The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, February 15, 1889, Image 7

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B SuiiietlilHK About UiRlklmr < 'arrI fiC
B mid Hitritcss Ttlaiiuiactiirlii ; ; Compn-
HL This company was organized and com-
roonced buniness in 1874 , mid during tlio
H , fifteen ycnra of its operation it hiin ex-
> tended its ImmiIcbs and cntalilislicd nu
' cnvial > lo ropntntion tliroii' 'lioiifc flio
country. The wtperior qitulity of tho
H • goodsvvliicli it ninnufncttueK. us wclLas
I its business'methods nro two of tho
H' causes of its extended pntronnso and
H grenfc success. Tho carriages , buggies
H . and other vohiclcs manufactured and
' N sold by this company are made from the
Hf very best material and by tho best mo-
' • chanics , Tho hard woods of northern
f ludiana are celebrated as tho best in
b tho world for buggies , carriages and
m wagons , and these , after being perfectly
H' Mentioned , are used in all tho vehicles
H' made and sold by this company. The
B , iron , steel , leather , cloth and other ma-
Hi terinl used is the very best , and all put
H , together in tho best , strongest and most
H * durable style. Now , as to their manner
H | of doing lmnincss. Their Bj'stem dis-
H. penses with tho profits of middlemen ,
H | for they deal directly with tho con-
H | sumer. All goods ordered aro boxed
HI nnd delivered free on board of cars at
H * Elkhart , Ind. Thoy have but one prico
H . for nn article , and that as low as such
* tjoods can bo sold , and much lower than
H | iu cases whero tho middle-man must
Hp have a profit. An illustrated and do-
B scriptivo cataloguo may bo obtained by
addressing G , B. Pratt , Secretary , Elk-
• liarfc , Indiana. _
HfSoUtlu'rn J xciirlaii at Half Pare.
H On Jnnunry 15th , 29th , February 12tli.
k nnd 2Gtli , 1880 , the Motion Route will soil
L M Land Excurnion tickets at one fare for the
M round trip to drnignatcd points in Ala-
HF bamn , "Florida , Georgia. Louisana , Missis *
H' flippl and TcnnesHcc. Limit of tickits GO
H dajs from ditto of stamp. Stop-overs can
H be nraanged. Tor full particulars , nddress
H L. E. Sessions , T. F. A. , bo : fiSl Minnenp-
H olis , Minn. , or J2. 0. McCormick , G. F. A. ,
H Adams Express building , Chicago.
_ _ _
mmmAr Frof. Sell , of telephone fame , has a
H school for deaf mutes in Washington.
H Wlifn lis by venn kUV. we pave lier Castorla ,
H IVben slip nn8 Child. * fiecried for Custorla ,
H Wlirn she lipc/una JIIkk. slip olmip to Cnstorla.
H When she hml Children , slip pave them Castorla.
bbv •
' - The Russian Budget for 1880 shows a
, surplus of 2,000,000 rubies.
K Gustav Dore left some 200 illustrations
1 to Shakespeare which will shortly be re-
I produced in a splendid edition.
} A wild gooso never laid a tame egg , but
M' its egg will grow tame it kept long enough.
II ' JPor JVeiiralgia-
WV For Tears. Palsstlas , Ohio , June ST. nil.
H t Bnfftrod constantly ( or sertral yssrs wits sea-
ralgU ; aU rBtdlu foiled ; tried Bt. Jaeoti 0U ;
x tu cared. Ho return is t xnenUu.
f a. 8. Tzxexaois , r. m.
ft\ NoTor Again. Bt Olborr. IU. , Kit IS , KH.
Hi Kj vue > u troubled with oesr-Jett. and after
H"r ob * oottl * of Bt. Jacob ! OUvainerer
< troubled acala. BXHST BE0ZZUXTSS.
PL After All. KsUand , m. . May 31,1SSI.
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ae dot tore to be cured by 8trjaeobi OIL
Hlf J. M. EHAYT , Drujslrt.
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m - Diamond Vera-Oura
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H indtcest on. feour-Slomach. lleartnurn. Nausea. G' .i.
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: Rising In the Mouth and Uissrrceable taste alter
B eat Inc. Ncrvonsnen and Low-Spirits.
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V. Hia R ia BVJB Bci Anyladyof ordl-
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HaP SMfi cut and xsa e
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a i i i i i i
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I UUUri > t earthing tU in the rrnrld Klthrr erx. CmUt ocifit
I rr" Temiruks. JkUnu , Tccik CoADuuUuiu.
| : ? _ Hadn't Oiiltslit 011 Xet.
li- , . . Old lady ( to grocer's boy ) I see
- l you're selliu' off some of your goods be-
3 ' * * low COtt.
f ' * Bov Yes'm.
C * - Old lady Well , liow enn yon make
? • money on { roods tlint you sell less'n cost ?
L . * . " Boy I'dun know , mrtrmrve ; only
Ik r . bin in the grocery business it week. The
! & " • - ? - boss is in the back room ; pVops he can
Ik tell you. Harper's Bazar.
Mf A rnan who" has practiced medicine for 40
' : • ' years , oujht ; to Know salt Irom sugar ;
Wi ' fZ * read what Be says :
' * < J ' Toledo , O. , Jan. 10. 18S7.
If Messrs. F. J. Cheney fc Co Gentlemen :
H1 I hare been in the general practice of medi-
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H % i * = * v < "SJ turecUbyjou. Have.prescribed itu great
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L. L. GOllSUCH , XL D. ,
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Ha , We "will give $10O for any r e of Catarrh
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- , * - > t rtr
Clemehzy Jane Fowler
Glrcs According to Her Blessings.
There was a missionary woman
visiting at Miss Rogersee , and she
said if tho women folks would get
together she'd talk to them about
how the heathens lived. Well , I
haint never hankered extry much
after tho heathens. To be sure , 1'vo
felt it my duty to do as welljby them
as possible , so have paid my yearly
dues for tho support of the Gospel
among the homo and foreign
heathens without a murmur. But I
never set any very great store by the
heathens themselves , didn't care
much about them , nor returned mis
sionaries either , seeing as how you
may prepare for a collection every
time one puis in an appearance.
I didn't intend going to hear the
ono visiting at Miss Eogerses , but
Sister Rogers sent over a special in
vitation , and not liking to appear
unfriendty I thought I'd go and set
a spell just to show I had nothing
ngen the cause of foreign heathens.
You know some folks prefer to do
their duty by the home samples only ,
nnd leave the foreigners to shift for
Of course I knew there'd be a col
lection took. I've never gone to a
foreign heathen meeting yet when
there wan 't ; and I've attended con
siderable many in my day " because
my conscience is always nagging mo
on into the belief that it is my duty.
I debated a while in my mind about
how much I should give ; and that
Scripture text , "according as the
Lord hath blessed you , " kept run
ning in my head in spite of me. I
couldn't < deny having been signally
blessed this year. We had had plenty
of rain , and the beauty of it was it
had generally rained nights and Sun
days so there wasn't any time lost.
It certainly was as fine growing
weather as ever you see. The crops
had all been good , fruit middlin , and
the pigs and poultry extry. The
calves i , too , couldn't be complained of
and that old rhyme ,
"What shall I render to my God
For all His gifts to me ? "
that I learned away back in my child
hood , when children were expected to
say hims and Bible verses every Sun
day ' at Sunday school , began to ring
in my head , kind of keeping company
and going linked arms , as it were ,
with the text ' 'According as the Lord
hath blessed thee. " It's curious how
things we learn when we're
little j do run in our heads all
our lives long , whether we
want them or not. That's why I
J stand by the old-fashiohed plan of
having children learn bible verses
and other sensible mottoes to kind
of brace them up in an hour of need ,
which is more than likely to come
afterwards. ; With the generality
these hours of need come frequently ,
a Bight frequenter than we enjoy
having them.
Wanting to put a quietus on that
text and verse which had been run
ning in my head , I just said to my
self , firm and liberal like , "Clemenzy ,
in view of past mercies in the way of
growingweather ' , and good crops ,
and pijrs , and poultry , etc. , you
ought to do the generous thing. .
Just double your thank offering and'
give i 50 cents this time. " But when
I came to consider it mathematically
( for I never was any hand to spend
money rashly ) and reflected that 50
cents ( meant four dozen of eggs at a
shilling ' a dozen , and four dozen of
eggs were 48 in number , which , if I
had set would very likely have
hatched ; out 35 chickens , these at 25
.cents a head ( after they were raised )
would bring me most § 9 it did seem
like a terrible heap to give to a mis-
sionary , woman thatl'dnever laid eyes
on before. I could only hope she
was truly the Lord's servant. Any
how , I gave her the benefit of the
doubt < and carried the 50 cents with
me ; but I took good care to have it
in two quarter pieces so's if the mis-
sionary woman shouldn't seem like
a worthy object I could give just the
half of it. I think we ought to sea
son our charity with discretion.
The hired girl wanted to go to
singing school that night so I helped
her up with the supper dishes and
the milking , and against I got to
Miss Rogerses it was a trifle late.
The missionary woman was already
to begin , so I just laid off my things
quietly and took a back seat out in
the setting-room , though I could
see real well through the folding
doors into the parlor where the lady
sat. She was real pleasant looking.
I made up my mind she was worthy
the minute I laid eyes on her , and
was glad I had decided in favor of
the 50 cents.
She began by saying she wan't a
missionary herself ( which was quite
a blow to me , as I had hoped to see a
real live sample ) but she had spent
a year in Japan and had greatly-
terested in our missionaries there
and the noble work they were doing.
She thought it might be pleasant for
us to hear about them and the peo
ple they had to deal with. She hadn't
talked more than five minutes until
I came to the conclusion it was
worth fully 50 cents not to have
been born a Jap. It would have
been just my luck to have been a
woman , and women in that country-
are not account at all. I don't mind
being a woman here. Indeed , I'd
rather than not , because women
folks do certainly have some advan
tages the sterner sect don't. Butin
Japan the tables are turned. Wom
en folks don't amount to a row of
pins hardly one pin , let alone a
row. A woman has always to walk
a fqw-stejpsTbehirfd 'hecsbusbacid to *
advertKBe'the facfi'that she is Ins in
ferior. May be you think
you'd do without a miBband ,
then , and be an old maid.
But old maids don't appear to have
any showing at all there.
They seem to be abolished
by law , or something of the
kind , ' 'I don't just understand what ,
A woman can't eat at tho same table
with her husband , or oven at the
same time. She has to wait until ho'e
through and take her vittalscold.
Her husband is always dreadfully
ashamed of her and never mentions
he if ho can help it. Ifhoeverhafi
to introduce her anywhere ho apolo-
fizes real polito liko and says : " 1
opo you'll excuse mo for introducing
j ) my fool of a wife" and "fool" in
Japanese means a heap worse than *
it does in English. Though its
enough of an affliction in English ,
goodness knows ! If Susan B. Antho
ny and her clique of woman's right-
ers could only hear how those heath
ens treat their women folks they'd
certainly look upon Japan as fresh
fields. I had the greatest notion to
write Susan about it , urging of her
to sail over and settle matters there
now that she'd got things pretty well
straightened out in this country.
For with women voting out West ,
and settin' on juries , and being law
yers and what notI , think this country
could spare her a spell , and welcome.
It was surely worth fully 50 cents
not to be a Japanese woman , and I
was right glad I had done the square
thing and concluded to give accord
ing to my blessings. , < f
But when I heard how their houses
were furnished I was taken all abnek. '
They aint furnished at all. You have
to sit on the floor , and sleep on the i
floor , and use a wooden pillow , which
would be dreadful hardonmyroomy-
tiz. Specially in winter weather it
would be apt to lay me up entirely.
It did seem it was worth a good deal
more than 50 cents to escape the
roomytiz , and I'd be willing to give
a dollar any day to have some furni
ture in the house , and not have to
alwaj-s sit on the floor. Meantime
the little verse kept pestering me with
" What shall I render to my God
For all His gifts to me ? "
I tried hard not to think about it ,
because I plainly see if that woman
kept on talking and Iliad to tally Tip
my blessings on a hard cash basis ,
I'd bo a financial wreck an hour from
hence. Then there was thatcommand
to give according as the Lord had
blessed kept rising up in my mind in
spite of me. So for peace sake I
agreed with myself to give § 1.50.
Fifty cents for not being born a
Jap , and a dollar for being blessed
with furniture and not having to sit
on the floor. It was worth it , I felt
I had got off cheap at that.
She continued on to relate about
their vittals. They don't use meat ,
owing to their belief in the transmi
gration ofyoursoul. They believe
when a man dies his soul , instead of
going to heaven or elsewhere , locates
in a cow , or horse or other beast.
You see how that doctrine operates.
If you should kill your cow for beet
you couldn'teat a morsel , not even
the tenderest bit of steak in the
whole carcass , not knowing but
what that cow was the residence of
your grandfather , or uncle , or some
other near relative.
I didn't mind the meat doctrine so
much because I could manage to get
along without it after a fashion ,
provided the butter was good. But
my hopes were blasted by theinforma-
tionthat they didn't use either but
ter or meat or cheese. I knew that
would have broken me clear up. I
never could have stood it if I had
been born a Jap. I couldn 't rate
the blessing of good yellow but
ter , and rich thick cream for
coffee and oatmeal in tho morning at
less than 75 cents. It seemed rather
small at such a price , but the way
that blessing bill was running up
was more than 1 could stand , though
it was nothing but fair that I should
try to pay it. You see I'd never
thought before about it being the
Christian religion which gave us com
forts and enabled us women folks to
stand side by side with our brothers
as companions and helpers , instead
of sitting at their feet as servants.
To be sure , I heard in experience
meetings time out of mind , and even
said it myself in a sort of general way ,
that all our blessings came from the
Lord. But law me ! Christian people
, do say a sight of good sounding
things and never stop to think what
they mean. If we'd just put brains
and heart into our words we'd bo
somewhat ' different I'm thinking.
Then there was the climate. It is
so < ' damp where the Japs live that
yon , daresn't leave a book outside
the book-case over night , cause in
the morning it would all be covered
with moisture and in case of a
nice binding would be liable to be
ruined. If you stood an umbrella in
the corner of the hall over night
next morning you'd be apt
to find it covered with a fine
mold. You have to keep all your
clothes packed in tin-lined boxes.t
The missionaries cover these boxes
with cusliions and make lounges of
them. Sometimes their friends send
the missionaries presents of kid
gloves. They have to put them in
glass cans and screw the tops on
tight to keep them from the atmos
phere that's in the air , else they
would mold and be ruined in a short
time. This i dea of canning kid gl o ves
was certainly the beateree. Sez I to
myself : "Clemenzy , you will have to
own up that a decent climate along
with other modern conveniences is
considerable of a blessing. It's worth
60 cents'a day. If you're going to
do the square thing and give accor'd j
ing to your blessings you darsentj j I
leave out the climate. )
Conscience is generally pretty thor- i
ough in all its undertakings , and it >
kept nagging me steadily about
those missionaries. If it was worth
50 cents not to be a Jap , it was
worth twice that much not to be
born a missionary. If you'd been
born a Jap you'd very likely be used
to it by this time. But the mission
aries aint. All the time that text
hammering away at me about giving
according as I had been blessed , and
I was just deciding I ought to give a
dollar because I wasn't a missionary
when the lady said :
"Don't you think , friends , these
nnissionariesever-get'homesick ? No
matter how busy'tbey may Be they1
• will never be so busy , they
cannot find time to think of. j
home , over here - in God's country. >
When the twilight gathers don't you
suppose they know howitis at home ,
then the neighbors dropjring in for
a friendly chat and tFe deaf familiar •
l '
faces gathered round tho" evening
tamp ? "
Sez I to myself : To bo a mission
ary , and live among heathens , and
do without butter , and have to
can your kid gloves ia bad
enough , but homesickness is u good
sight worse. I'd rather have the
lumbago any day than to be home
sick , while you're taking an invoice
of your blessings , Clemenzy , you
can't leave out your not being home
sick. It is certainly worth 05 cents. "
Even at that rate it seems like pay
ing for it with rather small potatoes ,
but when you have a conscience ofu
mathematical turn you have to gc
rather cautious. Nellie Moore , it
American Rural Home.
l - . . . . _ _
The Son of Mrs * President Madisoi
i Wide Awake.
j I ' Mrs. Madison's property , valued ai
$20,000 , was finally divided betweei
Anna and Payne Todd to the lat
ter the money was welcome. Hehac
dissipated his own fortune , hit
mother's private property , anc
Montpellier "he literally drank uj.
the place and the negroes" remarkc
one who knew him well , speaking o.
'Montpellier. President Madison had
labored in vain to reform his habiU
of idleness and extravagance and al
so hod paid many of his debts.
Some of his means he had sunk in
the erection of a strange structure ,
on on eccentric plan , upon his own
estate. Todds-birth , intending that
his mother should there make hei
home. The house originally upon
the place had been burned and he
had built a great tower with a hall
room and state dining room , group
ing around it several small buildings ,
some old , others new ; in one of these
cottages his mother was to live , en
tering the dinging room through a
window. When he built this house
which for lack of money he was un
able to complete he was interested ,
liko many people at that time , in the
subject of silk culture and intended to
turn the place into a silk farm ; and ,
characteristically , before he had
planted his mulberry trees , or hatch
ed his silk worms , he imported a
number of Frenchmen to make the
silk. Toddsbirth is still standing
not far from Montpellier.
Mrs. Madison's last breath brought
forth the words , "My poor boy ! "
nnd it is impossible for any one to
think of her son without a sigh. Step
by step he grew disagreeable and dis
sipated. A cousin , recalling him to
day , writes :
"As for my cousin , Payne Todd ,
my childish memories of him do not
bear repeating. His manners were
perfectly Grandisonian , but I was a
little afraid of him. Do not ask me
why. "
He became a gourmand and whol
ly lost his beauty and elegance. He
cultivated a taste for foreign cook-
9ry , and a friend , of -boyhood says
that he was continually sending to
the Old World for favorite articles of
Food ; so that at last he was enor
mously stout , quite the figure that a
man must be who drinks liquors as
constantly and catsasself-indulgent-
! y as did he. One who remembers
liim in his later years , after his inher
ited beauty was obliterated , says
that he looked very much like every
other common man who becomes
dissipated bloated and puffed and
jrizzty and slouchy.
Payne Todd accomplished nothing
In his life that was worth a man's
tvhile. During the first years of the
Monroe administration he was Pres
ident Monroe's private secretary , but
for some reason did not remain. He
ran for congress and was defeated.
Be never took his place among coun
try gentlemen as the master of his
estate. He never married. He for-
peited the esteem of every friend whom
his mother and President Madison
secured for him. At 42 , he died of a
long and fearful fever in Washington ,
two years after Mrs. Madison , at a
hotel on Fifteenth street , surrounded
by some of his mother's old slaves
but with no white person near him.
During his conscious moments he had
been full of grief and remorse. In
jhe snow and cold , on Washington's
Dirthdayhe was laid to rest in the Con
gressional cemetery , followed there
oy a carriage containing one friend
and another with his servants. Oth-
jrs of the family buried there were
ifterwards removed , but no one had
jufficient interest in Payne Todd to
lare where he rested. His only part
n the world now is an example of a
wasted life.
Snakes in Mexico.
They have an active little snake
3own in the state of Vera Cruz , which ,
vhen he attacks you , rolls itself up
ike a hoop , and wheels along with ,
jreatspeed.and when close toy ou.un-
joils and begins to whip you soundly J
ibout the legs with its strong and
ricious little tail. He does not bite ,
but only lashes his enemy. Butthere
s another snake , called the "coralito"
which is slender and small and red ,
and which inflicts a bad dangerous
bite. A friend of mine staying on a
plantation , found two coiled up in a
aigh top shoe one morning. In the
hot country cautious people examine
the beds at night to see thatno snake
or scorpion is there , and taking this
prudent precaution , they sleep
soundly enough , for it is often chilly
at night in the hot country. Cor.
Boston Herald
An Old Stage-Driver , •
Harvey Ward , who drives the
stages between East Eddington and
Bangor , is the oldest stage-driver in
the whole eastern country. His
route is only a dozen miles long , but
it takes Mm into a country where the
railroad and telegraph are not yet
known , and where the graceful deer
and lumbering bear cross the road
everyday wherein fact , a person
might easily imagine himself a thou
sand miles fromany city. Harvey
always eats his thanksgiving dinner
in Bangor , and at the same hotel ,
and on last thanksgiving day he
drove up to the Windsor for his for
tieth consecutive annual feast in the
identical red coach which he drew up
at the same door on thanksgiviag
day , 1848. New York Sun. .
The native-born Elephant bids fair to
rival the great imported Jumbo in size and
weight ; but it is pretty generally known
that nothing rivals the great remedy , Dr.
Bull's Cough 8yrup.
"WhatBhall I do , " the maiden cried.
' 'Ho will bo here to-night and my hands
are chapped , and he will , hold them. "
"Calm yourxelf , dear , " her mamma replied ,
"we've a bottle of Salvation Oil. "
Miss Amelia B. Edwnrds is finishing a
tour of twenty lectures in Northern Eng
land and Scotlnud.
A Fortune for Flick.
Indlanapolli ( Ind. ) Sentinel. Jan. 13.
Hnpniness roigns in tho family of Pe
ter Flick , living at 250 E. Morris street.
A.reporfor hearing that Mr. Fliok had
Btrnck it rich in tho Louisiana Stato
Lotter3 % called upon flim nnd found tho
report to bo true.
"How much was the amount of your
prize ? " tho reporter asked.
"It was $5,000 , " Mr. Flick replied.
"I have been buying lottery tickets
for a year past , but did not have much
luck until I struck it A couple of
weeks ago , I purchased a fortieth part
of ticket No. 08,744 , which drew tho sec
ond prize , S200.000. This , of course ,
gavo mo § 5,000. "
"Have j'ou received your money , Mr.
Flick ? "
"Yes , indeed , " Mr. Flick replied.
"As soon as I read tho list of prizes , I
sent in my ticket and I received a check
for the amount within a week. Yes , I
have tho monoy in my own name now ,
nnd am going to tako a trip to my old
home in Switzerland in tho spring. "
Mr. Flick is a wood-carver in tho em
ploy of Sander < fe Becker , on E. Wash
ington street , and has been living in
this country for eight j'ears.
Canadian wooden manufacturers say
trade is almost dead.
The Tiihoat. "Brown'B Bronchial
Troches" act directly on the organs of the
voice. They have an extraordinary effect
in all disorders of tho throat. '
A new volcano is reported from Tobasco ,
, Itching or Bleeding , relieved and
PILES cured by Cole' * Cnrboll-
salve. Get the Genuine. 25 and 50 cents
at drugRists or by mail. J. W. COLE & CO. ,
Proprietors , Black Blver Falls , Wis.
The United States has 700 railroads.
They employ 500,000 perbons.
Truly but Ono Medicine.
Allen's Lung Balsam , a name familiar
and dear to thousands who have been
cured of their Coughs and Colds by its heal
ing and restorative virtues lias in our
house beon a standard curative for Coughs
and colds during the past ten years and
with uniform success. The safety of every
family would be consulted by keeping a
bottle of Allen's Lung Balsam in the house
for immediate use , when Coughs , Colds , or
Croup make their unwelcome intrusion.
( Geo. W. Rice , Ed. American Christian Re
view , Cin. , O. )
A Hindoo god has just been sold for
§ 12.000.
Cancer Cured.
Dr. F. L. Pond is having wonderful suc
cess in the treatment and cure of cancer at
the cancer hospital at Aurora , 111. There
are numbers of cures recently made by him
which are truly wonderful. Those afflicted
phould not hesitate , but should go there
for treatment at once. 4For information ,
address Dr. F. L. Pond , Aurora , 111.
A manual training school for colored
boys is being agitated at Baltimore.
It is used and endorsed by Thy-
sicians because it is the best.
It is Palatable as Milk.
It is three times as efEcacious as
plain Cod Liver Oil.
It is far superior to all other so-
called Emulsions.
It is & perfect Emulsion , does not
separate or change.
It is wonderful as a flesh producer.
It is the best remedy for Consump
tion Scrofula , Bronchitis , Wast
ing Diseases , Chronic Ccugh and
Sold by all Druggists.
SCOTT & . BOWNE. Chemists. N. Y.
The mother of a mcmbcr.of our firm has been
cured of cancerous oreoi herfajc of twentr years
• tan Hnp by takluir S. S. S. I'jcatiletox ; Yeaky &
Hikit Drii3cl s. Farmem-llle. Tex.
Swlr 'dSiiroinccurel our bibe of an anery erup
tion called Eczema after the doctor's prescription
had failed , and she If now hal nnd hrartr.
H.T.bHO.JE. Klrh Hill , Mo.
Cy Send for our books on Rloo 1 and Slcln Diseases
ml Advice -uferers mailed frre.
THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO. , Drawer 3. Atlanta , Ga.
pim Cold n Head
Lg 'TTy's Cream Ba m I
BKjL LjL * JELY BROa. 56 Warren St . ST. T.
I do not mean merely to stop them i or a time and
then haie them return. I mean a radical cure. I have
lire-long1 study. I warrant my remedy to cure the
worst cases. Because others have failed ia no reason
for notnow receiving- cure. Send at once for treatise
ndl < TeeBottleofmyinfaIilbleremedy. Give Eipres
• ndP.O. H.G.KOOT.M.C. 183PearlL'fe , N.I'
| Ik I ft TJSB 'I'M I. ! BEST.
AI VStationerskeep'bem. Standard quality
la 111 Vail styles. Sample cents by maU.
Grand Ercnmlon to Colored * *
On February UUth a grand excursion for
land BPekera to Aatnonn ! in the sunny 8itn
Luis Valley will be run on any regular
train over nil ronds leaving Minsouri Hiver
points. Faro ( or round trip $30. Tickota
good to return in twenty days. Special
round trip rate ot $1 will bo mnde by the
Denver nnd Ilio Grando llnilroad from
Alamosa to Del Norte , Monto Vista. La
Jara , Antonito nnd Fort Garland. Tickets
will rend through Denver , Colorado Springs
oe Pueblo. Tho San Luis Valley is tho
great agricultural ompire ot Colorado , and
offers unequuled inducements to tho
farmer and stock grower. For details in
quire of nearest tickot agent. S. K.
Hooper , General Pa-isengcr Agent Denrer&
Rio Grande Railroad , Denvor.
John Connorfcon , ot Louisville , Ky. , has
a xnulo which chows tobacco.
Consumption Stirelr Cured.
To tho Editor : Pleaso inform your read
ers that I have a positive romedy for con
sumption. By its timely use thousand : s !
hopeless cases have been permanently
cured. I shall bo glad to send two bottles
of my remody frek to any of your read
ers who have consumption if they will send
mo their express and P. 0. address. Re
spectfully , T. A. SL.0CUM , M. C. , 181 Pearl
street , New York.
Thirteen cotton mills in an'l around Au
gusta , Ga. , employ 4,1500 persons.
"Mike" Kelly , the base ball star , is to
receive $1,000 for two weeks' work as an
" I am now sixty-nine
yearsjoldand have tried
several remedies , but
none had any effect un
til I used Paine's Celery
Compound. I feel en
tirely different for the
§ short time I have used it.
I can walk nearly
straight , sleep sound and
well , and feel as though
there was new life and
energy coming into my
whole system. " II. My-
Lius , Cleveland , Tenn. ,
Paine's Celery Compound
Strengthens and builds up the old , and
cures their infirmities. Rheumatism , indi
gestion and nervousness yield quickly to
the curative power of Paine's Celery Com
pound. $ i per bottle. Six for $ $ . At druggists.
Wells , Richardson & Co. , BnrlingtonVt.
ence onnif 1 directions for using Diamond
rntC aUUn jjAsk your druggist for it.
LACTATED F00DZffii2& .T $
weLadies' ' Home Journal
ts to be made BETTER , and liARGER. It
can be had now for onlv CO Cents per year j
another year it will coat 31.00. We
shall double the price Lecause we cannot aflord
to furnish so good a rapcr as the Journal is to
be for less than one Dollar , but w e shall double
Its value , and cive you more of it for your
money. AGENTS can make hundred * of
dollars securing subscriptions at
Half Price up to July 1st. 1889.
We offer them good pay for every subscriber se
cured , and an a K-T > # > tothe person who
extra Prlxeof $ OvV shall tend us the
largest number ; S400 for the tecond largest
list , and so on. Sample copies and posters w ill
be furnished , so that a great demand can be
created in any neighborhood.
On receipt of poslasc stamp * we will scud free by
mail the followlnu splendid nrtlclcs :
Ono Uox of l'ure Vaseline. - - 10 eta.
One Box of Vaseline O mpliorlce , 1.1 < * M.
One iloiof Vuhcline Colli Crritin. Ifi ots.
No Vaseline Is genuine ante * ] our namr li on tlm la
baL Chjcsebcouqu 11'r"a Co..Si State StXetr York.
I * . AV. GAllDNEn , Frccport , 111. ,
( SucceJ-nr to Gardner Bros.i will send von hli
beautiful Seed Catalogue for 1889 FREE.
The Cheapest SEED HOUSE in America.
Bore seeds ' < > r the money tnan yn fan buy
• liewhcre. PACKETS 3 Ccnu. TRY US.
, ° 7Cf3iEi5 ; 0MiitdHowerKfed30 i
\ C&frL kinds , Guide , and 10c. Certificate for
53fi = V ill Seeds , vow choice , all for 2 stamps (4 ( centfJ
T S/fc Every flower lover delighti rt. Tell all youi
BSaMhCjfriesds. O. W. PAKE. FJLHNETTSBUBQ , fa.
EfBe prompt. ThM offer will appear but tv/lcc.
Pig I li I Bl "r fl. . hj umpl.
V H | bfir. Ka ti3 to the wb.le.ilt .ud re-
0 H L L u I f IL nlxi \ , Lvr s ;
t-ceot tump. Wage t S3 PsrDay. r rmtnratp ntoB. N
o tm ! < a iwere < t Money adrinctd for mil. dr.rll > liic. etc.
Centennial Manufacturing Co. , Cincinnati , Ohi * .
CCUn VAIID 111IIC If tou want a Fr * Hmm ,
dtinil IUUlf nHrnCZmpojnt ! tanr Book .r ri
per , to save ll lf joarmeaej on any • eTal article , 109 pa ? *
Cataloguealso new map of theCreit Republic ofXorta
America , reachnf ! fmm the Hortfc r l to the Kq Ur with
V. 8. Pull i f.rm ll.a * t ll S en. f - eTTU * . . I.trw .e Toeirtre ,
2kJe J * Prlrato advice for the nnmarried. Tills
Whu&K L atl VOU want to knma. Sera rely icaled. 10
BuStl&sSaV cents. Address , Box 2S2 , Chicago , IU.
krm Xr.kl i-nA forourfrg" wllinjf book * and
Agents Wanted bil.le . nistincenohlnlrance.
Uiff fronts. Empyreal I"uh. Hou-e. St. Paul. JImn.
1ATUII fiCAX BE CURED. Atrialbot-
n I H Mil n tleent free to any one afflicted.
HVl flI iaHDR.TAFTBRO , Rochester , X.Y
W. N. U. . Omaha , - 452 7. !
Sirictfj PURE. It contains NO OPIUM In anym \ „ Ml
Among the belt remrdlea Alrn'aI < mtfRataan . | g | |
stand * pre-eminent. Tho druggists sneak of It In. MM
highest terms , as siring entire satisfaction wherarer- + §
It Is used. 3 , Mt
Prico25ct . ,50ot . , and $ lpor Bottle ft jj
rfhoSS-CBNT BOTTLES are put up for the accom if al
modatlon of all who de lre simnly a IX jHl
COUiillorCKOUl'UISMKMY. | | | l
Those desirmq a remedy for CONS UMPTI02K 1 II
or any LtrXG DISEASE should secure 3 II
the Large SI Mottles. jf Jfl
Mothers. Read ! | j * i |
oaki.ani > 8ta.Kv. , April ii.iva. w ;
aenttemen.-Tho demand for ALl.c.N'H LUNO BXU- S • > I
bam Is lncreatlng constantly. The ladles think tber * m * U
Is no medicine equal to 11 for croup nnd Whooplnp it
Cough. C.H.MAUTINDruggbU 1 I
R A D WlY'0' ' .
The Great Liycr and Stomach Remcdr ! I
For the cure of all disorders of the- I I
the BOWELS , PILES and all derange- I
merits of the Internal Viscera , Purely- I
Vegetable , containing no mercury , . I
minerals , or DELETERIOUS DRUGS- I
complished by taking RADWAY'S 1
PILLS. By so doing I
Dyspepsia , I
ACH , BILIOUSNESS , ETC. , will be I
avoided , and the food contribute its.
nourishing properties to the body.
Price 25c. a box. SOLD BY DRUG- I
GISTS. If Storekeeper is out of them I
remit to RADWAY&CO..NEW YORK _ I
E 'Wvfl ' cV 300STALLlONSor3 rrl3 -
MfgasgEOreaVga able age : 150 COE.T.S IUa
Raw WSKkMHtchoc ! ° pedlgreri. yiiperior Ind- H
mW * KHvIcluaIs ; 200 IIIIPOllTBI-
a BROODMAnKS601nroa { :
| n D ? Brilliant , the must famous living sire ) .
Mr Best Quality. Prices Reasonable * . H
tf Terms Easy. Don't Buy without lntr ft- H
W lac this Greatest ana Most MucrMifat H
I Breeding EiitnlillNliini-st of America. H
I i Tstradlsr purr hurra , addr-it. far 2S0'S g * cau'ojo- . Mm
j , M. W. DUNHAM , WAYKE , fLLl OiS. I
a5 ll . . . . ' . .
* ritCkl ( a aC.A.V.n.U'jli > t.TBRi Juas.ASie ! < -
B l ffTOSSOADflY ! I
ffl'ilW ! > * lii ! > * * 1 tr K 'iHr w tn. sSsfoty iti'ln H
4ffiffl&f&H H'A'n GIVEN AWAY t Intr.- *
lk7/m > imt& dttw them. fc\ery liurte • imiprnuyi )
iPbItWiM lrum 1 u > 6. Linenererunderhor 't aS
i IsTrtsavyU feethend 2j cents In stamps to piy- MM
h'M ' iWKk posiatro and packing lor Nl'kl M
kfilV Wv I'Uteil Sample that sells tor * MM
ISMal BrewsterMf g Co. , HollyMich. ,
. bbK bbW m T prescribe and fully rr L\
kuuf'9 mT mmdorse \ HIk li as the only- MM
FCtmlt WcJ specificorthccertaincur
MmmWl TO 6 DATS. 'Vd of thin dliease.
MjSm t " 8trtctart. - Amsterdam. H. V.
Ef urdealybytba Wc have sold Ills G for- H
aguiu w- * * ? * givm the best of sat' .s- Mm
mwClnolnna3 , * Faction.
_ ctuo. m D. R. DYCTIF. & CO. .
Trsit l iB JUrllSl.00. Sold by Druse ' iitil H
The Largest , Cheaprsi sad ilest In the Wort t- M
Special Aesal. Oeneral Agent. MM
The oldest medicine in the world Is probably sassy H
C Dr. Isaac Thompson's | f' H
This article Is a carefully prepared l'hyMcian' * pr-- H
scnption.and has been Inconstantly nearly a century MM
CAUTIO.V. The only genuine Thompson * * Eye MM
"Water has upon the white wrapper of each bottle aa H
ea rared portrait of the inTentor.DR.l3AACTnoMr < v > 'r. MM
with a facsimile of his signature ; a ] o a note of haul- H
sineilJi > hn L. Thompson. Aroid all others. Thea- MM
uine Eye Water can be obtained from al' Unic .su. MM
El Wh B a WTM M Every Baser sold by agents has several jsjhw > o. 12 M §
ssTslHm HaBB II dollani added to the man of xctorer's price. gi V _ _ , . _ , . , _ MU
„ , _ _ We are manufacturers , and hare No AjrJL k > v Fb" IcKCl IliniMS- M\\
go. X. Farm Harness. A eBt . For IA yrn. hsre dealt 6 * 1 Vv S14 DO W\
_ . > gr6 > w cos en with the consumar. We ship anywberefV Zl-iiiwS s8" !
HHy2 awV with vrittltyofexaminmi tetort * ui/ing.p f > nj" * * StllK Mmjt
W4m/1fe satisfactory. 11 in i mil I n I I 11 lllli | I in jf I „ f JL ImiRbV
rxj" ? saTT' * L 2 yearn. Anyon * that can wnte csncr.jfc , / te JCI1IB LaQ
> > 9 r H > der Harness from well - - ' '
vli \ fck a Banr or us as well'f a / SsW 11
3s3MMMr J I la > pst 810 tuSM to soma middle man to order i ypaWsTsT * * rJ feC a bsbb !
, a jlL / Bt .fcgEl 7iB& IT fanaaa some sold atSIlU. OnrsatSlOd ' " " " 1 ! 6UBBIES V MMt
" J har jTBrTf "P sTr nrnnn llf ITir I'liiirTnnn . "T1 * " cinn I assi
* < - . mlFl * ZaC + xm * rj - ' . . . . . iht HoadCarts , S17. ryT ; tQ- .i !
Platform Waron eifj Z 'e box and delirer on cars in ElkharteocAorj . J L * " bbbb bbbb !
rm , „ „ .m , win - imiibj iiLomrrQc ? * * i&t Sr
fMM/KMfl MMffB2&Mtfo S & yMMgVmmS9B t a tSB E BfSa P V v S' ' SBBB |
HuCflftV Ka Di vaeTersMoaradTerusemeat Ufon T TTell If not , althoatb wt da oar btniseti en toe qnlrt. we w ald llle to say to yon rf tit here , befors yoa order J H
MmmrYTM'timwYMWZmm oor depuit caulogne. that we own by all odds one of the Urfest sad twit eqalppod Seed Stores ia Amerlea. wltb orer two seres Boor rooia , wlta Pouio cellirs H
IbUVUbvUIsbbI of ofer 60,000 bosbels eapacltT and ererytblns flHod from tie cellar u the crret with lire Xorthem Grown Seeds I that we operate , oeatrel and own I H
BBBfaBTaniBBKMP6 ! BBl orer 3 00 acres derated exclaitrely to prodoelnc solely Sslzer Seedt : thu we are located on tie Ulnlulppl Blrer , ia a thrirlo elty.wltb is U.S. msd. daily. \ MM
BBTaBVBJBsr BBvVW with orer TO dally freight tralas , with M dally expreu ears nuhlnc ln every direction : with eipreis efflen ln oar owa bnildlacs to bellltatt qolck thipiuent. MM
MMMWSwMB WMMJmm so we are la shape to fill all yoar orders f\m\1 C : lUUITC DnHIN71 I wl.000 IN PKIZES ! GraadeuOau erersowa. this MU
W KIiHWH promptly , yes. inside of twenty-roar bocrs ! UA I O Hill I C DUnWlltJl I Is stronr yoa say bat el" It one trial and you'll r not H
H . 'VV wWb.VbbI HALF8TE0.ia ESOCGH. It's a White OsU stronr straw. ra t proor , ztremely Ksrly , wonderfully proUfle teitiasoa aDaxoU fajm.200 bn h. per ; ! MM
MmYJ S a kmmVwM tae. > "o praise Is too itronr. and If all the turners of Amerlea wosld sow thii seed , they would double , yea , often treble their presentyields. To Induce a. : H
BSBBBr JCS 99W trial everywhere , we offer for larrett yields la ISO , sl,00O In Sixteen Prizes ! Seethe Cataloraa abont It 1 Look at the yields oar 1S88 customers tad : H
VHaBk T * Ci' kV JscStoll. Fort Wayne. Ind. . . . 95 bo. per A. Cha > . Prettier. Lemont. 111. 103 ba. per A. Grant R. Baxter. Homer. Mich 163 ba. „ - . , . . „ , , _ i H
BTaVJaVa A V S Francis rerrr. Andarer. Dax. . . 9S CsrlNow. Lee. I1L 109 " Tbeo. Elednel. Wheatlaod , Ia..lCT tC.JVi " i ifiTt5 BBBsi
awlawStSfc * JM Fred. Blum , ftoseilUe. Mich. . . . 88 " D.H. Slatey.Csrwn City.MIe .IW • • Aur. Bratthaner. Dennlson. Ia..ITi fcMOD HAM 11.1. > H
BlsS B PMm H. a Allen , Tartar Centre , Wy. 90 " C. Strsftm. WIIUsm borf ; . Kan.141 " John Veil. Sleepy Eye. Hlnn..J06 ( JhU a. o laclndes J M m
ttMmmmWWtXmS.MMM J. A. Mauea. Jllnden. Ia 9S If. W. Bou. Sank Centre , Minn..II3 " Herman Daerre. Jr. , JopUa , Ko.211 Wheat , Barley , and H
V9MBnyH J. W. Tonnjc. Blae Mound. I1L..10O M. Chlmann- It5 B. Hsrrinrton , lilcdcra. 213 Cera ) . H
mWniXwS&vflxkW AT/VbT el'AKGERT8TOCk n AMEUIcX'cnstoiners win find Dakotaf sl !
& DAT / e-l'AKGERT ln cnstoiners my Dakota- Ui ; * - i > Sl bbbbb
KKbb&1EIbb9HI WtXJ I A I UCO crown nock InrariaMr abend of nny other. Wonderful yleldrra , l iS s I = • T. ; -M
MjWMMfflMXWljrgMM Tlroroosaad flae. Oar seeds rliethe firmer on SPUIXG WHEAT In Illinois. Iowa. WlKonsln. Xebraska , tm mmlkmgjSSmMm S f & I w |
T iP iItI 8AT'ZE * lt'y KXTKA OKAJSS Mia&DRE.SCttocs. Sow redt Ttelds * .CB 1 * 7CPC ? QpFfl9 Sa a ffl S bbbbb