Custer County Republican. (Broken Bow, Neb.) 1882-1921, June 09, 1910, Image 2

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Part Played by America In Cotintry'i
Advancement Acknowledged
With Gratitude ,
HlD Imperial highness , Prlnco Tsnl
Tao 01 China , In the course of c
peoch he delivered nt the twelfth nn
eual dinner of the Ameilcnti Afllntlc
Association at Dolmoulco'a In Now
York , 0aid :
"It la an encouraging sign of the
times that Americano nro taking n
much greater Interest In what Is go
Ing on In China thnn they did a little
while ago. The free Interchange ol
views on questions of public Interest
cannot but bo advantageous to botli
countries On the other hand , wo nlsc
wish to know inoro about other conn
tries. Our officials and merchants arc
beginning to travel more and more to
foreign lands In search of Informal Ion
and opportunities. This thlrnt for for
elgn ideas IB having Its effect upon
the whole country. China Is now
passing through n great crisis In hoi
history. The old order of things IB
fust giving plnco to the now. What
wo need most now Is men mon able
to do the work that has to bo done.
"Though wb have established
schools nud colleges In all parts ol
the empire as fast as wo can , It will
be some decades yet before wo can
hope to have such schools and coL
leges as you have in this country.
Qtill , wo have made n beginning. In
the meantime we intend to send n
steady etroam of students to your
country. Thanks to the generosity of
the American government , In remit
ting n portion of the Uoxcr Indemnity ,
China is able now to send 100 students
to this country each year for the llrst
four yoaro and 50 thereafter. There
will soon bo 40 government students
( n this country. These students on
their return to their own countcy can
not but giro R good account of them-
"It la my sincere hope that they
will do their part In guiding the af
fairs of tholr country In the path ol
progress and reform and In binding
China and the United States together
with a strong tie of friendship and
coed feeling. "
"Our little daughter , when three
months old , began to break out on the
head and wo had the best doctors to
treat her , but they did not do her-any
good. They said she had eczema. Her
ncalp was a solid scnlo all over. The
burning and Itching waa so severe that
nhe could not rest , day or night Wo
Lad about given up all hopes when wo
road of the Cuttcura Remedies. Wo at
once got a cnko of Cutlcura Soap , a
box of Cutlcurft Ointment nnd ono bottle
tle of Cutlcura Resolvent , nnd fol
lowed directions carefully. After the
first dose of the Cutlcura Resolvent ,
, we used the Cutlcura Soap freely and
applied the Cutlcura Ointment. Then
ihtf began to Improve rapidly nud In
two weeks the scale came off her
head and new hair began to grow. In
a very short tlmo she was well. She is
now sixteen years of ago and n pic
ture of health. Wo used the Cut- !
cura Remedies about five weeks , reg
ularly , nuil then wo could not tell she
bad been affected by the disease. Wo
used no other treatments after wo
found out what the Cutlcurn Remedies
would do for her. J. Pish and Ella M.
Fleb , Mt. Vernon , Ky. , Oct. 12 , 1909. "
"Show Me Another. "
Boon after twins had arrived nt the
homo of a prominent dry goods mer
chant recently the proud father led
his son Richard , aged four , Into the
room to see the little strangers. The
father first pulled down the covers
and showed one of the babies to his
oon. He then walked to the other
side of the bed nnd exhibited the
other twin. Richard gazed nt the twofer
for a moment with a noncommittal
look on his fnco , nnd then demanded :
"Show mo another , papa. "
A. hand-made cigar fresh from tha
table , trrappod In foil , thus keeping
fresh until smoked. A fro ah cigar
made of good tobacco la the Ideal
smoke. The old , well cured tobaccos
used are BO rich In quality that many
who formerly smoked lOc cigars now
amoke Lewis' Single Binder Straight
6c. Lewis' Single Binder costs the
denier Home more than ether 5c cigars ,
but the higher price enables this fac *
tory to uuo extra quality tobacco.
There are many Imitations ; don't bo
fooled. There la no substitute ! Toll
the dealer you want a Lowls "Single
Binder. "
Not Exactly What She Meant.
She We've bin very busy at the
' * ' for the
mothers' meetln gottlu' ready
aalo of work.
He Oh ! I 'opes It will bo a auccess.
She Yes , I think so ; yer BOO the
vicar Is gain' to take most of our
clothes off of us. Tntler.
Desire for Information ,
"Mrs , Oaddlngton wants to know nil
about everybody's business. "
"Yes , " replied Miss Cayenne. "She
regards matrimony as a failure be
cause she didn't marry a census
taker. "
ItedV > nk , Weary. Water ? Eye .
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Hearsay Evidence.
Mrs. Frost How's your husband ?
Mrs. Snow The members of his
club say ho is looking splendid. Life.
> It iba record of 1'iH'ikillir I'll TV H ivtt'l. A ret
t > la tor diarrhea , all
remedy djtenlury and bowel
iuplAlm * . 'Oe tbo geuuloo. tto. &e inO i Mo.
A smile Unit won't come off soon bo-
cornea monotonous.
N December 15 , 1000.
the waters of the Pa-
clllc ocean , for the
first time In all his
tory , mingled with
the waters of the At
lantic across the Isth
mus of Panama. It
was not , however ,
through the great
cmml that this oc
curred , but through
the oil pipe line of
the Union Oil com
pany of California ,
which was being tested with sea wa
ter , under a pressureof 800 pounds ,
before being put In service.
The Installation of the only pipe
line connecting the two oceans has
excited considerable Interest every
where , not only because It was the
only largo pipe line in the tropics nt
the time , but because It opened the
eastern market for the first tlmo to
California oil.
The Union Oil company of Califor
nia was founded In 1890 by Pennsyl
vania oil men who had been estab
lished In the business In California
since 1882. Its headquarters were at
Los Angeles until 1908 and Us direc
tors nro Los Angeles business men of
the highest character for probity and
conservative business energy. The
president , Mr. Lyman Stewart , Is well
known as a philanthropist as well aa
a far-sighted business man and to him
Is duo the entire credit for holding
the company together and bringing It
safely through the rocks and shoals
of the early days of the oil business
In California and the great panic of
I ho company has been doing a
largo business on the east const In high-grado
standardised nsphaltijm for many years nnd as It
was necessary to ship the products of their Call-
I fornia refineries ncrosn the continent or around
i the Horn In order to got them to the market , they
decided to lay a pipe line across the Isthmus nnd
send the crude oil down the roast from California
In tholr steamers and then up the Atlantic coast
to Now York or Philadelphia , where it could bo
The laying of the line and construction of the
pump stations was Intrusted to Mr. R. W. Fonn ,
A. 3. C. E. , who had not only been with the company -
pany for many years , but hnd also lived In a num
ber of the South American republics and was ac
customed to the health conditions and to handling
native nnd Jamaican labor. Six months' tlmo
waa given the company under their concession
from the United States government , dating from
January 10. 1UOG. Mr. Penn was given about CO
mlnutoa to got rondy for the trip nnd renchcd
Now York In tlmo to tnko the boat calling Febru
ary 2 , 190G , for Colon , without men or plans , but
with plouty of money.
On April 1C the pipe laying wns commenced
and the line was completed on October 1C six
months to a day but the tlmo had been extended
by the government in order to nllow for prelimi
nary nrrnngemonts. Mr. S. T. McElfresh of Pitts-
burg , Pa. , wns in immedlnto charge of the plpo-
laying gangs. The progress of the work was
watched with great Interest by all who saw It.
So much complaint had been mndo by everybody
nbout the worthlcssness of Jamalcnn laborers that
the laying of this plpo line was nn object lesson
on the subject. The gnngs nontnlned , each , nbout
70 mon nnd were divided Into sections. First
cnmo the "brushors , " cutting all the grass nnd
brush , followed by the "stringers. " who Inld the
plpo In line , end to end. The next division re
moved the thread protectors nnd painted the
threads with n preparation of oil nnd graphite.
The plpo-laylng gang proper consisted of the mon
who handled Iho lifting Jacks , Jack boards nnd
chain tonga , five men on each of four.pairs of
extra heavy long-hnndled lay tongs. Another sec-
tlon lifted the next Joint with pick-ups nnd the
plpo steeror lined it up so thnt the thread would
enter properly , while the Joint wns twirled by the
friction of a length of rope passed around it sev
eral times nnd drnwn bnck nnd forth until the
plpo would enter no further in the collar without
the aid of the tongs.
The foreman then sat natrldo the collar nnd
boat tlmo with hla hnmmer , while the tongsmen
"broke out" two tonga up nnd two down , with
the precision of a mllltnry drill. After the Joint
was in plnco the pnlnters did their work nnd put
on the second coat of pnlnt , the first having been
applied when the plpo left the shops , to prevent
rust forming while in transit.
An important fenturo of the gnng orgnnlzatlon
wns the employment of a confidential mnn. who
spent nil his tlmo going from ono gnng to another
nnd watching to see thnt the orders covering the
treatment of the blacks were properly cnrrled out
by the foremen.
As the Jnmnlcnns nro simply great , overgrown
children , they nro easily discouraged by hazing
or Injustice nnd quite ns cnsily cncournged by
Jollying. Ono may swear nt thorn all he wants
provided ho has their confidence nnd , on the ether
hand , a big , well-trained gnng cnn bo scattered In
two days by a foreman who hag a mean streak
In him and lets It crop out.
It Is also necessary to mnko each mnn repent
every order before sending him to do anything ,
in older to bo sure ho understands , ns their Intel
lect Is not well developed nnd they nro so nnxlouo
to please that they will always answer , "Yea ,
sab , " and start off without knowing what they nro
going to do.
It Is hntd to renllzo nil of the difficulties which
presented themselves during the work. The Pa
nama railroad wns In the net of double trncklng
Its line and canal construction wna going on ov-
orywhoro. Stenm shovels were nt work In varloua
places on both sides of the railway and tracks
wore being shifted and plans being constantly
changed all along the lino. There wns no wagon
road Derosa the UUunua and It was necessary to
dodge the heavy dirt-
trnln trnlllc continual
ly , first when distribu
ting the plpo , nnd
later when moving ma
Besides this the work
commenced with the
beginning of the rainy
season nnd wns com
pleted before It ended.
In ono plnce the men
worked through the
pouring rnln for thrco
weeks up to their
wnists In wnter in a
Bwntnp , part of the
time on n floating plat
form or rnft of boards ,
nnd laid the line in ono place on a floating raft
of logs a mile long , as there was no bottom.
The following ndditlonal description of the
line Is quoted from the Canal Record , the official
organ of the canal commission , with a few slight
corrections of errors in connection with mechan
ical features :
By the first of January , 190D , practically nil
of the stationary boilers in the service of the
Isthmian Canal commission will be using crude
oil as fuel. It Is estimated that the actual saving
to the commission by substituting oil for coal will
he nt least 05 per cent. Coal la now delivered
on the Isthmus by the Panama Railroad company
for $6.35 a ton. On a commercial basis n barrel
of the oil delivered to the commission will gen
erate na much stenm as n qunrter ton of coal nnd
ns the oil costs 90 cents n barrel , the saving
from a fuel point nlono will be DC per cent. In
addition to this the fixed expenses , such as wages
of firemen , etc. , nro considerably less.
Oil Is delivered on the Isthmus by the Union
Oil company of California , under n concession
granted January 10. 190G. for the construction
nnd operation of a plpo line from the Pacific to
the Atlantic side of the Isthmus over land owned
by the United States nnd the Pnnnma Rnllrond
company. This company had previously ob
tained , under dnto of October 30 , 1905 , n slmllnr
concession from the government of Pannmn for
the construction nnd maintenance of a pipe line
ncross the Isthmus for the purpose of conveying
crude oil nnd for the erection of pumplnc stntlona
nnd storage tnnks In the cities of Pannma and
Colon. The license granted by the sccretnry of
wnr Is rovocnblo nt the will of the government of
the United States nnd Is conditioned upon the
payment of $500 United States currency n month ,
beginning August 1. 1906 , Into the Canal Zone
trensury , the fund thus created to bo set aside
for the support of the public schools of the Cnnal
Zono. It la further stipulated In" the grant that ,
if desired , the Isthmian Canal commission or the
Panama Railroad company may purchase crude
oil from the Union Oil company of California at
90 cents United States currency n barrel. In ad
dition to the monthly payment of $500 to the
treasury of the Canal Zone , the Union Oil com
pany also pays $250 to the government of Pannma
nnd ( s subject to the usual Cnnal Zone taxes.
The oil delivered on the isthmus comes from
Santa Bnrbnrn county , Cnl.
Its consistency la about the same as water nnd
It can be transported In n pipe line ns readily.
It la piped from the Hold to Port Harford , where
It la pumped Into the Union Oil company's tank
Btonmers , which nro serving points In Oregon ,
Washington , Hawnll , Chile nnd Guatemala , as well
ns Pannnm. There are seven storage tanks In
the Canal Zone , four at La Doca , at the Pacific
entrance and three nt Mt Hope , nenr Colon. Ench
tnnk uns o capncity of 37,500 barrels. An eighth
tank of like capncity , formerly located nt Mt
Hope , was destroyed by lightning on May 13.1908.
The plpo line through which the oil is pumped
to the Atlantic side of the isthmus follows the
line of the Panama railroad and Is about 48 miles
longv It Is made of open-hearth steel pipe , eight
inches In diameter , with gate valves at one-mile
Intervals and without expansion joints. The plpo
holds 15,000 barrels of oil. From eon level to
the summit near Culebra the totnl lift te nhout
225 feet. At the summit the line runs nlong the
edge of the Rio Grande reservoir and nt this
point is encased in concrete , so that if the pipe
nhoulcl break the water would not be affected. It
is tested to 800 pounds to the square inch , but
a pressure of over 300 pounds Is seldom used.
A Dow compound pump , driven by steam from
boilers in which crude oil Is used , furnishes the
pressure to pump the oil across the Isthmus nnd
nbout 30 hours nro consumed In the journey. The
oil Is EO Inelastic that It cnn bo nscertnlned by
the pulsntion in the plant nt La Boca at what
moment the valve of the tnnk at Mt. Hope ha ?
been closed. As the plpo is laid on the surface
of the ground it follows rather a serpentine
course and the many curves help to overcome
the expansion due to changes In temperature.
The company wnn ghen 180 days In which to
lay Us pipe. This was at n time when the work
Involved not only engineering fentures , but also
those of providing subsistence nnd quarters for
the men engaged. The laying of the plpo wna
begun In several places slmultnneously nnd n
largo force of men was kept constantly nt work ,
so that the company wns ready to deliver oil
October 16 , 1906. although the line was not used
throughout Us entire length until November 14 ,
1907. '
On account of changes In the line of the Pa
nnmn Railroad company nnd in that of the cnnnl
Itself the pipes hnvo been shifted nt mnny plncos
nnd , nccording to the contract , nil this work is
done nt the expense of the Union Oil compnny.
In ten thousands of Austrlnn families girls and
young women that formerly prepared for n cnreer
with the needle , thereby often digging for them
selves nn early grave , nro now getting rendy to
embrnco the bettor paid professions , formerly
monopolized by man. Since training schools are
open to women , the Vienna correspondent of the
Boston Post writes , masses of them decided to
engage In electricity , architecture , engineering
nnd similar pursuits.
A number of Vienna girls hnvo declared that
they will go jn for bridge building , others want to
build machinery nnd If the enthusiasm keeps up
tnllorcRses and shirtwaist nnd lingerie factories
will soon be hnrd up for hnnds.
It Is remarked on nil sides that the opening of
the training schools to girls came none too soon ,
for the sedentnry hnblts to which Austrlnn women
wcro condemned resulted in n less prepossessing
grace. Now thnt Austrlnn girls , llko Amorlcnn
girls , cnn make the best of their opportunities
it la expected thnt our womanhood will bo
stronger and raoro beautiful than ever.
It wns In the last cm of the through Pullman
"Mamma , " said little Archibald , "that man has
on a wig. "
' "Sh ! " cautioned his mother In a whisper.
"Didn't I tell you not to bo so observing ? "
"Why not , mnmina ? Isn't this an observation
car ? "
At the Funeral.
"Ho has been not only a mlnlitery
bJt nn editor. "
"You don't imy ! Then hli chance *
of getting to heaven are oven. "
"No , his chances of getting to
heaven are not quite so good. Ho wa
nn editor only n short tlmo not
enough to make It an even thing. "
All Tired Out.
t > o yen feel dull , occasionally out at
eorts ? Headaches and Dizziness ? Th
fault In either with your stomach or your
liver. The aufe. sure nnd easy way to Rot '
rlil of either trouble It to take NATUUC'S
REMEDY. Take an NR Tablet to night-
It will sweeten the Rtonmcli and regulat *
the liver , kldneva nnd bowola. Easy-nur
to act. Get a 25c Ilox. Tha A. II. JLevrU
Medicine Co. , St. Louis , Mo.
His Reason ,
"How did you come to leave your
wife In Paris ? "
"Sho couldn't decide whether sh
wanted three ynrds nnd n half or four
yards , and I got tired of waiting. "
Such a Difference !
"Your dnughtcr plnys very sweotlr
on the plnno. "
"That's my wlfo playing. "
"I know It" Birmingham Agw
Constipation caiiBcsnnrt ncgrnratos mnny
dl-uasps It Is tlioroiijMr curnl liy Ur. Plcro 'i
1'kasiiul i'cllcts. 'Iho f. v rt.i lumlly luiallru.
The mnn who bets on the wrong
horse Is apt to hnvo a race prejudice.
AOrtitnrtoHefforKoverlnlines * ,
Conntlputlnn , Ilonilncho.
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triment and none of the
impurities so often found
in so-called fresh or raw
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some , healthful milk that
is superior in flavor and
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s Evaporated Milk is
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grade milk , obtained
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fed cows. It is pasteur
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air tightuntilyou need it.
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it is.
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