The Falls City tribune. (Falls City, Neb.) 1904-191?, June 24, 1904, Image 21

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, New Lingerie
The very lightest pink and blue
batiste is In favor for underclothing.
. It washes well and Is not by any
means so ruinously expensive as sllk.
French women stow these delicate
articles In what Is called a lingerie
basket , covered with cretonne and
trimmed with ruchings and lace , Inter-
lined with plain color In harmohy
with Its contents. This forms quite a
pretty adjunct to my Indy's chamber ,
and the cover Is generally wadded , S
large , fiat bow on the top. Ribbons
form the hinges , but there are pockets
Inside for holding sachet bags , which
- - . \ give the different articles a delightful
sroma. In these baskets these dainty
garments are not In any way crushed ,
and sometimes they are divided In
four and have a series of trays for
each kind of lingerie. It should be
large enough to hold a petticoat at
the base , and the corset coverri ' are
stowed away under straps of ribbon
In the lld. These baskets are mostly
of wicker , and are rather a pretty
present to give a bride , or , indeed ,
to any friend.
Alum In Rinsing Water.
Alum used In' the rinsing water will
prevent green tram fading. A handful
of salt will set blue. Oxgal1 Is used
for gray or brown. Haywater , made
by pouring boiling water over hay , Is
excellent for washing tan or brown
, J . lInenj ; . , when.thls Is not used the gar
f' > ' means will soon look faded and
i .
Pongee With Velvet and Lace.
6 Pongee In all colors Is a notable ! favorite -
vorite of fashion , but Is never more
attractive than In the undyed shade ,
I that Is neither yellow nor tan , which
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t :
j Design by May Manton.
y , was the one chosen for this smart
gown. The soft silk tends Itself to
. . , I the plaits In both waist and skirt with
singular success and the lovely tone
Is greatly enhanced by the touches of
brown chiffon velvet and the trimming
; ' , of ecru lace. The blouse Is most \ becoming -
r coming one and includes shoulder extensions -
tensions that give breadth without exaggeration -
aggeration while It is : closed invisibly
at the front and left shoulder seam
The skirt Is both new and graceful I
and Is cut In twelve gores with extensions -
slops on each that form the fan plaits
z To make the gown for U woman at
Smart Gown of Fongee and Coat for
Morning Wear That Is Both Com
fortable and Pretty-Light Colors In
Favor for Dainty Llng rle.
medium size will be required , for waist
4 yards of material 21 , 3 % yards 27 or
2 yards 44 Inches wide , with * ; yards
of velvet for belt and trimming : for
skirt 16 % yards 21 or 8y4 yards ! 44
Inches wide when ' material has figure
or nap ; ; 12 yards 27 or 6 % yards 44
Inches I wide when material has neither
figure nor llap.
Always keep your celery roots and
dry them. They are good for season
Ing l SOUlS I\nd lauces.
When tomatoes and milk are to be
put together , as in cream soup , have
the tomato juice and milk of the same !
temperature , then beat vigorously as
the tomato Is added ; ltttle by Httle.
When weighing molasses sprinkle
the scale wen with flour and then It
will slip off again quite easily Without
A good general rule always to remember -
member In the use ot gelatine Is to
soften the gelatine In cold water , then
to dissolve in balling water. Neglect
of either part ot the process will
cause trouble In making jemes.
Told in Hr
Velvet ribbon tabs are used with
good effect.
Tucks ot all widths are noted on
new dresses.
The wheat pattern Is conspicuous i In
the new laces.
Coarse laces trim the canvas fabrics .
rlcs to perfection.
Wrinkled ribbon festoons have an
old - tlme fiavor.
A fob of contrasting velvet edges
the neck of a smart eton.
Double skirt effects arc seen In both
plain and elaborate rigs.
Shirrings about the hips are like
for light weight fabrics. df
Gauglngs arc recognized rivals ot
the much favored shirrings.
Waterproof parasols available for
rain or shine are the latest novelty
l\Iarabout stoles wlll serve as scarf
for evening wear this summer.
Shaped lace flounces form a part at
some ot the fetching examples.
A Fish Net Photograph Holder.
A college girl has solved the prob
hem of disposing of her growing collection -
lection of pictures and photographs
In this manner : i
She bought , a coarse mesh fish net
and tacked it that on a wall. , Then
the four corners of the photographs
were tucked into the mesh of the net
and held tight. While the net affords
no protection tram dust , files and Inquisitive -
quisitive fingers , In this day at inexpensive -
pensive photography pictures coma
and go with amazing frequency , and
one often lays aside a photograph
which has grown out of date for a
new one of the same porso7
Home and Reception Wear.
Limerick lace Is lavishly used In I
this Parisian model gown exhibited at
the spring Salon de Style of the International ( -
ternational Society at Dressmakers , to
whom courtesy for this reproduction
Is duo. The lace , backed with chiffon ,
appears } between boulllonnes of rose
red I alt : taffetas. These fashion the
yoke to which the blouse Is shirred , a
hand of shlrrr > 11 tucks ornamented will "
011\ a hutton ! passing across the bus I
. : : f
ij I1 ll if l
' (
} { "I' c
. . _ " ,
, . -
a nd ) confining tits fulness of the
sleeves on the Inner seam.
Cool Drink for Invalids.
A deliciously cool and refreshing
drink ! for an Invalid Is orange pulp
served in a glass. To prepare It you
cut the fruit in halves crosswise and
scoop out the pulp , rejecting all the
seeds and white fiber A sharp knife
may be used to aid In the process , 80
that the delicate globules may he
broken as little as possible. Sprinkle
with sugar and stand the glasses on
Ice for ten minutes. Pineapple syrup
may be added to give zest.
Calfskin Belts Now
Wide belts made of calfskin show-
Ing a mottled red and white hairy
surface . are lone of the many novel-
ties to be found In this lIne. Thor
are about four Inches wide and fasten
with a very simple brass buckle , with
a gap of the leather running through
It. Coltskln , too , comes under the
head of Parsltal dress accessories ,
because belts of this material have
rather an uncouth appearance.
For Morning Wear.
House coats that are loose and entirely -
Urely comfortable without being In
the least careless are always In demand -
mand and make most delightful garments -
meats for morning wear. 'This one
fulfills aU the requirements and Is box
plaited below a smoothly fitted yoke
over which the big collar Is arranged
The sleeves are plain and Iii bell style ,
but finished with the frills which are
always becoming and the entire ga r
ment Is one quite certain to give am
pIe satlstactlun. As Illustrated the
material Is flowered dimity with collar -
far ot tucking and frills of embroidery ,
but various cc.mblnatlons can be made
ti . .
9 J
' 4 d
' ' , Yf a ' 1
Design by May Manton.
The quantity ' at material required for
the medium size Is ! 41f.s yards 21 , 4 %
yards 27 , 3 % yards 32 or 2 % yards 44
Inches wide.
Summer Shoea
Shoes In a light champagne shade
will be
much seen this summer ,
adorned with chiffon or embroidered
In ! the prevailing tones at the coso
tume. Distinctly novel are the
tongueless shoes , the stockings show
Ing through the lacing , although
lacing Is rather a misnomer , for they
are fastened br the most lovely rIbbons -
bens Imaginable , terminating In a
large bow near the toe. The smartest -
est tongueless sieves have a pertor-
ated pattern. Naturally , with the
hose so much In evidence , only the
very prettiest designs are worn.
. )
Immense ' Skyscrapers on All Sides ot
Beaten Building
When the present old Soston statl
house was erected In 1748 it was bJ
tar the most pretentious pUblio build.
Ing In the province , and Its cupol/
rose high above aU surrounding buUd.
Ings. One hundred and firty-slx year
tater the former pretentious atat/
house appears dwarfed and insignltl
cant between the skyscrapers which !
surround 1l _
Not loss than five skyscrapers , tout
ot which are 125 feet high , and one ot
which is 186 feet high , front on \ the
streets close by , and It Is not necessary -
nary to ascend very far In any 0'
. ,
these In"order to obtain a posltlos
from which to look down upon tni
very tiptop or the weathervane sur
mounting the cupola of the archltoo . ,
tural relic.
Not a building Is now standing 11
the immediate vicinity of the old state '
house that was In place when tbk
people of Boston rebuilt their town
house , which the year . before had been
ruined by fire.
Rivera Swallowed by Chaam. .
One of the moat singular features
In the scenery of Idaho Is , the occur "
rence of dark rocky chasms , fate
which creeks and large streams sud.
denly disappear and are never more
The fissures are old lava channels
produced by the outside of the mass
cooling and forming a tube , which ,
when the fiery stream was exhausted .
has been left empty , while the roof ,
having at some point fallen In , pte-
lents there the opening Into which' '
the river plunges and is lost.
At one place a river appears gush
Ing from a cleft high up In the rocky
walls. Where this stream has Its
origin , or at what point It Is swallow.
ed up , Is absolutely unknown.
Woman Dresses In Kilts I
The now woman , attired In the latest -
est development of her idea ot 'ra-
tional dress , has invaded the city. .
Yesterday afternoon a somewhat
stoutly-bullt lady was to be seen walk-
Ing jauntily down New Bridge street ,
I ,
Apparently quite unconscious or indifferent -
feront to the amusement that her ap '
pcarnnco caused to the passers by.
Her costume consisted of u. dark
blue coat and skirt-or. rather , Idlt-
which reached to just above the knees ,
disclosing beneath a neat pair of
knickerbockers of the same material.
A pair ot thick , black woolen stockings -
fags and low shoes completed her at-
tlre-London Mirror.