Cherry County independent. (Valentine, Cherry Co., Neb.) 18??-1896, December 19, 1895, Image 6

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- Xi1 A
Entered at 1 he 1ost oQlce at Valentine Cherry
us Second class matter
IMIIIOVH Okdku ok Ekusikx
Meets every second and fourth Saturday ol
oachmoutli Members of the order in pood
standing are cordially and fraternally invited to
attend C I i THOMPSON Sachem
J D WIGGINS C of Kecords
Minnekadusa Lodge Ho J92 A F A M
i meets In regular communication Saturday even
ing on or before the full moon in each month
members of the order in good and rcgularstand
lng cordially and fraternally invited to attend
F M Walcott W M
W Yf Taoiirsox Secy
Valentine Lodge No 70 A 0 TJ V7 meets
1 st and 3rd Monday in each month
31 Chrjstnsen M W L L 3touer Bee
Valentine Lodpe No 205 T O F meets
every Thursday evening Visiting brothers cord
ially nvited tottend our meetings
Tuauk Bkaxto Secy
Gel Wood Pest No 208 Department of
braska regular meeting2d and ith Saturdays of
each mouth at J u in sliarn Comrads from
other Posts are cordially invited to attend
W W TnoMrsor Commander
John Dujrx adjt
Col Wood W B C No 179 regular meeting
9d and 4th Saturdays of each month
Amanda Lcdwig Pres
Helux Hornby See
Ax rival aud oparture of- 32ails
Hail east aud west closes at S p ra
Rosebud leaves at Soo a mdaily except Sun
day aud arrives at 500 p m
BImeon Kennedy and Oasis leaves
at 700 a m Mondays Vednesdavs and Fri
days and arrives at 700 p m Tuesdays aud
Ft Niobrara leaves daily at7 00 a m and
B00p m arrives at S30a maud 730 p in
Kewanee and Sparks arrives Mondavs
Wednesdays and Fridavs at 5u9 pm anil
Icares Tuesdays Thursdays ind Saturdays at
7o a in
General deli very open froin760a m to 70t
p ni General delivery open ou Sundays from
to 10 am Lock boxes opeudaily form G a
m to 330 p m
W EIIALEY Postmaster
Official Directory of Cherry Co
CJiACl Hi a a
w uuc
County Attorney
Count Superintendent
- emmlssloners
kjtable in i
G P Grubb
Geo Elliott
G C Parker
Ed Clarke
Lillian Stoner
Hugh 15oyer
F H Ingersoll
E W Starr
I P Sullivan
Physician and Surgeon
Offiee at C R Watsons Drug Store Prompt
attention given to all professional calls
ff -
Teachers JSxiimitftfttioai
Phe regular monthly Teachers
-Examination will be held the
vthird Saturday of each month
t my office in theCourt House
Supt of Schools
fcllkiads of legal business promptly attended to
YaojJUTtixe - Nebraska
ToHHorial Parlor
Hair cutting and Shaving up to date
ia all the latest styles
Hot and Cold Baths
Shop on Main Street Valentine Nebraska
7K -
Tlie Wbite Mouse
been rebuilt and every room furnished
K ew Suits of Furniture
ifakine it one of the most complete and
JDri Ocmf ortable hotels
Jn the Northwest
Q ample room and good livery
Repairing done on short notice andrt
Reasonable Prices
SHOP Corner of Hall and Catharine Streets
orth Western Line ib to best
x to and from the
f UJsLlblieu JSVKJty
J R Farris Publisher
Official JPaper of Cfaerry
Oic Dollar Per Year
ae Column per month
carda -
a 4 rt -
County Clerk Elliott made a busi
ness trip up the road last week
Buy your Christmas presents at
the M E fair December Z0 and 21
Read the new advertisement of
Mrs W D Collett carpet weaver in
this issue
The G A R Camp Fire Tuesday
was a grand success both financially
and as an entertainment
xj McDonald was down from
Crookston the fore part of the week
looking after business interests and
visiting his family
The flng that floated at half ma3t
from the G A G flag staff Monday
was in honor of ex Congressman
Miveighan who died at Hasting Sun
day lie was a hero of the late war
A number of cases of diphtheria
are reported in our county People
should take every possible percaution
to keep this terrible disease from
spreading Beware
E McDonald is among the oldest
and most successful merchants in
Valentine and appreciates the bene
fits derived from the use of printers
ink Read his new ad this week Re
offers some very tempting bargains
li is money in a farmers pocket to
stud wtdtern farm methods Head
The Cultivator the best western farm
paper Yv get it for you a ear for
nearly nothing if you subscribe tor
the Independent Both papers one
year for 125 Apply at this othce
Tveth titled with vrovtl
Teeth fiUed wiili bay
For the next sixty das good wood
and hay will be taken at the highest
market price in exchange for dental
work DV C A W K L 1 S
Arrangements hve been perfect
ed for a Christmas entertainment at
the Presbyterian Church Christmas
eve A short program has been ar
ranged and the room will be decorated
with two beautiful Christmas trees
StfW fMr tllll Vlinltti CtltvAl il i il J
and one for- the public in general
There will be a special Communi
cation of Minnechaduza Lodge 192 A
I V A AT O n oi Ton
Dr Dwyer informs us that Malg
nat D phtheria one of the most dan
gerous contageons diseases has brole
out in the vacinity of Kewanee Two
of Mr Archers children are at a very
low stage at this writing but the
doctor has hopes of bringing them out
The A O U W Lodge elecced
officers at its meeting on Monday night
last as follows viz T C Hornby M
W Wesley Holsolaw Foreman- 0W
Uahn Overseer Carl Dam us Record
er W E Haley Financier Gustave
Carlson Receiver U G Dunn Guide
C A Collins Inside Watchman R S
Morey Outside Watchman Robert
Robinson Trustee
Gerome Broad returned Sunday
from a trip down through the southern
states extending over several months
in search of a new -location but failed
to find anything that suited him He
has returned to make this his home
and says he knows by experience that
it is the best place He says the poor
people are better off here than any
place he visited and immigration is
turning from the south and heading
Died at the home of his parenra
on Monday at the age of twelve years
Willie Ashburn son of J T Ashburn
The funeral services were conducted
at the house and the remains laid to
rest in the Kewanee cemetry Willie
had suffered with a destructive disease
for several days which the skillful
efforts of Dr Evans failed to abate
and on Monday his spirit went its
giver The funeral was conducted
under the directions of the A O U
W of which Mr Ashburn was a mem
A grand banquet was given by
our townsmen m honor of Col J i
Oglesby on the eve of his departure
Saturday night The guests assembled
at the White House and all were com
fortably seated at the great tables at
1030 oclock with O R Glover Master
of Toasts A number of masterly and
appropriate toasts were given by
guests and all present spent a most
enjoyable evening Col Oglesby took
his departure on the morning train
for Okholoma where his services are
required in his new posiion He
eaves VaWtine 1 he best wishes
of our people as was fully demonstrat
ed on this occasion
his own
The ice season is near at hand
J A Fine is enjoying Newport
life this week
Always trade with the merchants
who advertise
S F Gilraan was
week for a short time
m town last
The County Commissioners met in
regular session Monday
The Ladies of the M E Church
will give a bazarr on December 20
and 21
Representative F Rothleutner
made a fhiug business trip to this city
Aloud ay
United States Marshall- Liddiard
of Rushville visited this city the fore
part of the week
BEIPCIasiBese Sac ret JLilies
55yicm22S SKiiya aiad athev
IZziihs at liCwis 5rae Stfore
See ad for Vox Populi in another
column The Independent together
with that paper for one year at 1 50
The snow has disappeared and
everybody is longing to see mother
earth carpeted with the pure white
flakes again
Oyster supper will be given in
connection with the bazarr on Decem
ber 2Utli at vjornell Hall Coint and
bring our best girl
Roland Hunter has opened a
tailor shop in the Millar building north
of the lied Front Cleaning and re
pairing neatly and prompilv done
i section of Uncle Sams public domain
Fred sls it mikes a man feel better
to have a clear title to a place where
vou can call home
v -- j rSfo0fc spent a few hours in town
p m for work in the third degree All
j Mndav radinj om inerclmnts
members and visiting member in good
Tiey coinlleLed i mo ClI1
standing are coidially invited to be
J tract for turmsiuug lumbei tr countv
nrucunt V IVTnnT n W t
Wii bridges
V V Thompson secy
s is cosmimary with Ihese
community buy their goods
The annual winter meeting of the
Farmers Institute under tlie direction
of tke State Board of Agriculture will
be held at Lincoln commencing Jan
nary 21 1896 The object of this
meeting is to discuss matters that are
of interest to tillers of th soil and in
every way possible proirote the indus
try of farming Everybody is invited
to atreud this meeting and every
farmer who is desirious of becomng
familiar with the leading questions
that confront men following that 02
cupation cannot afford to mibs this
The sport of rabbit and wolf hunt
ing with the aid of hounds- is gaining
in popular favor very rapidly in Val
entine New dogs are being purchas
ed and a large crowd turns om ou each
occasion V M Nicholsons dog is
the last addition and tie is a line one
And the latest addition tothe party- is
Charles Sparks ann D E Sherman
mounted in a top buggy About 20
gentlemen went out Sunday north to
the state line where a number of
pretty were witnessed When
the nice appeais on levt l grounds and
can be seen for miles it is certainly a
pretty sight md it is fully appeciatnd
Charles Sparks is credited with having
captured the only wolf during the day
i t -- v v
5- -V M -
hVMh folWfl
5r -
Martin Miemrs was a pleasant
business caller Ui3t evening
A good appetite and perfect diges
tion soon fellow the use of Ayers Sar
Ayers Pills taken in doses of one
daily after dinner admirably regulate
the digestive and assimilative organs
Rinars Tabules cure dyspepsia
TVm Steele returned last night
from Okholoma where he has been
working several months on a govern
ment survery
A change in the proprietorship ot
the Peacock saloon took place this
week D Stinard bought the estab
lishment and M Cline and Henry Bal
lard are running the business
There will be a Christmas Tree in
the M E Church Tuesdav Dec 24
All who desire may put presents upon
the tree In connection with the tree
will be given a Cantata The Waif
Christmas with the following person-
Christmas Fairy
May A Rich Girl
Flossie do
Nan A Waif
Meddie do
Santa Clause
Full Chorus
Come aud enjoy
Exercises begin at 730
Xmis eve with us
Excursion tickets on sale December
24 25 and 31 1895 and January 1
- Joseph Wisser tin wijh awalce 1896 at one and one third fare for the
populist ctninitieeiuan tf Nehzl
spent Mondy in town was i wit
ness for Fred Silner horn in making
final proof
James Good fellow of Malvern Ja
a heavy stock owner in this couutv
Office over T C ttofe
Honeys j slnppKl ii our city Tuesday on bust-
ness We understand he will put
several cars of ua tie on ihe Omaha
markets in a few days
Fr d biroprhorn came to town
j - r
Monday and made pi oof on a quarter
round trip to any point within 200
miles tickets good leturning until
Jan 2 1895
mv ay 3tc
Taken up by the uudersigued Nov
ember 20 1895 at Nebr one
ba jinny mule age about 10 yrs
weight about 900Ibs shod in front no
i ra ds to be found
W M Hook
Estray Notice
Estrayed from Barney Deniers
ranch in Schlagle precinct near Swan
Lake on Tuesday Dec 10 one brown
James Callaway and George Hen- horse with slit in left ear branded on
left shoulder 47 weight about llOOIbs
7 yrs old and one bay mare 8 yrs old
some white on front feet brown spot
on hip several brands also one black
horse weight about OOOlbs white spot
gentlemen ttiey remernbeivu the print- 6u nose branded on hip other
er and made the IvdgpkxdknT foroe j brands Any information as to the
happy by renewing their subscriptions
with cash
H C Sainerwas a welcome caller
at these headquarters last Thursday
and helped the hungry editor by apply
ing cash on subscription We hVe
six or seven hundred subscribers wtio
could follow his example with
uher abouEs of said stock to the ranch
or box 49 Valentine Neb will be
liberally rewarded
nipf ia
Notice is hereby given that the
Board of Countv Commissioners -will
good rHVf im ti 7 IRPR - l
Remember a newspaper man I
m imlfimr hpe
to tut r iitiil Ik i li tit n tr linrwinl K
- ion eaiua a iiv mwmcou j hriflrp
f n ThP
he should not be kept waiting two or
three vears for his monev
If merchants have holiday goods
to sell they shonld inform the public
through the cojiimns of a newspaper
If home merthants expect citizens to
trade at home instead of buying in
Omaha they should take a tumble
and through the use of nri titers ink
let the fact be known that they have
goods to sell It is with poor grace
that the merchant who never adver
tises can coMiplaiu because people in
- - ---- W -
ial in the old bridge to be used as far
as possible in building said approaches
except the plank and railing which
shail be piled at the north end of the
bridge The Board reserves the right
to reject any or all bids
Geo Elliott Co Clerk
Dated Dec 18 1895
r y - -- - etxnxTS
All work intrusted to me will be
Promptly and Carefnll y Exe
cuted Terms given on appli
Valentine Nebraska
Distressing Cough
Some time since I had a severe v
attack of asthma accompanied vith a g
distressing cough and a general soifness 0s
ol the joints and muscles I consulted Os
physicians and tried varioi3 remedies
hut without getting any relief until I
despaired of ever being veH again o
Finally I took Ayers Chrry Pectoral 1
and in a veryshort time was entirely j
cured T can therefore cordially and qx
confidently commend this medicine to 0 j
all J IlosELLS Victoria Teas l
Jly wife had a very troublesome J3
cough She used Ayers Cherry ol
ral and procured immediate relief O
G n Podeic k Humphreys Ga j
Ayers Cherry Pectos a gi
Received Highest Aivrds
000000000a o o 000000 00000 s
ssssExsmttrm 1 wma v KjmExsnsuam
Holliday Offer
For cash cash only
mwMMn Li j rra rL rmmmmzmmmmBm
17Es Granulated Sugar for 100
5Ibs Good Roasted Coffee 100 x -
lib Fine Gunpowder Tea 30
lib Fine Japan Tea 25 -
20Ibs Prunes 100
201bs Rasms 100
1 Hbs Good E Peaches 100
30R3 Oat Meal 100
25 Bars line Laundry Soap 100
Smoking Tobbacco 15
Ginghams at 6 cents per yard Prints 5 cents pet yard
Mens fine shoes from 150 up
Ladies fine Dongola patent leather tip
shoes 200
Prices on flonr on application We will
positively not be undersoil by any one
The highest market price paid for all farm
- Georgia eb
- Try
f a n - CD - - Q S Q O hZZi
u w x li r ra - c r
5 S -X R rv r W re C
c r n cs
ia rrl I
- 1rfr tv Z SJt 4 T 1 3 T Si J5S fZbi 7T Tv
Ltsc as Building St LghIs Mo
rftJV r -
T Z IT t A
IV V 31 - C 71YK
Yj -vs b
4 f ylz - i r i
I feW II
j f wr s N ti train mfssa
im asf3idi
There is no hope of relief from the conditions that cow eurse the
American people until both of the eld parties have bsen destroyed They
fig are the willing and subservient tools of corporate- power and are utterly
unable to perform a single noble and patriotic act This is the sentiment
v that is breathed forth by every line and picture in Vox Populi the
illustrated Populist paper that is now producing such a political sensation
fc throughout the United States and from the columns of which the above
cut is taken
VOX POPULI is a 16 to
e uublication and more than half of each issue E
W ic riwn nvpr fn PicfnrfiS anil frrilciriQ CfirfnrtTii The ina rof x9
f each single iminBcr is VCrth more than tha subscription price for an entire Qg
fig year xtoo The circulation of VOX POPULI is general tfaroughcut the ws
United States Everr leadin Posulist takes it In the campaign of iSq 6
t - j
it will appeal to the eye and the intellect of more people than any other journal
ca in tnc nation wnezner poor or you cannoc zxioru to do f
W xvlt VY PfiPIJLI SipTlft conies a sold at IO cent hnt vnv ci f
- - - r I -- J VTMV
- V
W scribcr to the piper in which this advertisement appears who wishes a sample
k cony can get the same by stating that they are subscribers and sending 4 cents S-
in stamps to cover postage etc to YOX POPULI St Louis Mo
vOA POPULI ana tnis paper mU be sent at reduced rates upon terms
tt set forth in another column g
h Si
i ys5SSsf