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    The County in General
The “Doings” of our Country Friends
and Neighbors.
The Indies Aid of Barada and sev
eral others gathered at tho home of
Mrs. I. A. Dunn last Wednesday to
sew carpet rage and quilt. Tongues
and needles were kept busy chatting
and sewing. Refreshments were serv
ed by Mrs. Dunn.
G. W. Duerfeldt and family sqent
Sunday last at the home of Mr. Krod
Rev. Essley and wife sqent Wednes
day night at 1. A. Dunn’s.
Mrs. Ruegge living south of here
was stricken seriously ill last Monday
Mr. E. E. Butler, having sold his
land here will sell his stosk and tools
at a sale March the 8 after which he
will move with his family to Hebron
wherehe lias bought a farm.
Mr. 1. A Dunn was n Barada visit
or Monday.
Mrs. Ed. Ege is on the sick list thl
Mrs. Tom Branseum left Monday fo
Kansas where alio will spend sonic
time with relatlvecs and friends.
Mr. Wendell Gerweck is on the sic
Mrs. A. Lippold has been ill for
the last few days
About 60 relatives and friends
gathered at the home of Mr. Elmer
Butler last Friday evening for a fare
well surprise party in honor of Henry
and Ralph Butler, who are going to
move out west. The evening was
spent in playing games on the lawn
and In the house. Refreshments
were served at 12 o’clock. The
guests departing for their homes
wished Mr. Butler nnd Ills family suc
cess and happiness In their now
home*, which is near Hebron, Nobr.
George Miller and wife have opene
• restaurant and confectionary in
the ward building.
The Fargo ferry boat broke loose
with the lee last week, and although
a crowd spent a greater part of
the day watching for It, no one suc
ceeded in capturing the treasure, It
was cuught about six miles east of
Sparks, Kansas.
A crowd of young i>oople attended
the pie social, at the Fort Hazel
school housee last Friday night. All
report a fine time.
Febrary 27th being ltev. Pickett's
birthday, his wife invited small
party of friends, whose birthdays
were on or near that date, to spend
the evening. A sumptuous two court
dinner was served. The remainder
of the evening was spent with var
ious games and social conversation.
Ray Beley returned Saturday from
a few days visit with relatives at
Will Story and w ife moved from
the country to Rulo last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gage returned
last Saturday front a visit to Lin
Art Speere of Table Rock was a
Rulo visitor Monday.
Ray Sparks went to Sparks Tues
day for a short visit with relatives.
A. T. Sherman of Wyniore was a
Rulo visitor the first of the week.
Mrs. John llopkins was a visitor to
St. Joseph Saturday.
Frank Gage went to Lincoln Sat
urday night to spend a week with
E. Shepherd came up from St. Joe
Monday for a visit with his par
Mrs. \V. A. True and little son
went to Salem Tuesday to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Chesnut spent last
Wednesday in Kansas with relatives.
F. K. Knlp of Wymore was a busi
ness visitor in Rulo last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Steinhauser re
turned Wednesday from a visit with
relathees at White Cloud.
L. B. Saxon of Lincoln was a
business visitor in Rulo Wednesday.
Henry Meyers, wife and baby visit
ed with relatives in Falls City the
first of the Wi«k.
Mrs. Theodore Anderson has been
quite sick the past week.
The little son of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Brinegar, who lias been seri
ously 'll the past w ek is ini
Haluo Hart relumed from Salem
after a week spent with friends.
Mrs. Charles Caverzagie was a
Falls City visitor one day last
Pauline Liberty visited with rela
tives at Preston the first of the
Mrs. James Robison returned Wed
nesday from a visit with relatives
at Clearmont, Mo. She was accom
panied home by her niece.
Roy Williams and wife have pur
chased the Shelhouu property and
moved Into the same Wednesday. Mr.
and Mrs. Gage will move into the
house vacated hy Mr. Williams.
Mrs. Mary Ilatekin was quite sick
last week at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Wes Coupe.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shepherd left
Tuesday of last week for their home
in Livingston, Mont., after an extend
ed visit with relatives and old friends,
Mrs. Charles Boerner was a Pres
ton visitor the first of the week.
3 T K. Glllan and daughter Kath
rlne went to Lincoln, Tuesday to at
tend the lien Hur theatrical perfor
mance Mrs. Amanda Litchfield re
turned to this city after a several
months visit in the “Sunny
South”, at the home of her son in
Lillian Butterfield left, Monday for
Lincoln, where she will he the guest
of her aunt, Mrs. E. L. El well.
Mrs. E. Whitney departed for her
home in Omaha Sunday after spen
ding som* time with Will Johnson
pnd family.
II. Boyd and Eleanor Williamson
went to Table Hock, Sunday where
they met Zora Marble as she return
ed from a visit with friends in Te
JamesHnlzda was a business visi
tor to Pawnee City Thursday.
J. T. Leff and family are now res
idents of Humboldt., having recently
moved here from Stella.
Howard Snoke has been joined by
his family, who arrived in this city
the first of the week, from I>a Harpe,
Kansas. They will reside on a farm
near town.
Prof. Huff went to Tecumseh, Mon
day. Ho was accompanied by Bessie
Little, Gladys Boyd and Ix>is Gridloy.
Tile young folks will represent the
Humboldt High school in a debate
with the Tecumseh High school.
The Presbyterian church was given
a china shower Tusday at the
church. A program was rendered
and refreshments served.
A. B. Cornelius returned from Tex
as, Sunday.
H. 10. Boyd wont to Omaha Monday
L. J. Segrist and wife entertained
at their beautiful home, Wednesday
and Thursday evenings.
The Alpha Club met Monday after
Mrs. Christ Buorstctta from the
western part of the state is visiting
at the homo of her mother, Mrs..
Mrs. 1) 10. Goddard of Arcadia aft
er a visit with Charles Goddard and
family returned to their homos, Thurs
O. T. Little was on the sick list
the last of the week.
Herman Gossman died at his home
north west of this city Tuesday eve
of last week. Funeral services were
held Friday at the German M. E.
church, conducted by Rev. Fricke
The deceased was a prosperous far
mer fifty three years of age and is
survived by his wife and eight chil
Mrs. Ida B. Brown and John Loath
erman were married at the Presby
ian parsonage Wednesday even
ing Rev. J. K. Cardy performing
the ceremony.
Chester Shroycr, Lloyd Stabler
and Joe Morris left, Monday for Harv
Mr. Blumbarg of Kansas City was
in town Monday in the Interest of
the Knights of Pythias lodge.
The W. c. T. U. met with Mrs.
How to Cure
Chronic Colds
and Bronchitis
Blucvale, Oni., May 4, 1910.
“I was sick for two years with a
chronic cold and bronchitis and a
consequent run-down condition. I
received no benefit from doctors,
end had to give up work. V1NOL
was recommended and from the sec
ond bottle I commenced to improve
— T gained in weight and strength,
ny cold and bronchial trouble dis
appeared, and I am at work again.
I want to recommend \TNOL to
anyone who is in need of such a
medicine."—Thomas llir.or.vs.
it is the < ' ;dimed action of the
aided by the blood making and
strength creating properties of Ionic
iron contained in \ 1NOL which
makes it so successful in curing
stubborn colds and bronchitis.
\ 1NOL is a constitutional rem
edy for chronic coughs, colds, bron
chitis and pulmonary-troubles, not
a palliative like cough syrups.
Try a bottle of VINOL, If you
don t think it helped you, we will
return your money.
Ashford Edie, Wednesday.
Mrs. J. C. Segrlst entertained the
Linger Longer club. Wednesday.
Herbeert Borland is suffering with
quinsey this week.
Mrs. E. C. Colbapp entertained on
Thursday in honor of Mrs. Emory
Stanley—nee Cooper—who is visiting
friends in town before departing for
the Philippine Islands, where she
will join her husband who preceded
hts family to Cavite.
Mrs. D. E. Smith recently returned
from Clinton, Iowa where she has
been at the bedside of a sister who
is ill.
Mrs. Clara Hassler of Lincoln is th
guest of her mother, Mrs. It. K. Ilavi
Harry Doyd went to Lincoln, Tues
day to see Hen Hur.
Mrs. Robert Travers, who has
bet'n visiting at the home of her
parents, Wm. Cooper and wife, left,
Sunday for her home in Lincoln.
Mr. Horace Bemont left, Saturday
for Winnebago, Nebr., where she will
visit her daughter, Mrs. Linnie Sne
then, who teaches the Primary Dep
artment of the school at that place.
A case of scarlet fever devel
oped in tlie home of Dr. E. A. Litch
Marth 1st.
John Fellers and wife of Elk Creek
were Sunday visitors with Humboldt
•I. K. Liggett came over from Paw
nee City to spend Sunday with his
The musical and literary entertain
ment given b” the Christian church
Friday night was a decided success.
Mrs. Rudolph Hnizda of Table
Rock spent a few days the first of
the week with her parents. Wm. Viel|
and wife.
Mrs. Laura Mitcheil visit d last
week with her daughter, Mrs Kel'ie
Miss Lizie Zubriek of Verdon vis
ited tiiis week witli her aunt, Mrs.
E. E. Butler.
Miss Vesta Lively, who is teaching
in Dawson, spent the week end at
the ! E. E. Buth r
Dr. S. IL Andrews went to Kan
sas City to meet his wife who return
ed from a visit with her parents at
Cordell, Okla. They returned to
Barada on Wednesday,
Mahlon Klue moved to tJnadilla,
Nebr. last week.
Jesse Kirkendall lias rented the
Koavts farm for the coming year.
C. L. Barker moved onto the C. F.
Kuker farm just east of Barada on
Monday, which he has rented for
.lie year.
Mr. Brackhahn of'Humboldt moved
on tiie farm east of Barada which
lie i uiv based of Wat. Kuhlman.
Dan Wamsley moved liis family
from falls City onto the Spiekler
farm u> recently purchased.
Kail Hitler rnnea to the ’a -»l*
Arnold ‘arm. H > mo- ed 350 youag
rhickens with a loss of only thro •
iissc Ankrom is again able to 1> ■
a’miit after a aiwe illness.
Mrs. IL C Coe t nd daughter of
Stella visited the frst of the w > >k
with Mrs. R. J. Dunn.
W. P. Snodgasa of Kails City
moved this week Into the Frederick
place, east of Iiarada.
J. T. Sailors has moved his family
into the Morehead house until com
pletion of their new home west of
town. Mrs. Iva Cline also has a
suite of rooms in this cottage.
Misses Hazel and Ethel spent
the week end on the farm.
Rev. Essley and wife left Mon
day for conference at Blue Springs.
Henry Kuhlman and family moved
onto the Ebel farm north of town.
Mr. Ebel moved to Falls City.
The I^adies Aid Society served
lunch at E. E. Butler's sale Wednes
Lost—Mrs.J.A.Martin lost a ladies
gold watch and fob Sunday between
A liberal reward will be given for
her home and the Evangelical church
its return to the owner.
W. E. Whittington and family of
Pacific Junction, Iowa are visiting
relatives here.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Yager came
up from St. Joseph to attend the
wedding of Mrs. Yager’s brother,
Charles Kuker Jr.
Mrs. E. Wheele visited several
days last week at Salem with her
aunt, Mrs. Jess Shrimpton.
J. M. Goodloe and family visited
Sunday at Verdon with Robert Gools
by and family.
Miss Llssa Colglazier returned
Saturday from a visit with her niece.
Mrs. Ora Houtz at Adams.
Miss Neva Cowell of Howe w’ith
a car load of young friends, was auto
riding in Stella Sunday.
Chas Wood Is here from Elk City,
Oklahoma looking after his business
interest in Stella.
John Hall of Vlrden, brought his
sister Miss Camilla Hall and Mesdame
Garries and Goolsby to Stella last Fri
day evening, to visit Miss Amret Hai
who has been seriously ill at the home
of M. Bartler for the past three weeks
Mrs. I^tsRoy Griffith and little Mari
visited last week with relatives at
Mrs. Caroline Haggard visited last
week in Seneca Kansas.
Roy Marts moved his family from
town to the farm of Mrs. Jess Hay
south of town where he will farm the
coming year.
Mre. Etta Mclninch and daughter
Beulah returned last week from North
Bakota and will occupy the Swan prs
perty in the east part of town.
Mrs. A. M. Farmer has been quite
sick the past week.
The High Scool basket ball team
went to Verdon last Friday and played
with the Verdon High Scool team the
score was 18 to 15 in favor of Stella.
Joe. Mason and family' moved Sat
urday to the farm one mile east of
town, this farm they purchased re
cently from Geo. Randall.
Miss Merle Argabright went to Au
burn Saturday to visit her grandpar
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Walty.
Miss Janette Weller returned Mon
day from her trip to Mexico, and
reports a delightful trip. She thinks
Mexico is a delightful country.
Mrs. Angeline Raper purchased the
Chas. Wood property on Main Street,
Sheriff’s Sale
In the District court of Richardson
i ounty, State of Nebraska.
A. I). Annis, Plaintiff,
C. Ii. McColm, N. E. McColm and
William J. Nelson, Defendants.
Nolice is hereby given that by
virtue of an order of sale issued out
of the District Court of Kichadson
County, State of Nebraska and un
der (lie seal thereof and to me dir
t tied, I will, as sheriff of Richard
son County, on the 1st day of April,
!!tli offer at public sale in front of
the west door of the court house in
Falls City, Nebraska, between the
hours of 10 a, in. and 2 p. m. of
said cay the following tracts of real
estate situated in Richardson County,
Slate of Nebraska, and particularly
described as follows, towit: the north ,
half of the northeast quarter, the
northwest quarter and southwest
i iiarit r except ten acres In a square
out of thi southwest corner of said
southwest quarter all in Section 9, |
and northeast quarter of north-;
cast quarter except three j
An cl one i nlf acres out of northwest
corner thereof, and the south half of
11 - - - noi'lheast quarter, and the north-i
ust quarter cl' the southeast quar
ter and the southeast quarter of;
southeast quarter except three acres i
thereof owned by Robert Bodle, all
in Sec. S and the East 21 and sistty-1
twoJm idreds acres of northeast quar
ter of northwest quarter of Sec. 1C 1
all in Township 3, Range 17. E 6th, I
i’. M., lit- hardt-oii County, Nebraska, j
Said properly is and will be
syij to satisfy a decree of said dis
trict court entered in favor of the
above named plaintiff, A, D. Annis,
and against the above named defend
ants, the said C. B. McColm', N. E
McColm, and William J. Nelson.
Terms of sale, cash.
W. T. FENTON, Sheriff
Reavis & Reavis. Atty for Pltff.
First publication March 3, 5 times.
W R. DOimiNdTON. Prwi. W. A. OltKKNWAI.O. Caafci»r
T. J. UJBT. Vioe-Pnw. OUY P. UBEENWALD, A*«‘t Cs*ii«r
Falls City State Bank
Capital and Burping, $70,000.60
This Bank Wants Your Patronage
11 It is a strong conservative and ac.
coinodating institution operated
under the Banking Laws of the State of Nebraska.
1 I ^ *S a frrow*nff* mo<leri1 and up to
date bank—appreciates your busi
ness and looks after it’s patrons interests.
| It welcomes the accounts and busi
UwvQUdv ness of the small as well as the
large depositor and borrower.
It welcomes the accounts of Wo
men and Children as well as
Men and pays interest on Saving Accounts of the Child
jjciood Coffees!
Heckla, Old Diminion, Club and
Key West
are old Standard Brands. We guarantee them
as good as the best. C. A. Murdock & Co.
have been in the coffee business for more
than 40 years and have always stood for qual
ity. We want your Coffee Order. Gives
these brands a trial. We recommend them
Chas. M Wilson
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\V. B. Butler
Barada :: :: :: Nebraska
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