The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, July 17, 1908, Image 3

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8KUM > lln > H , ( MAhhtn Uni Von DOJ.DNi )
erteelvrd 1 > > thi'lunnl of Mienlreirf | of Urnl ;
HP Dlftiict No , Utllitl sii ! tj t < wiU.Ndii
kn , nt tlioir nllico in Tails City. Nphrnnkn , up *
o'clock p. in. , of AtiKtit > t 1 , IWw , for the Milo I
noud * nnmlKTs 1 to W. t < ch of the dpiiomUmtk
of Sl.CPO , mntiirlni ? $10 too cnch } ir from H'13 ' i
IBli , behiB l rt of mi K .ue of $ JiWX ) of tl
nondtotmlddminnso district , Ix'nrltiB tire p
cent pemi-nnmml Interest , ifitcd for the pn
po o of construction of dltchei. lot re * , etc.
All b ! < N under former notice ere rcjecte *
in hoped thntmmi } Innd owncroill tn k n ni
ttfitiiKOof the following pro\l lon of the drnlt
V . * > . Ul
Un't nrc iMUpdninfoioviUI , mi ) person , \\ho' '
11 ( 'i ' or property lm\o Ix'ou n es-ed for honcfi
i nld district , innj pa } the totnl ns o gmei
fj-'nilitt his property or mis trnct thereof mid tl
proj erty on which the n" esMnents nro BO pni
thnllbo released from the Hen of said dr lnnj
nweMiiiMit. " It la not iiece nry to l > ld on tl
wholn.0.000. Ifin , can 1)11 } ( inn bond in ikn
hid. Thcf-o lx > udn considered n Kood , wife li
TpMinciit nnd otmhl to IM tnkeli In tld count ) .
DAMM , llii.GV , Chnlrninii ,
2S-3 I.i son , Nebrnski
Kirnt imbllrnticm Julj 10Wi. .
Letfal Notice.
To the Unknown Heirs of 1'eter llolen , decen'iH
> . 1:11 : isorcKl i.i ) thnt the plnlntifl
, n * , did. on the 2Mh of Apr ! :
uSl . li'slii ' pstltlon In thoHerk'N OllicoOf th
ao Uljt 0)iirt of Hichnrdson county. Neb
IM ' 'ml ) ' "it > the object nnd pnijcrof wlilcliist
on'ill i dioroi of said court nuietlni ; the tltl
It i Mil" i tlu Sin thwpst Qnorter of the Nortli
iff i > > Section ; )0 ) , To\Hi hp ! 1 nortl
in 'it ) I/ , in Kirhnril on count ) , Nel > . , on th
in' ' Hi liltHild pIidntilT hml lidranced nil th
, 'i V ' ) pure' ! IH pidd lnnd from the Kovern
'ni ot t ho U ilted 8tnto , the Niid 1'eter Hole ,
go his llf etlm * ImvltiR bouvht thu land from th
( jovern-n cut nt pub lie nle pnrpimnt to mi Act o
ttitroi4 | ii'Ulorizi nu tlinsnleof cprtnln hinds o
We8te\ : Fox triba of JHouri Indians , ninoni
. , heh ( wi s the hind nbovo de crll > ed , mid innd
Jayinnt of the hrs t inMnllmcnt of the ptirchns
' nco thcr ofor , us proUded by Bnid net of con
tress. T hntenld I'utor llolen cold nil hU riKht
fitlc and InlofL'it in mid Innd to tlili plnintif
i.or n val unblo cons idorntion mid wns relinhurHo
* > thi 'p InintifT for the nmouut of the first in
"tnllmeat of the iurchn o money paid by tali
1'eter Hoi en , nnd Unit nil HiibsMiitent instnlbnent
hnvoboon paid by plnlntlllnswainKrced Iratneci
them , nnd ho li therefore entitled tothopnpe
fee simple tltlo to said land nndn decree iinlcUni
the tltlo to the saino in him , im priced in hi
Vou vn K ruivniFn NOTIULD that unless 501
plead , nn sner or demur to oaid petition on o
before the 10th day of AiiRti t , 1WS , snid potitloi
will b3 tn ken'in true nnd judgment entered there
on accord iiinly.
This pu blicntion is made by order of his honor
John H. Itnpar , Jud o of Hild District Court
rwiulrint ; tliocamo to bo published in "Tho Fnlli
City Tribune , " n newspaper publlsln1 * ! in tuiii
ItlcliardKon eonnty nnd ot t-'euernl circnlntioi
therein , for the period of four \veekb , from th <
2Uthdiyof Juno , UK)3.
Hr.uiNil HE VIS ,
2J-lt Attorneys for 1'laintia.
(1'irst ( publication Juno 2ii )
Unless You Want to Know
Don't t:0 : Chautauqua
Unless You Want to Laugh
and Learn
in loWa
in Tennessee
Entertainment and Con
cert Companies are First
Class. The date is
Aug. 7th to 16th
Private Money.
Private money to loan on Real
Estate. Mortgages bought and
sold. Call at First National
Bank. 3-tf A. J. WRAVKR
Fok-y's Orlno Laxative , the now lax
ative , stimulates , but does not irritate.
It is the best laxutlve. Guaranteed or
your money back. Kerr's pharmacy.
Heart Strength
Heart Strength , or Heart Weakness , means Nerra
Strength , or Nerve Weakness nothing inoro. I'o -
Itlvelr. not ono weak heart In a hundred Is. In It-
elf. actually diseased. H If almost always a
hidden tiny little nerve that rnally U all at fault.
This obscure nerve the Cardlf > . or Heart Nerva
tlraply needs , and must have , more power , more
stability , more controlling , more governing
strength. Without that the lluirt niu t cuiitinue
to tall , and the stomach and kidneys also have
these came controlling nerves.
ThU clearly explains whr as a medicine , Dr.
Bhoop's Restorative has In the past done so much
for weak and ailing Hearts. Or. Snoop first sought
the cause of all this painful , palpitating , suffocat
ing heart distress. Dr. Snoop's Restorative this
popular prescription Is alone directed to these
weak and nastln ? nervn centers. It builds ;
iCstrengthens : U otters real , genuine heart help.
It you would have strong Hearts , strong di
gestion , strengthen tbeae Lnerve * reiUbllib
them as needed , with
Dr. Shoop's
The Cough Syrup that
rids the system of a cold
by acting as a cathartic on the
bowels is
Bees is tba original laxative cough syrup ,
contains no opiates , gently moves the
bowels , carrying the cold ofl through the
natural channels , Guaranteed to
satisfaction or money refunded.
Items of Interest Taken From Th
Honolulu Star.
Through the kindness of Archi
McCoy , \vo this week hud Hie pleiu
tire of Bcunninp ; n newspaper pnl
lished nt Honolulu , mid Bent hii
by his brother , Thurston. who is i
that city with the great America
lleet , being on the battleship Geot
gin. It is the ileet edition of th
Hawaiian Star and is composed o
twenty-eight pages. It is replet
with good reading , bearing on th
many industries of that countrj
and as to advertising , well it wouli
put most of us to shame , as almcB
every known business is advertise !
in its columns. After reading th
paper and noting the many im
provements already accomplishei
there , and realizing how little i
known of that country by our read
ers , we will take from that pape
the following facts about the cit ;
of Honolulu.
Honolulu has :
45,000 inhabitants , includiui
1-1,000 Hawaiians , 12,000 Japnnese
6,800 Chinese , u-100 , Portuguese
Ii500 , Americans , British and Ger
mans , 800 Porto Ricans , 1000 Xo
reaus , 1,200 other nationalities.
170miles of streets.
2(5 ( miles of electric car service
Telephone service , with 1,50 (
Five public parks.
Free museum , containing tlu
rarest and largest collection of Ha
waiian curiosities and antiquities
4GlJr pupils in public schools.
32GS pupils in private schools.
29 church editices.
Three first class hotels.
Two electric lighting plants.
Three ice factories.
Two iron foundries.
Two fertilizer factories.
Lime kiln.
Coffee pulping and cleaning mill.
Five rice mills.
Five planing mills.
Sanitary steam laundry.
Petroleum gas factory with dailj
capacity of 500,000 cubic feet.
230 licensed automobiles.
1G9 licensed carriages.
Three daily newspapers printed
u English.
Seven banks.
Chamber of Commerce.
Merchants' Association.
Hawaii Promotion Committee.
Stock and Bond Exchange.
Trade and Labor Council.
Hawa ian Sugar Planters' Asso-
Hawaiian Historical Society.
58 policemen.
109 police call boxes.
Battalion of U. S. Infantry ,
Seven companies of the National
Two military bands.
Public baud concerts.
Public water works with daily
: apacity of 8,000,000 gallons.
Paid fire department.
74 electric fire alarm boxes.
Public Library.
Young Men's Christian Associa-
Young Men's Institute.
Young Women's Christian As-
Five social clubs.
Flourishing branches of Ma-
ionic , Odd Fellows , Knights of
Pythias , Foresters , Grand Army
if the Republic , United States War
Veterans , American Legion of Hon.
> r , Sons of the American Revolu-
ion , Daughters of the American
devolution , Sons of St. George ,
\.ncient Order of Hibernians , Red
Men , Eagle and Elk fraternities.
Associated Charities.
Six charitable societies.
Two opera houses.
Three boat and yacht clubs.
Polo , golf , tennis , football , base-
jail , and cricket clubs.
Steam railroad communication
vith most plantations on the island.
Cable communication with San
Francisco and Manilla.
Steamship communication with
ill ports and landings in the Ter
Aerial telegraph communication
ivith Islands of Hawaii , Maui and
Two liberally endowed hospitals.
29 licensed physicians.
15 dentists.
Three agricultural experiment
United States Naval Station.
Marine railway.
More Mall-Order Duslness.
To Business Mon
Every local merchant in Nc
braska has felt the unfair compc
tition of the custom mail-ordt
house. There is a stale associi
tion of merchants , the object c
which is to make sentiment antaf :
onizing the mail order bnsincei
The local merchant contends thn
it is unjust to him , a local taxpnj
or to permit a company paying n
taxes in the state to ship into
Nebraska community merchandis
at prices less than the local mei
chant can atl'ord to sell for , be
cause of the insurance , tax nm
rental rales lie is compelled to pa
for the privilege of doing bushiest
He is casting about for som
means by which the mail orde
business may bo stamped out.
In this connection , it is interest
ing to cite one phase of the situn
tion in Butler county , brough
about by some of the towns whos
people voted not to issue liquo
licenses. A David City banke
writes that immediately upon tin
adoption of the dry policy , ther
sprang up an active mail orde
business in wet goods. The sniin
is true in Beatrice. All sucl
money , of course , leaves the coun
ty , and while ns much liquor ai
formerly may bo consumed , tin
volume of local money is depleted
It is said on good authority tha
every Saturday night trains fron
Kansas City to Topeka carry man ]
mail order original packages o
wet goods for the individual con
sumer at Topeka.
A well known citizen of Cook
Nebraska , writes of the mail ordei
business in wet goods as appliec
to that town as follows : "In on (
month there has been shippet
into Cook seven and one-half bar
rels of wine and whiskey ant
twenty barrels and five cases ol
beer. "
The Chamber and Commerce ol
Savannah , Georgia , has issued n
circular stating that the new pro
hibition law of the state has creat
ed an immense mail order traffic
in liquor amounting to something
like $200,000 a month , which if
leaving the state , and in return foi
which liquor is received for local
jonsumption ,
During the days when the pol
icy of prohibition was sought to
be enforced in Iowa , the mail
arder business from the Omaha
liouses into the various towns of
ivestern Iowa was enormous ; the
noney of course , leaving the lo al
jommnnities of Iowa to enhance
the profits of the Omaha dealers.
The enactment of the Mulct tnx
aw in 1891 put a stop to most of
the traffic.
These instances are few compared -
pared with the large number with-
n the knowledge of the people of
Nebraska towns svhich have gone
Iry. The Federal Supreme court
ins. in three notable cases , do-
sided that no valid law could be
passed to prevent a citizen of one
state ordering liquor shipped from
mother state for his own use ;
: herefore the original package
nail-order traffic in wet goods is
itrictly legitimate from a legal
point of view , or , at any rate , the
ight cannot be abridged by law.
It is a question for local mer-
ihnntB and taxpayers to decide for
-hemselves whether or not they
mall favor a local policy which
, vould be certain to build up an
mtnense mail-order business , thus
creating a constant drain upon the
noney of any town adopting that
A Revelation.
It Is a revelation to people , the severe
: ases of lung trouble that have been
: ured by Poley's Ilonoy and Tar. It
lot only stops the cough but heals and
itrengthens the lungs , L. M. Ruprgles ,
3easnor. Iowa , writes : "The doctors
> ald I had consumption , and I got no
jetter until I took I'oley's Ilonoy and
Par. It stopped the hemorrhage and
lain in my lungs and they arc now as
iound as a bullet. " Korrs pharmacy
Pain will depart in exactly 20 min-
lies if ono ol Dr. Shoop's Pink Pain
Tablets is taken. Pain anywhere. Re-
ncmbcr ! Pain always means conges-
, ion , blood pressure nothing else.
Eleadncho is blood pressure ; toothache
s blood pressure on the sensitive nerve.
Dr. Snoop's Headache Tablets also
: allcd Pink Pain Tablets quickly and
safely coax this blood pressure away
'rom pain centers. Painful periods
/vlth / women get Instant relief. 20 Tab-
ots 25c. Sold by all dealers.
Hiawatha's "Dad Nigger" Is In
Heap o' Trouble.
"Bunch" Alexander blew hit
town from Falls Oily on a aid
door Pullman early on the tnon :
ing of the Fourth. Ho wandore
around town and ShoriiV Scama
arrested hint on a warrant swor
out by Officer Xeiber , chargin
him with stealing a ride on
train. When ho came up bofor
the justice at 10 o'clock Momla ;
ho asked lime to got some of hi
friends to help him out. lie wa
given until It o'clock and failei
to find one. He then plead guilt
and was sentenced $25 and cost
and committed to the county jail
He would also have been handei
550 days but ho promised to go I
work in the country. If ho doe
not keep his promise he will b
jerked up for vagrancy and givoi
time to leave town. "Bunch'1 ha
got to leave town or get all tin
punishment coming to him. Oi
account of being held here hi
could not attend justice court ii
Falls City Monday morning when
he is to answer to the charge o
burglary. It seems that "Bunch1
has become enough of a criminate
to have two court engagements a
one time. lie did not count 01
being detained by the Hiawatlu
end of the business , and not ( lin
ing to again steal a ride on a trail
it is doubtful if he was able to gel
to Falls City. Ho says that walk
ing doesn't agree with his health ,
Hiawatha World.
Knockers' Just Desert.
Do you know what we thmli
is the best story in the Biblei
It may surprise you , but it's
about Noah and the flood. We
say this even in the face of edU'
cated tollcs , who turn up theii
noses and declare this story n
fake. You remember Noah had
to work a long1 time on that ark ,
[ t was uphill business , too , at
best , to go on toiling- and sweat
ing day after day in the hot sun ,
building- boat away out on the
Jry land while the local anvil
ind hammer club sat around ,
spitting- tobacco juice upon his
[ umber , whittling up his pine
aoards with their jack knives
ind telling- him what a fool he
, vas to expect a big- rain in a
: ountry that was too dry to grow
ilfalfa. But he kept at it. Fin-
illy the flood came , and every
nother's son of the croakers
vere drowned. This is the only
nstance we know of , either in
iacred or profane history , where
i bunch of knockers got exactly
vhat was coming to them.
Dawson News Boy.
Heat prostrates the nerves. In the
ummor one needs a tonic to olTsct the
ustomary hot weather Nerve and
itrength depression. You will feel
tetter within 48 hours after beginning
0 take such a remedy as Dr , Shoop's
lestoratlvo. Its prompt action in re-
toring the weakened nerves is surpris-
ng. Of course , you wont get entirely
trong in n few days , but each day you
an actually feel the improvement.
? hat tired , lifeless , spiritless , feeling
rill quickly depart when using the
iestoratlve. Dr. Shoop's Restorative
rill sharpen a fulling appetitn ; It aide
ligestlon ; it will strengthen the weak-
ned Kidneys and Heart by simply re-
iiillding the worn-out nerves t.lnit thcec
rgans depend upon. Teat it u few
lays and bo convinced. Sold by al
July 12-18
"The Hiawatha Chautauqua
July 12-18 , 1908 , in a tent
opposite Public Square.
Tent comfortably seats
2,000 people and comfort-
ble seats have been provided
Junsaulls , Waters , Carleton Lee ,
jov. Johnson , all the Big Politicians
Vm. Allen White , Victor Murdock ,
Senator Long , J. L. Brlstow , Cyrus
.eland , W. R. Stubbs , W. A. Harris ,
md many others. The Chicago
layers and Signers Club , Vandas
nos and her girls , Pamhaskla and
its pets , and many other entertain-
srs. Swimming Pool , and Moving
alctures. "
_ _ _
Delay in commencing treatment lor
1 slight irregularity that could have
> een cured quickly by Foley's K dnoy
Remedy may result tn a ccrious kidney
llseasc. Foley's Kidney remedy builds
ip the worn out tissues and strengthens
hese organs. Commence taking it to-
lay. Kerr'a pharmacy.
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The Falls City Roller Mills
Docs a general milling business , and manufactures the
following1 brands of flour
< !
I )
The above brands .ire gunrantccd to be of the highest pos I )
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conduct a general < I ) )
Grain , Live Stock and Coal Business < )
I }
i ;
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Lumber or Builders' Material
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st. Joseph , MO. J. A. Schroer & Co.
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