The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, January 26, 1894, Image 7

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    Highest of all in Leavening Power—Latest U. S. Gov’t Report.
Chamberlain’s Eye & Skin Ointment
A certain cure fur f'hmiiie Sore Ryes. Teller,
Salt Khcuin. Scald Head. Old Ohronio Sores,
Fever Horen. Rc/.cmn, Itch. PrMirie Scratches.
8oro Nipples and Files. It in cooling and
toothing. Hundred* of cases hn\e been cured
by it after all other treatment had failed. If
It put up in 25 amt 50 cent boxen. For pale by
George M.Clienery. Nov.2(i-lyear.
Don’t Tobacco Spit or Smoke Your
Life away ip the truthful and startling title of
a little book that teila all about No-to-hac,
the wonderful, harmless guaranteed tobacco
habit cure. The cost in trilling and the man
who wants to quit, and can’t, runs no physical
•r financial risk in lining No hac—Sold by
all druggists. Kook at drug stores or by mail
free. The Sterling Kemcdy Co.. Indiana Min
eral Springe, Indiana. Aug. 25—1 yr.
/ Owe it
To suffering humanity to tell the
great benefit, my wile has received from
Parks’ Sure Cure, the trulv great, liver
and kidney cure. Site lias been con
stitutionally wrecked for several years.
Tried evert thing fruitlessly. After a
large amount of persuasion from my
druggist, backed by his guarantee, 1
bought, a bottle ..f Parks Pure Cure and
the results are more than wonderful.
W. 1*. Bayes, Omaha, Nebraska. Sold
by MeMillen.
A mistake is apt to attract more at
tention tous than a virtue.
Will Make Hens Lay.
Wells’ lloosier Poultry Powder is
the greatest egg producer known. A
small sum expended for it will pay one
hundred per eent on the cost in an in
creased amount of eggs, as it furnishes
all the material necessary for their con
struction, and keeps the hen in a good,
healthy condition. Price 25 cents. Sold
by McConnell.
The devil has one arm around the
man who is trusting in himself.
One Lady Says
She had been troubled tor years with
a hacking cough. Had many doctors
and tried fifty cough cures, but grew
worse all the time. She finally tried
Parks’ Cough Syrup and found imme
diate relief. It begins at the bottom
of the disease and is the best cough
remedy on the market liefer any suf
ferer to Mrs. W. J. Fahey, Le Rov. N.
Y. Sold by McMillen.
A soft answer has always been the
means of breaking a hard heart.
To Horse Owners.
For putting a horse in a tine and
healthy condition use Morris’ English
Stable Powders. They tone up the
system, aid in digestion, cure loss of
appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disoiders and destroy worms,
giving new life to an old or over-worked
horse. 25 cents per package. 5 for $1.
Sold by McConnell.
The recording angel never seeks in
formation from a gravestone.
Pneumonia Preventive.
Humphreys’ Specifics No. 1 and No.
7, cure coughs and colds, and prevent
pneumonia and consbinption. Price,
25 cents each. For sale by all drug
Cut off a rooster's spurs and you
take the italics all out of his crow.
At least one woman in five believes
that if she had been in live s place
Adam would be in the garden yet.
Good fortune some times comes to
see us in a very shabby looking carri
All Ills That Pills
Are good for are treated more suc
cessfully by Parks’Tea. It is not a
cathartic, no griping or pain, yet moves
the bowels everv dav. Guaranteed by
It would be hard to convince a spider
that there is any honey in a rosebud.
It Cures.
Parks’ Cough Syrup will cure colds,
coughs, croup and whoopinz cough.
The standard home remedy in thousands
of families for all iung diseases. Guar
anteed by McMillen.
Two Papers for the Price of One
Tlie St Louis Globe-Democrat —Semi
Weekly—Tuesday and Friday—Eight
Pages each issue—Sixteen Pages every
week—only one dollar a year, is unques
tionably the biygest, best and cheapest
national news journal published in the
United States, Strictly Republican in
polities, it still gives all the news, and
! gives it at least three days earlier than
i it can be had from any werkly paper
published anywhere. The farmer, mer
chant or professional man who desires
to keep promptly and thoroughly posted
hut has not time to read a large daily
paper, will find it indispensable. Re
member the price, only one dollar a year.
Sample copies free.
Address, Globe Printing Co.,
St. Louis, Mo.
The less a preacher knows the Lord
the more he depends on his head in the
See the World’s Fair for Fifteen
Upon receipt of your address and fif
teen cents in postage stamps, we will
mail you our Souvenir Portfolio of the
World’s Columbian Exposition, the
1 regular price is fifty cents, hut as we
want you to have one, we make t. h e
price nominal. You will find it a
work of art and a tiling to be prized. It
contains full page views of the great
buildings, with descriptions of same,
and is executed in highest style of art.
If not satisfied with it. after you get it,
we will refund the stamps and let you
keep the book. Address,
H E Becklek & Co , Chicago.
It wouid puzzle an onion to under
stand what there is about a rose that
people like.
More serious sickness is produced by
allowing the bowels to remain in a tor
pid or partially constipated condition
than from any other cause. In many
instances diseases are produced from
which people never wholly recover.
Dyspepsia piles and nervous disorders
are three of the most common and most
serious. '1 hey are caused by neglect
ing the boweis. and can ho prevented
by an occasional dose of St. Patrick’s
pills, which always produce a pleasant
cathartic effect, and not only physic,
but cleanse the whole system and regu
late the liver and bowels. 25 cents per
box for sale by McConnell & Co.
The more a man can see that all is
vanity he loses his desire to own the
Getting Into Heaven.
“Pat,” said St. Peter, “what do you
want?” “Want to pass in, your honor
av course.” “Have you a ticket to pass
in?” ‘‘No, yer honor, but I’ve a box
of Haller’s German pills and they make
anything pass.” He passed. For sale
by McConnell.
Bucklen s Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts,
tores, ulcers, salt rheum, tetter, chap
ped hands, chilblains, corns and all skin
eruptions, and positively cures piles or
no pay required. It is guaranteed to
give perfect satisfaction or money re
funded. Price 25 cents a box. For
sale by A. McMillen. |'23-lyr.
Jupiter Pluvius,
As every school boy knows, makes it
rain, and rain maks wet feet and wet
I feet bring coughs and colds, but every
boy knows that Haller’s Sure Cure
Cough Syrup cures his cough and so
I they don’t try to keep dry feet. For
sale by McConnell.
Liver and Kidney Cure.
Parks’ Sure Cnre is the only guaran
teed remedy. Its action is quick and
positive. Will stop that back-ache and
sick head-ache. A positive specific for
ail diseases of women. Why suffer
when it will cure you? Sold by McMil
! leu, the druggist.
Of the Seventh Daughter is said to be
lucky, but her luck does not compare
with the “lucky Number Seven ’ of
Humphreys' Specifics, an infallible
cure for coughs and colds. Try it.
Awarded Highest Honors World’s Fair.
Row er
The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum.
Used in Millions of Homes—40 Years the Standard.
m!«■■■' ■UMavgmBMBmHMMMananaM *
McConnell, tlie druggist, gives ten
reasons why Chamberlain's Cougl. Rein
cdy is the best.
I. It will cure a severe cold in less j
time than any other treatment.
‘A. It dues not suppress a cough or j
| cold; but. loosens and relieves it.
3. It relieves the lungs, which is of
great impoitance in treating a cold.
4. It is (lie only reimdv that will
! cause the expulsion of mucus from the
| air cells of the lungs.
I 5. It renders ilie mucus less teua-j
| cions and easier to expectorate.
ti. If freely used as soon as the first
symptoms apper, it will cure a severe
cold in a single day.
7. It will prevent croup and avert
danger and anxiety arising from that
dreadful disease.
8. It has curt d thousands of eases
of croup, and careful inquiry fails to
discover a single case in which it lias
ever failed.
9. It does not contain opium, chlo
roform, or any other injurious subst
ance. There is not the least danger in
giving it to children.
10. Chamberlain’s Cough Remedy
acts in perfect harmony with nature
and tiid nature in relieving the lungs,
and freeing the system of morbid mat
ter, accumulated by cause of the cold.
50 cents per bottle
There is enough good bread in a 35
foot gun in feed every hungry m a n,
woman and child in Nebraska until
another crop is made. Cvery expeii
menlai shot at Sandy Hook would fill
to bursting a thousand little stockings
that Santa Chius passed by. A man
of war burns enough coal t o r u n a
thousand cook stoves that now burn
oniy weeds, trash and street scrapings.
—J. D. Calhodn.
All Free.
Those who have used Dr. King’s
New Discovery know its value, and
those who have not, have the oppor
tunity to try it free. (Jail on the ad
vertised druggist and get a trial bottle
free. Send you name and address to
H. E. Bucklen & Co., Chicago, and get
a sample box of Dr. King’s new Life
pills free, as well as a copy of Guide to
Health and household instructor, free,
All of which is guaranteed to do you
good and cost you nothing. A. Mc
Millen's Drugstore.
Every good deed is the child o f a
good thought.
Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Was a beautiful child, but he had one
drawback, his face was covered with
pimples. His grandfather bought a
bottle of Haller’s Sursaparilla and was
so pleased at its result that he took 4
bottles himself and cured his rheuma
tism. For sale by McConnell.
The man who buries his talent kills ■
Morris’ English Worm Powder,
A specific remedy for worms; warrant
ed to cure the worst case of worms
known, or money refunded. Knocks
pin worms in horses every time. Also
good for all kinds of worms in horses, i
shpep and dogs. Price 50 cents at all :
drug stores, or postpaid by mail. The j
Wells Medicine Co., LaFayette, In-i
diana. Sept. 8—1 vr.
Distemper—Cause and Treatment
Is the title of oar little book which
tells all about one of the most loath-j
some and dangerous diseaaec affecting
horses, sheep, and dogs, with unques
tionable proof of the merits of Craft s
Distemper and Cough Cure in the treat
ment of the same. Sent free by ad
dressing The Wells Medicine Co., La
Fayette Ind, The remedy is sold by
How’s Your Horse?
Morris’ English Stable Liniment will
positively cure his lameness, sprains,
bunches, swe<*ney, galls, puffs, pool evil,
scratches, callouses, barbed-wire iuts,
and flesh wounds of every description.
No other preparation epuals it for
promptness, safety and economy. Price
50 cents and $1. Sold by McConnell
To cure the itch take one box of
Haller’s Australian Salve and thorough
ly anoint the body, use Haller’s Sars
aparilla four times a day for thirty days
and an absolute cure will follow. For
sale by McConnell.
After twenty-four years of suffering
with eczema, Mr. Chas. W. Prentiss,
finds that Chamberlain’s Eye and skin
Ointment helps him more than any
other remedy, or the prescriptions of
any of the numerous physicians he has
consulted. For sale by McConnell.
We are printing the date to which
I each subscriber has paid his subscrip
! tion to The Tribune along with the
address. Watch the date and you will
1 know if you are in arrears. If you are
: please come and see us.
I was so lame with rheumatism that
I could hardly walk, when my physici
an advised me tc use Chamberlain’s
: Pain Balm. It soon cured me, says H.
Mense, a blacksmith at Sigel, 111. For
sale by McConnell.
Incorpora ted Under State La ws.
Paid Up Capital $50,000. Surplus $10,000.
iBaiiliin^ - ftiisiiicss.
Collections made on all accessible points. Drafts drawn <>n
principal cities of Europe. Taxes paid
for non-residents.
Tickets for Sale to an<l front Europe.
V. FRANKLIN, President. A. U. EBERT, Cashier.
The First National Bank, Lincoln, Nebraska.
The Chemical National Bank, New York City.
Tfee frirst JVafioiia) )3a nk.
GEORGE HOCKNELL, President. B. M. FREES. Vice President. W F. LAWSON, Cashier
—HM————————1^—^1———^ — ■ IMi illMHI ■mu II. ■ ..I.. — _
Sheriff’s Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale directed to me
from the district court of Red Willow county,
Nebraska, on a judgment obtained before
Hon. T. D. W’elty, Judge of the district court
of Red Willow county, Nebraska, on the 20th
dav of October,iS92, in favor of George I lock
nell as plaintiff, and against James W. Speer,
et ah, as defendants, for the sum of One Hun
dred Three [S103.17J Dollars, and Seventeen
Cents, and costs taxed at $51.73, and accruing
costs. I have levied upon the following real
estate taken as the property of said defendant
to satisfy said judgment, to-wit: The south
west quarter of the south east quarter, and the
south east quarter of the southwest quarter, of
section 18, and the north east quarter of the
north west quarter, and the north west quarter
of the north east quarter, of section 19, all in
township 2 north, range 30 west, 6 p. M., in
Red Willow county, Nebraska. And will offer
the same for sale to the highest bidder, for
cash in hand, on the 26th day of February, A.
D., 1S94, in front of the south door of the court
house, in Indianola, Nebraska, that being the
building wherein the last term of court was
held, at the hour of I o'clock P. M., of said day,
when and where due attendance will be given
by the undersigned. Dated January 24th, 1S94.
E. R. Banks, Sheriff of said
The man who eannot prove by bis
wife that he is a Christian, has no bus
iness to stand up when there is a vote
taken in church.
W. I. Church, of Staunton Post, G.
A. it., says: “L have tried nearly every
cough remedy but have found nothing
to compare with Parks’ Cough Syrup.
There is nothing on earth like it for
bronchitis. I have suffered ever since
my discharge from the army and Parks'
Cough Syrup is the only remedy that
has ever helped me. ‘—Sold by A. .Mc
One of the times when a woman has
no mercy on a man is when he comes
to her store to buy a bonnet for his
Mrs. N. Weyette, the Genesee coun
ty treasurer of the W. C. T. U. and a
very influential worker in the cause of
women, says: 1 have used Parks’
Tea, and find it is the best remedy I
have ever tried for constipation. It re
quires smaller doses and is more
thorough. I shall use nothing else in
future." Sold by A. McMillen.
The ouly reason why some people
are considered religious is because thev
make a good deal of noise in church.
• If you don’t look better, feei bet
ter. eat better and sleep better, bring
it back." That is what we say when
we sell a bottle of “Parks’ Sure Cure.”
If you are uot feeling just right, if
your head aches; your back achesiyour
stomach distresses you: if you are “out
of sorts ’ and don’t know what the
trouble is, why don’t you try ? bottle
on this guaranteed plan? “We will
take the chances if you will take the
medicine.”—Sold by A. McMillen.
The man who howls at the passing
of the hat in church, will pay a bitr ho
tel bill with a smile on his face.
Parks Sure Cure is a positive speci
fic for women who are all “run down’’
and at certain times are troubled by
backaches, headaches, etc. Sold by A.
His Second Wife
Told him the secret of her very good
health. She used Parks tea everi
night. Sold by McMillen.
We give great bargains in Dry Goods,
Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, No
tions, etc. Until February 1st, 1804, at
which time we take our yearly invoice
we will sell
Men’s Wool Felts and Overs at *0 rri
the remarkably low price of... 4)2.,0U
A line of Calicos and Ginghams, r ±
per yard, only. J CIS
Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Arctics,
- Alaskas and Rubbers of all kinds.
: $10.00 CLOAKS FOR $6.00!
Nice Blankets for 70c per pair, (cheaper
than sheets)
120 Samples of Beautiful Carpets to
select from, consisting of Tapestry Brus
sels, Body Brussels, Velvets, Moquettes,
Axrninsters and Wiltons, with beautiful
borders to match.
18 pounds Granulated Sugar for.$1.00
22 bars White Russian Soap for. 1.00
Full pail best Syrup or Jelly for.75
McCook, llee
If you are not already a JOURNAL subscriber that is all you wil!
have to pay us for the
! from now until January 1. 1895, if you will at the same time pay t
year's subscription in advance to the Tbibuhe.
The Semi-Weekly Journal is the greatest paper in the west, pub
lished Tuesday aud Friday, giving two complete papers each week,
with markets and telegraphic news of the world.
Send in your orders at once to the 'PR 1131T TSJ FU
Are you at all Weak-chested or inclined to be Consumptive, with just a touch of
j Cough now and then ? “Try this Wonderful Medicine.'’ Toe Cough and Weakness wi..
[ disappear as if by magic, and you will feel a strength and power never had before.
HAVE YOU A COLD? A Dose at Bedtime will Remove it.
HAVE YOU A COUGH ? A Dose will Relieve it.
Bronchitis and Asthma it relieves instantly. The spasms of Coughing so dreadful in
! Whooping Cough become less with each dose cf medicine. It is an old adage, “To be
I forewarned is to be forearmed.” So let it be in y/.vr < :•-?, who read this, and keep on
| hand Allen's Lung Balsam. ^“Directions accompany each bottle.
.Do Yoiz Know That f% b
■ We .Do The Fine Printing ' i
; Noteheads. Envelopes. Calling Cards, Hale Bills, t
; Bill Heads. Statements. Business Cards, Posters, t
1 Letter Heads, All kinds of Wedding Cards, Dodgers.
> I I I'l » » » » <r» l"' VTV» mm r* I rTTTTWrWf