact that there is a vast population
growing up in the far West and that
the deciding power of the electoral col
lege no longer remains in the Middle
A fair example of the outcome is to
be found in the growth of the paper in
dustry in the West A few years ago
the East sold its news and book paper
as far West as the Tacific coast now it
is hard to sell it in Chicago
In a fow words Wall street may rule
Wall street but Wall street cannot and
shall not dictate to the 70000000 people
of this grand land of freedom They
may vsqueeze the American agle the
gold dollar until the last dollar has left
the treasury but they cannot fool aU
the American people all the time
Some Baneful Effects
It has been demonstrated that the
agricultural population of the United
States hours of work considered re
ceive an income acordlng to numbers
engaged that Is less than that provided
for paupers or paid for convicts
This statement seems incredible at
first blush but when we are reminded
of the fact that all the members of a
farmers family work long hours and
that they earn a bare living under
ent conditions it becomes apparent thati
the earning capacity of the average
producer is less than 50 cents a day
And his lot is becoming more and
more onerous every day So true is
this that the land which he formerly
owned is slipping away from him just
as it slipped away from the peasant
proprietors in England and the curse of
landlordism is already firmly fixed
among us Its blight is upon the best
blood of the rural districts
In 1880 only 25G2 per cent of the
farms in this country were cultivated
by tenants Ten years later the num
ber had risen to 3413 per cent and the
end of the century will see more than
half the tillers of the soil non owners
Every alternate producer will be the
creature of some one elses will
But it is not only the rural homes that
falling prices and an appreciating dol
lar threatens Those who joined build
ing and loan associations ten years ago
know something of the increased and
increasing difficulty of making their
weekly and monthly payments Do
they realize that while their assess
ments are the same on their face they
have as a matter of fact increased
greatly in value Why Because of
the unstable money in which they pay
the exchange value of which is much
greater than formerly A very exhaus
tive work on this subject The Money
Question says A measure of gen
eral prices the stability of which can
not be calculated upon in advance by
the citizens of a State is a relic of bar
barismit is unfit for a people who
plan for years in advance their expenses
and their savings
This is unquestionably true An un
stable money makes thrift unprofitable
and any effort to discount the necessi
ties of a rainy day uncertain if not use
less It is a good thing for the shylock
but a bad thing for everybody else
An Extra Session
The New York Mail and Express
which was nearer the Harrison admin
istration than any other American pa
per being in fact a seini official or
gan claims to speak by the card when
it says that there will be an extra ses
sion of Congress Major McKinley it
declares has no hope that the short ses
sion which convenes a week from next
Monday will enact legislation looking
to an increase of Federal revenues He
will therefore not later than April 1
1S97 issue his proclamation for an ex
traordinary convocation of members
elected to the Fifty fifth National Con
We fail to see what legislation will
then be possible that is not possible be
tween now and March 4 Or perhaps
Ave should say we fail to see that legis
lation impossible during the life of the
Fifty fourth will not be impossible dur
ing the life of the Fifty fifth Congress
The newly elected body was not chos
en to restore the McKinley prohibitoiy
tariff rates Nearly all the Republican
orators were careful to announce re
peatedly that there would be no tariff
tinkering under the majors adminis
tration should he be elected There
fore needed revenue must if good faith
with the people is kept be raised out
side the custom house As we have no
income tax an increase of the internal
revenue receipts will he absolutely es
sential The proposition to double the
rate now placed on beer meets with
much favor and would insure a reve
nue according to conservative esti
mates of 935000000 which would per
haps be sufficient under an economical
This tax would not be felt by con
sumers as it would amount to an in
finitesimal sum per glass but it would
be paid by the brewers practically all
of whom are rich beyond the dream of
avarice and most of whom are directly
or indirectly connected with a trust
Such a measure could be passed this
winter and it seems to be about the
only practicable method of meeting the
exigency of the hour The Dingley
comedy of errors has already been
laughed off the stage It will not can
not and as a matter of fact it should
not become a law Let needed legisla
tion be given the country immediately
and then let the country be given a
needed rest Chicago Dispatch
Beauty is but skin deep That is
a skin deep saying Beauty is heart
deep It is out of the heart we desire
it It is out of the heart it grows This
is not a mere saying like the other It
is the fat and secret that we are eager
to penetrate Mrs A D T Whitney
A thought weighing machine has
been invented by an Italian physiolo
gist the rush of blood to the head
turning the scale The machine can
measure the difference in the exer
tion needed to read Greek from that
required for Latin
A 12-year-old lad at Parma recently
bad his heart masked pxd aleansnL
Bomr Dovrn -with Infirmities
Age finds Itn surest solace in the benignant
tonic aid afforded by Hostetters Stomach
Bitters which counteracts rheumatic and
malarial tendencies relieves growing Inac
tivity of the kidneys and Is the finest rem
edy extant for disorders of the stomach
liver an bowels Nervousness too with
wnicn oia people are very apt to be amicted
Is promptly relieved by It
The tight rope walker had a steady
position but one day he fell oH and
lost It
California Excursions
II C Ciieyxey General Agent
Sioux City Iowa
To dream of being dressed In white
means success in your next undertak
On Nov 30th the John A Salzer Seed
Co La Crosse Wis the largest seed
potato growers in the world received
an order for three thousand bushels of
seed potatoes from one firm in Texas
The shallot takes its name from Its
plentifulness in the vicinity of Asca
If you desire a luxurious growth of
healthy hair of a natural color natures
crowning ornament of both sexes use only
Halls Vegetable Sicilian Hair Renewer
Courage is adversitys lamp Vanve
Why rub and toil and tcear out yourself and your
clothes on washday when over since 1885 Dobbin
Electric Soap has been offered on purpose to lighten
your labor and save your clothes AowtryU Your
grocer bus It
There is no water on the moons sur
Mrs Wlnsiow Soothing Bthu for Children
teething sottem the gumn reduces Inflammation
Hays pain cure wind colic 25 cent a bottle
I I1
Iternrns to tho heart of the victim biund In th
chains of rheumatism dyspepsia Kroful ca
tarrh when the bood Is enriched and purlflrd by
The One True Blood Purifier All druggists 91
HnnHc Pillc are the best after dinner
1 iUUU 2 r llii aid
puis dilation i5c
Eumluatlon and advice as to Patentability ot larva
Vone Send for Iktzntors Ormz ok how to Oct a
Patznt Patrick 0Farrll Wunhlncton UG
LxU Principal Zsazalair V 8 JtnUoa 2uua
3 yra In lajt war IS adjadlcatlai elaisj attjr tlao
VI IVlwICnredlalOtaSODaya HefartlU
KIDDERS PASTlUEStymaa gtowellfcCat
i C N U
barleitown Ma
52 GG
Best Cough BjTup Tastes Good Uao I
la time Bold by drngsjsta
r ir i Tinm i rT jrrrrxii
head otoe tn
Shows you did not take a taklet of Cascarets
Candy Cathartic last evening Cascarets
prevent sour stomach tone up the intestines
stimulate the liver leave no chance for sick head
aches in the morningf You eat them like candy
and they leave your breath sweet and fragrant
Better send out for a box right now JOc 25c
50c any drug store or mailed for price Write
for booklet and free sample J o
Cure Constipation
NEW YORK 111 3
i i i
An intelligent matron a resident of Ithaca N Y makes it very plain
to all her neighbors that she thinks there is no medicine like
ipans TabuSes
She believes that they saved the life of her son a boy of twelve who had
been taken sick with what the doctors called liver trouble and catarrh of
the stomach She says that after tr atinjr him a year without doing him
any good the doctors gave him up to dte About that time his uncle
who- had had- experience wilh Ripaus Tabuks and found that they had
done him much good for catarrh of the stomach insisted that his nephew
should try tbem After they had been taken two months according to
directions the boy was able to go to school and four months after he
began taking them he replied to an inquiry Why I am just as well
a3 ever I was
Important Notice
The only genuine Bakers Chocolate
gb celebrated for more than a century as a de
licious nutritious and flesh forming bever
age is put up in Blue Wrappers and Yel
i j uw jiul LiiclL LUC I1IUVV Ji
Label and our Trade Mark are on every
WALTER BAKER CO Ltd Dorchester Mass f
A Handful of Dirt May Be a HousefuF
of Shame Keep Your House
Clean with