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IT is the Cambridge Clarion
vice the Cambridge Kaleidoscope
with J. M. Hollingsworth as edit
or , J. C. Harlan retiring after
fourteen years' service.
THE vote on U. S. senator in the
legislature , yesterday , gave Hayward -
ward 35 , Thompson 10 , Webster 7.
A committee has been appointed to
draft rules to govern a senatorial
A TENDER has been telegraphed
the presidout from Nebraska offer
ing to recruit a regiment of cavalry
for service in the Philippines. T.
J. Majors , H. C. Russell , J.H.Cul
ver , J. D. Gage and C. E. Adams
have their names attached to the
A BILL has been introduced in
the senate and house reducing the
number of judicial districts in the
state. Under the proposed bill
the Tenth judicial district would
include as follows : Phelps , Kear
ney , Franklin , Harlan , Furnas ,
Gosper , Furnas , Frontier , Eed
Willow , Hayes , Hitchcock , Chase
and Duudy counties.
P. EAGAN , commissary general of
subsistence , has been suspended
1 from rank and duty for six years
for his ungentlemanly and unsol-
dierly remarks concerning the general -
oral commanding. The sentence
will take him up to within a short
time of his retirement from the
army on half pay , when he will
likely be reinstated.
THE Philippine question took a
lively turn , last Saturday night ,
when the insurgents at Manila , in
the cover of darkness , attacked the
American forces. The battle waged
during tnat night and the follow
ing day , with the result that the
insurgents were driven back and
defeated by the American forces ,
who fought with characteristic
bravery and inflicted heavy pun
ishment on the enemy , whose loss
is placed as high as 4,000 killed ,
wounded and captured. American
loss : Killed , three officers and 56
men ; wounded , eight officers and
199 enlisted men ; two enlisted
men missing. The First Nebraska
did heroic service in the advance.
Seven are reported killed and 26
wounded , in the regiment.
PERHAPS no article that has re
cently appeared in the magazines
has attracted more attention and
comment than the one from the
pen of Mrs. Lew Wallace in the
February number of the Ladies'
Home Journal , in which she
gravely decries the present school
system , which she assails as the
"murderer of the innocents of the
nineteenth century. " Those who
are even little acquainted with the
free school system of America
must stand in utter astonishment
at the exheme views and state
ments made by the lady in ques
tion and must feel chagrined in an
equal degree that so over-wrought
an article should so widely stir the
American heart. The conditions
described by Mrs. Wallace can ex
ist only in the most limited degree
and do not touch the great system
as an entirety. The American it
child of today has the best chance
ever given by a free people for a
free education under the most
favorable circumstances , physical
and mental. They have the best
text-books , the school-houses are
better built , better lighted , and s
provided with better sanitary ar
rangements , every provision for
health and comfort and ready ac
quirement of knowledge in larger
measure than was possible to their
parents is at hand , and the gait
is far from killing , with plenty of ti
time for play and recreation.
When we pass beyond the free or
common schools , there may be
some basis for such an article as
Mrs. Wallace is responsible for ,
bat as touching the free or com S
mon shools of the land it should
r <
be promptly challenged ; not for
its spirit , but for the lack of facts
and the gross over-statement of r <
facts and the unreasonable enlarge-
inent of minor facts and details. tl ;
a" f rf ° e
This frolicsome and antiquated
municipality was the scene of a
very merry social affair on Thurs
day evening of last week. Then
it was that Sam Bryan aud Oliver
Bush with a convivial friend or
two drove up to the little hamlet
on the west and returned with
their pelts aud a couple of bottles
filled with condensed cusseduess
and wearing a determination to
distinguish themselves. On arriv
ing Sam made his way to that
popular and swell cafe ycleped the
Star restaurant , halting en route
to shake hands with his shadow
and embrace the friendly lamp
posts as they came by , and there
announced his ability and willing
ness to whip his weight m wil. .
cats , intimating incidentally that
he would find pleasure in mixiu ,
things with Bush. The last named
gentleman ( heaven save the mark )
soon sauntered in with combativeness -
ness in his soul and a gatling gun
in his southeast pocket , and I
an exchange of pleasantries both
began to feel that the other was a
Spaniard and it was his duty as a
patriot to remember the Maine.
Bush retired in good order to the
inner room of the hash-foundry
and Sam followed as far as the
door of the partition to conclude
his remarks. After a spirited in
terchange of hot air Bush got ac
tion on his artillery and after the
din and confusion of battle had
subsided Sam took an inventory
and found that his left hand had
been the means of s < | > | > iii a b I-
let after it came through the par
tition. Bush's action being quite
rude and unexpected Sam was a
trifle embarrassed for the once ,
but he soon recovered his compos
ure and a stool and evinced a
yearning to part his friend's hair
with the latter. He was dissuaded ,
however , by some friends , and
Bush improved the opportunity to
depart without even a formal "our
reservoir. "
Then someone who didn't un
derstand the playful spirit of the
affair telegraphed for Sheriff Neel ,
who made an early call at the Bush
domicile , the next morning , with
the request that the young man
accompany him up town. With a
gesture which might be interpret
ed to mean "Nev' min' , that'll be
all right some dayhe informed
the sheriff that he would be up at
his earliest convenience , or words
to that effect , but the officer argued
that a Bush in the hand was better
than a load of saplings by promise
and his eloquence persuaded the
young man to accompany him. In
the evening he was brought before
Squire Hodgkin's court where a
charge of shooting with intent to
kill had been preferred against
him , and as he couldn't think of
anything to improve matters he
acquiesced with the views of the
county attorney and opined that
the charge was about the right
thing. After pleading guilty his
bond was fixed at $500 and not
being able to furnish it he was re
manded to the keeping of the
sheriff. He now languishes in
durance vile with abundant oppor
tunity to cogitate on the advisa
bility of wearing Krupp guns in
the pocket behind. The case will
come up at the term of court in
the county seat , next week , and
this bold , bad man will doubtless
find that his protracted * and un
ceasing efforts to break into the
penitentiary have been crowned
Bryan had the bullet extracted
from his "flipper" on Sunday , but ,
while the member is quite painful ,
wont keep him fro n vuiikm at
his trade. Sam has been engaged
in heavy resting most of the wintni.
E. E. Smith shipped a car of
hogs to Denver , Monday. w
\ \
C. F. Shaffer was speiup ;
sights ; at the county seat , Tuesday.
DeWitt Clinton has been assisting -
ing in Duff Grain Co.'s elevatoi ,
this week.
J. W. Billings made a business
trip to Cambridge , Monday , re
turning same day.
Geo. Johnson was a guest at the
Bartley House , Tuesday evening ,
an route from Stockville.
J. C. Stewart and family spent
Saturday in Cambridge visiting
relatives from Wisconsin.
Lee Jones is driving on the mail
route , this week , during the warm \
veather. Uncle Ben can't stand fn
he heat.
E. E. Moon moved back into his
own house , Thursday.
A son came to claim a plaee in
the affections of Mr. and Mrs. J
H. Keys , Friday of last week.
The little daughter of Mr. Wil
liamson , who has been very sic !
for some time past , is now slowl ;
The Stars will have a "spread'
after their meeting , next Thursdaj
night. A profusion of fresh frui
is announced as one of the features
Sam Bryan went up to Indian
ola , Saturday evening , to have the
bullet removed which lodged in
his "mitt" during the late uupleas
. There was a very pleasant socia
gathering at the home of Mr. auc
Mrs. M. Finnegan , Thursday even
ing , and the young people had the
usual jolly time.
W. H. Garrett of Phillipsburg :
Kansas , stopped off between trains ,
Tuesday , to negotiate with W. F.
Miller on a laud trade. He ex
pects to locate here in the future.
Richard Kuox and bride of Mc
Cook were the guests of J. F. Farrell -
rell and family , Sunday. They
were on their return from a visil
to the Black Hills country and
Billings , Montana.
B. F. Sibbett has moved from
the Sexton property , recently pur
chased by J. M. Brown , into the
Chrysler residence. The doctor
will make some repairs on his new
possession aud occupy it in the
near future.
J. G. Ogg returned , Tuesday
morning , from his old home in
Missouri , where he was summoned
to the death-bed of his father. He
spent several weeks in that state
and reports extreme cold weather ,
being very wet and muddy before
freezing up.
Frank Walsworth , who is attend
ing a medical school in Kansas
City , spent a few days here with
his brother Floyd , the first of the
week , having been called home to
attend court at Beaver City. He
returned to the City on the Kaw ,
Tuesday morning.
Sam Clark and Perry Premer
went up to McCook , Monday even
ing , on a matter of business , re
turning home on the following
morning train. The boys took in
the play in the county seat , Mon
day night , and there are good re
liable men who will make affidav
its that they sat so far front that
the dance artist kicked sand into
their eyes.
All kinds of Valentines at the
"Bee Hive. "
Last Friday morning the regis
ter indicated twenty degrees below.
The cold weather has been hold
ing on pretty well for the past two
A. C. Furman 'of the News is
again able to be out after a siege
of measles lasting two weeks.
Thomas Good of Wilsonville was
up , Wednesday , and bought ten
head of cattle from Everist and
The representative of Dr. Coe
sanitarium of Kansas City , who
has been here for a mouth past ,
left on Monday for Denver.
Dr. W. A. DeMay is on the sick
list , this Aveek. The doctor has
been ailing for some time , but
owing to so much sickness he has
no been able to take care of him tl
self. The Atwood doctor was sum
moned , Thursday , and we hope he
will soon be able to attend to his
Highest Honors World's Fair ,
pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
rom Ammonia , Alum or any other adulterant.
S. R. Smith had business in the
county seat , Thursday.
John Harrison was a county
metropolis visitor , Monday.
Mayor Harrison is in Lincoln
receiving treatment at a sanitar
Old lady Glandon , mother of the
Glandon boys living northeast of
the city , died on Monday.
Joseph Junker , Jr. , and Mary
E. Uerling were married in Mc
Cook , Wednesday , by the county
Geo. Webster , formerly pharmacist
macist- for F. B. Duckworth , was
renewing acquaintances in the city
the fore part of the week.
F. B. Duckworth has sold his
brick residence in Beukelmau to
J. W. Smith of that place , who is
placing it in condition to rent.
We understand that the firm of
Welborn &Son has dissolved part
nership. The junior member , J.
F. , intends going to Oregon.
Rev. J.A. Badcon of McCook
will occupy the Methodist pulpit
here , next Sunday morning and
evening , and will conduct Quar
terly meeting for the presiding
Commissioner Crabtree met with
the board at McCook , Monday.
Little business was transacted on
account of the absence of Commis
sioner Robinson. The board will
meet again on February 27th.
Rev. W. J. Boyd of the Meth
odist church will occupy the Meth
odist pulpit in McCook , Sunday
morning and evening next , and
the pastor at that place will con
duct Quarterly meeting services
Engineer and Mrs. W. C.
Schenck were down from Denver
to the burial of Mrs. William Hall ,
Sunday. He is in the employ of
the Burlington out of Denver.
Mrs. Scheuck is a sister-in-law of
the deceased.
Mrs. Martha Hall , wife of Wil.
liam Hall , who lives a few miles
northwest of Indianola , died on
last Friday , and was buried on
Sunday , in the Indianola cemetery.
The funeral services were held in
the Congregational church.
Word was received here , Tues
day night , that C. W. Beck of Liun
coin was dead. Judge Beck \vas
county judge of this county for
two terms , aud many friends in
this city and county will sympa
thize deeply with the bereaved
J. A. Taylor , local manager f r
the Barnett Lumber Company , has
resigned to accept a position in
Holdrege. Mr. Taylor has made
many friends here who are sorry
to see him leave. C. W. Keys of
Bartley , wo understand , will fill
the vacancy here.
Our former townsman , R. L.
Duckworth , now residing in Fron
tier county , come to town , Tues
day , to bring his young sou in for
surgical treatment , the lad having
fallen and sustained a dislocation
of the left arm at the elbow. Dr.
Hoyt reduced the dislocation. n
Ed. Lawrence , o' ' ' > " l > mvh
was one of the participants in a
pugilistic encounter in this city ,
several nights ago , was brought
before his honor , Police Judge fi :
Hetherington , Tuesday , aud fined
33 and trimmings. By the way ,
our new police judge aud city mar ;
shal seem to make a pret 13 uoi >
From the various reports we
hear about town , the Woodmen
lodge of this place is having very
interesting sessions. They are
said to have exhibitions of hyp
notism and oratory galore. At
the present writing Bro. Phillips
of the Reporter is commauder-iii- C (
chief , determined to hold the fort
it breaks a name-string : .
Novelties in Valentines at the
"Bee Hive. "
BOTH branches of the Nebraska 1V1S
legislature are now on record as
Favoring a direct vote of the people
ple for United States senator. And w
the people almost universally want m
. That system will put an end
these fiascos that every few 01
pears bring anything but high 01bi bih
jredit to the people of the differ- h <
3ut states. n <
So far as known there has been
no loss of stock on account of the
severe weather.
Levi Sommera will soon move
over in Chase county where he
will reside in the future.
Elza Ward has hauled two loads
of material with which to build a
granary on his homestead.
. H. K. Bixler has a well filled
Ice-house , and he and his family
will keep cool the coming summer.
Wm. Prentice is selling off the
personal property of the late A.
Prentice , and will soon return to
Most of those who have had a
tussel with the grip are convalesc
ing. It was a pretty hard grip
with some of them.
The cold wave predicted came
with a vengeance , but we manage
to keep right side up when we
don't slip on a piece of ice.
S. C. Johns is getting ready to
move to his farm not far from Mc
Cook. We are sorry to have him
go as he is a good neighbor.
The literary at Spring Creek
flourished like a green bay tree
four weeks ago , but the combina
tion of grip and cold snap has been
too much for it to withstand.
Rev. D. L. Matson has not had
any meeting at Spring Creek for
two appointments , although the
congregation was there to hear
him. He has been sick , but we
hope he will soon be able to re
sume his work.
The cold wave did not only
touch us here in Nebraska , but we
learn from Illinois that the ther
mometer has ranged from twenty
to thirty degrees below zero there.
And at Cando , North Dakota , it
was fifty below on the twenty-
eighth of January.
It's real cold at the Willow.
Wonder if that news is of import
Mrs. J. F. Helm went up to
Stratton , the first of the week , to
attend the funeral of her little
There were lots of benutifn
Light Brahmas from the Willow
at the chicken show in McCook ,
this week. First honors were
shared between Mesdames Helm.
Taylor and Byfield , Mrs. Helm securing - q
curing first on pen , Mrs. Taylor h
first on cock , and Mrs. Byfield the si
same on hen , pullet and cockerel , siCJ
Benj. Baker was the winner of first irfa
premium on Wyandottes. There is
some very fine poultry to be found
in Red Willow precinct.
tl ;
Ernest Fichtner entered school , °
The billiard hall opened for
business , last week.
es :
Tom Morris left for Stark , Kan er :
sas , Wednesday morning. stbe
The M. W. A. lodge initiated R.
B. Paugh , Tuesday night. Ti
The new firm of West & Bod-
ivell is doing a flourishing busi-
ness. M
The Ladies' Aid society will give of '
cake and coffee social at R. B. ve
Campbell's , Friday night. iswl
Seven scholars were promoted lei
rom the primary room to Prof. ur
Abbott's room , Monday. bv
John Mngart has started a res-
aurant in the building formerly 17
ccupied by T. F. West. int >
The Lebanon cornet band met , tlu
ast Friday night , and reorganized , flCl " 1 J ,
akiuo ; in three members. 1M (
28 ,
Mr. Holbrook is on the sick list. sai Ne
We are having- quite a siege of am 1-2
sold weather.
The Slys visited with the King
amily , Sunday. At
Mat Webber from Illinois is D. '
vorkiug for the Crattys. the de <
Mrs. Abe Myers' brothers from of :
JcCook were out visiting them , Ke
. ary
Owing to the cold weather there ten
cot >
eas no church at this appoint- she
uent , Sunday. she per
A crowd of young people went the
nit sleigh-riding , the other night , in'
int the load was too much for the per :
we <
torses and they came very near (
lot coming home till daylight. i
Mrs. S. E. Dicker , of Osykar
letter to Dr. .
Miss. , in a recent
Hartman , says : "I am sure that
Pe-ru-na is one of th - best medi
cines on the market. I have takeu
it every winter for the last four
years. I first tried it , after a long , ,
hard spell of la grippe. I am sure-
that I would of been in my grave-
now had I not used it. I have-
told many others the good it did
me. Everybody said that I had
consumption , and I knew that I
would have it unless I got relief.
Every fall for the last four years-
I take it as a preventive from cold-
I believe that if people knew what
a great preventive Pe-ru-na is theyr.
would have less trouble from that ,
dreaded disease , la grippe. It
never fails. I am well advanced in
life , but I feel that I might live
through many winters with the
help of Pe-ru-na. I never forget
to recommend it to young as well-
as old for all kinds of colds , coughsr
catarrh , etc. I feel it my duty to-
give praise where it is due. I am
and ever shall be grateful to the-
man who discovered Pe-ru-na.5'
Pe-ru-na meets perfectly the con--
ditious produced by the aftereffects
fects of la grippe.
Send for a free book written-
by Dr. Hartmau , entitled "Winter r-
Catarrh. " Address Dr. Hartman. .
Columbus , O.
Officials of western railroads anticipate-
almost as great a movement to California ,
this year , as in 1897. The occasion is the-
annual meeting of the National Educa
tional association at Los Angeles in July.
Rates have not yet been fixed but they
will probably be somewhere in the neigh
borhood of one fare for the round trip.
In other words , the cost of a round trip *
ticket to Los Angeles from Nebraska will
be about $52 oo.
The "Bee Hive" for Valentines.
Horrible agony is caused by piles , ,
burns , and skin diseases. These are im
mediately relieved and quickly cured by
DeWitt's Witch Hazel Salve Beware of
worthless imitations. A McMillen. '
Valentines at the "Bee Hive. "
Children who are troubled with worms
are pale in the face , fretful by spells , ,
restless in sleep , have blue rings around
their eyes , bad dreams , variable appetite , ,
and pick the nose. White's Cream Verm
ifuge will kill and expel these parasites.
Price 25c at McConnelPs. ff.
Valentines at the "Bee Hive. "
Tabler's Buckeye Pile ointment * is no-
panacea , but is recommended for piles
Dnly. These it will cure. Price soc m
bottles ; tubes 750 at McConnell's.
Three or four fresh milk cows. In-
juire of C. H. MEEKER.
Frequently accidents occur in the-
tiousehold , which cause burns , cuts , ,
ipraius and bruises. For use in such
ases Ballard's Snow Liniment has for
many years been the constant favorite
family remedy. Price 250 and 500 at L. .
IV. McConnell & Co.'s.
McConnell's Balsam cures coughs.
Faults of digestion cause disorders of
he : liver , and the whole system becomes
leranged. Herbine perfects the process-
f digestion and assimilation , and thus ,
nakes pure blood. Price 25C at L. W. .
McMillen's Cream Lotion.
The smallest thing ma\ exert the great-
st influence DeWitt's Little Early Ris-
rs are unequalled for overcoming con-
tipation and liver troubles. Small pill. .
est pill , safe pill. A. McMillen.
THE TRIBUNE and The New-York
Tribune for $1.25 a year , strictly in ad-
Vn Honest Medicine for La Grippe-
George W. Waitt of South Gardiner ,
ile. , says : "I have had the worst cough , ,
old , chills and grip and have taken lots
trash of no account but profit to the
endor. Chamberlain's Cough Reuiedv
the only thing that has done any good
hntever. I have used one 5o-cent bottle
ml the chills , cold and grip have all
ft me. I congratulate the manafuct-
res of an honest medicine. " For sale
L W. McConnell & Co.
Land 1 Office at McCook , Nebraska , January *
, 1899. Notice is hereby civen that the fol-
wins : named settler lias filed notice of his-
itention to make final proof in support of his-
laim.aml that said proof will be made before
register or receiver of the U. S. Land Of-
ce at McCook , Neb. , on Saturday , Fehruaiy
1899ir : George M. Mohler , guardian for
loriU Mohler. Homestead entry No. ioS > o.
r the E54 NW J4' and W H NE M of section
township 4. north of _ range 29 west. lie
ames the following witnesses to prove his
intinuous resilience upon ami cultivation of.
lid land , viz : Charles E. Werner , H x Elder ,
'eband John S. Mnilrcll , Willi.un Johnson ,
ml S\lvanus Modrellall , of McCook. Ne IK
20-6ts. F. M. RATH HUN , Register.
State of Nebraska. Red Willow county , ss _
a County Court , held in the county court
om , in and for said county , January 231 ! . A.
ib'qo , present G. S. Bishop , countv judge , irr
matter of the estate of Mathilda Hermit , ,
sceased. On reading and filing the petition
Albert Schwertfeger , praying that minimis
ation of said estate may be granted to J. E.
elley as administrator , ordered that Febru-
15 , 1899 , at ten o'clock a. nu is assigned
hearing said petition , when all persons in-
rested in said matter may appear at a county
urt to be held in and for said county , and"
LOW cause why the prayer of petitioner
lould not be granted ; and that notice of the
ndency of said petition and the hearing-
ereof be given to all persons interested in ,
matter by publishing a copy of this order
THK McCooK TRIBUNE , a weekly newspa-
printed in said county , for three successive-
ceks prior to said day of hearing.
A true copy. )
fSeal. ] G. S. BISHOP.
27-i-3t. County Judge