The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, March 25, 1910, Image 8

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    ■■ I ■ Mil ■■■IIM Jim. N ____ MM ■
240 acres well improved. If tones from Depot in Kas. Good spring Best of terms WiUtake
40 acres as part payment, balance long time at low interest.
200 acres ljj mites from depot, Richardson coutity, Nebraska Good buildings and ', nit \
take 40 or 80 acres as part payment I
180 acres upland, 1 mile from depot, Richardson county, Nebraska. $12,000,
160 acres Johnson coutity, Nebraska 80 rods to church and school. Best of terms. Might rent. ■
107 acres near Browrtville, Nebraska I
■SO acres b -mile from Falls City high school,
840 acres, $8,000 improvements Also 640 acres adjoining. W ill take Iik)acres - part payment.
Fine running water. A No. 1 opportunity. I
Money to loan ,, m
—-__;___i I
What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week.
— ICat Sowle’s Candy.
-Dr. Wilson, Wahl’s building.
George Timmerman was down from
Stella Saturduy.
The library was dosed Friday night
on account of light service.
-Ii«*ave your orders with Ktman
ton iV Pence for strawberry plants.
John Higgins will spend the next
few weeks on the Miles ranch near
Mrs John Stockton returned Sat
urday from a visit with relatives in
Stanberry, Mo.
Mrs. Kd Klnbcr of Omaha arrived
Thursday to visit tier parents, Win
Wilson ami wife.
-Good variety of sweet peas,
nasturtiums and other lower seeds
at the green house. tf
Fred Graham spent the latter part
of last week In Lincoln attending
fraternity festivities.
Mr and Mre. Russel Hyatt of Sa
lem visited with Mrs. Hyatt’s par
ents. .1 S Lord and wife
Miss Irene Spurlock was down
from Salem the latter part of last
week visiting Mrs. .1 W. Holt.
Cedi Graham eauie up from St.
Louis Wednesday and spent a short
time with his parents. Mr and Mrs.
A Graham
Mrs. Frank Werner returned last
Thursday from a few days' visit
with the family of her son. Max. In
Nebraska City
Mrs. Dr. Sutth ami little son of
llockport. Mu. were gnosis of Mrs.
It A. Dittmar a few days last week.
They returned home Sunday.
Mr anil Mu, Rax (list anil Mr.
and Mrs. Sant Phllpot came down
from Humboldt In the (list ear Sun
day, returning late in the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. 1). I,. McCoy and son,
Robert, of Hiawatha were the guests
of Mr and Mrs .1 It Cain the latter
part of the week They returned
home Sunday
Sterling Kalloon returned Friday to
work in the shoe store for Ralph
•lenne who went to Omaha and Lln
eoln to attend the fraternity dance
and v isit friends.
—Ladies. Save Mcney! Make
finest of perfumes at home for one
fifth what you are now paying. Ten
guaranteed tecipes for t'Oc. Home
Supply Co., Princeton. Indiana.
Mrs. Daisy King lias consented to
siii'.’ t i' offertory solo a St. Thomas
i hnt'i li Faster Sunday. This will he
a pl'icm to tli ' congregation ns
le r solos arc alway s a delight to all
who 1 'in hi r
Mrs. Uih y Shafi'i ; h. f, Sunday for
Hanford. Cal . to \ isit her mother.
Site IIS'- been in ver\ poor health
for the past two years, and now she
is going to a different climate and
hopes to regain Iter health.
A ten pound baby hoy was horn
Sunday. March 20. to Dr. II D. and
Mrs. Ituri hard, and as a result Ha
vanas were passed freely among
Harry's friends for a few days Now
"Grandpa Hurchnrd wears the
smile that won’t come off.
.lint Pickett resigned his position
with Samuel Wahl the latter part
of last week and left Sunday for Fres
no, Cal. He will work for Dan Zim
merman, formerly of Hiawatha .lint
is a fine salesman and evidently Mr.
Zimmerman appreciates the fact by
sending so far for him. Mrs. Pick
et will remain here for about two
months before joining her husband,
and in the meantime will visit her
parents in Lincoln.
Diseases of Women and Children
Chronic Diseases
X-K.c iintl Electrical Treatment*. calls nn*n’cn<d
nicht or ilay in city or country.
> Office 439
PHOWES , Residence 4TI
Office Over Falls City State Bank
Mrs. L. Dore and daughter, Miss
Josephine, eamo down from Omaha
Friday to visit relatives. Tiie former
will remain at the home
of her sister, Mrs. Nellie King, for
some time, hut Miss Dore will return
to Omaha during this week. Mrs.
Dore lias been in very poor health
for some time and it is hoped that
tile change will benefit her.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Werner will
arrived from Nebraska City Satur
day and remain over Sunday with
relatives here Their little son, Ilex,
will bo christened at Si Thomas
church Sunday morning.
O. D. Knapp and wife, F W.
Uttbb and wife and Emerson Dow
ers and wife formed an auto party
and came down from Vordon Sun
day evening to attend tin Sunday
School convention
There will be the regular after
noon preaching service in the Breth
ren church at Preston next Sunday
afternoon at three o'clock. Rev.
,1 K. Watson of this city will con
duet the services.
Miss Mattie Evans, who has spent
some time with her niece in the west
ern part of the state, returned to
this city Monday night and will visit
her niece, Mrs Herbert Hedges.
Mr. and Mrs. Drier of Chicago v is
ited the latter part of the week with
Mr and Mrs Lloyd Ciiannini Mrs.
Drier was formerly Miss Madge Learn
are of this city.
Wanted District manager with
headquarters at Falls City. A grand
opportunity for the right man. Ad
dress in confidence. Life P. C. box
196!’, New York City.
Mrs. dames Sinclair and children
of near Rulo spent Sunday in this
city at the home of the former’s
mother, Mrs. Margery Drain.
Mrs. Alfred Clark of Los Angeles,
Cal., arrived Iasi Thursday for an
extended visit with Mrs. Art Harris
and many other friends.
Harry Mann, who has been visit
ing tlie family of Ins uncle, II. Nor
llalorf. left Friday for his home in
Oskttlunsu, Kansas.
Mis. George (iedultig, who lias
been visiting fur sonn time with
Mrs. Eliza (’rook, left Friday for her
homo in Omaha.
Missse Winnie and Mamie Itiley
and Miss Margaret O'Grady were
down from Dawson between trains
Miss Editli UeMers came home
Friday from tin* Peru Normal and
will remain until after the Easter
Mi and Mrs. .loe Lewis and Mr.
and Mrs. Glaud Sailor wore down
from Vcrdon in the Lewis ear Friday.
Mrs. Charles Edwards and Miss
Eva Funkle were down from Stella
Friday, guests of Mrs. .John Oswald.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Werner are en
joying a visit from ttie former’s fath
r. lie arrived Monday from Lincoln.
The sum of $44.50 was realized by
tile Sunday School class of the
from the use of the Lyric theater.
T. L. Hlmmt lreieh made a busi
n* ss trip to Lincoln Sunday night, re
turning Monday evening.
Mrs. l>an Uatckin and little son of
Rule visited Mrs Lloyd Giannini the
latter part of the week.
Chris Johnston of Heaver City was
in town this week visiting his former
pastor. Rev Watson.
Mrs George Wahl and little son
went to Kansas City Saturday for a
v isit to her sister.
Mrs. \V. A Margrave and Miss
Ida Pribbeno were up from Preston
shopping Friday.
Mrs. Maude Wigton and sou went
to Council Bluffs Saturday to visit
her sisters
Miss Grace Byford came home from
Lincoln Sunday to spend the Faster
Kay Graham came home from Bin
cola Wednesday to spend the Faster
Mrs. George Taylor was up front
Rulo Monday on a shopping expedi
tion. '
Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Crook of Sa
lem were trading here Saturday.
Mrs. John Webber is spending the
week with relatives in St. Joe.
—Young's Pantorlum cleans and
presses ladies skirts. 44-tf
—Call on us for strawberry plants.
—Sinmnton & Pence. 7-tf.
Mrs. George Ocarnb was up from
Halo Friday.
Miss .Nina Mead visited friends
near Dawson the first of the week.
Among the Salem people in town
Wednesday was Hiram II. Shildneek.
Gertrude Lyford came down from
Lincoln and will remain over Sunday.
Mrs. Charles McCool of Salem
visited the family of .1 S. Lord Sat
Mrs. John Tiehen and Miss Crush
of Salem were shopping here Wed
Mrs. Roy Edwards was down from
Shubert Tuesday the guest of Mrs.
John Oswald.
.1 II. Miles arrived Tuesday from
a two months’ visit with Ids family
in Los Angeles.
Mrs. Caroline Tanner returned on
Sunday from a visit witli the family
of her son, A. A. Tanner, in Lincoln.
Mrs. John Holt lins been badly
crippled up this week. She l’tdl last
Sunday while going about her house
hold duties and lias a badly sprained
hand and injured side
House cleaning has struck Stone
street sure. Last week the Candy
Kitchen bloomed forth in a new
spring garb. This week Lyons’ bak
ery lias been in the hands of paper
hangers and painters and is as white
as snow. Even the Journal lias had
a round and in the cleaning moved
Hie composing room to the second
John Lichty is in Carroll county
111. visiting liis sister and other rel
atives. lie will also attend a Y.
M. <’. A. convention at Peoria, 111.,
where lift hopes to meet his son,
llert, who is an officer of the asso
*' ' " 1 1 "
A slight change was made in the
post office this week, a new space
being cut for the money order win
dow. The present location gives
better light and ventilation.
Misses May and Kate Maddox will
arrived from Lincoln today and will
spend a few days with their par
ents, Wes Maddox and wife.
C. E. Ballenger is moving his fam
ily to Tarkio, Mo., and will travel
in that territory for the Peerless
Stock Powder Co.
Harry Cain, Mildred Holland and
Ruth Heacock are among tho Univer
sity students home for the Easter
Reavis Gist, who is attending the
university at Lincoln, came home lust
Wednesday to spend his Easter va
Miss Clark came up from St. Joe
Wednesday to attend the funeral of
W. T. Downs.
Hen Reicherts came over from
Craig, Mo., and spent Sunday with
his parents.
Edgar Schock is home from the
University at Lincoln for the Easter
Ray Graham came down from Lin
coln Wednesday to spent his Easter
—Ladies’ two-piece light weight
underwear 25 cents per suit at
Homer llowe and family were down
from Auburn Sunday in tloir tour
ing car.
Wo have 100,000 strawberry plants
for sale.—Simunton & Pence. 7-tf.
Harry Kelly was down from Sa
lt in on business Tuesday.
“Skin Deep”
I is said that “beaut v is only'skin deep. I hat s suf
ficient. Properly gowned ahd adorned womankind
is satisfied with this depth ot facial beauty. In the
wav of adornments— useful and necessary adornments
we are showing the* very choicest designs in
Hat Pins Back Combs
Belt Buckles Barrettes
Gold Lockets Mesh Bags
Fancy Purses Toilet Articles
fhe prices are fair and reasonable—not “cheap, but
just right. Oar show window doesn't tell half the
story—so many pretty and useful things necessary for
Mv Lady’s toilet that are not in tin* window. But they
are here, subject to your approval.
Mrs. A. M. Robb h ;is down from
Salem Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will l blip spent Wed
nesday in St. Joe.
Warren Hutchings was a Shubert
visitor Wednesday.
I)r. Hahn made a professional trip
to Howe Wednesday.
Mrs. Sarah Minniek is in Hiawa
tha visiting relatives.
Mrs. George McDowell was down
from Salem Wednesday.
Katie Tiehen went to her home
in Salem Wednesday and will re
main until after Easter.
John Powell left Wednesday night
for Lincoln nml the western part of
the state on n business trip.
Fred Diedrick of Oskaloosa. Kas„
was the guest of H. Nortlulorf and
family Tuesday and Wednesday.
Mrs. Bert Coleman and children
who have been spending the winter
here left Wednesday for their home
in Miles City, Montana.
Mrs. Fred Oswald, who has been
visiting relatives in and near this
city for the past month, left Tuesday
for her home in Buffalo, Wyoming.
A private baptismal service was
held at St. Thomas church last Sun
day afternoon, when Rev. Neide bap
tized the two small daughters of Mrs.
Bert Coleman in the presence of a
few relatives and friends.
The forty sixth annual conference!
of the Evangelical church, held at
Yates Center, ICas., closed last Sun
day night, Bishop Sprang of Cleve
land. Ohio, presiding. Something ov
er 100 men were in attendance, the :
portion adjoining Falls City all re-;
turning to their former pastorates.
Rev. Nanninga, the 'local pastor at
Falls City, reports that the session
was an unusually pleasant one.
Division No. 2, of the Willing Work
ers of the Christian church will hold
a bazaar and exchange Saturday at
the Lyric Theater. Everything for
Easter dinner can be had. Chickens.,
fresh country eggs, salads, etc.
Joe Ilranntn and wife of Omaha vis-i
ited over Sunday with their cousin,;
Mrs. Addle Bode. They were on
their way to Louisville, Mo., where!
they will make their future home.
George Jaquet, who lias spent some
time at Yonkers, N. Y., is In the city
and will visit a short time with his
parents, Mrs. and Mrs. A. E. Jaquet.
Most of the alfalfa and clover in
this section has been Injured to a
gYcat extent.
Mrs. Mattill returned to her home
in Preston after a visit to Mrs. .1. R.1
—We have some fresh Red Seal
flour in now. Come and get a sack.
—C. A. Heck.
—Easter oxfords now in—II M.
Jenno Shoe Store.
John Ryan was a Dawson visitor
here Sunday.
Fred Allison was down from Ver
don Saturday.
Charles Helgenfield was up from
Preston Saturday.
Miss Frances Kelly of Verdon was
in the citySaturday.
Herbert Reed of Kansas City was
a Sunday visitor at this place.
Judge Spraggins and wife and Mrs.
Bushnell spent Thursday in Salem.
Dr. Wittwer of Kansas City was
the guest of Dr. C. T. Hurchard ov
er Sunday.
Mrs. Jesse Spangler and children
of Morrill spent Sunday with her
father, Francis Shaffer.
A. R. Stettlcr of Dincoln visited at
the home of his sister, Mrs. George
Schock the latter part of the week.
Jim Downs arrived Tuesday after
noon from Ogden, Utah, being call
ed home by the death of his father.
Hark Bradley and family of Hum
boldt were down (o spend Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Edwards.
Mrs. Jessie Nulk and little daugh
ter went to Danbury, Kas., Monday
to visit some time with relatives.
Mrs. Dr. Cherry and Miss Gert
rude Norris of Table Rock visited
Mrs. I. C. Maust between trains oil
Miss Mayrne Hutchings was quite
sick tlie fore part of the week. Her
sister, Miss Nan, acted as librarian
in her place.
Charlie Maze came in from Hardy,
Neb., Friday, and with Francis Knise
ly left Wednesday for Canada, where
they will take claims.
Mrs. Charles Green and children,
who have been visiting her parents,
George Story and wife, left Monday
for her home in Onega, Kas.
Mr. and Mrs. Schildlowski came
down from Wymore and remained a
| few days with Charles Carr and
wife on their way to Oklahoma City.
Airs. Frank Shields iirli V.I lit * LvJ I
grandsons, Berlin and Floyd Shields,
returned Monday from a iu
Fairbury with the family < .Vllloj
Air. Rarthburn of Omaha visited'
the family of his sister, Mrs. H. R.
Miner. Mrs. Rathburn. who lias been
visiting Mrs. Miner, returned home
with him Monday.
Mr. and Mi’s. Perry Hurt drove
over from Reserve Sunday to see
their little grandson, who arrived at
(lie home of Dr. and Mrs. II. 1).
Ilui-chard Sunday morning.
Father Laughran was down, from
Dawson Saturday and in compliance
with instructions from Bishop Bona
cum. advertised for bids for the con
struction of a new convent at Daw
Will R, Holt crated and shipped
four pure-blooded young Birkshire
brood sows to the western part of
the state Wednesday, receiving a
fancy price for them. He has a big
order for Texas find if he decides to
fill the order lit' will ship them next
week. Billie has made a fine name
for himself as a breeder and for Kails
City as a place to send for pure
The Willing Workers of the Christ
ian church will serve a hot supper
at the home of Mrs. I. M. Houston
Thursday evening,March 111 from five
until eight. This will be a twenty
five cent supper. Don’t forget the
time and place. Everybody invited.
Mrs. Carrie Schaible and daughter,
Miss Edna, left Monday for Oxford,
where they will make their home. Mrs.
Schaible goes to keep house for her
two sons, Roy and Edward, who are
farming at that place.
This week ,J. L. Slocum bought of
Tom and Krank Veach 80 acres in
section 0, township J, range 16, which
now gives him the north half of
the section. The price paid was
$100 per acre.
Miss Hazel Taylor, who visited
last, week with Ethel Walhridge re
turned Monday to her home in Table
Mrs. Harriett Abel suffered an at
tack of heart failure the first of the
week and has been quite ill since
A1 Resterer left Monday for Hixhy,
S. I)., for a visit with the family of
his daughter, Mrs. Frank Greenwald.
Mrs. W. W. Spurlock visited Mrs.
.!. W. Holt a few days last week, re
turning home Saturday.
John W. Towle came down from
Omaha on business Monday night.
He returned Tuesday.
Mrs. H. I). Burchard returned Fri
day from a short visit to her par
ents in Reserve.
Mr. and Mrs. William Crook and
daughters were down from Salem
last Saturday.
W. A. Greenwald and wife and
Jacob Bloom and wife spent Sun
day in Verdon
Linn Horroeks went to Nebraska
City Sunday afternoon, returning iri
the evening.
Miss Blanch Dore and Ruby Staffer
were down from Salem shopping last
Charles I*rater and wife of Mor
rill were shopping in our city Sat
Mrs. Henry Feldman of Sabetha
is visiting Mrs. S. L. Redwood.
Bert Wright of Kansas City spent
last. Friday here on business.
Mrs. Alex Tiehen, Sr. was down
from Dawson Saturday.
Ed Ewing was down from Verdon
You Can Have
Insured Clothes
THAT’S the kind we offer
you in Clothcraft. With each
Clothcraft garment goes an insurance policy in
the form of a signed guarantee by the maker.
And we stand back of it, too.
The guarantee
means that your Clothcraft
Suit must hold its style—
that it is strictly pure wool—that
the coat front won’t break—that
the collar and lapel won’t sag or
pucker. Think what this means
S? to you.
Yet Clothcraft Clothes cost
I no more than ordinary clothes which never
I could stand such backing.
All-Wool Clothes $10 to$25
Don’t decide on your tjuiu;;' ohnaei t.t.: ’ -.u li ir:i the f:.cts about Clothcraft.
^ Musf/rr*vm