The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, September 14, 1906, Image 3

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Lets Have Peace All Round
The majority cf farmers residing in the Rural district
are bitterly opposing the closing of the South road and are
threatening to deal and do their trading with mail order
houses should the South road be closed On the other hand
the railroad company is handicapped for track facilities on ac
count of growing business
The county surveyor claims a fall of twenty feet from
track to water in the river Hence my suggestion of having
a subway constructed expenses to be defrayed alike by city
county and railroad company which would be a square and
fair deal all round
Meanwhile remember the Peace Maker Diamond now
handles a complete and up-to-date line of the famous Hamil
ton Brown shoes from the American Lady and Gentleman
Shoes in all leathers down to a solid Boys or Girls School
Shoe just the thing for hard kickers Give us a trial
DIAMOND The Working Mans Friend
We want to get acquainted with more people in the outlying
country in the west We want more people to get acquainted with our
big store We want more firesides of this western country to profit by
the great values this big store buys and sells every day in the year
We are going to make a proposition so that you con visit
Omaha without spending a cent for r ilrod fare
Listen Attentively
je FESTIVAL is the most glorious event that
was ever celebrated This year it will be grander and on a much larger
scale than at any time in its history It gives you and your family an
opportunity to come to Omaha and have the time of your lives Dur
ing this great event the railroads will make special rates for October 1
2 3 4 and 5 on all trains coming into Omaha
If You Intend Coming to Omaha
and wish to know all particulars about our free transportation offer fill out
the Coupon below and we will by return mail send you all information
Please send me particulars regarding your Free Transporta
tion Offer
V -
Sept 14 3t
E J HITCHELL Auctioneer
m m ni an k i i - i
Catalogue and Sale Bills Compiled Stock and Farm
write ups Satisfaction Guaranteed
With the Republican
McCook Nebraska
Always Rimlbr tin f Um
Lasliv fire ftslnln
Cures a i In One ay 9 Crip la Two
I Jyms4 a BQEo s0
H i il j fe j 11
CJJflJJIlBipEffljBCBiraM jwj
RV A tHf e5CF9HPKr3
I HALF FARE October 1st to 5th ALL RAILROADS f
a s saaBBaoa a s fls 9 sa ass asEsond
Come And See f he AIrhiJ2fli Century Wonder
Sept 7 4t
nollnncln Contlauonw Icrfonnnnce
In Preventing Floods
Holland Is a couutry of wooden piles
and dikes for the people are perpetu
ally fighting against the encroach
ments of water One building in Am
sterdam rests on no fewer than 13039
piles though the dikes around the
town which have been erected at enor
mous expense effectually prevent any
chance of a flood The streets of the
flourishing port of Rotterdam even are
frequently under water In the winter
and In some parts of south Holland
the people are compelled to do their
shopping in boats
When the Zuyder Zee breaks on to
the land those who wade up to their
knees along the streets of a flooded
village meet all manner of fish This
is explained by the fact that the Zuy
der Zee with its mud bottom is liter
ally crammed with finny tribes and
one authority states that if it were
well scraped of all its fish one year
it would be full again the next
The land of Holland is really of four
distinct levels and from ten to twelve
feet between the highest and the low
est To make the land dry the water
is pumped from the lowest level to the
one immediately above it and so on
until the water has been returned
again to the sea A large number of
engineers are specialty engaged to look
after the dikes and no less a sum than
2500000 is expended every year in
keeping these fortifications against tho
sea in proper repair
After the New Shells Hard
en With Great llapldlty
The supply of soft crabs for market
is obtained by catching hard crabs and
keeping them until they shed their
shells For this purpose large rec
tangular floats made of laths and
planking are employed and three or
four times every day the stock on hand
is carefully inspected all the soft
crabs being picked out and packed
without delay They are put into shal
low boxes of moist seaweed from ten
to thirty five dozen in a box according
to the size of the animals When the
packing is done carefully the occu
pants may be kept alive from sixty to
seventy hours after leaving the water
Crabs have been shipped all the waj
from the Chesapeake to Canada arriv
ing at their destination in good condi
tion In summer of course ice is used
But where soft crabs are concerned
it is necessary that they shall reach
the market quickly because their new
shells harden with great rapidity
At the end of twelve hours the shells
are like parchment and in three or
four days the crab is as hard as ever
hence unfit for use in the form most
highly approved by epicures New
York Herald
XnuiicJil Etiquette
They were on their honeymoon He
had bought a catboat and had taken
her out to show her how well he could
handle a boat putting her to tend the
sheet A puff of wind came and ho
shouted in no uncertain tones Let go
the sheet No response Then again
Let go that sheet quick Still no
movement A few minutes after when
both were clinging to the bottom of the
overturned boat he said
Why didnt you let go that sheet
when I told you to dear
I would have said the bride if
you had not been so rough about it
You ought to speak more kindly to your
wife New York Post
Lang and Short Days
At Hamburg Germany the longest
day occupies seventeen hours and the
shortest seven At Stockholm in Swe
den the longest has eighteen and a
half hours and the shortest five and a
half At St Petersburg the longest has
nineteen and the shortest five hours
In Finland the longest has twenty
one and a half hours In the north
ernmost parts of Norway the longest
day lasts from May 21 to July 2 the
sun not sinking below the horizan dur
ing this period but skimming along
very close to it in the north At Spit
bergen the longest day lasts three
months and a half
The Word Privilege
Privilege seen so often of late in
the phrase special privilege has been
used commonly to signify a right im
munity or benefit enjoyed by a person
beyond the common advantages of
other individuals Primarily however
the word signifies an ordinance in fa
vor of an Individual and this is in
keeping with its derivation privus
ones own private and lex law It
is in this old sense that Chaucer uses
the word
Ho to Arrive
Man has to be humbugged if one
would command him and he has no
use for the humble person The way
to get into a publishers or editors of
fice or indeed any other with a man
at the head of it is with a tremendous
show of bounce and swagger A
Spinster in M A P
Dog Days and Rabies
There is not the remotest connec
tion between dog days and rabies in
deed the records show that the fewest
cases of rabies occur in July and Au
gust There are more cases in April
November and December than in any
other months Springfield Union
A Fine Art
Zabzln Hows this for a neat little
work of art Its worth over 10 but
I managed to get it for 1 Jabzin
Wheres the art In It Zabzin In get
ting it for 1 of course
What men prize most is a privilege
even if It be that of chief mourner at a
funeral Lowell
A Dollar Campaign
Work of the Two Congressional Com
mlttees Political Amenities at
the Headquarters of the
is a dollar campaign on both
TniS of the political fence The
Republicans are anxious to re
tain their majority in the house
of representatives and their congres
sional campaign committee has ap
pealed to the rank and file of the party
for 1 contributions promising each
subscriber a copy of the campaign
text book published by the national
authorities of the party Congressman
James S Sherman of New York state
who is chairman of the Republican
congressional committee reports that
the result of the appeal has been grati
fying and that the dollars are coming
fast One of the first to send in his
dollar was President Roosevelt Soon
after came a letter conveying a dollar
from the governor of New York Frank
W Iligglns
The Democratic congressional com
mittee is pursuing a similar plan in
raising the funds for Its campaign
The chairman of the Democratic com
mittee is Congressman James M
Griggs of Georgia and he is assisted
by Congressman James T Lloyd of Mis
souri and Henry T Rainey of Illinois
who are managing the canvass in tho
west Both the committees have es
tablished their national headquarters
In New York city and Chairman Sher
mans office is not a great way from
that of Chairman Griggs Of course
the main topics of consideration at
these political stamping grounds ar
the trusts and the tariff and such sub
jects but occasionally political ameni
ties are introduced as was the case
when Chairman Griggs dropped in one
morning recently to see how things
wore goin in the camp of the enemy
Not much more doing here than
there is down our way remarked Mr
Griggs after greetings
Well do something returned Sher
man Hand us out a dollar for our
campaign fund
Well you must need the money
remarked Grigsrs Honestly Id give
m7 i v5
d MLwfsL
11 wM wl
WW -
BM - f II
V wife Is
it to you only I dont Avant to follow
the lead of our distinguished presi
Just then Louis Coolidge of Washing
ton former president of the Gridiron
club dropped in
What do you think of Jim asked
Sherman referring to Mr Griggs lie
wont give up to our fund
Well Ill pay it for him volun
teered Coolidee if hell stand for the
credit being given to him
If I can make Coolidge give up a
dollar Ill stand for anything return
ed Mr Griggs
So the dollar was passed over and the
proper entry made and now James M
Griggs chairman of the Democratic
congressional campaign committee fig
ures as a donor to the Republican fund
Now give me a dollar for our fund
said Griggs to Coolidge
No were working this side of the
street returned Coolidge but Ill
spend one sojiewhere else
So an adjournment was taken to a
place where the matters discussed are
less dry than political economy and
campaign statistics
The campaign is especially warm this
year in the districts of Congressmen
Littlefield of Maine Longworth of Ohio
and Warner and Bartholdt of Missouri
These congressmen have incurred the
hostility of the American Federation of
Labor by their attitude on labor bills
In the house of representatives and the
federation officials are after their
political scalps Speaker Cannon and
other leading lights on the Republican
side are to appear in the Maine district
represented by Mr Littlefield and
President Gompers and his associates
In the Federation of Labor are to op
pose the influence of their arguments
and oratory to the blandishments of the
Republican spellbinders
Sonic Entries Mario Durln Ills Exllo
nt St Helena
Thero was recently sold In London
the last book of accounts of Napoleon
at St Helena from 1818 to 1821 Tho
expenses are classified by month and
were kept by Pierron the ex emperors
maltre dhotel with entries by Mont
There are many corrections In pencil
by the august exile himself for ho
verified all the accounts and changed
English money where it was used luto
francs Some of the entries are highly
interesting Thus on Aug 15 1S19
the fete of the emperor here Is one by
Montholon Artificial flowers 5 Ex
traordinary expenses 1 Ds
Napoleons resources at St Helena
were very modest but his tradesmen
as regarded their prices never forgot
that he was an emperor though an
exiled one Among other occupations
to while away the time that hung so
heavily on his hands Napoleon went
In for gardening and among the en
tries are found Four watering cans
1 8s 2 pairs of primers 3 2 axes
4 10s prices which look as if the
exile was simply regarded as a subject
for fleecing For mending the emper
ors bed 2 Is charged
Toward the end of his life Napoleons
nourishment consisted almost entirely
of chickens pigeons and eggs and
there are numerous entries for medi
cines In March 1821 for instance
thirty bottles of sirup one case of
prunes two cases of Burgundy plums
In April ten bottles of sirup eight doz
en oranges eight dozen lemons Lon
don Globe
When Birds and Anlmuls Do Not
Mate at the Matin Season
When birds and animals do nol
mate at the mating season It is a sign
that a bad year is coming said a farm
Quails gophers rabbits and squir
rels all refuse to mate in certain
years These years afterward turn
out to be bad ones The quails are
particularly weather wise By instinct
the little wild creatures know that for
lack of rain or for some other reason
there is to be a grass famine and a
seed famine and Instead of pairing oil
and mating and setting up housekeep
ing in little families of two they re
main unmated in the large bands in
which they have flown all winter liv
ing as It were a kind of apartment
house life That year inevitably turns
out a bad one though the bachelor and
spinster quails with a good dea of
picking and scratching manage to get
enough to eat But to feed families of
little ones in such a famine year would
be impossible
In California the squirrels In a fam
ine year not only do not mate they do
not even live They become dormant
As by a miracle they remain dormant
until a season of plenty comes with
the next winters rains Exchange
For Her Welfare
Mrs Goodheart had made up her
mind that most of the so called charity
of the present day was not strictly
speaking charity at all Whoever gave
she had concluded did so for the pleas
ant sensation of seeing his or her
name figure on subscription lists and
she did not agree with this ostentation
Here my good man she said ona
day last week to a man who had beg
ged alms of her here is a threepenny
piece and please to understand that I
do not give this because I hope to be
rewarded for my charity some day
but because it gives me pleasure to
do so
The burly beggar looked dubiously at
the tiny silver coin
Look ere mum he said In tills
ere wicked world we dont orften get
the chance to enjoy ourselves Why
not make it a shillin an ave a real
good time London Tit Bits
Important Correction
Under the terror in France people
learned to be excessively cautious in
all they said and still more cautious in
what they wrote
An old letter is said to be in exist
ence of the revolutionary period in
which the author had at first written to
a friend I write under the reign of a
great emotion
Then apparently reflecting that it
was dangerous to speak of reigns at
such an epoch he amended the sen
tence thus
I write under the republic of a
great emotion
That fellow Mulkley you were en
gaged to at one time may have some
of your old love letters may he not
asked the husband And arent you
afraid he might be cad enough to
Not a bit replied the wife deci
sively He knows Ive got a trunkful
of his love letters to reciprocate if he
ever does Judge
Helped His Ambition
Thank you judge said the prison
er sentenced to thirty days on bread
and water
Seeing that the magistrate was puz
zled he explained that he long had de
sired to try the simple life but lacked
the courage to begin Philadelphia
An Exception
Mrs Peagreen Is 13 always an un
lucky number
Not when you hold all of the trumps
In a game of whist Kansas City In
Knicker My wife says she feels like
an old rag Bocker Then the only cure
Is to buy her some new ones New
York Sun
IN some conditions the
gain from the use
of Scotts Emulsion is
very rapid For this
reason we put up a
fifty cent size which is
enough for an ordinary
cough or cold or useful
as a trial for babies
and children In other
conditions the gain is
slower health cannot
be built up in a day
In such cases Scotts
Emulsion must be taken
as nourishment a food
rather than a medicine
Its a food for tired and
weak digestions
Send for free am plo
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