The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, April 28, 1911, Image 3

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    1!^ Quality Place
Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware
and Notions. The famous Kirkendall shoe
our specialty. Highest market prices
for produce.
An exceptionally fine stock, all new goods.
Swell spring hats just arriving. Miss Lei
ta Butler in charge of this department. Al
so special attention given to dress-making
and ladies’ tailoring.
W. B. Butler
Barada :: :: :: Nebraska
W. E. DOKKINGTON, Pres. W. A. GKEENWALl), Cashier
T. J. GIST, Vice-Pres. GUY P. GKEENWALl), Ass’i Cashier
Palis City State Bank
Capital and Hurplns, $70,000.00
This Bank Wants Your Patronage
C S Xt is :i str°n£ conservative and ac.
UwvuUdv comodating institution operated
under the Banking Laws of the State of Nebraska.
i I C£> 11 is a ffrowinS. modern and up-to
iii.aj* I* date bank - appreciates your busi
ness and looks after it’s patrons interests.
Oi ***** iai | c A It welcomes the accounts and busi
DvwdUwW ness of the small as well as the
large depositor and borrower.
U flt> I1 welcomes the accounts of Wo
men and Children as well as
Men and pays interest on Saving Accounts of the Child
ren and Interest on Time Deposits of “Big Folks."
Go Somewhere This Summer
To the East: In due season attractive tourist rates will be
announced to the Lake and St. Lawrence regions, Atlantic Coast
cities and resorts. Can we help you plan an Eastern tour?
Or if you prefer the West, think about the mountain climate
and scenery of Colorado, the Big Horn region, ora tour through
Yellowstone Park; there are circuit tours embracing Scenic
Colorado, Salt Lake, Yellowstone Park and the Big Horn Moun
tains—all in one journey. Perhaps you can take this summer
that long wished for journey to the Pacific Coast, embracing by
diverse routes the entire West ahd Northwest regions. A sum
mer tour, whether through the East or through the West, has
become to many a necessity, while railroad and hotel facilities
make it a diverting and enjoyable experience. There are no
tours in tile world that offer the traveler so much for his money.
Get in touch with us. Let us help you plan your journey and
provide you with free descriptive publications as soon as re
ceived from the printer.
tford, Ticket Agent
lY, General Passenger Agent
)maha, Nebraska
3 Star Tumblers, 3 Star Pitchers and Hand
Painted B. and B. Plates.
I! Star Tumblers, light bottoms, lac values for 10c each
3 Star Tumblers, heavy bottoms, 20c values for 15c each
3 Star Pitchers, $1.2." values for 75c each
Genuine Hand Painted Bread and Butter
Plates, SI.00 values for 75c each
Buy all you want at these prices. See them
in the south window at
Chas. M. Wilson s
Subscribe for the Daily
Tribune, $2.50 per year
Adu, the little daughter of .Mr.
and Mrs. (). Y. Harlow, died at
her home Thursday morning al
ter being siek several months.
The funera Iserviees were, held
at the home at 10’cloek Satur
day morning and the remains
taken to DuBois for burial.
Ed Uliri, C. K. Cooper and Joy
Nims returned from Omaha on
Tuesday in Mr. Uliri's new forty
horse power touring car . The
car is a Mitchell and of the lat
est pattern and the writers are
anxiously waiting to have the
first ride in the new car.
Miss Anna Ilunkcger of Dry
Branch has been quite sick the
last week. A doctor from Paw
nee City was called.
A number of families in this
vicinity attended the illustrated
lecture given by W. F. Isler, at
the German M. E. church at
Humboldt Tuesday night. The
views were fine and gave a very
vivid description of the customs
and habits of Switzerland .
Mrs. Jennie Leech returned to
her home at Pleasant View, Fri
day . She had spent the past two
weeks at the home of O. Y. Har
low, nursing little Ada.
John Uliri, Jr. attended a part
in Humboldt Thursday evening.
When lie went to get. his horse
to go home be found that it bad
grown tired of waiting for him
so lie wended bis way homeward
and Master Johnnie had to walk
home. The horse was found next
morning in a neighbor’s corn
field, patiently waiting for bis
driver .
J. C. Wallraff was in Rulo
last week.
Jim Robison was in Falls City
Oss Daniels was in White Clou
Tom Bowker Avas a Falls City
visitor Wednesday.
A. J. Hart was a Falls City
•isitor Wednesday.
Vernal Wright, of Fargo Avas
a Rulo visitor recently.
Little Harold Haler spent last
week Avitli relatives in Preston.
Ruth and Agnes Kanaly Avere
.'hopping in Falls City Friday.
Dr. Henderson made a pro
fessional visit to Missouri Tues
Will McCumber of Preston vis
ited Avitli Rulo relatives Wednes
Guy and Russell Inks of Salem
spent Sunday with relatives in
Mrs. J. L. LeBlane spent last
week with relatives in Kansas
Roy Williams and family spent
Sunday with bis mother at Fortes
cue, Mo.
Jim Maddox and Jack Ncitzel
of Preston ivere Rulo visitors on
Henry Brinegar, wife and little
(laughter were Falls City vsiitors
fleorge White of Auburn visit
ed with friends in Kulo the first
of the week.
Harry Miller of Mound City is
working for the Telephone Co. at
this writing.
Air. and Mrs. Larabee went to
Preston Saturday for a visit to
their son’s family.
Earl Dicks, wife and children
of White Cloud visited with his
parents Sunday.
Mrs. IT. M. Edgecomb left for
St. Joseph last week to receive
medical treatment.
Agnes Schrader of Preston
made the home folks a short visit
the last of the week.
Janies Ford, wife and baby of
Mrownville spent Sunday with
•1. M. Pope and family.
Mrs. E. (i. Harford spent last
week with her daughter, Mrs. Os
car White, in Falls City.
Mr. and Mrs. Fox of Baltimor
Md., are visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. 1). Van Vaulkinburg.
Bessie Anderson and Hattie
Hart visited Clara Aikman at
lii‘r school Friday afternoon.
O. A hick and family left on
Wednesday for Colinsville, Okla.
I to make til* ir future home.
Misses TiUeile and Tracy Santo
of St. Joseph visited the first of
the week with Rulo relatvics.
Wm. Frederick and family of
Fargo visited with relatives in
this city the first of the week.
John Kanaly and daughter,Mis
Florence and son, John, spent
Sunday with relatives in Kansas.
Mrs. Joe Frederick left last
week for South Dakota, where sh
expects to make her future home.
Heck Boylen, Wayne Richard
son and Ray McVey attended a
dance in Falls City Monday ev
Mrs. Ella Gilbert returned on
Wednesday from a three week’s
stay with her daughter at Ver
million, S. D.
J. A. Osborn has purchased a
low seven passenger automobile
nd accompanied by his family
ml Henry Brinegar and family
mule a trip to Falls City Sun
Henry Brinegar's smoke house
caught fire Saturday and burned
to the ground with all its con
tents. lie also lost several stand
of bees and a valuable pear tree
they was killed by the heat, but
after all was lucky to save his
hvelling house, which was close
On Wednesday afternoon of
ast week Mrs. John Pope cn
■rtained a number of little
oiks in honor of her daughter
Florence’s birthday. The after
noon was spent playing games.
Refreshments which delighted the
little ones were served. Florence
received a number of presents.
C. IE. and J. A. Martin were
L mines* visitor in Falls City on
Littcl Albert Mangold is on
(he sick list.
A. A. Cattctt’s infant son
was quite ill last week.
Joe Spickler was over from
Shubert one day last week.
Mrs. Mary Bollman returned
from St. Joseph last week.
John Kelly of Bancroft is visit
ing his sister, Mrs. W. A. Cox.
Wm. and Gust Ruch with their
mother spent Sunday in the coun
Mrs. J. F. Sailor suffered a se
vere attack of tonsilitus (he past
Leon Yasser and family were
guests of R. X. 'Williamson and
family Sunday.
A. J. Kelly and wife spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Hen
ry Langdon.
Otis Spickler was down from 1
Council Bluffs a couple of days
a 1st week.
Conrad Gerdes r * d wife were
guests at .'••0 home of IT. Seimer
ing, Jr., Sunday.
Chas. Gaston of Shubert was
busy plumbing in Barada the ;
first of the week.
Herman Ludwig and family of
this place were guests of the
Leitzke family Sunday.
Dr. S. A. Van Osdel left. this
week for an extended visit with
his parents in South Dakota. lie
made the trip in his auto.
Hardy Hays of Shubert spent
I In' greater part of the past two
weeks in this vicinity engaged in
papering and painting.
August Ruchholz Sr., and wife
came up from Falls City Sun
day to visit the family of their
son, Anthony.
A very pleasant party was
tendered F. R. Rockwell at his
hoarding place Thursday even
ing. All present report a good
Frank Lunsford, who has been
critically ill with typhoid fever
for some time, is able to sit up
a littel while at a time.
Mrs. Hannah Stephenson re
turned Sunday from an extended
visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Paul Smith near Rulo.
Miss Amanda Duerfeldt has
been spending her vacation from
I her duties in a hospital in Omaha
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs,
R. C. Duerfeldt.
Miss Hansen began chorus
practice for the Commencement
exercises last week. A large
number are taking part ami a
good program is sure to result.
Mr. Niekols of Wymore was in
town a few days last week, lie
was accompanied homo by bis
daughter, Mrs. C. V. Cox and
children for a visit with rela
tives and friends.
There will bo no services at
tin* Evangelical church next Sun
day so that all may have an op
portunity to attend the Sunday
School convention at Shubert.
The Sunday school will attend in
a body.
Friday witnessed the closing
exercises at. the Ankrom school
northwest of Ilarada, taught by
F. . Rockwell. A large crowd wa
in attendance and a general good
time reported. Mr. Rockwell pre
sented each pupil with a photo
of the school.
Mrs. T. II. Hardy is on the sick
list this week.
Walter Lcgg attended to husi
ness in St. doe Monday.
Miss Fannie Klosner visited
in Table Rock Tuesday.
Miss Minnie Murphy is clerk
ing in the Famous this week.
Hay Gist and family spent
Sunday with relatives in Salem.
Prof. Henj. Mickey spent. Sun
day with relatives in Lincoln.
Mrs. Frank Mullen was a pass
enger to Falls City Wednesday.
Mrs. George Segrist of Dallas
S. 1)., is a guest of friends here*.
d. Hock Williamson was a pass
enger to Falls City on Wednesda
Hoy Hist was detained from
school this week on account of
Miss Eleanor Williamson play
ed for a dance held at Dawson
Miss Mae Bradwell of Lincoln
spent Sunday with friends in
this city.
Miss Mittie Gridley visited
with relatives in Diller, Neb., the
first of the week.
Miss Minnie Murphy and Mor
gan "Walsh attended the dance
at Dawson Friday.
James llnizda and Ralph Hum- i
inel went to Grand Island Tues
day in the latter’s ear.
James K. Liggett came over
from Pawnee and spent Sunday
with his wife in this city.
W. B. Albright and wife vis- '
ited with relatives in Falls City <
the alst of the week.
Harry Gravatte of Hiawatha,
Kansas visited over Sunday with
his brother, Ben and family.
Mrs. Blanch Jones returned to
Table Rock Wednesday after a
visit with Will Veits and wife.
Miss Florence Hummel spent
this week at the home of her
parents, Chris Hummel and wife
Miss Lillith Waggoner has
been elected to the position of
assistant principal of the Doug
las schools.
Miss Ethel Hummel returned
to her home in Lincoln Ihc first
of the week after a visit with
relatives in this city.
A kensington was held in tin
parlors of the Presbyterian
cliureh Tuesday afternoon. The
hostesses were Mrs. K. J. Curdy
Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. (J. L
Mrs. .1. A. Wiiggner went to
Omaha this week to be present
at the commencement exercises
of the Omaha Medical school in
which,her son, Todd is a grad
A masquerade party was giv
en by II. P. Marble and wife at
their home Thursday evening. <>n
Saturday afternoon Mrs. Marble
entertained about thirty ladies
and on Tuesday of this week the
members of the W. O. T. l\ were
entertained at the Marble home.
Kd LThri shipped a ear load of ,
hogs Monday.
Miss Oleta Youngman from i
Uumholdt visited aft the home of
Sophia I’hri over Saturday and
Mr. and JNIrs, Chris Rentier are'
the proud parents of a ten pound
baby boy, which was born. April
John Schuler of Falls City was
visiting Sunday with his brothers
Gus and Fred Schuler,
llosedale school is planning to
have a picnic dinner at the
school house Friday. The din
ner will be followed by a progran
prepared for the occasion.
George Gutznian, Arnold ScJi
uetz and Chris Sutorius were pas
sengers to Falls City Saturday.'
Will Be In This City, May 3
One of the strongest fentres
with tlie Blondin Show is Culm.
Clutehl'ield, the champion roper
who does tricks with a lariat that
never before been atempted. That
this man has been raised with a
rope in bis band goes without say
ing. See his free exhibition on
the street at noon and be con
vinced that you have seen at
least one real roper. Will be in
Falls City, Wednesday, May 3.
Cemetery Auxiliary Meets
Tile Cemetery Auxiliary met
with Mrs. .1. W. Holt Tuesday
afternoon. The following offi
cers Mere elected for the coili
ng .'<i r.
President Mrs. J. W. Holt.
Vice Pres. Mrs. W. \\r. Jeuno.
Secretary Mrs. J. S. Ewalt.
Cor. Sec. Mrs. John Powell.
Treasurer Mrs.G.W. Holland.
As it is nearly time to pur
eliase the flowers for the beds,
we hope everyone interested will
f>ay something toward buying
the plants and for the care of
them. Money can be paid to
any of the officers and you will
got credit for the saint'. Be
sure and attend the next meet
ing with Mrs. \\r. \V. Jenne on
.Monday, May 1. Secretary.
Here, is a minister who appre
ciates tlic editor. At a recent
editorial convention he offered
the following toastTo save the
editor from starvation, take his
paper liberally. To save him
from despair send him every
it (‘in of news of which you can
get hold. To save him of pro
fanity, write your correspondence
on one side of the sheet and send
it in as early as possible. To
save him from mistakes bury him.
Dead people arc the only ones
who never make mistakes.”—Ex.
Floors with
Saves Time
Pecause the line, porus particles
ol the Cleanser get right down
into every crack and crevice,
take up all dirt and leave the
lloor clean and spotless.
Many other uses
and Full Directions on
large Si f ter-can IQ f