The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 24, 1907, Image 4

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Largest Circulation In Red Willow Co
Subscription 1 a Year in Advance
Amkimca if suffering from debased
ethical standards and low moral ideals
As sample of opera boufle well can
you suggest anything to equal that
council meeting Monday Dont all
ejaculate simultaneously
PakaIJiuasing just a little apropos
the granting of the six licenses in Mc
Cook The Citizens convention pro
poses but the city council disposes
And wo are wetter than ever
Thk lawns and trees of this city al
ready show most pathetically the
urgency of the settlement of the water
question and its proper and equitablo
settlement Their appeal is mute but
urgent and powerful
Thk Primary law will afford the peo
ple of Red Willow county and of Ne
braska an oportunity to givo tho poli
ticians and would bb bosses and poli
tical leaders just tho medicine they
need Wo will see later how well they
discharge their trust
There seems to be accumulating evi
dence that at least such features of the
anti pass law as the railroads care to
disregard are being broken with more
or less impunity What a spectacle wo
thus have afforded us Great and
powerful corporations in tho attitudo of
law breakers they themselves tho
creatures of law and so often demand
ing the protection of tho law Shame
I hereby announce to tho Republicans
of Red Willow county that I shall bo a
candidate for tho oflico of County Clerk
on the Republican ticket at the Prim
ary Election to bo held on Tuesday
Septomber 3 1907
I respectfully ask the consideration of
the Republican electors of tho county
Stuart B McLean
McCook Neb April 20 1907
I respectfully announce that I will
bo a candidate for the office of Clerk
of the District Court of Red Wil
low county on the Republican ticket
subject to the decision of the Repub
lican Primaries to be held on Tuesday
September 3 1907
Chester A Rodgers
Valley Grange Prect April 26 1907
I respectfully announce that I will be
a candidate for the office f county
treasurer of Red Willow county on the
republican ticket at the primary election
Tuesday September 3 1907
If elected will give up present occupa
tion and personally attend to tho duties
of the office
Justin A Wilcox
McCook Nebraska May 2 1907
I wish to announce to the Republican
voters of this county that I shall be a
candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for County Clert at the Primary
Election on Tuesday Septembsr 3rd
1907 and that I would like to have all
fair minded Republican voters who be
lieve in good clean business like service
rom their public servants and who want
men that are absolutely free from all
boss or ring rule free from all machine
or corporation influence to consider my
candidacy Respectfully
Chas Skalta
Indianola Neb April 26 1907
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for the oflice of judge of the
fourteenth judicial district of Nebraska
on the republican ticket subject to the
decision of the republican primary elec
tion to be held September 3 1907
Charles E Eldred
McCook Nebraska
I desire to announce to the electors of
the Republican party of Red Willow
county that I am a candidate for tho of
fice of County Treasurer and respect
fully solicit the consideration of each
elector in tho coming primaries to take
place in each precinct on Tuesday Sept
3 1907 I M Beardslee
May 3 1907
I hereby announce to the Republicans
of Red Willow County that I shall be a
candidate for the office of County Trea
surer on the Republican ticket subject
to the decision of the Republican Prim
ary Election to be held Tuesday Sept
3rd 1907 For the past twelve years I
have been engaged in practical book
keeping and commercial business and
feel confident that I can handle with
credit all business entrusted to the
office I respectfully ask your due con
sideration Clifford Naden
Danbury Neb May 6th 1907
Attention Farmers
After April 1 1907 we will buy hogs
only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of
each week
Wilcox Marsh
Say yon saw it in The Tribune
Thk Tin hunk takes pleasure in pre
senting for tho consideration of the vot
ers of tho Fourteenth Judicial District
of Nebraska tho choice of Red Willow
county for that high and honorable of
fice Charles E Eldred of McCook
Mr Eldred fortunately needs no in
troduction to the peoplo of tho Four
teenth district For years ho has been
an honorable and able practitionor bo
fore the several courts of tho district
thus acquiring an experience in many
phases of tho law and practice enjoyed
by few lawyers of tho district
His conduct as county judgo and
county attorney of Red Willow county
is an open book none more able hon
orable or worthy have filled either place
in tho history of tho county
All over tho district ho is recognized
and accepted as not only a gentleman
of tho highest character and parts but
as a lawyer of experience and skill as
a lawyer citizen well and truly qualified
for tho exacting and exalted duties of
of the oflico of district judge a position
which demands first class legal ability
and character of the truest and noblest
So it affords Thk Tkiijusk personal
and local pride to place Mr Eldreds
namo before tho electors of tho district
for their favorable action at the primary
election to bo held in September next
knowing his worthiness and qualifica
tions for tho position ho seeks
Auntie Graft Has a Word
Mr Editor I noticed in vour
I able paper of last week a letter asking
for light on the water question Per
haps I can supply an item that will as
sist your correspondent to shape his
ideas on the subject On last Sunday
I spent two hours watering trees and
grass at my house and noted the record
made by the meter In the 120 seconds
tho meter recorded 6S cubic feet con
sumed which reduced to gallons made
514 gallons If that rate per hour is
carried out for the season the total
amounts to 188 thousand gallons For
more than twenty years the water com
pany willingly furnished that 188 thous
and gallons for 51000 or yiy cents per
thousand They are now engaged in an
attempt to override the existing ordi
nance fixing a 81000 charge for tho sea
son and to persuade the pepul that
they cant afford to do it for less than 30
cents per thousand or S5640 for the sea
son Can they fool all the people
long enough time to bring that to pass
Or will a new municipal plant be re
quired Yours truly
Auntie Graft
McCook Neb May 23 1907
Notice to Clean Alleys and Premises
All citizens of McCook are hereby
requested to at once clean up their al
leys and premises The following rule
will be enforced from this date
You are prohibited to throw refuse
offal garbage manure ashes straw
slops or any other refuse matter into
any street or alley or vacant lot within
the City of McCook For the viola
tion of any of the above provisions
the person found guilty will be fined
not less than 100 nor more than S50
and pay the costs or stand committed
to the city jail until fine and costs are
The householder whether renter or
owner will be held responsible for
allowing any such refuse matter to
remain on premises more than fije days
after service of notice
J R Pence Chief of Police
By order of the Mayor
Knights Entertain the Ladies
The Knights of Columbus were hosts
Tuesday night with the Catholic ladies
of the city as their guests Mena d
hall was the scene of festivities and all
reports substantiate the statement that
the occasion was a delightful onedespito
the rain and threatening state of tho
weather The knights were happily
surprised under the untoward weather
conditions by the large company pres
Dancing and cards were the social
elements with light refreshments
strawberries ice cream and cake the
knights doing the serving skillfully and
arising to the necessities and opportuni
ties of the case most gracefully and gra
Notice ct Dissolution
The partnership existing between us
has this day been dissolved by mutual
consent All bills will be collected at
the office of A G Bump on lower Main
avenue H CBrown
R M Douglass
McCook Neb May 1 1907
Eggs For Sale
Full blood barred Plymouth Rock
eggs from Worlds Fair prize winner
birds Three cents each or S200 per
hundred Also Pekin Duck eggs
Phone Ash 1351
Mrs John Burtless
Some Rain Monday Night
Rain fell over this section of the
state Monday night between a quarter
and a half inch falling in this vicinity
A slight rain Tuesday night
Thursday afternoon a fine shower
Method of Marking Meat In the Great
Beef Markets I
There are about fifty men in the me
tropolis says the New York Sun who
know how to make meat skewers keep
a record of their business transactions t
These men are tho representatives of
the Chicago packers who sell thou-
sands of quarters of beef every day to
The work of these men Is accom
plished with great rapidity Frequent
ly they are making sale to a dozen
butchers at the same time and to re
cord these sales in a book would not
only consume a lot of time but would
be difficult as all quarters of beef look
As soon as a sale is made the sales
man sticks skewers into the quarter
selected by the butcher The skewers
are placed in such a way that each
butchers purchases are easily picked
out when the time oomes for deliver
ing them
As some of the salesmen have as
many as a hundred customers in a
lay it is evident that as many combina
tions of the skewers have to be form
ed In no case are more than three
skewers used on a piece of beef
In one big icebox there are twenty
rows of quarters witli forty quarters
in each row In each piece of beef
were skewers placed at various angles
straight up two of them crossed and
in every conceivable combination
I know by these skewers whom each
piece belongs to said the salesman
Every beef house salesman lias his
own signs
This method of marking the meat
serves several purposes in addition to
that of saving time A salesman from
another house could not come in here
and find out what my customers have
bought by looking at the skewers
which would bo easy enough if the
meat had their names on
Neither can one butcher find out
what quality of beef another is buy
ing I could make a thousand signs
without using more than three skewers
on any one piece of meat
Except In the South and West Most
Riders Take What Is Offered
A well known horseman in speaking
of the sport of riding in the United
States recently said
Although there are a number of
good riders in this country very fow
men except in the west and south
seem to know or care much about the
saddle that is the way it is built
They simply take what their dealer
gives them In England it is usual for
riders to have their saddles made to
order anil they generally know what
to order too
A good saddle fits both the horse
and the man It should be roomy ev
erywhere and especially so in the pan
els if you are heavy The throat should
not be so narrow as to cause pain or
so wide as to wabble Plain flaps are
most comfortable and businesslike A
felt pad or at least a good saddlecloth
should always be used and to give a
trim appearauce it should be cut to the
outlines of the saddle It should be
frequently washed and sunned Stir
rups should be open wide and heavy
so that the feet can be readily freed in
case of a spill
A proper fitting saddle will stick
with very loose girths and you can
find where it fits by walking the horse
around a few minutes before mountimr
with the girths unbuckled The horse
will shift the saddle to the exact place
where it Is most comfortable When
through with your ride remove the
saddle at once and bathe the back with
cold water following this if possible
with an alcohol shampoo Cleveland
Plain Dealer
A Dangerous Precedent
The best case which I have seen of
law versus justice and common sense
is one which Montaigne relates as hav
ing happened in his own day Some
men were condemned to death for
murder The judges were then inform
ed by the officers of au Inferior court
that certain persons in their custody
had confessed themselves guilty of the
murder in question and had told so cir
cumstantial a tale that the fact was
placed beyond all doubt Nevertheless
it was deemed so bad a precedent to
revoke a sentence and show that the
law could err that the iunocent men
were delivered over to execution Lou
don Graphic
Practical Patriotism
In the early part of the war between
the states when patriotic merchants
and manufacturers were sending their
clerks and workmen to the field with
a promise to provide for the wants of
their families as well as to continue
their salaries duringtheir absence a
very enthusiastic landlady of Xew
York offered to allow her hoarders
bills to run on as usual should any of
them desire to go for the defense of
the nation
A Fallacy
A woman has no sense of humor
remarked the acrid man
That is a fallacy answered his
wife that has arisen from the fact
that most of them are not so stupid as
to laugh at their husbands efforts to
be clever Washington Star
Nothing Mean There
I say Uncle Jack I dreamed you
gave me half a crown last night
Did you me boy Well you can
keep It London Tatler
The wise man should be prepared
for everything that does not lie
his control Pythagoras
Samaness Is the mother of disgust
variety the cure Petrarch
y i i g
Y J -fl jT J TBw
a at wn k a AA b b US f ff tir ai U Tb
UU1U VlUUDdlgdl
A Guaranteed Cure For Piles
Itching Blind Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles Druggists refund money if
Pazo Ointment fails to cure any case
no matter of how long standing in Gtoli
days First application gives ease and
rest 50c If your druggist hasnt it
send 50c in stamps and it will be for
warded postpaid by Paris Medicine Co
St Louis Mo
We have arranged with The Weekly
Inter Ocean so that our patrons can
secure that sterling paper together with
our own at the exceedingly low price of
8103 for one year This is a rare op
portunity and should be taken advant
age of
Office Rooms 3 and 5 Walsh BIk McCook
Studio upstairs in new Rishel building
south of Post Office
Real Estate
and Insurance
First door south of Fearns gallery
McCook Nebraska
C H Boyle C E Eldbed
Attorneys at I aw
Long Distance Phone U
Rooms 1 and 7 second floor McCook ncu
PoEtoffice Building
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