The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, August 31, 1906, Image 2

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    Dont forget us when you are out to
look We like to show goods
Prices Right Work Guaranteed Can be
found at the Wall Paper and Paint Siore
Only One Dollar the Year
in a Stock Certificate of the
Building Loan
No better or safer
investment is open to
you An investment
of 100 per month for
120 months will earn
80 nearly 9 per cent
compounded annually
Dont delay but see
the secretary today
Subscriptions r e
ceived at any time for
the new stock just
Our Little Giants
For children give exceptionally good
wear for a medium priced Hose They
are fast black fine stitch soft but very
firm This Hose also goes under our
Charles Reade was born in Ipeden
England in 1814and died on April 11th
1884 After leaving Oxford in 1835 he
studied law and was called to the bar
in 1843 Soon afterwards he resolved to
devote himself to literature He pub
lished his first novel in 1852 This was
Peg Woffington and its success was
so unqualified that if the auther had
any doubts concerning his wisdom in
changing his profession they were soon
dispelled Among his subsequent novels
were It is Never too late to Mend
The Cloister and the Hearth Hard
Cash Foul Play Put Yourself in
His PlaceandA Terrible Temptation
Most of the novels of Charles Reade
had to do with certain social and legal
abuses then existing in England and
they did much to effect a pronounced
improvement in the conditions attacked
Reade was scarcely less successful as
a dramatist than as a novelist Several
of his plays were writen in collaboration
with Tom Taylor and Dion Boucicault
The Box Tunnel which may be
found at the library in magazine form
was written in 1S57 It is an excellent
specimen of that peculiar quality of
humor for which its gifted anuhor was
Library hours mornings 1030 to 12
oclock afternoons from 1 30 to 6 even
ings 7 to 9 Sunday afternoons 2 to 4
Souvenir Postal Cards
The McCook Souvenir Postal Cards
printed by The Tribune are on sale at
A McMillens
The Ideal Store
The Tribune Office
L W McConnells
The Post Office Lobby
Ten different views printed
Other designs are in preparation
Price Two for five cents
The Finest Ever
The Tribune recently received a ship
ment of the finest type writer paper ever
brought to town We also have the
cheaper grades But if you like some
thing splendid just try a box of Strath
Interstate Reunion
Tickets to Red Cloud for the Nebras
ka and Kansas Interstate Reunion will
be on sale from August 26th to Sept 1st
Final limit Sept 3rd Fare round trip
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take laxative bromo quinine tablets
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure E W Groves signature is on
each box 25c
Real Estate Transfers
The following real estate filings have
been made in the county clerks office
since last Thursday evening
T T rr tn P H Onrrett and V II
Staples wd lots 34block 4Lebauon
Lenard J SPPeo to Eph Timmous
wdseqr 18 no qr 19-2-26
L L Co to Poter B Garrett wd pt no
nrswnr 17-1-26
John F Ganschow to A C Ebert wd
lot lOblock 25 Second McCook 150 00
George W Bunting to Mary B Know
land lot 3 block 16 First McCook
Mary Ellen Higgins to James Smith
qcd ue qr n hf se qr 21-3-30
James D Parrott to Eliza J Parrott
no arse nr 2V2 2G
Sarah AHoffman to Isabella M Rozell
6100 00
State of Nebraska to James Kitheart
V 00
Charles F Lehn to Louis Soderberg
wd e hf sw qr w hf se qr 24-1-29 sw
qr 3-1-30
Louis Soderborg to Charles F Lehn
wd so 17 ft lot 15 block 27 McCook
II I Peterson to Oscar Horn slier d
swqr 4-1-30
US to Milton Halfhill pat se qr 1-4-27
Jacob H and Joshua Gerver to Wm
S Young wd s hf nw qr 30-1-29
120 00
4000 00
150 00
1300 00
900 00
3200 00
3200 00
1050 00
950 00
Advertised Letters
The following letters remained uncall
ed for at the McCook postoffice Aug
28th 1906
Brown C B
Baldwin Geo V
Clare E P
Clark Mrs L R
Davis Jack
Ellis Chas
Ewing Miss Grace
Flemming Frank
Gordon Anna M
Gould Earnest 2
Graham E R
Green G N
Hoff Miss Mable
Long Miss Maud
Miller Mrs Elizabeth
McCurtain Norman
McDonald W E
Oater Exert
Roe MrsYinney
Raymond Harvey
Schmidt Peter
Skogstad M C
Viland Miss Tillie
Willaby C H
Winders Fritz
Wickmann Henry
Leunhn Arthur
When calling for these please say
they were advertised
F M Kimmell Postmaster
A Guaranteed Cure For Piles
Itching Blind Bleeding or Protrud
ing Piles Druggists refund money if
Pazo Ointment fails to cure any case
no matter of how long standing in 6 toll
days First application gives ease and
rest 50c If your druggist hasnt it
send 50c in stamps and it will be for
warded postpaid by Paris Medicine Co
St Louis Mo
Teiepnone Notice
Parties who are not now subscribers
who wish telephones please make ar
rangements ht the office as soon as pos
sible C I Hall Manager
W G Jones repairs cook stovesheat
ers and cleans gasoline stoves Work
guaranteed Phone red 306 or box
595 McCook Neb tf
Two Hun
In the county court of Red Willow county
state of Nebraska
In the matter of the estate of Anthony Droll
State of Nebraska ss Red Willow county
To all persons interested in the estate of
Anthony Droll deceased
You are hereby notified that on the 18th day
of August 1906 Edward Droll administrator of
saidestatefiled in said court hisfinalaccountns
said administrator and that said final account
will be heard on the Nth flay of September 190G
at 10 oclock a in at the county court room in
the city of McCook in said county you are
hereby cited to appear at paid time and place
and show cause if any exists why said account
should not be allowed It is hereby ordered
that said administrator give notice to all per
sons interested in said estate by causing a copj
of this order to be published in the McCook
Triuuxe a newspaper printed and published
in said county for three successive weeks prior
to the date set for hearing
Dated this lfcth day of August 1906
J C Moore
seal County Judge
The State of Nebraska Red Willow Co ss
In the matter of the estate ef James PSmith
I J CMoore County Judgo of Red Willow
county Nebraska hereby notify all persons
having claims and demands against the estate
of James P Smith deceased that I have set
the 15th day of March 1907at 2 oclock p m
for the examination and adjustment of said
claims and demands as provided by law at
the county court room in McCook Nebraska in
said county All persons so interested in said
estate will appear at said time and place and
duly present their claims and demands in tho
manner required by law or show cause for not
so doing and in case any of the said claims
shall not be presented bj the 11th day of March
1907 tho same shall be forever barred
It is further ordered that notice hereof shall
be given by publishing this notice for four con
secutive weeks in the McCook Tribune
Given under my hand and tho seal of said
court this 14th day of August 1906
seal J C Moore County Judge
In the county court within and for Red Wil
low county Nebraska
In tho matter of the estate of Sophie Bon
gers deceased
To the creditors of said estato You are here
by notif e I that I will sit at tho county court
room in tho said county on the 22nd day of
March A D 1907 at tho hour of 2 oclock p
m to receive and examine all claim agaiut
said estate with a view to their adjustment
and allowance The time limited for the
presentation of claims against said estate is
six monthsfrom the 21st day of September A
D 1906 and the time limited for payment
of debts is one year from said 21st day of
September 1906
Witness my hand and the seal of said county
court this 27th day of August 190 i
seal JCMoore County Judge
Important Notice
All persons are hereby notified and warned
that TRESPASS in any form on the following
described lands in Red Willow county will bo
prosecuted to the tull extent of the law
WHN H 9 y b Ya somern
EiiNEU 9 EViSEJi 4-4-30 Oliphant
Boys Misses and Childrens Hose for School Wear
Five Full Cases Direct from the Eastern Hosiery Mills
We have found in our past experience that Hosiery and especially black
must be bought direct from first hands to insure new fresh stock which
gives almost double wear You can now buy your fall supply with assur
that are getting strictly new and first class
ance and our guarantee you
lualitv in every nair ot Hose you ouy Trom our iic
offer you our SAMSON This brand
represents the highest type of Ameri
can manufacture in Hosiery being jet
black full shaped knit from a special
spun yarn that gives strength no other
but the SAMSON can offer
DONT FORGET we are the Exclus
ive Agents for the famous KRE1DER
line of INFANTS SHOES The fall
stock is now complete and shows an
exceptionally strong line of fine button
kid scroll top patent leather in Turns
Mckays and Welts
D S Famliam owner Newton Centre Mass
W S Moelan Attorney McCook
A woman worries until she gets
wrinkles then worries because she has
them If she takes Kocky Mouutain
Tea she would have neither Bright
smiling face follows its use 35 cents
Tea or Tablets LW McConnell
Kemember you will find Mike Walsh
just across the street from his old loca
tion ready to buy your poultry eggs
old rubber copper brass at the highest
cash market price
The Tribune will print it for you
Xjlfte f W Wf mr V W r imllllT iimiiU ii unim niMaaMn aaaMtMa
- -
ii jguniiiii n im
srick Mason and Plasterer
Ornamental Cement
and Surgeon
Office Residence f24 Main Avenue Office and
Residence phono 53 Calls answered night or
Registered Graduate
Office over McConnells Drug Store
Telephones Office 160 residence 131
S i ormer location Atlanta Ueorgia
Trade Marks
Copyrights c
Anyone sending a sketch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable Communica
tions strictly conndentlal HANDBOOK on Patents
sent free Oldest agency for securing patents
Patents taken through Jlunn Co receive
tpeclal notice without charge in the
Scientific American
A handsomely lllnstrated weekly largest cir
culation of any pclentlHc Journal Terms 3 a
year our months fL Sold byall newsdealers
MUNN Co36Broada New York
Branch Office 625 F SU Washlnaton D C
i u
Is BelieTing
If you will figure with us and
quality of material is any object
you will be easily convinced that
we out class all competition
fJIln HI
J W Jkl Jil J1 1 J