The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, November 18, 1898, Image 4

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    By F. M. KIMMELL.
The statements of democratic
newspapers that a movement had
been started among Eepublicans
to defeat the nomination of Thomas
B. Heed for the speakership of the
next house and that the adminis
tration desires his defeat , have
been given an unqualified denial
by Representative Grosvenor of
Ohio , whose authority will hardly
be questioned.-
General Grosveuor says that the
name of Mr. Beed will be the only
one mentioned in the caucus of the
Republican party for speaker of
the house of representatives and
that he will be nominated unani
mously and enthusiastically elected
by the same unanimous vote of the
Republican membership of the
house. The administration , said
General Grosvenor , will not only
not oppose Mr. Reed , but in his
opinion it would be the height of
bad politics if any known friend of
the administration should be found
engaged in anj'thing of that char
acter. "If it was deemed advisa
ble four years ago and two years
ago to elect Mr. Reed speaker , "
said the Ohio congressman , "by
much stronger reasons it is desir
able now that he should not only
be elected , but that he should be
elected without opposition by the
entire party. " There can be no
doubt that all republicans who
have the interests of the party at
heart will be in accord with this
It is well understood that Mr.
Reed is not in sympathy with the
territorial expansion idea and also
that he does not approve of the
proposal of the currency reformers
to retire the United States legal
tender notes. Doubtless there are
some among these elements who
would like to see him deposed from
the speakership , but they should
understand that his influence would
not thereby be weakened , though
his power in giving direction to
legislation would be abridged.
On the floor of the house the com
manding force and authority of
Thomas B. Reed as a leader would
still be felt. But his place in a
republican house is in the speak
er's chair , where he has never had
a superior and there is where at
least nine-tenths of the republicans
of the nation want him to remain.
ALLEN'S plurality is 80.
ILRAEL was defeated in the 67th
representative district by three
THAT was a body blow to Sena
tor Allen , and incidentally to Col.
THE Atlanta Constitution thinks
that poets are nearly all men and
women who are suffereriug from
liver complaints. And the Denver
Post has all along believed it was
SPECULATION is already rife as
to who will be Senator Allen's suc
cessor. Among the possibilities
are : D. E. Thompson , M. L. Hayward -
ward , A. W. Field , B. J. Hainer ,
G. M. Lambertson , M. B. Reese.
And the campaign is just opened.
"I WOULD not , " says Senator
Hale , "take the Philippines if
Spain would give 840,000,000 with
them. " This is the first intimation
we of the distant west have had
that an effort had been made to
saddle the islands onto the honored
IT is given out on very good au
thority that the war tax will remain
for another year at least , and that t
no tariff legislation will be enacted
during the coming short session of
congress , which will be devoted
quite exclusively to passing the
appropriation bills.
" \
WHATEVER rnay be the prospects
for the continuance of the war
taxes , the gum on the goverment's
documentary stamps was certainly
not made to stick. This is really a
a serious matter , as the "shedding"
of a stamp from a check or docu
ment may render it invalid in law
and entail serious loss.
Royal nakcs the food pure ,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
Samuel Blnckfan departed for
Omaha , Wednesday morning.
M. E. Corbin made a flying trip
to Holdrege , latter part of last
B. C. Fidler moved from the
farm into his town property , this
Miss Nellie Stephens of Box
Elder is visiting her sister , Mrs.
H. P. Hodgkin. this week.
John Blum of Culbertsou was
shaking hands with friends here ,
Tuesday , returning on No. 5.
Owing to the increase in busi
ness Will Cowles has been assist
ing on the dray line , this week.
Mrs. C.E.Williams' mother , who
has been visiting her for some time ,
returned to her home in Iowa on 4 ,
Tuesday evening.
After an absence of some weeks ,
Mrs. W.W.Barngrover returned to
her home in Stockville , Monday
morning , via the stage route from
Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Hansom have
been visiting theii son-in-law and
daughter , Mr. and Mrs. Balph
Waite , up on the Medicine , th"e
0. W. Eckerman , representative
of the Smith-Premier Typewriter
Company , spent Sunday here with
his old-time friend , Prof. L. V.
Prank Brown of Company "L,5
Third Nebraska Volunteers , left ,
last Saturday night , to rejoin his
regiment at Savannah , Georgia ,
his sick furlough having expired
Eev. N. F. ELletzing of Ontario ,
California , has been visiting his
daughter , Mrs. Wm. Hoppe , in
East Valley , this week. He was
transacting business in town , Tues
day and Wednesday.
It was a merry company which
spent a few hours at the home o
A. B. Wilson , Friday evening o :
last week. The sosial environ
ments , games and kindred amuse
ments served to make the evening
of happiest recollections for those
Miss Anna and Will Boucher o
Kearney have been renewing ac
quaintances here the past week ,
Miss Anna arrived early last week
and Will came over on Friday to
take part in the band concert , Sat
urday evening. They left , Tues
day morning , to continue their
visit with Culbertson friends.
The free distribution by the
government of Senator W. V. Al
len's speeches , which was perfected
here , some weeks ago , did not seem
: o have the desired effect. It is
; hought that had they been prop-
jrly distributed over Frontier coun-
; y rather than along the Burling-
ion's right-of-way that his royal
jobs , Allen , would have won in a
The band concert , last Saturday
sveniug , was not a rollicking suc-
: ess as regards the monetary feat-
ire , but the musical programme
vas all that could have been ex
acted and thoroughly enjoyed by
hose present. The inclemency
if the weather no doubt kept many
, way , as the boys have always
leen accorded a good patronage
mder favorable conditions.
THE Tammany tiger will now be
ompelled to go into retirement ,
bserves the Denver Post until it
an grow a new hide to replace the
ne which Colonel Koosevelt has
dded to his collection of big game
ANOTHER such an effort and the
lepublicaus will have the earth.
Forty bushels per acre is the
yield of M. H. Cole's corn.
Mrs. M. H. Cole and Auntie
Coleman exchanged parables and
ate peaches at auntie's a half day ,
this week.
The Republican majority up
here was so big that Uncle Billy
took a lumber wngou to get it to
the county seat.
Wm. Colemau had seven bushels
of peaches , this year. About a
bushel of late ones were frozen be
fore they ripened , and so were lost.
Worth Coleman and Geo. Carl
of McCook drove across this town
ship , last Saturday , and on their
return put up at Uncle William's
and stayed till Sunday afternoon.
Bert Wales and bride have re
turned from a visit of about two
weeks in Perkins and Dundy coun
ties and will be at home to their
friends , after December 1st , on the
P. Blatt farm , which they will oc
cupy the coming year.
Farmers up here are in the corn
fields early and late , these fine
days , and the cribs are filling up.
M. H. Cole brought out a new crib ,
Monday. There is no excuse for
any young man fooling his time
away now while there is so much
corn to pick.
A young man up here wants a
job in the round-house , and spent
two and a half days of this fine
corn weather in town , this week ,
when a half day should have an
swered every purpose. Two days
lost and Jwo ; dollars not earned.
Followed up this will insure pov
erty in this or any other country.
We learn that a hunter said he
would not pay any attention to the
notice from up here in last week's
paper. We kindly and gently hint
that all persons hunting here will
be turned over to the proper offi
cers with instructions to prosecut
to the law's utmost limit. A man
who will kill a prairie chicken or i
quail now is the farmer's wors
The band's membership now
numbers fifteen.
Eev. Jacob Martin died sudden
ly , last Thursday.
George Godown was over to see
the county's handsome new cour
house , Saturday.
The editor was in Danbury , las
evening , for a short time and was
surprised at the growth being
made by that thriving town. Sev
eral new residences have just been
commenced or are in the course o
construction , a § 1600 church is
being built and a town hall to cos
in the neighborhood of two thous
and dollars is under way. A band
has just been organized and an en
tire new set of instruments pur
chased. For public enterprise
Danbury takes the cake. Wilson-
ville Beview.
About an inch of snow , close of
last week.
Eugene Dunham shelled corn ,
last Friday.
Mrs. C. D. Eose's oldest son is
at home now.
Mrs" Andrew Anderson has a
painful sore hand.
Mrs. Susan Hilemau is suffering
with a fractured collar bone.
The surprise party at Mrs.
Barnes' , last Thursday evening ,
was well attended and enjoyable.
There was no preaching at the
school house , last Sunday , as the
ministers failed to put in an ap
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Father Sproll assisted in n 40-
hour devotion at Herclon , Kausas ,
last week.
Cadtain J. J. Latuborn was able
to make n trip to Lincoln , close of
last week.
J. G. Dole of McCook visited
friends here , Tuesday evening and
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Smith had
business in the city of the Philis
tines , Saturday.
Austin Ganisby has returned
from Lincoln where he was attend
ing the state university.
Earl Lerch arrived hero from
California , Tuesday morning , for
a visit of some length with friends
Miss Clara Happersettvho is
teaching in Bartley , spent Satur
day and Sunday in McCook , guest
of Miss Lulu Beardslee.
The revival meetings now in
progress hero under Rev. J. C.
Bedding have been a success in
every way thus far , and the good
work is only commencing. Largo
numbers have como to hear the
evangelist's interesting , reasona
ble , convincing addresses. His |
singing is a notable feature of his
work. A gocjdly number have
taken the step. The meetings
will continue through next week.
Mr. Bedding will preach iu the
Congregational church Sunday
morning and evening as usual.
At 3 p. m. a meeting for men only
will be held.
Frank Moore was elected as
N. Walton's new frame house is
ap and enclosed.
A. J. Stahl , who recently got
lie leg broken , is doing nicely.
Bobt. Goreley is very low and
inder the care of Dr. Hathoru.
George Kinkead is doing the
york on L. J. Shippee's now barn.
On Thursday , Bov. Bobertsou
md family stopped afc Tyrone for
liuner while onrouto homo from
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