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Elect Teachers.
The board of education held its regu
Jar monthly session , Monday evening , al
which time most of the teachers for th <
ensuing school year were elected. Tlu
following members of the teacher corp :
were reelected : George H. Thomas
superintendent ; Miss Celia A. Gorby ,
principal High school ; Miss Mary Pow.
ers , Mrs. Belle Hedlund , Miss Ella Leon.
ard , Miss Hannah Stangland , Miss
Beatrice Wibley , Miss Mabel Wilcox ,
Miss Elizabeth Thomson , Miss Edna
Garrard , Mrs. . J. G. Schobel. J. T ,
Holmes , Mrs. Mary Duffey and Miss
Sarah Oyster were not candidates. The
vacancies will be filled in due season.
The matter of providing additional
school-house facilities was discussed in
, souie measure at the session , and preliminary
in that
liminary steps were authorized
direction. Affairs have been further
complicated by the fact that use of the
West Denuison street building cannot be
secured for another year. Besides the
over-crowded stateof the schools demands
imperatively more room The school
district owns two lots just north of J. S.
LeHew's residence and the board is con
sidering the advisability of erecting a
frame building thereon to meet require
ments until the bonds now out against
the school district shall have matured
which will be in about eight years. This
location is under consideration for the
economical reason that the contemplated
building can be heated from the East
brick building , whobe janitor can also
have the same in charge. While the
plan proposed will not be an ideal one ,
it will for the present relieve the conges
tion. It would also remove the little
children from the street schools , which
have always been objectionable. Means
are at hand to erect the building in
mind ; and perhaps no better plan can be
advanced and carried to fruition.
"Hughes' Colts" Win.
The game of base-ball on last Saturday
between "Hughes' Colts , " the Black
smiths , and the Boilermakers was a
game for your whiskers and no mistake ,
resulting in a victory for the Colts in a
-close score n to 10. The game was
played on the Athletic park diamond
and both clubs were well represented
by enthusiastic rooters. It was the first
game of the season , and all agree that it
was a "lulu , " and the close score sup
ports the claim.
Garvey and Hannan were in the box
for the Colts and the Boilermakers were
represented at the points by Wentz and
The Colts attribute much of their vic-
\ lory to "Friday" Wescott , who was at
S5OO For Letters About Nebraska.
The Burlington has received a great
many contributions of letters in response
to its call for letters about Nebraska in
which competition the company is offer
ing $500 in prizes , but we are informed
that the company can use 10,000 more
letters about Nebraska. The conditions
are not difficult and there should be
r numerous responses at once to this call.
Write J. Francis , general passenger
agent at Omaha , Nebraska , for full par
ticulars and conditions.
McCook Lodge No. 135 , A. F. & A. M.
takes this method to express its thanks
to the ladies who so generously contrib
uted to the success of the magnificent
banquet given by it on the evening of
April 23d. By order of the lodge.
G. S. BISHOP , Secretary.
Workmen , Take Notice.
The Burlington will run a special train
from Lincoln to Nebraska City , May
I3th , leaving : Lincoln at 6:45 p.m. , and
arriving in Nebraska City at 8:45. :
Just now our wall-paper stock is im
mense , complete in all grades ; come and
see it before it is broken. We show new
this-year's styles and colorings at from
four cents per roll up. Our silk , stripes ,
and tapestry effects are superb.
"F. C' " Gauze Corsets in straight
front , high bust , low bust , short French
model , and the Corset Waists , 35 cents
to $1. Money back after 4 week's wear
if dissatisfied. The Thompson Dry
Goods Co. , Exclusive Agents.
The Deering , Piano , Walter A. Wood
i1 and Harvester King binders and the
Piano , Randolph and Harvester King
headers for sale byS. M. Cochran & Co.
Prices the lowest possible.
A GOOD paint for outside or inside
use , $1.25 per gallon. A good roof-paint
at a remarkably low price. Let us save
you money. MCCONNELL & BERRY.
The Russell-Everist suit is drawing a
full house in County Judge Bishop's
court , today. _
UNE office. Best in the market.
Miss EMMA WAYSON is visiting it
Guide Rock.
ver visitor , Sunday.
day with Hastings relatives.
MRS. V. H. SOLLIDAY is visiting hei
sister , Miss Millie Slaby , at Peru.
L. W. MCCONNELL and E. N. Berry
were Lincoln visitors , Wednesday.
J. M. LOGAN has retired- from the
employ of H. P. Sutton and gone to
Miss MILLIE SLABY will be graduated
from the Peru normal school , May 13
next Mouday.
J. VV. HUPP attended the meeting ol
Group Nine , Nebraska bankers , in Ox
ford , Wednesday.
Miss LIZZIE STEVENS was up from
Lincoln , Sunday , guest of her sister ,
Mrs. Frank Kendlen.
Louis SuESS visited the children neat
Crete , Sunday and Monday , returning
home on Tuesday night.
MITCHELL CLYDE returned from the
east , Wednesday night. Mrs. Clyde is
visiting in Lincoln at piesent.
MRS. C. E. POPE arrived home from
Oxford , early in the week , leaving her
sister , Mrs. Lee , in a very pecarious con
MRS. J. F. KENDALL arrived from
Wanda , Illinois , close of last week , , and
is the guest of her mother , Mrs1jN'E.
* *
Fahuestock. w
GEORGE HANLEIN arrived from Lorna
Linda , California , first of the week , and
may decide to remain with us in Red
Willow county again.
MRS. W. R. STARR and Mrs. Lottie
Brewer have been absent in Plattsmoutb ,
part of the week , attending the state en
campment , G. A. R.
Vis departed on Monday morning for
Fremont. Mrs. Purvis and Will's little
son will follow later.
THE MISSES OYSTER entertained the
members of the Awl-O's club on Tues
day evening. There were guessing
games , refreshments and other felicitous
H. W- COLE will attend the grand
lodge meeting of the A. O. U. W. in
Nebraska City , next Monday , he being
a grand representative. He is also a
member of the grand committee on
I. D. MOORE , who has been living in
Tacorna , Wash. , for some time , arrived
in the city , Friday last , on a visit. Mrs.
Moore is visiting in California , mean
while. He will return via California ,
and they will go back to Washington
MRS. J. A. WILCOX went to Omaha ,
Monday night on 6 , to attend the con
vention of the O. E. S. of Nebraska , be
ing the delegate and representative of
Eureka chapter No. 86. The sessions
were held on Tuesday , Wednesday and
S. R. BARTON , deputy treasurer of
Hamilton county , was here from Aurora ,
Wednesday , conferring with the boys of
No. 61. He is a candidate for grand re
corder of the A. O. U. W. and made a
favorable impression among the Work
men who met him here.
M. N. ESKEY , who has been manager
of a health resort at Loma Linda , Cali
fornia , for some time , arrived in the
city , first of the week , to spend some
time here , in a drier climate , for his
health. Mr. Eskey was in business in
Bartley , in the early days , and still has
many friends in Red Willow county who
will be pleased to greet him again and
who will hope for his improvement in
health while among us.
tertained a company of friends , last Fri
day evening , at a 6:30 : dinner , in a happy
and hospitable manner , in honor of Mrs.
Guild of Omaha , a sister of Mrs. Thom
son , and Mrs. Marsland of Lincoln , an
Eastern Nebraska friend of many years
standing. The table decorations were in
purple and white violets in profusion
providing the fragrant color. Little
baskets containing stuffed dates , almonds
mends and a conundrum each were be
side each plate. A four-course dinner
was served with every charming acces
sory. A brief social season of music ,
conundrums and chat ensued , concluding
a delightful bit of genial , generous
Scotch hospitality. Each guest was the
recipient of a sprig of heather from
Drumtochty , Scotland , made famous by
Ian MacLaren.
At night ring the door bell at Loar's
store and the clerk will do the rest.
The run on 13 from Oxford will be
Mrs. R. L. Hill visited her husband
here , this week.
Conductor L. E. Gilcrest was an Im
perial visitor , Tuesday.
Brakeman R. J. Moore made a tender
mission to Axtell , yesterday.
Switchman J. E. O'Connor was a
Hoi brook visitor , Wednesday.
Machinist Nick Fries and H.C.Jacobs
have moved over into East McCook.
Will Cowles has been deterred from
returning to work by the illness of his
Brakeman H. W. Conover visited his
parents at Red Cloud , Wednesday and
Conductor S. E. Callen has Conductor
A. L. Knowland's run during the letter's
The new brakemeu , this week , are :
Clark Hedges , L. L. Cassell , H. Spalding -
ing , G. L. Burney.
Conductor Frank Rank and A. L.
Knowland are off duty on account of
slight disabilities.
Conductor L. S. Watson had the
bridge special over the eastern part of
the Western division.
Conductor J. T. Brady and crew are
proud as peacocks over their overhauled
No. 126. just out on the road.
Brakeman R. M. Douglass , who has
been visiting his parents in Bloomington -
ton , arrived for duty on Monday.
The pay-car , running as a special , will
be in McCook on the morning of Wed
nesday next , May isth , at 7 o'clock.
Conductor Frank Kendleu , father and
mother went down to Arapahoe , Wed
nesday on 12 , returning here on 5 , last
Conductor C. W. Bronson went to
Chicago , Saturday , on No. 2 , on Burling
ton voluntary relief business. Con
ductor Joe Hegenberger has his run in
the mean time.
Machinist George Callahan expects to
leave for Chicago , next week , on an im
portant visit. Indeed , it will not sur
prise the shop boys , if he follows in
Nick Fries's footsteps and comes back
gaily trotting in double-harness.
The Machinists and a combination of
boilermakers , blacksmiths and other
shopmen will play a game of base-ball
on the Athletic park grounds , next Tues
day or Wednesday afternoon. The boys
promise that this will be a peach of a
Engineer B. H. Douglass brought a
special , composed of California tourists ,
down from Denver , this morning. The
Rio Grande was too late to connect with
No. 2 , hence the special. The tourists
were attach to No. 12 at this place. He
returned to Denver with No. 63 , this
Conductor J. F. Custer has Conductor
Joe Hegenberger's way-car 128 , during
the change. Conductor W. C. Cox has
150 vice Conductor Callen. Conductor
C. J. Snell has the 95 while Conductor
Beale is absent , and Conductor G. W.
Bunting has No. 72 while Conductor
Brown is in Minnesota.
Sup't of Bridges Olson and Foreman
of Bridges and Buildings Perry have
been running over the Western division ,
main line and branches this week , in
a special train , on a trip of inspection.
They came in from the west , Wednesday
afternoon , and from here started fora
trip over the Cheyenne branch.
With six big road engines in the ma
chine-shop being overhauled , in con
nection with the large amount of work ,
repairs of all kinds , being continually
carried on , some idea may be had of the
large amount of work being regularly
carried on in the McCook shops , every
department of which is now busy.
A new time-card will go into effect on
Sunday. The principal changes are the
extension of No. 13 to Denver , to be
known as the "St. Louis special , " and
its return as No. 14. No. 5 will stop at
McCook and No. 12 will be made up at
this point. There are practically no
changes in the running of Nos. 5 , 3 , 6 ,
and 2. No. 13 will arrive at McCook
from the east at it , and No. 14 will ar
rive here from the west at 1045. No.
No. 13 will go west at 10:10 just 62 min
utes ahead of No. i. No. 14 will go
east at 11:05 , just 5 minutes ahead of No.
6. Nos. 13 and 14 will give St. Louis
the same splendid service now enjoyed
by Chicago.
Dressing Sacques , Percale Wrappers ,
Washable Dress Skirts , Worsted Dress
Skirts , Shirt Waists , Underskirts , Gauze
Jnderwear in largest variety at The
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Helper Lynn has resigned from tlu
Machinist J. J. Webb quit the service
last week.
The switch is in for the new coach-re'
pairing track.
Machinist John Stevens expects to lo
cate in Denver.
Apprentice Floyd Berry has been on
the sick-list , part of the week.
Engineer E. C. McKay and family
have been released from quarantine.
Engine 191 was in the shop for repairs
to a broken driving-box , this week.
Engineer Frank Westland was up from
Wymore , last Friday afternoon , on a
short visit.
Engineer Charles Milligan gets the
Oxford-Red Cloud run on 17 and 18.
He will have No. 244.
The diner coal-house will be moved
south a short distance and that track
straightened out some.
Roadmaster Samuel Rogersand family
have moved into the J. N. Purvis build
ing over on McFarland street.
A new flue-house is to be built at once.
It will be in dimensions about 19x24 and
will be located east of the oil-house.
Gus Budig returned , Tuesday night ,
from attending the meeting of the Na
tional Air-Brake association in Chicago.
Conductor John Morris was off duty
on business part of the week , and Con
ductor S. E. Callen had his run mean
Engine 345 ran into the rear end of a
freight , near Fort Morgan , Colorado ,
first of the week , smashing up the way-
car badly.
Under the new time-card and the ad
dition of the "St. Louis Special , " 13 and
14 , two more engines will be required
on this division.
Engine 244 , recently overhauled , was
in the shop , this week , for repairs to
one of her piston-heads. She will be on
17 and 18 , Red Cloud to Oxford.
Way-car 67 came in from Fort Morgan ,
Colorado , this week , for repairs. It was
smashed up pretty badly in a little
wreck and will have to be practically
Master Mechanic Archibald will , in a
few years , have the handsomest block of
real estate in the city. His trees , shrub
bery etc. are all making splendid
Conductor J. E. Beyrer was in charge
of the tourist special this morning , from
Denver ; whither he returned on No. I ,
this noon. He reports Bert Beyrer as
being permanently employed in a Den
ver drug store.
Trainmaster and Mrs. J. C. Birdsell
arrived in the city , Monday. Mr. Bird-
sell returned home , via Denver , the next
day. Mrs. Birdsall will remain some
time on a visit , guest of Conductor and
Mrs. A. P. Bonno.
Engineer Frank Westland will return
to and run out of McCook on account of
the changes made under the 1iew timecard -
card , by which the Southern division
run will stop at Red Cloud , instead of at
Oxford , as at present.
Engineer Sid Brown , who was killed
at Thayer , Iowa , first of the week , in a
wreck , was a brother to Hy Brown , who
until recently lived over on the Drift
wood. Hy Brown is a brother-in-law of
Engineer J. H. Moore.
The Burlington's new time card , ef
fective , next Sunday , will make a change
in No. 5 , the train running through Lin
coln in the forenoon to the west. This
train will not run to Denver , stopping at
McCook. Its work will be taken up by
No. 13 , the Denver-St. Louis train.
With the first of May , James Barber
became store-keeper at this place. He
will have entire charge of the store
house and oil-house , Master Mechanic
Archibald being relieved from responsi
bility in this respect. Arthur Wood will
continue in the service as assistant store
With the increase in work in the
shops has come a corresponding increase
in the business of the storehousevast ;
quantities of stores are now kept here
and the business transactions of that de
partment will be better understood
when it is considered that 1,200 miles of
railroad are supplied from this point.
The force of men in this department has
been increased accordingly , the day and
night corps now numbering six men ,
and they are kept busy meeting the
many and constant demands.
McMillen has a nice display of wall
paper in his drug-store.
No. 3 in a Bad Wreck.
Monday afternoon , while running al
high speed , the Burlington flyer , No. 3
collided with a work-train at Thayer , a
small town , eighteen miles east of Cres-
ton. Iowa , producing one of the most
serious wrecks the Burlington has sus
tained in years.
The work-train was being backed onto
the side-track at Thayer , and the entire
train , save the engine , was safely on the
siding wht n the impact occurred. Owing
to a curve and a gulch at that point the
approach of the flyer could not be noted
until about 200 yards separated the
trains. The noise of the passenger train ,
however , was heard , and the engineer
of the work-train was making every
effort to place his train in the clear , but
without avail. * Both engines toppled
over into the ditch at the side of the
track and Engineer Sid Brown of the
passenger train was buried under his
engine. The baggage car , express car ,
smoker , day coach and two chair cars
followed the engine into the ditch.
Engineer Sid Brown stayed at his post ,
reversing the engine and setting the
emergency brakes , thus going down
bravely to Ins death.
The work-train crew jumped when it
became certain the wreck inevitable.
Brown was an old-timer on the road , and
has a family in Creston , Icwa.
A special train with surgeons was sent
from Creston , Iowa , to the scene , and
the wounded were brought to that place.
The list of injured is large , thirty-eight
patients being cared for at the hospitals ,
three of them , it is rumored , having
Fireman Mike Canuey of Ottuuiwa ,
Iowa , was badly bruised and cut , left
arm broken twice , may result fatally.
Commencement Week.
Following are the events for com
mencement week :
Friday night , May 24th , Class Day
Sunday night , May 26th , Class Ser
mon , Methodist church , by Rev. L. M.
Monday night , May 27th , Commence
ment Exercises , opera-house , address by
William Hawley Smith.
Tuesday evening , May 28th , Alumni
Reception and Banquet , High school.
Full particulars , next week.
The Colson Stock Co.
Will open the season in its new pavil
ion theater in McCook , Monday , May
2Oth , for a.week's engagement. Mr.
Colson has engaged a company of twenty
people , with band and orchestra , and
with the new stage and scenery the pub
lic may expect a treat for the week.
Season tickets for the week may be
secured at the drug store of McConnell
& Berry , commencing on Monday
morning next. Prices 10 , 20 and 30
Exhibit Day.
This is Exhibit day in the McCook
public schools. Are you going ? You
cannot afford to miss the opportunity.
Work will be exhibited by the pupils of
all grades , between the hours of two and
seven , this afternoon. Don't fail to at
tend. The exhibits will be held open
until dark , if necessary.
Paints ! Paints !
A good paint for $1.25 per gallon.
The Lincoln , guaranteed for three years ,
is better. The "Asbestine" water paint
kept in stock. Call in , we can save yon
money on paints. A. McMiLLEN.
For Sale.
Will sell household furniture , Majestic
range , etc. Call at residence.
We please every customer , or nearly
every one , who looks at our new line of
wall-paper. We can please you both in
color and price , and you will regret it if
you don't see us before you buy.
People come to S. M. Cochran & Co.
from other states to buy the Majestic
range. T. A. Erb came clear down from
Akron , Colorado , last week , for that
purpose. He got one of the largest
makes for one of his boarding cars.
Children's Fancy Parasols , 10 , 25 and
50 cents , Ladies' Fancy Parasols , $ r to
$4,75. Umbrellas , 65 cents for steel
ribbed ones to $4,75 , at The Thompson
Dry Goods Co.
WANTED A girl for general house
work. Inquire of Mrs. H. M. Tyler ,
North Manchester street. Wages , $2.50
per week. 2ts.
Solendid assortment of refrigerators
at S. M. Cochran & Co.'s. They can
please you in price and quality.
E. K. Morse , painter and paper-hanger.
Inquire at Loar's and McMillen's drug
Ice cream freezers all sizes at S. M.
Cochran & Co.'s.
Colson , May aoth.
Wall paper at McMillen's.
Colson Stock Co. , May 2othone week.
Watch Loar's window each week.
For clothing go to DeGroff& Co.'s.
Sugar beet hoes at S. M. Cochran &
Madame Gossip has had the right of
way , this week.
Screen doors and window screens at S.
M. Cochran & Co.'s.
Don't fail to see Loar's line of wall
paper before you buy.
McMilleu has a nice display of wall
paper in his drug-store.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
T. M. Mundy , Wednesday.
Loar's line of wall paper was fine last
year , but it is simply grand this.
County Attorney Starr will deliver the
Memorial day address at Stockville. *
Hammocks , golf plaids and fancy
colors. MCCONNELL & . BERRY.
Vahue & . Petty are having their store
room handsomely repapered , this week.
You will be sorry if you fail to see
Loar's line of wall paper before you buy.
The largest assortment in the city of
lose and hose-fittings at S. M. Cochran
& Co.'s.
Celebrated Amsterdam Silk Mitts and
Silk Gloves at The Thompson Dry
Goods Co.
FOUND A pocket-book containing
small sum of money and few stamps.
Call at P. O.
FOR SALE Two houses and lots in
McCook. Inquire of or write to Thomas
Burge , McCook , Neb.
Get prices on lawn uiowers and hose
at S. M. Cochran & Co.'s before buying.
They can save you money.
Remember the Sunday hours at
Church & Marsh's meat-market , 6:30 to
9 o'clock a. m. No delivery.
The McCook Circle No. 33 , Ladies of
G. A. R. , meet the first Saturday of
every month in Odd Fellows hall.
Arrangements are being made for the
usual observance of Memorial Sunday
and Memorial day , and program will
appear in due time.
Ladies' Gauze Knee Pants in bleached
and ecru , plain and lace trimmed , at 25
cents , 35 cents and 50 cents. The
Thompson Dry Goods Co.
Every demand for a first-class , modern
meat-market is fully met by Church &
Marsh. Everything in season. And
the prices are all reasonable.
The street sprinkler went into com
mission , first of the.week , all resplend
ent in a new coat of yellow and red
paint , with John Eckstedt on the seat.
The paint on the Wickwire Bros , wire-
cloth does not come off and let the wire
rust. S. M. Cochran & Co. have this
% vire in all widths , and it costs no more
than poor cloth.
A corn-fed kind that's the kind of
beef Church & Marsh place on their
blocks. Its the juiciest and best , every
time. If you are not a regular customer ,
try their market.
LOST On last Wednesday evening , a
mink fur collarette , between Mr. Go-
heen's and the railroad tracks. A suit
able reward will be given for its return
to McMillen's drug store.
Good , tender , wholesome meats are a
household necessity. Church & Marsh
fill the bill in all kinds of meats. They
are courteous in treatment and prompt
in delivery. At the same old stand.
The Cole building has been purchased
by M. U. Clyde , who expects to open up
a saloon therein in due time. Mr. Cole
retains his private office and the offices
of the Star of Jupiter in the second story
until the first of the coming year.
Don't forget that we carry the Simon-
pure Asbestine paint , absolutely fire
proof , weather-proof , just the thing for
barns , sheds and fences. Costs one-
sixth as much as oil paint.
Colson Stock Co. will open a week's
engagement in our city in their new
pavilliou theatre , Monday. May 20th.
Prices , TO , 20 and 30 cents. Season
tickets for the week may be secured at
McConuell & Berry's , beginning next
Monday morning.
The remains of E. M Farnsworth and
J. B. Farnsworth , buried in the cemetery
at Pleasant Prairie over south-west in
Grant precinct , were removed to River-
view cemetery in this city , Thursday.
They resided in that neighborhood in an
early day. E. M. will be remembered
as a claim agent , J. B. "bached" on the