The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, September 03, 1909, Image 5

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What Your Friends and Their
Friends Have Been Doing
the Past Week.
—For the Best Ice Cream go to D.
W. Sowles.
Miss Reba Eversole was down from
Elk Creek Monday.
Mrs. C. M. Heinzelman was down
from •Verdon Monday,
See Clarence Heck for your coal
this fall, Phone 101.
Mrs. Simon Beachy was quite sick
the latter part of the week.
Herman Beachy and wife went to
Stella Friday to the picnic.
Miss Stella Schuler went to Lin
coln Tuesday, for a short visit.
Slg Fuller and family of Verdon
were business visitors here Monday.
Herbert Lindley of Stanberry, Mo.,
spent Sunday with friends in this city
Chauncey Hitchcock left Friday
to attend the state fair at DesMoines,
Iowa. *
Mrs. Belle McPherson went to
Mound City, Mo., Monday for a ten
days' visit .
Miss Cynthia Jones, the trained
nurse, employed by Bert Baker, went
to Salem Friday.
Misses Stella Knickerbocker and
Oddie Lapp went up to Stella Thurs
day to the picnic.
Simon Davies was a business visit
or to Stella Friday, and incidently at
tended the picnic.
Mrs. W. H. Kerr and daughter, J
Mrs. Bruno Hanson, came down from
Omaha Monday afternoon.
Miss Clara Stockton returned Mon
day from a three weeks' visit with
relatives in Stanberry, Mo.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Biles of Dover,
Okla., are visiting Rev. and Mrs. Nan-!
ninga.,the ladies being sisters.
Miss Sue Gehling is spending a few
days at Excelsior Springs, for a
little rest before school opens.
Miss Anita Wilson returned Fri
day from Elk Creek, where she visit
ed Reba Eversole for a few days.
Mesdames .Katherine Wylie and
Mary Mettz went to the Missouri;
Lakes Sunday, to spend a few days.
Frank Knickerbocker, John Casey
and Frank McFarland went with the
ball team, to the Stella picnic Friday.
I Mr. and Mrs. M. Remmer are
guests at the Gehling home, having
come in from Vermillion, Kas., Sat
Miss Helen Restorer left Tuesday
for a two months’ visit with her sis
ter, Mrs. Frank Greenwald, at Mitch
ell, S. D.
Clem Firebaugh and wife have
moved into the Frederick cottage re
cently vacated by Porter Randolph
and family.
Misses Theresa and Lucy Santo of
St. Joseph, came up Friday for a few
days visit with their grandmother,
Mrs. Katherine Santo.
Mrs. Lillian Stephenson returned
from Lincoln Tuesday evening. She
spent several days at that place re
ceiving treatment for her eyes.
Misses Martha Stewart and Mable
Evans were guests of Miss Elizabeth
Jones over Sunday, They returned j
to their homes in Reserve Monday.
Miss Dorothea White went to Lin
coln Monday, for a few days, and
from there will go to Pilger, where
she will teach in the public school.
Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Veach were
down from Verdon Saturday, on j
their way to Denver and Colorado J
Springs, where they go to visit rela-1
—Dent’ forget this is the right time
to put in your cement walks. Plenty
of rock, sand and cement on hand to
do your work on short notice. Chas. J
Heineman.—Phones 111, 119 337.
Reliable Jewelers and Opticians
Five Minutes
Behind Time
Some historians say the re
sult of the Battle of Waterloo
hinged on the fact that one
of Napoleon’s officers was
five minutes late in arriving
with re-inforcements. With
A Good Watch
the result might have been
otherwise. There is no ex
cuse for being 5 minutes be
hind time ON TIME is the
order of the day. It is easily
possible with a watch we sell
you, it is GUARANTEED to
lose no battles or trains for
you. They will put you where
you belong ON TIME.
Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Smith ar
rived Sunday from Los Angeles, Cal.,
and left Wednesday on their way
back to Palestine. Mr. Smith will
continue ids studies there for two
j years, when he and his wife will re
: turn to the Stnlos. They will then
probably locate in California, where
I they have purchased property.
Ike Forney, an old time resident
of-this city, came in from Phoenix,
Arizona, the latter part of the week.
This is the first visit to his old home
in twenty-eight years, though he is
well known here and grew to man
hood on the old Forney farm north
of town, now owned by W. II. Mad
•—Dont forget this is the right time
to put in your concrete walks. Plenty
of rock, sand and cement on hand to
do your work on short notice. Don't
forget wo build concrete stock tanks
of all kinds on short notice. Phone
111, 119, 337—or a postal card will do
the business.—Charles Heineman.
Our ball boys will proceed to give
Horton a few pointers on the Nation
al sport at Poteet's park in this city
next Monday. This is Labor day
and tire visitors will conclude they
have properly celebrated ttie occa
sion if they get ;i score.
Misses Jennie and Nettie Snidow,
who have been spending their sum
mer vacation with Falls City friends
and relatives, left Tuesday for Leeds,
S. 1)., where they have accepted pos
itions in the public schools of t hat
H. C. Lapp came home Monday,
from iiis trip to the coast. He stop
ped in Washington and Montana for
the land drawings, and visited a cous
in in Iron Mountain, Mont., whom
he had not seen for years.
Charlie Lord and family came down
from Shubert Saturday and spent
Sunday with his brother, J. S.
Lord and family. They left Monday
for their new home in Lincoln, where
Charlie has the management of an
automibile company.
Fred Graham came home from Lin
coln Saturday afternoon. He was
accompanied by ids friend, Russell
Burrus. They attended the ball
game at Atchison Sunday, returning
to Lincoln Sunday night.
Jean Cain took a party of young
ladies to the Stella picnic Thursday.
The ladies were Misses Maude Wix
en, Golden and Musselman of Clay
Center, Kas., and Miss Florence Bow
ers of this city.
Miss Ruth Miller of Tacoma, Wash.,
accompanied Miss May Maddox on
her return home, and will spend sev
eral months with her aunt, Mrs.
Margaret .-Maddox, and other rela
Putnam & Sons have their cement
works in operation and the product
is pronounced to be first class in
every particular. Take a stroll down
that way and see this new enter
Remember Falls City and Horton
will play ball at Poteet's park on
Monday. This is Labor day and all
should celebrate by attending the
game, as it promisies to be a good
Mrs. Katherine Wylie has disposed
of most of her household goods and
rented her house. She has retained
a suite of rooms on the upper floor,
for her own use when in the city.
A number of Hiawatha young men
made their regular visit to Falls
City Sunday. They were Ray Zim
merman, Ben Dilly, Ray Stull and
Cloyd Herman.
Misses Edna and Fay DeWald re
turned Sunday from a visit to their
sister, Mrs. Sam Stewart, in Reserve.
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart accompanied
them home.
Mrs. August Osterhohn aiid daugh
ter returned to their home in Essex,
Iowa, Saturday after a weeks visit
with her sister-in-law, Mrs. M. L.
Mrs. W. H. Keeling and son,
William, returned Monday morning
from Golden, Colo., where she visit
ed her daughter, Mrs. Mike Sweeney.
Leon Norris returned from Hardin,
Montana, Friday where he has been
spending the summer with his grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norris.
In the guessing contest, at Matt
hews-Little store last Thursday, Mrs.
Lydia Hinton was the best guesser
and won the cash prize of $3.
Miss Beulah Greenwald left Tues
day for Mitchell, S. I)., where she
will do missionary work at the Indi
an Mission near there.
Mrs. John Baker came over from
Morrill last Thursday, to see her son,
Bert, and spent the day with Mrs.
-John. W. Holt.
Minnie Burger and Jule Smith came
over from Reserve in their auto last
Thursday to see the work of the
dredge boats.
Mrs. Dodds of Republican City,
Kas., arrived last Thursday to visit
her daughter, Mrs. Leyman.
Miss Edna Spencer went to Omaha
Sunday, to visit the family of her
brother, Guy Spencer.
Frank Nims and wife were down
from Nims City shopping Friday.
M. A. Brickell returned Friday from
a visit to Fairbury relatives.
—The taste tells—try our ice
—The Best Ice Cream at Sowles.
—Kat Sowle's Candy.
—Dr. Wilson, Wahl's building.
—The Ilest Ice cream at Sowles.
Al'-x. Leo spent Sunday in Atehi
j sou.
—Tor the Best Ice Cream go to D.
W. Sowles.
S. A. Little made a business trip
to Omaha Monday.
O. 13. Zook from near Humboldt
was down Saturday.
—Dr. Trumporo—Massuer and face
; Massage, Phone -67. 31ti.
See Olarence Heck for your coal
this fall. Phone 101.
lleury Loenig was down from the
third district lust Saturday.
Rev. F. 10. Day returned Saturday
from a week spent In Lincoln.
—Remember the Fast-Haeffole sale
on Monday. September ti, litOO. R 4-2
Mr. and Mrs. ,l. R. Cain,Sr., and
son, Julian, spent Sunday in Stella.
Miss Clara l.aughrey was down
from Vcrdon with friends' last Fri
George Lyons accompanied Roy
lleaeoek to Atchison m his auto last
Mrs. Frank Snyder and .Mrs. Leo
nard Simons were Preston shoppers
hero Friday.
Miss Esther Dneschncr of lllawa-i
tha visited at the home of \V. it.
Maddox Sunday'.
Pete Frederick, Jr., Joe Miles and
Gurley Alexander wont to Stella tor
the picnic, Friday.
Mrs. Will Ramsey and baby and
Bryan Ramsey went to Brownville,
the latter part of the week.
Porter Randolph lias moved into
the Al Burchard house, formerly oc
cupied by Charles Whctstine.
Mrs. H. C. Davis and Mrs. Clyde
Davis returned Saturday from a few
days outing at the Missouri lakes.
Miss Clara Gretseh, who will trim
for Miss Anderson tliis season, ar
rived from Omaha last Saturday.
Mrs. Emma Scobcy and daughters,
Grace and Julia, returned last Friday
from a two weeks’ visit in Sabetha.
George Fallstead returned Saturday
from his Canadian trip, and is very
favorably impressed with the country.
Mrs. John Hillgendorf, who has
been visiting relatives in this vicinity,
left Saturday for tier home in Fre
Mrs. R. A. Dittmar and daughter,
Miss Celia, returned Thursday from
a short visit with Nebraska City
Miss Hannah Anderson returned
the latter part of the week from
Omaha, where she went to buy her
millinery stock. '
Charles Hargrave came home Sun
day from Salt Lake City, where he
was called three weeks ago by the
death of his brother-in-law.
Mrs. Deuchler and daughter, Lou
ise, went to Preston Friday to visit
relatives and attend the camp meet
ing of the German Methodist church.
Mrs. Clem Firebaugh and Mrs.
Harvey Heaston returned last Friday
from Omaha, where they attended the
funeral of their sister, Mrs. Frank
Mrs. Samuel Wahl returned Satur
day from Indiaapolls, Ind. She was
accompanied by her mother, Mrs.
Gray, who will make an extended vis
it. here.
Ed Davis spent several days the
past week in Kansas City and St.
Joseph. He returned Saturday night
in a new auto which he pufchased
while away.
Miss C. B. Erich and Miss Minnie
New, who came from Chicago with
Miss Inskeep for a visit, went to
Omaha Friday morning on their way
to their homes.
A crowd from Verdon, composed of
Walter Veach and wife, Charles Wea
ver and wife, George Hall and Will
Griffiths came down last Friday in
Weaver's auto.
Mrs. Kenneth McLean and sons of
Denver, who have been visiting Mrs.
George Jennings, returned Saturday
to Salem to visit her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. .1. B. Campbell.
Jacob Bloom, wife and daughter,
Minnie, returned Friday from an ex
tended visit with relatives in Ohio.
They .also visited Niagara Falls and
many other places of interest.
Miss Jennie Keim went to Auburn
Wednesday to attend a musicale giv
en by Miss Minnie Hay. Miss Anita
Wilson accompanied her and was
to appear upon the program.
Ben Hardin of Lincoln, a repres
entative of the Northwestern Insur
ance company, and an old friend of
Charles Loree, was in the city the
first of the week on business.
Mrs. Ada Wells is having a neat
cottage put up on the west side of
her lots. Wm. Calmer has the con
tract and when the cottage is finished
Mrs. Wells will move into it, and
rent the large house.
George Jennings and wife and
Miss Nellie Jennings went to Salem,
where (hey enjoyed the family dinner
Sunday, given in honor of the
eightieth birthday anniversary of .1.
R. Campbell, Mrs. Jenning’s father.
Jake Buhrer came up from Okla
homa City Monday, for a few days
visit with old friends. For many
years Jake run a bakery here and is
well known to most of our citizens.
He is now prospering at Oklahoma
Duff Trophy Contest Will be Held
In Fall For All Comers.
Nebraska City, Neb., Aug. 11—Ne
braska City is to Ito tbe scene of an
automobile contest, which will he one
of the biggest events ever held in this
section of the state. It will occur Fri
day, October S. and will be styled the
IH’FF THOI’IIY RACE. The run will
he to Falls City and return a dis
tance of 100 miles
The contest will be a sealed-bonnet
one and will be a free-for-all, open to
any two-cylinder or four-cylinder ear
v »
up to and inelmllng forty-flvo-horse
I power. R. A. Duff, the promoter of
(lie race, will give a valuable cup to
the winner in each class.
Five control points will lie estab
lished between Nebraska City and
Falls City. The running time for each
fifty miles will be two hours and forty
five minutes. The contestants will
leave this city at seven in the morn
ing, with an observer in each car.
Dinner will be bad at Falls City.
The control points will ho Julian
Corners, North Auburn, Howe, Stella
and Verdon. Each control point will
be fitted with telephonic communica
tions. with men in charge, to proper
ly check out every contestant.
Entrance in the Duff Trophy Race
will be confined to Nebraska count
ies south of the Platte river, the two
tiers of counties west of the Missouri
River and Mills, Montgomery, Fre
mont. and Page counties in Iowa.
All those desiring to enter this en
durance contest, write to R. A. Duff
& Co., Nebraska City, Nebraska, for
further particulars.
“Can be depended upon'' is an ex
pression we all like to hear,and when
it is used in connection with Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrh
oea Remedy it means that it never
fails to cure diarrhoea, dysentery or J
bowel complaints. It is pleasant to
take and equally valuable for children |
and adults. Hold by all druggists.
| =f.... ?
| Sales conducted in
scientitic and busi
I nesslike manner
1c. h. marion ]
| Falls City, Nebraska 1
I Office Phone 368 Res. Phones 132-241 DD
-fIdeal Vacuum
' If Interested Phone
Yoder & Cain
I Office Over
j Burris News Stand
*'9 Falls City, - Nebraska
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