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Vol. IV FALLS CITY , NEBRASKA , FRIDAY , APRIL 26 , 1907. Whole No. 170
The southern conference of the
German Nebraska synod will be
held in the Lutheran church
southeast of Vcrdon , known as
the Muddy church , from Thurs
day , April 25 , to Sunday. April
28. , On Sunday services will be
held morning * afternoon and eve
ning , at which time the annual
Mission feast will be observed.
Evening services will be in the
English language. Everybody is
cordially invited to attend these
these meetings.
A Well Spent Evening.
On last Thursday evening the
Knights & Ladies of Security ,
council No. 010 , met in Wahl's
'hall in regular session , eleven
candidates were initiated and
several other applications re-
ceived. Dr. Fast and wife were
present on this occasion , this
being their first opportunity of
attending since returning from
their extended eastern trip , the
docter gave the council a most
excellent talk in his usual pleas
ing manner. Dr. Wilson was
also present and gave a number
of interesting remarks for the
good of the order.
Another pleasing teature was
the presence of District Deputy
Harrison , who gave to the coun
cil words of encouragement and
some helpful hints for future
work. After the order of busi
ness was completed a short
musical program was rendered
by the young people , and last
but not least , was a bountiful
supper served in the banquet
hall to the satisfaction of all
The Miles-Case.
The trial of the Miles case
was closed Wednesday noon and
Judge Raper took it under ad
visement. After Mr. llingolsky
had testified in denial of the
Harbaugh story the court struck
all of the evidence relating to
this scandalous matter from the
record and declined to consider
it at all. This ruling was in
line with ruling of the Supreme
court , which also refused to
consider it. The arguments
opened Monday morning and
consumed all ol the time until
Wednesday noon. John L.
Webster , who was to close the
case at the night session Tues
day was taken suddenly ill just
as he opened his argument and
court adjourned until Wednes
day morning , at which time Mr.
Webster resumed. While prac
tically all of the attorneys par
ticipated in the discussion , the
task of covering the entire case
was given to Mahony ior the
defendants and Webster for
the plaintiffs. These two gen
tlemen were listened to atten
tively by the largest crowd that
has attended the trial. Mr.
Mahoney made a masterly pre
sentation of his clients case ,
while the argument of Mr. Web
ster in closing is generally ad
mitted to be the greatest speech
ever delivered in the court
house. Judge Raper has come
in for a world of praise for the
fair and able manner in which
he has presided during the most
difficult and bitter trial. The
people of the first district are
to be congratulated upon having -
ing Judge Raper , and no matter
how he decides the case there is
no one interested that will not
be willing to concede that-the
decision will be conscientiously
James Hossack who has been
spending the. past week with
his parents , John Hossack and
wife , left Wednesday for Hart-
ington , Nebraska where he is
foreman of the Western Bridge
& Construction company.
Elks Win.
The library contest came toj
an end this week , though for
some lime but little interest
was taken in it. When the Odd
Fellows dropped out the strug-
g e narrowed down to the Elks
lodge and the Convent. The
total vote cast was 182,228 three
leading ' candidates receiving
the following number :
Ellis 55,510
Convent 65/M2
Library 10,058
This entitles the Elks to .the
library and the boys are entitled
to congratulations for the suc
cessful termination of their ef
forts to put this splendid set of
books in the lodge room.
Rev. Griffin Injured.
Word was received here the
first of the week that Rev. Grif
fin , formerly of this city , was
severely injured very recently ,
at his home at Colorado Springs.
It seems that he was" in some
manner struck by a street car
and rendered unconscious for
several hours. Et is thought
that he will recover without
permanent injuries.
Ilis many friends at this place
will be grieved to learn of the
accident as at his age an injury
such as the above so often turns
out filially. At the same time
we are glad that all indications
point toward his speedy recov
ery irom the shock.
W. C. T. U. Wiil Meet
The W. C. T. U. will .hold H
special meeting Friday May 4th.
at the Brethern Church. There
\\ill also be a count } ' convention
of several of the surrounding
towns Monday May 7th.
We ask that all the members'
who are either ( or botlO able to
meet their co-laborers at the
depot or entertain them while
here will come to the front. If
we all feel the responsibility as
we should , say nothing of comitt-
ing it a pleasure to meet in com
pany with such friends there
should be no trouble in finding
room and entertainment for all.
Hoping there will be no shirk
ers we look for a large and en
thusiastic attendance.
Sudden Death.
Mrs. Jacob Arnold died quite sud
denly at the family residence near
Barada on Tuesday of this week.
Although quite old she was in
apparent good health and on the
morning of her demise was up
and around as usual. She had
been taking a nap and when her
hired girl went to call her for
dinner Mrs. Arnold was dead.
The sudden death gave sorrow to
many a home as Mrs. Arnold was
well known and greatly esteemed
by a large circle of Richarson
county people.
Following is the verdict of the
coroner's jury.
Richardson County. i
At tin Inquisition holder ) ut Jacob
Arnold's , ! n Richardson County , on the
23rd day of April A. D. 1907 , before me ,
Dr. Geo. W. Reneker , coroner of said
county , upon the body of Mrs. Jacob
Arnold lying dead , by the jurors
whose names are hereto subscribed ,
the said jurors upon their oath do say
that death ensued in consequence of
enlargement of the heart and unques
tlonably from natural causes. .
B. C. DuiuFii , T ,
KAKL Moxoou > ,
jurors havs hereunto set their hands
the day and year aforesaid.
Harry Mann of Humboldt was
a business visitor in these parts
Wednedsay. He was here to
erect a monument at the grave of
E. K. Kentner in the Steele
Society News.
St. Martha's guild will give a
; en cent tea at the residence of
Dscar Maddox Wednesday ) May
1st. A cordial invitation is ox-
; ended to all.
Mrs. George Holland enter-
.ained the Kaffce Klatsch Tues-
lay afternoon in honor of her
laughter. Mrs. DcPutran. The
adics carried their needle work ,
ilthough the most of the after-
10011 was given over to visiting
iml a general good time. Mrs.
[ lolland , assisted by MrsDc
Putran , and Miss Gladys served a
lainty two course luncheon. The
; iiembers of the club greatly re
gret that Mrs. DePutran is leav
ing the city.
The Shakcspcar Club met with
Mrs. John Gilligan Tuesday
afternoon. Macbeth is still
under study and this meeting
proved unusually interesting and
beneficial. Contrary to the cus
tom of the club , Mrs. Gilligan
nerved an elegant luncheon
which proved aii agreeable sur
prise to the members of the club.
The meeting was ven enjoyable.
The little pupils of the Ilarlan
St. school celebrated Arbor da )
in a very pleasing manner In
the Kindergarten presided over
b } ' Miss Gehling and Miss Boose
and the first grade in charge of
Miss Pittock , interesting pro
grams of music and recitations
were given , after which both
grades adjourned to the grounds
where a tree was planted in
honor of.Supl. Toby. The little
folks acquitted themselves nicely.
Mrs. Will Crook is entertaining
a large party at whist Thursday
afternoon. About sixty guests
are expected. Mrs. Crook will be
assisted b"y Mesdames W. II.
Crook , John Crook and Miss Edna
The members of the W. O. W.
Lodge held a business meeting
the past Monday night. The
chair being vacant Sov. A. E-
Stumbo being next in line took
the head station and conducted
the meeting. The speeches were
short and to the point Sov. II. 1C.
Lemon was elected to procure a
speaker for the W. O. W. Mem
orial and Unveihngs which will
be held in the early part of June.
Sov. Lemon will go to Omaha
this week.
Sorosis held a yery enjoyable
meeting at the home of Mrs. Ren
eker on Wednesday , April 24th ,
most members being present and
responding to roll call with some
interesting current event. "The
Psychological Moment , " an orig
inal short story written and read
by Mrs. Heacock was much ap
preciated by all present. Mrs.
Hargrave also gave a very inter
esting reading and Anita Wilson
favored the club with a beautiful
song. She also assisted the host
ess in serving dainty refresh
ments. Misses McCrosky and
Wilson were visitors of the club
The next meeting will be with
Mrs. Korner , May 8th.
The Presbyterian kensington
will meet with Mrs. Jane Bohrer
Thursday afternoon , May 2nd.
She will be assisted by Mesdames
E. F. Sharts. S. II. Harvey and
T. C. McMillan. A cordial invi
tation is extended the public to
On Saturday night of last week
the members ol the W. R. C. am
G. A. R. took the residence o :
James McDowell and wife bj
storm and ere she worthy couple
were aware of what was happen
ing the house was filled with a
jolly crowd of friends who pro
ceeded to make things lively the
rest of the evening. The W. R
C. had carried well filled baskets
with them , the affair being a sur- '
jrisc in honor of Mr. McDowell's j birthday. Needless j
td say the company did full jus-1
ice to the refreshments * and de
parted at a late 'hour wishing
Fames McDowell many happy re
turns of the day.
The tournament whist club
net in weekly session with Mr.
ind Mrs. John W. Powell Thurs-
lay night of last week. A most
enjoyable evening was spunt _ not
withstanding John had the bad
aste to beat all of his guests and
wfth Mrs. Ned Towle walked off
with alljhe honors.
The Odd Fellows will hold a
celebration at Bode's Hall tonight
n honor of the eighty eighth anni
versary of American Odd Fellow
ship. A short program will be
given-including a history of the
American lodge. A supper , a
dance and a social time generally
will follow. The lodges of the
countyalsoof Hiawatha and Merrill -
rill have been invited to attend.
, Burning of the
Wednesday evening of this
week was one of the most impor
tant and best attended meetings
of the Knights of Pythias ever
lieltl at this place.
The lodge has been organised
in this city for many years and
has an excellent membership at
this placemeeting on Wednesday
evening of each week. When
the new State bank building was
erected the K. of P's- purchased
the third story , being instrumental
in its construction. However the
finances of the lodge was not at
that time in a condition to war-
railt the payment of the entire
cost and therefor a mortgage had
to be given on the same. The
liall is one of the best in Nebras
ka. This week the treasury con
tained a sufficient amount to
liquidate the debt and invitations
were sent out to neighboring
: edges to visit lodge No. IS on
Wednesday evening last. In re
sponse to the same seventy-fiye
from surrounding towns werq
The lodge was called to order
at S o'clock , and after an inter
esting address by W. S. Lcyda ,
he proceeded to burn the mort
gage in the presence of over two
hundred members of the order ,
thus marking the complete own
ership of the hall in which they
were assembled. This was fol
lowed by a brief address by F. J.
Kelley of Lincoln , after which
several extemporaneous speeches
were delivered by visiting mem
bers. Refreshments of the best
of everything were served in the
dining room. Cards were then
indulged in until the early morn
ing hours. Forty-seven members
of Diamond lodge No. 236 , of
Hiawatha , twenty-six of lodge
Np. 25 of Humboldt , one from
Lincoln lodge , No. 10 , one from
Saracuse , New York lodge No.
215 and one from Red Cross. No.
129 , of Birmingham , Iowa , were
Humboldt. Joseph Glasser. C 15
Stoltz , Harry Maim , Charles Gunzer-
liausen , John Gunzerhausen , Jos Kay ,
Chris Hcutler , A L ShalVer , Jas H Davis ,
W S Power , DrG A Cooper , J A Heard ,
II F Guile , Edward , Wittwer , A S
Thompson , L Wilson , Simon Hoffman ,
Louis Staldcr , Louis Burgess , J F
Walsh , Oliver Hall , Roscoe Anderson ,
Jas Kozel and H McConnell.
Hiawatha : K O Hrokaw , Kd Zim
merman , P M Kelley , Gee W Kcllcy ,
Ted Brown' c : II McCutn , J V Lacroix ,
Gee M Davis. Chas Wolfe , W F Hittc ,
G II Norton , T U Sanal , T 15 Pautz ,
A G IJurdick L Meisanhimer , Grovcr
Ilirtli , O A Zimmerman , N C Yost , R
T Jacquet , Gee M Carey , S D Wonis ,
C1 O Guinn , Dr L 15 Rupert , Leon Wal
ters , H Hirsh , II W Nerbett , Frank
Ryan , Fred Hillycr , Will Castle , J D
Weltiner , L Keelcr. J W Sparklin , T
II Lawrie , J F Hey , H RcShoma , P F
Hurt , S H Dock. W A Stradhanis , K A
Frazer. 13 15 Rosenbattm , T A Pautz ,
MA Walker , S U Seaman , D W Nixon ,
Gee Maglott , S 15 Friend , Ray Hicks
and John Morgaboyd.
Lincoln , F J Kelley ; Birmiiiglmn ,
Iowa , lodge , Dr Gee W Rcneker ; Syra
cuse , New York , c II noughton ,
Willie Sloan of Verdon was a '
visitor in this city Friday. j
Merrill Lum of Verdon was a
business visitor here Saturday
Joseph Mediums of Daw.son
was hero in a business way Tucs-
John Powell was transacting
business alTairs in Kansas City
this week.
Carl Stine of Lincoln was the
guest of Miss Floy Grinstcad last
Frank Titus of Nemaha was
among the Monday visitors at
: his place.
Matt Moore of Humboldt has
our thanks for subscription favors
this week.
A. J. Uurgnor on route one
was a pleasant caller Saturday
John Gilligan is having new
cement walks laid at his home
west of this city.
Miss McCroskcy of Tccumseh
is the guest of Mrs. Maude
Davies this week.
Ray Gist , wife and baby spent
Tuesday of this week with
friends at this place.
Joseph Miles was a Burlington
lasscngcr Thursday afternoon
for Los Angeles , California.
Jay Branam was called from
Siox City by the serious illness
of his father John S. Branam.
Mrs. Eb. Goolsby and children
of Verdon arc the guests of
i rank Adams and wife this week.
Chas. Rickards left Tuesday
evening for Lund , Utah where he
iias quite extensive mining inter
Mrs.'T. J. Gist and daughter ,
Elixabeth , are spending a few
lays the guests of friends at
Mrs. E. A. Tucker and Mrs.
Ray Gist and baby of Ilumboldt-
visited Mrs. W. A. Greenwald
this week.
Grandma Downs will go to
Glen wood , la. Monday for an
extended visit with her daughter ,
Mrs. R. C. White.
Mrs. Merritt Lum of Verdon
spent Monday arid Tuesday with
her mother Mrs. Sue DeWald at
her home in this city.
A litlle daughter was born on
Saturday , April 19th , lo H. C.
Barton and wife. Both mother
and baby are doing nicely.
Earl Marts of Wympre was a
Falls City visitor the latter part
of the past week on a brief visit
to his parents , Samuel Marts and
Miss Julia Relgen of Kansas
City , will arrive Friday night
and remain several days as the
guest of Mrs. GL. . Neide at the
You are cordially invited to at
tend the ten cent tea at the rcsi
deuce of Oscar Maddox Wednes
day , May 1st , given by the ladies
of the Episcopal church.
Mrs. barah Wylie oi Shoshone ,
Wyoming , who has been been
visiting friends here for the past
few weeks left the latter part of
the week for a visit with friends
in Missouri.
John Gilligan and his son
George went to Omaha Monday
morning to consult a spccialisl
regarding the latler's heallh.
It was decided an operation for
appendicitis was necessary am
Thursday was set for the opera
tion. Mrs. Gilligan went to
Omaha Wednesday. It is sin
cerely hoped the operation will be
successful and thai George wil
enjoy beller heallh than he has
had recentlj" . ,
Take Notice.
Those who are now owing for
water and light , will please call
: it my office and settle same ,
My term of oflice expires on
May 1st , 1907) therefore I am
cry desirous that all collections
hould be in , not later than Maj
st ' 07.
We hope this notice will prove
ufiicicnt and that you will
omply al once.
Ofiicc Hours 1:30 : p. in. to4p.m
Water & Light Commissioner.
Mr. Lively Injured.
While carrying the mail on his
route. Thursday of tlis ; week ,
Mr. Lively while at Barada was
ticked by one of his horses and
was so badly injured that Post-
uaster Martin of that place Un
shed his route for him. Mr.
lively is being cared for at
Jarada and it is to be hoped that
le will soon recover.
Severly Burned.
Rudolph Voaglc and wife ,
who reside north of this city.
tear Barada , were out Imrning
stalks Tuesday evening and Mrs.
Vocgal got too near the fire in
ler work , causing her clothing
to become ignited from the blase.
In his efforts to extinguish the
jlaxe , Mr. Voegle's hands were
both burned so badly that the
inger nails and part of the llesh
on the lingers dropped off. Mrs.
Voeglc was burned in a horrible
nanner , her left side from feet
o head being severely injured.
Dr. Van Osdel dressed the in-
uries and no fatal results are
anticipated. ' .
B ( shop William's Visitation.
Bishop William , of the diocese
cese of Nebraska , made his an.
mal visitation to S\ . Thomas
church Monday evening last ,
fhe solemn rite oi confirmation
vas administered , after which
le preached a splendid sermon ,
aking his text from St. Luke
1:4 : "Man shall not live by bread
Uone. " The discourse was one
> f the most viyid and practical
the writer ever had the privi-
ege of listening to. 'I.1 h e
bishop is the fortunate pos
sessor of clear enunciation ,
chaste diction , and dignified
earnestness ; this , coupled with
convincing logic held the alien
lion of the congregation the entire - ,
tire forty minutes he was speak
ing. Space prohibits even a
brief abstract Irom the sermon ,
but we believe the people who
heard it realised they had been
looking through a glass darkly ,
but now they saw face to face <
Attend the band concert at the
Gehling theatre Wednesday even
ing , May 8th , and thus help to
insure band concerts for Falls
City this summer. You will not
miss the thirty-five or fifty cents
and you will certainly enjoy the
concert , in addition to which are
the summer concerts. Now is
your chance to help.
Pearl Lawrence is at home
again , having closed a most suc
cessful term of school Tuesday
in Dis. 27. The exercises were
principally of Arborday order ,
Monday being Arbor day. The
program was very interesting
and in planting the tree each
pupil took part. The parents of
the pupils came early in the day
with baskels well filled and a pic
nic dinner was enjoyed at the
noon hour by the pupils and
patrons of Ihe school. The day
was a genuine holiday , thor
oughly enjoyed by all and a fit
ting end to the school term that
has been pleasing and satisfactory
to the enlire district.