The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, October 31, 1890, Image 12

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    JTaaie of Town and Banker
Englewood. . . . W. B. Daggott.
Enterprise..G.M. Cnso
Erie W. P. Hu/.on
M. R. Mudgo
" W. TniBlcr.
Eureka Edwin Tucker. . . .
flzbon W. S. Cannn . . . . .
r'alrvfow FrcdE. Graham.
fall BJver.,8. H. Butler
Fort Scott.D. F. Coon.
Frankfort..E. T. Peck.
" L. V. ilcKco
Fredonia M. . Abornathy. . . .
14 J. D. Allen
Fulton F. S. Hall
Galena W. E. Btlco
Qalra G. W. Hanna. . . . ,
' ? .irden aty..VV. 8. Smith
" . .Jamas A. Fatton.
Csrdner Big-clow & Foster
Garfleld A. H. Moffet
Garnett .John R. Poster. . .
" J. A.Gilmoro
Gcylord W. H. Haskell. . .
Gehcsoo..A. 8. Hawley. . . .
" J. 8. Gibson
Gouda Springs A. T. Ball
Glrard. OscarW.Schaeffcr
Clasco , .A.C. GIgcr. .
Glen Elder. . , .11. G. Heard.
Goodland. H. M. Hallcr.
" . . . . . .M. B.Tomblln. . .
" . . . . . .S. T. Barlow
< * eve City. .G. A. Jones
" .M. S. Herring1 . . .
Oralnflold.1" . .E.M.Prlndlo
Great Bend. .Chas.M.Wickwlro
r.seeloy . .W. G. Roth. .
Grenola. . . . . .P. I. Brown.
' 5resnsburg'.Thos. J. Ross
Gypsum. C. H , Williams. . .
Haddam Wm. L. Wilson. . .
HnIstead..J. H. McNair. . . . .
lianovcr. D. C.Taft
Harper. L. C. Seuseman. . .
" Abncr Bourne. . .
larris T. F. McDonald. . .
Hartford , Frank Buchcr. . . .
Havenavlllo..T. J. lUcliardson.
Hays City R. W. Grass.
" M. G. Huntington
xTerlngton..F. E. Munsell. . . .
iilawatha M. S. Sinallcy. . . .
Highland Jno. P. Johnson.
.1701 * City H. A. Coffin , Jr. . .
" F. S. Tedder. . . . .
HIllBboro \Vcidlein
Holslngton . . .A. S. Cooke
Helton J. P. J'oore
" J. Q. Myers
Hope W. P. Robinson. .
Horace A. H. Shaffer. . . .
Horton F. M. Wilson
" Gco. S. Hovoy. . .
Howard S. C. Hanna
* * f ± JU S tOjt *
Hugo ton J amcs & Trent. . . .
Humboldt..GL C. Barber. . . .
" . . . .T. W.Phelps
Hutchlnson..J. B. Mnckay. . . .
" . . .W. T. Atkinson. .
. . .F. R. Chrlsman. . .
. . -.Edward E.Barton
" . . .A. W.McCandless
Independence A. C. SUch . '
Inman LconDepp
lola L. L. Northrop. . .
Jamestown..Ed. Hosteller
" . . .F. P. Kellogg. . . . .
Jennings. . . . J. H. Krider.
Jctmore AW. S. Kenyon. . .
Jewell City Newton Krcamer
" . . . .Theo."Bartholow.
Junction City.C. H. Trott
> .Chas. H. Manley.
Kansas City..It W. Hilliker. . . .
. .A. W.Little.
" . .E. L. Browne
" . .C.W. Trlckett. . . .
Kensington..T. L. Cook
iClncald J. M. McCaslln. . .
Kingmon Wm. AVenscll
" M. W. Chamncss.
Chas. W. Wilson. .
" John A. Cragun. .
Kinsley L. G. Boies
" . . . . . . .C. H. Scamans. . .
KJrwtn H. A. Royce
" H. R. Hull
La Crosse B.F.Coughemour
" * C. H. Everest. . . .
Lttfeln B. B. Bacon
Lamborn. Chas. F. Weber. .
Larned J. W. Rush
* GebrgeW.Hormcll
F. J. Mathles. . . .
. . . . . . J. M. Lambert. . . .
What .effect docs the law have upon-buslncu
generally ?
No apparent effect.
It la a benefit. - . , * >
Think It hushclpcd , as nearly all old to'pers are making : good
living now. > % , - , <
V ' ' >
> - *
Good effect. , - ' , *
It Is all right. ' . , * :
Good and only good.
Business much bettor.
Depressing. . , , , . , '
Helps it. .
Good. ' . '
4 . ' . * >
Draws n better and cleaner class of business men.
No bad effect.
The effect is good.
It cuts quite.u figure as wo are only pevcn miles from .Top-
llu , Missouri : trains run every three or four hours.
None , unless Itgives us a better class of Individuals to deal
A salutary effect , affording better security , fewer risks , etc.
Can see no damaging effects. _ . - .
None that wo notice. . .
Has been a benefit. . ?
Don't think It affects business to speak of. : ; " ' ' ; N - ,
The effect Is good. . ' "f
No particular effect.
It Is a detriment. , , . . ' , * . '
< -
Favorably. " " _ , < tV , , ,
None , except drug business. '
None of any consequence' .
It hurts our town hero , because the Germans can go to Pitts-
burg- , Kansas , and get what thev want and do most of their
trading there. *
Can't see that It effects it either way.
Sco no material change , except It seems to hinder Immigra
Think It has helped it as a slate.
Prevents open saloons and poverty ; builds up schools and
Have not been hero long enough to form an opinion.
Cannot say.
Think it retards immigration , and shuts out a large amount
of capital which would be used in manufacture of liquors
A positive depression.
Tends to hurt business , from the fact that any one can send
and buy the article In other states.
Whether dull period is caused by prohibition or not Is a ques
It makes business better.
The best In the world.
Difficult to state.
None that we can seo.
Think it is detriment al.
No effect other than sending money abroad.
No effect on volume of business ; probably makes it safer and
better calculated.
The much ado of evil effects of law upon business , Is sent
abroad by the whisky element and Is the rankest sort of
A good effect. Our people are better fed and clothed.
A peed effect. *
Certainly no man who has resided in this state can claim his
business has been Injured.
Business has increased. '
Business Is better.
Cannot say , not having lived here when had saloons.
Town founded since law went Into effect. Certainly more
prosperous than without the law.
Never hnrl saloons. Presume the business of our druggists
would be benefited If money sent to Missouri was expended
with them.
If any effect , for the better. , f
Cannct say that it has any particular effect here.
Town laid out since the law was enacted.
Can't see thnt it has any.
Assume that money formerly spent afsaloonis now expend
ed in other ways. To that extent is a benefit to business.
None specially.
A good effect on the permanent advancement of business.
Am not sure but wo do more business , as many German
farmers trade here because they can get their beer here ,
and can't elsewhere about us. " *
Cannot answer comparatively. Have not lived here long
Good effect.
Very salutary.
Does not increase nor does it decrease legitimate business.
[ lard to tell , but surely does not hurt business any.
As our law Is not strictly enforced , it is difficult to answer.
Think business must be better.
Impossible to say that prohibition has any effect either way :
have had th rce almost total corn failures in past four years
and that has depressed business.
Detrimental. '
A good effect.
Does not affect the business here.
Business has been dull for several years ; some ascribe to
prohibition , but I believe there are other reasons.
Prevents immigration and Is detrimental to growth of state.
Favorably effected.
Probably good.
With us it drives business to Kansas City. Mo.
Situated as we are on state line , many persons go to Kansas
City , Mo. , for liquor and while there buy merchandise.
Business has increased very largely , but hardly think all the
credit should be given to prohibition.
Think it helps business.
If any , a favorable one.
Cannot see that it effects it in any way.
Don't think there is any difference.-
Great Increase in taxes from so much prosecution.
[ No answer. ]
Depresses business ; stops immigration. . -
Community in a. business way has been healthier. Business
Is certainly not affected injuriously.
Seems to keep business in an even , steady state , and' makes
less credit.
Think it tends to stagnate.
Business might bo better if we had high license.
Favorable effects.
Good effect.
Cannot see that it has any effect on business as the law is
not enforced here.
We regard It beneficial.
Effect Is good in all branches.
Leaves more money to go into legitimate channels of trade.
Very generally improved.
Not any. .
How does l # affect the bunking business ? Docs it
affect the savings deposits ?
No effect that can bo attributed to law.
* *
Yes , very materially.
Makes it better. Parties have money In bank that
before wcro always out of funds. *
Can't see much difference.
Helps It.
Moro sober customers ; less risks. Larger number of
small depositors.
Less poor notes.
Not at all In either way. /
Made largo saving to people.
[ No answer. ]
Throws additional safe-guard around the banker.
fo effect.
11 classes deposits increased , especially savings de
Does not.
It enables many to have better credit. Deposits never
better than now.
Deposits more general. Young men keep bauk ac
counts who otherwise would not , and drinking
men who could not.
Liquor dealers are. not. as a rule , good customers.
"Savings bank depositors" thrive bettor.
Keeps pouie of our yountr from spending all they
make Have no savings bank business.
Has been a bank hero only eighteen months.
Can't notice any effect. Savings are mostly among
poorer classes who do no banking.
Could not say.
Do not think It does.
It loads the country with a lot of cranks who have no
Believe it effects favorably.
Large demand for small drafts to send to Missouri for
liquor. i
Do not think it effects , banks.
Not perceptibly.
Has no effect on it here.
Think it is a benefit.
Establishes bettor credit and insures prompt pay
ment. Increases savings.
Good effect. °
j imci as preceding.
To no noticeable extent.
As It depresses business. It tends to decrease depos
No , I think not. .
Cannot say. --V
[ No answer. ] - , . ' , ' ' - .
[ No answer. ]
In a favorably way. Increases deposits. .
Cannot perceive any effect In either of above cases.
It does not affect banking business in any way
By sending funds from countv and state that should
remain here.
Increases our exchange ; only slight effect on savings
Can see no difference in our business.
No evil effects whatever.
Banking business has increased ; probably duo to gen
eral prosperity of country , while/ prohibition has
done more than any other one thing.
[ No answer. ]
Have no savings department.
Cannot estimate. Have lor so long a time been with
out tho.saloon.
As customers keep sob r and attend to their business
their paper is met with promptness at maturity.
De-posits largely increased.
Makes it better ; Incrcaseo deposits.
Cannot say. Same reason.
Certainly increases our buslnesa.
Increases them considerably.
Increases deposits.
Cannot answer.
Increases our deposits
[ No answer. ]
[ No answer. ]
Can't see that it docs.
Makes collections better and no doubt Increases de
posits. .
IN one in unis county.
Good effect , especially with the savings bank.
About the same as other business. We have no sav
ings department.
[ No answer. ]
Poor people have more mom v
Have no savings bank. '
Does not effect it in any particular way. Country too
now for savings deposits in any amount.
Everybody except saloon keepers have more money ,
therefore helps savings deposits.
Not here. -
Think it does.
Effects deposits of business men , as considerable
trqdo drifts to towns where "joints" are in full blast.
From a certain class it increases savings deposits.
Cannot make comparison , as we have alvras's had
Was not. In banking buslncsss previous to passage of
No difference.
Not perceptibly.
Can't tell ; no experience previous to prohibition.
We know no difference.
Yes , as it does business generally to some extent.
Banking business has increased. Savings deposits
have Inctcascd.
Increases savings deposits.
Cannot say. Are no savings accounts kept here.
Do not sec that it does.
Think not.
Little effect either way.
I No answer. ]
No. .
Have no savings bank. Banking business is not dif
ferent except some have credit uow who before had
No savings deposits. Docs not seem to effect bank
ing , though we may have less delinquent paper.
Keeps out immigration , and sogiv.aus less popula
Docs not affect banking here.
People have more money to deposit.
Favorably. Helps deposits.
May affect savings deposits some , but otherwise cuts
no figure.
Good. Laboring men whoso money went for liquor.
now support their families in comfort.
Whatever effects generarwelfaro of business , affects
banking in like manner. No savings bank.
The fewer drinkers we have among our customers ,
whether depositors or borrowers , the more satisfac
tory Is our business.
Not &t all ; no.
How doe-s It affect merchandising , jjnworlea , dry
' goods , boots aud shoes , etc.
Not affected In any degiro.
Increases their
Merchants get all the money now ; lose less each year.
Improves it.
Open saloons would damage it materially.
Smaller procentuge of lobses. to merchants.
Makes trade very much better.
Fewer poor accounts.
By parties going to larger towns whore liquor can bo
Sell just the Mime.
This vicinity has paid It * Indebtedness to all kinds of
creditors 50 per cent better than before.
Former drunkards are buying goods : md paying for
them now.
Eveu better for them than the I/anker. /
Benefit to merchants. *
Largo Increase of cash sales ; accounts paid more
prr rnptly.
Being near to Joplln they go there to dnnk and buy
pome merchandise while there
All classes of business are boncflttcd. very mrtterlally.
LCPS money goes lor rum , more to the merchant.
Our merchants proforprohlbltlon for business reasons
Has been bonoflclal to all.
Laboring class buy a little more ami pay their bills
moro promptly.
Should judge for the bettor.
Do not thlnK It docs. . -
Same as preceding.
When other matters are equal Its ofTcnt IP
Makes It , possible for a lady to do her shopping with
out being molested by those who UPO liquor to excess
They send their cash to Missouri for liquor and buy
groceries on time.
[ No answer. ]
Can't sec that It afTects business either way. ,
Makes payments bettor amonsr class who have been
in habit of drinking.
[ No answer. ] _
Insures promrt pa/incnt in money or securities.
Same as pr codintr.
Do not. think it affects above.
Without the lawo ptrlnsont rules , buptncss would bo
much improved.
People who deblro to grow grapes fo.- wino arc cut off. |
Breweries arc sllut down , thus shutting off part of
oar grain market.
Hurts the trade to small extent.
[ No answer. ] . *
The money formerly spent for liquor now goes for
Favorably ; sales are small but cash is thu poor man's
It la presumable that the merchant ( rots his pay , In
creased by amount of cash saved from decrease of
liquor trafiic.
Has no effect on mercantile business.
Same as preceding-
No material effect. ,
Probably betiefltted this class of business.
Great saving to laboring classes. *
Less crndit given and asked for.
Think it hits a good effect.
amc as prcix'dlujr.
Poorer ulass of pe-oplo can cot credit , and are more
ablt > lo pay
Men who wore continually asking lor credit have
moio ready money with which to mceirthcir bills.
Cannot say. Same.
Tend ? to increase buMuess.
Moieof these goods bought and paid for.
TJIOSC who drank pay mote- cash for what they buy.
As it is , our money all goe-s to .Missouri , profits aud all.
Whizky takes many a dollar that should go to these
respective businesses.
[ No answer. ]
[ No answer. ] ' *
Hasa tendency to increase their business : the cash
goes to them and not the saloon.
Think If saloons we're closed here , business would go
to other towns.
[ No answer. ]
Less beer and whisky : moro rooncr for bread and
clothes. v
They get the money that would otherwise go for
Do noc think it has any effect on general business.
[ No answer. ]
Affects trade favorably.
[ No answer. ]
Favorably to the amount.formerly spent for liquor
Same. a
Merchant receives cash , from many , that formerly
went to faaloonkeopers.
No bad effect on business whatever , but the reverse.
In individual cases must help families to greater sav
ings and me.-tns of providing necessaries ; but by re
ducing number ot families do not believe benefit
has bce-n general.
Can't tell.
Cannot say. The law as it is enforced with us Is a
[ No answer. ]
[ No answer. ]
They have more money , consequently trade more.
Don't know.
Do not see that it affects It In any way.
[ No answer. ]
Think not.
[ No answer. ]
Not the life In business there ought to be.
Country has been going through a depression when
all lines of busiue.-y have suffered.
As people save more money with which to buy clothes ,
trade must feel thu result.
Less people in the state , consequently less wealth de
veloped and le-ss to purchase goods.
Probably , does not affect It
It helps all these lines.
Mcrchan s generally favor the law. Working men
pay grocery bills S etui-day night in-twid of drink
ing it up.
If the law was enforced as it probably will be now , I
think it beneficial to almost any in 'ustry. and will
have no bad effect on any class of business.
[ No answer. ]
All are benefited.
Helps all kinds of business.
All benefited by men remaining- sober and giving
strict attention to business.
No change. - - '
" *
- _ * ' '
llo\v , 11 ttt ail , does it affect
fVeuHex'tlous ?
Collodions uro good : wr bo-
1'ore thu Iiiw.
Wry much be'tlnr.
borne that court tint pnyuny-
thlug. have , , ald up uli old
debt *
Helps collections
Enslor for a man to pay hto
debt * wlioii liu does uoi drluk.
Moro promptly paid , '
Not at nil.
[ N
Same answer.
Hotter. f
Leaves A man In possession of
his senses and gives 'him
elmucu to meet obligations.
Benefit with class who drink.
More easily made.
Can't see any difference.
Evidently makes them bettor.
You are saved the four that un
less you collect on pay-day ,
the wagc-worke-r will fool it
all away.
Strcugtbeus e-ollectlons.
They are better.
lu no way that I can see.
For the l. .ator.
Do not think It decs.
Wo don't have any on people
who don't have spunk enough
to take : i trios. of beer when
they want It. .
Make ? them more certain and
coblcr to cdlle-ct.
> 'ot at all.
None at all
Have been very close for several
Yes a Httlo.
Don't think it affects them.
Not noticed.
Itcortainly Is a benefit.
Usually collected without ox-
Don't know. ,
( Jood.
j.'lfmk collections are bettor.
Docs not.
Does not Injure them.
None to speak of.
As gO' l if not hotter than be
fore the law took effect.
[ No answer. ]
Collections not affected.
In no perceptible degree.
In noway at all.
By sending our circulating"
medium awav Torn home.
No ciroe-t
Cannot say that It affects them
at all.
Enables many to save their
earnings and thereby- meet
their biigatious more prompt
ly. '
They arc bettor.
For the better.
Men pay more-regularly.
Uubincssof cut ire community in
mo-l healthy condition.
Very much.
Makc-i collection ? better. At
least $ i or 50 per e-eut.
Don't know.
Have no means of answering-
Cannot say , as we were not In
this Jiisiiie3 before adoption
of law.
[ No answer. ]
[ No answer. ]
[ No answer. ]
15y its benellelal Influence on
business generally , and In Im
proved habits of particular
A good effect.
Can't see that it affects them in
auy wayNe /
[ No auswcr. ]
[ No answer. ]
Good effect.
[ No answer. ]
No effect. When we have crops
collections are very easy : whcu
crops foil thfy : u c hard.
[ No answer ]
In a general way people are
more prosperous and can pay
their debts better.
None at all.
Docsnot conduce to better then.
Helps collections.
Docs not affevt coll"c.ons.
Has Improved them.
Only by loss of collection !
ojroinsc so ninny more lusti
ness houses.
[ No answer. ]
Collections are harder now than
at any other time. *
Effect is to deprive cities or
revenue , fill jails with violat
ors , increase expense of gov
ernment aud results in higher
Don't think It affects them atall.
[ No answer. ]
Favorably , it atall.
[ No answer. ]
Has no effect.
Don't thinkltaffects collections.
Very little
touie of our collections are hot
ter , as a certain class hove
' something to pay with.
Helps collections.
Dou't think it affects them.
We notice no difference.
Easier to collect. . ,
[ No answer. ]
[ No answer. ]
Collections are cacr.
The man who docs not spied
part of his money for i.ccr
and whisky , has more left V
pay his debts.
Collections are surer against
men who are sober.
Not any. t