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Three Buildings Burned.
About one o'clock , Friday night , the
frame stoic buildings on West Dennison
street owned by Patrick Walsh were dis-
covercd to be on fire. The fire department -
ment quickly responded to the alarm
notwithstanding the earliness of the
liour , and by the most energetic and
-well directed work succeeded in confin
ing the file to the two Walsh buildings
and the brick adjoining on the west
owned by H. S. Bartholomew. The Dar
ius Kendall building immediately con
nected with the east Walsh building on
the cast was damaged about $250 by fire
and water , including the loss of personal
effectH. J. C. Lenhart , who occupied the
Bartholomew building as a laundry , lost
about $125 in machinery and effects.
Neither Lenhart nor Kendall carried any
insurance. Mr. Walsh estimates the loss
of his buildings and their contents at
$3.500 , and carried an insurance of $2,600
-upon the same. The loss to Mr. Barthol
omew is given as $600 , upon which there
Is $300 insurance.
THE TRIBUNE feels .constrained to
compliment Fire Marshal Burgess and
the department on the effective work
accomplished and the wise direction of
the wdrk. Doubtless this alone averted
a fire of much larger proportions.
The origin of the fire remains a mys
tery. The Walsh buildings in which the
.fire was first discovered , were not occu
pied save for the storage of the saloon
fixtures and other valuable effects of the
The stopping of the fire at the Kendall
building is a piece of work that would be
a credit to any department , paid or vol
The buildings destroyed are among the
earliest erected in our city.
The work of repairing the damage
caused Darius Kendall's building was
continued over Sunday and is rapidly
being completed.
Lorenz Acquitted.
The rehearing of the Lorenz-Travers
murder case , which opened on Monday
of last week , closed shortly after noon ,
Thursday of this week , the jury bring
ing in a verdict.of not guilt- . This case
3ias been hotly contested and defended
and perhaps has attracted more atten
tion than any case ever heard in Red
Willow county. The jury brought in
their verdict after about two and half
hours consideration. There is a wide
and positive difference of opinion as to
the guilt of the young man Lorenz , but
the jury quite promptly decided lhat
there was not sufficient evidence to con
vict him and the verdict will doubtless
be accepted by all laxv-abiding citizens
as final.
Take a Share.
Efforts are still being made to secure
Sufficient stock to warrant the establish
ment of a separating station at this
place. THE TRIBUNE is still of the
opinion that we will make a mistake if
we let this opportunity go by unused.
Reports from all around us indicate un
mistakably that the scheme employed
by the Lincoln Creamery company is a
success , and that there is profit in it for
both the company and the patrons.
Take a share of stock and show your in
terest in the project in a substantial
way. Help develop the resources of the
country in which you live.
Caught a Severe Cold.
\t \ The little three-year-old daughter of
D. H. Rhoads of West Dennison street
is now lying in a critical condition , the
result of having taken a violent cold last
' X Saturday morning during the fire , xvhich
raged across the street from their home.
The little one was exposed to the cold
morning air by the carrying in of goods
from the burning buildings , and is par
tially paralyzed as a result. Her recov
ery is in doubt.
The little one was suffering with an at
tack of whooping cough and is now fur
ther afflicted with brain fever.
Was Up in Civil Government.
Last Saturday a mere youth of a
school-boy attempted to enter the court
room to hear the murder trial , when a
bailiff objected. The lad drew himself
tip to his proudest height and informed
the bailiff that every citizen was entitled
to a public and speedy trial , and before
the bailiff had recovered his breath the
youth was inside enjoying the alleged
prerogative of American citizenship.
Facts to Remember.
The postoffice lobby opens at"6:3o in
the morning. The general delivery at
S o'clock. Money order window closes
at 5:30. Postoffice at 7:30. General de
livery open Sundays from 12 to I.
Smoke Marshal Spinola 50. cigar , ab
solutely the best on earth , for sale at L.
W : McConnell &Cd''sV '
MRS. E. H. WATERS spent Monday in
J. W. HUPP returned , Sunday night ,
from Hastings on 3.
R. S. V. I'ADGET , a former merchant ,
is in the city , this week.
H. W. COLE returned from his trip to
Kansas City on 3 , Sunday.
J. A. SHERIDAN was up from Indian-
ola , Wednesday , on business.
J.J. LAMBORN of Wilcox was in tre
city , Wednesday , on business.
E. E. ROWELL is here from Colorado
Springs on a visit to his family.
MRS. H. P. JOKES left , this week , to join
her husband in eastern Nebraska.
CHAS. OMAN of Danbury was attend
ing to business in the city , Monday.
MRS. C. H. MEEKKR arrived home ,
last night , from her visit to Lincoln.
MRS. FRANK CLARY of Akron is in
the citj * , guest of Mrs. L. E. Gilcrest.
MR'S. V.H.SoLLiDAY went' up to Den
ver , Thursday morning , on a short visit ,
W.A.McCooi , , Imlianola's n'ewNasby ,
was in the city , Saturday , on business.
MRS. W. V. GAGE returned , last Friday
night , from her short visit to her parents
at Alliance.
A. BARNETT went down to Omaha on
No. 4 , Wednesday evening , on a short
business visit.
WILL O'NEiL and Virgil Latimer went
up to Massacre canyon north of Trenton ,
awheel , Sunday.
MRS. C. D. KENADY is down from
Holyoke , Colo. , visiting relatives in Mc-
Cook and Vailton.
BISHOP GKAVES of Kearney was in the
city , Wednesday , on business of this mis
sionary jurisdiction.
MRS. GEORGE CONNER returned , first
of the week , from a. visit to her family
at Falls City , Nebraska.
J.A. HAMMOND , deputy clerk , returned
last Sunday morning , from a brief busi
ness trip to Grand Island.
Crete are the guests of J. H. Moore , as
is also his sister , Miss Mae.
MRS. C. E. POPE arrived home , Mon
day night , from a brief visit with her
mother and sister in Lincoln.
H. C. RIDER , has been in the city , part
of the week , on business connected with
his interests here and hereabouts.
Knowland returned on No. 3 , Monday
night , from a day's visit in Lincoln.
turned on No. 6. Sunday evening , from
a brief visit with Anna May Erb at
Natalie Elmer from near Indianola have
been visiting during the week with Mrs.
Geo. Hanlein.
MRS. R. C. PiERSON , who has been
visiting about twenty miles south of the
city , departed for her home at Upland ,
Nebraska , close of this week.
CLIFFORD NADEN , E. L. Dennis and
Perce Catlett wheeled over from Danbury -
bury , Sunday morning , and were the
guests of friends here during the day.
REV. T. L. KETMAN of the First Bap
tist church of Omaha has accepted the
call to the pastorate of the McCook Bap
tist church and will be here not later
than May 6th.
REV. FR. BOLL of Elsie and Rev. Fr.
Dorr of Crete were in the city , Tuesday ,
on their wav to Hayes county , to minis
ter to the Bohemians of that county in
things religious.
National Bank arrived , Monday after
noon , from California , where he has been
spending a number of weeks. He visited
the family in Denver briefly en route.
MRS. LAURA BLOOMER arrived from
St. Joe , this week , and is in charge of
Mrs. Barger's trimming department.
She was to have come earlier in the
season , but was detained by sickness un
til this week.
spent Monday night in the city on her
way home from a visit to Wauneta ,
whither she was called by the illness of
her father , W. W. Fisher , who , happily ,
is now some improved.
F. A. THOMPSON" and family departed ,
Monday , for Denver , where he is now
chief clerk to Master Mechanic Ballance.
Miss Flo will retain her position here
with L. W. McConnellCo. . Many
McCook friends will join THE TRIBUNE
in expressions of regret at their depart
ure and hearty well-wishes for them in
their new home. . , f. *
A Pleasant and Profitable Session.
The eighteenth semi-annual meeting
of the Republican Valley association ol
Congregational churches opened in Mc-
Cook on Tuesday morning , April igth ,
and continued over until Wednesday
The session was called to order at nine
o'clock by the moderator , Rev. John
Foster of Cambridge. Owing to the ab
sence of the clerk and the small attend
ance at that hour , a devotional service
was conducted by Rev. J. H. Beitel of
Palisade. At ten o'clock the regular
business was taken up and the roll call
of churches represented by ministers
and delegates was had. Cambridge-
Mrs. W. E. Babcock , Mrs. L. M. Foster ,
Rev. John Foster , W.E.Babcock. Frank
lin Academy Principal A.C.Hart Hold
rege J.M. Harbaugh. Indianola Mrs.
Thomas Duncan , Mrs. J. J. Wilson , Miss
Lena Hill. McCook Mrs. G. A. Noren ,
Rev. D. Knowles. Palisade Mrs. A. J.
Vennuui , Mrs. C. R. Beckman. Tren
ton C , R. Powers , L. M. Thomas. Eu
reka D. Dunham. Daubury Solomon
Stilgebouer , Mr. Van Pelt. Ministers
G. W. Mitchell , David Knowles , Samuel
Williams , L. A. Turner , John Foster , , J.
H Beitel , G. H. Skinner.
The churches at Mascot and Danburj'
were received into the association. J.
M. Harbaugh of Holdrege was appointed
by the moderator to take the place of
Rev. D. F. Bright , removed from the
bounds of the association , on the com
mittee on revision of the constitution ,
appointed at the last meeting of the as
Rev. W. J. Turner , chairman of the
Business committee , made a report on
the program of the session , and the
same was recommended , subject to such
changes as might be necessary from
time to time.
Revs. G. H. Skinner of Mascot , J. H.
Beitel of Palisade and W. J. Turner of
McCook were made corresponding mem
bers of the association.
The report of the treasurer was read
and referred to the business committee
for auditing.
Rev. W. P. Pease was on his request
continued on the roll of the association.
He is now located at Hay Springs. Rev.
H. L Preston of Sioux City , Iowa , was
granted a letter of dismissal from this
association and granted a letter of rec
ommendation to the Sioux City associ
The assessment for the year 1898 was
fixed at two cents for each church mem
C. R. Powers of Trenton and D. Dun
ham of Eureka were appointed to take
the places of Revs. W. S. Hills and A.
L. Squires , who were absent , on the
committee on constitution revision.
The afternoon session opened with a
devotional led by Rev. G. H. Skinner.
Rev. John Foster followed with a paper
entitled , "Zion Earnestness" . Rev. G.
W. Mitchell spoke on the "Altruism of
the Gospel" . Both papers were liberally
discussed. Rev. W. J. Turner spoke for
the A. M. A. work , and Rev. Samuel Wil
liams for the C. C. B. S.
The report of the constitution revision
committee was read-and acted upon sec
tion by section. ( It will in due time ap
pear in printed form as revised. )
Rev. W. F. Vogt , pastor of the Ger
man Congregational church of McCook ,
was made a corresponding member of
the association. *
The evening session was introduced by
by a song service , conducted by Rev. W.
J. Turner. Rev. Samuel Williams read
the Sunday-school lesson , led in prayer ,
the choir sang an anthem , and Rev. W.
J. Turner then delivered the associational -
tional sermon , a strong and spiritual ef
The administration of the Lord's Sup
per followed. Revs. G. W. Mitchell and
L. A. Turner officiated , being assisted by
Deacons A.McMillen and J.F. Ganschow
of McCook and D. Dunham of Palisade
and L. M. Thomasof Trenton.
The following Nominating committee
was appointed : Rev. G. W. Mitchell ,
D. Dunham and J. M. Harbaugh. Also
the following committee on resolutions ,
Rev. Samuel Williams , W. E. Babcock
and Principal A. C. Hart of Franklin.
After an intermission the committee
made the following report : A. M. A.
W. J. Turner. C. B. S. Samuel Wil
liams. S. S. L. A. Turner. Educa
tional J. H. Beitel. C. H. M. S. G. W.
Mitchell. A. B. C. F. M7. John Foster.
Report was adopted.
Recommendations of the Business
committee were adopteed as follows :
The reception into the association of
Revs. J. H. Beitel of Palisade , Arthnr S.
Heathcote of Bladen , John Foster of
Cambridge , G. H. Skinner of Mascot.
Principal A. C. Hart of Franklin then
conducted a devotional service.
A memorial of Rev. Amos N. Dean ,
who died in Crete , April 6th , was pre
pared arid presented by Rev. Hermon
Bross of Lincoln.
Principal A. C.Hart of franklin Acad
emy presented a memorial to President
William McKinley.
Reports from the following churches
were heard : Riverton.Red Cloud , Alma ,
Bladen , Hildreth , Upland , Cambridge ,
McCook , in written form ; and orally
from Indianola , Holdrege , Daubury , Pal
isade , Trenton ; mention being made ol
the unassociated churches at Rosefield
and Fairview.
It was decided to hold the next meet
ing in Hildreth on the fourth Tuesday in
The moderator was authorized to ap
point a committee of three to devise
plans for promoting inter-church fellow
ship of the churches. The committee is ;
Rev. John Foster , G. W. Mitchell and
J. H. Beitel.
Supt. J. D.Stewart made some explan
atory remarks concerning the church at
Hayes Center.
Rev. Hermon Bross and J. D. Stewart
were made corresponding members of
the association.
The report of the committee on Com
ity was read and the committee was con
The afternoon session was opened with
devotional exercises led by Rev. J. D.
Stewart. Then followed the discharge
of a number of items of business.
The mission work , foreign and home ,
was taken up , Mrs. John Foster presid
ing. A paper on "Home Missions in
the Nation" was read by Rev. Bross ,
state superintendent of home missions.
Principal Hart was elected the elective
member of the Business committee.
Principal Hart resigned as delegate to
the national council and W. H. Faling
was elected in his place , with T. B.
Campbell as alternate. Alternates and
clerk were empowered to fill vacancy.
Minutes were approved and the ses
sion dismissed with prayer by Principal
The closing session was held in the
ex'ening. Rev. Stewart read a paper on
"The Children's Sunday school Mission
ary" , Principal Hart presented the facts
in relation to the attractions of Frank
lin Academy , local resolutions were read
and adopted , the choir sang a number
of selections and the meeting formerly
adjourned with prayer and the benedic
tion by Rev. Beitel.
After the formal close of the meeting
the ladies of the church served refresh
ments in the church parlor , and an hour
or so was devoted to social joys , thus
bringing to a delightful termination a
very enjoyable and profitable session of
the association.
Miss Nellie Smith from near Curtis
has entered the Ninth grade.
Miss Olive Price , who formerly at
tended school here , was down from -Cul-
bertson , Wednesday.
Marshall Osburn of the Ninth grade
has withdrawn from school to assist his
father , Councilman Osburn.
Fred McManigal of the Eleventh grade
has withdrawn from school and entered
the employ of J. J. Garrard.
The members of the Grammar rand
High school have purchased a number
of trees to plant on the school grounds ,
Arbor day. They are manifesting com
mendable interest in the matter.
Roberta Kidder of the Ninth grade
was surprised by a number of her friends
Wednesday evening. Refreshments and
games made the evening pass quickly
and pleasantly to all who attended.
The Lantern class has recived from
Chicago a collection of fine views of
Stratford and Warwickshire , England.
Not only are the views interesting as il
lustrating scenes in which the immort
al Shakespeare spent his j-outh and old
age , but they are very attractive from an
artistic point of view as pictures of rural
England. No Lantern class , this year ,
has had more to offer. The public is
cordially invited. Tonight at S o'clock.
F. S. WILCOX is having an addition
built to his house.
E. A. SEXSON was up from Indianola ,
Tuesday on business.
DR. A. W. HOYT of Indianola was a
city visitor , yesterday.
C. B. GRAY was in Omaha , Monday ,
with a shipment of stock.
MRS. L. E. GILCREST returned , Sun
day , from her Hastings trip.
MRS. O. D. KEITH returned , first of
the week , from her trip to Denver.
E. C. BALLEW is now in the insurance
and real estate business at the stock
yards in St. Joseph , Mo. , in partnership
with Hoffman & Hitt. Success to him.
CATHOLIC Mass at 8 o'clock a. m
High mass and sermon at 10:30 , a. in.
with choir. Sunday school at 2:30 p. in.
All are cordially welcome.
REV. J. W. HICKEY , Pastor.
EPISCOPAL Sunday-school at nee a.
m. Evening service at 8:00 p. m. Even
song and instruction on Thursdays at
8:00 : p. m. REV. HOWARD STOY ,
Priest in Charge.
BAPTIST Bible school at 10. Preach
ing at ii. Young people's service at 7.
Preaching at 8. Subject , "Christ in
Prophecy. " A most cordial welcome to
all. G. W. SHEAFOR , Pastor.
CONGREGATIONAL Morning subject ,
"The Righteousness of God. " Evening
subject , "Prayer. " Sunday-school at 10.
Junior Endeavor at 3. Endeavor at 7.
All are cordially invited to attend these
services. W. J. TURNER , Pastor.
METHODIST Sunday-school at 10
Preaching at n ; subject , Pathos of Amer
ican Patriotism. Class at 12. Junior
League at 2:30. : Epworth League at 7.
Preaching at 8 ; subject , The Signs of the
Times. Prayer and Bible study Wednes
day evening at 8. All are welcome.
JAS. A. BADCON , Pastor.
A Serious Accident.
John Hobbler's family , consisting of
his mother , wife and three children , met
with a bad accident in coming to town
from their home south of Lebanon. In
: oming down the long hill about one
half mile east of William .Thiesson's ,
their team ran away throwing them in
to the barbed wire fence. Mr. John Al-
; en happened along with a lumber wag
on and succeeded in bringing them on
into town. Dr. DeMay who was out
northwest of town was sent for and soon
came in and cared for their wounds.
Mrs. Hobbler , Sr , must have fallen on
her head as her back was injured and
her face received two ugly cuts. The
wife thinks a jar of lard struck her in the
back. She was unable to sit up and
seemed much dazed. A little girl about
5 years old \vus badly cut on her hip and
thigh , and a baby of about two and one
half years had her leg nearly cut off with
the wire below the knee joint. Fortun
ately no bones were broken. Mr. Hobbler -
bler was sent for and he and Mr. Clyde
Hodwell moved the injured family home
on a mattress in a light wagon and a
buggy. Danbury Topics.
For the season of 1898 , I will make
the following rates , season to begin May
ist and ending October aoth :
10 H > s. per day delivered at door. . $10 oo
I5fts. " " " . . 12 50
2olt > s. " " " . . 15 oo
25 tt > s. " " " 17 50
3oltS. " " " . . 20 oo
35 ' 3. " " " . . 22 50
4oltS. " " " . . 25 oo
In order that each patron can get the
ice when most needed , I will issue to
each one making the contract , coupon
books , calling for the total number of
pounds for the period of the ice season ,
in order that he can take the ice when
most needed and in such quantities as
he may deem proper
I will also redeem at the end of the
season the unused coupons at their pro
portionate cost , and will assume no lia
bility upon contracts on account of short
age of ice from any cause. In that event
I would only expect pay in proportion to
the length of time the ice was furnished.
Strict compliance with the printed regu
lations on coupon covers is most respect
fully requested. P. WALSH.
Clean Your Alleys.
Attention is called to the ordinance re
quiring property-owners to clean up
about their premises. There is a heavy
fine for violation or failure to comply
with this ordinance , and the immediate
attention of all is called to this matter.
The ordinance will be strictly enforced.
Clean up ! ED. JORDAN , Marshal.
House Warming.
A number of friends assisted C. H.
Harman and wife " .varni" their new
dwelling house on the farm two and one
half miles west of the city , Thursday eve
ning of last week. Refreshments were
served and the occasion was altogether
pleasant. Mr. Harman and family are
to be congratulated upon the occupancy
of their comfortable new home.
Twenty-five pictures for 25 cents , at
the old photograph gallery , one door
south of Augustine's barber shop.
THE TRIBUNE and The Toledo Blade
for $1.25 a year , strictly in advance.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint at McMille'n's
Drugstore. * .
See McMillen's new stock of WALL
WANTED Shorthand pupils by L. W.
GIRL WANTED Inquire at the Cen
tral hotel.
Guaranteed Mixed Paint at McMillen's
Drug Store. '
The usual spring improvements are un
der way all over the city.
Have yon taken any stock in the sep-
aratorstation ? Think well of it.
THE TRIIIUNE and Leslie's Weekly for
$3 oo a year , strictly in advance.
F. S. Wilcox shipped three cars of cat
tle to the Omaha market this week.
THK TRIUUNK and The Chicago Inter-
Ocean for $1.35 a year , strictly in advance.
The Methodist brethern are assembling
the material for their parson-
Be in the swim. Buy one of those
wonderful Vivo Cameras from H. P.
Letters advertised April 17111 : Mr. Geo.
A. Andrews , Mr. J. J. Hogee , Mr. Cecil
Lv. Mathews.
See McCook Transfer Co. for lot plow-
ng. Leave orders at Everist , Marsh &
Co.'s meat market. 31
Smoke Marshal Spinola 5c. cigar , ab
solutely the best on earth , for sale at L.
W. McConnell & Co.'s.
FOR SALE Household goods , inclini
ng baby carriage. All about new.
The Star of Jupiter held a brief meet-
ng on Monday evening , initiating two
candidates. It is hoped to have a pro
gram for the next meeting.
James Patterson has moved into his
ately acquired house in the northern
part of the city , and D.C.Marsh has oc
cupied the house he vacated.
Collier's Weekly is responsible for the
following cheering- heresy : "Grammar is
an adjunct. It is not an obligation. Xo
grammarian ever wrote a thing that was
fit to read. "
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Harkins of Drift-
vood precinct had the sorrow of losing
one of their twins , Tuesday. The little
one's remains were laid away in Calvary
cemetery , Wednesday.
The Ladies' Circle social , Monday
evening , was a success in both financial
and social aspects , the program was en-
ioyable and about $10 were gathered in
as the basis for the Memorial day fund
Edgar Saltus in Collier's Weekly re
stores the tale of Othello to its ante-
Shakespeare condition , in which the
noble Moor died before his bride , and
was mourned by Desdemona , who after
ward was killed.
Master Horace Cole , yesterday , while
driving the family carriage , turned a
corner too sharp , the carriage was over
turned and the horse ran away. The lad
escaped injury and the carriage damage
of any consequence.
McAdams'and Garbers'delivery teams ,
several drays and a team from Culbert-
son all got mixed up in a runaway , yes-
tereday , on Main avenue , but the dam
age was slight and no one was hurt.
C. B. Kithcart who recently moved
from here to McCook is reported serious
ly 511 , and his sou Jack and Willie Kith-
cart of this place were summoned to his
bedside , the first of the week. He con
traded the grip some time ago and the
disease settled on his Inngs. Wilson-
ville Review.
At the Wilsonville separating station
the amount of milk received is daily in
creasing. Which argues that the patrons
are satisfied that they are reciving profi
table prices for their products. The
same report comes from every station in
this part of the state.
Auditor Cornell returned Sunday from
Topeka where he consulted the Kansas
insurance commissioner in relation to a
Nebraska fraternal insurance company ,
known as the Star of Jupiter. This com
pany wants to enter the Kansas field and
Auditor Cornell went to Topeka to find
out why the Kansas insurance depart
ment had not given permission. State
Treasure Meserve is one of the leading
officers in the Star of Jupiter. State
JournaL „ . "