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    Sometime *
* ' * *
8oinctimc8liowftdw ySuraro5 * -
Then , then , soi Mfw' * . , *
LIIco fiomo -
Sometimes , through you. through you ,
I sec tlio gray sky blue ,
And fe $ tho'.warmth of May
In the December day.
SomctlBicH ,
All bur'dcnH fall ,
All caroB. flBtLevc
_ d ' fc , * * -V" M
In yourfi\jjjctfltmo8pfcre. (
Then , fhcn ala'S , alaBli. * 4S
" \Vby doesjlf c"6j3o to paw- ,
Before JLhotigrJo'cs tar , " *
Before jnyTdrcam dotbTufeT
Idrlft |
Out of youHvarmth andVchcer ,
Your blessed atinosphcf e ?
f * 9fSK !
\Vhy \ does I coig6 to paw
Alas , adgtUl hi8l 3
Why dolhtJw.worid prevail ,
Wby doth thp plrit fall ,
I * eH g * "
And hide ifHcTTaway 'r" \ f ,
Behlndts wall of clay , "u/ -
Since tlniojbcjan | alasj ,
Why does | t"cbmo to POBH } *
Nora Pcn ' , In HarpePs' - -Magazine
September. " '
"I wish I c& ! " saidLetty
( Jorc. How or'when shoihad crept into
the studio no onelinow ; ] Bnt there she
was , her g5ldcn * hair and radiant com
plexion relieved against ; the dull Vene
tian red ofithe draperies'her apron full
of wild blue asters aridioddly-colored
autumn leaVes , her scarlefc'sBawl trailing
picturesquely on the floor.
Uncle Gasfon patted her"Tcuidly on
the head. * " We , don't expect high art
of little girls"vjsaid he. "Stickjto your
puddings .middleman meringues , and
kcop the family stockings mended , and
you do very well ? ' „ '
While Felix Fontaine tookno sort of
notice of her but kept on aigplaying
the old banner lindhangings'of'eastern
handicraft jjvhic.h.ho had justfhought at
the great sale iriXondon.v
The odd little Greek lamps , -with their
hanging silver chains , were'lighted , the
red curtainp were drawn across the sky
light , and fthe , . fire glowed like a dull
ruby in the 'deep tile-lined fireplace ,
while the stands' and easelsXeach dis
played their treasure of foreign works.
"There ! 1J siid : Felix , to his , uncle ,
with an air of , scarcely repressed tri
umph , "that is'something nuite.unique.
I don't suppose1 it could be.duplicated
here or anywhere else ! " -
Uncle Gaston put up hisvdoublo eye
glasses , and stared ecstatically at the
limp , crinkfeyoldpieceof eastern fabric ,
embroidered in dirty silks , with tar
nished gol'd ! threads glimmering here
and there. " I
"Beautifulhe ! cried. "Exquisite ! "
"I think It's "
dreadfully ugly 1" paren-
thieally interposed Letty , her golden
head peering under Uncle Gaston's arm.
"I could embroider better than that ,
I'm quite sure. "
Felix turned around with an air of
mild tolerance , ' "My dear little girl , "
said ho , "what nonsense you arc talk
ing. Really , one would think you were
six , instead of sixteen. "
I was seventeen last week , " said
Letty indignantly. Mnd if you don't
believe I know auyth f about art , you
may comHind ( see nlfftidio. "
"Your stxidio ? " echoed Felix.
"What is the child talking of ? " said
uncle Gaston.
"She means the place where she
keeps her dolls and picture books , " said
Felix indulgently.
"No I on't , eitheiAJ' cried Letty ,
turning1 scarlet at thi fesh indignitj- .
"I mean my studio , where I paint and
sketch , and do art needlework. "
"Very well , " said Felix. "We'll take
a look at } "our prettyjthings some day. "
"I don't doubt they are very nice , "
added uncle Gaston , with a patronizing
kindness that was gall and wormwood
to poor Letty.
She flung the blue asters and colored
leaves indignantly on the floor and hur
ried from the room with blazing cheeks.
"I won't bu treated like a child ! " cried
Letty , angrily addressing a * simpering
family portrait , whose big eyes seemed
to wntcli Her in the dancing flames of
the dining-room fire. * ! ; who'am seven
teen years old ! " And she. cried softly
on the hearthragjUiitil thelfirst'hqt fever
had burned out of her cheeks While
uncle Gastmijlurning wistfully to Felix ,
said t
* *
"She grows very pretty , * < Felix. } Don't
you think so ? "
"Very ! " Felix an ab
stracted way , as he pulled" out the
wrinkled corner of a piecer.of * painted
crape. \ * % T
"She'll hiake a splendid woman one
of these " added the %
days , oldgentle-
"Oh , no doubt ! " saidFelix " , stepping
back a pace or two , to "study the gen
eral effect.
"And il\vould be such avreu"ef to me
if yon could like her wellffenough to
. * - ' ,
marry her.-
Felix tamed short'ound. . "My
dear uncle , are you"crazy4 | he de
manded. * "Me marry Letty'Gore ? Do
I look like a marrying-man ? Is she
the sort of person 1 likely to
fancy , even if the niidsumnieramadness
took possession of me ? " * ' .
The door which led -into th'e dark
passage co'mmunicating with the dining-
room was1 partially open. and ; Lettj
Gore , still crouching under the big-
eyed aneet-trcfs' portrait -had , heard
every worjl. She sat there some time
longer , and then got'-up and wenl
quietly up stairs to ner "room. Uncl (
Gaston was disappointed too. It hac
always been his pet idea to make up :
match between Lettice , his niece , ant
Felix , his nephew , these : two adoptee
children who were yet no relation a
all to each other , and now it has provei
a failure. v
Well , Uncle Gaston was used , to dis
appointments. It was lucky thathehai
not mentioned it to Letty. But afte
this Letty seemed different. The child
ish abandon was gone out of her mar
ner. She was graceful , cordial , oui
spoken all that a lady should be , bi
was no longer a child.
Felix looked at his cousin with occi
sional outbursts of wonder. What
Erincess the little thing is growing t
e. They had company to dinner or
day a pott , a learned professor , t\v
or three savants and.lelix. was su :
prised at the graceful"and self posse
sion , the general readiness of inform :
tion which Letty displayed. "Whei
has she picked up all this ? " he askt
himself. And then a few weeks afte
ward a 'gust of blind , , ungovernab
jealousy came over him , when Colon
Marquand ] , then : nearest neighbo
asked Letty's hand in marriage.
"What business has he aTman of fc
ty , to aspire to a sweet human rosebi
like oar Letty ? " he demanded-hotty.
"Gently , my lad gently , " .said u
cle Gaston. "There is JIG occasion
be vexed the girl has refused him , ai
Marquand is a fine gentleman , who
love would be an honor to any woi
an. " v
"It's strange she never spoke of it
iaeV said Felix restlessly.But 1 :
manner jhas changedtojne of late. S
used to Jo ) a little playmate. She'i
queen iow , wearing an invisil
crown. "
Things were at this juncture wl
Mr. Felix Fontaine made a notable i
dition to 'T s collection of art works-
_ .
superb maroon satin hanging scroll
wrought in' gold thrcadjwith a land
scape of flying storks,1 tall reeds ant
limpid/ waters , skillfully simulated ir
Japanese silks.l l Isn't It3a gemj "
"Veryrprctty , " Lclty answered will
ayawn ?
Felix looked a little disappointed ai
her lack of interest.
"I had it from Kenneth llouiayne , '
said ho. "I gave him my Sevres vas (
and some * of that old Jerusalem tapes
try for it. 3 Of course they were Verj
clioicc , but this wasjsuch a particular ! }
fine specimen of the , modern Japanese
school that why , Letty , why are yoi
laugliing ? What haveT said to amuse
you ? " * : " <
"I was | only thinking , " said Letty ,
"how very easy it is'to.1 fool an antiquary
ry ! * Hero yo'u are raving over a piece
of needlework whichfPcmbroidereu. "
"Ycs , Is It Was last spring when I
was stayihg * wHh Cdceha llomayne.
The genuine j piece of' Japanese work
had accidentally , been gfiawed by a rat
and badlyfdiscolored during Kenneth's
absence from' horaei Cecelia was in
despair , but "I jLoldher to match the
satin and 'material as nearly as possible
and I would duplicate it. ' And the gen
uine , tattered article Js in the bottom
of Cecelia's chiffonieiStdrawer at tjiis
moment.'i * . .
"Letty , " cried her > eousin , "yo are a
little enchantress ! Will'you allow me ,
nowto see your studio ? 'J
"If you care fb lobB'afc' it , " said the
girl , indifferently. *
He followed her ' upstairs , feeling
vaguely as if lie wcro'about to gain en
trance to some spell-Found domain.
And it was enchantedlhUeed ! "Letty , " ,
he exclaimed , looking"about him , "arc
all these ypurs ? TheseJbxquisite watercolors -
colors , this needleworkjhat seems act
ually to gtaro from the very surface
these strong , vivid sketches ? "
"Mine , " she .answered proudly , " , all
mine. But t ey arcjill that I Imve. As
foiv sympathy , encouragement , I need
look for none of that. "
She spoke with a little , hard laugh ,
( but at the same time 'there was a quiver
in' her voice. ' -
"Letty , you are a'genius ! " fervently
cried Felix.
-"There other .things in this" world
better worth " said
having.than genius . ,
* * * - * -
she sadly.
"You embolden me , " he exclaimed ,
1'to speak out what is in my heart-frto
ask ybji , Letty dearesl. to return dnie
eJrtiori Of thatdee"p,1teiulerall-engross-
g love which I have learned to feelfor
you. " l * "
"Is it possible , " said Letty , with a
curl of her lip-"thatyqu can care7nbre
for me than foYbronxes or Egyptian
coins ? " ,
"Now cniel ' he said
you are , Letty , ?
reproaclifully. _
y"I cruel ! " ndtoyou ? "
How it was "Tic never exactly knew ,
but all of an instant she was sobbing on
his shoulder , and it was all settled.
Old Uncle Gaston was delighted. It
had always , as we know , been the dar
ling wish of his heart that they two
should be united.
"And my little rosebud has blossomed
into such a perfect rose at last ! " he
said , rubbing his hands.
While in the very front rank of his
collections Mr. Felix Fontaine keeps
that maroon satin scroll , where the
gold thread clouds throw their silver
tides into such strong relief. But no
one shares the secret with himself ,
Letty his wife , and Miss Cecelia Ro-
mayne. "For Kenneth would never
forgive me if he knew , " said the latter.
The W | ging of Mxmtezuma.
Bcn'n Fo ( N. M. ) i orrespondcncc of Kansas City
The Indityn dance is not merely a
pleasant yastiuie for the light-hearted
and frivolous to engage in. It is a reli
gious rite a prose poem. It perpet
uates the history as well as religion of
the Indian. It is a drama , a lyrical
representation of important events in
the history of a rude and uncultivated
people that have no better means of
perpetuating their deeds than through
traditionary recitals and common folk
Zuni Gushing tells me the cochita
dance has 125 different representations.
The movement is grand , ancl it requires
days of preparation. Not 50 perhaps
not a dozen white men have ever seen
it danced. The Indians will not repeat
it except at stated intervals- the rea
son that it is a part , and the most com
memorative part , of important religious
ceremonies. Gushing himself , though
he is a war chief , and recently admitted
to the sacred order of the Bow , could
not induce the Zunis to repeat this dance
in publicjat the Tertio-Millennial anni
versary. v. Through the officers of the
association he offered the , Indians 100
silver dollars if they would dance the
cocfiita , but they persistently refused.
There are many dances common , to all
the .tribes , but most _ tribes have dances
peculiar ' to themselves , and some are
more valuable in the perpetuation "of
thejhistory , the religipn , the. ceremon
ies , the daily life of the people than all
other agencies combined. So much for
the Indian dance in general.
Here I have witnessed a new revela
tion in the history of this strange pee
ple. , I have seen dances different from
any thattl have seen during the last 2o
veal's. 3"he one that impresses .me
quifcTas much as any other is the Woo"-
ing otf Mbntezuma. The characters are
Quellacotle , Monarka , Montezumaj his
lovely bride , Malinche , ( erroneously
and 'far less poetically printed on the
bilsKaegna ! ; ) the court jester , Tongno ;
Taurus ( the bull ) , courtiers , attendants
and Officers. Montezuma , as every in
telligent reader knows , is the savior ,
the Socrates , the Confucius of tlje Mex
icans. His birth runs back into the
mystic records of myth and tradition
the great Montezuma , I meanBui
Montezuma , like all good men anc
creat gods , loved more fortunately thai
inany others he loved both wisely anc
well. He wooed and won , and experi
enced quite as many difficulties in thi
job as the rest of us. 'T\vas ever thus
women "coy and hard to please. '
So found the monarch love
in his persistent and delicat
wooing of the reluctant but level ;
Malinche. The drama dance commem
orates and represents the valor , pa
tience and sublime heroism of the grea
lover ; the .attempts of the ugly an
clowning Taurus to captivate the fai
maiden ; the struggles the courtien
each for himself , with wooing : and wir
some manners to captivate the charir
ing and beautiful Indian girl. In
trial of most experts and most skillft
dancing Montezuma vanquishes all 'hi
courtiers. The blushing and beautift
"Malinche yields , and Montezuma :
prouder , happier than when he ha
conquered all surrounding tribes an
founded the great city of Mexico , wit
with its magnificent gardens , its woi
derful plazas , its great market-placi
its royal buildings , its fountain's au
aqueducts , its splendid roads , and a
I j these lonely years before the arrival <
! the blood-thirsty and gold-crazed Spai
- iard , and befpre the hen had laid tl
j egg that Columbus made to stand in tl
1 presence of the princes. It is ,
3 course , a national dance , and dates
- history Iback into the misty traditio
of mythical history. The Aztec , goc
o it is said , revealed it to the Pueblo I
r dians. "
e 'It took just one hour and a half 1
a my watch to render the dance poem.
e -skillfully , majestically , beautiful
rendered. The dancers were both Me
n leans and Pueblo Indians. The numb
U performing was 12 , not including t
a fair Lupeta Arohuletta , representing t
lovely bride-and the manly Franciscc
Gomez , personating the monarch lover
the great Montezuraa. * The mother o :
the bride is a Pueblo and , the father i
Mexican. "OurAwaiting- anxioui
beaus not infrogneiiily think their fail
dulcineos are a long time preparing
their toilets for extra occasions , bul
dishing tells mo the Zuni are fully eighl
days preparing for the cochita dance
You ace their time is not much more
valuable than that of our average fash
ionable young lady. Then' , too , thej
are very elaborately dressed , paradox
ically as it may Beemfvhen not dressed
at all. One can be much dressed with
very light dress , as the Zuni and the
fashionable lady at the ball ) each illus
trate. The Zuni may be naked to the
waist and neb even wear Cinderella
slippers , and yet days may be spent in
ornamenting , decorating and painting
the body and -face.- - The wooing of
Montezuma is danced by 12 chiefs. On
the occasion referred to they emphatic
ally mingled and blended the ancient
and modern civilization in dress as well
as in the general features of the dance.
Some enterprising clothing merchant
had presented them with a cheap "pair
of pantaloons and a vest each. With
these still retaining the salesman's card-
mark for ornament , a calico shirt , a
Jtfavajo or Zuni blanket , a , silk ! veil
worn as as a mask , and brand new cow
hide shoes richly ornamentca andjiigh-
ly decorated , the dancers wore arrayed.
They had their attendants tto arrange
their endless amount of gibbons in
bright colors , pendant from thc -head
ana shoulders. The faces were highly
painted , though masked.
The monarch lover , Montezuma , Yas ,
of course , more gorgeously arrayed.
His crown was particularly- noticeable
and gaudy. Each dancer carried a "red
silk handkerchief , more conspicuous
than Senacor Thurman's , iireacn hand ,
the one in the right haying a few stones
tied up in it | which , withjjpnstant , reg
ular ancl monotonous movement , kepfc
rattling time with the -music. They
startedlfrom the annexJiterally danc
ing lime to , the music that followed ,
consisting of the . -violin and guitar
playedJby Mexicans , outllo the arena.
Here the dance was given. ; Hundreds
of people crowded around 'the low-
fence that .enclosed the arena. Other
hundreds" looked on from the roofs of
the-state house and adjoining-buildings.
The arena was spacioustana gave full
advantage to the dancers to do their
best. The witches and-ghosts in the
oldfchurchyard danced with no morje
zeal and'fury for Tarn O'Shanter than
didjjthe Zum-ior their -largo audience ,
Dancing around the may-pole 'concludes
the I , ceremony. Each of the twelve"
chiefs -holds one of the long ribbons
attached to the pole and they dance
around the pole until the ribbons are
thoroughly twisted. Then the dancing
is reversed and the ribbons untwisted.
When this was done they asked the
crowd , through the interpreter , if the
pole was well twisted and the work was
well done and we all clapped our hands
and t'.e ' Zuni's cup of glory was full and
running over. I forgot to mention that
the lovely bride of Montezuma , Lupeta
Archuletia , the fair Mallwehe , was
dressed in a beautiful white dress , lat
est style and very expensive. Her
head was highly ornamented. She
wore a pair of new shoes of reasonably
oed material. With so much civiliza
tion fixings old Montezuina would
hardly have recognized his bride. She
carried the two brilliant silk handker
chiefs in the same way as the men.
Artificial Eggs.
Now YdrffiSun.
I followed my conductor to one end
of the apartment , where there were
throe large tanks or. vatSv One was.
filled with a yellow compound the second
end with a starchy mixture and the oth
er wasovered. Pointing to these the
proprieror said : "These contain the
yolk mixture and the white of egg. We
can empty vats every day , so you can
judge of the extent of the business al
ready. Let me show you one of tne
machines. You see they are divided
into different boxes or receptacles. The
first and second are the yolk and white.
The next is what we term the "skin"
raachinerand thelast ] one is the shell-
cr , with arying trays. This process is
the result of many years of experiment
and expense. I first conceived the idea
after making a chemical analysis of an
egg. I jthen turned my attention to
maKing the machinery , and the re
sult you see for yourself. Of course it
would not be policy for me to explain
all the mechanism , but I'll give you an
idea of the process. Into the first ma
chine is put the yolk mixture "
"Well , it's a mixture of Indian meal ,
corn starch , and several other ingre
dients. It is poured into the opening
in a thick , mushy state , and is formed
by the machine into a ball and frozen.
In this condition it passes into the other
box , where it surrounded by the white ,
which is chemically the -same as the
realj egg. This is also frozen , and by
a peculiar rotary motion of the machine
an oval shape is imparted to it , and it
passes into the next receptacle , where it
receives the thin fllnry skin. After this
it'has only to go into the sheller , where
it gets its last coat in the shape of a
plaster of paris shell , a trifle thicker
than the genuine article. Then it goes
out on the drying trays , where the shell
dries at once and the inside thaws out
. It becomes to all
gradually. , * appearances -
ances , a real egg. " I
"How many eggs can you turn out in
a day ? " ' *
"Well , as we are running now , we
turn out a thousand'or so every hour. "
"Many orders ? "
"Why , bless your soulyes. We.can-
not fill one-half of. our orders. "
"Can they be boiled ? "
"OK , yes ; " and he called one of the
men. "Here , Jim , boii this gentlemar
an egg. "
"Can they be detected ? " I inquired
while the bogus egg was being boiled.
"I hardly think , that anybody woulc
be likely to observe any difference un
less he happened to be well posted , a :
they look and taste like the real thing
We can , by a little flavoring , maki
'them taste like goose or duck eggs , o
course altering the size. They wil
keep for years. That one you hav
eaten was nearly a year old. The ;
never spoil nor become rotten , and , be
ing harder and thicker in their shells
they will stand shipping better than rea
eggs. Oh , it's a big thing , and caps
ble , I suppose , ot being brought to stii
greater perfection. One of my en
ployes here insists that if I go to wor
at it I can invent a machine which wi
run the eggs into an incubator an
hatch out spring chickens. "
Ono Of The Elect.
reports that Hon. Martin A. Forancoi
gressman elect from the Clevelant
Ohio , district , has used St. Jacobs 0
in his family and has always found
safe and reliable , and it afforded hii
great relief to a lame knee.
'I need have no more fears from ths
quarter , " is what the storekeeper r
marked as he threw the counterfe
twenty-five-cent piece in the fire , whic
had come back to him several limes.-
[ Yonkers Statesman.
A good medicinal tonic , with real meri
is Brown's Iron Bitters.
The height of the season Cayeni
pepper.- [ Philadelphia Bulletin.
There is no disposition more agre
able to the person himself , or to othei
thau good humor.
Controversy equalizes fools and wi
e men in the same way * and the fo (
j know it ,
. The Shapira Dlscoverlesi
London Now * .
Is there any reason to suppose tha
all the ancient manuscripts of famoui
classical books have been discovered !
Of course every one must hope tha
there are discoveries still to bo made
The lost books of Livy wo confess tin
world can suffer to bp lost. A verj
great deal of Livy still survives , quiU
enough for all purposes. Monander it
a far more cruel loss , for not only was
Menandor by general consent the great
est poet ol comedy , as we considoi
comedy , cut in him would probably be
found the earliest literary form of plots
which have been used by Plautus ,
Terence , Jiloliero , and their followers.
If it b'e true that . "all the stories have
been told" they must have been told
very longf ngp , for wo can scarcely go
so far back in Egyptian or Chinese
literature but we Imd the old stories ,
obviously with a great pastbehind them
even then. There is is a story of a
learned contemporary who heard that
an excessively old manuscript , part of
the New Testament , had been discover
ed. Now , next to finding the manu
script of some work wholly lost there is
nothing more exciting than the discov
ery of an older manuscript of a familiar
w.ork than any we possess. The whole
world wqu'ld be moved if in tlfe Vatican
or the Sultan's palace or in a convent
of SinaL' , or the Levant , a con-
einporary copy of some gospel ,
or of one of St. Paul's lost
epistles , should be unearthed.
3ut the learned.scholar became a little
bored with talk about the New Testa
ment codek. "If it had only been
sometliing important now , " he said , "if
thad been Propertius , for instance ! "
Most-of us pro Philistine enough to be
more interested in the early history of
our own- and the Jewish sacred books
than in "the minor Latin poets. And
icople who" learn with disappointment
; hat the recent discovery of the ark is
not free from suspicion may congratu-
ate themselves that Mr. Shapiro , has
discovered a new ( that is , an exces
sively old ) codex of the Book of Deu-
eronomy. A number of learned Orien
talists have examined the precious frag
ments , though apparently they have
arrived at nov.very definite conclusion ,
things froni Moab do not always turn
out as well as could be wished. The
VIoabite stone is generally respected ,
> ut the Moabite pottery appears to have
) een made Jn Staffordshire. Some
'ears ago a scholar , an Oriental scholar
it Oxford , "was known as "The Bad
Samaritan.'I A Samaritan manuscript
of much interest had been brought to
lis notice , and he was ( according to
ogend ) quitepleased with this ancient
reasure. But the manuscript turned
out to'be a work of the nineteenth cen
tury A. D. Therefore we must not
accept all Oriental manuscripts as gen
uine without thorough examination.
The treasure now in London consists
of various small and dirty scraps of
> archnient or of leather. On some of
hem Phoenician letters are visible to
; he naked eye. Other scraps reveal
Phoenician letters after being washed
over with spirits of wine. The writing
s said to be as old as the Moabite stone ,
vhich is dated 900 years before Christ.
Of course a manuscript of Deuteronomy
vritten 900 years before Christ would
silence the highest , criticism when she
assigns to Deuteronomy a very much
ater date. Apart from this critical in-
: erest the manuscript would be proba
bly the oldest , not Egyptian , which we
) ossess on any soft material. Herodo-
us says that in ancient times the lon-
an vrote on skins , but none of the
skiST have descended to us , which is
'ortunate for the theories of Mr. Paley.
Sknis of course are very perishable ob-
eW5nrtur-so'ont oftHc dryclimttte of
Sgypt ) arc manuscripts written on
japyrus. We have Egyptian papyri of
ixtejrae antiquity , but the oldest alpha-
) ebc Semitic writings hitherto known'
are inscriptions on stones and rocks ,
and occasionally on silver bowls and
other hard materials. Tha hew codex
of Deuteronomy therefore would be
> ractioally unique. It would establish
lie fact that the Jews could write a
consecutive narrative on soft and port
able material 2,700 years ago , about the
date commonly assigned to Homer and
lesoid. And if the Jews could do it ,
.he Greeks , a clever people , would not
) e long behind them. The story of the
recovery of this relic is peculiarly ro
mantic. Five years ago Mr. Shapira ,
of Jerusalem , heard that the Arabs of
Diban , in Moab , possessed some an
cient tribal talisman. Mr. Shapira
> erceived that , if really ancient , these
ialismans might have interest and
value. They might , of course , be mere
relics of saints ; on the other hand ,
; hey might be chips of the broken stone
"table of the law " They did turn out
; o be something almost as remarkable.
Mir. Shapira , according to statement
which we have already published , en
isled in the cause of Biblical archaeol
ogy some Arabs , "people who would
steal their own mother-in-law for a few
piasters. " The Oriental races , when
once embarked in a career of crime ,
stick at nothing. To steal one's own
mother-in-law is a furtive act at which
the stoutest western fancy" stands
aghast , nor is it easy to imagine the
state of mind of the capitalist who
would suborn men to commit sfach a
theft. By the aid of these Arabs the
talisman was carried off , and proved to
be no talisman , but the Book of Deu
teronomy. ' The "various readings" of
this singular text are almost startling ,
and Mr. Shapira is said to value his
"find" ( "finding is keeping" in the
east ) at 1,000,000. But a nation which
would not buy the Ashburnham manu
scripts will probably think twice before
paying the fancy price of a million f01
the commodity.
WHEAT No. 2 83
BARLEY Jfo. 2 52 }
BARIEY No. 3 33
RYE No. 3 42
CORN No. 2 37
OATS No. 2 29
FLOUR Wheat Graham. . 2 25
CHOP FEED Per cwt 00
SHORTS Per ton 14 00
ORANGES Per box 375 © 425
LEMONS Per box 6 00 @ 6 50
APPLES Per barrel 400 © 4:50 :
BUTTER Creamery 20 © 22
Jiurrm : PhnVp country. 7 O In
EGGS J'rc u 15 ( Si' '
HAMS Perlfo. . * . . 14 ,
SHOULDERS Per tt > 8
PORK Per bbl. . , 1700
LARD In tierces , per lb. . 12.
SHEEP 3 00 © 3 50
CATTLE 3 00 © 3 75
flOGS > 435 © 475
CALVES 5 00 © 6 00
WHEAT Per bushel 1 00
CORN Per bushel , 51 © 51
OATS Per bushel 28
PORK 12 02K © 12 10
LARD 8 42K © 845
HOGS Mixed 4 65 © 4 95
CATTLE Exports 5 90 © 6 30
SHEEP Medium to good. . 3 GO © 4 00
WHEAT Per bushel 1 01 > a' © 1 04
CORN Per bushel 45 , * © 46
OATS Per bushel 25 © 25
CATTLE Exports 5 SO © 6 15
SHEEP 275 .d > 450
HOGS Mixed 4 90 © 5 00
Iowa Statistics.
The Chicago Herald notes that lov
has one million more hogs than ai
other state in the Union ; -that lov
sends more butter to market and gets
better price than any other state ; th
Iowa has more acres of arable land
proportion to the number in the sta
than any other ; that Iowa has few
persons that cannot read and write
'proportion ' to her number of peoj
any other ( rtatd
Faro Seeds.
In selecting seeds this fall , care musl
bo exercised to take the seeds of planlf
that that have been grown some distance
tanco from others of the same charac
ter. Especially must beans , melons
cucumbers and cabbage be guardcdjii
that respect for the crop may seen
pure , but the seed will produce some
thing different next season.
OAKLAND STA. , Ky. , April 24.
UKXTLKMUN : The demand for ALLEN'S
LU.NG BALSAM is increasing constantly. Tlu
ladies think there Is no medicine equal to It
for Croup and Whooping Cough.
C. S. MAUTIX , Druggist.
The peanut crop will add § G,000OOC
to the wealth of this flalion.
WAIUIKNTON , N. C Kov. J. E. C. Bar-
hamsays : "I used Brown's Iron Bitters.
It Is a complete restorative , tonic and appe
tizer. " "
A ground hog very obviously makes
the best sausages. [ Boston Star.
J5iUu In Ollcnd.
There is a Balm In GHead to heal each gaping
wound ;
In Thomas' Eclectric Oil , the remedy Is
For interim ! and for outward use , you freely
may apply it ;
For all pain and Inflammation , you should
not fall to try It.
It only costs n trifle , -'tis worth its weight in
gold ,
And by every dealer In the land this remedy
is sold.
A leading feature at a 'horse show
The halter. [ Cincinnati Traveler.
HAY-FEVER. One and oue-half bottles of
Ely's Cream Balm entirely cured mo of Hay-
fever of ten years' standing. Have had no
Irace of Iff or two years. ALBERT A. PKR-
RYrSmIthboro.N. Y. Price 50c.
HAY-FEVER. I was severely afflicted with
Hay-Feverfor25 years. I tried Ely's Cream
Balm , and the effect was marvelous. It Is a
perfect euro. WM. T. CARR , Presbyterian
Pastor , Elizabeth , X. J. Price 60c.
A shell race Oysters. [ Boston Bul
Allen's Brain Food , botanical extract
strengthens the Brain and cures Nervous
Debility , Nervousness , Headache , unnatural
losses , and all weakness of Generative Sys
tem : $1 pkg. ; 6 for $5. At Druggists , or
Allen's Pharmacy , FlrstAyc. N. Y.
Food for thought Fish. [ Burling
ton Free Press.
The germs of disease are neutralized by
Samaritan Nervine. Try it , $1.60.
The light uard A glass chimney.
[ New York \Vorld. '
SKINNY MEar."WeIls'iIealtb Renewor"reatorcs
health and vigor , cores Dyspepsia , Imp3tence. II.
The usual fortune of complaintjs to
excite contempt more than pity.
By the Chicago & Northwestern Hallway
you can reach fyike Geneva , Madison ,
Waukesha , Devil's Lake. Green Lake , Lake
Mills , and all points in Wisconsin ; besides
thn Dalles i-f the St. Croix , St. Paul , Min
neapolis , Lake Minnetonka , White Bear
Lake , and all points in Minnesota. The
company has issued a very readable little
summer book , called "My Rambles in the
Enchanted Summer Land , " that will be
sent free on application to the General Pas
senger Agent of that road , at Chicago , Illi
Another mammoth cave The latest
leather failure. [ Milton News.
3Ier. nmii' Feptonlzed ISeef Tunic , the
only preparation of best containing Us entire nntrP
tlous properties. It containi b'coil-makln ? , forcc-
gensrallng n d ilfe-sustalnlng pr-psrtles ; Invala-
ahle fCirluellKf-cfo- ij D In , noivous pios-
trnto , . , and all fu.imuf gene , al debility ; nlio , m a 1
enfeebled eondltl ns. wtiuti er td rcsul. of cihauat-
OM. cervouB pr. ctr-tlon. overwork , or acute a sease ,
particularly If resulting from imlmonarj c.implalu e.
OA-WELL. jiAZAtu ) & Co. , proprlet rs. New lork.
fa'odb/drug.l-t. .
The German papers say that France
alone threatens the peace of Europe.
Krater Axle Grease Is beitln the wor d.
Krazer Axle Grease Is Deal in the world.
Frazer Axle Grease Id best In the world.
A shower of fish is reported to have
fallen tit Monle Morelos , Mexico.
WM.kSI"KOCGHOvr : COKi."u' > c Ark for
I , Comp etc. permanent cary. i ; < ) rni.yait . .unii.3us
" " "
Secretary Chandler is ilmvn "on the
coast of Maine in the Tulapoosa.
How Se ilolu "
man refrain from chopping the leaves
of the Burdock with hi cane as he pas e ;
it is ' 'only a weed. ' ' and yet few plants or
weeds are bo valuable , and few prepara
tions so popular , as Burdock Blood Bitters ,
in which all its valuable properties are so
skillfully combined. It cuies djspepsia ,
indigestion , constipation , gout , : mll all dis
eases arising from impurities of the blood.
Price $1.00. _
All dogs have their daze when hit
with a club. [ ! New York Journal.
STINGING , irm.tti > n inuiaiiuutt n a I KMnoy
and Urinary Cumpiali.ts.curud > 'I5ucu f . . > _ > 3.1.
John McCullough is10 yuars old.
A Heavy Mi ell.
Jacob H. Bloomer , of Virgille , N. Y. ,
writes : ' 'Your Thomas' Eclectric Oil cured
a badly swelled neck and > > orc throat on my
son in forty-eicht hour- . ; one application
also remove'd the pain fioin a verv sore toe ;
my wife's footwa al > o much infiamed so
much so that she could not walk about the
house ; she applied the Oil , and in twenty-
four hours was entirely cured. ' '
A barrel of money makes a hog set in
society. [ New Orlean Picayune.
Restless , fretful , crying children are suf
fering , and need for their relief DR. WIN-
useful not only for all the disorders of teeth
ing infants , but cures coughs , colds , croup ,
sore throat , colic and cramps of older chil
dren , and should be kept in every house for
emergencies. Try it ; only 25 cts. Sold by
all druggists. [
A farmer's wealth depends on the condi
tion of his stock. When scraggy and feeble
they are especially liable to distempers ,
fevers , colds , , and all diseases which destroy
animals. Thousands of dollars are saved
annually by tKab valuable old standby UN
One-third of all who die in active middle-
ife are carried off oy consumption. The
most frequent cause is a neglected cold ,
cough , hoarseness , bronchial trouble or
asthma , all of which mav be permanentlv
AND WILD CHERRY. Sold by druggists.
i An economical man will keep the leather
of his harness soft and pliable , which pre
serves it from cracking or ripping. He
OIL. Sold by all harnessmakers.
Worms cause peevishness , fevers , convul
sions and frequently death. A pleasant ,
safe and certain remedy is DR. JAQUE'S
Headache , constipation , liver complaint
biliousness are cured by that mild , cleansinj
remedy , which never produces pain , EIL
cts. Sold by druggists.
Sprains , bruises , stiff joints , burns , scald
and rheumatism are relieved byUnclfi Sam'
Nerve and Bone Liniment. Sold by a
when applied I
the finger into tt
nostrils , will be al
borbed , effectual
cleansing the hea
of catarrhal viru ;
causing healthy si
cretions. It alia ;
inflammation , pn
tects the membrai
lot the nasal pas
ages from additioi
Lu colds , complete
heals the sores ni
1 restores taste ai
smell. A few a ]
plications relieve ;
thorough treatment , will positively cur
Agreeable to use. Send for circular. Pri
50 cents by mail or at druggists.
ELY BROTHERS , Owego , 9T. Y
la fever and as
districts. In tropii
and ether regie
vltlted by epldei
Ira , and Indeed In
localities where t
conditions are t
favorable to real
this famous rege ?
bl invigorant a
alto'atlve. Ho t <
ter' Stomach B
ters. has borj fou
a potent safegna
even to fe'blo ct
itltutlons and In
1 e framesbile *
blllousrws and k
d'ed comp alntai
vrl houtarivau
For tale br
Drassist * an'dT > e
tn generally.v
When you visit or leave New York City
gave Baggage , Exprciisngo and Carriage
Hire , and stop ntGltANDWIONnOTJiL ,
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lars , reduced to $1 and upwards per day.
European plan. Elevator. Restaurant sup
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can live better for less money at the Grand
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Stop at the Metropolitan Hotel when
in Omaha. The best $2.00 per day
house in the west. Tables as good as
any $3.00 per day house.
A knight of the razor Saturday
night. [ Life. _
.Personal Moil Only.
The Voltaic Belt Co. , Marshall , Bllch. ,
will send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro-
Voltaic Belts and Electric Appliances on
trial for thirty days to men ( young or old )
who are afUIctcd with nervous debility , lost
vitality and kindred troubles , guaranteeing
speedy and complete restoration of health
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B. No risk Incurred , as thirty days' trial Is
When you come to Omaha , take the
Street Cars or 'Utts for the Metropolitan
Hotel. § 2.00 per day. Tables as good
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What "is resignation ? Placing God
between ourselves and our trouble.
COUGH. Take some HALK'S HOXEY ov
Minute. _
He that increaseth knowledge in-
creasclh sorrow.
See the following Latest Fashionable Japa
nese Decorations for 10 cents.
One Japanese Hand Painted Crepe Mat.
One Japanese Picture on heavy Crepe.
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One Japanese Mat , (0 ( colors ) .
Ono Japanese Napkin , 18x18 , (5 ( colors ) .
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One Japanese Gossamer Napkin , ( Lace
Design ) .
One set of 3 Chromo Cards , new , Just out ,
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Stamps taken.
' _ Buffalo , N. Y.
The longest thing Your friend's fav
orite story. _
AHE you bald ? CAHBOLIXE , u deodorized
extract of petroleum , the only cure for
baldness , has been improved , so that it is
now the most delightful dressing iu the
world. The only real' natural hair restorer
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More fine cattle are being imported
into Kansas this year than ever before.
LYON'S Patent Heel Stiffenerthe only in
vention that makes old boots straight as new.
Straw lumber has proved a failure as
Miss. C. F. MILLEK , of Pop Corn ,
was In the city last week with her youngest
daughter , Mary , who for years had been
unable to walk in consequence ol extensive
disease of the hones of tne leg. Some time
ago she had an operation performed on her
leg by Drs. Dickerson & Stark , of the Kan
sas City Surgical Institute , which has re
sulted in her complete recover } * .
The valuation of property in Boston
is $10,000,000 greater than last year.
Would Burn His Shht.
Mctellus of Maeedon was evidently : t bly
old fellow , and used to say he "would bum
his shirt if it knew his true intentions. "
Were he living to day he would , no doubt ,
burn his shirt to get a bottle of Allen's Iron
Tonic Bitters , if he could not ' 'catch on' ' In
any other way ; for it is well known the old
fellow was a confirmed dyspeptic , and
longed for a remedy for the chronic derange
ment of the liver and system. All genuine
bear the signature of J. P. Allen , St. Paul ,
Minn. _
'Ranks high Old butter. [ N. Y.
IIOX'T 3BIE In the house "Hough on Hats. "
cteure out ruts , ii ice , tiies.roaches , bea-bugs. ISc.
It is said that inhaling the fumes of
sulphur will nr catarrh.
correspondent , , Mr. . , S. L. Iorgan ,
W ulkeii , Jlo. , says : "Samaritan Nervine
cured my boy of fits. " You can get at
Druggists. _
3 The married man. [ Cin
cinnati Saturday Night.
EDY. Anunfull-
1ns care for ecm-
l tnal weakness ,
Spormat > rrCe i ,
Impotency , and
nil diseases that
follow as a so-
qucnco of Self-
Abuie ; nslossof < !
Memory , Unlvrr-
BEFORE TAXIHa.8pain in tbl ck ; &FTEB TARIH& ,
Dlmnpss of Vl'lon , Prematara Old Ays , and many
utlior d'acaajs ' tnat load u Insanity or consumption
nml n pro nature mavc.
J "Full patlcularj In our pamphlet , which wo de-
tire to st d free by mall 11 every on > . ry iheHpe-
clBc Medicine Is "old by all arapKlsts nt II per pac- |
age , or six packaces for 15 , or will be sent free by
mail on receipt of i bo rnoner , by a'idressinz
THE GUA.T MEDHUNK CO. , Buffalo , N. T.
Cure guaranteed. One bor will test its merits. On
account of count-rfeits we hava adopt-d th yellow-
wrapper : the only genuine. Sold In Omaha by O. F.
MS LOOMIS' SCHOOL , for the reception
ill ot a 'Imlted ' number of boarding pupils Special
nttectloi. g.ven to their home tta'nlng. Terms , $221
per year. For circu'ars , apply to Ii. B LOOMIS , 1914
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H a I , N I X U. B. & A. P. L.ACZT. Patent Attor-
iHlJJllllJi inoya , Washington. U. C. Fnll In
structions and handbook on PATEN IS BEST FBIB.
ff * M | * p , VPo : UIveCure. Xo Knife.
O Ail I ! f K * ° Pla ter . No Pain. l r.
II Mil V Jaffov. f. i yne. Man-halltown.Iowa.
\V A * TED for the best and faste-t
AGENTS Kooks and Bibles. Pr ce reduced
S3 per cent. KATIOXAL I'un. Co . St. t oui . Mo.
Yf1ll * ! R MCM Lea-nTelsernphy here and we
lUUitU ln.,11 rtn give you H si tuailon. circulars
free. VALENTINE BKUS. , Jnr.esvllle , wis.
65 JL SlontU and U anl for 3 JV
§ Mini rLudlesincatb county. Address
! . W. Z.rGLEB i CO. , Ch cagu. 111.
CO AX HOCK for all who will make spare time proflt-
vfc a-iie. A gjod piy ng hn iness It you can devote
your Itine : to 11. MUKUAY HILL , Box 7s8 , N. V.
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$5Jo V/UAddressStinson&Co , , PortlandMalno.
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SUKE CURE fnr nta or epilepsy In 24 hours : free
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Neuralgia , 2
Sciatica , Lumbago ,
Soreness. Cuts , Bruises.
And allottier bodily acliM
and pains.
Dealern. directions la U
The Charles A. Vogeler Co
( SMMIMH l A. TOO ( UK k CO. !
UilUmor * .
Cures Rheumatism , Lum-
Bruises , Asthma , Catarrh ,
Coughs , Colds , Sere Throat ,
Diphtheria , Burns , Frost
Bites , Tooth , Ear and Head
ache , and all pains and aches.
The twit Internal and external remedy In tha
world. Every battle guaranteed. Sold by medicine
dealers everywhere. Directions la eight languages.
Price jo cents and Jixio.
FOSTER , MLBURN4& CO. , Prop'w ,
' . K.Y..U.S.A.
For fine Jtanplexions.
Positive reliqf and immuni
ty from complexiqnal blem
ishes may 1)6 fonnd in Hagan's
Magnolia Balm. A delicate
and harmless article. Sold
by druggists CTerywhere.
It imparts the most bril
liant and life-lite tints , and
the closest scrutiny cannot
detect its uso. All unsightly
Biscolorations , Eruptions ,
King Marks under the eyes ,
Sallowness , Redness , Rough
ness , and the flush ot'iatiguo
and excitement are at once
dispelled by the Magnolia
It is the one incomparable
Cleanse the Bowels nndpuRify tlio Blood ,
r euro Bilious attacks and civo healthy ac
tivity to the Liver. A 1 ow doses taken. In
the Spring and Tall will prevent fcriou ?
E. FERRETT5 Age----
372 Pearl St. , Xc\f Yc
2 Tt HiUlV SULK , HO. 3 TOV , J50.
4 Ton SOO. Iteani Uox. IiicrUtletl.
24Olb. FARMER'S SCALE , 55.
The "hiltlo lidtectiv . . " ! 4 oz. teX lb. .
FOR&ES , TOOLS , &c.
4 > Ib. AiivilutuI lilt of Tool * . S1O time nd nonsjr doles odd job * .
Blower * avlli" . Vfcci A Other Articles
AT L < W 7rniiES. -nu-sug u RETAIL.
Every to wnol
habl tants
should have
. . _ - - - - a newspaper.
Full particulars ot how to manage a weekly paper
y. cost o outllt.necfscaryhelp
-n in roinmon IIBC. can b had by art-
AbtNlb WAnitU the best Family Knit-
tlnir Machine ever InvrtJted. Will knit a pair of
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for circular and terms to the Twomtaly KnIUlns
Machine Co. . 113 Tremont r-treet. Bo-ton , Mass.
IV 3 TJ Omaha 170 30
plea-esayyou saw the advertisement In
thte paper.
Because your stomach is not doing i
Beccutsc your liver is out of order , ai
Because your blood is thin , and neec
Becafise you are troubled with nerve
because you are vexed with languor
AH these Reasons Can be Set Aside by tf
Tone -up your enfeebled stomach , an
Refresh your wearied liver and put i
Enrich your watery blood , and give
Calm your worried nerves , and give
Strengthen your whole system and c
Considering that any man who
druggist a bottle of BROWN'S IRON I
should continue to feel badly , just fo
[ RBVI8BD. ] " '
! , I Il ye peoplaf'a'nd give
Hth 70 Invalids elttlfi world ,
Hop Bittern wJH majcaj'jrou well
and to rojolco. - _ -
2. It ahall euro nil the people nd put
sickness under foot. - * -
3. Jle thou not afraid when your family In
sick , or you bate Bright' * disease or Liver
Complaint ; for Hop Bitten will euro you.
4. Doth low nad hlgfi , rich and poor ,
know the value of. Hop BIttcrM for bilious ,
nervous and Itheunmtlc cotnplalutM.
6. Cleanse mo with Hop Bittern , nnd 1
shall have robust and blooming health.
G. Add disease upon disease and let the
worst come , I am safe 1C I use Hop Bittern.
7. For all myllfo have I been plagued
with sickness and sores , and not until a year
ago was I cured , by Hop Bittern.
8. He that kecpeth his bones from aching
from Rheumatism and Ncuralida , with Hop
Bitten , docth wisely.
0. Though thou bast norcs , pimples ,
freckles , salt rheum , erysipelas , blood-
poisoning , yet Hop Bitters will remove them
10. What woman U there , fneblo and
sick from female complaint * , who dcslrrth
nqt health and uscth Hop Bitters and Is
made well.
11. Let not neglect to'UNO Hop Hitter *
bring on serious Kidney and Liver Com
12. Keep thy tongue from being- furred ,
thy blood pure , and thy stomach from indi
gestion , by using Hop Bitters.
13. All my pains and aches and disease
go like chaff before the wind , when I use
Hop Bitters.
14. MarkObe man who was nearly dead
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Betters and bccometh well.
15. Cease from worrying about nervous
ness , general deblutv and urinary trouble ,
for Hop Bitters will restore you.
Treating Consumption. Atimanronchltl > , : < a *
Catarrh , 8or Throat , fo * bf Volceand Othtr
Maladies of the Kong. Throat and Lung * .
I ) 1C. "WOLFE treats the abort ) named dbouus t > )
MPdleat rtInbal tIon . When thus admlnliiter
ed. remedies are brouKtit "fttc to face" In con *
tact with Jbe1 riUoaaeMhorcM ; , Itlhey are i nl-
lonred tnor mix with the contents of the iKiniacb
and nero each the oritaiui of respiration.
3 > K. AVOI. > : , ha . by the ludlclom omplojujyni
of Medlcattid'lnhnNtt'mB. afl tstil tioannnil ! to
regale their health , many of whom had luwr
pronounced Incurable , and ulren up t < > tile t > >
their family phyitclana and frlonij.
DIS. 1VOI.FE lin prepared alUtof quaxllon * fn >
sick people to answer by mall. They are In char
acter the same ho would aak were bo by the bed
tide of the Invalid. Uy wrttlBK nnxvren to time
questions any ono can send an accurat Mnto-
mentof his disease and recelTO and molnlmiinif
remedtps at home. In any part of tha Unltoil
States or Canada , without Incnrrlnz the ozporac
anddlicomfortofinaklne a tUlt toll clnnait.
Any ono lending his name and poat-orilcuaddrott *
with a throe-coot postugo stamp , will recclTa
copy of the "Circular of questions" b rot itn
JJK. IVOLiKE has publhhed a m jlcal book CAI
ed 'Common Sonne , Cauxo and Cura of Lcn-
Bumptlon , Asthma , etc. . " u copy of which he wir
send to any body who orders It , by mall , nnd en
closes 9 cents In postage stamps with li's nni.i.
and post offlce address. The book Is of wren
ralno to any ono afflicted with any disease of thr
Nose , Throat , or Lungs.
I > K. AVOJ.PJC has also publlsheiJiBiiother bw t .1
&t pages , entltlou "IJgbt abou ke houoo KO hw
a , " which OTery healthy person as well an nick
ought to rend. This book has a special Intore.-.K'
to persons who have weak lunus. or any syuip-
toras of Consumption , AHtbma , Ilronchltn. or
.Catarrh. Sent to any address free by mall , on
f 'rocelptm of9 cenu la pontago t mpi.
Address 1 > E. N. 2 . WCI.PE ,
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Mos'.Po-vorftil Healing Ointment
Ever Discovered.
enry's Carbolic Salye cures
Henry's Carbolic Salveallays
Henry's Carbolic Salvecures
Henry's Carbolic Salve heals
Henry's Carbolic Salve cures
Henry's Carbolic Salve heals
Ask for Henry's and take no
r COrjNTEItFKlTd.jZ3
'oil Feel Badly.
3 work properly.
i wants righting.
3 iron in it.
is aches and pains.
and debility ,
j Use of Brown's Iron Bitters , which v/iH
L help it to digest.
in splendid order ,
t a rich red color ,
them restful peace ,
ive debility and languor out.
has a dollar may buy of the r.enmct
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