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Further Instructions.
INDIANOLA , Neb. , August 29 , 1895.
91 Mr. F. M. KIMMELI-Dear Sir : Hay-
lug received further instructions in regard -
gard to the law in regard to free attendance -
ance at public high schools , I wish to
have the following published :
An examination will be held at Mc-
Cook in the high school building , east
ward , Saturday , August 17th , for those
pupils living in the west part of the
county who wish to enter the high
school next year and receive the benefits
of the free attendance law.
PROVISION I , Section r , requires a
certificate of proficiency from the county
superintendent. This certificate will be
issued by the county superintendent
only under one or the other of the following -
lowing conditions :
I. The county surperintendent must
' have personal knowledge of the fact , era
a certificate from the director and last
teacher , that the pupil has completed
satisfactorily the work laid out in the
state course of study for common schools.
2. Specialexaminations. Students who
cannot meet the conditions stated above
may receive the necessary certificate only
after passing a satisfactory examination.
This examination will be held this year
on August 17th , at such place as may be
arranged by the county superintendent.
The questions will be furnished by the
state superintendent ; the county superintendent -
intendent will inspect the papers and
pass upon their merits. The examination -
tion will cover the following requirements -
ments :
READING-Ability to read with correct -
rect understanding and good expression
various selections furnished by the ex-
ARITHMETIC-Ability to use numbers
readily and accurately in the fundamental -
tal processes , decimals , fractions , compound -
pound numbers and measurements , and
the general principles of percentage , interest -
terest and proportion ,
-Especially the relation and dependence -
ence of the parts of sentences , writing
letters and descriptions in good language
and form , correct use of plurals , possessives -
sives , capitals , etc.
A good general knowledge of geography -
phy , United States history and physiology -
ogy , orthography and penmanship will
be fudged from papers submitted in other
These papers will also be considered
in marking the candidate in language.
State Superintendent.
Mr. Corbett in a letter further states
that "Students now enrolled in high
schools who are entitled to full tuition
under this law , and all others about
whose fitness there is no question ,
should receive the certificate without
examination" . J. H. BAYSTON ,
County Superintendent.
A Sad Case.
Mrs. Bart J. Doyle , who was adjudged
insane by the board of insanity , last
Friday afternoon , was on Monday eve-
' ping taken to Lincoln for treatment in
the state asylum. Her husband , sister
Mrs. Fitzgerald , and brother Ed. Farrell ,
accompanied her on her sad journey.
Mrs. Doyle came here from Wymore
on a visit to relatives , was taken ill with
Pneumonia and insanity of a violent
form quickly developing. She is the
mother of four children , all under six
years of age.
Mr. Doyle has been working at Sheridan -
dan for some time. He and all the relatives -
tives of the afflicted woman have the
sympathy of all.
Eastern Land Agents.
On next Tuesday evening , August 13 ,
a Burlington special , carrying some
85 eastern land agents , will arrive in our
city , on a tour of this section of Nebras-
ka. They will take supper here , and
will then proceed up the Frenchman
line as far as Imperial , returning the
same night. They will then go on west
as far as Haigler and perhaps to Denver.
The party is made up of real estate
dealers from Ohio , Indiana , Iowa , liii-
nois , Missouri and other eastern states.
And they are guests of the Burlington ,
over whose extensive lines they are being -
ing carried for the purpose of advertising
the country through which the company
lines run.
Doubtless great and good results may
be expected to follow from such a corn-
mendable and characteristic enterprise.
Southwestern Nebraska promises to be
in fine condition to receive this notable
, company.
A Fable With a Moral.
Said the sheriff to the merchant , don't
advertise , I will do the rest.
Moral : It pays to advertise. .
Machine oils at McConnell's.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
- Awarded Gold Medal Midwinter Fier , Sun Frmdsea.
k .
Machine oils at McConnell's.
C. M. Noble has decided to remain in
the A. O.U. W. temple building.
Lawn Sprinklers and hose and hose
couplings. COCHRAN & CO.
There are a lap robe and a pair of
boy's shoes at THE TRIBUNE office for
the owners.
"Vox Populi" still lives. He or she
writes theCulbertson , items in the Trenton -
ton Republican.
Cochran & Co. handle the best Refrigerators -
frigerators in the market. A large stock
now on hand.
M. H. Johnston of Driftwood has an
ugly , painful hand , caused by a sliver
entering the member.
George Meyers' foot and a horse's hoof
collided , the other day , with painful results -
sults to George's foot.
We draw the line on sprinkling cabbages -
bages with Paris green. It's conspiring
with the undertaker :
The Methodist Sunday school indulged
in a delightful picnic , yesterday , in Go-
been's grove , south of the city.
The base ball game on Wednesday afternoon -
ternoon between the Culbertson and Mc-
Cook clubs was a victory far the Culbert-
son combination in a decisive score of
13 to 8.
There was a little hair pulling escapade -
pade at the tent , last Saturday evening ,
after services , between two women , the
result , we hear it stated , of too much
Arapahoe is classical : When they
have an "evening rag" down there the
newspapers announce "a soiree dansante
by the elite" . And yet they do "rag
scandalously" .
E. F. Flitcraft attempted to cut a right
handed piece of meat , the other day ,
with his left hand , and the doctor has
been looking after the injured member
since the unfortunate day.
"To be trusted is a greater compliment
than to be loved" , once said a great
man. If that is true there are several
people in our subscription books that
ought to feel highly honored.
The prospects for the early establishment -
ment of an administration democratic
paper in this graveyard do not seem to
be as roseate or immediate as they ap
peared to be a week or two ago.
The Democratic county central committee -
mittee met here on Tuesday of this
week and prepared a call for a county
convention in Indianola on August I9th.
The call is published elsewhere in this
issue by request.
The C. 0. D. grocery store is moving
across the Main street today into the
Fair store building , J. W. McKenna having -
ing purchased the stock from A. M.
Drew , who expects , we understand , to
go elsewhere and engage in business.
The new anti-cigarette law went into
effect August 1st. It forbids the manufacture -
facture , sale , keeping for sale , or the
giving or furnishing to persons under 21
years of age any cigarettes or cigarette
paper. The penalty for violation of this
law is a fine of ten to fifty dollars.
Look at the date ony our paper after
your name and see if you are paid up to
date. If not , get ready to PAY UP. The
crops are coming on in good shape now.
We want our pay and shall expect every
one to square up before the new year is
closed. Look to your mailing tag.
The Rocky Mountain News , published
at Denver , Colo. , is the only daily Populist -
list paper in the nation. Its cartoon ,
apropos to the times , with every issue , is
worth the subscription , and it is full ,
fair and strong for the cause of reform , .
Daily , 65c. per month ; Weekly , $ r in
advance. Send 5c. for a sample copy.
The Pythian band has been invited to
consolidate with the Indianola band and
play at St. Joe during the great races
September Loth to 15th. The Indianola
boys have been invited to come up here ,
next Tuesday evening , and indulge in a
joint practice with the Pythians. If
such an arrangement could be perfected ,
it would give both of the boys a pleasant
Sing a song of penitence , a fellow full
of rye , four and twenty serpents dance
before his eye. When his eye was opened -
ed he shouted for his life , wasn't he a
pretty chump to go before his wife ? His
hat was in the parlor underneath a chair ,
his boots were in the hallway ; his coat
was on the stair ; hs trousers in the
kitchen , his collar on the shelf , but he
hadn't any notion where hewas himself.
When the morn was breaking , someone
heard him call ; his head was in the ice
box , and that was best of all.-Ex.
Alfalfa Is King.
We again want to call the attention of
our farmers to alfalfa culture. From a
furtherexamination of the reports received -
ceived by C. F. Babcock we find that
the results published , last week , are if
anything below the average.
The following list of alfalfa growers
report the product and value per acre
for 1894 as follows :
Perry Stone , . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 00
S. E. Solomon ; Culbertson. . . . . . . . 7o oo
H. J. Cox , Benkelman. . . . . . . . . . . . 56 oo
C. W. McCombs , Wilsonville. . . . . . 6o oo
I. S. Meyer , Hendley. . . . . . . . . . . . . 90 oo
0. W. Clark , Beaver City. . . . . . . . . 7500
The average amount of seed sown per
acre , twenty pounds. A majority of
growers say the best time for seeding is
n March , April and May.
0. W. Clark of Beaver City says "No
fear of frosts" , and Mr. Clark has been
growing alfalfa for thirteen years.
C. E. Adams of Superior seeds in
April , May and September , Mr. Adams
reports having sown 20 pounds per acre
on 100 acres on the 20 , 22 , 23 , 24 of May ,
this year , on sod that was broken in
April and May , 1895 , and on July 28 , 1896 ,
cut I'z tons peracre. But the majority of
the growers say to thoroughly eradicate
the wild nature of the soil , especially the
low bottom lands that have more or less
clay Nearly all recommend broadcast
seeding , and say drill seeding compacts
the roots.
In view of the results herein shown , in
the dryest year in Nebraska history ,
with a soil particularly well adapted to
alfalfa , with no hardpan underneath to
check the growth of the roots or hold
the water too near the surface , and with
the showing made by such men as J. S.
Schmitz and R. P. High on land So and 75
feet above water , it appears to us the
day of redemption for southwestern Nebraska -
braska is at hand , and it rests enrirely
with our farmers. It is thoroughly demonstrated -
strated that the bottom and bench lands
are all capable of producing the same results -
sults as shown above. Now let every
farmer on the uplands prepare at least
5 acres of his farm. by deep plowing and
sub-soiling and in the spring seed his al-
falfa. You farmers who want to sell try
this and in a year you will have a field
of alfalfa that will cause you to raise the
price or withdraw your land from market -
ket and conclude that this countryis
good enough for you.
Lack of Courtesy.
We are enabled , this week , by copying
the same from the McCook Times-Dem-
crat , to present our readers with the text
of the call for the Republican Judicial
convention. But for lack of common
courtesy-not to speak of political pro-
priety-either on the part of Chairman
J. E. Kelley of this city , or Secretary
0. E. Butterfield of Haigler , we , would
have published the call last week.
Or , perhaps it was an oversight. We
would rather be charitable , if the facts
would warrant it. Eh ?
Land ! Land ! Land !
I have the largest list of lands on my
books of any agency in southwestern
Nebraska , and all of these lands can be
bought right and at prices that will make
the purchaser money. But in addition
to my regular list I have a few tracts
upon which I took options , last spring ,
and for the next 6o days I can sell these
lands at dry weather prices. There are
some very fine alfalfa lands among them.
C. F. BABCocK.
Office on } lain St. , opposite hotel.
Having purchased the Fair store I
have decided to sell for cash only and
will make prices accordingly. Thanking -
ing you for past favors I am ,
Respectfully yours ,
Binding Twine.
10,000 Pounds of binding twine for
sale by the McCook Commission Co. at
5 cents a pound. It will work on any
Machine oils at McConnell's.
Consult Holmes Bros. , the carpenters.
Buy a patent lever hose coupler from
Cochran & Co.
A. M. Drew is moving his goods into
Rooney & McAdams' feed store.
Rev. Armstrong spoke on the subject
of "Patriotism" at the A. P. A. hall , last
evening , to a large audience.
We understand that Knipple expects
to open a branch store in the old Stein-
metz store roomsoonwith Grant Thompson -
son in charge.
Fifteen ( I5) ) cents will buy a box of
nice writing paper at this office , containing -
taining 24 sheets of paper and 24 envel-
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Award.
WILL S. JAY represented the State
Journal here , last Friday.
H. P. WAITR made a trip down to
Cambridge , Tuesday morning on 8o.
Culbertson were city visitorsWednesday.
JOSEPH OSBORN went down to Edison ,
Wednesday , to spend a week on busi-
I. N. CLOVER and son were up from
Bartley , Tuesday , on some private busi-
GLEN CARRUTH was able to return to
his position in Denver , last Thursday
to Stratton , Wednesday , on business of
the law.
J. F. MAJORS was up from York , close
of last week , on a brief visit to relatives
and friends here.
Mrs. A. J. CLUTE is entertaining' her
mother and sister , Mrs , and. Miss Vineyard -
yard of Hastings.
MRS. A. S. CAMPBELL returned home ,
Sunday evening , from a visit to her parents -
ents in Hastings.
MRS. NELLIE HODGKIN came up from
Bartley , close of last week , on a visit of
a month or longer.
MRS. F. D. BURGESS returned home ,
early in the week , after an absence of
about two weeks.
CAPTAIN J. M. LEE of Oxford was in
town , Monday , distributing state fair
advertising matter.
F. B. LEWIS was in Lincoln over Sunday -
day , guest of his sister , Mrs. Hattie F.
Lewis of the capital city.
MRS. J. E. ALLEN returned , Tuesday
morning , from a delightful visit to her
family at Salt Lake City , Utah.
W.T. LINDSAY arrived home , last
night , from his sad visit to Indianola ,
Iowa , to attend the funeral of his father.
D. L. MCBRIDE is announced by his
Populist admirers of Frontier county as
a candidate for the county- treasurer
MISS MARY WATSON arrived in the
city , Sunday night , from Grand Island ,
and has resumed her position as stenographer -
rapher for P. A. Wells.
BANKER FROST was up from Bartley ,
Saturday evening , exploiting the qualifications -
fications and claims of his favorite candidate -
didate for county clerk.
MRS. J. W. HART and daughter departed -
parted far Auburn , Illinois , Tuesday
morning , after a visit of a week or two
to Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Hart.
JOHN HATFIELD arrived from Decatur ,
Illinois , Wednesday night , to take a
peep at his alfalfa and corn. He may
buy some young steers to feed , during
his stay.
MRS. E. A. HALL and young daughter'
departed for Red Cloud , Monday evening -
ing , to make their home there , where
the doctor has resumed practice of his
C. E. ANDERSON and family left for
Cowles Tuesday morning. He will
work the monument business between
Hastings and Lincoln , making Cowles
his headquarters.
C. A. YONT spent two or three days
in the city , fore part of the week. He
states that crops are looking magnificent
all over this section-finer than in any.
other portion of the state.
W. W. BARNGROVeR and wife were
over from Stockville , Monday , returning
home on the afternoon of that day. We
hear it stated that he is Looking up a 10.
cation in which to practice his profes-
sion-law. His newspaper ambition being -
ing but a side issue.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P Sutton arrived home ,
last Sunday evening , from their outing
in Yellowstone Park. They have
"cached" all the big game , but the
fish-they may be seen in Babcock's
real estate window.
C. D. FULLER , state committeeman ,
came down from Imperial , Tuesday- evening -
ning , on his way to Lincoln to attend a
meeting of the Republican state central
committee , which convened in the capital -
tal city on Wednesday. He indicated
that the convention would likely be a
late one.
I.V. . HENSLEY of Lincoln , who is
traveling representative of Raymond
Bros. , the wholesale grocers of Lincoln ,
has made McCook his headquarters , and
he and wife have taken rooms at Mrs.
Vina Wood's. Mr. H. was formerly in
the employ of J. C. Ailen here. He has
been with the company in Lincoln , and
now takes the road for the company in
this territory.
( Under this head we invite the ministry of the
city to contribute freely of any and alt church news
of interest to their arious organizations. J
ular quarterly meeting of the Methodist
church here , Monday evening.
METHODIST-Sunday school at ten
o'clock and Epworth League at seven
o'clock. No preaching services morning
or evening.
EPISCOPAL-Services morning and
evening at the usual hours. Sunday
sbhool at ten o'clock- .
REV. R. L. KNox , Rector.
The Methodist. brethren granted Rev.
A. G. Forman a vacation of thirty days
and will take a vacation of a similar
length of time themselves , holding nothing -
ing but Sunday school and League services -
vices for the next few weeks.
CONGREGATIONAL-Sunday school at
10 a , m. Preaching at II a , m. by Rev.
George E. Taylor. Endeavor society at
8 p. m. ; leader , Norma Noble. Prayer
meeting , Wednesday evening , at S p , m.
Sunday school lawn social , Tuesday evening -
ning , August 13th , at residence of Mr.
G. A. Noren.
The Baptist tent meetings will , likely
continue another week. There were four
more immersions , Wednesday , making
eight in all since the meetings opened.
The services are well attended notwithstanding -
standing the warm weather , and a lively
interest has been aroused in spiritual
BAPTIST-The services will continue
in the tent , next week , conducted by
Rev. T. K. Tyson of Lincoln. The services -
vices on Sunday will be held in the tent
as usual , conducted by the pastor , G. L.
Allen. As this will be Pastor Allen's
last Sunday with the church here before
he leaves for Rochester , New York , it is
desired that all the members of the
church be present.
REV. AND MRS. A. G. FORMAN departed -
parted , last night , for Denver and the
mountains , to enjoy an outing of a few
weeks ; he having recently- been granted
a vacation of a mouth by the official
board of the church. They may spend
some of the time in camp either at Colorado -
rado Springs or Manitou , although they
have not made any final arrangements
for the pleasant outing they anticipate.
Binding Twine.
10,000 pounds of binding twine for sale
by the McCook Commission Co , at 5
cents a pound. It will work on any
Reduced Ticket Rate.
August Ilth and 12th the Burlington
Route will sell round trip tickets to Denver -
ver for one fare. For information regarding -
garding limit of tickets , trains etc. , call
on or address C. E. MAGNER , Agent.
Free Silver for McCook.
We have received the first lot ( $200
worth ) of triple and quadruple plate
silverware which we will give away to
our customers. These are fine goods.
Make your purchases and select what
you need at once.
We Have Another
Carload of that famous White Bread
flour-we make right prices on this.
Fresh vegetables , every day , kept attractive -
tractive under our water spray.
We have a large sale on our Breakfast
bacon and Picnic hams. Give them a
Pure kettle-rendered Lard and Coto-
suet always on hand.
We have something important for you
in future.
Machine oils at McConnell's.
Try McMillen's NEW perfumes.
Machine oils at McConnell's.
Princes Violet Perfume at McMillen's.
Try Stolen Sweets Perfume at McMil-
Syringa Blossoms Perfume at McMil-
Buy a patent lever hose coupler from
Cochran & Co.
Good writing paper ten cents a quire
at this office.
Screen doors and wire cloth , all sizes ,
for sale by Cochran & Co.
Screen doors and wire cloth , all sizes ,
for sale by Cochran & Co.
Hail insurance in a good company
written by C. J. RYAN.
Lawn Sprinklers and hose and hose
couplings. COCHRAN & Co.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder
World's Fair Highest Medil aad Diplom.s.
- . . , .
T- - r rp.- na.n-arsltaar
- . . iiI
Have Paid in Fuli.
Dr. E. E. Faulkner , vice president of
the Woodmen accident association of
Lincoln , is in the city. He comes to
, .
pay to Mrs. Sarah A. Haley the sum of I.
$2,000 on her husband , the late B. V.
Haley , who was recently killed in a railroad - , / . F
road wreck , and who carried a policy in
this company. S ,
The promptness of this company in
paying their claim will make it many
friends and every Modern Woodman of
America should carry a policy in the
association and give it their '
hearty sup- . ,
port. r ,
This company is a Nebraska enterprise
and the first six mouths of this year Paid
in death losses and indemnities about ii
$2ooob. Mrs. Haley wishes to add the
following :
MCCooK , Neb. , August 5 . 1895.
Woodman Accident Association , Lincoln -
coln , NeI . , Gentlemen : In acknowlcd b
ing the ; receipt of $2,000 paid me this day
by your agent , in full for policy carried
by my husband in the Woodmeti Accident -
dent Association , I feel it my duty to
express . to you my sincerest tliankQ for
the promptness and fairness displayed "
by you in the settlement of this claim. I
Were it not for the insurance money received -
ceived , myself and little ones would be ,
in a very helpless condition , and if the
good wives and mothers would give the
matter of accident insurance more ' Y
thought and urge their husbands to
become members , there would be fewer
dependent widows and orphans. Withi
wishes for your success , Very truly ,
A Successful Social.
There was a large and delighted audience -
ence present at the "National" social or
reception given by the members of Mc-
Cook lodge No. I , Star of Jupiter , Tues
day evening of this week , in the A. 0.
U. W. temple. The large hall was comfortably -
fortably filled by members and friends ,
and the evening was very- comfortably
and enjoyably passed.
The program as arranged and prepared
by Mrs. Utter was excellent and pleasing -
ing , consisting of both vocal and instrumental -
mental numbers , all of which were rendered -
dered in good form and well received by
the audience.
Brief remarks by J. A. Wilcox and i
A. G. Forman preceded the regular pro-
pram of the evening.
At the conclusion of this feature of the
evening's entertainment , refreshments
were announced , partners for the same
being selected by numbers , which added -
ded to the social success of the reception. ;
Ice cream and cake were served in the
banquet room of the temple , and this
part of the affair was as thoroughly en-
joyed. as the other items which made up
an occasion upon which the lodge is to
be congratulated. ; I
Coming Events.
State fair , Omaha , September 13 to 20. i ,
Peoples' Independent state convention ,
Lincoln , August 2S.
Free silver democratic state convention -
tion , Omaha , August 22.
Straight democratic state convention ,
Lincoln , September 5.
Peoples' Independent judicial convention -
tion , 14th Nebraska district. McCook ,
Sepetember 7.
Seventeenth annual Nebraska G. A. R.
reunion , Hastings , August 26 to 3r.
Republican judicial convention , 14th
Nebraska districtMcCoolcSeptember i8.
Red Willow county fair , Indianola ;
September 9 , 10 II , 12.
in a Substantial Condition.
The quarterly report of the Citizens
Bank of McCook appears in this issue ,
showing that old and conservative banking -
ing institution to he in substantial condition -
dition ; and especially is this fact note
worthy when we consider the perilous
times through which the banks of the
country have been compelled to go by
reason of the continued hard times
which have followed the panic of 1894.
McCook and Red Willow county are
to be congratulated upon the fact that
all her banks stood the crucial test iii
good shape , and are now in substantial ,
encouraging condition.
Camp Meeting.
There will be a camp meeting held in
the park at Cambridge , commencing
August 16th , and will continue ten days.
It will be under the auspices of the Evangelical -
gelical church ; Rev.S.B.QillowP.E.will
have charge , and a number of able ministers -
isters will be there. We expect to be
able to furnish tents to those who will
tent on the grounds , free of charge.
Transportation will also be at the usual
reduction for such occasions on the
B. & M. railroad. E. W. ZROOKER ,
Pastor Cambridge Mission.
House For Rent.
A new five-room dwelling on north
Madison street , corner of Dudley. Inquire -
quire of
, -