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    The Tribune
4 Thursday , November 20,1884.
f3TA\l \ locals under this head at the rnto of
lOc. for ilrflt Insertion , and Co. porllnuforcnch
HUbsoquont Insertion , nnd euuio will bo run
until ordered out , unions time Is Bpecilled.
Job work spot cash. Statements will bo pre-
Hontcd at the end of each month.
CONGBEQATIONAL.-Sunday School at 10
A. M. every week. Preaching services every
tiundny night at 7.30. M. T. Also , every alter
nate Sunday morning ut 1 ] , M. T. Exceptions
to the above will bo noticed in locals.
GKOJIOK UnuGAN , Pastor.
METHODIST. Services every other Sunday
morning nt 10.UO , M. T. , and evening at 8 , M. T.
Sunday School evert' week at 3.80 , M. T. Ser
vices held in Opera Hall.
AI.TKN DAiiTLEr , Pastor.
CATHOLlC.-ScrvIccs will be held Jn the
Opera Hall once every four weeks.
JnsEi'ii C&EHY , Pastor.
I. O. G. T. The Independent Order of Good
Templars meet in the Congregational Church
every Tuesday evening.
* Local Intelligence.
Graham Flour at City Bakery.
The latest at the Jewelry Store.
Ketchum We've got 'em you bet.
Toilet sets at Metropolitan Drug Store
Pickled pigs feet at the City Bakery.
Try them. J
Tube Paints , full line , at Metropolitan - ;
tan Drug Store.
A full line of hand corn shelters at
Lytle Bros.
China Dolls , from lOc. to $2 , at Met
ropolitan Dru Store.
Four car-load of steers went through ,
east-bound , Sunday afternoon.
J. S. Phillips sells the Ketchum
Wagons the best in the world.
For musical instruments and music
go to Metropolitan Drug Store.
100 new Overcoats just received at
Wilcox Bros. , at from § 5 to $20.
The building boom continues , and
still there are those wanting houses.
"Cubas" . a long Havana filled cigar ,
for a nickel at Metropolitan Drug Store.
Roadmaster Dauchy moved into his
cosy little residence on the hill , Tuesday.
The Union Sunday School will meet
as usual in the Opera Hall , Sunday , at
10 o'clock.
Blankets , Horse Blankets , Buffalo
llobes , Bed Comforters and Feathers ,
at the Chicago Store.
Thanksgiving Day , Thursday , Novem
ber 27th. Turkeys are going up a
few limbs higher nightly.
Hair brushes , nail brushes , tooth
brushes and infants hair brushes at
Metropolitan Drug Store.
We call your attention to the adver
tisement of our new furniture store ,
appearing on our first page.
Don't forget the fact that at Metro
politan Drug Store you will receive the
worth of your money every time.
A temperance meeting will be held
in the Opera Hall , Sunday evening , to
which all are cordially invited. Turn
Go to Lytle Bros , and buy a Gold
\ ,
Coin Base Burner , guaranteed to give
entire satisfaction or your money re
' 'I' ' ' - ' - ! -
Mr. Brewer , proprietor of the West
Dennison street meat market , and fam
ily , moved into the Batchelor house ,
An excellent quality of sweet Michi
gan cider at City Bakery. Also , a car
load of Apples which will be sold cheap
by the bushel.
J. J. Dunbar has a fend mill in oper
ation , and will do grinding for cash oren
on shares. Also , all kinds of feed for
sale at his stable.
The nicest Maple Syrup and new
White Clover Comb Honey you ever saw
at Wilcor Bros. , and New Sorghum on
ly 50 cents -per gallon.
The City Bakery has just received ,
the finest line of Candies ever brought
to McCook. Remember this and go
there for your candies.
The Jewelry Store is the only place
to buy reliable goods. Everything is
guaranteed and sold at prices as low as
any house in the business.
The best is the cheapest. Judging by
the number of wagons Lytle Bros , are
sending out lately , the "Bain wagon"
is the best in the market ,
fcx Another 24 ft. square residence by
H. C. Rider in the western part of town
is nearing completion. Still that resi
dence part of McCook booms.
Gentle snow threw her while mantle
qf purity over this vicinage , during
Monday and the following night. Old
Sol soon dissipated the beautiful em
Just arrived , at the City Bakery , a
car-load of the Cream and Fancy brands
of Grand Island Flour. Also , a supply
of corn meal.
"Confusion" is the name of the play
that our Dramatic Company will put on
the boards , Thanksgiving evening , No
vember 27th. Remember the date.
An immense stock of Gros Grain
Silk in Blacks and oil the new shades
at 55o. per yard and up , at the Chicago
General Store. J. MENARD , Prop.
Now that Mr. LaTourettc has laid
his pavement , let the spaces on each
side be similarly dealt with , and the
appearance and convenience of things
will be greatly improved.
H. W. Pike has'been adding another
building to his lumber yard , and fitting
up rooms adjoining his office to occupy
as a residence , this winter. He is mak
ing quite snug and comfortable winter
The work onIsaac Hoback's boarding
house on Macfarland street is progress
ing finely. The building is two stories
high , and will accommodate quite a
number of lodgers and boarders when
Don't fail to read the business notices
contained in THE TRIBUNE every week.
Keep yourself posted as to the bargains
our business men have to offer , and it
will pay you every time when you come
to make your purchases.
George Chenery injurc'd his left foot
quite severely , last Saturday , while en
gaged in putting apples down into the
cellar. His foot hold slipping , the bar
rel came down on his foot with more
than a "tender pressure. " '
Our city seems to be pretty well pro
vided for in the way of restaurants.
We have seven or eight of those insti
tutions in our midst , besides the two
hotels. What we most need is lodging
places , and they are in demand.
A large line of Dress Flannels , Dress
Plaid and Jersey Cloth in all the latest
shades and lowest prices , at the Chicago
General Store. Examine our stock
while it is complete.
J. MENARD , Proprietor.
Mr. LaTourette expects to occupy his
new tore room the first of the month.
W. C. is putting in box shelving and
will have a handsome and convenient
store room. A solid 10-ft. pavement
was laid in front of his building ,
We are requested to announce the
meeting of the W. C. T. U. at the resi
dence of Mrs. W. 0. Moody , to-morrow
( Friday ) afternoon at 3 o'clock , M. T.
Also , to extend an invitation to the
ladies of McCook , who are not members
of the union , to be present.
Our city and surrounding country
received a visit from a large party of
Illinois farmers and business men , last
week , and during their stay our hotel
and livery men were kept busy. We
are informed that the party came prin
cipally from Springfield. "
Occasionally land notices are sent to
this office through the medium of the
mail , with no provision made for the
publication fees. Now , if these notices
do not appear you will know the reason.
All such notices must be paid for in
advance to insure their publication.
The members of the McCook Dra
matic Company are now rehearsing
"Confusion , " which they will present
to our people on Thanksgiving evening ,
November 27th. The play is highly
spoken of , and our citizens may expect
a fine rendition of it by our home talent.
We can imagine of no more convinc
ing argument in favor of temperance
than the mute appeals made to every
honest heart in our city , almost daily.
"The proof of the pudding is in the
eating. " So , the blasting effects of li
quor is the most potent argument against
its use.
Claims are being entered largely in
Hayes county , just now. A prominent
land man informed us , the other day ,
that scores of entries were being made
in that county every week , and that the
most desirable of the land would , 'ere
long , at the present rapid rate of entry ,
be taken.
The recent disastrous prairie fire on
the range north of here originated in a
man burning a fire-guard and allowing
the fire to get away from him without
making the necessary effort to control
the fla'mes. We understand that the
Red Willow Cattle Co.'s range was
largely destroyed.
We can beat the Jews on Flannels ,
Hoods , and all Dry Goods , etc.
In my Carpet Department I show a
large and elegant line of Velvet Brussels
sols , Body Brussels , Tapestry , Ingrain ,
Hemp , Rugs , Oil Cloth and Matting ,
at prices as low as can be found in any
market. J. MENARD , Proprietor ,
Chicago General Store.
Coal sieves for sale at Lytlo Bros.
Previous to the snow fall , extensive
prairie fires were reported west of here.
Commencing on the Bobtail the fire
reached the Republican , burning east
and west. The burnt district is 50
miles in length. Fires were raging on
the Driftwood also. The snow came at
an opportune moment.
Hanging lamps and hand lamps at
Metropolitan Drug Store.
Messrs. Small and Liddell desire to
inform the public that they are now
ready to do all kinds of job .work at
their new Blacksmith and Wagon Shop
( west of Pike's lumber yard ) . Good
Stable for feeding horses in connection ,
All work warranted to give satisfaction
and horses boarded by day or week.
Zylonite combs at Metropolitan Drug
An immense prairie fire raged on the
range about 15 or 20 miles north of
McCook , last week , destroying a strip
of winter range about 12 miles wide and
70 miles long. The fire burned as far
east as the Willow , aud was only finally
controlled by the almost superhuman
efforts of a number of cattlemen who
fonght the devouring element day and
night , until the same was ultimately
For the best Flour in town call at
City Bakerj\
We have heard it reported that cattle
in Red Willow county , Nebraska , are
affected with some unknown fatal mala
dy and quite a serious loss had resulted.
One paity is said to have lost 12 head
in one night Oberlin Herald.
Pretty nearly 0. K. Bro. Henshaw ,
but the 12 head you refer to died over
in Gosper county , but were owned by a
McCook man. We know of no cattle
disease in this county.
Prescriptions accurately compounded
at Metropolitan Drug Store.
Betting has two distinct aspects. For
instance , quite a different feeling agi
tates a man's soul , when , in the super
induced heat of a political campaign ,
he bravely wagers his "good money , "
than that which agitates him when he ,
by reason of betting on the wrong man
bands over the stakes to his more suc
cessful and now jubilant co-better.
But , all levity aside , the principle is
wrong , and its effects are not good.
Jubilee Twist Plug Smokiag Tobacco
at Metropolitan Drug Store.
Mrs. Laura G. Fisen of the Minnesota
seta W. C. T. U. will speak in Menard's
Hall , Friday evening , ' November 21st.
A most cordial invitation is extended
to all to be present and hear this lady
on the vital question of temperance.
Witness the following comment :
"Mrs. Fixen is full to overflowing
with intelligence , and possesses charms
of manner and graces of conversation
well calculated to make her a valuable
auxiliary to any cause. St. Paul Pioneer
neer Press.
For pure drugs and medicines go to
Metropolitan Drug Store.
Ira Jones , a Medicine stock-raiser ,
spent two or three days of last week in
town , an important witness in a number
of land cases before the local depart
ment. Mr. Jones reports the farmers
of his neighborhood as being pestered
by multitudinous geese and crane.
These birds come down from the Platte
in vast numbers , and occupy the Medi
cine and other streams of that section ,
not forgetting either to pay due respect
to all adjacent corn fields , etc. He re
ports that one man killed 65 geese in
one day. 0 ! ye Nimrods !
For anything you need in fancy China
ware call at Metropolitan Drug Store.
The manager of the rink informs us
that he has disposed of a half interest
in the skating rink to a commercial j
man and that extensive changes and
repairs will be made to the rink build
ing. It is intended to add 40 feet to
the length of the rink , making the en
tire length 100 feet. A ladies' waiting !
room will be partitioned off , and a railing - {
ing put around the room separating the |
skaters from the spectators. The posts
will be removed and the roof supported
by iron girders. Material for the 40
ft. addition is here , and the work will
go on at once.
Keep warm by buying those heavy'
all wool Flannels of Ii I
J. MENARD , Proprietor ,
Chicago General Store. i
Lizzie Kirsch is visiting her sister ,
Mrs. Frank Reed.
Mrs. T. S. Bosley is entertaining a
friend from the east.
Editor Bishop and J. W. Maiken were
in town on business , Tuesday.
Judge Ashmore of the county-scat
made a short visit in our city , Wednes
Mrs. G. L. Laws is entertaining some
friends who arrived from the east ,
Isaac LeDioyt , ye local editor on the
Hastings Gazette-Journal was in town ,
Mrs. A. E. Lytle and the young heir-
apparent , spent Sunday in Culbertson ,
with Mrs. Lytle's parents.
E. C. Wheaton , S. Wilberand a num
ber of other Carrico people were in
town , the first of the week.
W. A. Hill , A. J. VanBuskirk and
J. C. VanBuskirk , all of Benkelman ,
made the magic city a visit , Tuesday.
J. G. Good of Falls City , largely in
terested in cattle on the Driftwood , was
circulating around town , Wednesday.
A. J. Brent of Bondvillc took cars
at this station , Monday morning , for
Ellison , 111. , where he purposes spend
ing the winter.
J. B. Meserve went to St. Louis ,
Saturday morning , as a delegate to the
National Convention of Stockmen , now
in session in that city.
Tom O'Rourke , hostler at the round
house , recently returned from a trip to
the mountains , left the first of the week
on a visit to his home in Ohio.
W. J. McKillip and Mort. Doyle ,
Hayes county stockmen , made us a
pleasant call , Wednesday. They report
the ravages of extensive prairie fires.
Henry A. Pope of the agent's office ,
took No. 2 , Thursday morning , for his
home in Wadsworth , a suburb of Chica
go , where he was called by the serious
illness of a brother.
Mr. Bohen , commercial man for an
Omaha tobacco house , has purchased a
half interest in the skating rink , and
many improvements are promised ,
which will make the rink one of the
best in the state.
In coming to McCook , last week , to
summon a physician to the bedside of
Lysander J. Roberts , ( notice of whose
sad and untimely death was given in last
week's TRIBUNE , ) a cowboy rode a bron
cho pony the entire distance , 45 miles
in 2 hours and 45 minutes. This won
derful exploit almost equals that of our
highly esteemed and gentlemanly con
temporary whose effulgent literary
beams illuminate the every line of The
Culbertson Sun. Only the finale was of
a different character. In the case in
hand the broncho made the same trip
the following day , while in the case of
our friend Solomon , the magnificent
mule that he assayed to drive 125 miles
in 24 hours , died on the home stretch.
Excuse us , but we must repeat those
words of fire , "the age of the average
ass is one hundred years , " and thou ,
Solomon , dear fellow , did cut that mule
off from the enjoyment of at least 86
years of unalloyed bliss and happiness.
Feed For Sale.
I have 300 tons of hay , mostly millet ;
50 tons of straw and unthroshed wheat ;
1500 acres of range ; 1 mile of river
front , 2 miles of creek , well skirted
with timber ; good well and windmill.
Will sell the feed and privilege of ranch.
Address me at Indiauola or call at the
ranch 6 miles east of Indianola.
Clothing ! Clothing !
By buying a heavy stock of Clothing
and Overcoats in July and paying spot
cash I was enabled to get a discount of
10 per cent , which I propose to give my
customers the advantage of , and to re
duce my stock , I will give a discount of
10 of on all cash sales in Clothing until
December 1st. Jos. MENARD , Prop. ,
Chicago General Store.
For 3O Days
Will sell Ash Extension Tables for
$1.00 per foot , Kitchen Safes for $50 ,
Carpets 35c. per yd , Windmills way
down , Sewing Machines cheap for cash.
A large and complete stock of Furni
ture 15 per cent , cheaper than can be
sold by any other dealer.
J. S. PHILLIPS , Indianola , Neb.
Take Notice !
I will sell at Cost until December 1st
all my Millinery Goods , consisting of
Fancy Feather Tips , Plumes , Flowers ,
Ornaments , Hats , Bonnets and Ladies'
Caps , ( all hats trimmed free of charge )
at the Chicago General Store.
J. MENARD , Proprietor.
Democratic Demonstration.
Our bourbon brethren , who have bocti
out in this cold , unfriendly world , feed
ing on the husks of defeat for the past
quarter of a century , at last have occas
ion for rejoicing and ratification , and
due advantage of that fact was taken ,
Wednesday evening. Considerable prep
aration had bepn made in the way of
torches , transparencies , and the like ,
and after the evening shades had gath
ered and thickened over the land , the
procession was formed on the corner of
Main Avenue and Dcnnison street , and
headed by the band moved out Dcnnison
street to Macfarland , thence returning
to Main , whence they proceeded along
Dennison to Madison. Traversing the
avenue as far north as Dakota street ,
the procession crossed the lust named
street to Main avenue , down which they
marched to a large bon fire , that had
been previously prepared on the prairie
on the former site of the old band stand ,
the flames of which mounted merrily
heavenward , had the effect of producing
more warmth and consequent enthusi
asm than had hitherto pervaded the
At this juncture the assembly insist
ed upon having some speeches , and Mr.
Golfer was the first to respond to the
demand. Mr. Golfer made a short , but
felisitous address , pregnant with satis
faction ana thankfulness at the victory
they were celebrating. At this point ,
in response to the prophetic vision ,
Judge Lucas came over from Macedonia
to help the speech-makers. The Judge
was in a superinduced mental state that
spawned nought else but panegyric , and
selecting railroads as the object of his
affections , this Demosthenes from Lili-
put-land , opened his mouth and spake
a highly encomiastic railroad speech.
Our venerable friend Judge Hunter
next assumed the stump and gave utter
ance to the sublime feelings of satisfac
tion and peace that now dwelt down in
the innermost recesses of his soul. The
Judge had been devout in his prayers
for Democratic victory for lo ! these
many , years , and the smile of satisfac
tion that gointillated over his counte-
hantfl was a benediction to his brethren
present. Finally a little bald-headed
rooster from Massachusetts flapped his
wings and mounted the dry goods box ,
abdia tOttes in tensely tragic proclaimed :
"Behold a curiosity a real , live Yan
kee od a Democrat. " After this pre
lude , Mr. Bull executed some of the
most mirth-provoking antics , with an
occasional audible remark , over enjoyed
on these western prairies outside ol a
minstrel show. The effect was that the
llull audience was conVulsed. Witha
few remarks by Messrs. Golfer and
Hunter , thanking the Republicans for
their gentlemanly tieatmcnt , the crowd
dispersed for refreshments.
Headmaster Phelan cut quite a dash ,
as marshal , on his broncho charger.
That bon-fire wag immenw , and the
productions on the anvil were large" .
The jollification was orderly and good-
natured , but lacked the old-time bour
bon enthusiasm.
The transparencies were numerous
and contained some strange devices , one
or two , in fact , that were not credita
ble to the Democracy. That reference
to Maria and the kid was not in good
taste , at least.
About 11 o'clock two other proces
sions , containing probably a score each
within their ranks , might have been seen
wending their tortuous courses from the
different fountains of enthusiasm. Xo
music , unheralded and full to over
flowing. Hie !
Smoke "Morales , * " a book rolled
Havana filled cigar for lOc. at Metro
politan Drug Store.
R. S. Cooley's Bulletin Board.
One quarter deeded land , 6 miles from
town. Price , § 6-10 cash.
One quarter deeded land , 11 miles
from town. Price , $040 cash.
One quarter deeded land , timber and
water , G miles from town. Price , $900.
One quarter deeded land , 2 miles
from town , timber and water. Price ,
$1,200 cash.
Houses and lots in McCook to sell
4 houses and lots in West McCook. 3
houses and lots in South McCook. One
acre of land , with good house. All cheap.
FOR SALE. A complete outfit for a
retail grocery store. Also , will lease
for a term of years a splendid location
for a country store in the Beaver Val
ley. Address 11. S. COOLEY , McCook.
Man } ' other bargains to offer. Call
on B. S. Cooley , Real Estate Agent ,
1st door south of U. S. Land Office.
/ wish to say to the public
that I have a scheme by which
any one can Strike it ( Rich.
All enterprising firms are
continually looking after some"
thing new in the way ofadver * *
tising , and the papers of to-day
are full of advertising schemes ,
etc. , and in order to keep pace
with the moving , have decided
to GIVE AWAY an elegant
a Keystone Coin , beautifully
engraved , with a full 15 Ruby
Jeweled Movement , ( Pat. ( Regulator =
later , ( Pat. ( Pinion ( Dust ( Bands ,
&c. , of the Elgin make , and
guaranteed to be an accurate
time piece. Valued at $40.
Alsoyour choice of any ar =
tide or articles to the value of
/ have now the finest line
of Jewelry to be seen in the
West. All goods are new and
fresh. JVo snide Jewelry in
stock. Every thing marked
way down.
( People needing anything in
my line will save dollars by
buying of the only reliable
Jewelry Store , and of one who
knows what kind of goods he
is selling.
Over 50 new patterns in
Ladies' and Gents' Vest Chain.
In JJew ( Designs.
* nrr rrrrr rtrw
In Solid Gold aud Solid Silver.
extra charge for En =
graving. All kinds of ( Repair =
ing done.
R L. McCRACKEN , Jeweler ,
Locals under this heaa nc. a line for each
insertion. Bills payable monthly.
J. E. Berger is agent for the Western
Cottage Organ , which he will sell cheap
for cash or on long time. 4.
H. W. Pike started a Lumber Yard
in McL'ook , Neb. , January , 1884 , and
has come to stay. Full assortment of
Lumber , Sash , Doors , Lime and Build
ing Material , sold at close prices , con
sidering the freight.
Blank Deeds , Real Estate Mortgages ,
Leases , Bills of Sale , Bond for Deed ,
Quit Claim Deeds , Contracts for Build
ing , Mortgage Deeds , Release of Mort
gage , Official Bonds , Soldiers Discharge ,
Petition for Licence , Notes , Receipts , THE TRIBUNE office.
Wanted !
300 ladies of McCook and Red Wil
low and adjoining counties to buy Cloaks
at from § 2.50 to $75.00.
Chicago General Store ,
Jos. MENARD , Proprietor.
$100.00 Reward !
To any one finding a larger stock and
lower prices in the Republican Valley
than can be found at the Chicago Gen
eral Store. Jos. MENARD , Prop.
Clocks ! Clocks !
A new lot of clocks at the Jewelry
Store , from $2.00 up. All warranted
perfect time keepers.
I am now prepared to buy Grain to
July 5 , " 84-Cm.
We will send FREE for ONE ENTIRE YEAR ,
to every lady who sends us at once the names
often married ladies , at the same address , and
12 two-ct. stamps for postage , our handsome ,
entertaining and instructive Journal devoted
to Fashions , Fancy Work , Decorating , Cook
ing , and Household matters. Regular price ,
$1. Send to-day , and secure the next number.
AiiiKS BOHSSTi : J0721TAL. ITszii , K. 7.
A Complete Medical Workf or Women , hand
somely bound in cloth , and illustrated. Tells
how to prevent and cure all diseases-of the
sex , by a treatment at homo. Worth its weight
in gold to every lady suffering from any of
these dL eases. Over 10,000 gold already. Post
paid only . " > 0 cents. Postal note or 3-ct. stamps.
isiww nswsauTs : ; . , Hs = ia , JT. T.