The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, April 14, 1905, Image 6

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    McCook Tribune
F M KIMMELL Publisher
Brief Telegrams
Ellas Powell colored was hanged
at Texarkana Ark for the murder of
J G Gardner a white farmer Ave
years ago
A blooded Kentucky horse from
West Tennessee arrived at Frederick
O T for the use of the president
during his hunt
The Erie Railway comDany filed
with the secretary of Hew York a
certificate of increase of capital stock
from 177000000 to 197000000
f George E Roberts states that the
question of rate legislation has ab
sorbed tariff revision after return
from investigation of sentiment in
New York
The new cruiser Rusbeck the first
turbine propelled vessel of the Ger
man navy ran her trial trip from Kiel
to Swinemunde 180 sea miles at 23
Jtnots an hour
A man apparently about 70 years
of age supposed to be Charles IL
Simpson of Lincoln HI committed
suicide at St Louis by jumping into
the river
At St Joseph Mo Cassius Brown
colored was convicted of the mur
der of Mrs Nancy Gay November 23
last Brown bound and gaged Mrs Gay
and cut her throat
Preparations are being made for the
meeting of the Southern Industrial
parliament which will assemble in
Washington D C on May 23 and
continue until the 2Gth
Emil Klaessig the American editor
of the Contentinental Telegraphen
campaigne otherwise known as the
Wolff bureau died of pneumonia at
his honifj in Brooklyn N Y
The disbursements for pensions by
the United States treasury for the fis
cal year ended June 30 1904 were
14209281 S75 making a grand total
since 1S00 of 312203381875
Spotted fever has been raging for
several month sin epidemic form in
Sicily Much alarm exists among the
people especially the laboring popula
tion and many have fled from the dis
Nine Servians who were captured
after a fight with Turkish troops in
Uskub province were taken to Kum
unove sixteen miles from the town of
Uskub where the inhabitants lynched
An effort is being made by Attorney
General Ware Ellis of Ohio in the
common pleas court to force the Mu
tual Home Fire Insurance company of
Cleveland into the hands of a re
It is announced according to a St
Petersburg dispatch to a news agency
that the committtee of ministers has
been notified of an imperial decree
granting an extensive amnesty to re
ligious offenders
At a boarding house n Oklahoma
City O T M L Sherley Holdenville
I T shot and killed his wife and
then then committed suicide Domes
tic difficulties is assigned as the
cause of the tragedy
Secretary Hitchcock designated Wil
liam H Code of Los Angeles Cal as
chief of Indian irrigation He will
have supervision of irrigation con
struction work on Indian reservations
throughout the west
Engineer Warde of the Chicago
Northwestern railroad has broken a
record on the Eastern Iowa divsion of
that road by driving his engine from
Clinton to Boone a distance of 202
miles in 189 minutes
Harvard university has invited Prof
Wilhelm Ostwald of the University of
Leipzig to serve as lecturer in the
first half of the coming academic
year under the arrangement for an
exchange of professors
The secretary of the interior has
ordered the withdrawal from entry of
506000 acres of land in the San Fran
cisco and Susanville Cal land dis
tricts on account of the Sacramento
valley irrigaticm project
A series of remarkable experiments
have been concluded by an eminent
English physicist who has demon
strated by an ingenious method of his
own that he is able to dispel smoke
fumes and fog by electricity
The tapeworm is the natural en
emy of the germ of consumption and
the latter cannot exist when the other
Is present says Consul Canada at
Vera Cruz Mex in a report just re
ceived at the state department
At Honolulu the legislature has
passed a bill establishing county gov
ernment for the Hawaiian islands
The bill divides the islands into five
counties the leper settlement of Mol
okai being made one of them
In New York it developed that the
grand jury has been investigating an
accusation made against a prominent
politician and attorney David Roths
child the former president of the Fed
eral bank who is serving a term of
nine years in Sing Sing
The United States supreme court
handed down its opinion in the North
ern Securities case in which decsion
was made some weeks ago refusing
the protest of the Harriman interests
against proposed pro rata distribution
of stock
A report from Superintendent Car
rol of the government boarding school
on the Mescalero Indian reservation
in New Mexico to the commissioner
of Indian affairs indicates that an
epidemic of meningitis has penetrated
o that point
The New York Central and North
western in the Deal Effect of the
Announcement on Roads Common
NEW YORK The intention to in
crease the preferred stock of Union
Pacific by 100000000 was not known
to the Wall street public until Wed
nesday and was a general surprise
This incident formed the central point
of interest in the days stock market
Union Pacific has been the subject
of gossip and surmise for many
months during the course of its re
markable rise but none of the nu
merous conjectures regarding it
pointed to the measure announced
Wednesday This fact in itself caused
a doubt that a large part of the re
ports which have circulated regard
ing this stock were ill informed The
effect on the common slock was un
favorable as was not unnatural in
view of the prior privilege of the pre
ferred stock now to be doubled in
amount to dividends to the extent of
4 per cent The common stock was of
fered heavily both for domestic and
foreign account It was vigorously sup
ported however all day Brokers be
fore the opening were making offers
to take all the stock that anyone
would sell and the same brokers were
diligent buyers up to the level of last
night The support was then relaxed
again but renewed at any periods of
acute weakness
Officials of the company declined to
add anything to the official circular
as to the specific purposes for which
the proceeds of the stocks are to be
used or as to the proposed time for
issuing it Assertions were freely
made however among the speculators
in the stock that the project had to
do with the proposed combination of
Union Pacific with New York Central
and Chicago Northwestern It was
pointed out that President Harriman
in maintaining the wisdom of seeking
financing capital requirements
through the issue of stock rather than
through the creation of fixed interest
bearing obligationss had interjected
into the official circular the remark
especially such as arise in connec
tion with the acquisition of stocks of
other companies This was adduced
to indicate that a merger project was
in view but Wall street had formed
the opinion that the supposed merger
was to be accomplished by the ex
change of bonds of a holding company
for existing securities which would
not involve a great outlay of cash
The prospect of a 10000000 block of
new stock therefore came as a shock
to sentiment and emphasized the ef
fect of the huge volume of issues
which is being added to constantly
from many sources
Carry Inscription Death to the Czar
the Assassin
of the village of Smolensk made a
demonstration the occasion being the
burial of an employe of the Pahl fac
tory who was killed by a policeman
a few days ago Six thousand persons
assembled early in the morning in a
heavy snow storm and awaited the
funeral processon There were red
flags everywhere and a wreath depos
ited by socialists on the coffin was in
scribed Died an Innocent Victim in
the Struggle for Victory After the
interment revolutionary proclamations
were scattered among the people and
a procession was formed headed by a
socialist earning a banner inscribed
Death to the Czar the Assassin
At this juncture a large force of
military and police interfered dispers
ed the mob and seized the wreaths
and banners The workmen did not
attempt serious opposition and none
was seriously injured
Anti Toxin of No Value in Cases of
Spinal Meningities
NEW YORK Experiments carried
out at the Gouverneur hospital in this
city have resulted in the decision by
the medical staff that there is no hope
of establishing a cure lor cerebro
spinal meningitis by the use of diph
theria anti toxin Alter trials from
January 20 to date it was found that
a death rate of the same percentage
prevailed as last 3 ear when the anti
toxin was not used
Meantime the epidemic continues its
spread through all the territory with
in 250 miles There were eighteen
deaths Wednesday in Greater New
York Between Saturday noon and
the same hour Wednesday there were
forty seven deaths in Manhattan
against forty six in the four days of
the previous week
The newspapers at Lima print
Chiles reply to the Peruvian protest
regarding Tacna and Arica The reply
declares that Chile is resolved with
out wounding Peru to acquire defin
itely dominion and sovereignty over
Tacna and Arica
The British government has not re
ceived from Count Wolff Metternich
the German ambassador or any other
source a memorandum regarding Mor
occo similar to that handed to Sec
retary Taft by Baron von Speck
Sternburg the German ambassador to
the United States
Mr Shonts at Head of the Organiza
WASHINGTON The president has
carried out his plans for the reorganiza
tion of the isthmian canal commission
as to the personnel and business
methods generally on the lines of
the legjslation he suggested to con
gress at the last session which failed
in the crush of business in the closing
hours On Monday within half an
hour after the presidents departure
from Washington Secretary Taft di
rectly in charge of canal matters
made public the personnel of the new
commission and the division of duties
among them Only one member of
the old commission was reappointed
Mr Benjamin M Harrod Otherwise
the commission is new from top to
bottom for there is a top and bottom
and considerable difference between
the functions and pay of the commis
sioners Finding he was obliged le
gally to appoint seven commissioners
the president did so but he carried
out his own plan by making three of
them practically the commission The
other four though bearing the title of
commissioners not only receive a
much lower compensation but are as
signed much smaller fields of activity
The president also has carried out his
scheme of dividing up the work of
canal building among the commis
sioners so that nominally acting a3
a body on stated occasions each indi
vidual member would operate in a
special field The head of the com
mission is a trained railway man
chosen for his administrative abilities
in the financial and purchasing field
the new governor of the zone is a
lawyer who also has had to do with
state affairs the engineer commis
sioner already is known for his abili
ties in the ex ecution of the practical
work of canal cutting The other
members of the commisson are plac
ed to comply with the law as to the
number of the commission but are
men of high ability as hydraulic engi
neers Secretary Taft told them that
they were expected to show results
and that is said to be the keynote for
the presidents action
The personnel of the new commis
sion is as follows Theodore P
Shonts charman Sharles E Magoon
governor of the canal zone John F
Wallace chief engineer Rear Admir
al M T Endicott U S N Brigadier
General Peter C Haines U S A re
tired Colonel Oswald M Ernst corps
engineers U S A Benjamin M Har
Governor of Alaska Must Quit Mining
Company or His Office
WASHINGTON A conditional re
quest has been made upon Hon John
G Brady governor of Alaska for his
resignation This suggestion was fol
lowed by Secretary Hitchcock under
the direction of the president and not
withstanding it was dispatched about
a month since no response has yet
been received
The request grows out of the fact
that Governor Brady is identified with
a mining company which is extensive
ly engaged in advertising its affairs
This fact was brought to the attention
of the secretary several weeks since
and lie immediately took the matter
up with the president He agreed
that the case was on a par with the
charges made against the Dawes com
mission a year ago and the secretary
immediately wrote to the governor
calling his attention to the require
ments of the department in matters
of this character and telling him he
must either vacate his position in the
company or resign his office
Will Be Retried in May But Will Not
Discuss Matter
ST LOUIS Mo United States
Senator Burton of Kansas arrived
here but declined to dscuss the pur
pose of his visit or the report that he
had come to see District Attorney
Dyer relative to his retrial which
comes up in the May term of the Uni
ted States district court
The United States supreme court
reversed and remanded the case ot
Senator Burton in which he was
found guilty of having received fees
from the Rialto Grain and Securities
company of St Louis for alleged work
with the postoflice department in be
half of the company
Meninnitis in Michigan
LANSING Mich S H Schuman
of the siate board of health has re
ceived a report of an outbreak of
spotted fever or cerebro meningitis
is Star township Antrim county
There have been eight cases in the
township with seven deaths
Roast of Meat Kills Cook
ST LOUIS Mo Paul Kaleeva a
hotel cook died at a hospital from
the effects of being struck on the head
witli a roast of meat in a quarrel with
Nicholas Papenjick another cook
Cautious Young Ministers
NEWARK X 1 Young ministers
were cautond by Bishop Joseph E
Berry of Bffalo at the Newark con
ference Tf the Methodist Episcopal
church to talk sparingly of women
and to make their pastoral calls in
the evening when the wife was sur
rounded by her husband and children
The bishop declared that the after
noon call on women of the congre
gation when the women were likely to
be alone should be frowned on and
avoided as much as nossible
Only Two Battleships and Lighter
Cruisero Are With Squadron
Whereabouts of the Others Are Not
Known at Least Not Divulged
SINGAPORE Fifty one ships of
Vice Admiral Rojestvenskys second
Pacific squadron passed here Sunday
The most important fighting vessels
of the squadron including the battle
ships Kniax Souvaroff Alexander II
Borodino and Orel with their comple
ment of cruisers and torpedo boat
destroyers did not arrive and their
whereabouts is totally unknown The
vessels which passed Singapore were
the following
Battleships Sissoi Veliky and Oleg
Cruisers Admiral Nakhimoff Dmitri
Douskoi Aurora Izumrud Jemtchug
Almaz Russ Anadyr Furst Bismarck
Kaiserin Maria Theresa Kaiserin Au
gust Victoria Kaiser Friedrisch Rion
and seven torpedo boat destroyers all
sailing under the naval flag Under
the commercial flag were the volun
teer steamers Voronez Kief Yaroslav
Tamboff Vladimir and Orel the Rus
sian Navigation companys steamers
Jupiter Meteor and Mercury the fast
Asiatic companys steamers Korea and
Kaitai the North Baltic companys
steamer Kninz Gorkshoff one hospital
ship and sixlen colliers
A French steamer arrived here Sun
day with a sailor belonging to the Ad
miral Nakhimoff who fell overboard
and was picked up in the straits of
Malacca after having been twelve
hours in the water
TOKIO The following report has
been received from the Manchurian
army headquarters
On April 5 at 2 oclock in the after
noon one battalion of the enemys in
fantry and six companies of cavalry
came and attacked Tsulushu twenty
miles north of Changtu They were
repulsed On the following day twenty
four companies of the enemys cavalry
with several guns renewed the attack
They were again repulsed The main
force of the assailants retreated to
ward Pamiencheng A portion stopped
near Choroyo three miles north of
Tsulushu Our casualties were ten
No officers were included
The enemys loss judging from the
corpses left behind and from the num
ber of carts carrying wounded and
killed were over sixty
President Says He Feels at Home in
the Wilderness
FREDERICK Okla President
Roosevelt and party left Frederick
shortly before 7 oclock Saturday
evening and arrived at the camp
eighteen miles southwest of town a
little after dark The camps is nes
tled in timber fringing the bank of
Deep Creek in a picturesque spot
and when the president arrived at
G15 oclock Sunday morning and
first beheld the vast panorama of vir
gin soil without a sign of civilization
except the camp he said he felt at
Major J E Mutchert of Sherman
with C B McHugh and J R Aber
nathy of this place located the camp
last Monday riding out to the big pas
ture which begins four miles east of
here A number of wolves were seen
in this 480000 acre reservation as
they passed through The camp con
sists of about twenty tents belonging
to the presidential party and is call
ed Camp Roosevelt One large tent
is occupied as a mess hall a number
of tents being used for sleeping
apartments about four cots being
placed in each tent About a stone -3
throw from these tents is Camp Qua
nah Parker occupied by this noted
chief of the Comanches three of his
squaws and other Indians These In
dians traveled over forty miles to get
to see the president A detail of
twenty troops was sent from Fort Sill
to keep tresspassers from this part
of the reservation Their camp is
about 100 yards irom that of Camp
Roosevelt The peiple here how
ever appreciate the fact that the
president is here for an outing and
are remaining away from the pasture
Steamship Lines to Mexico
MEXICO CITY Consderable prog
ress has been made toward the inau
guration of a steamship line between
Mexican gulf ports and Canada and
it is probable that steamers of the
new line will begin trips in May The
question has arisen as to whether
steamers shall call at Cuban ports
as first intended and afterwards
changed The government objects to
making stops at Cuban ports but it
is hoped to secure its consent to this
The regular service of the Mexico
Texas City Steamship begins May 1
Case of Lieutenant Osborn
WASHINGTON The war depart
ment has received the court martial
proceedings and findings in the case of
First Lieutenant Albert C Osborn
Tkenty sixth infantry who was charg
ed with duplication of pay accounts
absence without leave and embezzle
ment The case was tried in the De
partment of Texas and Osborn was
sentenced to dismissal He was a
resident of New lork and served as
an enlisted man in the regular army
from 1894 to 1899 when he was com
missioned as second lieutenant
What is Demanded by the Standing
Rock Indians
FORT YATES N D In a great
council called by Major McLaughlin
the Indians of the Standing Rock
agency decided almost unanimously
that they were ready to have their
lands allotted Each head of a fam
ily will have C40 acres and all ovep
18 years 320 acres In addition they
will get a span of good American
mares two cows a wagon and har
ness a plow harrow some other tools
and 50 in cash All under 18 will
get 160 acres
After the allotments have been
made there will be a big surplus of
land The Indians are bitterly oppos
ed to selling this and it is doubtful
if it will ever be sold with their con
Each head of a family will be worth
1000 in addition to his G40 acres
when Uncle Sam relinquishes his
guardianship and turns these Indians
over to the states of North and South
Dakota as full fledged citizens
Between 1000 and 1200 voters will
be equally divided between the two
The question of leasing their lands
was also placed before the Indians by
Major McLaughln but they decided
against it
Federal Grand Jury Orders Secretary
to Produce Books
PORTLAND Ore Charles W
Eberlin land agent of the Southern
Pacific company was the principal
witness Thursday before the federal
grand jury which is investigating
land frauds in tins state It is report
ed that Eberlins testimony may
prove an important factor in estab
lishing a conspiracy to secure large
areas of timber lands in the south
ern part of Oregon This testimony
it is learned on good authority cor
roborated by the records of the
Southern Pacific company estab
lishes the fact that simultaneously
with the securing of a large amount
of railroad land which comprised the
odd numbered sections large tracts
of government land which comprised
the even numbered sections of the
same district were located upon
The government it is learned will
attempt to prove that this simultan
eous acquiring of the even and odd
sections was more than a coincidence
Not Allowed to Amend It Nor to Take
Down His Check
WASHINGTON Suit was insti
tuted by G B Spearin of Bayonne N
J to compel Admiral Endicott chief
of the bureau of yards and docks of
the navy department to deliver to him
a certified check for 25000 for can
The check was deposited by Mr
Spearin with Admiral Endicott along
with a bid for the construction of a
dry dock at the New York navy yard
for which Mr Spearin was the lowest
bidder Subsequently Mr Spearin dis
covered he had made a mistake in the
addition of certain details of one
item to the amount of 100000 Ad
miral Endicott Mr Spearin says de
clines to have his bid amended by the
addition of 5100000 taking the posi
tion that he would accept the bid as
originally made In case his amended
bid was not accepted he asked that
he be given back his check Admiral
Endicott it is averred refused to ac
cept the amended bid or to return the
Measure Providing Fines and Penal
ties Passes Illinois House
ley anti trust bill passed the Illinois
house of representatives by a vote
of 112 yeas to 9 nays and now gees
to the senate The bill which was
arefully drawn under direction of
Attorney General Stead makes very
explicit definition of what consti
tutes a truit includes insurance
companies in the organizations sub
ject to the trust definition and pro
vides heavy lines and imprisonment
tor violation
For the corporations the fines
range from 5300 to 5L000 for the
first offense to 15000 lor the fourth
offense For the individual members
presidents managers etc of com
panies in trust a fine of from 500 to
1000 and a jail sentence not to ex
ceed a year is provided
Elected Mayor of Chicago
CHICAGO III A political tornado
on Tuesday overwhelmed one of the
most ruggedly uniipie leaders in the
country incidentally the republican
party met defeat in a memorable ef
fort to capuire the mayoralty of Chi
cago Judge Dunne dem being chos
en As a direct result the city is offi
cally committed to the policy of the
quickest possible cessation of private
franchises for public utilities Mu
nicipal ownership is especially threat
ening street car lines valued high in
the millions
The Banker Not Guilty
Denver Colo By order of District
Judge Frank T Johnson the jury in
the case of E M Johnson former
president of the defunct Fidelity Sav
ings association charged with embez
zlement returned a verdict of not
guilty While lamenting the fact that
thousands of poor persons had been
made penniless by the failure of the
Fidelity Judge Johnson said that the
worst that had been proven was mis
management wnich was not on trial
and could not therefore be considered
Japanaese Government Has Formu
lated No Terms Because Might Be
Accused of Skinning Bear Before it
Was Shot
LONDON Baron Suyematsu for
merly Japanese minister of tho inter
ior has written an interesting and sig
nificant article for tho Outlook under
the heading War and Indemnity
the Japanese Claim The whole
trend of the article Is Intended to
show that Japan will carry on the war
until Russia consents to pay Indem
nity Tho baron says -
A canon of tho Japanese bushldo
is one should not unsheath the sword
unless one is to totally overcome or
has secured equitable satisfaction for
ones cause This is our Ideal in In
ternational intercourse Tho sword of
Japan is drawn and the aim for which
it was unsheathed has scarcely beent
attained We want a peace which will
secure tranquility in the far east for
at least a generation or two
The world should know that in the
present war Japan staked her very
existence whereas with the enemy it
was a mere war of caprice Why then
in case of defeat should not Russia
be made responsible in equitable ac
cordance with the nature of the affair
I believe therefore that in caso otf
the adversary asking for peace the
satisfaction which she will have to
make to Japan should include making
good the material loss of Japan in
other words indemnity
Baron Suyematsu says further
Japan has not formulated definite
terms of peace because she might be
accused of skinning the bear before
it is shot We have however outlined
our idea
The article argues out the right
eousness of Japans position in de
manding indemnity as a basic condi
tion and controverts the Idea which
lie says he finds prevalent outside olf
Japan that Japan is willing to make
peace at any price
Some say the baron continues
that for humanitys sake an armistice
should be concluded with a view to
negotiating peace It is all very well
to talk of humanitv but no injustice
must be perpetrated in the name off
humanity If a proposition arising out
of the question of humanity givesr
more advantage to one than another
of the contending parties it cannot
be justice
Baron Suyematsu treats sarcastical
ly the special plea that Russia should
be allowed to save her face and
compares Japan to a dwarf fighting a
giant and says
The public at large seems to have
guaged the relative value of Russia
and Japan They are glad that the
large bubble which had been causing
a nightmare to so many people for so
long a time has been pricked They
have seen that it was no use to sup
press Japans aspiration by the com
bined force of western powers Yec
there seems floating in the air some
sort of compassion for our adversary
This I deem an inconsistency arising
out of some psychological instability
Nearly Five Hundred Indian Soldiers
Entombed by Collapse of Barracks
CALCUTTA It now appears that
400 of the Seventh Gurkhas were
killed at the Dharmsala cantonment
by the collapse of a stone barrack
building in consequence of the recent
earthquake In addition twenty mem
bers of the First battalion and fifty
members of the Second battalion of
the First Gurkhas were killed while
it is roughly calculated that from 20
to SO per cent of the native popula
tion of the surrounding villages were
In addition to the Europeans al
ready reported killed at Dharmsala
seven children of Europeans are said
to have perished
LAHORE India Four hundred and
seventy men of Gurkha regiments
were buried alive as a result ot the
earthquake at the Hill station of
Dharmsala according to the latest
information from that place The re
port adds that it is impossible to res
cue the entombed men
The greatest difficulty is exper
ienced in procuring news from Dharm
sala The telegraph staff at the sta
tion there was practically wiped out
and temporary office has been opened
thirteen miles from the town but the
facilities are most scanty The Kan
gra valley is believed to have been
devastated and it is reported that the
town of Kancra was reduced to ruins
with great loss of life No confirma
tion or the report is obtainable as the
telegraph station at Kangra is wreck
Purpose of Watering Erie Stock
NEW YORK It was ascertained
that the increase in the common stock
of the Erie railrord company from
113000000 to Si000000 recently
announced was made to prepare for a
conversion of its outstanding 10000
000 of convertible bonds which have
been convertible since April 1 This
amount is necessary to care for the
bonds since they are convertible into
stock at 50 a share This calls for
twenty shares of stock for each 1000
bond and the stock is now sellng at