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F. W, Cleveland of Nebraska City
Will Once More Identify Him.
self With Our Merchants
TIi.' i i.tire sto. k formerly belong
ing to the firm of Pence Little Co ,
invoiei < d at flll.HSU, sold under th*
hammer Monday for $7,7-‘0. F. G
Harmon of Hole out. Mo., bought the
Mr. Harmon, however sold it to
Fred Cleveland of Nebraska City and
gives possession to Mr. Cleveland
in a few days He Informs us lie will
install a good line of fresh groceries
and make the store an an up-to-date
general merchandise.
Mr. Cleveland Is well known to
most of us as he was for years
a merchant in this city and has a
wide circle of friends who are glad
to hear of his rt turn.
There wen many people in at
tendance at the sale, lmt the bid
ding was not very high. Mr. Har
mon himself says the stock sold
very cheap.
Falls City's Increase In Population
Will Increase Consumption And
Encourage Production
The west has not yet taken large
ly to the one thousand and one ways
of making money by light farming, as
pnieticid in the oust. Ibcause of
the excellent markets here for all
poultry products, chicken culture
ought to become one of our big
specialties, especially since Ibis
is bound to become it railroad and
manufacturing town.
Small fruit and truck gardening al
so offer excellent opportunities for
Industrious persons who have a
plot of tliable ground. Herrlos and
fresh vegetables are always in de
mand. The market is never over
stocked. Any person with ordinary
pcrserverenco can lay the founda
tions fe a competency. Now is the
time to begin.
Mrs;. Flam did ill her homo m ar
Itunulii mi Wednesday morning. She
liail been sick most of the time
since site hail tile measles last
spring. Her sickness developed In
lo pneumonia and later into tuborcu
losis, r.f which she died at the
ace of forty-three yarns and eight
months She loaves a husband three
so, , tin e daughters and an aged
I'nth* r and mother. Mr. nad Mrs. H.
Itriuinlii of Shubert. Interment was
u ieh in Iktiada cemetery Friday.
Mart ied
\ vi ;y pretty wedding occurred at
tli ! t iin of Carl Mongold near Will
in in. viili last Thursday. when their
»■ : c r was united in marriage to
C u. c. „ WilliZ. Rev . treiek Official - ]
The ceremony w as performed |
:ir ti ) The• bride was dressed in
j. i t: ..jlk and looked charming. Miss
I i ha Aide and l.cwis Rhoades act
. t brides ntaid and best man.
. i crowd of friends and tela
. present and immediately
; ;. t cremony they ex
.1.1 t a; t ;;t; latlous. A
. t! i i w. s ser\ ed and
el, li \tiling people on
j . i .a *
Mrs. F. K. Farrington entertained
; l it:« party of ladies with a kon
s ngt- n yesterday afterncon. The
111>11.-1 was decoiated with red and
white carnations being used profuse
l\ .About forty ladies were present
tend passed the afternoon with their
needlework and in social tonversa
,' mu fa\ ei < (I ibe
ladies with several piano numbers
Splendid refreshments were served
in two courses at five o’clock.
In tile evening Mr and Mrs. Far
rington entertained at cards. Twelve
tables were placed for whist which
was tiie favored game for the even
ing and was played with the usual in
tense interest. The* honors were very
evenly divided, several guests winnin
seven of the eight games played. An
excellent supper was served a eleven
o'clock which was one of the pleasur
es of the evening. The events are
reported as being exceptionally pleas
ant. Mrs. Varner of Beloit, Kansas
was present.
Hiawatha Woman Killed Instantly
While Mrs. J. B. Hinphorrn of ilia
watha was sweeping the snow from
her hack porch last night, she fell
backward off the porch a distance
of about twenty feet. She struck
her head on the brick sidewald and
w as killed Instantly.
Mrs. lllnphorn is well known hero,
and her many friends will be grieved
to Jearn of her sudden death.
When one legislator says to an
other, "You vote for my bill and I'll j
vote for yours." you have a situation
of log rolling When it becomes rain
pant, ns it sometimes does in legls
lathe bodies. It is well night Im
possible to n il what will come nut
of tile string of trades anti barters,
ruder sue It conditions merit has,
little to do with the enactment of
measures into law. and men are fre
quently found voting for bills they
do not sit heart favor at all Grati
fication of sectional selfishness is ■
often swapped for gratification of
corporation greed, and the people's j
money Is squandered to defeat the
very laws the pi ople demand.
in the present Nebraska legislature
log rolling Is being prrnctind to a
dangerous and vicious degree. The
hi 11 for capital removal and the one
for the establishment of an agricul j
turnl school in southwestern Nebras-,
ka would have no show at all except (
for ttie support given them by legis
lators who hope to gain in return
vote., to kill important pending leg
Isialion. It is mighty near bribery J
when a group of legislators form a I
i onib't’ntlon to vote $100,000 of the I
people's money to satisfy a sectional j
demand solely for the purpose of]
geti ng return votes for or against
more important bills. Worst of,all
it is bribery with the people's mon
ey us the bribe.
Kvery measure should s tand or
fall on its own merits; and every
legislator should ubsolutt ly refuse
to vote for any bill that ho ho
lier* s to I e wrong, or against any
hill that ho believes to be right. But
legislators are nol always perfect.
They ijeod a little bolstering up by it
public opinion that is aisle to ex
press Itself tangibly. This bolstering
may best he supplied through the
Initiative and referendum. If the
people csf Nebraska today had the ini
tlatlve, the legislators would he a
great deal more concerned about
passing measures Use people want,
for they would know that the peo
ple had the power to get those meas
ures in another way. And if the
people had the power 1o get those
measures in another way. And if
the people had the right of the ref
erendum our legislators would be a
great deal more concerned about
passing bills that the people do isot
waist, for the people would hold the
power of veto. Verily, the present
situation gives an intense longing for
these weapons of People's Power.
Given A Life Saving Medal
Washington February 27 Presi
dent Taft has awarded to Miss Nel
lie Caskey of Fairinoimt. Ind., a
life saving medal on the recommen
dation of the interstate commerce
commission Accompanying the me
the president sends a personal let
ter of < ominendation for .Miss Cas
key's bravery. The Caskey home is
two miles from Fairinoimt. and only
a short distance front the crossing of
a highway by the Pennsylvania rail
road On March lb. IblO, Miss Cas
key discovered her niece. Martellc
Caskey, three and a half years old.
on the railroad tra< k in front of a
rapidly approaching train. The engi
neer saw .Miss Caskey ritnntng ahead
of his train along the track toward
the little gil. He attimpted to
stop the tain, but in the short dis
tance was unable to do so
At the moment it seemed inevit
able the train would strike the two
children, hut the heroic girl siczed
th" child, sprang from the track and
,oiled with her down the emliank
Miss Caskey, who is sixteen years
old is (lie second girl who has re
vived the life saving medals under
tin present law.
Mrs. Harshburger was brought here
yesterday from St Joe ami wss
buried in the Cahtolie cemetery, the
funeral party going direct from the
train. She lias been residing with
her son, K. W. Harshburger near
Knlo and had gone o St. .loe to visit
her sister. She was about seventy
years of age. Her husband died sev
eral years ago.
We have a good list for next Sab
bath day. The Bible school will open
promptly at f*: 4.*» and pastor and Sup
erintendent hope to see till teachers
and pupils in place on time.
At the evening service Hres. a.
K. Turner of Hastings College will
Attends Funeral Here
Mr. and Mrs. Lehmer and two t hil
dren, Eva and Lewis, arrived in
Kails City yesterday from Effingham.
Kansas. They accompanied the
body of Mr Lehmer’s mother, Mrs.
Hertzburger, which was buried here
yesterday Mr. and Mrs. Lehmer
and son returned home today. Miss
Lehmer. however, will remain here
as the guest of Miss Minnie Wolf.
Mr. Harvey is on the water wagon
again. He has been having a spring
renovating of his wagons and has
i brought them out with a new coat
of paint and some new patent eon
[ veniences for the street sprinkling
What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week
James Sip then. Cheater Powers, J
Wm. flrandow and John Uevelle of,
Humboldt are in town today.
'1 aid in Full" which will be seen
ii the (b illing Theater, on Tuesday,
March 7, is an iuterseting play deal
ing in a vein of grim veracity with a
problem in the existence of an un
paid c lerk and tiis wife.
Kugene Walter’s drama, “Paid in
Full,” will lie given at the Gehling
I'lii ater on Tuesday evening Mnrch
7th The piece is carefully staged
and perfectly played by an excellent
ness of her mother.
Miss Katie Mulligan has been unite
sii k for a few days.
Grandpa Hunnlke, who has been ill
for some time, does not improve, lie
continues very weak.
Miss Cinderllla Houston and her
mother returned Saturday evening
from a weeks visit in Omaha and
Nebraska City.
Sheriff Kenton look Daniel 11. lllnv
aty, who was declared insane by the
insanity board, to the asylum at
Lincoln Sunday. lie was brought to
i ills city Friday from Humboldt.
Mi.s Nora Jones was called from
Mi. Clark a M. 1*. lire man came up
from Kansas City yesterday.
I'a yard (ii' ciuvald arriv d home yes
terdny for a short visit with his
motle i Mrs. InUith tlris nvvald.
Mr. mtd Mrs. ('. I,. Lynch of Sa
lem wire shopping la . > : a ig-euy.
Mr. Schrader, it fireman on the
Mi - ■ el i I'neifie, went to Omaha yes
Mr. Win. F.orray eame up from
K:e. i;.. c’It3 Saturday to make it sho*'
visit with his mother. Mrs. Andy
Kvving Herbert of Hiawatha spent
Sunday in this city.
Rev. Brooks, the Methodist min
ister, took his congregation to the
Presbyterian church last night to
hear Mr. Lyford’s address on “The
1». Her Kails City Krom The Business
Man's Standpoint."
The lOleetiie Theater will be opfn
is usual every niglit during the al
t erutloi t
Henry l’orter (tune down from St.
loe Saturday on business. Mr. Por
ter expects to move his family here
in the near future.
Mr. A. Page of Dawson was a Sat
urday visitor in this city.
The Westing House people have set
all the old gang to work again tills
Misr. Florence Boose is on the sit k
list as a victim of Jagrippe.
Mr. Hoy Dykes of Stella spent
Saturday and Sunday in Falls City
.isiting with friends.
Mrs Clark Waffles and daughter,
Mins Lydia, of Humboldt are in Falls
City visiting with friends.
Dr Creorgt Handy from Humboldt
was in Falls City Saturday on busi
Mr and Mrs. Carl Sthaer return
ed to Superior this morning after a
short, visit to the latter's mother,
Mrs. Delia Sanford.
Bat Hawley spent Sunday with his
family at Barnston.
Mrs. Jane Sinclair returned to this
city Saturday after a two week's vis
it to her son, James Sinclair and
family near Hulo.
Don't fail to attend the (Evangelis
tic services at the Christian ehureh.
They will continue all week, Rev. F.
K Day in charge. Song service will
begin promptly at 7:30.
Little Floyd Shields had liis tonsils
removed yesterday. Drs. Miner and
Reneker had charge of the operation.
Miss Kate Heacock took up her
new work in the High School yes
terday morning and gave the pupils a
pleasant greeting.
Don't fail to hear the “Crown C'om
binola" concert at the Bloom Long
hardware store. Saturday, February
!25, from 2 to 4 p. m.
Mrs. C (\ Saylor of Verdon was
shopping here yesterday.
Miss May Starlzel went to Atchi
son this morning to visit relatives.
Wayne Whiten, Charles McCool
and George Coon were down from
Salem yesterday attending court.
The I. O. O. F. lodge meets tonight
in regular session.
Orra Davis and wife were down
from Salem shopping yesterday.
John Pearson of Salem was in town
Russel Hiatt was down from Sa
lem yesterday to visit liis family.
Miss Alice Keeling returned Wed
nesday from Aurora, where she has
spent ten days with her sister, Miss
Lois, and her uncle, Mr. George Keel
Miss Smith of the Smith- Buser
Co. of Dawson is down today on bus
iness and for dental work.
Cius Nettlebeck is out again af
ter his recent illness.
Miss Violet King, stenographer
for IJispaehor Jones, went to Kansas
City this morning.
Arthur Johnson went to Verdon
yi f terday afternoon on business.
Charles Babb was down from
Omaha yesterday and will remain
about a week.
Louis Wolf returned yesterday from
Beloit, Kansas where he has been j
superintending the building of a
depot for the Missouri Pacific,
John Sims was a Burlington pas
senger to Pawnee City yesterday.
Herman Frit/, and wife from near
Fargo were in town yeserday.
Mr. Biliips is down from Table
Kock on business.
Mrs. Margaret Sailor was down
from Verdon yesterday in company
with Mrs. J. C. Ayers and Mrs. Claud
John Kanaly was up from Kulo yes
Mr. Stroud, who was partially paral
y/ed last week is improving.
I .mils Davies, who had his ankle
..piaiued so badly last week by fall
ing off his pony is able- to return to
school. *
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hucher return-1
cd yesterday from their \isit lo rel
atives in Elkhart, Ind.
C. Williamson was down from Sa- j
lem Thursday.
J. B. Douglas, secretary of the Te
cuimieh Building and Loan Associa
tlon, came to brails City today to look
after some of the business interests
of the company of this city.
Mr. Evans of the Continental In
surance Co., is iii town today calling
on his agent, 0. II. Fallstead.
Miss Minnie Wolff is out today
for the first time since her severe
attack of the grip.
Mrs. Frank Mullen of Humboldt
made The Tribune office a very
pleasant call while in town today.
Miss May VauDusen seems to have
Hu building bee in her bonnet. She
has been seen several times lately
in close conversation with one of
our conractors. At the latest re
ports Mr. Rice lias failed to land
Hie contract.
Miss Floy McMillan is taking .Miss
Nellie Downs’ place in .John Powell’s
office, during Miss Downs’ vacation.
Win. Wilson is reported to he im
proving today. He lias been quite ill
for several days.
.1. F. Walsh of Humboldt is" in the
c ity attending district court.
The supper given by the ladies of
the Christian church last night was a
decided success. They cleared about
$60 for their efforts.
Quite a large party from this city
contemplates going to St. .Joe, Meh.
tith, 7th and 8th to see “Ben Hurr.”
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hays of Stel
la were among the out of town peo
ple at the Elks dance last night.
Charles Martin of the K. C. pool
hall went to Alma. Neb., yeserday for
a week's visit.
Tom Hall of Lincoln came down
from Verdon this morning with his
brother in the auto.
Judge Pemberton of Beatrice has
been here during the week for court
and was a pleasant taller at this
John K. Baker was down from Sa
lem yesterday.
Miss Ella Williamson of Humboldt
is a guest of her brother and other
frit rids. She came for the Elk’s
dance last night.
Guy Wahl went duck hunting yes
terday and got - hack
Apprentice girls wanted at the
Wittrock Millinery store. tf
John Fritz from Fargo was in
town yesterday.
Miss Cna Stiidow came down from
Verdon last night to remain over
Sunday at home.
John Hall is down from Verdon to
Dr. W. S. Fast will be here on
his regular visit Tuesday, March 7,
at Dr. Wilson's office. Hours 9 a.
m. till 3 p. m. tf
The Falls City chorus met last
night with good attendance.
Editor Herbert of the Hiawatha
World was among the interested spec
tators at the Elk’s reception and
dance yesterday.
Mr. Thomas McDertnond of Keuane
Ills., is visiting his niece, Mrs. Jim
Mrs. Norton of Seneca, Kas., is
the guest of her daughter. Mrs. Jim
F’owell for a few days visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Esburn Wheeler of
Stella were guests last night of rel
atives in this city for the Elks dance.
Dr. C. A. and Mrs. Barnes came
down from Teeumseh to attend the
Elk's dance last night. Mrs. Barnes
will remain over Sunday with the
family of Mrs. Margaret Maddox.
Mr. and Mrs. Fleming Robb were
down from Verdon last night for
the Elk’s dance.
Dr. A. E. Turner of Hastings Col
lege will be at the Presbyterian
chim b tomorrow morning and no in
the evening, as by mistake we report
ed yeserday.
President Helped ’Frisco to Land
Exposition, But Insists Hector,
ing of Japs Shall Cease
Washington, Feb. 24—One explana
tion of President Taft’s eager sup-!
port of San Francisco as the site for |
tiie • xposition celebrating the open
ing of tlie Panama canal was found
today in the elimination of the immi
gration restriction clause and in
tiie other concessions made to the
Japanese in the new proposed treaty
with Japan made public today.
Taft believes that lie and congress
have put San Francisco and Califor
nia "under bond to keep the peace
until after 3915, the year of the ex
position.” That the anti-Japanese ele
ment in California would raise great
objection to any concessions to Japan
was considered certain until the ex
position arises.
“California intends to hold a
great internaional exposition in 1915
and more than all other states, she
must endeavor to keep all of our inter
national relations as cordial as pos
sible,” explained a prominent diplo
mat!. oday.
“Especially is it important that Cal
ifornia should do nothing to cause a
break witli Japan.”
That Taft put forth his most pow
erful efforts to win the fair for San
Francisco is a known fact. He urged
liis friends in congress to vote for
tlie coast city and used every means
within ids power to aid in bringing
about the signal victory which Cali
fornians won in congress.
Current Happenings That Are Gath
ered Daily From Our Many
Veto bill passed by English parli
ment by full majority.
* * *
Senate did not reach a vote on
Lorimer’s case, yesterday.
• * *
The final disposition of the Wa
bash railroad, is still in doubt.
• • •
Sock Yards Bill is sill hte bone of
| contention in Nebraska Senate.
• • •
Saturday, February 25th is to be
I the great bargain day in Nebraska
* * *
Senator Lorimer makes plea in his
! own behalf. Pleads innocence of evil
Hig crowd attend first session of
second annual session of Nebraska’s
| conservation congress.
* * *
Nebraska City woke up the other
morning to find they had a boy
problem. Ten kiddies all up at
* • •
George H. Cox is contempt of court
as result of reflections cast upon
the grand jury, which indicted him
for perjury.
* * *
it is reported that the U. S. gov
ernment is negotiating the purchase
of the Cnion Iron Works, near San
Francisco, of Charles M. Schwab.
* * «
Attorney General Wickersham re
ports 4,000 bucket shops closed as
the result, of the generla campaign
now being carried on against them.
• • •
A medical examination bill that will
make it necessary for Christian Sci
ence practieioners to have a diplo
ma before allowed to prcatice was
presented to the Missouri legislature
.1. J. Hill, tlie railroad magnate of
the great northwest, says “the pres
ent reciprotiy treaty is the most im
portant measure before the Ameri
can people since the Civil war.”
* * *
Don't eat pork unless well cooked
under any circumstances, warns the
agricultural department at Washing
ton. Two per cent of all hogs
killed have flesh worms.
• * •
Special agents of the city of Mil
waukee inspected Kansas City's muni
cipal farm yesterday. What they
saw appealed greatly to their social
istic temperaments.
* * *
Charles Everette, the rural carrier
on the first rural route established b
congress as an experiment, at Bon
ner Springs, Kansas, resigned his job
after fifteen years continuous ser
vice and went back to farming.
Mrs. J. V.'. Holt, who has been
(juite shk for a f w (lays, is im
Born, to Mr and Mrs. Julius Wist,
who live eight miles northwest ef
town, twin boys, F< hr- try 24, IPii
E. S. Martin came down from St.
Joe Friday for the Elk's party and
will remain over Sunday. He is
the guest of Miss Gertie Gossett.
R. A. Brooks of Marian. Iowa and
A. A. Brooks of Superior. Nebraska
are in the city visiting with their
brother. Rev. M. C. Brooks.
One of the things the city council
might well undertake to remedy, to
lie grmt advantage and security of
the trawling public, and at little or
no cost to the town, is the condition
of the lighting about the stations.
With the growth ot the town and es
pecially with the development as a
railroad center, a coarse element will
make this their rendezvous. These
charm era naturally congregate about
the stations. Not loss than eight
passenger trains stop at the two sta
tions every night. The light at eith
er station is anything but what it
should be. The safeyt of the tavel
ing public demands it, and steps
should be. The safety of the travel
railroad people to make the needed
improvements. It will not only add
much to the comfort and security of
[those who have occasion to come and
go in tlie night, but will greatly en
hance the credit of Falls City in the
eyes of such strangers as happen to
stop off at night time.
Sheriff’s Sale
In tlic District court of Richardson
County, State of Nebraska.
A. 1). Annis, Plaintiff,
C. it. McColm, N. E. McColm a :d
William d. Nelson, Defendants.
Notice is hereby given that by
virtue of an older of sale issued out
ef the District Court of Richadson
County, State of Nebraska and un
der tin seal thereof and to me dir*
i cted, 1 will, as sheriff of Richard
son County, on the 1st day of April,
IP I i offer at public sale in front of
the west door of the court house in
Falls City, Nebraska, between the
hours of 10 a. in. and 2 p. m. of
said eay the following tracts of real
estate situated in Richardson County,
Slate of Nebraska, and particularly
described as follows, towit: the north
half of the northeast quarter, the
northwest quarter and southwest
i uarter except ten acres in a square
out of tin southwest corner of said
southwest quarter all in Section 0,
and northeast quarter of north
cast quarter except three
and one-half acres out of northwest
corner thereof, and the south hall' of
the northeast quarter, and the north
ast quarter of the southeast quar
ter' and the southeast quarter of
southeast quarter except three acres
thereof owned by Robert liodle, all
in Sec. x and the East 21 and sixty
two hundreds acres of northeast quar
ter of northwest quarter of Sec. 16
all in Township 3, Range 17. E Gth,
M.. Ithhardson County, Nebraska.
Said property is siezed and will bo
su'd to satisfy a decree of said dis
trict c ourt entered in favor of the
above named plaintiff, A. D. Annis,
and against the above named defend
ants, the said C. B. McColm, N. E.
McColm, and William .1. Nelson.
Terms of sale, cash.
W. T. FENTON, Sheriff
Reavis tc Reavis, Atty for Pltff.
First publication March 3, 5 times.
Horse And Mule Sale
I will offer on my farm, 5 miles
northwest of Morrrill, Wednesday,
March 8th, 1911, commencing at ten
Thirty-eight Horses And Mules
consisting of 16 head of horses and
mares, all good ones. Among the
mares are several excellent drivers
and three fine 2-yr old colts and 2
yearlings. This stoc k is all in good
shape and will make the buyer mon
ey. See hills for further informa
Mayor Love in his recent address
in that city, appears to have run on
a snag. Apparently Lincoln has her
problems, too. And any man, wheth
er mayor or not who attemps to
offer too free solution, is liable to
be called on to make Lis figures tally.
Makes Home Baking Easy
Absolutely Fmj6
Tho only >r.-r- "n'vtfop
m~!sQ tram P-:
&*$%*~emy*iyTti t 000* tv**J