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    THE FALLS.'GITyi TRIBUNE , FRIDAY MAY 22 { r < r * M > * >
Fruit Prospects More , Hopeful. ,
Erouf different portions of'tho
county are now eetiding
ingeporta of the condition of the
product. Since the past few dnys
of warm , sunny weather , the nctual
condition of the fruit can be ascer-
toified. ' !
Jouu T. Swan reports that out
of Kis 200 acres of apple orchard ,
there will be at least 95 acres on
which ho will realize not more than
100 bushels. The rest iffill uot
produce to exceed one-fourth crop.
On the bluffs near Peru and
from the higher orchards around
Browuville come reports of an al
most complete cherry crop. With
about half of the peach trees load
ed , others exhibit the -peculiar
phenomenon of the fruit being do-
strayed in spots , some in the top ,
others at the side of the trees , but
the total average is estimated at a
half crop.
From Stella comes the news that
Daniel Kroh had exhibited a peach
limb and cherry branch overloaded
with fruit * In the immediate
neighborhood of Stella all fruit is
in peed shape , but further south
the prospects are not so good.
All in all , fruit prospects are
much brighter than a week ago ,
when total failures seemed certain.
Auburn Herald.
Every time we have a late frost
a lot of people go around weeping
and wailing , and gnashing theii
teeth over the destruction of the
fruit crop in a manner that would
make a stranger in these parts be
lieve that every man in Nebraska
is depending upon his next fruit
crop to pay off the mortgage oil
his farm , when the fact is our fruit
crop is like the old woman's trou
bles the biggest part of it never
happened. We have lived in Ne
braska ever since we were old
enough to know better , and we
can truthfully say that the only
"large" crops of fruit ever raised
here were killed by the late frosts ,
and our observation prompts the
belief that every dollar's worth of
fruit harvested in Nebraska hae
cost ten dollars in cash or its equiv
alent labor. It is all right tc
dinkey with a small strawberry bed
or a few gooseberry bushes , provided -
vided you haven't got anything
else to do , but if you have , you
had better be doing it. Nebraskc
is a corn state her equal does uol
lie under the shining sun hei
horses , cattle , sheep and swim
graze and wax fat on a thousand
hills ; she has more happy homes
more prosperous and contented
people and more pretty wouiei
than any state in this peerlesi
union , and we have money enougl
to import Ben Davis apples ant
Alberta peaches from Arkansaw
but this is not a fruit country anc
we may as weil acknowledge it
If every fruit tree in Nebraski
should be struck by lightning to
night it would not occasion i
ripple in the financial sea. Thesi
are facts as we are able to elucidati
them , and we never joined thi
Knocker's Club either , althougl
we expect to be provided with ai
honorary membership just as sooi
as this opinion is handed down.
Fairbury News.
If any person suspects that their kid
003-3 arc deranged they should tak
Foley's Kidney Remedy at once an
not risk having bright's disease or die
betes. Delay gives the disease
stronger foothold and you should nc
delay taking Folcv's Kidney Remedy
Kerr's Pharmacy ,
Drainage Aleeting Ends In Row
The Falls City corresponden
to the State Journal has this t
say in regard to a session of th
drainage board in Salem , Moc
day afternoon :
"During a session of thedrair
age board at Salem this aftei
noon , R. E. Grinstead , a inembe
of the board , was knocked dow
and kicked by Geo. L. Coon ,
merchant of Salem , whose clan
ior damages had been aote
upon by the board adversely t
Coon's interest , as he believed.
It is a pity to ECO a person neglect li
dlcatious of kidney or bladder troub
that may result in bright's dlseaso wiu
Foley's Kidney Remedy will correct i
regularities and strengthen these o
gans , take Foloy's ' Kidney Remedy i
the first sign of danger. Kerr's Pha
orests on the Northern Prairies
U .TflMW . MOTtti i. . ' ' &i.U'il
ere in the United States ,
lanting greater than on the
Dairies ot Minnesota and the
Dakotas , and nowhere is it more
rofitable for commercial re
urns. Protection from "wind
nd storm is essential for the
ivell-being of the family , the
tock , and the orchard. Indeed ,
i many cases it is the presence
nd shelter o belts of trees
.bout the farm building , with
heir continuous supplies of fuel ,
hat mark the distinction be-
ween the comfortable home and
he one wherein comtort is lack-
ng. Owners estimate the value
t good groves , on an average ,
f $1,000 an acre , on the basis
hat their property , if placed
upon the market , would be in-
reased to that extent by the
rees. Bankers and land agents
ake special note of thrifty
groves , for they have learned
hat buyers are ready to pay
'or the protection and comfort
f a grove. The effectiveness
> f the grove as , a windbreak is
determined largely by the num.
jer and kind of trees planted
and their relative positions.
When planting for direct profit
s contemplated , inquiry be-
omes necessary into (1) ) the
market , (2) ( ) the cost of produc-
ion , and (3) ) the species planted.
Vs a result of the absence of
natural supplies , posts , poles
md fuel wood are shipped into
his region from northern Min.
nesota at a freight rate of 10
cents a hundred weight , or about
$3.50 a cord. .This , with the
original selling price and the
Sealer's profit , brings the local
elling price up to from $7 to
: > ! ! a cord.
The value of the landls usually
lie largest item in the cost of
producing a wood crop. Al-
hough the best soil will pro
duce timber most rapidly , yet
ough , sandy , or occasionally
overflowed situations can also
usually be utilized. In select.
ng a tree for commercial plant-
ng its hardiness in the climate
and situation is most important.
tVtter that , rapidity of growth
and the quality of the wood ,
especially its suitability to serve
ocal demands , are considered.
Cottonwood and white willow
are profitable on the deep , porous
ous soils of the river valleys.
Seven cottonwood groves yield
ed in lumber and fuel an average
annual net return per acre of
$10.67 , while eight groves oi
white willow gave products of
posts and fuel equal to an aver.
age annual net return of § 21 per
acre. European larch and
Scotch pine , produce , respect
ively , an annual net return per
acre of $11.93 and $13.35 when
planted on upland , and would
do even better in the river val
leys. White spruce , Norwaj
spruce , and western yellow pint
are also adapted for planting
for windbreak purposes. It
species ior park , lawn and road
side planning , symmetry and
gracefulness are important con
Cuttings are usually used ir
establishing a plantation o
willow or cottonwood. The ex
pense is little or nothing. Seed
lings ot broadleaf trees are easily
procured. Unfortunately , conit
erous stock is inexpensive
Considering , however , their higl
protective value in the winter
and their ability to resist drouth
heat , cold , storm and snow pres
sure , and the quality of the woo <
produced , conifers have prove <
more desirable for permanen
plantations than broadleafs.
The foregoing facts and othe
information and directions abou
planting are contained in a pub
lication entitled "Forest Plant
ing on the Northern Prairies , '
recently issued by the Fores
Service. This publication cai
be had free upon application t
the Forester at Washington.
Three 10-cent shows in a tow
this size is about the limit. Let' '
trade one of them for a ban
New Books ,
Following1 is the list of new
books i received- our' library
md placed in circulation "last
Saturday ;
* *
ilabic , . . , . . . , Famous Stories every
child should know.
Jlanchard Four Corners.
Efrglcstoii. . . . . . Hip Br6thcr. j
\.lcott. . Louis-i Alcott Kcndcr.
llaticliard Pour Corners in .Cali
fornia. Bt
GOX..I ; . . . .I. . Urowulc * at Home.
CgBlestoM.i.Cnptulii sum , sequci
to Uip Brother.
Duller Hookful of Girls.
vummjs1 Kin o the Droncoi.
Stuart Solomon Crbw's Christ
mas Pockets.
White Court of Boyville.
\.nderjon Improvisatore.
Vtherton . . . . . .Ancestors.
Crawford Arethusii.
Glasgow Ancient Law.
lardy Return of theNatlvc.
Hardy Two on a Tower.
leiuing1 Spirit Lake.
Ljtton Alice , or the Mysteries.
Inaon Broken Roadi
Mcicditli The Egoist.
Kohl Princc&s Nadine.
'arkington. . . .llisOwn People.
? ompkins Dr. Ellen ,
Turgenev On the Eve.
will make the season of 1908 al
ny home one block north of High
school building , Falls City , Neb.
Prince Royal is a dark dapple
gray Percherou Coach Stallion ,
six years old weighing 1500 pounds
lie is a stallion of excellent style
and action and has proven him
self a sure loal getter , Foi
further information and padigrec
see owner.
TERMS : Prince Royal will
serve mares forSlO to insure cell
to stand and suck. If mare h
parted with or removed from the
> riginal locality , service money
becomes due at once. A lien on
uare and colt is held for service
none ) ' . Extra precaution taken
o prevent accidents , but am not
responsible should any occur.
will also make the season at mj
lome. Description : Sunrise is a
black jack , snow white points and
was foaled November 4 , 1901. lie
& a heavj' big boned jack , 15/
lands high , extreme length , widi
breast and straight back. Ilearl
girt 67 ins. , below hock 10 ins
weighs 1125 Ibs. Is a good anc
sure breeder.
Pedigree : Sunrise was sirec
by Sunlight(407) ( ) weighing 125 (
pounds ; he by Starlight jr. , ( SO )
lie by Starlight sr.(81) ) ; he bj
Belknap ; he by Blackney Imp
Sunlight's dam by Importec
Paragon (63) ) , which sold for $2 ,
r)00. FirsUdam Kate by Nape
Icon , sr. , he by Peacock ; he bj
Imp. Napoleon.
Conditions same as for Priuci
Royal. Service fee$12.
Is the celebrated Tennessee Jack
is 16 hands high , coming threi
years old with extra heavy bone
has excellent style and action
will serve mares at $12 to insun
living colt.
TWILIGHT , Jr. Black Jacl
foaled July
1905 sired b
Twilight , h
by William'
Beauty , hi
dam , Fanni
Essell , she b
Starlight No. 81. Twilight'
1st. dam by St. Martin. ( Imp. )
Twilight , Jr. , ( Scorlet's ) Nc
1689 owned by G. M. Scott , Res
Mo. , foaled July 1905 , black wit
white points , 16 hands higl :
Sire Twilight , Dam , St. Marti
Junnet , has been accepted fc
registry in the American Jac
Stock Stud Book , under the rule
of -Association and will b
numbered as above.
All these animals will make th
season at the home of J. F. Scai
lett at the above place.
Phone 143 B
Falls City to Sec the Burwood
Theatre Stock Co. from Omaha.
Manager Gchliiig is cotiRrattf
ating himself over the result of ,
a long distance 'phone ' talk he
lad Saturday with the Burwood
vTheatre in Omaha. I sccms that
Irs. Fisk is'to play in 'the ' Bur-
vood Theatre , June ,4 , , ' 5 , . and 6 ,
xml in order to make room for her
he superb Stock Company , which
las been playing at the Burwood
ill the season , is to go on the
oad for six nights , after which
t returns to the Burwood to rc-
, ume its run. So with his cus-
omary enterprise Manager Gell
ing "got busy , " and knowing
hat Falls City would appreciate
i bouafide high-grade attraction ,
ic succeeded in arranging for the
company to play on Thursday
jvcning , June 4 , in Falls City ,
-\nd it is safe to predict that our
citixens will endorse his effort to
bring us a known attraction of
he very highest class by packing
he GchlingThcatretoits utmost
In Omaha the company enjoys
he patronnge of thousands every
week and its members are cnter-
ained socially in the homes of
the most exclusive circle of the
social set. The Burwood Stock
Company is a permanent itistitu-
itition in Omaha and really is
ooked upon as being a most de
sirable necessity.
The piece to be played here
will be ' 'The Man from Mexico , "
most hilarious societ } comedy
and formerly played by the emi-
icnt comedian , William Collier.
[ n Omaha the Burwood company
produces one play for an entire
week and the fact that "The
Man from Mexico" is to be played
the entire week previous to the
trip , assures a fine performance
liere. Special scenery from the
Bur wood Theatre will be brought
to Falls City , and the pioduction
staged with the same careful at
tention to every detail.
That this is to be the social
event of the season goes without
further comment. Falls City
should pack the Gehling Theatre
or this last and best attraction
of the season *
How proud liiawatha is of her
land , and rightly too. It is con
sidered the best band in this part
of the countryi and the people
over there know it and treat
them accordingly.
LINCOLN is your town , it is the
scat of your state government , the
officers who spend your money live
icrc , you send your children here to be
educated , yon send your friendless and
cripples here , you send , your insane
icrc , you send your criminals here ,
when you want anybody hanged you
send them here , when you wanted a
big state fair you located it here , when
you hold a convention it's here , when
ever you do any shopping it's here ,
the mo'sl railroads center here.
Lincoln was created for the accom
modation and benefit of the state o\ \
Nebraska and her citizens have gro\\i
to realise that nil we are here for ib foi
your service , and that is the reason
state people like to come here.
The State Journal is being conducted
along these lines. It te peculiarly s
state paper , realizing its obligations tc
Nebrabkans. It is a staunch advocate
of all things for the upbuilding am'
uplifting of her people , and al ay ;
stands for Unit much used and some
times abused " .square deal " It Is tin
one state paper that can print all th <
news all the time about everybody am
everything. No olhce-holders or ofllci
seekers in any of its departments fron
top to bottom.
Wo are obeying the new rules o
Uncle Sam's pos > tofllce and require ul
subscribers to pay in advance. In thi'
wav jou pay only for 3'our own jiaper
you are not helping to pay for tin
paper of some one who doesn't pay hi :
Therefore , to introduce the Stnt
Journal into thousands of new homes
\\e will send H every da } ' , except Bun
day , from now until after the Nationa
Election for only 81.SO. Make it S2 0
and we will add the Big Sunday paper
This will carry you through the ex
citing nominating campaign and the ,
through the presidential race. This i
just an introduction offer undthc pape
will be stopped at the end of that time
We stop all papers when time paid fo
is up. The sooner you send in you
money the more papers you \ \ \ ' \ \ gc
under this cut-price offer.
The Journal prints more rcadini
matter than any other state daily an
we will let you judge of the quality.
* * " * * * * * *
! * u * u t * * l t *
is the result of the free examination
you got horc.i If you doit't iiced the
pulling , filling or replacing ofutccth
ypu'll know th'nt faqt when our export
dentists have said the word , luAu
word , you'll get good dcntnl treat-
motit .llcro , nnd at prices * that you
won't object tb ! \u ; ' '
Fnlls City , Nebraska
( i *
AH Popular Brands of Wet Goods n , , , i
with an experienced mixer at yourID , , /
service. Foreign and Domestic Cigars. . m n
1 illi/-T'
! ! (1 (
I1 t
Attention Hog Men and Farmers
A Do you know a good thing when yeti see
it. If so take advantage of it. I have A
N bought a car load of Swift's Digester '
Tankage and expect' ' it ; here ebout , May N
K 23d and will sell , his , f m the car at thp K
low price of S O pcr ton iu any quantity , ,
A from 1QQ pounds up. Give me your name
and when the car gets in I will , notify yo < i A
G Don't let your little chicks die , but get AE
some Climax Chick Feed and save them.
A Notice to Farmers
Wehave a Full Line of Buggies , >
and Miller also ' " ' '
Carriages Wagons , a
Full Line of St. Joe Implements and " , '
a Full Line of Racine-Sattley Imple
Prices are the Lowest
CALL and inspect these goods be
fore buying elsewhere , and " \ve also
handle FIVE Different grades of
3L , O XJ
from the three home mills , Falls City , ' < i | "
Preston and White Cloud. ' ! I
U1 ' I
Preston , : : : : Nebraska !
N@w Jewelry Store
Visit the New Jewelry Store and
see the latest designs in Table-ware.
Everything first-class and prices
reasonable. Call and be convinced ,
R. B. Simpson
North Winow Kerr/s / Pharmacy
Watch Jewelry Repairing Done.