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What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week.
— Eat Sowle’s Candy.
—Dr. Wilson, Wahl’s building.
—By your seed corn at Heck’s
feed store. 15-2t.
Neal Thornton and John Higgins
were Wyruore visitors Sunday.
Miss Florence Judd spent Sun
day with her parents in Dawson.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schaer left Sun
day for their new home in Superior.
Frank Nims of Nirns City was down
to see the elephant do a base ball
There are always freaks every-1
where. Falls City was no exxception
show day.
—Landrigan, of course, for furni
ture and undertaking. Opposite the
court house.
—We have some fresh Red Seat
flour in now. Come and get a sack.
—C. A. Heck.
* Will Zoeller, Jr., was visiting with
his parents, Oscar Zoeller and wife,
of this city over Sunday.
P. Fisher was in town Thursday af
ternoon, hut did not go out to see
Robinson’s clowns play silly.
Miss Fern Fowler came up from
St. Joseph Saturday and spent a few
days with relatives and friends.
Mrs. C. H. Marion and daughter re
turned the first of the week from
a visit to relatives in Iliawatha.
Rev. F. E. Day conducted services
at. Nelson Sunday. Mrs. Day had
charge of the Christian services in
this city.
Quie a number of Zion people were
in attendance at the Children’s Day
exercises at the Evangelical church
last Sunday.
Rev. Bex and little Jerometta Kel
ly came down from Burcliard Monday
to spent a few days with old friends
at this place.
—Young’s Pantorium cleans and
presses ladies skirts. 44-tf
Fairbury booze joints are having a
iiard time of it. The police up there
are on their trail and making it ex
ceedingly hot for them. Nothing like
that ever happens in Falls City, If
ever a delinquent is hauled up for
|iis sins, it is because he was awk
ward enough to let himself be caught
and not because of any effort to en
force the laws. In other words in
Falls City punishment is meted out.
with a view to save the face of the
administration and not for the good
of the offender, nor to satisfy violat
ed law.
Dr. Chester A. Brink returned from
Ocean Park, California, early Mon
day morning. The doctor had gone
to the coast several weeks ago to be
with his mother while being operated
on for gall stones. Mrs. Brink,
though seventy-three years of age
stood the operation well and is con
valescing rapidly.
When an occulist told a dear old
saint who was having trouble with
her eyes, that she must keep away
from suffering and worried folks, and
avoid all strain on her nerves, she
exclaimed, “Land sakes, young man,
I aint getting these specks to wear
in heaven!”
Mrs. Sam Marts returned (he lat
ter part o* the week from a visit
to her son, Earl Marrts and family,
at Wymore. She reports the new
grandson as doing nicely.
Editor Dalbey of the Shubert Citi
zen was in Falls City show day. While j
John Robinson’s acrobats were doing
their stunts, he called at The Tribune
office for a quiet talk on private
matters. Mr. Dalby is planning im
provements for his plant.
The building committee of the Cath
olic church made a trip to Lincoln
the first of the week. The will push
the work on the now building as rap
idly as possible, and when completed
will be a beautiful structure.
Miss Louise Peterson, who has
been ill with rheumatism for some
time, is able to be up town again.
Will Nettlebeck and family of Shu
ber were in the city Sunday evening.
They spent a short time at the
home of the former’s mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Orange Neff and chil
dren came down from Alliance, Neb.,
Tuesday to attend the funeral of
their daughter, Mrs. Howard Long.
The June Bride
As a Stellar Attraction Outshines Any
Old Comet Even Halley's Not Excepted
Madam Rumor has it that this June will see numerous
weddings in and around Falls City the coming month.
On the strength of this information we have weighted
our shelves with those pretty and useful things that the
sensible bride yearns for.
Dependable Silverware
In this department we are particularly Strong—we are
headquarters for everything in the Silverware line that
the prospective housewife may desire.
Hand=Painted China
The kind that the ladies rave over and the bride natur
ally expects. We are headquarters for Cut Class too,
and are showing the best line ever brought to the city.
No intoxicated persons allowed
about the Air Dome. Everything
guaranteed strictly wholesome and
Miss Alice Crocker and little broth
er of Pawnee City are visiting their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. N. B.
Judd in this city.
Win. Zoeller, Sr., from Preston was
in Kails City last Sunday to attend
the Childrens’ Day exercises at the
Evangelical church.
Mrs. John Martin returned the lat
ter part of the week to her home in
Council Bluffs, after a visit to her
parents in this city.
Prof. T. J. Oliver and two daugh
ters, Helen and Kachel and son, Thom
as, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Stephenson at Shubert Sunday.
Prof. Darner of the Falls City
Business College lias an order from
a New Yolk concern for two hun
dred lines of expert penmanship.
Farmers turned out in a magnifi
cent way Thursday to sc* the show.
It was too wet to work in tin* fields
so they took a day off to see the
Mrs. Earnest Oberland returned to
/her home in Concordia, Kansas the
first of the week. She was called
here by the death of her father.Ste
phen Prior.
Mrs. W. C. Sloan and two sons re
turned to their home in Verdon the
latter part of the week, after a visit
to the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs
John Hossack.
Rev. Watson will be unable to fill
his appointment at the Preston Breth
ren church next Sunday, hence Eider
Tuttle has agreed to take his place.
Mr. Tuttle will conduct divine ser
vices there next Sunday at three
o’clock In the afternoon. All are
If a girl wants to he known that
she is going to the races, all that
is necessary is to walk the streets
with a poo! hall loafer or a boozy
young sport from the country.—-Jour
The Childrens’ Hay exercises at
Zion were quite a success Sunday.
The day was ideal, the program well
rendered and interesting, and a full
house in attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. John Berry of At
chison attended the funeral of Mrs.
Berry's sister. Mrs. Howard Hong, on
Before buying pictures of any
kind you should'inspect the line on
exhibition at the new store of E.
Mrs. Linn Long of Parsons, Kans.,
attended the funeral of Mrs. Howard
Long Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Wittwer and
mother were business visitors to this
city Wednesday.
—Have you seen the beautiful pic
tures which E. Landrigan is selling
at cost.
—The Air Home will hold its grand
opening, Monday. June 27.
Ike Smith of Hock Creek was in
the city Saturday.
—If it’s shoes you want, call at
the Home Shoe store. 5 4-11
H. Pence and S. A. Little were in
St. Joe Wednesday.
Dr. D. G. Griffiths went to Omaha
the first of the week.
The Air Dome will open with the
Metropolitan Stock Co.
.1. It Whipple, Poland China hog
sale, November 19, 1910.
.1, R. Cain, Jr., was a visitor at the
home of his father Sunday.
Rev. Watson's playground is grow
ing popular among the boys.
Rev. Lsely of Maple Grove and
wife were in town Wednesday.
Report will have it that the small
pox are not yet exterminated.
Mrs. S. 1,. Redwood went to the
country Saturday to visit friends.
Dr. Bailey will be looking for a
job as contractor after tile dedica
The work on the foundation of the
new Christian church is moving along
Hugo liall was very sick with the
measles. He is much better at this
Herbert Kerr and wife have arrived
in town and will spend the sum
mer here.
TheAirDome will seat over SOO peo
ple. 500 reserved seats at 20e and
350 at 10c.
Mrs. diaries Ititer of Oshkosh, Ne
braska attended the funeral of her
sister, Mrs Howard Long,
.1. R. Cain of Stella is the logical
county option candidate for the state
senate from this district.
Will Cook is visiting his father in/
this city. He is one of Nebraska
City’s enterprising barbers.
Charles Long came down from
Lincoln to attend (he funeral of his
sister-in-law, Mrs. Howard Long.
Mis. Ray Gould lias returned to
her home in Omaha after visiting her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Heaeoek.
Rumor Las li that the M. P. Div
ision officials are to be transferred
here today. We hope the rumor may
W. A. Margrave and Sons shipped
five car loads of cattle Wednesday to
the I.oe Live Stock • commission of
Kansas City.
Delegates from Palls City to the
State Sunday School convention
speak in terms of highest praises of
the big meeting.
By buying out twenty different com
panies for tin1 entire season the cir
cuit is aide to give 75 cent service
for 10 and 20 cents.
Tile Air Dome is on (he circuit
which includes. Lincoln. Topeka. Kan
sas City, Atchison, Witchita, Sedalia,
Joplin and similar towns.
Several fellows tried to get into the
game at the National Saturday night
but were barred out. They now have
the laugh on the elect seven.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Eichelberger of
Morrill, Kansas drove to this city
Wednesday to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Long. Mrs. Eichelberger is a
cousin of Mr. Long.
State Superintendent Poulsen, of
the Anti-Saloon League made a hurry
up call on the Eallls City preachers
Thursday evening. Evidently some
thing is about to drop.
The Burlington railroad is contem
plating the placing of Inter-urban mo
tor service on its line out. of Lincoln.
If their plan materializes it will be
a great convenience to Eastern Neb
raska and incidentally magnify tin
coin’s importance.
The Childrens’ Day exercises held
in the grove by the Emanuel Sunday
school of Speiser township proved
a very pleasant, affair. A good audi
ence gathered to listen to the pro
gram. Everybody enjoyed the treat
and went away happy.
The1 dredge south of Dawson work
ing on the Northfork toward Salem
is already out of sight down the bot
tom. This particular machine is
making the best time of any of the
five dredges now working on the
main channel in the Nemaha bottoms.
Frank Peck’s Claim Dates.
.J. B. Whipple, Poland China Hog
sale, October. 15, 1910.
We can store your household goods
until you get a house. Phone 396
or call pi, the warehouse of Heck &
Wamsloy, one block from the Burling
ton depot.
The Size of Jhe United States.
The United States with 8,602.990
square miles including Alaska is:
378 times the size of Belgium.
253 times the size of Denmark.
225 times the size of Holland.
175 times the size of Greece.
89 times the size of Portugal.
70 times the size of England.
56 times the size of Italy.
28 times the size of Norway.
20 times the size of Sweden.
18 times the size of Spain.
17 times the size of Prance.
16 times the size of Germany.
14 times the size of Austria Hun
Sergeant’s Military Instinct Enabled
Him to Cope With Entirely Unfa
miliar Situation.
While looking for pirates along the
Chinese coast, Admiral John Moresby
encountered some strange adventures
and some that were ludicrous. One
of his experiences lie describes in
"Two Admirals."
When visiting the mandarin of Tien
Pach, he with ids blue button, robes
and attendants, I with our paymaster,
gunner, and a guard of ten marines
and a sergeant, tea was offered to us,
and accepted as a matter of course.
Then, in an access of politeness, the
attendant proceeded with the ten to
(lie guard, stiflly drawn up In the
courtyard, the men with rifles shoul
The sorg -ant looked round distract
edly for guidance; he had no prece
dent for a tea party on duty. The
men staled with cool contempt at the
spoonful of acid tea.
Fearing lest a refusal might be an
affront, i hastily said, "Sergeant, let
the men take it."
He looked at me for nn instant with,
a long, horrified look of remonstrance;
then, stepping to the front as if drill
jug, he gave the word:
"Order arms! Ground arms! Take,
the cups! Drink the tea!"
l-ike Wordsworth's "forty feeding
like one," they grasped the cups and
with a single gesture, emptied them
down their throats.
Next came the stately commands:
"Return the cups! Take up arms!
Shoulder arms!”
It was done. The sergeant was him
self again; he felt he had been equal
lo the ocasion, and I stilled my un
seasonable laughter iu a cough and a
handkerchief. Youth's Companion.
Colored Man Believed in and Practised
Making the Most of
A group of men were discussing hu
man nature and tho difficulty of look
ing always on the bright and glitter
ing wide of things when the dingy,
dark brown side Is uppermost and
seems destined to remain uppermost.
"It’s a great ihing to cultivate a
disposition to make the most of things
in this life," remarked one of the
group. "The most striking illustra
tion 1 ever had of that was in a big
horse race at a county fair down the
state about ten years ago. The man
driving alongside of me let his horse'
swerve on the back stretch and my
sulky was upset. That caused a gen
eral mixup and a colored driver right
behind me got unloaded and his sulky
broken to pieces. Well, 1 lay there
for a minute and then as I didn't seem
to be much hurt, 1 started to get up.
1 " 'Hey, boss, don’ you go gittin’ up,'
yelled the colored driver at me, ex
‘■’Why?’ I asked him, somewhat
" ’ 'Cause,’ he answered, ‘y’ all lay
right what’ yo' is, and in a minute
they'll sen' roun’ liyah and haul us
back pas’ the gran’ stan’ in u calh
hinge. ‘
"Sure enough, they did,” says Al
bright. ‘‘And when we drove up that
home stretch in the open hack they
sent after ns, that colored man was
the happiest person I ever saw. Now,
that's what 1 call making the most
of things.”
How to Hunt Wolves in India.
The authorities of Harzibagh are in
viting sportsmen to help in the exter
mination of a pack of wolves which
have established a reign of terror in
the neighborhood, according to the Al
lahabad t India) Pioneer. The reward
is at present 50 rupees for each full
grown wolf. Eleven children have
been killed between February 7 and
23 in the tract lying between liarlil
and Cohwparan police stations, a dis
tance of 13 miles. The wolves hunt
from early morning till noon and again
from two o’clock till sunset.
The authorities make the following
suggestions: Sportsmen should not. at
tempt to ride up to the wolves. When
the pack is sighted the sportsman
should send away his pony and his
attendants and should approach them
leisurely and alone. He should wear
a turban and make himself look as
like a peasant as possible. The rifle
should be carried as if it were a stick.
When Wine is Not Wine.
The Paris wine merchant who has
received six months’ imprisonment for
selling adulterated sauterne should
have taken expert advice before em
barking on his career of crime. Her
man, the dramatist, who In early life
had a high reputation as a chemist,
was once called to give evidence re
garding a certain brand of wine. As
he testified that it was wholly inno
cent of grape juice, the merchant was
heavily fined. On coming out of court
tlie defendant asked Herman, “How is
it that you were aide to swear so pos
itively that there is no grape-juice in
tlifit stuff of mine?" "Because if there
had been any, in combination with the
other elements you used, it would
have caused tartaric acid to form on
the barrel." "Thank you so much,”
replied the enlightened adulterator.
“You'll find some on the barrel next
Not Interested.
"Do you believe in corporal punish
ment?" Inquired the professor
“Really,” replied Mrs. Cumrox. "1
never discuss my husband's business
affairs. 1 leave tie e corporation ques
tions entirely to the financiers and
the- lawyers."
m mi
The Excelsior
A Trio of Infinite Variety
and Superb Talent
The Falls City
Aug. 6 to 14, 1910
E K. HURST. Secretary
Wril Pflaurn & Co.
{][ This two button model
for Young Men, designed
by Weil Pflaum & Co.,
Chicago, promises to be
come the bit of the season.
^ It is an extremely stylish
garment, full of snap, life
and color. Intended for
the Y oung M a n who
wishes something out of
the ordinary, yet it car
ries no suggestion of
freakisbness. Made prin
cipally in novelty wool
ens. A large variety to
select from.
$10, $12, $14 ;ind $16 Suits
Seansonable Lines of Men » and Youth's Furnishings
Underwear. Hosier/.'.Collars and Ties
Sold On Its Merit
. o -■ • .
We sell the Crown Piano on its merits. We can show you point
by point where the Crown Piano is superior to any other piano
you can buy at any price Remember your piano is the most im
portant purchase you will ever make for your home. It costs but
little more, if any, to be sure that it is a good one. We sell the
Crown on terms as easy as any good piano can be offered to
people who know the difference between a questionable "induce
ment and real piano value for their money. Many inferior pianos
will cost you more than a Crown, Price does not determine value
I've sold Crown Pianos in this territory for 16 years. That is
good evidence of their merit.
I also handle Strech &. Zeidlcr. Pease and Concord Pianos.
These instruments are strictly high grade and too fine to be ped
pled from house to house through the country, as a great many
dealers do That alone is proof enough that they are a cheap
grade of pianos Anyone contemplating buying a piano in the
near future we will be pleased to have call and inspect our pianos
I tell on time monthly payments and take old instruments in exchange