The Valentine Democrat. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 1896-1898, June 04, 1896, Image 1

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Com lit JRtcuts
line 7
Baces June lOtu and 11th
Republican County
Independence Day July 4
Populist County Convention July S
Teachers Institute July liO
Valentine Will Celebrate
At the meeting of citizens last Fri
day night called forthe puspose of de
ciding whether or not we should cele
brate the 4th of July the question
was unanimously and enthusiastically
decided inthe affirmative
J W Tucker was elected president
6f the meeting and Robert Good
Alter discussing the situation the
question Shall We Celebrate was
put to a vote and carried with a rush
not one dissenting voice being heard
Committees were elected as follows
On general arangements E Breuk
lander W S Barker Robert Good
O Morey G H Hornby FranK
Bray ton and J G Stetter
Finance A E Thacher TV E
and Yi YlNicholson
Speakers 0 L Ramsey F 21
Walcott and C H Cornell
To confer with Col Andrews with
the object of having the 12th In
fantry field day sports take place in
Valentine on Tuty 4th E Sparks
Y E Haley and A E Thacher
These committees will meet this
-evening when definite arrangements
will be made for the grandest celebra
tion ever seen in Xorthwest Uebratka
TVatch for further announcements
Races June 10th and 11th
Wait for the Fourth of July
Ed Satterlee was up from Xenzel
Some people are already wishing it
waswinterV -
Cody is preparing- to celebrate the
Fourth of July
Dr C G Elmore of Gordon wasirr
town yesterday
C II Cornell spent the first of the
week in Omaha
C R Glover spent Monday inXoijg
pine on business
John Steinbrecher was down from
Georgia yesterday
x W Honeywas up from Wood Lak
on business Saturday
There are only fifteen of the Indian
allotment wagons left
Wm Francke returned from Des
Moines Monday night
P H Mugford was over from St
Marys Mission yesterday
James Ilollenbeck of Clearwater
-arrived in town Tuesday night
D A Piercey was up from Kennedy
-on business the first of the week
Ed Valentine and wife of Wood
Lake were m town last Saturday
Mrs W A Pettycrew returned from
her visit to Creightonlast evening
Miss Sadie Dewey of Wood Lake
spent Sunday in town with friends
Rev A B Clark of the Rosebud
Episcopal church was in town Mon
J L Koppack registered at the City
Hotel Saturday -from Marshalltown
J A Fike accompanied his wife to
Newport and returned Wednesday
The G A R reunion for this district
will be hefd at Newport qn -July 2 3
-and 4
- J W Spirk and wife returned -from
from their visit to Lead City Sunday
Amos Strongs famous stalliou Don
was shot last week to eudhis suffering
from a broken leg
Haeber and Grange send word that
the Fourth of July will be celebrated
at Kennedy this year
Dr J C Dwyer vas called to Rose
bud yesterday on account of theilluess
of Mrs C Tackett
ir T ik nr w t r phi- nr
Chas Reese was up from Arabia last
Saturday visiting friends lie will
close his school next week
John Brown came over from the
Agency Monday with Major Wright
and returned Thursday morning
Ten of our young people picniked at
the falls below Ft Xiobrara Sunday
-afternoon returning after supper
L SSayrcswas in from his farm on
Dry Creek north of Crookstou yester
day and gate us ashort call while in
Mrs J A Fike accompanied by her
little daughter Charlotte and son
Edgar is visitingat her old home in
-John G LTrich Saginaw Jack
passed through town Tuesday on his
way to Newcastle Wyoming with a
uumber of horses
A Carroll has moved his family
into the Alills property on Virginia
street and is now regarded as a per
manent citizen of Valentine
Daniel Fowler was over from the
artesian well Monday The work is
being pushed day and night but the
drill is only down 2125 feet
Agent Chas E McChesney drove
over from Rosebud Tuesday afternoon
and returned yesterday His wife and
two children accompanied him
liemember tlte of fitly
celebration ct Valentine
Three thousand knights of the grip
are attending the national convention
of the Travelers Protective Associa
tion which is in session at Indianapolis
The Owl saloon the post office and
the Palace saloon have each placed
large pine trees in trout of their build
ings which add much to the beauty of
Main street
Mrs Wetzel arrived from Omaha
last week and after visiting with the
family of Fred Miller until Monday
morning left for her home at Riga
south of Crookston
Word comes
j V TT
sojourners mac
theywpuld all give alL
they have in this world for one
drink of Brown County water Aim
wvrtli Star Journal
Miss McLaughlin has had a number
of evergreeu trees placed in front of
her dressmaking establishment on
Main street thereby adding much to
its appearance and comfort
The -railroad -seems to have -great
faith inValentine Hard wood ties are
being pt in the sidings here and it
I is rumored that still more extensive
improvements are to be made
John Bratt of North Platte was in
fcown the first of the week Mr Bratt
has the contract for furnishing milch
cows required by the government for
those Indians who have taken land in
Geo Jewett of Arlington secured
the contract for furnishing 2000 cords
of wood at Fort Niobrara at 5d0
We are told that a gentleman at Craw
ford wss awarded the concract for
10JO cords at 515
Three new ambulances with all the
latest improvements arrived here Mon
day for the Red Cross division at Ft
Niobrara These vehicles will take
the place of the old ambulanceswhich
will be relegated to the rear
FredGlover is the latest acquisition
to the force in the mechanical depart
mental The Demockat and under
our tutelage will study the arts of
typesetting job printingbooK binding
sweeping and patience this summer
At the regular meeting of the Odd
Fellows on Thursday evening May 2S
the following men were elected officers
for the coming term J T Keeley
N G Frank Bray con V G W T
Kmcaid Representative to Grand
Jack Cronins Black Frank and
Sam Martins sorrel mare were match-
j ed for 25 a side last Saturday half
mile single dash A large crowd turn
ed out to see the race which was won
by Martins sorrel which was the
fayorite with the sports
JElraer Dillon Frank Thorn John
Bllis Albert Elliott aud Perry King
have returned from the Alsip brick
yard Indians have taken their places
under Mr Alsips contract with the
government which requires him to
i employ Indians wherever practicable
Was Fittingly Observed in Valentine
liiist yamrdny
As the years go by and the great
civil war of 1861 65 se3ms more like
a nightmare that has gone instead of
the memory of a terrible reality Deco
ration Day or as it is now called
Memorial Day is paradoxically being
more generally observed
Saturday May 30 was an ideal day
for the exercises provided for the
were flying at -half
mast from various flag staffs in town
and visitors from the surrounding
country -commenced arriving early in
the forenoon When the bugle called
the people together at 40 oclock sev
eral hundred persons responded and
joined the procession which went to1
the cemetery Little girls strewed the
graves of the dead heroes there in
terred with -flowers the buglesounded
taps and retreat and the proces
sion returned to the hall and disbanded
for dinner
A committee composed of F M
Walcott M G Hopkins and a wagon
load of young ladies went to the Post
to decorate the graves of the veterans
buried there They were met by the
12th Infantry Band and -a battalion of
soldiers who escorted them to the
-Cornell Hall was crowded after din
ner with an atteutive and appreciative
audience After a song by the choir
and prayer by -the Rev Holsclaw O
L Ramsey delivered the opening ad
dress of the day Mr Ramseys ora
tion was excellent and his words re
ceived the close attention tf all-present
He fully sustained his reputation
of being a master of language
J A Carroll was next to speak and
his eloquent address was the admira
tion of all Being a southern born
gentleman many were curious to hear
what he would say and his words were
a revelation to all From the opening
words to the closing his address con
tained nothing but words ofJoye good
WJli HUU mwjmse paunuoioui n
man of line presence possessing a good
voice arid understanding how to use it
he could not fail to impress his hear
ers that all he said -came from his
heart and when he spoke of the hon
ored dead to whose memory the day
was sacred tears came to many eyes
There is no North no South noiEast
no West said the speaker The
world has produced but one Grant and
one Lee As a patriotic American
citizen I love the name of Ulysses S
Grant as the son of a Confederate
soldier -1 have no dearer heritage than
the memory of Robert E Lee
The address was greeted with loud
applause Another song was sung by
the choir itnd audience in concert and
then Judge Tucker responded to the
address of Mr Carroll in his usual easy
and graceful manner He said that
he heartily echoed the sentiments ex
pressed by the former speaker and
said that he wished it distinctly under
stood that he bore the South and the
southerners no -ill will Becoming
warmed to his subject the Jndge with
that enthusiasm Which is his peculiar
characteristic exclaimed I love ev
erybody The expression suited the
audience and seemed but the echo of
the general feeling Another patriotic
song Retieat by the bugle andthe
meeting adjourned until evening
The evening session was largely at
tended the hall being uncomfort
ably full andvmauy were compelled to
stay away The exercises oppnedwith
a song followed by prayer A splen
did program of songs recitations etc
was rendered including the Young
Patriots Drill by twenty four little
girls each of whom was dressed in
white with a red white and blue sash
wearing her hair loosely flowing over
her shoulders aud carrying a small
Unifed States 1kg The figures of the
march were marvelously well executed
and not an error was made the little
Jadies performing their paits with mil
itary precision and the ever changing
picture evoked numerous rounds of
applause from the admiring spectators
During the drill Miss Tacey Gollett
who represented Columbia sang The
Star Spangled Banner Mrs O L
Ramsey deserves much credit for the
manner in wliioh her pupils acquitted
The orator of the evening was Judge
F M Walcott who never fails to en
PnMisIied for Four Years as
tertain and instruct an audience when
he is billed for a speech His subject
was Sons of Veterans and it was
handled in excellent shape Unfortu
nately The Democrat did not hear
this speech but we are told that it was
a patriotic address well worthy highest
praise and deserving the attention of
every young man regardless of
whether or not his father was a soldier
A tableau The Soldiers Dream
closed the evenings entertainment
Special mention should be made and
thanks -extended to A A Lynn mu
sician of Co G 12th Infantry U S
A who sounded the various bugle
calls during the day and accompanied
the -singers with the violin R
S Dennis of Co C who favored the
audience with a solo Mrs Wellford
for -the organ accompaniment and
Mrs Wesley Holsclaw for her excellent
rendition of the song Just Before the
A Quiet Wedding
Last Sunday night Jdhn G Antrim
of Traer Tama county Iowa arrived
in Valentine and Tuesday evening
to the surprise of most our people
took unto himself a wife Miss Mary
E Ducker the only daughter of our
prominent townsman J Wesley
Tucker Rev O L Ramsey perform
ed the marriage ceremony in the pre
sence of a tfew invited guests at the
residence of the brides parents on
Cherry street The bride was dressed
in Japanese cream silk with few
ornaments and the groom wore the
conventional costume for such occas
sifjns Among the presents received
were a china vfruit set presented by
Mr aud Mrs G H Hornby a silver
fruit spoon from Misses Edna and
Lottie Dwyer and a set of silver
spoons by Mr and Mrs J W Tucker
The newly married couple left on the
458 morning train Wednesday for
their home at Traer Mr Antrim is a
contractor and builder by profession
and an energetic young man of bright
prospects 9 the editior of The
Democrat - consumes his portion of
thewedding cake he extends congrat
ulations and best wishes to the happy
pair and though he has never tasted
the sweets of wedded bliss he hopes
they may always dwell In that state of
beautitude which makes of earth a
Jancel the Omnha
Fully 4500 Indians were at RDsebud
Agency last week to participate in the
dance and festivities incident to the
retirement of Major Wright as agent
besides several hundred whites who
were there for amusement The fan
commenced Thursday and continued
until Saturday the Indians dancing
and feasting all the time The red
men made a sham attack on the
Agency Friday morning at daylight
badly scaring some of the tenderfeet
who were present Delegations of
Indians from Pine Ridge and Ponca
were present and the white people
came from all over northwest Nebras
ka and southern Dakota
Weather Statistics
Through the courtesy of C R Wat
son signal services agent at this place
we are enabled to give our readers the
following resume of the weather ex
perienced here during the month of
May We will hereafter publish
weekly reports
Total precipitation 063 in
Normal precipitation 293 in
Average temperature 59 deg
Maximum temp May 7 91 deg
Mininum temp May 15 32 deg
Total precipitation since March 1
556 inches
Normal precipitation ifor the 3 mo
726 in
Slortgage Kecortl
Last mouth there were eighty two
chattel mortgages Died with the coun
ty clerk to secure the payment of a
trifle over 60000 and eight farm
mortgages for 2200 Eortyseven
chattel mortgages for 7200 were sat
isfied as ere also five mortgages on
real estate for 1200 On one
day the 12th of May chattel mort
gages to the extent of 32000 were fil
ed one of them being for over 16000
895 head of two- and three-year-old
steers being given as security for the
amount Tbe next largest mortgage
given was on the Tth for 9000
Eaces tiext week
Also Pruu
livery iaointy extended ci
Exchange bought and sold LI
rates County depository
of Coffins Q
C EL COItNEblifPreaident
m vXicnoLsoxczmr
Valentine Nebraska
A General Hanking Husiness Transacted
Buys and Sells Domestic and Foreign
Correspondents Chemical National Bank New York tflrst National Bank OissEx
WILL furnish -
Fish Game Tender Steaks
Jncy Roasts Dry Salt MB3X
andtlie finest line of Srai2E
Hams and Breakiast Baeosi
ever sold in town
At Stetter s Old Stand on Main Street
I BBC me
Of the Choicest Brands
i -