The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, December 10, 1909, Image 2

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To the level headed young man,
a bank account, added to the de
termination to make it larger,
means much. The nemes of
many such arc on our books
Young man young woman, if
yoi r name is not on the list
would it not be wise to open ;.n
account at once and keep adding
to it? Its the right thing to do.
The amount may be small at first
but all things must have a be
Falls Citv State
And commence the saving habit now
‘ountry just opening for Ifoino.stt'ada
Ins linen controlled I>v Rlot'kiiton for
• ours IiHiid as good or belter limn
any Indian lit sorvatlon For in forma
Mon addrt ps
*M siilviil'. of tho (’ountry for 21 years
Office Removed to Tootle Block
fith and Francis Sts
attention to Ml’hlt INI, ItKt'TM*
1.f WO.M l.\ urn I (II11.1 MtTN
PhVsician and Surgeon
Office Over State Bank.
Residence, Union Hotel.
nones; Ntn. 177, 217
Sam’l. Wahl Ul’Ildino
Phone 2I* (»vt r Kiehnr*lson County
vi i \ FionBirrs
otliee over Kerr’s Pharmacy
Ofiict1 Phone 2t>U ltedidence Phone 271
mmmamaMstr=rr # -
FOR SALE — A nice six room cot
tage, lights, water, cement walks, cel
lar, barn, coal house, and three lots.
Located one block from court house
and in splendid shape, a model i
house. Price $2,500. Inquire at this
office. 41 »f
Possibly a Scheme.
- f New VnrW hrnLer is said to be so i
mingy that he buys lus coal by the
peck " "Perhaps that's precaution,
no stinginess It may be that be
doesn't want to sunt a hull market.” !
—Washington llern.n
VV. E. Patton, the Peculiar Comedian,
Will De Here Saturday Night
W It Patton, the peculiar comed
ian .'ill be at the Gehling, Saturday,
Iteci-mber I Hit. in his new play, "The
Itlockhead," the story of which brief
ly told is us follows' .lack Steele.gam
bler, and man of the world, has seen
and fallen in love with the beautiful
daughter of a wealthy retired mer
ehant Knowing he would never be
received at her home, under his prop
er name, and learning that her fath
er is expecting a Latin professor, he
ri ohes to impersonate tIn latter
and us tho eccentric Prof. Theodore
lilocksom Ili ddlngton. he appears at
the summer home of tho merchant.
His odd speeches, awkward move
nts, and peculiar dress, fur
is|i much amusement, and lie is un
mercifully guyed by the girl lie ioves,
but in spite uf that he noon manages
lo interest her. lie also finds plenty
to do in the household of the mer
chant; the latter’s young and pretty
wife is drifting away from him, and
is almost persuaded to elope witii
a clever scoundrel, whom .lin k rec
ognizes ns a man with a bad record
in Colorado lie saves the wife from
dishonor in an original way; he also
brings together an elderly pair of
lovers, and cuds by playing poker
with the merchant and winning plen
ty of money. When it is discovered
he i- .lack Steele, the gambler and
not the professor, he is promptly or
dor d out of die bouse, but by n
iiiauiiflcent game of bluff, lie sub
dues the merchant and wins the vi I
of his choice. The play is f ill ot
bright comeuy. and there is not a
dull moment during its priv illation.
It also has a serious side and soil: *
beautiful ami touching scenes. The
chare'tots are all well drawn, the
bluff old merchant, who wants to be
considered an old sail, and is proud
of his poker playing, Isaiah Hicks,
a typical Long Island farmer; Kd
ward Melville, the mail from Colora
do; Solomon Wettsteiu, tIk* Hebrew
protege of the merchant; Kvangellnc
Black, the three linns widow,looking
for another husband; itusli Buck, the
lough clinffciir; Kitty Barnes, the
merchant's daughter; Until, his wife;
and Button us .lack Steele and I’rof.
Ileddington. cannot fail to amuse and
interest you. Kcinemhcr at the Hell
ling Saturday night, December 11th
Dissertation on Wisdom Suggested by
Sentence from Works of
Thomas Carlyle.
Hi re is a little sentence from Car
lyle: “Holng miserable be lias been
unwise.“ So if is something to be
wise, and what i wisdom? l'he lliblo
says ii is that wliicli romes down from
above. II Is a spirit that gets into
ont life; it is a temper, a disposition,
nn inclination that presides over ones
conduct, ind directs it toward what is
pure and true It is more of discern
ment than knowledge; more of emo
tion than of thought. It is a phase
of faith which believes In the right of
tilings, it grows out of faith in the
final triumph of goodness and files to
help it along.
Hut aside from the generality ol ex
pression it reaches into every little
corner and crevice of life and makes
people happy. Wisdom is simply par
alleling (Sod’s law and when this is
not done, then misery enters. This
is an everyday fact. People who
growl, curse, hate, client, revile, and
loaf away their lives are not wise.
People who are always searching for
happiness are not wise, for the end
of their searching will be misery.
Wisdom is a force in the soul that
keeps doing something for oneself or
for others it is not opinion, it is the
upward bent of the soul, it is the
condition of happiness and all the
wealth, power, or knowledge iu the
world cannot make it otherwise—Ohio
Slate Journal
• Weight.
Some people seem to think they add
weight to ’heir words In using more
Royal baking Powder is the
greatest of time and labor
‘ ; \ savers to the pastry cook
cf/ Economizes flour, butter
and eggs and makes the
j food digestible and healthful
Hr \
Makes most healthful food
No alum —no lime phosphates
The only baking powder made .
from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
Oscar Zoellcr Will Hold a Public!
Thursday. December 16, 1903
Having decided to quit farming. I1
will offer for sale sit. my farm, I .
miles sots111 of Preston, 4L> miles
northeast of Reserve, Has., and 7
miles southeast of Falls City, on
Thursday, December 16. Sale to be
gin at ID a m. sharp, the following
Seven Horses and Colts.
One sorrel mare 8 years old, wt.
1270; I bay mare A years old, wt.
1830; I brown mare 3 years old, wt.
1230. These three inures in foal by
Poreheron horse; 1 hay colt. 2 years
old, wt. 1170; I bay spring colt, 2
spring mule colts.
25 Head Cattle.
Five milch cows, 2 will he fresh
soon; one thoroughbred Short Horn
bull; 8 steers, 2 years old; 1 heifers,
2 years old; I heifer spring calves;
3 steer spring calves.
25 head good sheep.
Ii head good shoals.
Farm Machinery.
One farm wagon, one Peering bin
der, one .McCormick Mower, one hay
rake, one St. Joe Walking Lister,
combined; one Kirlin Oo-Devil, one
Canton Walking Cultivator, one Can
ion Disc Cultivator, riding; one doub
le seated carriage, one-section liar
row. one riding stubbie plow, 16 inch;
: one Canton Doublorow Stalk Cutter,
one John Deere Single-row Stalk
Cutter, one disc harrow, one feed
| grinder.
One Sharpless Tubular Cream
I Se .uator, one large new heating
stove, one base burner, one hay rack,
, five stand Ires,one automatic cream
rr. I vvo set ; double harness, one net
of good double fly nets, collars, etc.,
12 bu. seed corn, » Ini. oats, one I
| man aw, one tank healer, and many
1 other tilings too numerous to mention
Terms of Sale
All an ms of $10 and under, cash.
On sums over that amount u credit
of I'J months will be given on bank
able note, without interest if paid
when due. If not paid when due,
! 10 per cent from date of sale. Three
per cent off For cash.
Lunch on the grounds.
('. II Marion, Auctioneer.
U T Daeschner, t'lerk.
What Happens When Drops of
Water Are Scattered on Top of
a Hot Stove.
It is impossible to throw a few drops
of water on u redhot stove. The water
ran never touch the stove at all. What
is seen is a few drops rolling rapidly
over the surface, gradually getting
smaller until they disappear. If the
drops are on a perfectly level place
one can see under them to the other
side of the room, thus proving that
they are not in contact with the stove
What actually happens is that the
bottom of tlie drop changes at once
to steam or vapor on coming close to
the hot surface, and this vapor is sup
plied by t lie drop as it gradually goes
away. So the drop rests on a cushion
of vapor until it is entirely dissipated.
This state of water is known as the
spheroidal state, and is of interest on
account of it s peculiarity and seeming
ly paradoxical behavior.
The reason why the drop is not im
mediately evaporated or changed to
■team is also very interesting. The
water vapor that intervenes between
its under surface and the redhot stove
is a very bad conductor of heat and
consequently the full intensity of the
heat cannot get into the water itself,
only (he amount transmitted through
the vapor being available for this pur
pose—The Sunday Magazine
Good Reading.
A good book Is the next best (king
to a good friend. Indeed, there is such
« tilings an iiit iiit-iulfthip tn nooks, ior
a hook often performs the friendly
function of beguiling our tedium or
solacing our affliction. There are
books we lake from the shelf in the
spirit In which we grasp the hand of
a friend The leather binding with
which we are so familiar seems to he
the outer integument inclosing a soul,
a human personality When we start
to read, it is as though we became the
docile listener, willingly allowing our
imaginations to lie led captive by the
enchaining language of a living speak
er. .lust as being with a bad man is
likely to have a demoralizing effect
upon our characters, so the Intimate
association with a bad bok may in
fluence us in lhe direction of a de
praved and perverted point of view.
It Is said that a man may lie known
by tiie company lie keeps. He may
also be known by the books that are
on his live foot shelf or in his pigskin
High Cost of Beauty.
Though the prescription seems to
have disappeared from the pharina
copia of modern "beauty specialists, ’
It was for centuries notorious that to
feed on snake meat was the way to
win perpetual youth; to cure goiter,
again, or any other swelling, all that
was necessary was to munch a viper,
from the tail up, as it might be a
stick of celery; while yet another
snake, if eaten, conferred the power
of understanding all the tongues of
Davies & Owens
Reliable Jewelers and Opticians
We Welcome You
Whether you come as an intending purchaser or as a visitor. We welcome
the stranger, as well as the regular patron, and any and every article we
offer you will be just as represented. Following is a few of the many
things we have to offer. They will bear the closest inspection.
Diamonds $5 to $250
We have a very fine line of Diamonds in all the desirable sizes, at prices
ranging from $5.00 to $250. Nothing is more appropriate and nothing
more appreciated than a fine Diamond Ring.
Elegant Line of Watches
All Standard Makes and Sizes
Ladies' O size, with Elgin or Waltham
works: 7 jewels, in 20-year ft* l| /\
guaranteed gold tilled case.. H Hs • C?
Ladies' li size, with Elgin or Waltham
works, 7 and la jewels, in 20 or 25-year
guaranteed case, for §0.05 ft* -g f Q
to .5p 1 O.Oj
dent's 12 size, with 7, 15 and 17 jewel
works in 20 and 25-year guar- O
anteed cases, for §11 to.
Gent's Mi size, with 7, 15 ami 17 jewel
works in 20 and 25-year guar AA
anteed cases, for $10 and., ..
Gent’s is,size, with 7, 15 and 17 jewel works,
with 20 and 25 cases, for *7EL
$8.00 to..
Remember we carryall standard makes and
sizes, and cannot fail to please the most ex
acting individual who desires something
extra good in the watch line.
In the Jewelry Line
( hir jewelrx line consists of Ladies and Cent’s Charms, Fobs. Rings and Loc kets,
Ladies’ Brooches, Neck Chains, 1 I at Pins, Cuff Pins, Cuff Links, Thimbles.
For the Man
(ientlemen’s Charms. Cuff Links. Scarf
Lins, Tie Clasps, etc. All the new ideas
at the right prices.
For the Woman
Hatwear Novelties of the latest designs
in sterling and plated.
A Nice Present
1 'mbrellas make a most appropriate gift.
We carry a good line in gents' and la
ladies Umbrellas, mounted in sterling
silver and gold filled. Here is a line of
goods that ought to interest both la
dies and gentlemen. Our line is exten
sive and there is a variety of qualities
and prices to suit all purses.
Cut Glass, China and Silverware
for Christmas Buyers
Exquisite Cut Glass Pieces and Sets
Lovely Novelties in Silverware
Elaborate Toilet Sets, great variety
Military Brushes, various patterns
Cloth Brushes -always appropriate
Hat Brushes, in great variety
Handsome Manicure Sets
Embroidery Scissors
And Many Other Useful Articles in this Line
A visit to our store will convince the most critical person that we have
The Right Goods
The Right Prices
The Right Quality
Davies & Owens
Reliable Jewelers and Opticians