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    Preston, Tdano, Dec. 26, *93.
Gentlemen:—I have taken twelve bottles of
Four Nervine and it has done me much good.
can do now in a day what used to take me a
week. 1 am a music teacher and used to suf
fer from brain fatigue after protracted work,
out now that has entirely left me, and in
stead of sleepless nights I can sleep soundly
lor eight or ten hours. For this great relief I
gire the sole credit to Dr. Miles’ Nervine.
Yours truly, PROF. L. D. EDWARDS.
Mrs. Henry Zorn, of 106 Rosette St., New
Havon, Ct., writes:—
“I feel it my duty to tell what your Nervine
has done for me. I had suffered nearly 3
years with my head. First I had severe head
aches and during the last year dizziness,
pressure and throbbing in the brain. I have
taken three bottles of Dr. Miles’ Restorative
Nervine, and my head is nearly well.
.... . ' '
“Last February I felt very 111. Consulting
our home physicians, they pronounced it
womb trouble of long standing. The doc
tor said I must go to the hospital and have
an operation performed—it was all that
would help me. They performed the opera
tion, but I was no better mentally when I re
turned home. One morning a friend told me
of your remedies. I had no faith, but thought
I would try them. My husband got me a bot
tle of Dr. Miles* Nervine, and that night I
slept well and commenced to get better right
along." MRS. T. C. SALT, Osseo, Wis.
' -,y» '3s?:5
Dr. Miles Medical Co.:
My heart was so deranged that at times my
pulse would get so very weak that it was
very difficult to keep up circulation. I could
not sleep well. Was subject to distressing
pains in back of head. My physician treated
me for sympathetic heart trouble, doing me
no good whatever. In fact he plainly told
me lie could not cure me. I have used 3 bot
tles of Nervine and am thankful to say I
have been relieved of all my bad symptoms.
Specht, Ohio, Sept. 18, *93.
Gentlemen:—I have waited to see it my old
trouble would return, before writing you
concerning your medicine. I have taken 1!4
bottles of hiervine and think the other Vt
bottle will cure me entirely. Sly arms, that
were once so painful, are now quite well. I
would not have them the way they were for
any money. I recommend the medicine to
all who are afflicted as I was, for I am great
ly relieved. You can publish 11;is if you wish.
Yours truly, SIRS. SI. J. TOPE.
Gentlemen:—You know more about the
horrible distressed feeling of a nervous per
son than my pen can describe, but I desire to
say that about, four weeks ago I could not
walk across the floor, I was so weak. My
brother got me a bottle of your Nervine and
after taking a few doses I felt better. When
tlie bottle was all used I was able to be at my
work again. Yours truly,
Anderson, Ind., Aug. 8 1893.
Gentlemen:—For8 years I suff
ered from nervous prostration,
sleeplessness, nervous debility,
headache, in fact, life was
miserable. One bottle of
Dr. Miles’ Nervine cured
me. It is a wonderful
remedy. Mrs. AjM.Hanna.
Mrs. J. Gardner, of Vistula, Ind., wrote us 8
years ago:—For eight years 1 was subject to
spasms. Home days I would have from forty
to fifty and would remain unconscious for
hours and my joints would become stiff. I was
long subject to severe headaches, dizziness,
back ache and palpitation of the heart, and
was unfit for work. Afler taking Dr. Miles’
Restorative Nervine a while I was entirely
Cured. The same lady writes from Goshen,
Ind., June 3, ’93:—I have not had a spasm
since being cured five years ago.
GentlemenI cannot describe the numb,
creepy sensation that existed In my arms,
hands and legs. In addition I had a strange
weakness in my back and around my waist.
Physicians said It was creeping paralysis.
I procured a bottle of Dr. Miles’Restorative
Nervine and began using It. Marvelous as it
may seem, but a few days had passed before
every bit of that creepy feeling had left me,
and there has not been even the slightest in
dication of Its return.
LaRuc, Ohio. JAMES KANE.
Last year extreme nervousness manifested
Itself In my condition. I kept growing worse
from day to day until I lost my speech and
all control of myself. I knew what was going
on about me, Dut was helpless. I began
to recover my speech and power to walk, ow
ing entirely to the use of Ur. Miles’ Restora
tive Nervine, and after using this wonderful
remedy several months I was perfectly well,
greatly to the astonishment of those who
knew of my case. „
MISS GENA HULL, Waukesha, Wls.
It is well to bear in mind that Dr. Miies was the first to place before the public a scientific remedy for the treatment of nervous diseases—a reme
dy that was the result of years of careful study and patient investigation. The remarkable success of the Restorative Nervine has attracted much
attention, and as a consequence to-day Dr. Miles has many imitators, who advertise remedies to cure nervous diseases. A careful investigation of
the advertisements of these imitators will show that they are attempting to sell their medicines by means of a great flourish of trumpets rather than
upon their merits as scientific and reliable remedies. “Be ye not deceived."
The following list of affections will give those persons who have paid little attention to the subject an idea of the number and variety of nervous
diseases, for which Dr. Miles’ great Restorative Nervine, a brain and nerve food as well as medicine, is a new and remarkable remedy. As a very general
rule nervons troubles are not well understood* Most people imagine that to have a nervous disorder one must be nervous-shaky. This is a great
error. A large proportion of people afflicted with this class of diseases are not at all nervous. Nervous diseases include all affections of the brain
spinal cord or nerves. "Thus all head troubles, such as fits, headache, dizziness, dullness, pressure, the blues, mania, melancholy and insanity are
n'ervous disorders, no matter how caused; pain or congestion in the spinal cord, which constitutes most backaches, tenderness of back, etc., are spi
nal or nervous diseases; Neuralgia, St. Vitus dance, Cramps, etc.,are nervous troubles. So, too, is a large class of disorders which arise from a weak
ness of the nerves of an organ or part, as weak lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, bladder, eyes, etc.
Apoplexy.— Dr. Wright says; “In advanc
ing life there is associated with headache, dizzi
ness, dullness, etc., a great danger of a far more
serious disease, namely, apoplexy, and it is fortu
nate if it affords you timely warning before the
blood vessels give way and the effusion of blood
takes place.”
Backache—Is usually caused by an irritable
or congested state of the spinal cord. It is of the
same nature as headache, differing only in loca
tion. Dr. Miles has met with many cases in his
private practice in which headache would ex
tend to the back, while in many others the pain
would entirely leave the head and go to the
back. Not a few people have a weak back for
several days after headache.
Bilious Attacks.—Biliousness is of two
kinds, one being caused by malarial germs in the
system,which disturb the stomach and liver; the
other form is purely nervous, and is due, like
sick headache, to an irritable condition of the
brain and upper portion of the spinal cord which
derange the nerves going from the upper part of
the cord to these organs. See Sick Headache. If
the Restorative Nervine is taken in three tea
spoonful doses at the very beginning of the at
tack, before the stomach is much disturbed, the
attack will almost always be prevented.
Blues, Melancholy.—These are not imag
inary complaints, as some uncharitable and not
well-posted people believe. They are as distinct
diseases as headache or neuralgia, with which
they.are often associated. They are the result
of an irritable and exhausted condition of the
Nervous Prostration-Nervousness,Ner
vous Exhaustion.—Nervousness is really a
nervelessness, a weakness. It is the same as
nervous prostration, only of a less degree. It
is often caused by such forms of nervous irrita
tions as headache, dizziness, sleeplessness, care,
anxiety, weakness of the heart, stomach, etc.
Cramps—Are always caused by au irritation
of fhe nerves. They are local spasms. The ner
vous system should be treated. Use the Restor
ative Nervine with confidence. It has performed
many wonderful cures.
Delirium Tremens,-Drunkenness,
Dipsomania. Alcoholic beverages act pow
erfully upon the brain and nervous system.
Many persons inherit a love of drink, which may
be so strong as to constitute a form of mania.
Delirium tremens is an acute form of insanity
caused by*the excessive use of alcoholics. Neu
ralgic pains in the bowels, limbs, etc., frequent
ly attend the habitual use of liquors. The liver
commonly becomes diseased and the whole ner
vous system impaired.
Dizziness.—Dullness, Vertigo, Heavi
ness, Pressure in the head and many other
disagreeable brain symptoms, wear out the brain
and nerves. Causes and treatment the same as
for headache.
Fits.—There are two varieties of this dis
order, the first or severe form is characterized by
convulsions and complete loss of consciousness,
The attack usually begins with a cry. The pa
tient falls insensible, the face becomes pale, the
head is drawn backward or sidewise, the mouth
froths; the teeth are ground together, the tongue
is often bitten. The convulsion lasts from two
to five minutes, when it gradually subsides and
consciousness returns, the patient falls into a
deep sleep, from which he awakes with a feeling
of exhaustion and confusion of the mind. In
the second or lighter form, known as epileptic
vertigo or petitmal, the person suddenly stops;
then goes on as usual.
Headache.—Sick, Nervous or Bilious,
Dizziness, Dullness, Pressure, Etc.
That repeated or prolonged attacks of these dis
orders of the brain predispose it to many forms
of disease can be proven by quotations from a
large number of eminent medical writers. The
poor memory, excessive irritability and nervous
ness which so frequently result from repeated
attacks of headache, indicate in an unmistaka
ble manner that the nutrition of the brain,
and consequently its power of resisting disease,
is impaired. In almost every case of apoplexy,
paralysis, insanity, epileptic convulsions, sun
stroke, inflammation of the brain, etc., there has
previously been much headache.
It is well known to oculists that persons hav
ing weak eyes, which are always more or less
congested, are much more liable to have inflam
mation of these organs than those who have
strong ones. In like manner it can readily be
seen that persons subject to headache are much
more liable to disease of the brain, as it is an
easy matter for the congestion, which accom
panies all headaches, to be fanned into inflam
Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Bil
ious Attacks, Sick Giddiness. We speak
of sick headache more at length, than any other
form of this affection, as it is a typical nervous
disorder, and the one with which the majority of
people are most familiar. Not only are the
masses in almost entire ignorance as to its true
nature, but also physicians. It is commonly
supposed that sick headache is caused by some
derangement of the stomach or liver. This the
ory is unscientific and not sustained by facts.
Everybody knows that injuries and diseases of
the brain often produce vomiting; that the men
tal impression resulting from the sight of a dis
gusting object will cause sickness of the stomach
in many persons. Dr. Miles has demonstrated
that sick headache is also due to a disturbance
of the brain. Out of 632 cases of this order, of
which he has kept careful record during the last
few years, every patient stated that the first
symptoms of an attack were always felt in the
head, and in somacases hours elapsed before the
stomach became deranged. Sick headache after
a few years usually changes into the nervous
Hot Flashes—Rush of Blood to the
Head, Nervous Chills, Numbness, Ten
derness of the Scalp, Irritability of
Temper, Foot Memory. These are symp
toms frequently met with in persons of a weak
nervous system; they are due to nervous irrita
bility or exhaustion. For them the Restorative
Nervine is a good remedy.
Hysteria.—Excessive Nervousness.
There are many more hysterical persons than is
usually supposed. There are all degrees of it,
from impulsiveness to convulsions. Hysterical
people act in haste to repent at leisure. They
are easily elated or depressed, owing to a defect
in the nerve centers. Some will cry one moment
and laugh the next. Their feelings are often
stronger than their will. Hysteria is, in reality,
like many other weak diseases—not a disease it
self, but the effect of one or more derangements
of the nervous system.
Insanity—Mania, Melancholy. In ex
treme cases these maladies can best be treated
by some specialist, or in an institution for that
purpose, where special treatment can be given.
In mild cases, or where the services of an expert
cannot be had, few remedies will act better than
the Nervine. It should be taken in large doses,
that sleep and quiet may be produced.
Monthly Pains,—And Too Frequent or
Profuse Menses,—These are always due to
an irritable state of the uterine nerves. The
Restorative Nervine seldom fails to cure them.
Nervous Dyspepsia.—At least fi ve-sixths of
the cases of dyspepsia arise, not from an in
flamed stomach, but from a weakened, debilitat
ed, overworked condition of the nerves which
control the action of this organ. The brain has
a remarkable influence over the nerves of the
stomach. Care, anxiety, headache, dizziness
etc., greatly weaken these nerves. Thus bad
news destroys the appetite. Merchants during
panics are noted for being a class of dyspeptics.
No people in the world use their brains so exces
sively as Americans, and none are so subject to
this complaint. The Restorative Nervine soon
soothes the brain, strengthens the nerves and
cures the dyspepsia or indigestion.
Opium and Morphine Habits are affec
tions of the nervous system. Those drugs, like
alcoholics, act in small quantities as stimulants
to the brain and nerves. After being taken for
a time the effect upon the nervous system is
such that it becomes a habit that is very difficult
to break. But by the aid of the soothing quali
ties of the Restorative Nervine anyone possess
ing a little resolution can break off this disagree
able, expensive and soul-destroying habit.
Palpitation or Fluttering: ol the Heart is
always an indication of a weak heart, and is due
to weakness of the cardiac nerves. It is not the
harmless affection usually regarded by the phy
Rheumatism was formerly believed to origi
nate in the blood,but is now known to be a nervous
disease, like neuralgia, headache, etc, This ex
plains why it may go from one part of the body
to another so readily, like neuralgia. Were it a
blood trouble every joint would be affected at
the same time. By soothing and strengthening
the nervous system, Dr. Miles* Restorative Ner
vine, when taken as directed, is a remarkable
remedy for this obstinate and painful disorder.
Sleeplessness is due to an irritation or con
gested condition of the brain, the same as head
ache. It soon causes nervous prostration and
usually precedes insanity.
Spasms, Convulsions, Ftc.—No remedy has
ever been discovered that cures a larger propor
tion of cases of this frightful disease than the
Restorative Nervine. If a child or adult shows
any signs of going into spasms a dose or two will
prevent it. If necessary the dose may be repeated
Spinal Irritation.—An irritable or congested
condition of the spinal cord commonly causes
tenderness of the spine, crawling, creeping and
burning sensations and backache. The Restora
tive Nervine is a reliable medicine for them.
For all these diseases Dr. Miles’ Nervine is the
best remedy. It is obtainable at any drug store
at $1 per bottle, or will be sent, prepaid, on re
ceipt of price by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elk
hart, Ind.
Dr. Miles* Nervine is sold on a positive guaran
tee that the first bottle will give relief. Should
it not do so, return it to your druggist and obtain
your money. This offer applies to those who
have never used this medicine and to the first
bottle only.
Gentlemen:—I had been sinking in health
for some time and was not able to work but a
few hours daily. Accidentally I heard of
Dr. Miles’ Nervine and bought a bottle. Be
fore I had taken half of it I could work a full
day and since I have regained my former
health my friends have expressed much as
tonishment. They told me they thought I
would lie dead before this. Perhaps 1 might
be had I not used your Nervine. You are at
liberty to use this if you wish.
Green town, Ind. H. C. APPLEGATE.
Fairbanks, Maine, Oct. 20,1893,
Gentlemen:—I tried the first bottle of your
medicine about a year ago, and have waited
to see the results before writing you. I hon
estly think it has saved my life. I had a pain
around the heart and in my shoulders, side
and arms. When I commenced taking the
medicine I could do no work, but now I work
every day. I had employed two of the best
doctors in the country and they did me no
good, but your medicine sertalnly did.
Yours truly, E. S. BRAGG.
^ 1 I LM^
Pate, Ohio Co., Ind., Oct. 8, ’93.
The Dr. Miles Medical C^.:
Gentlemen:—I will have to say a good word
for your Nervine. I have been a sufferer
from dyspepsia for over eight years, and
tried a good many doctors and different med
icines in hope or being cured, but I was un
successful until I tried your remedy. I used
three bottles of Nervine and now feel as well
as I ever did. Have gained twelve pounds
since I began using it. I remain
Yours respectfully, J. R. CONLEY.
Rlngwood, 111.. Oct. 17 1883
Gentlemen:—I have been taking your Re
storative Nervine for tho past throe months
and I cannot say enough by way of praise. 1
am satisfied that It lias saved my life, for I
had almost given up hope of ever being well
again. I wasachronlcsufferer from nervous
ness, and could not sleep at nights. I was
also troubled with nervous headache an d had
tried doctors in vain, until I triod your Ner
vine. Wishing you every success. __ ____
Yours truly, UBS. U. WOOD.
I had bean afflicted with epilepsy nineteen
years In very severe form. An acquaintance,
who had used your Nervine with excellent
results, recommended It to mo, and 1 pur
chased a bottle, the only one I have used so
far. Its effect has been wonderful, as, since
beginning Its use, I have had but two spells.
I shall continue the Nervine until completely
cured. My general health Is now excellent,
and I sleep well. If my statement can do hu
manity any good 1 am pleased to givo It.
Kennard, Ind., Feb. 15. 1HS3.
’V," >
Gentlemen:—Your Restorative Nervine has
worked wonders for our daughter Blanche,
now 15 years of age. She had been terribly
afflicted wit h nervousness, and had lost the
u e of her right arm. She was in such a con
dition we feared St. Vitus dance, and are pos
it ive that but for your invaluable remedy
she would have had that affliction. She took
three bottles of Nervine and has recovered
complete use of her arm, her appetite is
splendid, and no money could procure for
our daughter the health I>r. Miles’ Restora
tive Nervine has brought her.
MRS. K. BULLOCK, Brighton, N. Y.
Gentlemen:— I cannot give you and your
medicines praise enough, they nave done mo
so much good. The doctors here are surprised
that I have been at work all spring, for they
thought I would never be able to work again.
Your curing me has given you a great name
here. I was troubled for many years with a
severe affection of the heart and was unable
to get relief in any way, until I-began to use
Dr. Miles’Nervine. This remedy has restored
me to my former good health and I therefore
cheerfully recommend it.
South Muscatine, Iowa.
Greenwood, N. C., Oct. 11892.
Dr. Miles Medical Co.:
Gentlemen:—My condition was such that I
could not rest nor sleep, day or night. My
terrible sufferings were caused by a nervous
disease. In all I have taken six bottles of
your Nervine. I took it as directed and now
I can eat and sleep as good as ever. I cheer
fully testify that your medicines are safe and
effectual. Yours truly, MRS. I. WICKER.
Gentlemen:—As I have been greatly bene
fitted by the use of your Nervine, I send you
this testimonial, which you are at liberty to
use where and when you please. I was trou
bled with severe headache, indigestion, con
stipation and general debility, with pains in
left side, between shoulders, and sore spot on
stomach for the last 22 years. I have tried
some of our best physicians during that time,
but never received any but temporary re
lief. Five years ago X took treatment for
three months from Dr. Miles him
self, and found preat relief. My
wife was also ailinp for over a
Sear, but a few doses of your
ervine soon cured her.
Imlay City, Mich.