The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, December 12, 1890, Image 12

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    L IjfMAN & SQ1
" j _ , j n . . . - _
I :
* * 4-
& , MEN'S 'SUITS FOR : $4.OO ' > / " yfJ *
OVERCOATS FOR : 2.OO . t's/j * ' . .
- -
- v 5f * :
. * . ' .
Remember that we are selling- out our stock
' . at - . of clothing at least
Our Entire Winter Stock !
25 per cent OFF per cent 25
We want to reduce onr stock , and we
r , sell accordingly.
; - * HEMP CARPETS SO per yd.
Other Carpets at low figures. Holi
day Goods cheaper than
* the cheapest. ,
Before invoicing on Jan. 1st , 1891 , we will close every line
AT - : - ACTUAL - : - COST !
The' following are some of the prices :
10 dozen of MISSES' TOBOGGANS at 25c. Worth T5c.
10 dozen of MISSES' TOBOGGANS at 50c. Worth $1.25.
10 doz. suits MEN'S UNDERWEAR at $2.50. Cheap at $5.
10 doz. suits MEN'S UNDERWEAR at $1. Cheap at $2.
LADIES' "UNDERWEAR at ONE-HALF regular price.
Ladies' , Misses' , Children's and Men's Shoes
Notwithstanding that shoes have advanced 20 per cent.
We will make this absolutely
in McCook and vicinity. We have a full stock of
to select from AS LOW AS THE LOWEST. Give
us a trial and be convinced that
We are THE CHEAPEST DEALER in the City.
r : r
The people are active in organizing relief
Mercury marked zero and below Sunday
morning. That was hard on the thin clad people
ple and scant feed live stock.
O. Frost and J. W. Dolen came back from
Omaha and Lincoln , Sunday. They report
active operations among the officers of the
state relief association.
An enterprising typo of one of our villages
was so eager for news items that be climbed
to a house-top to ascertain tbe locality of a
prairie fire in an adjacent county. The flre
did no damage.but on descending anunobserv
ed nail attacked tbe youth in tne rear and tbe
damage was so great that tbe typo's father
was obliged to forward an extra pair of pants.
Facts Worth Knowing.
In all diseases of tbe. nasal mucous mem
brane the remedy used must be non-irritating.
The medical profession has been slow to learn
this. Nothing satisfactory can be accomplish
ed with douches , snuffs , powders or syringes
because they are all irritating , do not
thoroughly reach the affected surfaces and
should be abandoned as worse than failures.
A multitude of persons who had for years
borne all the worry and pain that catarrh
can inflict testify to radical cures wrought by
Ely's Cream Balm.
Report of Red Willow school for month end
ing Dec 6th , 1890.
Number of schooldays in month , 19
Number days taught , 18
Total number of pupils enrolled , 32
Number pupils left during month 1
Aggregage daily attendance 509.5
Average daily attendance 28
Owens Lopgnecker , Clara Andrews , Elva
Andrews , Charlie Andrews , Ellis Andrews ,
Lucy Andrews.
'Roll of Honor" signifies those who are
neither absent nor tardy during the month.
MART E. EAST , Teacher.
Jack Hannan is about to go east.
Chad Shears is building a new horse barn.
W. T. Stone sold some fine porkers , last
Geo. Schwerdts is fencing a part of his farmer
or pasture.
Chas. Weickwaa'out to his south side farm ,
ast Satuarday.
December 6th , 1890. (
Notice is hereby given that the following-
named settler has filed notice of her intention
to make final five year proof in support of her
claim , and that said proof will-be made before
Register or Receiver at McCook , Neb. , on Sat
urday , January 17th , 1891 , viz :
widow of Joseph B. Piper , deceased , H. E. 962 ,
'or the North-East H of Section 3 , Township
4. North of Range 29. West of 6th P. M. She
names tbe following witness to prove her con
tinuous residence upon , and cultivation of.
said land , viz : JobnF. Miller , Mathew Stew
art. Stephen Bolles. of Box Elder. William
Weygint of McCook , Neb. S. P. HART.
* 29. Register.
Price our watches , we will surprise
ou. Call and 6e convinced. Car-
vtfi & Son , Jtwtlers , Next door to
Citizens Bank ,
' * ' ' ' '
' I 'f
\ ' 621. William A. Chase vs. Howell M.
Smith , appeal ; continued for want of prose
cution at cost of plaintiff.
656. P. Walsh vs. D. C. Stapleton , appeal ;
665. C. , B. & Q. R. R. Co. vs. School Dis
trict No. 17 , to recover taxes ; continued.
676. Tootle Hosea & Co. vs. A. Oppen-
heimer , appeal ; judgment for 633.81.
690. C. , B. & Q. R. R. Co. vs. the city of
McCook , appeal ; continued.
763. J. Doyle et al vs. the Bartley Canal
Co. , appeal ; continued.
765. Jacob Steinmetz vs. Joseph A. Brewer
et al , accounting ; continued.
788. Nebraska & Kansas Farm Loan Co.
vs. Wm. M. Nuttet ux , equity ; continued.
791. Hannah Fearn vs. Joseph E. Ohlson ,
appeal ; continued.
797. Thomas B. McPherson vs. George Leland -
land , appeal ; continued.
814. Harmony E. Clark vs. M. E. church et
al , injunction ; taken under advisement.
808. Nebraska Loan & Trust Co. vs. Lo
renzo D. Hall et al , equity-Judgment vs. Emil
Lindner and Moses Erman for $45 in favor of
plaintiff and judgment vs. same for 545 in
favor of Julia Morgan.
822. Dawes & Foss vs. Hezekiah R. Smith
et al , equity ; continued.
826. E. T. Hinf vs. D. J. Smith et al , ap
peal ; continued.
831. FronaV. . Colvin vs. John T. Colvin ,
divorce ; continued.
832. Mary A. Thomas vs. Allen Bartley et
al , equity ; continued.
834. Burnham Tulleys & Co. vs. George E.
Mayo et al , equity ; continued.
837. Same vs. Appleton R. Davis et ux ,
equity ; dismissed without prejudice.
848. Ira Waldo et al vs. F. H. Spearman et
al , appeal ; continued.
849. The Manufacturers National Bank of
Philadelphia vs. Wm. S. Hanlein et al , equity ;
850. The Sixth National Bank of Philadel
phia vs. Caleb Clother , on note ; continued.
851. Nebraska Loan & Trust Co. vs. Chas.
A. . Sellers et al , equity ; decree of foreclosure ,
$90 favor of plaintiff , due to McRea Swift $85.
863. thmar T. Benjamin vs. John Paxton
et al , appeal ; continued.
864. B. B. Duckworth , administrator es-
: ate R. Adams , deceased , vs. Charles C. Mon-
oe et al , equity ; continued.
868. Clarence A. Adams vs. Clark Green ,
appeal ; continued.
869. Western Loan & Investment Co. vs.
Swan Peharson et al , equity ; continued.
870. Same vs. John Green et al , equity ;
872. First National Bank of Ainsworth vs.
Edward Price , appeal ; continued.
882. Emely O. Gibbs vs. Henry Ballreich
et ux , equity ; decree for $646.31.
884. The Lincoln Land Co. et alvs. The
Great Western Watch Co. , appeal ; continued.
886. Frees & Hocknell Lumber Co. vs. F.
A. Thompson and J. H. Patterson ; equity ,
888. Anglo-American Mortgage & Trust
Co. vs. W. Y. Johnson et ux et al , equity ; con
889. Guarantee Loan & Trust co. vs. N. O.
Wickwire et al , equity ; continued.
896. Helen T. Campbell vs. Thos. Downey
et al , equity ; decree for $406.25.
Nebraska Mortgage co. vs. D. E. Eiken-
berry et al , appeal ; decree for $917.30.
900. Lydizr F. Taylor et al vs. Sarah J.
Ward et cons , injunction ; continued.
902. The German Insurance co. vs. Bertha
Meyer et al , equity ; decree for $672.70 and attorney -
torney fee of $25.
904. George W. Foster vs. Jas. Doyle , road
overseer , injunction ; defendant allowed thirty
days to plead.
914. William Duborko vs. Amelia Dubor-
ko , divorce ; continued.
490. Priscilla Pryor vs. Wm. c. Shockley ,
appeal ; continued.
901. Nina A. Smead vs. George c. Roberts
et al , equity ; Arthur Miller , Ora Clark and
John Payton appointed referees to report on
division at next term.
908. S. P. Baker vs. J. W. Maiken etal ,
equity ; continued.
910. John M. Webster vs. F. P. Ratcliff et
al-equity ; continued.
916. The Kansas Manufacturing co. vs.
Adam Walrath et al , attachment ; continued.
921. C. P. 4 A. B. Dewey vs. c. V. Ander
son ei aj , equity ; continued tor service.
922. Same vs. Wm. M. Nutt et al , equity ;
continued for service.
924. The Clark t Leonard Investment co.
vs. Jennie Walters et al , equity ; continued.
925. Burnham , Tulleys & co. vs. Reverda
7. Owens et al , equity ; continued.
926. T. W. Tulleys , trustee , N. O. Wick
wire et al , equity ; continued.
927. John Pierce vs. Palmer Way et al ,
equity ; plaintiff ordered to give security for
928. Hieronymus Eisele vs. Alex. L. Pol
lock , attachment ; continued.
929. L , Alice Watson vs. Cyrus cowles et
al , equity ; continued.
930. Levi Brown vs. j. H. Bennett , appeal ;
931. Bank of Indianola vs. Edwin R. An-
drus etal , equity ; continued.
932- Christian Hartman vs. Adam Grass et
ux , equity ; continued.
933G. . V. Hunter vs. W. R. Strine et a ! ,
appeal ; continued.
.i i o JW
f. i
. has been running daily for the past two months
at the reservation of the
indeed has the dance worried our competitors ,
"The Credit Stores , " as the profit was too light for
them to dance by. They tried } but got sick at heatfi
> .
We will close up our Clothing ( Department
Dry Goods Slaughtered
STANDARD PRINTS at 5c. a yard.
Made in this country = - = not "imported" Remember the price-
50. a Yard for STAJ3 DA M
' *
- i
"Prices for the Hard Times , "
14 Ibs. Gran. Sugar , Grand Island , $1.0O
18 Ibs. New Orleans Sugar for l.OO
15 Ibs. Extra "C" Sugar , l.OO
6 bars of White Russian Soap , .25
1 Ib. Choice Roasted Coffee , .25
1 gallon of Coal Oil , .20
1 can of 3-lb. Tomatoes , .10
1 can of 2-lb. Corn , .10
1 can 16-oz. Price's Baking Powder , .40
22 Ibs. of Navy Beans for
We Save You From 25 to 33 Per Gent. Special
Prices to Dealers , Hotels and Boarding Houses.
J , G , ALLEN & GO , , -
Cash Buyers and Sellers , /
* * *
934. B. F. Sibbitts vs. the Bartley Improve
ment co. , equity ; continued.
935. Sarah J. Ward vs. Parlin Orendorff &
Martin co. , equity ; continued.
936.V. . O. Mcclure vs. G. B. Nettleton et
al , equity ; continued for sen-ice.
937. Farmers Trust co. vs. Isaiah Smith et
ux , equity ; continued.
938. Stark & Mosher vs. F. M. Pennington
et al , equity ; decree for $40.
939. The Huddleston Lumber co. vs. J.W.
Martin et al , equity ; defendants allowed 30
days to plead and plaintiff 10 days to reply.
I. B. Gumming vs. c. , B. & Q. R. R. co. ,
equity ; taken under advisement.
779. western Loan & Investment co. vs.
Jas. chrestensen et al , equity ; continued.
593. Nebraska Mortgage co. vs. S. J. Shaf
fer et al , confirmation ; sale confirmed and
deed ordered.
F. L. Brown vs. Agnes E. wickwire et al ,
confirmation ; continued.
814. George Hocknell vs. Henry Burton et
al , confirmation ; sale confirmed and deed or
dered , defendant judgment favor J. W. Dolan
for $461.92 and defendant judgment in favor
of J.v. . Maiken for 52,374.73. Motion of
Dolan to relax sheriffs costs sustained and
costs relaxed.
926. E. L. Doyal vs. Jacob waiters et ux ,
confirmation ; continued.
743. Charles D. Ely vs. G. Lloyd dark et
al , confirmation ; sale confirmed and deed or
dered , deficiency judgment for $152.68.
P M TJnirpri ; vs. Thn < : . Miirnhv < : Tipriff al-
lowed to amend his return , sale confirmed and
deed ordered.
956. Dakota Loan & Trust co. vs. George
M. Fulkerson et al , filed Dec. 4th , equity.
957. Hiram C. Rider vs. Nora D. Siegle e
al , filed Nov. 29th , equity.
958. U. S. Loan & Trust co. vs. Lawrence
Shevlin et al , filed Dec. 5th , equity.
959. Dakota Loan & Trust co. vs. Anci
Shrater , filed Dec. 5th , equity.
960. Hargreave Bros. vs. J. A. Curlee &
co. et al , filed Dec. 10th , equity.
961. Samuel Apner vs. Julia Apner , Dec ,
10th , divorce.
TheB. &M. R. B. has made arrangements
for close connections to stations on the Des
Hoines & Kansas City B. R. from Des Moines
to Leon. Iowa , inclusive. Trains Nos. * and 6
make close connections at Osceola in tbo non
union depot , also via St. Joe on train No. 4.
An employe of the Pullman company has
invented an electrical air brake , whfch Is so
constructed that the air chambers can be re
charged whether the brake is in operation or
Annual meeting of Farmers' Alliance of
Nebraska , Lincoln , Neb. , Dec. 16-18. Tickets
on sale Dec. 14-18.
Annual meeting State Grange of Nebraska ,
Patrons of Husbandry , Pawnee City , Nebr.T
Dec. 9-12. Tickets for sale Dec. G-12.
For above occasions passengers paying full
fare one way will be returned at one-third
rate , if there has been an attendance of one
nunurea wno nave paid full fare on the
going trip. J. HULAXISKI.
The reclining chair cars now being run on
the Burlington are the finest that can be de
Eoadmaster Jossellyn of Orleans was at
headquarters , pay-day , which was "Wednes
Kailway fares for first-class travel in Eng
land are much higher than in America ; for
second class about the same , for third-class
much lower.
"Kailroad construction in Colorado , " says
the Kearney Hub , "is seriously hindered at
present on account of the scarcity of laborers
in that part of the country. "
Monday night , .George Beebe , the night
yardman , met with an accident which will
incapacitate him for work for some time.
While in the discharge of his duties , his left
tiand was caught between two bumpers and
badly mashed. It is thought , however , that
no permanent deformity will result ; but it
was a narrow escape for that hand.
Keferringtoa statement that an eastern
road is considering the question of putting a
third man on its engines for the purpose of
keeping a lookout. The Western Hallway
says : "If a fireman has much work to da
about a furnace door he is no earthly good as
a lookout. The heat and light of a furnace
renders one's eyes useless for several seconds
after having looked into the fire box. "