The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, March 28, 1902, Image 5

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Swi QQ
faster 3iitts
Delay no longer but call at once
and select the suit you want
No better line nor
more reasonable pri
ces to be found any
where Notice our
line of 1000 suits
They are well tail
ored have good lin
ings and fit well
We warrant each
suit to give satisfac
tion Colors Black
Brown Blue Castor
Gray and Red
Just received a new line of Mens and
Boys Clothing A comparison is all we
ask We can help you save money
was ft
All 500 including Florsheims patent leather and enamels
All 400 shoes including all makes and kinds
All 350 shoes including all makes and kinds hand sewed
All 300 shoes -
All 250 shoes including the noted Richardson seamless
All 200 and 175 shoes -
WW 1mr5
Ti T3l
111 ii uiu II 11 1 lf
No 0 Central Time 1110 pm
2 GrA m
12 920aM
No 5 arrives from east at S p in
main line west depart
Xol Mountain Time 11 J A M
111 pm
13 825 A M
No 170 arrives Mountain Time 540 p m
No 175 departs 700am
Sleeping dining and reclining chair cars
seats free on through trains Tickets sold
and baggage checked to any point in the United
States or Canada
For information time tables maps and tick
ets call on or write A P Thomson Agent
McCook Nebraska or J Francis General
Passenger Agent Omaha Nebraska
A good rain fell Sunday night
Arthur Shepherd and family who went to
Oregon two years since are expected back in a
week or so
R Trapahagan has bought another place
about nine miles north of his home place and
will move thereon shortly The boys will farm
the home place and keep bach this summer
Rocky Mountain Tea taken now will keep the
whole family well If it fails bring it back and
get your cash 35 cents McConnoll Berry
To allay pain subdue inflammation heal foul
sores and ulcers the most satisfactory results
are obtained by using Ballards Snow Liniment
Price 25 cents and 50 cents A McMillen
Have you a cough A dose of Ballards
hound Syrup will relieve it
50 cents A McMillen
Price 25 cents and
Digests what you eat
r M
bats teil
Weve just received from
California a fresh newv
Easter line of Riegers Per
fumes and we want you to
come and see them
There is nothing quite so
appropriate for Easter re
membrances to your very
dear friends as a bit of choice
perfumery from California
where the flowers grew
Lon Cone Bro
McCook Nchr
3 75
MlM McCook Neb liiBli
R J Truphagnn is sowing spring wheat
Theres a good time coming by and by
Wish it would hurry
M H Cole was in McCook Monday with
eighteen fat hogs
Bert Wales is working the Nichlas farm this
year Jle a out fifty acres of fall wheat
J W Corner Bert Wales and Roy Coleman
were all in McCook Monday with hogs
Roy Coleman has received a diploma from the
county superintendent for not being absent or
tardy during the past term of school in Dist 5S
II I Peterson is breaking prairie on section 13
The high wind of Wednesday caused many
things to move to other localities
Mrs Amanda Rowland has been very sick
the past week but is better at this writing
W H Benjamin had bu iness in McCook
Monday Abram Peters and John Rowland on
John Wesch is building a house south of the
state Jine in Kansas and will take up his abode
thore in the near future
We had a line rain Sunday the estimated
fall being J1 inches which has been a great
boon to the mall grain crop and has started
the grass in fine shape
Mr Spouer is still very sick
Whooping cough is raging in this part of the
Alfalfa fields are looking green since the rain
and farmers are busy with spring work
Martin Nilsson E B Stilgebouer and Henry
Kettering were Oberlin visitors Tuesday
Miss Ola Steele is helping Mrs C VanPelt of
Cedar Bluffs Kansas with her house work
Clifford Naden and Ed Crabtree of Danbury
were Marion visitors Tuesday inspecting the
No siuging this week as the young people are
busy preparing for the play at Danbury entitled
Out in the Street by Shiloh home talent
School will be out in two weeks
Rev Miller did not reach his appointment
last Sunday
George Shafer is back on the home place and
will farm it this summer
John Walton has gone to Montana where he
has a job on a large ranch
Len Davis has gone cast to Pawnee county
where he will farm this summer
J E Tupper and family have moved from here
to their old home Woodbine Iowa
J C Moore wife and child were spilled out
of their buggy Friday near the church and
though not seriom ly hurt were badly bruised
They had a neighbors team whoso harness was
coupled out too long letting the tongue down
A fine rain Sunday
Pearl Haj es visited the homefolks Saturday
and Sunday
D A Waterman and Brnce Cummings of
Lebanon were Danbury callers Monday
F C Headier principal of our school went
over to Cambridge Friday evening returning
Otto Puelz has commenced a much needed
addition to his farm house in the shape of a
Mrs Edith Cantril wife of Agent Cantril of
Kanona Kansas is visiting friends and relatives
in this vicinity this week
T E McDonald is having his dwelling on
Lower Main street repaired and repapered
Mr Cribben is doing the work
Miss Eva Phillips visited her uncle and aunt
Mr and Mr J L Sareent on Saturday and
Sunday returning to her school at Dodges on
Sunday afternoon
Brnce Cummings A C WiLon and Charles
Skaila met at Danbury Monday afternoon and
went out to appraise the road on the east of
W A Miiiaieare place
Changes in the Weather
Mean slight spells of headache or affect your
appetite Irregularities in eating cause dyspep
sia Take Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin and feel
cood regardless of these elements or habits
Sold by A McMillen
Vf 3 iSi
if 1 j jj
We mean what we say we are closing out our entire stock to quit business and must sell This is not trading stock shipped in
but it is the best stock of shoes in Western Nebraska made by the most reliable shoe makers on earth all fresh up-to-date
Goods flany of them are advanced spring styles just arrived Do not delay but come It will pay you even if you live
75 miles away If you are not in need of them at present buy them and lay them aside Money earned is money saved
and we will save you forty to fifty per cent
All 150 shoes
All other mens and ladies shoes
Boys and girls 200 latest styles and shapes
Boys and girls 150 latest styles and shapes
Boys and girls 125 latest styles and shapes
Et juauEicaaoca3ngnanMjnmimjimii BtiMmjeicaapaattcinatxgwamnM
Roa Streff has been on the sick list the last
few days
Everjone is rejoicing over the fine rtin that
fell last Sumday
Mrs J W Dolan and Clarissa were McCook
visitors Monday
Mr and Mrs Ca ner drove up to the county
seat Saturday
B B Duckworth is out to his farm on the
Medicine this week
Alta Hager visited friends and relatives in
Cambridge Saturday and Sunday
Grace Andrews closed a successful term of
school in the Wyrick district Friday
Chloe Ongh came home Saturday morning
from Hitchcock county where she was teaching
Delia Andrews closed a successful six months
term of school in the Downs district Monday
This is the banner town for the sale of hog-
Tuesday buyers paid from filO to 6 20 for good
During one of our gentle we tern zephyrs the
smokestack of the flour mill blew down dam
aging it beyond repair
Mrs Clara Brown who has been visiting here
the past week returned to her home in Hern
don Kansas last Saturday morning
The ladies of the M E church will hold their
annual Easter supper and sale in the Penke
building from 6 to 10 Saturday March 23th 1S02
Flora Quick and Mrs H W Kejes went up
to McCook on No 5 Sunday evening to be
in attendance at Miss Lowmans millinery op
ening Monday
Mr and Mrs Hardesty and children returned
home Saturday morning from Bloomington
where they were called by the various illners of
Mrs Hardestys sister
The Iudianola Dramatic companv presented
the comedy entitled The Three Hats to a
medium sized audience Friday evening The
play was presented in a pleasing manner and
was appreciated by all present
A rare treat is in store for our people next
Saturday evening Major Hendershot and -on of
the Rappahannock band assisted by local talent
will give an entertaiument in the opera house
Admission 15 cents and 25 cents
The literary society of the Indianola high
school will give an entertainment in the school
house this evening The que tion Ke plved
That Immigration is Detrimental to the Uniteu
States will be debated during the evening
Admission to the entertainment 10 cents
J C Suiter raised a now Aermoter windmill
last week
John Crocker sold his farm to one of the Voge
Maynard has sold his farm so wo are
Will Sexson and family moved in with his
father until he get- his hou e pia tercd
It is reported that the Had ley place just west
of the fair grounds has been sold for 1000
Suiter and Martz will plant a good acreage of
sugar beets on L J Holland land this spring
The rain of one inrh Saturday night and
Sunday was a great thiiisr on the fall crop of
thi section
Will Sexson has been confined to tiis houae
with a hard attack of the grip but able to be
out again
It N reported that the Peter and Gabe Hanson
land in west Redwillow has changed hand- and
is owned by a man named Smith
The G A R cave E A Sexson a on
the evening of the 10th Ov ters and pie
were served and all had a good time
Mrs Alex Elli- was quite last week
Ray Benjamin was at hi- brother Als Tuesday
Wasnt that rain a beauty Pretty tough on
stock that had to rustle though
The indications are that there will be a mailer
acreace of corn planted this jear than lat
The recent rain gave come people the break
ing fever as there were plows running
Mr and Mrs J B Ro hong stopped at Al
Benjamins Tuesday on their way home from
their son Lafayettes over in Kansas
The Milk Maids have advertisements out for a
basket social at the new church at Cedar Bluffs
Proceeds for the benefit of the church
Our road overseer Charlie Wilhelm with J
F Richardson and Abe Loring did the people a
good turn Monday by tiring the road justeast
of the school house
u r -1
mooooes jxpftf
zagyar j t jr n r xs lurzmzjemExmruyTitnm u un tiJMJtr yyji
99 t
120 r
95 j
so to 75 fc
tttitm iPOwwrMiin nfni
Havinpr a Run on Chamberlninii
Cough Remedy
Between the hour- of even oclock a in nij
closing time at night on January 25th llnjl AJ
Clark druggist Glade Springs Virginia sola
twelve bottles of ChamberlainN Cough Il mixfe
He says I never handled a medicine that soH
better or gave better satisfaction to my custo
mers flus remedy has been in general us la
Virginia for many years and the people tlw
are well acquainted with its excellent qualities
Many or thein havo testified to tho reinarkab
cures which it has
affected Whea you m ed a
good reliable medicine for a cough or cold r
attack of the grip u e Chamberlains Const
Remedy and yon are rortain to be more that
pleased with the quick cure which it affords
For sale by McConnell A Berry druggist
Question Answered
Yes August Flower still has Hits largest safe
of any medicino in the civiliziil world Ycr
mothers and grandmothers never thought ci
using anything else for indigestion or bilkvi
ness Doctors were scarce and they seldoet
heard of appeiidiciti nervous prostration or
heart failure etc They used August Flowtr
to clean out the system and stop fermentation
of undigested food regulate tho action of tJi
liver stimulate the nervous and organtic acta
of the system and that is all they took viiuxt
feeling dull and bad with headaches and other
aches You only need a few doses of Greea
August Flower in liquid form to make yoo
satisfied there is nothing serious the matter
with j ou Get Greens Prize Almanac
Lockjaw From Cobwebs
Cobweb- put on a cut lately gave a woinas
lockjaw Millions know that tho best thing ta
put on a cut is BucklenV Arnica Salve tho ife
fallible healer of wounds ulcers sores slria
eruptions burns scaJja anr piu it cure3 nr
no pay Onjy 2Tc at McConnell and Berry r
drug store
Chronic Diarrhoea
Mr C B Wingfield of Fair flay Mis oori
who suffered from chronic dysentary for thirtj
fie year- sayS Chamberlain Colic Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy did his more good than
any other medicine he had ever used For salt
by McConnell Berry druggist
To Cure a Cold In One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinian Tablets All
druggists refund the money if it fails to cure
E W Groves signature is on each boz 2k
Much pain and nneasiness is caused by pile
sparing neither ago nor sex Tkblers Bucket
Pile ointment cures the most obstinate cases
Price 0c in bottles tnbs re A McMillen
If onr child is cro s or it is no doucs
troubled with worms White Cream Vermi
fuge will remove the worms and its tonic effeei
restore its natural cheerfulness Price 21 cents
A McMillen
if isflt fee Cooks Fault
II Isnt jFosr grocers Faelt
that the bulk coiiee yon just
purchased turns one to be differ
ent f rum the nack i nil bought
before Conec purchased m
bulk is sure to ary
The sealed package in which
LION COFFEE is sold insures
uniform flavor and strength X
also keeps the coffee fresh awl
insures absolute purity