The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, July 03, 1896, Image 2

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    I M'COOK
H V. M. KIMMEW , , Publisher.
H Harvhst hands arc in demand i
WMm Johnson county.
H The Beatrice chautauqua this yea
H was liberally attended.
H Tiik locality about Curtis got fou
H inches of rain in one week.
H Rkv. McGitEGon will hold a series o
H meetings lasting ten days at Elgin.
H • Congressman Mercer arrived ii
H Omaha from "Washing-ton lasfweek.
H Tin : Courier , heretofore published a
H Tndianola , has been removed to Mc
H Cook.
H Tmnirc were one hundred graduates
H • girls and boys , from the Omaha higl
H school.
H Fort Omaha is to be abandoned Juli
H 1st and the -new Fort Crook used ii
vM stead.
H HoJirat B. HATOii-a well known rail
H way man , died last week at Grant
H Island.
H Tiik mosquito crop in Nebraska thi
WMm year .is large , attributable to excessivi
H rainfall.
( • hand Island and vicintty was visit
i • ed by a hail storm , which did consider
m able damage
Wt Tiik district court of Cass county ha :
H been postponed and the jurors excusec
H until August 24.
H Pkkparaiioxs are being made for ai
H unusually elaborate Fourth of .Tub
H celebration in Mead.
WMm A vicious dog belonging to Ilcnrj
H 'Neitman , Beatrice , attacked Thomai
H Armstrong , badly lacerating his face
H A NUMinn of timber cutters were be
H fore the federal court at Omaha las
H week and received sentences of S10 an <
jm costs.
H Twkia'e young ladies of Nelson hav <
H organized a band and have securec
H enough money to purchase their instru
H ments.
H South Omaha disposes of its unre
H deemed dogs by electricity. The appli
H ance for the purpose does its worl
H quickly and well.
H Buy home made goods and build uj
H 'home industries , is a good policy. Far
H rell's Fire Extinguisher , made by Far
H roll & ca , Omaha.
H Tiiir county jail at North Platte i <
H pretty well deserted now , there being
H only one prisoner , with a prospect o :
H him being released soon.
H Tiik high water of the Missouri rivei
H overflowed the low land near Blyburg
H and men were out in their corn field ;
H with spears catching fish.
H The Tildukranz and Turnverein so-
WM cieties of Plattsmouth have been con-
WM solidatcd and will hereafter be knows
H as the Plattsmouth Turnverein.
H The Tckamah Burtonian has beer
H purchased by the populists and will be
H conducted in the interest of that party.
H | The paper has heretofore been repub-
Hj H. Hknuiciisox , a B. fc M. carpenter ,
Hj fell from the roof of the B. & M. eat-
Agm ing house at Bed Cloud , a distance oi
H about seventy-five feet. His left arm
B was broken.
H | It is reported that lightning rod
B swindlers are operating in the north
K part of Madison county. One farmer
H was done up for ? 150 and another for
HBk half-that amount.
AV While Elmer Alyea of Meadow
Hj Grove was riding a horse at a rapid
HI gait the animal stumbled and all went
Hflj down in a heap. Atyea was picked up
HH unconscious and his recovery is doubt-
HH ISIay McCusick. of Omaha , a woman
HH of the town , committed suicide the
Hfl other day. For some time the woman
Bk had been despondent , having been de-
HH bcrted by a man for whom she had a
HV -strong attachment.
H Parties from Omaha have "been at
H Stromsburg endeavoring to secure the
Ha right of way for a telephone line from
Hfl York to David City , the line to pass
HI through Benedict. Stromsburg , Osceola ,
HV Shelby and Rising City.
M The 2-year-old child of Rev. G W.
Hi Savidge of Omaha.choked . to death last
Ha Sunday by a collar button which lodged
HI in the windpipe. The father was away
Hh at early morning service in his church
H when-the accident occurred.
Hb Tiik new creamery at Malcom com-
Hfl menced work last week. About 30.000
Hfl pounds ; of milk was received the first
Hb -day , and everything is running nieelj' .
HI An expert says that it is one of the
Hb sbe-sU equipped creameries in the state.
Ha A mad dog came into Harvard from
Ha tthe.west last week and created no lit-
H tie. excitement He bit both of Al Lan-
Hb .ham ' s horses , two or three dogs and
HV * .was finally killed on the farm of George
Hi .Read , just outside the corporation ,
BJ .northeast.
M .Distihct court at Red Cloud ad-
HJ -journed last week after the judge had
HJ .admitted ( . .eorge Drake to "bail. Drake
Hv -was committed on a charge of statuto-
HJ jy-criminal assault , and released on a
H | bond : for S.OOtt He broke jail , but
HJ was fiually.Teturned to the coupty jail.
HJ .ludgc JJeall released him on bail of
HJ \V. E. .Hajjxox of Scotia had a horse
HJ too.many in his pasture on Saturday
HJ morning. There was albo a bridle that
Hj didn' .belong to him.on the gate. The
HJ trainpsithatAveresroposing in the shade
HJ of a pile .of .ties in the Union Pacific
HJ y.ards < didn > tlook.asithough they had
Hj over .exerted .themselves walking over
B from Gnoely.
H A jattlk .boy . .ofV. . J. Casebolt of
Hj Deshler thought he saw a mouse
B 1/Ucs lats of bedstead
among / : a lying on
1 the Jloor. The boy -started to investi-
H jgate and n oo. ered a ttwo-foot rattle-
H * nakewiiieir nearly -scared him to
H /death. Fortiunately the snake's head
H iad got fast ( uader a side rail and it
H dispatched : at once.
H A hull belojiging to H. O. Dorn of
H South Sioux City chased a jnan in the
H north part of iowa Sunday with the
H evident intention f playing ball with
H "hini The fellosv got over trie * fence in
H time Xo avoid jj. collision aad had his
H fun a siiort time after when th& sporty
H animal cvas lassoed and dehorned.
H Ix a row over a woman at Lincoln ,
H J ? . W. Bullard , a ttnaer , svas ehot by
H Alfred Sfocjcenburger. The principals
H in the affair have "been inmates of the
insane asylhm. Bullard' caught two
H bu'letD. one irf'Ohe arm and the other
I jn.the fleshy part * of the back , jnat un-
- d'eh the shoulder , but neither i5. > cnp
I . * gjdered dangerous. _ j
. , . . . . , .
Bf r IMI WI ,1 H..M HI 'I'll" ' .I'I ' HI > I Ml ! - ' " ' iWHIfWHW IIlim II III ! I W ip
' Judge Rambky opened tllstrlct cour
at Plattsmouth to sentence Joh
Brown , churged with robbing a etor
at Alvo , May 20 , for which ho was a.\
rested a couple of weeks ago at At
burn. . Brown pleaded guilty , stating
in extenuation of his crime , that h
was unable to work , being a suffere
from nervous prostration. He wa
sentenced to three and a half years i
the penitentiary.
It is seldom that farmers leave Pol !
county for greener pastures and a her
tor country but that they come bac '
satisfied to stay. George Ward soli
out last spring and wen t down near Sej
jnour. lie came back the other da ,
with his stock and saj-s that part o
Missouri is no place for farming o
stock , either , lie will summer hi
stock in Nebraska , where they can ge
something to eat and get fat.
A r.AH.KOAD accident occurred nea
Hastings. Fassentrer train No. 4 wa
wrecked just after5entering the yards
as a result of a heayyv .wind storm tha
passed over the city a little while be
fore. An empty stbqk car that ha <
been standing on the stock yard
switch was blowif ntb the main lin
and the passenger ft rtin collided wit ]
it just west of the round house. Tii
engineer and fireman saved themselve
by jumping. Jl
A max was arrested at Beatrice ii
the act of disposing of some harness ti
a second-hand dealer. It was discov
ered that he had a camp west of tha
city and upon investigation a wagoi
containing eight sets of double harnes
was found. He had with him a boy
who gave his name at Bert Morgan , 1'
years old , and his home as Grand > s
land. Police are holding the harnes
to see if owuers thereof cannot bi
A xkw pocket leaflet has -been issue <
and is being distributed by the stati
board of agriculture. In addition ti
information about count3' collective ex
hibits for which twelve premium
amounting to § 3,337will be awarded
the bulletin advertises the Feast o
Olympia , under the direction of tin
Knights of Ak-Sar-Bcn , the biennia
musical festival -of the Northwesteri
Scandinavian Singers association , am
other attractions during state fai :
It is now believed at Valparaiso tha
Frank Tobin , a paroled convict , is th <
man who assaulted and shot Mrs
Hinkle last week. Mrs. Ilinkle , wh <
is still alive , identified Tobin as her as
sailant. It appears that Tobin was
very much smitten with Mrs. Hinkk
when she was Miss Addie Edwards
but his attentions were not appreciat
ed. One day -when he called and gel
gay her brother sent a couple of loads
of buckshot at him , but he was not in
jured so far as has been learned.
Axothkk claimant for the reward o :
§ 1,000 offered by the Rock Island foi
the arrest and conviction of the partj
or parties guilty of causing the Sail
ereek wreck near Lincoln in August ,
1894 , has come into court. This i ;
Lewis R .yan , one of the witnesses , whe
testified to seeing a negro man neai
the trestle on the night before the
wreck. Ryan claims that his informa
tion led to .the arrest and conviction oi
G. W. Davis , the colored man. There
are two other claimants and the whole
matter will have to be settled in the
A special session of the district
court of Dodge county convened last
week , Judge Marshall presiding , for
the purpose of trying the case of Caroline
line Stoecks against the Elkhorn com
pany. This is the second one of the
large number of cases which were
commenced last fall by citizens of
Dodge whose property was destroyed
by the big-fire there in September last
to recover .damages against the com
pany. Theifirst case on the list was
tried last January and resulted in a
verdict for the defendant. An appeal
to the supreme court was taken.
Couxti' Commissioner C. R. Clark ,
of Polk county , met with a painfuf ac
cident the other day that will lay him
aside for some time. One of his neigh
bor ' s boar .pigs went .down to Clark's
pen and while there ran across his
boar and of course they had to have a
pitched battle. Clark thought that
his boar was getting a little the worst
of it and undertook to separate them ,
when one of the hogs turned and snap
ped Mr. Clark in the right leg , tearing
out the flesh and mustle to the bone
and it was accessary .to take quite a
number ofstitches .to close up the
A tramp applied 'to > L. .P. Main of
Kenwood for breakfast the other
morning and he looked so forlorn and
hollow that the lawyer decided to fill
him up. He told the cwanderer to hoe
up the potatoes in the garden , however ,
so that there should question as
to his appetite. The tramp , either
through ignonrace or .malice afore-
thouirhtduir up all the .potatoes and
neatly piled the vines. The tramp got
his breakfast on the strength of his
proud intentions , but the next time Col.
Main employs one of his genus he will
put hjin to breaking stone , or some
: > ueh familiar occup.ition.
Govkhxoi : HoLfOMB has received the
letter , made public through the press ,
referring to Tennessee ' s generous do
nation of a block of mar.ble intended
to be used in making n statue of Abra-
iiam Lincoln. This was the purpose
[ or which it was donated to the state
jf Nebraska by the state of Tennessee
Lhrouirh Governor Turner. It comes
is a testimony of respect which the
people of rJ ennessee have for the mem-
jry of the martyred president. The
srehentation of tiie marble to Governor
l'urney at Knoxville seems to have
Deen celebrated with all sincerity and
; he letter received by Governor Hol-
: oinb.notifying him of the shipment of
.he block is kind and generous. The
itone will be thankfully received by
; tate authorities and there is taJk of
iskinir the next legislature to make an
tppropriation for the employment of a
ompetent sculptor.
From figures in the state auditor ' s
iffice an interesting showing is made
is to the decrease in the assessed valu-
LtioK of the state. Sixteen counties
lave ( nude reports on the 1S9G assess *
nenr valuation. In these the reduc-
ion ae compared with 1S9.1 is SI. 18. i.000.
n four of these counties there is an in-
rease of 593,000 , making a net de
rease in the sixteen of 51.002.000. At
he same ratio of decrease the whole
late will fall off § 0,500.000. The total
aluation of taxable property in 18P3
rac $ U 4.0OO.000 : in 1894 , S183.000.000. 1
Lstirniited valuation for 1S9G is S1G4.- t
00,000. The railroad assessment ltaa i
ear was the came as in 1S9j.
The Teller-Duliols-Mautlc-Cannon-Cnrte
Combine EHcoly to Ho Strengthened
by Ksltlicnl fiilvci Kenora
Colorado , Utah and Other
States , and ISo Abl'e to
Hlock the Tariff.
Concord , N. ET. , June 29. Unitec
States Senator Gallinger said yester
day : ' * 1 fear for Republican control o
the benate. The full senate nov
numbers ninety members , and weshal
need forty-six for a majority , though
inasmuch as the existing vacancy ii
Kentucky will continue until 189'J , w <
can get along during the next con
gress with forty-five. We have nov
lorty-four senators who are nominally
Republicans , but of these , five Sen
ators Teller , Dubois , Carter , Manth
sind Cannon refused to act with us ir
the passage of the Dingley emergency
tariff last winter , and I suppose we mus' '
now add to them Senator Pettigrew o :
South Dakota , because he left the St.
Louis convention with other seceders ,
This reduces us to thirty-eighl
straightout Republicansjwho are foi
protection , as against protection yoked
with free silver , and we shall need
seven more to enable us to pass th (
revenue bill , which the country de
mands. Some of our gains are already
made , as in Maryland and Ohio , and
we shall elect in. Nv York , Illinois
and Wisconsin. This will give us
forty-three , or two short of a major
ity. Among our danger spots we
must include North Carolina Sena
tor Pritchard's seat is likely to be lost ,
because he was first chosen by a fusion
movement , which prooably will bt :
hard to effect again. In Dta'- also ,
there is danger of losing fecnatot
Brown , who refused to act with the
silver men in deadlocking tne Dingley
bill , and who now has been confronted
with an issue in his light for reelection
tion , which will either defeat or cause
him to coalesce with Senator Cannon
in a policy of opposition. In Colorado
Senator Wolcott ; s in similar danger ,
as he has been subject to venomous
criticism because he would not go so
far as Senator Teller in his devotion
to the white metal. Add to this the
not altogether remote chance of los
ing a Republican Senator in North
Dakota and California , and the claims
of the Democrats that we cannot elect
in either Kansas or Illinois , and the
outlook is not rosy. I must admit
that 1 cannot now satisfactorily out
line the method by which we shall be
able to hold the Senate for a protec
tive tariff without a free silver rider. "
Two Noted Ciiliau Vessels Kno Down
by a Revenue Cutter.
Kky West , Fla. , .June 2 . The fili
bustering steamers Three Friends and
Citv of J'ichmond were brought here
last night by prize crews of the United
States revenue cutter Winona. The
City of Richmond left here Wednes
day night with a large quantity of
arms and supplies for the Cubans and
the Three Friends slipped out of Jack
sonville ten days ago with supplies
for the rebels.
No one is allowed to board either of
the vessels , but it is supposed that the
Three Friends landed the supplies
taken from .Jacksonville and was trying -
ing to get those on the City of Richmond
mend when both were overhauled by
the Winona. The captures created
great excitement here , a great crowd
gathering on the wharf and Cubans
and Americans alike expressing deep
What will be done with the two
seized vessels is not yet known , but it
is believed that both will be confis
cated by the United States govern
Followers of St. .Tohn.
Ottawa , Kan. , June 29. A mass
convention of Prohibitionists was held
in this city yester' y.About 150 del
egates were t > r ent , representing
nearly every portion of the state.
Both the chairman. G. G. Wharton ,
and W A. Curl , secretary of the state
Prohibition party , had tendered their
resignations to the national commit
tee immediately after the Pittsburg
convention. Yesterday ' s conference
was for the purpose of organizing on
the St. John basis. Accordingly the
new National party was organized. J.
W. Forest , of Thayer , was elected
chairman of the ' -tate central com
mittee , and E. Morrison , of Emporia ,
Tor Alienated Affections.
Fort Scott , Kan. , June 29. H. Q
Searing of Kansas City , attorney for
Mrs. Kate Davids of that city , has
filed suit in the United States circuit
; ourt here against M ts. Bella Sipple of
Sedan , Kan. , for SJ,0G0 damages for
llienating the affections of J. G.
Lewis , husband of the plaintiff. Per
sonal service has bn secured on the
Tair and wealthy defendant by DeDutv
Jnited States -Marshal Will'Neely ,
vho has just made his return. The
: ase , whjh promi ' • < = to be a vp-y sen
sational one , will me up at the
November term of the United States
: ourt.
Dominion Miiii try Will Resign.
Ottawa , Ontario , June 29. The
Cupper ministry has decided to finish
ip certain routine matters , and then
or the ministers to tender their res-
gnations to the governor general.
L'he Conservatives thus submit to the
nevitable with the best possible
Cecil Rhode * Is Out.
Lokdox , June i'9. It is officially an-
ounced that the resignations of Cecil'
Ihodes , Alfred Bell md Dr. Ruther-
ord Harris as dire . . .is of the British
iouth African company hsve teen ac- j
epted. , . , , I
RpprctentntlveB of the ieor unl7.atloi
Committee liny In tlm System.
St. Louis , Mo. , June j9.By orde
of the United States court , the St
Louis and San Francisco railway wa
sold , at noon , to-day , under the fore
closure of an old mortgage , of whicl
the Mercantile Trust company of Nev
York was trustee. There was enl ;
one bidder a commtitee of bond
holders representing the reorganised
tion committee who bought in tin
road for Sl,25o,000 in cash.
After the sale shall have been con
firmed by the court and the prope :
conveyences made , new papers of in
corporation will be filed at Jeffcrsor
City , probably on Monday or Tuesday
The name of the new road will be tilt
St. Louis & San Francisco Railroac
company. The capital stock will b <
placed at $ o0,000,0uy in 500,000 share ;
of S100 each.
The Pennsylvania K\-Congressman Fa
vors the Coloradoan for Leader.
Victor , Colo. , June 29. In answei
to an inquiry by the Daily Record o
this city ex-Congressman Joseph C
Sibley of Pennsylvania wired the foi
lowing :
* | Fraxki.ix , Pa. , June 56. To th <
Dail3 * Record , Victor , Colo. : I am i
candidate for no official place. I be
heve all reform forces.if unitedwould
be irresistable and would assure t
grand triumph in November next
Divisions mean defeat. The rank and
file of all political parties are made uj
of men good and true. On Teller J
believe these forces could be united
and all m3' efforts are to that end ,
JOSKI'II C. Siblev. "
Distilleries to Close.
Louisvir.r.K , Ky. , June 29. A meet
ing of the Kentucky Distillers' Asso
ciation was held to-day to hear the
reports of committees appointed t <
solicit signatures agreeing to suspend
operations for eighteen months froir
July 1. All but six distillers in the
State have signed. These have held
out because of contracts. It is pro
posed to overcome this by apportion
ing 12y per cent of the capacity of
the State , or 5,500,000 gallons , and
this mav be kept clown to 3O0O,00C
or4,000J000 gallons. It is assured
that there will be a suspension , with
allotments only where contracts can
not be abrogated. The warehouses
are filled with whiskey which is now
almost a drug on the market owing
to overproduction.
Arizona Bonds Go Uegglngr.
Phoenix , Ariz. , June 29. Arizona
territorial bonds , even at half price ,
are in poor demand. The sale nego
tiated several months ago has fallen
through. The London capitalists , af
ter depositing a forfeit of S10.000 ,
declined to take the bonds. A com
promise has been effected , whereby
the territory will be reimbursed for
all expenses , and the balance of the
forfeit money returned to the London
parties. Another sale is being nego
Kansas City " 'Journal. "
Kaxsas Citv , Mo. , June 29. The
announcement was made to-day that
Mr. William A. Bunker , for several
years business manager of the Kansas
City ' "Journal , " would retire from the
active management of that paper on
Monday next , owing to ill-health.
Mr. Bunker retaius an interest in the
property. Mr. Hal Gaylord , who has
been assistant business manager of
the paper , and who has bought the
greater portion of Mr. Bunker's in
terest in the "Journal , " will assume
its management.
Comedian John W. Kelly Dead.
Nkw York , Jun3 29. John W.
Kelly , variety actor and song writer ,
died at his mother's home m this city
yesterday afternoon with acute gas
tritis. He was known as the "Rolling
Mill Man , " and was popular on the
vaudeville stage. He was born in this
city and was 42 years old. He made
his first professional appearance in
Two Girls Drowned.
Marine , 111. , June 29. One of the
most violent rainstorms for 3'ears
struck his pla * e yesterday after
noon. Small streams were in a very
few minutes changed into raging
torrents. Misses Rosa and Marie
Hudle-nan , while attempting to drive
across a small branch , missed the
bridge and were drowned.
Oklahoma Houses Wrecked by Wind.
Prrrv Ok. . June 29. A heavy wind
last night destroyed the homes of
Mrs. Osborne and Mrs. Dillon on the
Grant county line last night. Joe
Stout's house was blown down , but
his faraili' were in a cave and escaped
injurj' . Many outhouses were blown
away , w cat scattered and consider
able stooit killed.
Floods in Washington.
Spokaxe , Wash. , June 29. The
Pond d'Oreille River has reached an
unprecedented height , and is still ris
ing. The Calispel Valley , for a dis
tance of twenty miles-is under water.
Drops are utterly ruined , and most of
ihe settlers will be left in a destitute
Bride , Groom and Pastor AH Over 70.
Welmxgtox , Kan. , June 28. W. J.
Gardner , a former soldier , 75 years
) ld and Mrs. Martha J. Baker , a wid-
> w of 72 , were married here Thursday
ivening by the Rev. William Long ,
iged SO. Most of the guests were
veil advanced in years.
Mother an.I Child Struck Dead.
Perry. Ok. , June 29. Near Lawson
ast evening , the house of John Lane ,
i farmer was struck by lightning and
intirely demolished and Mrs. Lane
nd her two small children were
rilled. Mr. Lane was in town at the
Actor Gentry Convicted.
Philadelphia. Pa. , June 29. The
ury in the case of James B. Gentry ,
he actor , who on February 27 , 1S95 ,
mrdered Actres Madge Yo-k , came
a at Jl:05 o'clock to-day witn a ver-
ict of guilty of murder in the first
They Sonnd the Campaign Keynote f <
IUmctulIWni ,
Saratooa , N. Y „ Juno 20. TI
Democratic State convention mcthci
yesterday and adopted a platfon
which is an appeal to Democrats i
other states to sustain the pledge coi
ta' .ned in the Sherman law , which wi
passed by a Democratic Congress an
approved by a Democratic Presiden
This pledge was that "the efforts c
the government should be steadil
directed to the establishment of sue
a safe system of bimetalism as wi
muihtain at all times the equal powc
of every dollar coined or issued by th
United States in the markets or i
payment of debts. "
The platform represents tiie wjshc
of Senator Hill and ex-Secretary c
the Navy William C. Whitney.
David B. Hill , Edward Murphy
Roswell P. Flower and Frederick 11
Coudert were elected delegates a
To Shout for Itland.
Toi'RKA , Kan. , June 27. The Kan
sas Democratic Flambeau club of I hi
city held a rousing meeting last nigh
and decided by u unanimous vote t
attend the Democratic national con
vention at Chicago and furnish a pyrotechnic
technic display there in the Blam
demonstration on the evening o
July 0.
Quay to Ahsist Ilaiiua.
Caxto.v , Ohio , June 27. Ex-Gover
nor McKinley and Mark A.IIannaden ;
that any selectious have been madi
for the national executive committei
except that Senator Quay has beei
offered the chairmanship. There wil
also be an advisory committee , o
which II. II. Kohlsaat of Chic.igo wil
probably' be a member as will als <
Cornelius W. Bliss of New York.
Des Moines , June 12. J. S. Lord , o
Des Moines , has been granted a copy
right for a publication entitled , • ' ! >
Ray-s Practically Illustrated. " A.W
McFarland , of West Bend , la. , ha ;
been granted a Canada patent for hi <
e g and packing separator. A. Gran
burg and J. Ullrich , of Des Moines
have a patent allowed for a zinc mon
ument. J. K. Purintonof Des Moines
has a patent allowed for pans foi
cooking and baking that are coveret
partially with asbestos. British
French and German patents have beei
secured by us for the Duplex type
writer , manufactured by the Duplex
Typewriter Co. , of Des Moines. A. S ,
Dennis , of Des Moines , has a pateut
nllowed for a typographical -adding
machine having digit bearing keys (10 ( ;
tt 'dapted to be operated likt
a. typewriter for printing and add
ing a series of numbers unlimited as
to the quantity of the component
digits. Valuable information about
obtaining , valuing and selling patent ?
sent free to any address. Printed
jopics of the drawings and specifica
tions of any United States patent sent
upon receipt of 25 cents. Our practice
is not confined to Iowa. Inventors in
other states can have our services upon -
on the same terms as the Hawkeyes.
Thomas G. and J. Ralimi Orviq ,
Solicitors of Patents.
An Enthusiastic Crowd.
Much enthusiasm has developed al
Lincoln and vicinity over tiie Nebraska
Silver Train which it is proposed shall
leave Lincoln Sunday , July 5th. at S:0 ( !
a. m. , via the Fremont. Elkhorn v.
Missouri Valley R. R. to Missouri Val
ley , thence C. & X.W. . running through
to Chicairo by daylight.
Hon. W. J. Bryan has signified his
intention of going with this train.
The national delegates , alternates and
all prominent men of the party have
also arranged to join this train. We
are authorized to extend a cordial and
special invitation to all Democrats and
believers in bimetalism , and it is speci
ally and earnestly desired that the
Nebraska Silver Train shall excel that
Di any other state in the number of
surnest and enthusiastic bimetalists it
shall carry into Chicago.
The railroad fare has been reduced
to half rates from all points , and the
incidental expenses will not be large.
Everyone should make it a point to get
up as large a delegation as possible
from their vicinity , and we will assure
pou that ail will be accorded a hearty
Delegates and their friends from
joints on the F. , E. & M. V. R. R.
wishing to join this train from Lincoln ,
should apply to the nearest agent of
he above road for particulars as to the
Jest way to make connection with the
rain. Arrangements for special ser-
• ice will be made for large sized par
lies from branch line points.
The official headquarters will be at
he Clifton House , Chicago.
C. S. J ones , Lincoln.
A. T. Bi.ackuurx. Atkinson.
Lee Hkhdmax , Omaha.
Quotations I' rom Xciv York , Chicago , St.
i.ouiOmuha and t Ucwhcre.
Uutter Creamery separator . IC © 18
ilutter Kasr to ; rood country. 30 fe J2
: ? - Fre .h fe' < & U
'oultry Li\e hen .per tt t > & U5i
: j > rinr ; Chicken- 14 ' 13
.emons-Choice .Mesbint 5.7j ( & ' . , ' 75
) ringe- > 1 * 1 Lo\ - . " 0 dr : i 75
lay I'pland. ton 4 . " > 0 < & (5 ( fX )
io s i.i ht Mi.\ed o. > . a OrjJ
.loss Heavy \\ei ht < 3 0J % . ' , ' tij
leef tteer J0i < 4 0'
iulls • _ ' 10 ( jr. ! ) j
Hiker. , anu.printers 22 00 wi' : W
• ta ' - -Z : ( , © 325
'alves 'Z : m U > 5 00
'ows i. > 0 ( t : : : a
leifers 2.0 dx : ; 15
Itockers and Feeders 2 75 < & : ; 69
Vesterns a JJ < & a 5 <
Vheat Xo. 2 , spring 50 % 6'f
Torn Per bu 2. ® I7'i
iats I'er bu ir. & lj ( ,
'ork 7 i ( ! Cz 7 1.1
• aid 4 10 di 4 12j ;
attle hoice Reeve : i M < z 4 .1
loirs Ave rases 3 15 < & 3 ' "O
heep Lamb- 3 ( w © G L0
iTheat N'o. . . ' , led winter. 02 0 % CZ7i
orn Xo. i , : w-Qx 34
lass No. 2 21 raj 21 ; :
ork 9 75 ( ifl'i 25
ard 4 35 fs i 50
Theat No. 2 red , cash 'A @ 54'J
orn Perbu : . - , ( . - .vs
at-s Per bu ic qt. J6 i
logs Mixed pat-kin : : 3 co ( if. : : : t )
attle Native shipping teers 3 3J < < 4 25
KANtAsCliV. j
Thcat No. 2 hard 49 ft. 50 |
orn No. 2 22 < & sZ'i
ats Xo.2 ig ( 1G > $ :
attls * Stcckersand feeder ? . . 2 K ) c . 3 G5 1
og > Mixed a CO < & 3 15
deep Lambs 3 to • . . - , ; { . {
deep Muttons i 10 < & 3 fcO |
1I I
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
J ho ItetnurkKblo Testimony of a Hiwlmnih I
and Wife to the Vlrtuou of Dr. William * " * ! T J
Pink I'llht for 1'alo I'enplo.
4- i
From the Wave , Odell , Nebranka. j
A reporter of the Wave having J
heard of the great faith Mr. and Mrs. • <
I. O. Drace. of Odell , Nebraska , have- ,
lu the curative properties of Dr. Wil- /
llama * Pink Tills for Pale People , determined - j
termined to see the partlcn in person. *
and ascertain the truth of the reports. ,
With that purpose In vlejv tt drive- ,
was taken to their tine farm a few
miles west of town , where Mrs. Bruce J
was found busily engaged In assisting- %
her husband make wlro fence. No
doubt noticing our surprise , she apolo
gized , saying "that the children were
old enough to be of much help with tho-
liousework , and she thus had time to *
assist her husband.
"But Is it possible that you have recovered - '
covered so as to do work requiring the
constant use of your arm . without ,
suffering ? " asked the reporter.
This question elicited the following
wonderful story : "I do not wonder
that you tire surprised , uuid Mrs. j
Brace , for as every one In this vicinity • |
knows for several years I was nearly
crippled and suffered constantly from ,1
rheumatism. AVhen I first felt the attack - I
tack I got medicine from a local phy- 1
slclan , but instead of getting better \
1 grew worse , until I suffered Intense | "i
agony , which no one who has not had {
the dread disease can understand. Irt
hopes of relief , leading physicians ln. <
other towns were consulted , and they' J
all agreed In pronouncing It a severe j .
case of muscular rheumatitun , and as 1
their prescriptions were taken month '
after month without beneficial results , ,
they ceased to give encouragement , 1
and said that I was gradually becom
ing paralyzed. '
"I had by that time become so crippled - ,
pled that I had to give up all wotk ,
and the only way I could carry my
right arm was in an upright position.
Any attempt to lower it caused ex
cruciating pain. Constant sufft-rSng-
caused general debility , and life seemed. 1
too great a burden to bear It is said. ! ,
a drowning man will catch at a straw , .
and so it was in my case , as I read a j
testimonial in a newspaper f happened |
to pick tip , of a case similar to mine , 1
which had been cured by Pink 1-MIh X
for Pale People , and I determined to > 't '
give them a trial. j
"I admit my faith waa weak , for I
had always been prejudiced against ' .
so-called patent medicines , but by the *
: time 1 had taken three boxea the relief
was so apparent that I determined to-
continue their use. In a few weeks rny
general health improved , and I could
move my arm without dlfliculty. and' , '
by the time ten boxes Iiad been used r
felt better than I had' for years , and I
can now say with confidence that 1 ; um
cured. I always keep the pills In the
house and take a box of them every
spring as a blood purifier , and at any | , '
time that 1 take cold and f'iur a return w
of my old trouble. " T
Continuing , Mrs. Brace said : "I jjve- f I
all the credit of my recovery to Dr. J
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People , 1 M
and both my husband and I shall always - " J
ways be ready to speak In their praise.
We tell our neighbors on every ot-ca- i
sion of their virtues , and if you think : A
this is sufllelfnt Interest we will bf glad m
to have this testimonial made public , . T
hoping that it may be of benefit to- 1
those who otherwise would he lifc-lcng- /
sufferers. " / •
' (
To confirm her story beyond alt
doubt , Mrs. Brace made affidavit. ' - |
Subscribed and sworn to het'or * * nr.o „ >
F. R. .Tov , a notary public , on this 28th ,
dav of March. . 1S9R.
( Seal. ) F. R. JOY , Not.iry Public.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain , in
a condensed form , all the Heincits
necessary to give new life and richness
to the blood and restore shattered
nerves. Pink Pills are sold by all deal
ers , nr will be sent post paid on receipt
of price. 50 cents a box , or six boxes for ' )
$2.50 ( they are never sold in bulk < .r by j
the 100) , by addresing Dr Williams"
Med. Co. . Schenectady , N Y.
Godey's Magazine for July. <
Godey ' s Magazine for July begins the /
133d volume of the well-known old
publication and is a good specimen ol •
the pioneer in its modern form. The j
number opens with two timelj * arti
cles. The first of these is from the pen. <
of a traveler in Persia , and describes. ,
with the jjaid of numerous pictures , j
some of the characteristics of the coun
try , which is always an important
factor in the PZastern Question , and hat 1
recently come into particular prominence - \
nonce on account of the assassination W\
Shah : while no less timely and inter- \ resting
esting is a description of the Training m j
and Life in the Xew York Fire De- fM
partment , from which a delegation dm
went to the International Firemen'i M
Tournament that began in London H
July 19. The Godey Company , 52 La- AM
fayette Place , New York. B
The July number of Harper ' s Magazine - , M
zine ( to be published next Monday } § M\
will open with a paper on General H
Washington and the period of the Kev- M
elution , by Woodrow Wilson. Hardy M
has a historic person been made so real JBm
; md human as Washington here appears - |
pears , in camd and on the battle-field M
no less than in the Virginia House oi 'f m
Hurgesses or at his .Mount Vernon |
plantation. Mr. Pjie's illustration of AW
iiistoric scenes worthily accompany WM
Professor Wilson ' s admirable studies : ' H
3f colonial life and politics. In com- * H
nemoration of the ' centenarian of IQmM
leveland , the number will contain an mMu
ilustrated paper on the distinctive H
maracteristics of Ohio , as shown in the , H
ievelopment of that state , by Presi- MM
lent Charles F. Thwing , of the West- § M\
: rn Ileserve University. WM
General Fitzhugh Lee , Consul-Gen- WM
: ral to Cuba , has written to the July JH
. ' entury an account ofThe Failure of H
; he Hampton Conference , " which was H
leld in February , 1SG5 , in the eifort tc H
jring about peace between the North H
tnd the South. General Lee introduces H
in unpublished letter from Jefferson. H
Davis , and one from Robert M. T. H
iunter , who was one of the three Con- H
ederate commissioners. AU
A court in France ha3 decided that J l
t is not unlawful to aid and abet or
afiuence workingmen to strike. $ m\ \
It is proposed to change labor day in | H
> hld from the first Monday in Sept em- J3
er to the last Saturday in August.i H
Ucfierrcakers and iron ship builders. MW
iay affiliate with the x\aierican Fed- MW
ration ofLabor after the next con- J M %
Fifteen Ihundred employes of the- |
iib < ? worlb at McKeesport * . Pehnsyl- LA
ania , have joined the Iron and Steel- . f PB
x - < imwmm