The McCook tribune. (McCook, Neb.) 1886-1936, May 13, 1886, Image 7

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    Thursday , May ifa , 1886.
Indicates that your subscription to this
X paper HAS EXPIRED , and that a cordial
Invitation is extended to call and renew
I the same. Subscription , $2 per year.
Local Intelligence.
Fresh candy at the City Bakery.
4) C. P. Rinker is headquarters for
o to.W. W. Palmer for your
harness. 32-tf.
Crown Sewing Machine at
The best vratch on earth for sale by
New curtain scrim and new iroods at
Wilcox & Fowler's.
Mason & Hamlin organs at McCook
Implement Emporium.
A car-load of seed corn at Fry &
Snow's feed store.
Organs rented until the rent pays for
them at C. P. Rinker's.
A full line of hardware , stoves and
tinware at C. D. Palmer's.
V The finest stock of groceries in thu
city at Wilcox & Fowler's.
Do you want the best wind mill made
go to C. P. Rinker , he has it.
Brewer Bros , butcher only corn-fed
steers. No cows or lancjc cattle.
T SriF'Sweet Michigan Cider of excel
lent quality at the City Bakery.
They have the purest , kettle-rendered
lard in the city at Brewer Bros.
Buy one of those new watches of Mc-
Cracken before they are all gone.
$16.00 buys a first-class cultivator at
the McCook Implement Emporium.
C. D. Palmer , opposite MeEntee , is
the best place to buy your hardware.
White Russian or White Prussian
soap only 5c.a bar at Wilcox & Fowler's.
Special attention given to ice chest
and refrigerator work at C. D. Palmer's.
New dress goods , prints , ginghams ,
etc.just opened at Wilcox & Fowler's.
Remember that C. D. Palmer is the
place to get your roofing and spouting
Sewing machines at the McCook Im
plement Emporium. C. P. Rinker ,
Have you seen the new all-over em
broideries , laces and ruching at Wilcox
& Fowler's.
The City Bakery's bread is known all
along the B. & M. west of here for its
r All persons indebted to Anderson &
Boehl are requested to call and make
immediate settlement.
The Metropolitan Drug Store is in re
ceipt of a fine assortment of wall papers.
Call and examine them.
Eaton Bros , will furnish you with
pure milk at your door for 4 cents per
quart for the season. 47-tf.
Who put up Farmer Dodge's wind
mill ? Ans. Rinker. Why ? Ans. Be
cause he sells the best
G. W. Bede & Co. have some special
bargains in real estate. Office 4th door
south of U. S. Land office. 27-tf.
The choicest meats at the Central
Meat Market of Brewer Bros , corner of
Main and Dennison streets.
Furnished rooms for rent , on second
floor , by GW. . Minkler , at his house
northwest of school house , McCook.
C. P. Rinker has the best set of
pump men in the country. See him
before you buy a pump and wind mill.
Paul E. Wirt Fountain Pens for sale
by F.L. McCracken. Give absolute sat
isfaction on any work , and in any hand.
Nettleton will sell Wind Mills and
Pumps as low as the lowest , Feed Mills
The Metropolitan Drug Store is offer
ing a handsome chair to the person buy
ing the largest number of cigars between
May 1st and July 1st18SG. , . Smokers ,
note well.
The establishment of Charlie Young
has been reinforced by the arrival of a
first-class "washee" from Denver , and
he is better prepared than ever to do
fine work promptly.
Probst Bros. ' are selling more of their
excellent bread than ever , and shipping
immense quantities west daily. Their
well earned reputation has secured for
them a cnstorn that keeps them as busy
as bees to fill.
We are publishing , monthly , a Land
A Tournal , giving plain facts , together
with testimonials of some of Red Willow
county's oldest settlers. The Journal
contains : A general description of the
soil , climate and products. We invite
all the inhabitants of this county to send
for a few copies to mail to their friends.
We furnish the Journals free , or if
parties will send us the address of their
friends , we will mail them copies , fl.
L. Wells & Co. publishers of the Re
publican Yalley Land Journal , Indian-
„ , ola , Neb.
Abate the sidewalk and street ob
struction nuisance.
A new wooden awning ut the Star
restaurant , this week.
A number of our young uien will
shortly commit civil suicide.
Justice court business has been un
usually active , the last week.
An "Old Folk's Concert" is on the
string for the not distant future.
Unless somebody puts up , you will
hear something drop and no mistake.
We understand that Jackson Tubbs
will open up a barber shop at Indianola.
A piano recital by Miss Dimmitt is
among the coming events for the latter
part of the month.
An outfit passed through the city ,
last Friday , on the way to the Red Wil-
lo\v creek round-up.
Five car-loads of fine-haired Herefordg ,
consigned to a western point , passed
through this station , last Friday evening.
They are making special and exten
sive arrangements to celebrate Chil
dren's Day at the M. E. church , next
The sympathies of THE TRIBUNE are
with the people of Stockville first , last
and all the time. Do valiantly boys
and stay with the ship.
The members of the Christian church
on Red Willow Creek are building a
house of worship , which will be com
pleted in the near future.
The 0. R C. held a meeting in the
city , Sundarat , which Conductors Sage ,
Dennison and Lyman of Red Cloud
were present , among others.
Are the authorities ignorant of the
location of the gambling den on West
Dennison street , or are they not dispos
ed to enforce the law against gaining ?
The Cliif-Rosc case was settled on
Monday by Cliff giving bond in the
sum of $500 to support the child , should
it become a county charge. Ah , there !
A decidedly odoriferous specimen of
the genus mephitis , commonly called
skunk , made life a burden on parts of
Main and Dennison streets , Saturday
We desire to call the particular at
tention of those interested to the post
ponement of the Fitzgerald stock sale
at Lincoln until June IGth. See adver
tisement in another column.
Per notice appearing elsewhere in
this issue it will be seen that Messrs.
Anderson & Boehl have dissolved part
nership by mutual agreement. Mr.
Anderson will continue the business.
REAL ESTATE A. C. Modi recently
sold his two claims , a few miles north
west of the city , for a consideration of
$1,900 cash. The real estate market
is not brisk , but prices remain fairly
A slight collision occurred at Indian
ola , last Friday evening , between two
freight trains , which had orders to
meet at that point. The. cow-catchers
of both locomotives were damaged a
Some alleys in the business portion
of the city are in a wretched and dis
gracefully filthy condition. The health
of the comnmnit } ' , as warm weather
comes on apace , demands absolute
The organization of a base ball club
is being talked of and will doubtless be
accomplished. The indications are that
the "willow and sphere" will receive
considerable attention , this summer.
The talent is here.
The park block is all there , but the
trees , shrubbery , artistically laid out
walks , with grass plats and posey beds ,
et cetera , et cetera , are non est as usu
al. The harvest is plentiful , but the
laborers are few very.
From a personal letter we learn that
Mrs. R. H. Hamilton and family arrived
from Mississippi , where they have been
spending the winter , Tuesday. Mr.
H. will arrive in a few days , having gone
by way of Michigan on some business.
Perforce * of moral cowardice , the
Democrat is painfully silent on social
rottenness loci , "because it gives thu
city a bad namebut how its cork-screw
manipulator does roll the Cambridge
affair under his tongue as though it were
a dainty morsel.
In the suit brought by Berger &
Mishler against Daniels and Ends of *
the Beaver , for selling mortgaged prop
erty , the defendants were placed under t' '
bond to appearatthe next session of the . '
District Court to answer for the above j
offence , which in the eyes of the law is 1
a serious one. i
The success of C. D. Palmer , one of
the West Dennison street hardware
men , it is "ratifying to otaisrvo , his been
must encouraging , and is due in a large
measure to the fair , square dealings of
the proprietor and to strict attention to
business. Such methods bring their
own reward.
A separate high school building is
among the not distant possibilities. A
creditable high school building , with the
corresponding apparatus and facilities ,
would bring many students from various
parts of southwestern Nebraska , and
would assist materially in advertising
and building up our city.
The physicians report considerable
sickness , typhoid fever , in a mild form
being the most prevalent. Too much
attention cannot be paid to the laws of
health. Look to it , particularly , that
your premises are thoroughly cleaned
up. A cheap disinfectant lime may
be used to a good advantage. Clean
liness is imperative.
The Dunbar Comedy Co. favored the
city with two performances , Saturday ,
the evening play , we are informed , be
ing fairly attended. During the pre
sentation of the evening's program half
of the seats fell down , happily without ; !
injury to anybody. The company went
to Oberlin , Sunday , where they will
astonish the natives.
On Monday morning of this week ,
W. C. LaTourette took charge of his
old hardware stand on Main Avenue ,
having purchased the same from C. K.
Lawson. THE TRIBUNE is glad to see
Will back in the traces again , and
wishes him successful sailing. Mr.
Marquis will remain with us at least
until he has collected the outstanding
accounts of the out-going proprietor.
Elsewhere in this issue appears the
program of exercises for decoration day ,
which will be observed on May 31st.
The exercises of the day will be proper
ly and appropriately under the auspices
and direction of J. K. Barnes Post , No.
207 , G. A. R. , of this city. The graves
of comrades Chester Ward and Ira
Wickwirewe , believeare , the only ones to
be decorated , as is the beautiful custom.
We take great pleasure in announcing
that the faculty of the State University
have placed our city schools upon the
University List , thus securing to grad
uates of the schools of this place admis
sion to the University without examina
tion. We take pride in chronicling the
Fact that our city schools are rapidly as
consistent with thoroughness , taking
rank with the first schools of the state ,
and that our graduates may , if they
have the means and inclination , enter
upon the University course.
Repeatedly has our attention been
called to the decaying , festering car
casses scattered along the roads leading
from the city , especially that one south.
Another letter , this week , from one of
our country people , calls to mind the
disagreeable fact that these stench and
disease producing nuisances have in no
wise been abated , and that the same re
main , in some cases right in the high
way , contrary to all law and common
sense. Where are the minions of the
law , whose duty it is to look after such
things ? It is simply preposterous to
believe that this condition of roads can
continue unattended to.
Duck hunting comes high , but the
boys must have it. On last Friday , a
couple of railroad boys engaged in the
fascinating , but prohibited sport on Jno.
Whittaker's pond on the valley south of
the river , which cost them just $1 and
costs , or in the total , $8.75. Mr. Whit-
taker claims that $100 wont pay the
losses he has sustained in killed and
maimed stock , and if repeated warnings
Fail to bring about the desired result ,
a little legal suasion will have to be re
sorted to , as in this case. He isdeter
mined to abate the nuisance , so that
nimrods can train their sails according
ly , or take the consequences.
On Saturday afternoon , the hand
some black carriage team of W. H. Dav
enport of Culbertson , indulged in a ter
rific runaway , down through Dennison
street , fortunately with inconsiderable
damage , although the thoroughfare was
quite filled with people and teams at
the time. The runaway was occasioned
by the breaking of the king bolt of the
vehicle. The driver was violently pre
cipitated to the ground , and was unable
to hold the now thoroughly frightened
team , which dashed down the street
with the above effect. One of the horse's
hoofs was slightly injured , and Tom
Campbell's picket fence , as well as the
front wheels of the wag6n were some
what the worse for the affair , which was
intensely exciting for a few moments.
& * .
It seems that outrages arc not entire-
'ly ' confined to the "city on the lake , "
but that uur own peaceful Driftwood
f was the scene of a 'bull-dozing , tenor-
izing affair , of a disgraceful character.
It seems that John O'Donnell , W. W.
Armstrong , A. H. Bailer and others
have instituted contest against certain
claims in the locality , which has stirred
up the ire of an organized body of men ,
who are not disposed to have those
claims contested. Consequently , on
last Wednesday a week , a number of
this organization went to the place of
John O'Donnell and with threats , so arc
information goes , attempted to coerce
him into withdrawing his contest. As
previous threats are said to have been
made , this demonstration terribly excit
ed and terrified the family of O'Donnell }
as well as those of the neighbors above-
named. The informant further avers
that the witnesses in these cases have
been threatened by this organization ,
and that they express fear of bodily
harm , if they testify. It is immaterial
what the provocation may be , bull-doz
ing demonstrations and measures such
as the above are reported to be , are in
famous and cowardly , and should not
be tolerated. If the parties whose
lands are under contest have complied
with the law , they have nothing to fear
from the law , but if , on the other hand ,
they have failed , they ought and doubt
less will lose their claims , and unlawful
measures will not avial them anything.
We received a pleasant call from Dr.
Presson , this week , who has been spend
ing a few days in our city looking after
the interests of the Western Mutual Be
nevolent Association of Beatrice , Neb.
The Dr. has written up 12 or 15 of our
leading business men , and organized a
Local Board , for the better protection
of the policy holders and the company's
interests. We are pleased to note that
this enterprising company is rapidly get
ting to the front , and under its present
efficient management , its low rates and
popular plans of insurance it certainly
commends itself to the confidence of
everyone desiring mutual insurance.
In answer to the fool tirade in this
week's Courier , we would simply remark
that we thought we were advisedly in
formed about the non-building of the
bridge over the Republican southwest of
Indianola , as we received it from an
Ash Creeker himself. As to "fraud , ly
ing and deception , " Bishop knows more
about it practically and theoretically
than any man in Red Willow county.
Keep your nether garments on , Georgie ,
keep perfectly cool.
Complaint is very general about the
wretched condition of the water from
the city mains , and examination shows
thai the wells are at present surrounded
by stagnant , surface water , which fact
doubtless explains the matter in part.
The company should see to it that the
source from which the city derives its
water supply is as pure as may be , as
pure water is most essential to good
A partnership has been formed by
W. M. Sanderson of our city and E. G.
Bean , late of New York City , a scenic and
sign painter of great merit. Mr. Bean
has come to stay , and the firm is prepar
ed to do any kind of work in their line ,
from plain painting to the finest fresco
work. The scenery recently painted
by Mr. Bean is a creditable sample of
what they are able to do in that line.
A singing class will be organized in
this city , about the last week in this
month , by A. G. Bixler , who has gained
considerable note as a teacherand direc
tor. He expects to spend two or three
weeks in the city , and our singing peo
ple should avail themselves of this op
portunity to develop and improve their
talent in this line.
The brightening effects of paint are
everywhere observable at the Frees &
Hocknell Lumber Co.'s headquarters ,
this week. Both the interior and exter
ior have been remembered. A neat
wooden awning replaces the old canvas
one , which was somewhat the worse for
The eye of the general public is irre
sistibly attracted to that fine specimen
of painting at Hayden's. For a real
delicate tint , it takes the linen off the
shrubbery completely.
Children's Day services will be held
at the M. E. church , next Sunday , May
16that 10:30 : , A. M. , 3 P. M. and 7:30 :
P. M. The church will be handsomely
decorated with flowersbirdsa , , fountain ,
etc. Everybody cordially invited.
W. S. WHEELER , Pastor.
If you want the best gasoline stove ,
go to C. D. Palmer's , opposite MeEntee.
V&JT'We have some cheap pants of special merit ,
for working men. They are the best ever offered at
the price. Everybody is invited to call and examine
goods and get prices.
Beef tea old beef dont make an
inspiring draught.
A new residence by Mr. Elwood is in
the course or construction in the north
east part of the city.
The late W. C. T.1T. . reading room is
to be occupied by Dr. L. , J. Spickelmier ,
who will shortly establish an office in
the city.
School district bonds of Red Willow
county to the amount of $400 were reg
istered at the state house , Lincoln ,
Lots 7 and S in block 7 , first addi
tion , together with a residence , were
sold to A. E. Mann of Illinois , this
week , by H. G. Dixon.
The buildings of J.F. Ganschow , Mrs.
Bates and W. H. H. Clark on Main Av
enue have been raised to grade , and a
substantial ten foot sidewalk laid alon
the properties of Mr. Ganschow and
Mrs. Batet. The improvement is very
We hereby announce to the people
of McCook and vicinity that we have
purchased the hardware business of C.
K. Lawson and will continue the same
at the old stand under the firm name of
W. C. LaTourette & Co. and hope to re
ceive a share of your patronage. All
bills due C. K. Lawson or W. C. La
Tourette are payable to us and parties
owing same will please call and settle
without delay.
I am furnishing good , liberal loans
on farming lands. Straight ten per
cent , interest. No delay in getting
funds. You do not have to wait to send
off application. Money paid over as
soon as papers can be completed. Call
on or address , S. H. COLVIX ,
45-tf. McCook , Neb.
I hereby give notice that I have sold
my hardware business to W. C. La
Tourette & Co. , they to assume all lia
bilities and collect all bills due in con
nection with said business.
Tribune and Inter Ocean $2.5O.
For the next 30 days all new subscrib
ers who will square their subscription to
date and one year in advance will receive
THE TRIBUNE and the Chicago Inter
Ocean for $2.50.
FOR SALE 50 head of young mares
and 20 head of mules. Lindner & Er-
man , McCook , Neb. Barn west of
Commercial Hotel.
All parties interested are hereby
notified that all accounts with Fry &
Snow are due on the 1st and 15th of
each month , and no accounts are
run over 30 days.
MEEKEIl TMnmdInc. 11. .Mocker ,
at Lincoln , on Sunday morning , .May d ,
1880 , a fine ten pound girl baby.
STUTZMAN To Dr. and Mrs. T. II. Stutz-
inan , on Wednesday , May IHh , 1SSO , a irl
DOLAN To Senator and Mrs. J. W. Dolan , '
on "Wednesday , May 5th , 1SS. } , a daughter.
Xeb. , May 5th , 1SSO , Mr. Millard F. llorrcll
and Miss Alice Stroud.
Rinker sells the Deering Binders and
Baled hay at Fry & Snow's feed gtore
in any quantity.
Fresh and salt meats of the choicest
quality at Brewer Bros.
A car-load of choice potatoes just re
ceived by Wilcox & Fowler.
All kinds of sheet-iron , tin and cop
per work done at C. D. Palmer's.
Fresh oysters , fresh fish and chick
ens at Brewer Bros. ' meat market.
All kinds of farm and garden seeds
at Fry & Snow's flour and feed store.
Wilcox & Fowler are in receipt of
some extra fine Valencia Sweet Oranges.
See the improvements in tin roofing
at C. D. Palmer's before you order your
Now is the time to give orders for
Binders and Mowers. C. P. Rinker
has just received another car-load of the
world-renowned Deering Binders. Let
strikes come , thunder roll , and cannon
boom , Rinker can supply you with
Binders and Mowers.
Cash Down. No Delay.
No need of waiting to send off appli
cations. Money paid over as soon as
papers are completed. Call on or ad
dress , RED WILLOW Co. BANK ,
43-tf Indianola , Neb.
All persons indebted to the late firm
of Lawler & Magner are requested to
call at once and settle the same , and
thus avoid additional costs.
F. S. WILCOX , Assignee.
A fine young team of draft horses ,
harness and wagon. Will sell cheap for
cash or trade for town property. In
quire at this office.
A second-hand square piano. Must
be sold within 30 days. Time given on
good security. Enquire at the residence
of J. P. Mathes. 49-3t.
I am prepared to do 200 acres of
breaking at lowest figures. luquire at
this office. M. YA < JKU.
On Macfarland street for sale. lu
quire of F. P. Allen or at this office.
Pure V\f ines and Liquors