The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 05, 1909, Image 1

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Of Uncommon Int
a for
The meeting of Eureka Chapter No
At tho conclusion of the degreo work
of the session a banquet waa spread a
few felicitous toabts eiit uing quite ull
bearing tribute
service or tatrou Young
and to his high and excellent character
as a citizen and a gentleman Mr Young
departed the samo night for the field
of his new labors in Alamosa Colorado
with tho regrets and best wishes of all
especially of the members of Eureka
chapter whom he has served bo satis
factorily and successfully as patron for
some time
Purvis Moore
Mr Jesse Purvis and Miss Rose
Moore were united iu holy matrimony
at the home of the brides parents last
Weduesday at 1130 Dr U A Leeper
of tho Methodist church officiating A
large circle of friends aud neighbors
witnessed the happy event Mr Purvis
is a prosperous joung farmer of Red
Willow couuty while Miss Aloore is also
one of Rdd Willow countys best girls
The young people were tho recipients
of a lot of beautiful and useful presents
A host of friends including the Clarion
wish them a happy matrimonial voyage
Cambridge Clarion
Kev Clay Next Week
The revival meetings at the Baptist
church are growingin interest eachday
A few conversions are already recorded
These services will continue next week
at least Rev J H Clay of Iloldrege
who was prevented from coining will bo
here and will preach every evening To
hear him once will make you want to
hear him again Everybody is cordially
What Kind Of a Comb Do You Like
We have it what ever it is Wo al
ways have some that you are apt to like
better than others you have tried We
have the best combs made including the
latest improved ones
combs -dressing-combs
pocket combs infant and bar
ber combs
Li W McCom kli Druggist
Best Grades of High Patent
Having bought the flour and feed
business ofH S Godfrey Co I wish
to announce to the people of McCook
and vicinity that I will at all times car
ry a complete stock of flour and feed
making a specialty of highest grades of
high patent flour I have moved one
door north of old location into the Cain
brick Patronage solicited
1st st west G W Smith
The Wife of a Woodman
The Royal Neighbors are enlisted in
the work of assisting the Modern Wood
men of our city in raising funds for the
log rolling event of next summer and
on March 18th will produce in the Men
ard opera house a play entitled The
Wife of a Woodman with local talent
Fuller particulars next issue
NoticePersonal Taxes
Personal taxes for 190S were deliquent
Dec 1st and draw 10 per cent from that
date should be paid by not later than
Febr 1st next as on and after that date
they are subject to collection by distress
warrant C Naden Co Treas
McCook Neb Jan 20th 1909
Federal Court in McCook
Judge T C Munger R C Hoyt TJ
S district court clerk W P Warner
TJ S marshal and C A Goss U S
district attorney were out from Omaha
Monday and opened a term of federal
court here in a formal manner
Ten Thousand New Views
Handsome new post card views of Mc
Cook in colors have just arrived from j of our
Public Sale
We will have a public snle at David
We Trust
The Worlds Best Are
the Standard sewing machines sold by
McCook Hardware Co
InlUative ana Referendum
A petition in 1 cine circulated
This project was contemplated last
spring but failed of being submitted
in time Tho petition is boingquitegener
all signed Tho idea 01 the initiative and
referendum places the initiation of cer
tain matters of legislation with the
people on petition as well as refers
certain thingd to them for endorsement
In u word it gives tho people power to
enact legislation direct instead of
through the city officials exclusively
It is a law which has worked advantage
ously although it is not of course
without its drawbacks
Republican City Caucus
The Republican electors of the city of
McCook are called to meet in caucus
Friday March 19 1909 8 oclock p in
in the county courc room for the pur
pose of placing in nomination candidates
for Mayor City Clerk City Treasurer
City Engineer Police Judge Members
of tho City Council and Members of the
Board of Education and to transact
such other busiuess as may properly
come before the meeting Signed
H P Waite
C W Barnes
E F Osuorn
Lon Cone
City Central Committee
Bread and Butter Values
Simpsons aud ilmericau prints uo
Newest side band prints 5c
Best checked gingham 6
Peperell 9 quarter sheeting 25c
Best table oil cloth 15c
Good yard wide sheeting 5c
Solid leather suit cases 175
Mens swing pocket bibb overalls 39c
Boys double fiont and seat ditto 39c
All calf sUiu welted jove 50c
Paerless carpet warp per lb 21c
Compare these price with anybodys
prices that you want to We invite your
patronage The Thompson D G
Co Business on business principles
Wants Home For Baby Boy
Anyone who would be willing to give
a home to a baby boy six months old
should call on Mrs Carpenter on west
2nd street first door north of the Burke
rooming house for particulars
The Showing
new embroideries aLd laces is
These show views of Mc- causing the interest we predicted and
Cook never befcre offered the public the outfitting is going merrily on Get
Business residential and church For your share The Thompson D G Co
sale at this office I Actual ca h values
Windmills and Tanks
Tanks that are rust and frost proof
- 1 1
Beamana March 11th 19G9 3 miles and windmills tnat will tio nam wonc a
west of B utley Ladies are invited j long time are sold and put up wells are
David Ueamak drilled and repaired
OSVandoken j McCook Hardware Co
White Muslin Underskirts
you will not miss the display of new i Our Qew line is now open and is an
hand bass and belts just arriving and all tsar assortment containing more
First Examination Saturday
The local civil service board at this
place will hold its hrst examination
8y O E H lint Fridaj evening was of ing tho city council to place on tho bal
unusual interestthreo conditions anting lot at the coming city election tho prop
out the gathering a special niannei oBition for mid against the initiative
Attendance wbieherovW d tiio hundred and referendum in order that the peo
mark the initiation of four candidates j plo of the city way he able to vote on
and un mfonnal faieweil to Patron I the proposition at the next city election
to the efficiency ofAthe
as an officer
If you wish to enjoy yourself these
evenings you will find in our
book stock We have a number of tho
latest fiction also a fine line of the pop
ular copyright books at less than half
the usual price In 50 cent popular
copyrights you will find books that
only a short time ago retailed at 3135
These are good editions good print
and binding and among them are some
of tho most popular noels of re
cent years
L W McCoxsell Druggist
Daylight Saloon Proposed
There is some agitation of the day
light saloon proposition for McCook
That temperance would be greatly aided
by such action is scarcely to be question
ed The Tkibcne knows of nothing
in sight in the temperance problem that
could now bring better results than a
restriction of tho drink hours to the day
light hours
Never Touched Him
The little two-year-old son of F D
Frazier of South McCook fell into a well
in that part of the city yesterday and
although the distance was 41 feet the
three feet of water in the well was tho
very cushion that brought the little
low out unscathed Oliver Jeffries got
the little fellow out
i r
Notices have been mailed to all subscribeis of
this paper owing for the year 1908 All such ac-
counts not paid by April ist 1909 or satisfactorily
arranged for will be placed in the hands of an
agency for collection and the names removed from
our subscription books
Notices will also be mailed to all subscribers
covering the present year -1909 and we hope
responses to these will be prompt and numerous
Business conditions make it imperative that sub
scriptions shall be as far as possible in advance
Kindly observe
Teachers Meeting- Saturday
Success characterized the meeting of
the teachers of Red Willow county last
Saturday in Bartley and a lively inter
est was manifest in all its proceedings
The program was of excellent parts all
well and strongly presented some very
meritorious papers among the number
Discipline was the keynote of the
meeting The address of F G Stilge
bouer on Scholarship and Citizenship
was a splendid effort the speaker ad
vancing ideas and thoughts which if
carried into effect would largely conduce
to improvement along the lines of citizen
ship and bcliolarship Mr Stilgobouer
though now in the banking busines
was in earlier days a school teacher and
the habit has not deserted him
Tho attendance was large considering
the statu of tho mads some of the
teacher driving 10 15 and 20 miles to
participate in the meeting
Good varnishes
Varnishes that do good work always
arH not easy to make Its not every
manufacturer who ha itfofacilitiP9 and
the capital necessary to the making of
good varrmhrs
The Shkkwin - Williams Vaismshes
are right idwa s They bring out in full
the natural beauty of the wood They
wear and lt ep their luster for the long
est time You can not buy better var
nishes For sale by
L W McConkell Druggist
Physicial Educaton
The next meeting of the W C T U
will beheld at the home of Mrs Rose
bush March 12th at 300 p m Sub
ject Physical Education An espe
cially good program is being prepared by
Mrs Mary Hartwell Come and bearit
Those who were present last week can
testify to the value of these meetings
Our women are being educated along
lines which must prove helpful in the
home life
High School Assembly Program
Program at the high school assembly
this morning was as follows Piano
solo Tessa Fish clarinet solo Ray
Jordan violin solo G J Heckman
vocal solol Miss Dougm selection
Girls glee club
Baby Died This Morning
Mr and Mrs Charlie Byfield of East
McCook will have tho sincerest sympa
thy of their neighbors and friends in
the death of their infant child at early
hour this morning after an illness of a
few days
One Year in Pen
Fred Whitney pleaded guilty in dis
trict court in chambers last Saturday
and was given a term of one year in the
statn penitentiary where he was at once
taken by Sheriff Peterson
American Beauty Corsets
take their name both from their perfec
tion of form and finish aud the result
I produced by wearing them They come
in the various su les in favor Sold oulv
by The Thompson D G Co
Implements Now Ready at
McCook Hardware Cos and a large
line io select from Headquarters for
the famous John Deere line
opening at The Thompsou D G Co j beautiful style than ever before Prices j Taylor wife of the city superintendent
Actual cash values j f rom uoc to o ou mc moinpson u of schools is very ill
I G Co
Mrs C W Taylor Very Low
As wo go to press today Mrs C
For Rent
The Babcock 15 acre tract near town
Also a 4 room dwelling 705 3rd street
it i r p t
FARM LOANS j next Saturday tomorrow for rural free wesi U1 tV umu
Whittaker Grav 107 West B Mc- delivery carriers in Red Willow county j Farm Loans
Cook Nebraska 25 tf
Apprentice girls
Miss Anderson
Miss Anderson Wants uluni io
several apprentice girls See her at rnS3Ion
the milliners store
No cash com
C F Lehn makes Real Estate Loans
Rev Hawkes Olficlated
Kev G B ilawkes of the Congrega
tional church of our city was called to
Culbertson last Sunday afternoon to
officiate at the burial of one of the earli
est settlers of Hayes County J E
The deceased was born in Portland
Maine January 1st 1840 Died at his
home in Culbertson Nebraska February
26th 1909 being 69 years 1 month 26
days old at the time of his death De
parted for the past 33 years was a mem
ber of the Congregational church
He is survived by the wife and eight
children all residing near the parental
home but two sons Will and Bert who
make Poplar Bluffs Mo their home
Temperance Mass Meeting1
There will be a temperance mass
meeting in the Baptist church Sunday
afternoon March 7th at three oclock
to which all persons interested in the
temperance cause are urgently invited
Come out and discuss the matter If
you have any suggestions be prepared
city election is upon us April 6th is
the date Crowd the church
We Claim to Give
superior service with our button mach
ne Our extensive making of buttons
has produced carefulness and skill
4 sizes 152 to 35c Bring your material
Often made while you wait The
Thompson D C Visible undeniable
Endeavor Topic Sunday
C E topic at the Congregational
church for Sunday March 7th Lifo
Lessons For Me From the Psalms
461 11 Consecration meeting led by
Miss Hazel Norns All young people
are made welcome at these meetings
Religious Revival
The Methodists will begin a Special
Revival Effort Sunday March 21st
holding services every night for three
weeks or more Mr Guy I Waltz of
Boston will be chorus director and
The Nobby Stylish Kind
Rozell Barger hae just received a
new shipment of shirts and neckties all
nobby aud stylish at the right prices
A nice assortment to select from
W M Rozell makes farm loans See
him at Rozell Bargers clothing store
For Sale
Buff Orpington cocKerels Eggs iu
season S E Ralsten Lebanon Neb
Mil and Mrs Fletch Waugh
wciaysyajgsgssjratHWW vwiaa
Mccook red willow county Nebraska Friday morning march 5 1909
moved here from Red Cloud
H W Keves of Indiauola had busi
ness of the law hee Monday and
V Franklin president of the Cti
zens Bank was in Lincoln Monday on
Mr and Mrs L R Hileman depart
ed Tuesday night for Denver their
future home
Mr and Mrs A P Ely visited her
parents and sister Mrs Doling iu Red
Cloud first of the week
A L Overman departed Wednesday
for his new home at Superior this state
where he takes charge of a largo farm
Success to them
Mrs Sarah Rowell returned home
Tuesday evening from spending several
weeks with the children in Beukelman
and Fort Morgan
J A WoDDELtaud family departed
close of last week for their future home
in Prairie City Iowa with the best
wishes of an increasing circle of friends
were also served
S W Nebraska Educational Associa
tion Will Bring- Hundreds Here
in April
The Tkibune hopes that tho people
of McCook will respond liberally and
promptly to the request of the committee
having in charge the matter of providing
accommodations for the hundreds of
school teachers who will be drawn here
by the meeting of tho S V Nebraska
Educational association April 1st 2nd
and 3rd
Based upon past experience there will
bo a need for accommodations for 400
teachers on this occasion which fact
means that McCook will have to throw
opeu its private homes as well as its
hotels boarding houses etc
It is needful to remember also that
tho time U short in which to complete
all arrangements and that an early re
sponse is most essential in order that
the matter of accommodations mny be
lined up
In order to finance the matter in
hand it is probable that tickets at 50
cents each will be sold which will ad
mit holders to the association sessions
and the entertainments during the ses
sions lectures and music numbers
There will be three rpecial items of
entertainment and it is expected that
they will each and all be worthwhile
All citizens who will tako teachers
during the association or during part
of the time should make the fact known
to the committee Phone II C Clapp
at No 56 or call at his store and make
known your purpose in the matter
The Mock Court
The Epworth League mock court
last week Thursday was brim full and
running over with mirth E C Hill
was judge A Fearn clerk H NRose
bush sheriff Eugene Gary II M Fin
ity J C Moore O E Pearson Ray
Shriner Martin Rishel and others were
among the lawyers and other court at
taches The coon was acquitted of
chicken stealing after which he dem
urely drew the chicken in question from
under his coat and rewarded his lawyer
f llOrUlf Ii T7V1 TT itkll tirnr klC i
to offer them for the cood of the cause i
ter 7 - - J spiratopof tins the regular February
Iteepin mind the fact that an important -
by over 150 persons Refreshments
Godfrey Sells Retail Business
This week 11 S Godfrey Co dis
posed of their retail fiourand feed busi
ness to G U Smith who has moved
the stock into the brick building form
erly occupied by the Odell bottling
works on 1st street west
H S Godfrey Co retain their
wholesale business and mill
Mr Smith will be remembered as the
former general forrnau at tho Burlington
If Your Tastes Are
too fine for letter press printing if they
demand engraving and steel die em
bossing come and get our figures on
such work Dont send away or give
your order to some traveling shark
that is dont do it before you have seen
our samples of such work and gotten
our figures
Sale Continues Till March 16
While the entire Grannis stock will
be sold in bulk March 22nd the pre
3 nt closing sale will continue until the
evening of March 16th aud we announce
some more-than-ever attractive bargains
until that time Come and participate
J E Kklley Trustee
E C Bishop Manager
Not Heretofore
have we offered such handsomely de
signed and trimmed dress skirts aud
such irrefaistible waists as are now arriv
ing Do yourself the justice of looking
us ibrouga The Thompson D G Go
Actual cash values
Tho Tribune has for sale a nice dis
play of local view post cards in colors
and in tilack and white Also a well
selected line of greeting and other post
Unequaled DeLaval Separators
W II Ifaimou is the local agent and
has in stool on West K street a number
of these famous money making separa
tors Consult him
Field Garden and Flower
seeds at McCook Hardware Cos in
packages or bulk Select them early
while the line is complete
Legal Blanks Here
This office carries all kinds of legal
blank forms and makes special blanks
to order promptly and accurately
See Miss Anderson at once
Dr R II Gatewood dentist office
over McMiUens drug store phone 163
IT is no more trouble to open
a bank account than to buy
a pound of nails Corno in and
say to any employe or ollicer of
tho bank I want to open an
account Tell the man at tho
window how much you want
to start tho account with He
will fix up your pass book give
you a check book and will ask
you to write your name so wo
will know your signature when
ever we see it Tho amount of
your deposit will bo credited in
your pass book All this will
not tako more than two min
utes and you will have facili
ties for saving money and
taking care of it that aru un
known to tho man who is not
a bank depositor
We will bo pleased
to see you at
A home bank
A growing bank
Bishop Graves Appointments
The appointments of Bishop Graves
of the Episcopal church in the field of
Rector E R Earle of this city in this
section of the state are as follows
Indianola March 8th at 230 p 111
Trenton March 9th at 730 p m
Strattxm March 10th at 730 p in
Beukelinan March 11th at 730 p in
Haigler March 12th at 145 p 111
McCook March 14th at 11 a m and
730 p 111
Oxford March 15th at 730 p 111
NJiponeo March 16th at 730 p 111
Bloomington March 17th at 730 pm
Franklin March 18th at 030 p m
Has Always Taken An Interest
Speaking of the S W Nebraska
Teachers association here April 1 2 3
the Miudeu News snyt
McCook has always taken great
pride in looking after the entertainment
of teachers She will do herself proud
this year Every teacher within a rea
sonable distance should attend tho Mc
Cook meeting
Childrens Rompers
just received in both the bloomer stjle
and the straight long pants Regular
price everywhere for similar goods is
50c Our price only 39c The Thomp
son D G Co Taugible undisputable
You Will Have No Trouble
in selecting a spring suit from our stock
we have the latest styles and colors
a fine line at the right reasonable fig
ures Rozell Barger outfitters to
their majesties the people
Tribune Is All Printed In McCook
You will find locil or county news of
interest on each of the eight pages of
this paper every week It 13 all printed
at home No patent print Read all
At Your Own Frice
Boys clothing in medium and heavy
weights all sizes from 3 to 10 years at
your own prices Reliable goods Well
I guess ves
High School Orchestra
will play at Epworth League Sunday
evening Topic The Souls Bread
Grace Lant leader Meeting at 645
Everybody invited
John Cashen Auctioneer
Indianola Nebr Dates booked at Mc
Cook National bank
Fresh garden lawn and field
seeds for saIeaso flour and feed
C F Lehn buys road orders
For Seed
Barley Oats and White Spring
Wheat at
Updike Grain Co
If you need your cellar
cemented now is the
time to have the work
done We are making a
social price for the next
thirty days
McCook Cement Stone Co
HN Rosebush Manager
Phone red 196