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Malicious Scandal.
The story' now going ; the
rounds to the effect that
William A. Margrave is not j
dead but is hiding in ome
foreign country is a vilhanous j
falsehood. It would seem that j
common decency would suggest
to even a scandal monger , that |
the dead be left in peace.
William A. Margrave is dead.
Dr. Minner of this City can
attest this fact as he waited on
him and treated his injury
Dave Reavis was the under
taker in connection with Mr.
llinthorn ot Hiawatha , and as
sisted in embalming the body.
P.S. . Heacock and C. F.
Reavis were pall bearers at the
The story that Mr. Margrave
is lleeing trom a criminal
prosecution is cruel. The dif
ficulty about fencing govern
ment land was cleared up long
before his death , and Mr.
Margrave was fully exonerated
I , by the Government months
before the happening of the
accident which resulted in his
His estate was incorporated
and did not go through the
probate court because his wife
and children wanted it kept
together and in the family. It
was the monument of him who
earned it. Consequently it was
incorporated and the corpora
tion bears the name ot the man
who labored many years to
earn the property.
A New Contest
To the lirst boy or girl out
side of FallsCity _ betweed the
ages of ten and"a hundred yeaVs
who sends in the correct answer
io the following will be entitled
to a years subscription.
John Smith made a will
leaving the horses in his stable
to his three friends , Henry
Brown , George Jones and
Robert Green one halt of them
to Henry , one-third to George
and one ninth to Robert.
And he arranged that Lawyer
Gates , who drew up the will for
him , should carry out the pro
visions after his death.
Now , it happened that one of
the horses ( eighteen in number )
died before the will was opened ,
and this caused Lawyer Gates
no end of perplexity , for how
could he give any one half of
seventeen horses , or a third , on
even a ninth ?
Still , the provisions of the
will had to be carried out. So
Lawyer Gatqs consulted neces
sity the mother of invention--
and devised a scheme which
worked perfectly , with the re
sult that Brown , Jones and
Green each received his exact
proportion of the original
number of horses , and yet no
one was the loser by the
What was the scheme ?
Burglars visited the home of
John Martin Monday night
about midnight. Mrs , Martin
was awakened by some one
working with the lock and
hastily roused her husband.
Mr. Martin went to the window
and seeing nothing called out a
warning to the intruder to
skidoo or get shot. Where up
on Mr. Burglar walked camly
and leisurely out on the side
walk and sauntered away.
Investigation showed that the
fellow had removed- all the
screws from the door knob ,
though how he expected to gain
an entrance by that method is
hard to conjecture.
P. W. Peterson moved the first
of this from Peru to this city.
District Court.
The of * . Cronen-
case Leydas. -
berger resulted in a verdict forj
$75 in favor of the plaintiff. I
Sarah Strawn recovered a
verdict lor100 Irom the First
National bank of Elumboldt.
The latter case arose out of the
Samuelson failure. Tlie jury
was out from Saturday after
noon until Sunday morning
about ten o'clock. Court ad
journed until Thursday morn
ing , the case of Bonxholl' against
he First National bank of
Humboldt being the first case
called. Following this case will
be tried The Tribune's case
igainst the county lor printing
the ballots and the case of Fals-
cen against Farrington.
Court will probably adjourn
: his week until the 19th , at
which time the Miles will case
will be tried.
. All persons interested in the
no license cause are re inested to
meet in caucus at the court house
Thursda3r evening. March 14 , tor
the nomination of a ticket.
E. MAYHKKS , Secretary.
Fell From Building.
Monday morning while en
gaged in carpenter work on the
Gehling ice house , William
Yoder fell from a portion of
.he building , to the ground and
sustained , a fracture oi the
small bone and a severe sprain
of the right leg. He fell about
: he distance of sixteen feet.
Dr. Miner reduced the fracture
and the patient is resting.
Quick Action.
All records for divorces were
broken Wednesday. A case was
lied , the defendant filed an
answer , the testimony was taken ,
a judgment for divorce and $2,000
alimony , was entered and the
ndgment paid in less than an
lour. This is believed to be the
record in divorce litigation.
Cemetery Association.
The ladies of the cemetery as
sociation met with Mrs. John
Holt Tuesday. It was intended
to elect officers but this was post
poned until later because of the
small attendance. Plans were
liscusscd for the improvement of
the cemetery. This is one of the
really worthy institutions of the
city and should be encouraged in
its unselfish and worthy work.
Resolutions of Respect.
Whereas on the 23rd day of
February , 1907. Mrs. Allio A.
Slagle , wife of B. T. Slagle , de
parted this life and
Whereas the deceased was a
respected and honored member of
the W. O. W. circle of' this city ,
therefore be it
Resolved. By the members of
Nemaha "Valley Grove No. 53 of
the W. O. W. circle , Falls City.
Ncbr. , in grove assembled that
we take this opportunity to ex
press our great sorrow at her
death and our sincere sympathy
to the bereaved and sorrowing
husband children. Her pure life
was an inspiration to us to try
and live up to the Christian re
quirements and obligations of our
circle , to do good to others , Be
it further
Ordered , That these resolutions
be spread upon the records of pur
circle and that the charter be
draped for the usual number of
months in memory of her prec-
ions life.
MKS. C. T. Lippoui ,
John Yocam landed a one hun
dred and four pound cat fish from
the Missouri river on Wednesday.
. Society News
The tournament whist club j
was entertained at the regular I
weekly We ting by Mr. and Mrs.
James Picket t last evening.
The.usual spirited contest \yas
lad and a most delightful even
ing : spent by the members.
The Tournament whist olub
icld an enjoyable meeting at the
lome of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Varner Thursday of last week.
Hert Baker and May Maddox
were the winners.
The Shakespear club spent a
pleasant and profitable afternoon
with Mrs. J' C. Yutscy. The
next meeting will be held at the
liome of Mrs. W. W. Abbey the
afternoon of March 12th.
Mrs. George Jennings enter
tained ten ladies at dinner , last
Thursday evening in honor of
Mrs. Oliver Jennings of Salem.
The guests were all old settlers )
the average being seventy years.
A most delightful afternoon was
The young married ladies
Kensington club gave an indoor
picnic at the home of Mr and
Mrs. George Holt Thursday
evening of last week. The affair
was quite novel , and the hus
bands , who were guests , pro
nounced it the best picnic of the
TIe ] Presbyterian C. E. kensington -
sington club met Thursday eve'ji-
ing with Mrs. Spencer as hostess.
Kcarly the entire inrmbcrship.
were in attendance and spent a
delightful evening with their
charming hostess. ,
The members-of- Sunday
school class of Mrs. I. C. Maust ,
entertained the members of Mrs.
S. E. Nicholson's class last Fri
day evening in the Wahl hall.
Games , music and refreshments
made the occasion a very pleasant
The'Needle club met with Miss
Christine Fetssner on Tuesday
evening of this week and spent
the evening in sewing after which
elegent refreshments were served.
The next , meeting will be at the
liomc of Mrs. John Mosiman ,
Thursday afternoon March 14 ,
The young married ladies kensington -
sington met Thursday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Lloyd Gian-
nini. A large number attended
and a most enjoyable session is
Court House News.
There will be a special meet
ing of the county board this
Saturday , and the regular
meeting will be April 2nd.
Huppe , of Preston , and Cyrus
Walker of near Salem , brought
in wolf scalps to the clerk's
office. The Recorder .and as
sistant are rushed with work.
Judge Gagnon is having a
breathing spell while the
Treasurer's office still has
plenty ol work. District Clerk
has his hands full and alto-
gethcr the court house is a
busy place.
Arions Play At Nebraska City.
The Arions of this city went
to Nebraska City on Thursday
of last week where they render ,
ed one of their excellent enter
tainments. The event was
given as a celebration of the
anniversary of the Sons of
Hermann and was a veryelabor-
ate affair. Those composing
the party from this city were
Peter Kaiser , Louie Wirtli ,
Sigmund Spaeth , Robert
Pruesse and the Arions music *
ian , Mrs. Werner.
Mrs. Peter Kaiser , also Mr.
Kleber and wife , accompanied
That Republican Caucus.
Persuant to call a goodly
number of representative re
publicans gathered at thq court
House last Monday night for the
purpose of nominating a ,
f&r the coming municipal'
Harry Pence was selected
chairman and Fred Sebold
chosen secretary. After the
call had been stated the qucs-
t on arose whether 'or not it
would le better to try and ar
range for but one ticket at the
spring election. In fitting
speeches , Messrs Will Leyda
and Dave Reavis brought out
this thought : That we as
citizens had been foolish long
enough. We * were citizens of
a good town and it was our
duty as good citixens to make
it better. Enmity and strife
would not accomplish this
end. It was high time that the
hatchet was burned and that
we join in putting up represent
tilive ; men for office , elect them
and then stand behind them for
public improvement that is so
f5. n ly needed and has been
fought off by petty , factional
strife. Mr. Leyda suggested
that he was mo''e than anxious
todo this and thought that if he
could forget the past that there
was not a man in the city who
should .stand out. Mr. Reavis
followed along the same line
and it appeared to 'be the
unanimous opiniim that StVwas
the thing to do. , i ,
It was then moved and car
ried .to adjourn until next
Tuesday night and in the mean
citixens caucus to meet at the
court house on Monday night to
futher the plan of selecting one
ticket. ,
It now looks as though the
good citizens were getting to
gether on public matters that
have long been neglected and
The Tribune sincerely hopes in
the end harmony and good
fellowship will prevail.
We Are Prospering.
The semi-annual meeting of
The Tribune Company was held
Tuesday night. E F Sharts was
re elected president and sec
retary , and G. .T. Crook reelected -
elected treasure. New machin.
ery and type were ordered to
further improve the paper.
The officers report showed the
company entirely free from
debt. A live per cent semi
annual dividend was declarer ! .
There are many kldnoy remedies but
KJW tlmt accomplish the result.
"I'lnculcf" U a Iciiliiov remedy tlmt
contains no nleot l or ophites of any
kind complies with the Nntlorwl ljuro
food und driitr law irimranteed v < > ivo
Siitlefuctlon. Thirty day treatment for
81. 00 Inquire about ' 'I'lnouloat A.
( . U'antier'fi druu ston1.
People's Party. ;
The voters of Falls Citv , irre
spective of party , are hereby
called to meet in convention at
the court house on Monday ,
March llth at H o'clock p. m. ,
sharp , for the purpose of placing
in nomination candidates to fill
the , various municipal prices for
the coming municipal year. A
full -attendance of all voters , irre
spective of party is desired.
J. II. MoKimUAi ) ,
Chairman 1st Ward.
| Chairman 1st Ward.
j ' Chairman 2nd Ward.
i Chairman 2nd Ward.
1 C. T. LIPPOI.I ) ,
I Chairman 3rd Ward.
Chairman 3rd Ward.
i Republican and democratic committeemen -
mitteemen for Falls City , Neb.
itx -
Council A\ecting. I
Council met Monday evening {
with all members present except
Dr. Fast. The petition of/LMiir&n /
Roy for the vacating of certain
alleys and land adjoining Roy's
[ 'addition to Fulls City was granted
and the same was ordered vacated
accordingly. Permission w a s
also granted to the management
of the Evangelical church to
build an addition to that church ,
the same to be covered with shin
gled roof. The resolution intro
duced b } Councilman Warren
Hutchins giving the mayor and
city council power to select and
appoint the judges and clerks at
the city election for the year 1907
was adopted , the stipulations in
the above resolution being that'
the judges should be one from
each of the local political parties
as represented at the city elec
tion , April 1900 , and the clerks
one from each of the parties re
ceiving the two highest voles in
the recent election Ordinances
100 , 211 , 212 and 213 were read
for the second time. The fol
lowing in regard to the city elec
tion to be held April 2nd , was
adopted by the council :
Falls City , Neb. , Mch. 4 , ' 07.
To the Honorable City Council ,
Falls City , Neb.
Gentlemen : I would recom
mend that the following places
be designated as voting places
for the city election to be held
April 2 , 1907 :
1st ward Fire house in roar of
library building.
2nd ward County clerk's office
in court house.
3rd ward Sample room in rear
of National .hotel. . * > t - -
And that the following named
gentlemen be appointed judges
and clerks of said election :
1st ward Sain'l Kimmel , John
Cox and J. K. Reed , judges ; Geo.
Fallstead and G. B. Holt , clerks.
2nd ward Jake Messier , Grant
Sperry and Vern Aldrjch , judges ;
Norman Musselman and John
Wiltse , clerks.
3rd ward George Lynscum ,
James Nausler and Con Horan ,
judges : Frank Smith and Henry
agnon , clerks.
I would further recommend
that city clerk be instructed to
give the proper public notice of
the time and place of holding
such elections ; and said notice to
be given not less than ten days
nor no more than twenty days
previous to the 2nd day of April ,
1907. And that he be further
instructed to give the proper
notice to the above named gentle
men of their appointment as
judges and clerks of said election.
Respectfully submitted ,
G. M , BAKKKTT , Mayor.
Claims audited by the auditing
committee to the amount of
$1,259.74 were allowed as follows :
Water fund $475.25
Occupation fund 179.34
Electric light fund 035.15
Council then adjourned until
Tuesday evening.
On Tuesday roll call was an
swered to by all members except
Dr. Fast. Petition of J. II. Miles ,
J. II. Morehend and A. J * Weaver
to erect along the west side of
lots 13. 14 , 15 , 10 , 17 and IK and
along the north side of lot KS ,
block 39 , a one story frame feei
ished to be covered with meta !
roofing was granted Conner
jthcn adjourned to meet Friday
evening of this week.
Commencing with our next issue
we will publish each week an up-
to-date market report , the prices
for the same being securedThurs-
day evening just before going to
press. This will be quite a con
venience for our local stockmen farmers.
The Library Contest.
When the Odd Fellows ix-
Iticstcd that their members an-
'riends should refrain from vet
ng for the order in the Jibran
contest , predictions were made
; hat the Elks would win hands
lown. An examination of thi *
week's total will show vcr >
clearly that the convent and H *
brary are not only still in tlu
race but are coming fast. Since
the vote was last published the
gain of the three leading contest
ants has been as follows : Con
vent , 10,364 ; Elks , 7,102 ; library ,
3,135. It will be seen by this ,
that the friends of the convent
are especially active and mean to
capture the library if possible.
We have omitted all others
having votes , but will keep a
careful count and whenever any
reaches a total of 5,000 the name
will re-appear in the contest.
Elks /.4,6X
Convent 51,001
Library. . , 9,050
_ _ _ . - - .
Real Estate Transfers.
Ucnj F Kevelle to Frederick
Fricdly wd wj--1 of nwl 23-2-13
Humboldt nwp $9,000.
'John Yoescl , sr , and wf to Jno.
Witt wd commencing 900 ft c of
nw cor of swX 11-1-lG , extend
ing s 295 ft thence c 118Xi ft , n
295 ft thence w 118.1 * ft to place
of beginning , Falls City prcc
Russell Hill and wf to Lewis C
Edwards wd lots 14 , 15 blk 48
Kings 2nd add to Humboldt con
Alice Gardner , Delia Gardner
Turman and W L Turman to M
Giannini wd pt of sw/4" 11-1-10
. .
. . .
fcW" - - - - > .t-
containing'2 acres more or leAs.
Falls City con'l.
Edwin Ewing to Mcx Mes : wd
# 13-2-15 lOOa Liberty
sc - - con pre
L C Minnick and wf to John T
Ilarkendorff wd n # scX 36-2-15
Liberty prec con $8,800.
John 13 Eamcl and wf to Henry
C Spaulding wd all of se # 35-2-
10 con lOOa-Ohio twp $21,440.
John Strauss and wf to Charles
W Ilarkendorff wd all of cjiof
nw 1-4 31-2-10 con 80a Ohio twp
con $4,475.
Edward Shuler and wftoKath-
erine Volx. wd n/4 of sw 1-4 of
sec 30-2-17 con 80a Arago twp
Dennis McCarthy and wf to
Kittic L Towle svd w'/s ' nw 1-4
of sec 29-1-10 con SOa Falls City
prec con $4,800.
Albert Meyer and wf to Thos
J Creed wd eXs ne 1-4 of sec 22-2- .
13 SOa Humboldt twp con $0,000.
Neri G. Harness and wf lo
James M Trimble wd nJ4 se 1-4
22-2 13 Hujnboldt twp con $7200.
John A Kennedy and wf to
John E Stouffer wd se 1-4 of sec
28-1-13 except smali tract Spieser
twp $9,000-
John Voeller and wf to George
J Phclps wci wj4 ne 1-4 and 20a
off of c side of eVS of nw 1-4 of
sec 1-2-13 Humboldt' prec $7,500.
Mary Stepanek and husband to
Franklin wd se 1-4 of sw 1-4 of
sec 7-1-13 Pawnee co con $6,500.
Henry A Scott and wf to Cha
E Nims wd pt sec 3-2-13 city ol
Humboldt con $2.000.
Sarah E Ulmer to G W Dag
gett wd It blk 41 Dawson cou
Falls City camp , M. W. of A.
No. ; ) ' ! } } , will have an open
meeting , in the form of a
smoker , Monday evening
March llth. Every member is
especially requested to be pre
sent and bring with him , some
one who is not a woodman.
The camp will try to have a
revival , neighbors come. Its
up to you to have a good time.
J. M. DEWALD , Consul.
0. WACHTKL , Clerk.