The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, June 03, 1892, Image 5

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    You Can Draw Your Own Conclusion
About our $2.00 , § 2.50 , § 3.0 !
Shoes , but there's really only on
conclusion that you can possibh
come to and that is that in shoi
leather a better investment yoi
never made. Just as sure as yoi
wear this shoe , just so sure wil
that be your judgment of it. Som <
shoes are cheap without bein
good ; others are not good withou
being cheap ; this shoe is cheaj
-and good enough for the most fas
tidious of feet. It will fit as snug
ly as a made to order shoe anc
there are many made to ordei
.shoes that havn't its durability.
In all respects it's a wise purchase
for the wise buyer.
' Paine sells fly nets.
, See Paine's fifteen cent whips.
The Sugar Trust clears $25,000,000
a year.
Minneapolis Binders at S. oM. Coch-
xan & Co.'t = .
J. I. Case threshing machines at S.
M. Cochran & Co. ' * .
Wishes made over new spring vegeta
bles are said to come true.
Leading brands of soap cheap at
Noble carries a large and complete
stock of the best brands of canned
goods of all kinds.
.Noble is the only exclusive grocer in
rche-city. His stock is the largest and
his -prices correspond with the times.
The ladies of the M. E. Church will
give an Authors' Carnival , .June lOth
and llth at Menard's opera house.
They have spared neither time nor ex
pense to make this a first class enter
tainment : Hanging Garden , Lalla
Rookh , Maud Muller , Dickens Party ,
Snow Caves , in booths , Tableaux and
Music. Admission twenty-five cents.
Strawberries , ice cream and cake thirty-
five cents. Come one , come all and en
joy a good time.
Jatne sells harness.
The Metropolitan !
Our machinery is arriving.
We will soon be a full fledged
laundry. Call and see us.
We are prepared to do up
lace curtains and fancy work
-on short notice.
Machinists' over clothes etc. ,
cleaned and starched.
Will be glad to have all un =
satisfactory work ( RETURJf =
E ® , as we are very desirous to
please everybody.
Give us your patronage.
Laundry : "West Dennison street ,
two doors east of Probst's bakery.
PAINE sells harness.
JSF"Groceries at Nobles' .
f. v
ies. He will treat you right.
C. F. Babcock is agent for The New
York Life Insurance Co. See him if
you want reliable life insurance.
IN QUEENSWARE Noble carries
the largest assortment and the richest
designs of the season. His prices are
Pay $100.00 cash down and $15.00
a month and get a deed for a home in
stead of a receipt for rent. S. H. Col
vin sells on these terms.
A good way to ventilate a cellar is to
extend from it a pipe to the kitchen chim
ney. The draft in the kitchen will carry
away the gases which would otherways
find there way into the rooms above.
Bear in mind that spring has opened
up and house cleaning has commenced.
Also remember that I am in the mar
ket as usual for the purchase of sec-
cond-hand goods. Drop me a card and
and I will call. J. H. LUDWICK.
In general , good roads practically
shorten distance , encourage intercom
munication between town and country ,
benefit trade , enhance the value of all
adjacent properties , and effect a large
saving in money expended in hauling
materials over bad roads.
"And now abideth Rosewater , anti-
Rosewater and the balance of the re
publican party , these three ; but the
greatest of these is the balance of the
republican party. And the balance of
the republican party has sent anti-Rose-
water to the national committee. The
balance of the republican party is the
buzz-saw and it won't be monkeyed
with. "
Here is Bill Nye'sideaof what a news
paper is : "It is a library , it is an en-
elyclopedia , a poem , a history , a dic
tionary , a time table , a romance , a ground
plain of the civilized world , alow-priced
multum in parvo. It is a sermon a song ,
a circusan , [ obituary , a shipwreck a sym
phony in solid brevier , a medley of life
and death , a grand aggregation of man's
glory and his shame. It is in short a
bird's eye view of all the magnanimity ,
meanness , the joys and sorrow , births and
deaths , the pride and poverty of the
world , all for a few cents.
At the regular meeting of the Mc
Cook Republican Club held last even
ing arrangements for chairs , tables and
literature for the club rooms were per
fected. Besides a committee composed
of Messrs. H. H. Troth , J. A. Wilcox
and C. M. Noble was named to look to
the arrangements being made for the
accommodation of delegates and visitors
to the congressional convention , June
15th. Messrs. Gr. B. Berry , E. L. Lay-
cock and -J. M. Starr were selected as
a committee on decorations and music
for the same occasion.
Paine sells harness.
CA. ' "
Note J. Albert Wells change of ad
vertisement , this issue.
The Research club held a picnic at
Valentine canyon , yesterday , the young
folks having a delightful time.
The Boston Shoe Store's new and en
larged advertisement will no doubt at
tract instant and Careful attention.
Rev. J. D. Stewart , of Aurora , State
Sunday School Superintendent , will
preach Sunday morning and evening in
the Congregational church.
Such affairs as the commencement
exercises and Memorial Day services
quite uncomfortably indicate the neces
sity for a larger hall for public gather
ings in McCook.
The Castle Cure Co. of Omaha have
established a branch at McCook under
the management of Dr. L. J. Spickel-
mier , which the doctor states will be
ready for business in a few days.
The B. & . M. Meat Market has been
sold to F. S. Wilcox & Co , E. C. Bal-
lew being the modest member of the firm
represented by the word company. The
new arrangement will go into effect on
Monday next.
.Put your $ $ $ where they will do
the most good , where they will secure
the best and the most groceries for in
stance. You will make no mistake if
Noble's is the place of deposit. He
gives the limit in quantity , quality and
value , and his stock cannot be duplicat
ed in Western Nebraska.
The Metropolitan laundry has out
grown its quarters and now occupies
the Spearman building recently vacated
by James L. Gray , where they have
more room in which to operate the new
machinery received and to more expeditiously -
ditiously conduct their voluminous and
increasing business.
The soda water season is with us and
as usual The City Drugstore is prompt
ly on hand with the very latest and
best the market offeis in that line.
Their fountain is now in operation and
if you want a drink of soda water , with
the purest of syrups , turn your foot
steps toward The City Drug Store.
You are certain of securing it there.
We call special attention to the an
nouncement made elsewhere in thisissue
by Prof. Barton Browne , of Indianola.
Besides teaching voice culture , the pro
fessor has decided to open a class in
elocution , and for the "Delsarte Sys
tem. " If you desire to desire to be
come graceful and natural in manner ,
either in private or public , take a course
of Delsarte under the professor.
The suit instituted by Ole Landgren
against Dr. C. H. Jones for $36.00
alleged to be due for janitor work came
up before Justice Kelley , Saturday
afternoon. Messrs. Eldred and Gibbs
appeared for plaintiff , J. A. Cordeal
for the defendant. The case was tried
before a jury composed of Messrs. A.
J. Chambers , F. M. Kimmell and C.
W. Barnes , who returned a verdict
for the defendant. We understand that
the case will be carried to the district
A special meeting of the local busi
ness men's association was held in Ma
sonic hall , Monday evening , for the
purpose of electing delegates to the
state business men's association meet
ing to be held in Omaha on the 13th ,
14th and ] 5th days of June. The dele
gates and alternates are : George Hock-
nell , J. Albert Wells , S. H. Colvin , J.
F. Ganschow and the president , J. A.
Wilcox ; Alternates : T. N. Young , F.
M. Kimmell , U. J. Warren and Jonas
Wall Paper ,
Come and see our new
designs in wall paper.
PAINE sells fly nets.
- -
r-- -
ii . 'i
f (
That was a magnificent and expect
ant audience which thronged the Me-
nard , last Friday evening , to witness
and enjoy the commencement or gradu
ating exercises of the class of ,92 , Mc
Cook high school. A more intelligent ,
eager and delighted company has not
assembled within those walls in many
moons. And it is our distinct pleasure
to record the happy fact that the exer
cises were up to the highest expecta
tions of the most exacting , were indeed
of quite unusual excellence and merit ,
upon which result THE TRIBUNE de
sires to felicitate all persons concerned ,
instructors and pupils. The various
features of the programme passed off
smoothly and creditably , disclosing the
care and preparation each had received.
The orations and essays of the graduat
ing class are warmly spoken of ,
Augusta Hunt delivered the saluta
tion , selecting as the basis of her effort ,
"The Sticking Place. " It was a splen
did , thoughtful production , and was de
livered in a distinct , natural way that
quite captivated all.
Ellington Wilson followed with an
essay on "Schools and Their Masters , "
which subject she handled in a scholar
ly fashion , as to matter ; while her de
livery had all the finish and effect of
an accomplished elocutionist. Her es
say showed studious preparation and
was well received.
George LeHew's oration was formed
upon "The Governorship , " a topic of
somewhat diminished importance and
interest , but which was none the less
cleverly managed by the young man ,
who spoke confidently and clearly what
he had prepared on his subject.
Sylvia Williams built up a strong and
excellent oration on ' 'Pyramids ; " the
topic receiving a thoroughly practical
treatment at her hands. Her delivery
was clear and easy mannered , and made
a very gratifying impression on her
Susie Hunt came next with a care
fully prepared and very meritorious es
say , taking ' -Michael Angelo" as her
subject , and upon which she wrought
industriously , interestingly and profita
Clarence Whittaker was the valedic
torian. "Education in Red Willow
County" was the source of his inspira
tion. The young man has a practical
manner-of-fact way of seeing and telling
things , which , with a dash of the humor
ous , made his oration sparkle with inter
est and receive marked approval.
The following programme was given
between the essays and orations and
called out merited applause :
Music "Vacation Song , " Chorus
Invocation KPV. D. L. McBride
Music , "Lead Kindly Light , " Chorus
Concert llecitatiou , The School
"The Class Motto. "
Music Chorus
" .Beautiful Golden Sometime. "
Duet , . . . .Flute and Piano j
Duet and Chorus , j SjJuJ yjS111111
"Swiss Herdsmen's Song. "
Awarding Diplomas , C. J. Eyan
Piinn . Diipf . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -4. J Delia , Johnston -vr
( beluia .Noren
Music , "Good Night , " Chorus
The profusion of flowers was alto
gether marvelous in quantity and
charming in fragrance and beauty.
McCook has never seen the like of the
exquisite floral display showered upon
the members of the graduating class
without stint. Besides the stage and
other portions of the opera house were
tastefully decorated with flowers and
In place of "a word from the super
intendent" the Rev. Hugh Magevney ,
S. J. , of the College of the Sacred
Heart , Denver , made a few remarks in
his happiest vein.
In a word it was one of the -happiest
occasions in our local history , and the
recollection of it will long remain a
sweet memory to pupils , teachers , par
ents and people. An occasion in which
all take pride.
Summer Studies in Literature , His
tory and Science.
On Wednesday , June 8that , 3 , P. M. ,
in the assembly rooms at the east ward
school building , Mr. Valentine will
meet persons who would like to enter
upon a course of definite reading or
study for a few hours each week dur
ing the summer. It is proposed to ar
range a series of conversations and
lectures free to all who care to attend
and thus to bring together for mutual
pleasure and profit , persons having
leisure and desire for more systematic
intellectual work than can readily be
carried on alone.
Don't forget the Author's Carnival ,
June 10th and llth.
The vast outpouring of people at the
Decoration day exercises in the opera
house , Monday afternoon , bore eloquent
and most gratifying testimony to the
exalted idea entertained by the people
of McCook and vicinity as to the sig
nificance and grandeur of the day ; in
fact there is no occasion national , local
or otherwise , which will call forth so
large and representative an audience as
annually assembles in our city to pay
tribute to the memory of the old vets
who have gone on before , and to strew
their graves with the choicest flowers
of spring. Assembling at the opera
hall at one o'clock , P. M. , the pro
gramme was laid down in last week's
TRIBUNE was practically carried out as
follows :
1st Opening Song by Quartette.
2nd Reading Orders by Adjutant.
3rd Song by Quartette.
4th Prayer by Rev. Stevenson.
5th Song , "Star Spangled Banner , '
by Mrs. C. B. Gray.
Gth Address by Com. J. 11. Yarger.
7th Song by Quartette.
8th Address by Comrade A. P. Welles
9th Address , "The Unknown Dead , '
i/y J. A. Wilcox.
10th Announcement ,
llth Benediction by Rev. A. W.
Coffin an.
Being supplemented by a song and
decoration of a monument to the "un
known dead , " by a chorus of little girls ,
all arrayed in white and flowers , which
was decidedly pretty and appropriate.
The addresses were befitting the oc
casion ; full of patriotic utterance for
the dead , and tending to encourage the
growth and permanency of devotion to
the flag among the living. That of
Dr. A. P. Welles , who was the orator
of the day , was particularly excellent.
Following the exercises at the opera
house a detail from the post and corps
repaired to the cemetery , where the
graves of the following-named dead
were decorated with the choicest pro
fusion of flowers in mute but beauti
ful recognition of the services per
formed in the preservation of the
Union :
C. L. Nettleton ,
D. E. Clement ,
C. E. Fox ,
Smith Gordon , 12th U. S. Infantry.
R. S. Cooley , Co. H. 1st 0. , Heavy Inf.
Chester Ward ,
Henry Walker ,
Elias Conrad ,
The custom is full of lofty sentiment
and tender memories.
J. G. Hamilton , of Pass Chritian ,
Miss. , placed the post under obligations
for a large box of lovely and fragrant
flowers from the sunny south.
The decoration of graves has , so far
as McCook is concerned at least , out
grown the number of veterans resting
here "under the sod and the dew wait
ing the judgmentday , " and has extended
to those of civilians buried in our "city
of the dead , " and many of these by
evergreens and flowers showed the pres
ence of loving hands and thoughtful
Both Memorial day services were held
in the Methodist church , Sunday morn
ing and evening , which edifice was crowd
ed to its utmost capacity upon each occa
sion. At the morning service Rev. A.
W. Coffman preached the sermon ; and
at night Rev. S. B. Crosby , of Loomis ,
Nebraska. The services were union in
their nature and were participated in
by the several Protestant clergyman of
the city. Special music was rendered
and the church was appropriately deco-
Prof. Barton Browne will receive pu
pils in class or private for a course of
elocution. Parties desirous o f joining
class now forming will receive all in
formation as to terms , etc. , of Mr.
Geo. Berry at the McCook Book &
Stationery Store.
The McCook Republican Club and
the Dorcas Society of the Congrega
tional church are energetically at work
; o provide for the entertainment of the
delegates and visitors to the congres
sional convention here , June 15th.
The Concert and Lecture. |
There was a good attendance upon
the conceit by a select choir and lecture
by Rev. Hugh Maguveny , S. J. , in the '
opera house , Sunday evening. Tin ; mu
sical portion of the program me embraced
the following selections , which were
rendered witli good effect , ; iml evident /
appreciation on the part of the audience :
Chorus , "Gloria , " from the 12th Mass.Mozart
Duct , Sonata Op. . } Mb/art
Violin. Prof. Kciicnstciii.
1'iano , Miss HuIIard.
Tenor Solo , "Always Together , " Le Mack
Mr. K S. Keicl.
Quartette , ( a ) "Happy ami Light of Heart are
They. " JJohemian Girl Balfe
( b ) "What the Hells Say.Henry I'arker
Soprano , Miss Hickey : Contralto , Miss
Townsend ; Tenor , Mr. Kimmell ; Hasso ,
Mr. Geo. 15. Jierry.
Duet , "I Would That My Love.Mendelssohn-
Soprano , Mrs. 1' . F. McKenna ; Tenor ,
Mr. I * . M. Kinuneil.
Soprano Solo , "Jerusalem , " Henry I'arker
Mrs. I' . V. McKenna.
Double Quartette.a ( ) "Song of the Triton , " . ,
( b ) "Good Night".C. Pinsuti.J.L.MalIoy |
Sopranos , Mrs. McKenna , Miss Ilickey.
Contraltos , Mrs.Spearman , Miss Townsend.
Tenors , Mr. Kimmell , Mr. Keid.
Uassos , Mr. Paine , Mr. Herry.
The speaker Look for his subject ,
"The Charms of English Literature , "
and for the space of an hour or more
entertained those present with all his
well established cleverness , Father
Magevney being teacher of English liter
ature and elocution in the .Jesuit Col
lege at Denver.
Milton Mac , formerly of this place ,
has returned. His wife being very
Quite a number of the Danbury
people went to attend a surprise party
at Mr. Frank Burkers , and coining
home lost their way , and experienced
a little rain of about three hours.
Decoration day is over. We had a
splendid celebration here. With the
cornet band at the head the procession
formed at Masonic hall , G. A. R. post
and W. R. corps in line , inarching from
there to the school house , where they
met the children , and then to the M.
E. church where the exercises were had.
The remarks by II. II. Berry , of Mc
Cook , were well received. The quar
tette of the Underwood brothers , II. T.
Llendershot and Orval Woods provided
excellent music. What a grand thing
t is that we can keep this day in mem
ory of those who have gone on before.
For the Campaign.
In order to bring THE WEEKLY BEE
nto the family of every English read-
ng man and woman in the west its pub-
ishers have decided to offer the paper
FOR six MONTHS , covering the cam-
laign , for 30 cents.
In order to fully understand the
questions of vital importance to the
producer and laboring man that will
come up during this campaign , every
voter should HEAR BOTH SIDES. THE
BEE proposes to discuss all these ques
tions thoroughly and intelligently.
You cannot afford to allow this op
portunity to pass.
Address orders to
Omaha , Nebraska.
The Eleventh Grade Receive.
A charming finale to the ceremonies
and exercises of commencement week
in our high school was the reception
given to the graduates and invited
friends by the pupils of the eleventh
grade at the east ward building on Sat
urday evening. An interesting pro
gramme of entertainment was rendered ,
consisting of recitations , music , and an
exhibition of the splendid possibilities
of the lantern. Besides elaborate refreshments
freshments were served. Altogether
it was a most cheerful , clever , affair.
To All Whom it May Concern.
Notice is hereby given that my wife
Laura has left my bed and board with
out cause or provocation and that 1 will
not be responsible for bills of her mak
ing : and all persons are warned not
to sell her goods on my account.
McCook , Nebraska , June 1,1892.
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
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